The Descriptions of Jannah #7-The Rivers, Springs & Drinks of Jannah

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was so happy woman what I have a very we are still discussing the most interesting and the most blessed topic one of the most pleasant topics and that is the reality of gender the reality of Paradise that has been prepared for the righteous May Allah subhana wa tada make us amongst them and make us amongst the people of gender. So today inshallah tada we will be discussing the rivers of Jenna and the fountains agenda and the streams of agenda and the drinks agenda. So this is going to be our entire topic. And one of the things that Allah subhana wa tada has mentioned multiple times

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in the Quran is the reality of genda being a place of greenery and foliage, and also gender being a place of plenty of water Jannat in tragedy mentality, and how this phrase it occurs more than two dozen times in the Quran, the exact phrase Jen not in the Judean Desert, the hell an hour. This phrase is numerous the Quran is, you know, replete with this description of agenda. And it is the most common description of agenda in the Koran, Jenna tin gardens that are covered because the meaning of Jenna is a garden that is covered. It's a garden out of outside of which is a wall. So Jonathan, demon tactical, and how beneath our rivers that are flowing, and as I mentioned in our

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previous lectures, that Firstly, of course, all of the language that is used and all of the realities of gender, it is something for us to understand, but the actual realities are beyond our imagination. And secondly, the combination of greenery and of water is something that is ingrained in every single human being without exception, that because it is the symbol of life, literally not just a symbol, it is life for us. And that is why no matter what civilization no matter what culture, a person lives in, those have wealth and those who have status, and those that are able to their houses and their gardens are universally acknowledged as being a mix of greenery foliage, and

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also of water or fountains or rivers. And so obviously, then, you know, if this is something that Allah has ingrained in us, and it is something that we try to achieve in this world, what then do you think is going to be the rewards of the hereafter? That is why the primary definition of our paradise is generating dreamin data and how and of course, the phrase as a sort of cruise many, many times, Allah subhana wa tada says, in solitary, verse 31, that they will have agenda to identify the material and how you Hello, fi ham in assawoman. They have that the people of Paradise will be in gardens of iden. And I already explained I didn't and in English, we say Eden, the English word Eden

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is from the Hebrew and the Aramaic hyden as well. And so it is an English word guardians of Eden. Even though the English goes back as we said to the same Abrahamic with the same Semitic language, I should say, and of course in Arabic I then becomes Eden becomes identity as I did in Arabic. So agenda to identify the Garden of Eden and add in means places of permanency. You should live there forever. Tragedy mentality and how with rivers flowing down there underneath underneath them, you have loner fi humming, so we're on the hub, they will be adorned with bracelets of gold now in this world. bracelets of gold indicates a luxury and the softness. That is not befitting men in most

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societies. Men are in this world they need to protect in this world they need to in you know

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Especially pre modernity, they need to be at the forefront fighting. They need to show a sense of masculinity. But you see in the hereafter there is no need for gruffness and toughness, there is no need for that harshness or that that masculinity that is there. And so in this world wearing bracelets of gold for men is not something that is encouraged much less of course not even allowed in the city. And in the hereafter it becomes a point of praise that and Allah says you Hello now if you have made some men that have been well as soon as here but hold on, and they will be wearing green garments, have Sonos and establish a fine silk and Rich brocades. So again, in this world for

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the men to wear fine silk, and for the men to wear these types of garments, it is considered a feminist, it is not befitting the dignity of a man in this world, but that is because of the nature of this world. When the nature of the world changes in the Hereafter, then in the next life, that gruffness and toughness will no longer be there. And that is why as I already explained that people are the men of agenda will not have beards, because again, the the notion of masculinity is not you know needed in the beauty and in the, the the piece of gender. And Allah azza wa jal says that they are going to be reclining on canopied couches near mirtha lab, what a beautiful reward. Well, how

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soon it will stick around and what a beautiful place of rest. So Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions as a part of the descriptions of Jenna that they will be reclining on couches surrounded by greenery, and the rivers will be flowing from underneath them. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he saw agenda when he visited in a stolen marriage, and then eration is reportable under 70 medic and so he Bahati that he said that I saw the Sidra now the the concept of the Sidra, I have already mentioned this in many lectures in the past, but a brief summary or a brief reminder. The Sidra also called the singleton moonta. It is a blessing tree, and it is considered to be the last

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and the highest of the trees of the upper heavens, and from the Sidra emanates the garden emanates the rivers of Paradise, as we're going to mention right now. So the highest level of the paradise of Jannah, the highest thing in it is going to be this beautiful, magnificent tree that is called the sideral moonta. In English we call it the majestic load tree and load tree is simply the translation of Sidra. In reality there is no equivalent in this world. There is no actual tree that we can imagine like that it doesn't exist, it is something only in the hereafter. So the prophets of the law who I sent him said I saw the Sidra in the distance, and from it I saw four rivers flowing, two

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of them are apparent everybody can see and two of them are hidden, you cannot see them. As for the apparent for neelu. Well for all to the Nile River and the Euphrates. And as for the hidden hidden rivers, there are two rivers of Jenna. So in this hadith we learned that some of the reverse of gender are somehow linked to this world as well as we'll discuss in a little while, and tumut two are mentioned in this Hadith, Nile and Euphrates. In another Hadith in Sahih Muslim we actually learned Four Rivers of this world are linked somehow to gender. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Hadith in Sahih Muslim that say Han What jehanne? Well, four to one neelu could learn mean and how

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did agenda say Han and Jay Han, and for art and Neil and I'll translate these terms because they have English equivalents all of them are for the reverse of gender. So he mentions Four Rivers of this world that are from the rivers of Jen, as for say Han and some say say Hoon, say Han. It is commonly called our Medallia or its Latin name is oxus. So the river oxus and it is a major river that flows in Central Asia and in modern day avantis Stan and it goes through what is now called the Hindu Kush regions. And as for j Han, this is called the Saturday area and it goes to the modern day cadet era Stan and Uzbekistan. Its Latin name is JXRJX a r t s. j, the J x arts river and these two

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rivers, they demarcated some of the most famous rivers that demarcated if you like the middle world from the Far Eastern world, and the the the the term that was given from the lands beyond the river is Mauer and narrow or trans oxiana ma under this river, it is as if a demarcated the middle world which is now basically the middle east from

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What we now call the Far East, of course, back then it wasn't called the Far East. But this river, the oxus River is what demarcated these the worlds into these two regions. And now Aurora was viewed to be the exotic land. And of course, it was conquered by the Muslims corizon. And all of these lands, it was obviously eventually conquered, and our profits on the law of war I sent him predicted those conquests. And right now when he's mentioning this Hadith, obviously, none of these four are controlled by the Muslims. But of course, within one generation, all of these four are in Muslim lands. And of course, this is of the miraculous predictions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, so say Han and J. Han. As for alpha rot, you should all know that alpha Roth is the Euphrates. Alpha Roth is the Euphrates. It is the longest river in Western Asia. And it is one of the most historic rivers of humanity, really. And it goes through Iraq and Syria and Turkey until it reaches the Persian Gulf. It goes straight through Baghdad. So the river Euphrates is a very historic River. And of course, as for the Nile, it is the most famous and the most historic river in all of human history. And it is the lifeline of millions of people in the Nile Delta, and it is the longest river in the world. By the way, the Nile is the longest river in the world around 6500

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kilometers or around 4100 miles now, these four rivers say Hannah and Jehan, and for rod and Neil, these four rivers, these were the most famous, and they're not just word they still are, in terms of actual rivers and whatnot. There is no question that human history is surrounding these four rivers civilizations rose and collapsed around these four rivers, the greatest civilizations of mankind, pre Islam, and even after Islam. The oma years are sorry, there are buses, what did they do? They were next to the river Euphrates. So some of the greatest civilizations known to man, they are around these four rivers including of course, the pharaohs of Egypt, when we go to the the pyramids

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outside of Cairo, we need to understand that you know, 4000 years ago, the river Nile literally ran through the pyramids that we see outside of Cairo. Obviously, time has shifted the course but in reality, those pyramids were right next to the river Nile there were right next to the the the kneel. And all of this demonstrates the importance of those four rivers and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that four of these rivers are from Jenna. And he also said I saw two of them in Jenna. Now, what is all of this mean? And neverwet comments on this and he said that the origins of the Nile and the furoate we can say are heavenly, and they come from the under the center of the

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moon to her and then they go wherever Allah subhana wa tada wants them to go, and then somehow Allah azza wa jal brings them down to this earth and he then causes them to flow and then a man no always says, this is something that you know, our intellect should not deny, because the Hadith comes with now that is one interpretation. And basically, what you remember no we is saying is that in some way mechanism, fashion or form, that these four rivers they originate in general, and of course, that is an interpretation. There are other interpretations as well of those interpretations is that some say that Allah Subhana, WA, tada created them and their origins in gender, just like he created Adam in

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gender, and then he sent them down to this world, okay. So this is another interpretation we find in in our classical books of Hadith commentary. Others mentioned that, and this is mentioned also by a teacher of entertainment, a lot of Hamlet that he said that these rivers they can also be ascribed as being heavenly, not that they originate in gender, but that they are blessed Sid rivers, so they're being praised as being gifts that Allah has given mankind. So they're being described as heavenly, and not necessarily as coming from heaven. And other scholars mentioned that these rivers are named after rivers in Geneva with the same names and characteristics. And so when the people of

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the Nile they enter agenda, they will see a river and they will recognize it as being the the heavenly Nile that is the equivalent just like we have a Kava on earth. And then there is a structure in the heavens as well, that is similar to the cab, but it is not exactly the cab, but it resembles the cab, and it is the cab of the angels, it is called the tilma more. So some of them might say that those four rivers that are prophets a little long winded, he was seldom mentioned, they're essentially rivers that have equivalents, but not necessarily Exactly. They're not the end. Of course, physically, they're not the exact same rivers, but characteristic wise and also

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basically being named after so

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The same thing applies for the fruits of genda. They're named apples, they're named grapes. And obviously, the apples and the grapes of gender have nothing to do with obviously, the apples and the grapes of this world. And therefore, what can be said is that a lot of xojo knows reality Allah azza wa jal knows exactly which of these interpretations, but in shallow Tada, there is some linkage to the rivers of this world with these rivers of Jenna, maybe it's the same names and characteristics, maybe they are heavenly in origin, just like Adam is heavenly an origin and then allows to adjust sprouted fourth springs from this land from this earth and there is some type of linkage or maybe it

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is just a name, that the characteristics are there. The point is that we accept what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, and we leave the precise meaning to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we mentioned that these four are ascribed to Jenna. And then he said two of them are manifested to the people of Jenna, and two of them are hidden, and the hidden ones and half of them in Hydra says that the hidden ones, it is mentioned that one of them might be called in the Koran, cell Sabine and the other might be called alkota. Or he says others have said there isn't a river of mercy. So there are interpretations about the names of the hidden rivers. One of them for sure is a co author, and that

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is the one that is explicitly mentioned in the in the Koran. So one of them is alcocer. As for the other one, cell sebbene. The Quran mentions it to be a spring or a pond and not a river as we're going to come to so Allah knows best but it does not appear to be said Serbia does not appear to be the name of the other river, there are some narrations that talk about a merciful river narrow, Rama and so if that is the name rather than a description, then we can say that, then we can say that the names of the rivers of Jenna are co author and natural Rama. But it is possible that not all Rama is simply a an adjective, it is a merciful river, it is a river that's going to give you mercy, you're

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going to feel blessed and forgiven when you drink from that river. So definitely the most important river agenda is alkota. And the other name of the river agenda is one we are not 100% certain whether it has a name or not. And the primary river agenda is alcocer. Now what exactly is alcocer alcocer. There are a lot of traditions and a hadith about a co author. And I have mentioned given a number of talks and lectures about the interpretation of inauthentic. alkota. And I mentioned there quite a number of those narrations, but briefly not to overlap too much, but briefly so that we understand what is a co author and co author is a divine gift that Allah has given specifically to

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our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that gift is the everlasting water of the river of Jannah. And it is mentioned or in the Quran, as we all know, in the famous surah in Atlanta, aka Elko, Thoreau, and the surah. It was, it was revealed when the son of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away

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when the son of our Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed away as a young child, and his name was Abdullah, and the Quran and this was the only son born in Makkah, during the time of Islam, before him was al Qasim and of course him passed away before the beginning of Islam. So Abdullah who was born and this was the first born during Islam and the Quraysh. our will to be led they felt saddened because they felt that the birth of a son meant the legacy of Islam would live would live on. When Abdullah passed away as a young child, you know, maybe two years old or younger than that, unfortunately, oh, to build out the bladder Quraysh they rejoiced, and they mocked the profits of

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the lahardee who was selling them and they said that he has now been amputated, or the Butera Mohammed he has been amputated, which has a vulgar connotation and it also means that he is not going to have lineage after him but the Butera Mohammed. So the Prophet system was already feeling obviously sad at the death of his son and to compound that his enemies are, you know, are we the bill are rebelling, and gloating. And this really shows you know how evil they were to do this rebelling and gloating at the death of his only son. And so Allah azza wa jal revealed suta telko without to lift his spirits and to tell him his macom and status. Yara Sula, Allah Why are you

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saddened by the rejection? Don't

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Realize that we have gifted you we have gifted you one of the most precious gifts and that is a gift that you will forever be remembered for. And all the people of Jenna will forever be thankful to you as well and grateful to you as well because it is your gift that they will be drinking from in Atlanta aka a co author we have given you and co author and co author comes from El Cap here. And it means the source of El Khatib and El kathira means the lot the fluid the the copious I should say I'll go through is the copious and it is called El katheer alcocer because it is always brimming to the very top and it will never run dry. So I'll go through it will never ever ever run dry, it will

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constantly be brimming to the very top and is always going to be extra and it will never sink. And so alcocer is the plentiful river and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned so many a hadith about alkota he said when I was wandering in gender, this is in the astronomy Roger I saw a a river and the on the banks of the river. There were beautiful tents made out of empty shells of pearls. So a pearl massive pearl and it's made into a shell and that shell becomes a tent. And so the amaze so people are coming there to relax to you know to have a picnic with their families. And each one has a shell that is as large as the eye can see there is the you can go on and on and it's

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complete privacy and then in the distance you'll see another shell over there and the distance and all of them they are basically made from the hollowed out inside of a beautiful pearl. And so I said to jabril oh god What is this? And jabril said this is the co author that Allah subhana wa tada has gifted you had the co author and lead the author Korra Book, this is the co author that the Allah azza wa jal has gifted you and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and I saw that the pebbles around the Coe thought they were like the misc that is you know, beautiful and coral eyes And so, the pebbles are not just normal sand is like rubies and emeralds and gems and, and and, you

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know, trinkets of musk and whatnot. So the banks of the river of alcocer they are aligned with all of these beautiful materials. And on top of that there will be these tents for the people of gender and the culture itself. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described it and he asked the Sahaba Do you know what is alkota they said Allah and His Messenger know best, he said, it is a river. This Hadith is in Bali by the western authentic hadith and Bahati. It is a river that my Lord has promised me in Jenna, and it is plentiful, and it's to rob or it's dust is like Musk, and it's water. It is a bill to mean a lemon whiter than milk. Well, I mean LSL and sweeter than honey. And

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in one version it is mentioned that it is colder than ice. And a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you will find birds flying around them so large and so beautiful. It will be like the humps of the camels like these massive birds, just the the the neck will be like a camel's neck like like the birds are going to be huge and majestic. That's how large they're going to be. And they're going to be drinking from the river of Lakota. And in one hand, it will also learn that the household or the the pool of our profit system, which I mentioned in our previous lectures, when I did the Day of Judgment, that the pool of our Prophet salallahu it he was sending them it is going to be fed from

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the river of alcocer. And that will be the first tasting of alcocer that the believers will get which will be pre agenda. We will taste telcos and May Allah make us amongst those people. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to be of those who drink from alcocer from the hands of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the day of judgment from the hands meaning metaphorically, as I mentioned that our profit system is inviting, but he's not going to be handing out the cops, as I mentioned in the other lecture, but we want our profit system to invite us by name and to drink from the household and the water in the house will be poured from the goal thought of the heavens and our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described it in so many a hadith as the gift that Allah has given him. And so this is the primary river of gender. It is the the main river that proceeds from the sidereal moon to her and its tributaries go across every singles haven't, every single gender, every single level of gender will have tributaries that emanate from a co author. And of course the higher up you are than the pure

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Under better, but all of agenda is pure and all of it is good and all of it is, bless it. Now, the waters of alcocer are of course this is a code that is of course the primary waters of gender. But there will be rivers that are other than water in gender. And this is mentioned in soda Mohammed verse 15, Sora Mohammed verse 15,

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that Allah subhana wa tada says, that method will agenda to let the world move to hone the description of gender that has been promised to the believers, and how long it will be reverse. So in this verse, when Allah says, Do you wanna know agendas like he begins that description, there will be plenty of rivers, on how and then some of them are mentioned in this verse, that moleben in lemmya, Tata Yamaha they will be rivers of milk that never changes in taste, you know, milk, obviously if you leave it, it will go rotten. But Allah is saying the rivers of Jenna they are going to be rivers of milk that will never change in taste, one how to min hamedan and rivers of wine, let

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Alicia been delicious to drink one how romanes Salim most of and they will be rivers of pure honey. So in this verse, Allah mentions that Jenna will have plenty of rivers and they will rivers will be of different types of drinks, you will have rivers obviously of water this is mentioned in many other verses. And in this verse, you will have rivers of milk

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I forgot to mention excuse me that a lot of it just says even sort of Mohammed may not in a lady asked and just slipped my mind here. That alone mentions four types of verbs excuse me my but the first one is water, the second one is milk. The third one is wine and the fourth one is honey. So the first verse to go back again that method will gender to let the word on what tahuna Fie her and how to mingma in lady as seen in that there are a the rivers of Jannah are number one waters that never ever become stagnated. So don't they don't become you know, when you leave water for a very, very long time, they lose their freshness. Okay, so Allah is saying that these waters of gender

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shall always be sparkling and fresh, they're always going to be vibrant, and then milk that does not change its taste and then wine that is delicious to drink, and then rivers of pure honey. So these are the four rivers that are experts in you mentioned in Surah Mohammed and then Eliza just says What are houfy hemen kulula thammarat and they shall have all types of fruits or more filler tomura by him and forgiveness from their Lord can they be compared to those who will be in the fire of hell forever left to drink boiling hot water that will tear their insides notice a low contrast the waters of Jenna with the waters of Johanna We seek refuge from that the waters of Jen are pure,

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calming, soothing, beautiful to look at as beautiful to drink multiple varieties as for the water of jahannam it will tear their insides football dot amerihome their insides are going to be torn up because of the the heat of that also we are told of another river in gender that is called El Barrio. And this is mentioned in Hadith and Muslim and Mohammed that are the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the Shahada, the martyrs, they will drink from a river that is right at the gates of Jenna called alberic. And the marches will be drinking there before they enter Jannah in their bodies, meaning that in the time of the Buddha has been talked about that the martyrs are in the

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bodies of green birds, they're flying around, and they will get to drink from the very first river of gender. So obviously, the martyrs as we mentioned, when we talked about the borders of series, that they are not physically living in gender, but they're able to fly around in a in the bodies of birds, they're not in their actual bodies, and they shall smell the fragrance of gender, and they shall sit on the chandelier is of gender, and they're able to drink from one river and that is before everybody else enters and that is from the river of Alberta. And this is mentioned in Hadith and so here in the sorry, in the Muslim Imam. So we already mentioned therefore that the rivers of

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gender will be plentiful, and from these rivers tributaries will flow and they will go to every corner and they will enter every single garden. So every person of Jenna, without exception, will have gardens. That's what Jenna is. And inside of his gardens, there will be rivers. Now these streams that everybody has, they are linked tributary wise to the original rivers of genda. And so every single

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A person will have direct access to a little tributary that is flowing in their backyard and their massive, you know, lands that they have in shallow data. And then whenever they want to, they can go to the river itself, which is going to be the flowing beautiful river, and they're going to go to alcocer. Or they're going to go to other rivers, like a family picnic, and they'll have their tents set up over there. So all of this is mentioned as being of the blessings of Jen.

00:30:26--> 00:30:51

Jen also has springs in it as well. Okay, so we talked about the unharmed of Jenna, there's something else called the rune of gender. Now what is the difference and how or not is flowing water, a river and balloon is like a spring, a lake, it is just a beautiful area that the water is trapped, it is not flowing. And this is an iron

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in the same word as I is also a lake or a spring. And so this is mentioned in multiple times in the Koran as well. That Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that in the burrata that the righteous people will be field lead and in what rune they will be in shade and in springs rune. So instead of more select verse 41, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions rune and rune is the role of iron and iron is as we said, springs so again, so we have in fact even this water that I'm drinking it looks it says on it, spring water one of the largest places in the state of Texas, it's a spring water comes forth from the land from the ground and it is some of the purest water and that is why it is bottled up

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and then it is sold over here. So Allah subhana wa tada is saying that there will be plenty of springs scattered across all over gender and the abroad the righteous will be in cool shades surrounded by springs, and in sort of man, allies origin mentions that everybody shall have multiple springs, the higher people feed him I nanny tragedian and the lower people Fifi Hema I nanny now baja tan and inshallah, one day we will go over that section of Sunita Rahman and mentioned you know in more detail, one of our lecturers will do that in shallow data to explain the levels of gender and the descriptions of gender. So Allah says for the higher levels fahima ie nanny, now the duality

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here does not mean exactly to the duality.

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The duality in this context means multiplicity, the duality and Arabic sometimes means more than one more than to just multiple and Sophie Hema I nanny tragedy and in them will be springs that are running. So Allah is saying that in the backyards of everybody as well there is going to be springs natural sources of water, and the higher levels those springs will be so much that they're going to be gushing out towards the GDN and the lower levels for him I nanny Nava heighten and the DA Hutton there's simply you know, bubbling at the top but they're not flowing out. So they're top they're full to the top but they're not flowing out. So the Quran mentions these rune the Quran also

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mentions that and this is a very interesting point okay, pay attention to this is very exciting, that from the water of these rivers and these rune these springs from the water of these these sources, the angels or the the they're called the Hudson or the the the servants of genda they will prepare special cocktails it's literally in the Quran as you're going to mention special elixirs special combinations, that the waters are going to be mixed with other things, you know, like in this dunya you know, we seek refuge in protection we we Sharla none of us goes down that path in this world. There are people that they make it an art to mix all sorts of, you know, exotic you

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know, drinks and and whatnot to have the most expensive you know, cocktails and mixes and it is a part of the culture of the world to have except for the Muslim in Charlottetown to the righteous Muslims, they don't do this right. But it is well known people spend lots of money and lots of talent even wasted talent. And this is their whole culture to have those mixes and those cocktails and whatnot. And Allah subhana wa tada has promised, infinitely better for those who turn away from the temptations of this world and concentrate on the hereafter. And Eliza dimensions is sooner than insan for example, verse four in Aurora, that levina aim at Aurora he and Dolan cherry Fufu him not

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Hinata nine this owner Mira here in Mattoon that hit ambu misquote visa deca failure xR facil within a few soon, that Allah mentions in a number of things

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This is not a sort of incident This is in motel 15. That in a berada refinery that the virtuous will be forever in a blessed state that Allah Allah he had taken on would take you there sitting down on canopied couches and looking around them and you will see from their faces the glow of delight, not another Latin name you own a mural here in Mattoon, they will be given a drink of of a sealed pure wine feta Maha misc, whose last sip will smell smell like musk. And in this let the people who are striving strive one these are jus who Min tasneem This is the key that I want to I'm going to come back to this verse and I'm going very quickly right now, when we zoom into sneem and this drink, it

00:35:50--> 00:36:38

shall be flavored with mixed with the sneem what is the sneem I in and yester will be held mokara bone that it is a spring that those that are near and close to Allah subhana wa tada will drink from. So we have over here the notion of mixing that there's going to be a mixing of the sneem and the sutra insan Allah subhana wa tada also mentions that the virtuous are going to be served a drink, that is mixed with food, use cornucopia, cats and enemies as you have cared for, they will be given a drink that is flavored with care for camphor, right, and I in and that is going to be from a spring where abajo law where the servants of Allah will be drinking, and they are going to be

00:36:38--> 00:37:18

drinking at their will. So once again we have flavored with camphor flavored with musc flavored with the sneem. This shows us the notion of cocktails, right the notion of mixing together of the different rivers of gender with different beautiful, you know, delectable tastes that will be added over there in gender. And by the way, this verse inserted in sand, some have derived from it, some have derived and Allah knows best that because it mentions two levels, once again, that seems to mention the higher level, it seems to mention that their drink is mixed with with California, and then the lower level that people are drinking directly from the the fountain or directly from the

00:37:19--> 00:38:01

from the river. Allah knows best it there might be an indication here perhaps, that this delectable cocktail delight, it will be for the elite of Jannah. And for those that were, you know, average that weren't able to get to that level, they shall still get the beautiful water of Gen. Allah knows best we hope inshallah everybody will get but in any case, we want to strive to be the VIPs we want to strive to be the elite of gender. And by the way everybody in this world can. If they strive with the blessings of Allah, they can become of the elite of gender, no matter what our situation is. That's the beauty of this world. We are tested differently. Every one of us is tested differently,

00:38:01--> 00:38:46

but every one of us has the opportunity and has the mechanism with the blessings of Allah to make it to the highest place of Jen. So in this verse Some have said that this notion of cocktails and mixing with canned food and miscue mixing with musc and whatnot, that that is for the higher levels of gender. And by the way, a cat food or camphor. It is not something that we drink in this world. It's interesting in fact, camphor in this world if you if you ingested too much, you will actually die. But it is a scent that if used correctly, and it is an entity used used in ambient and used in herbs and used in medicine that it was it's a sense that when used correctly, it's a very powerful

00:38:46--> 00:39:28

and obviously if you use it too concentrated it really becomes a strong you know breathing if you like mechanism, people use camphor to clear the sinuses a lot right. But if it is used in the right dosage with a very good ambience of other you know, perfumes, it becomes very sweet smelling. And Allah azza wa jal is saying that cat food or camphor will become so beautiful and pure that we can actually ingest it in Jenna, even though of course in this world, it is not something that is ingestible. Nobody should drink camphor in this world. It also a lot of xojo also mentions other springs in gender. And some have said some have said And again, the descriptions, you know, seem to

00:39:28--> 00:39:59

overlap. So we're not the only 100% certain but some have mentioned that there are three primary springs of gender, just like there are two primary rivers of gender. There are three primary springs of Jen. One of them the first of them is the ideal care for as we already mentioned in this verse over here, that the ideal car for that use that they're going to be mentioned, get sent Ganymede or jus haka for that they're going to be given cups that are flavored with

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

camphor. So some have said there's an iron of food. The second iron is the sneem. And I already quoted the verses quickly just to get the, the, the shy or the point that we need, but let's digest those verses if you're able to open up the Quran as well so then we'll talk 15 at the very end, verses 22 onwards, Allah subhana wa tada says in Aurora nafi na Im verily the virtuous will be in forever bliss. Island, Aurora, achy muteki. Own they are seated on couches, Island, Aurora, achy, muteki own and so there's going to be couches or call it you know, luxurious chairs, you know, or thrones, and they're going to be seated it takeout means to sit back like this. And of course, this

00:40:48--> 00:41:26

is the embodiment of being casual. You know, in the Western world, we have something called Lazy Boy chairs, right? So it's the, you know, the sofa that just goes back like this, and the quintessential lazy person just opening up a book, you know, drinking some tea, or Chai, or coffee, you know, or, you know, whatever they're doing conversing or watching whatever they're doing. That's the quintessential manner of just relaxing and alive. xojo says, those that are they used to work hard in this world and the hereafter Island are rocking with Turkey on they're going to be relaxing on those beautiful couches, that

00:41:28--> 00:42:12

tidy for who will do him, not the rotten him, you will recognize from their faces, the glow of delight, you know, so when somebody you know, has had a good meal, and a good conversation and good companionship, you can see the happiness beaming from their face, you know, everything is good and hamdulillah. And so in general, perpetually, that happiness and that contentment will be there to fulfill him, not beratan, not him, they will perpetually be happy. And then you own a mirror here, too. They will be given a drink, you don't even have to lift a finger, you do not have to go and get it. There are going to be servants as Allah says, we're going to talk about those also in another

00:42:12--> 00:42:51

another another lecture. But there will be surrounded by servants surrounded by a special creation of Allah azza wa jal, and this creation does not get tired, they don't have their own you know, they're the Allah has created them to be the servants of the people of gender. And that is their job and they are content with doing that. So they're going to be wandering around. And as I said, one of the greatest things of gender and will law What a beautiful thing, especially for our sisters and our brothers. You can eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat, and your stomach will neither get full nor will you feel bloated. So your there is no getting fat in gender. You're not

00:42:51--> 00:43:35

gaining weight in gender, you can eat without any guilt, and you can eat without the need of even needing the food you will eat simply for the digestion. You're never going to feel bloated not for that issue. Sorry. You'll eat further Sorry, I meant you will eat for the the taste of the food, not the digestion, and you will never feel bloated No matter how much you eat. And of course that is no doubt one of the greatest blessings of Jen. So you scone Amira here in Mattoon, Allah says they shall be given sealed canisters that are full of the choicest wine. And so there is wine agenda as we'll talk about as well today shallow to honor that you own them are here to him that are here is

00:43:35--> 00:44:14

the wine extraction, the highest quality of wine the most expensive quality of you know the distilled fluids, you know, I'm not hamdulillah I have no clue but what term to use here? I don't know is it gin or tonic I have no clue whatever it is, but whatever it is, it is the highest level that's what a haircut means. What all I know from the Arabic is that right here is the highest level of wine, I don't know the English equivalent, when he learned him That is something I am completely completely general about. But, and I asked a lot of xojo that all of us who deprived ourselves of those drinks in this world that we get to taste them in the hereafter May Allah make us amongst

00:44:14--> 00:44:55

those people. So, right here is the highest level of wine and Mattoon it is sealed. It is you know, just like again in this world, you know the expensive bottles are brought out and they have to be uncorked. Right. So they are sealed because it is meant for that person. You know, the person pays exorbitant amounts of money. And it's a show to come and open to uncork the champagne, right, this is the uncorking thing. So it is my tomb. It is sealed. Why? Because his name was written on it. He was the person that Allah has stored for him, you know his Hummer, it is stored for him in his name until it is his time to drink it. And when it comes, he will be the one it will be open for him. You

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

scold him or hate and mocked him and then as he drinks it. Hey, Tom.

00:45:00--> 00:45:51

Who misc fidelma who misc that. It's very last drops are going to be musk ie the the the taste of it is different it's radiating and as you go closer to the end it becomes sweeter and sweeter. Until when you drink the very last drop it will be the sweetest of the entire drink feta Moo hoo misc wafi the deca failure tena faasil Mota nafi soon and for this desire for this pleasure for this reward for this treat for this elixir for this cocktail, Allah says this is what you should be competing for are people of this world who cares about your palaces and mansions that will be gone in a few decades of what use is all the pleasures of this world that are fleeting, Allah says you really want

00:45:51--> 00:46:35

to do something than aim for the next life and aim for agenda, an aim for that drink that if you drink one drop of it, it will forever and ever and ever make you never thirsty. one drop of that drink is better than all of the drinks of this world combined. And Allah says Wolfie, the deca failure 10 Fs and within a few soon you want to compete and win. That's what you aim for and you win the race over there. And then Allah says one visa Jew who min test name and this drink will be mixed again the massage it will be mixing the cocktail from the sneem what is the sneem I in an Yoshida will be held mocha Robin, it is a special spring that those who are near to Allah will drink from By

00:46:35--> 00:47:14

the way, pause here footnote. This, again seems to indicate in two ways that the elixirs the cocktails are for the elite. Number one, Allah so it just says what vivatic affiliated FSM with an official, if everybody got that cocktail, then perhaps that doesn't have the same indication Allah saying you want to be the very beginning you want to be the best of the best. Number two, Allah says, the macabre boon will drink from tasneem, which indicates the macabre bone means the highest the closest to Allah, which indicates you know, those that were mediocre, they just barely got into gender, perhaps they might not get that pleasure. Again, by the way, realize, once you are in

00:47:14--> 00:47:49

gender, you are happy. And you're not going to be concerned with who got this name or not. You will not realize it's not going to be a part of your radar that who is getting higher, are you you are content. And that's the beauty of gender. But here's the question I asked myself and you right now we have the option right now we have the option. You know, when we enter the plane, all of us they force us to walk through first class and then business class then we go to our seats all the way in the back, you know, we have the option of being in the first class, every one of us has the option. We have the capacity we have the capability with our good deeds, and by abstaining from sins and by

00:47:49--> 00:48:24

worshipping Allah azza wa jal and by praying to God and by feeding the orphans and by living righteous lives, and by dedicating to Allah subhanho wa Taala we have the option to be in seat one a right in the front. And so Allah is saying what fiza Lika folia Xr for silmo Xr is one that is where you need to win the race and this kind of indicates that you know again in first class of this world right as soon as you enter they give you the drinks right there while everybody is putting their bags in the back first class is getting drinks and cocktails and peanuts everything is up there right and then five course meal and whatnot is going to happen and the rest of us back there we get

00:48:24--> 00:49:02

our packaged meals that are you know, this that so along with Stan you know, molars origin makers of the VIP in the first class in the next world as for this world that comes in and goes it is the next world that we want to be so Allah says iron and Yeshua will be held more collarbone it is a spring that those that are close to Allah subhana wa tada will drink from. And so tasneem is one of the names of the springs of genda we're talking about the names I Anelka food I ended this name and this name comes from the word send them send them not Sonam with Assad send them with the scene and send a means the highest place the pinnacle so tasneem seems to indicate the highest fountain of gender

00:49:02--> 00:49:50

that's what it seems to indicate that there is a beautiful fountain a beautiful lake, a beautiful spring that is called the sneem and that the sneem it is going to be used to flavor the cocktails of the elites of gin. The third name that is mentioned is cell selbyville cell sebelah that Eliza says what is called a fee her that they're going to be given a drink there that will be given a drink that will be flavored from Zen jvl from Ginger iron and via to some cell sebelah there will be a river or a spring that will be called cell sabby. So here once again, we get the flavoring you know the garnish again, you know just because I was there. I've never ever handed in have been seen

00:49:50--> 00:50:00

directly up front or whatnot. But we know that the the cocktails of this world that are given to those that drink them, they put garnishes, right they put olives or whatever they put

00:50:00--> 00:50:47

in them, so Allah is saying that of the garnishes will be a little bit of gingers and gibi that is going to be put over there. And there's going to be a spring in Jenna called cell Sabine. Notice this is a third name cell Sabine. And so we have I Anelka for a test name and I sell Sabine three names are mentioned over here. And Allah knows best there might be more than these, as well. So notice all of these Allah, which are the same, I will flavor for the elite some of their drinks. So it is as if there are special fountains and special springs that have different flavors. And the cocktails of gin will be based upon multiple combinations of those springs, and the wines of gender,

00:50:47--> 00:51:29

and the garnishes of gender. So zen, jabeen, and camphor and other things will be mixed together. And so you're going to have a delectable delight. And as you drink it sitting on your throne of cushions, plush brocades, you're going to be beaming with pleasure. And that's what Allah says that they're going to be found not beratan aim, they're going to be beaming with pleasure, may Allah make us amongst those people. Now, we also mentioned so there's rivers and their springs and I also mentioned a number of verses about the the drinks of Jenna and the Hummer, the alcoholic drinks of gender. And of course, it is something that is explicit and well known that gender has humor in it.

00:51:30--> 00:52:18

And obviously the hammer. The word hammer, means that which befuddles the mind, and it is called helmet because it intoxicates and everything that it talks a case has been made how long for us in this world, mascara, Kathy Ruth, aka Lulu, how long that witch intoxicates in large quantities, it is forbidden in small quantities. And so in this world, hunger has been made forbidden unto us. And a lot tells us explicitly in the Koran, that the reason why Hummer is made How long is because shavon uses alcohol. Shaytan uses alcohol to destroy us and to create animosity between us and to harm us. And Allah says that in alcoholic drinks, there is some benefit but there is much harm and

00:52:18--> 00:53:02

the harm outweighs the benefit. What if Muhammad Akbar Roman nefaria Hema that the harm that comes from drinking is much worse than the little benefit that comes from drinking. And there are many medical doctors and experts that tell us that alcohol is far more dangerous than any drug, and it causes more damage than any drug and it is more universally damaging than any substance. And that is why even in this country in America, 100 years ago, they attempted to ban multiple people, especially mothers and wives got together because their husbands would beat them where they would, you know, kill themselves or go fight each other because of this. And so it was banned for multiple

00:53:02--> 00:53:06

years until, as you know, they repealed that ban. And then they

00:53:07--> 00:53:29

brought it back because people wanted it in reality, there's no such thing as safe drinking. In reality, there is no such thing as social drinking, that is, that is good for you. Any amount of alcohol is bad and damaging. And this is something that a lot explosively says, Now the gen of the next life will have all of the benefits and none of the harms

00:53:30--> 00:54:18

the gen the the Hummer of the next life, the Hummer of the Hereafter, it will have all of the good and none of the harm. And that is something that is explicitly mentioned in the Koran, and sort of soft facts. Allah says Illa de la Hill mahalo seen the chosen servants of Allah will Allah homebrews Kumar loom they will have a known provision for akiho plenty of fruits are homegrown and they're going to be honored Fijian not in him in gardens of bliss. Allah sudomotor COVID in there will be facing each other on thrones, Utah for lamb Kasim Marine, they're going to be drinking pure wine that will be passed around them from a flowing stream that you thought when it came to mind that

00:54:18--> 00:55:00

valuable lead that initially been it is crystal white, Crystal white delicious to drink babe Ah, lead that in the Sherry bean laughy Hold on, what am I in her phone for descriptions are given of the wine of gender, it will neither harm them nor will they be intoxicated. What are the descriptions number one that it is going to be crystal white Bay law. So it's going to be you know the wine of this world it is a dark color and it is a smell that is disgusting. It's not something that is a pleasant smell. So the wine of the hereafter will be beautiful to look at and pleasant to smell bayla leather Tisha demean It is delicious to drink

00:55:00--> 00:55:45

And it is said i mean i hamdulillah do not have any experience but it is said that the wine that is drunk here it is something that burns is something that is difficult you have to first acquire the taste quote unquote IE get yourself immune to it. That is why By the way, that is why a person who has never drunk ever in his life, if he drinks for the first time, he finds that his throat is burning, his finds that his throat is very dry and parched. This is what is mentioned. And Allah says in the Quran, that the wine of the hereafter It is beautiful to look at and pleasant to drink. Okay, that's number two. Number three Luffy has to learn, it will not harm them. Because the wine of

00:55:45--> 00:56:04

this world is harmful. The number one cause of liver cancer. And one of the top causes of death in all Western lands is because of wine. One of the top causes of liver cancer and of death even is wine. And it's something that destroys the body and harms the intellect and Allah says,

00:56:05--> 00:56:53

Love he had hold on it will not harm them. And then point number four while at home and their phone, they will not become intoxicated, they will not lose their senses. So if somebody asks you, why did Allah azza wa jal make wine prohibited in this world and gifted it to the believers in the hereafter? You tell them very simply, Allah has explained himself. The wine of the Hereafter is totally different than the wine of this world of an Ibis or the law of wine who said that in wine of this world, there are four characteristics number one, intoxication number two headaches, number three, vomiting, number four, extra urination. And Allah subhana wa tada mentions the wine of the

00:56:53--> 00:57:40

hereafter and he negates all four of these things. This is what abass said. So Allah mentions the wine of the hereafter and he negates all four of these things. And of course, the wine of the hereafter will be plenty and copious and sudo Mohammed, literally Allah says that one how Roman humbly led that Elisha Debian and there will be entire rivers of wine that will be delicious to the people to drink and insert into the Watchtower. Allah says Allah suited him Muldoon at him mataking island with Aqua bean, you qualify him to get sim marine that they will be waited upon, they will be on jeweled thrones reclining face to face and they will be waited upon by eternal youths with cups

00:57:40--> 00:58:25

and with pictures and with drinks of pure wine from a flowing stream. So Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that the wine of Jannah will also be served by, by people by Hillman by young servants that are going to be the loves creation. Again, these are not human beings, these are not even angels. They are another creation that Allah has created with gender. So they are not feeling that they're servants that is their job and their purpose and their role and be acquired in our sin. They're going to have cups and pictures, pictures, of course, the large you know canister and container. And they're going to be flowing from the pitchers into the cups, and they're going to be drinking from

00:58:25--> 00:59:11

the pure wine. And of course, already mentioned sudomotor 15, as well. You scold him or hate him to Minnesota who miss coffee that deca fell yet and alpha c mu teknaf is soon. So dear brothers and sisters, these are some of the drinks of Jen. And we mentioned that hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Allah has given us so many descriptions of this reality, there will be rivers in genda. And they're going to be string streams. And there's going to be pawns and we can call them types of lakes and there's going to be natural water bubbling from the ground. And this will be in every single household there will be its own source of water. You do not have to worry about water sources from

00:59:11--> 00:59:56

other people from other lands, every house and every land will have its own source of water that I now need to Giuliani and I learned the bottom and on top of this there will be larger sources of water, larger rivers and those rivers you will go to to look at and to have a day out and to have a day in the park as these as we say in this world. And on top of this, there will be plenty to drink and the the the the drinks of gin are plentiful. There is going to be fresh water of many different types and there's going to be milk and there's going to be honey and there's going to be of course, Hummer all of these are some of the beautiful fluids of and the drinks of gender. We ask Allah

00:59:56--> 00:59:59

subhana wa tada to make us of the people of gentlemen and to

01:00:00--> 01:00:45

Enjoy the drinks of Jen. And by the way of the ways to get those drinks to your brothers and sisters is we avoid the how Tom drinks of this world. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever is addicted to the hammer of this world, Allah subhana wa tada will give him of the purpose of the people of jahannam. In Johanna we seek Allah's refuge. There is an indication here that if we give up that which we desire in this world, for the sake of Allah, Allah will gift us even better, infinitely better in the next world. So dear Muslims, if you're struggling with the substance issue, if you're struggling with a drinking problem, use this concept and use the blessings of gender to

01:00:45--> 01:00:56

incentivize you to give that up for the sake of Allah Subhana which Allah May Allah subhana wa tada bless us all to be of the people of gender. Until next week, said our Mardi Gras hammers will lie he will wabarakatuh