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AI: Summary © The importance of learning from one's own experiences and not sacrificing one's life is emphasized. It is also discussed the difficulty of maintaining a positive life despite one's hard work and lack of knowledge. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning through oneself and finding one's own knowledge, as well as the importance of staying motivated through learning and finding one's own knowledge. The journey of traveling from brewery to the airport and back to Yemen is also discussed, highlighting the importance of sacrificing for one's life and maintaining a sense of pride.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah we're about 10 tips 10 pieces of advice 10 Messiah for the knowledge seeker that will show a lot motivate you to continue on this path of knowledge. And if you ever become demotivated in the future, this will help you as one of the brothers medical officer and he asked this question, if we get demotivated, what can we do is actually included in these 10 points, and also to maximize your study to maximize your actual knowledge. So this is what this is what I've compiled this, and this is like your manhood. It's like your framework in seeking knowledge. And this is at times more important than knowledge itself.

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Because when you learn manhours it's like a universal rule. In principle, you can apply for years on end, while knowledge at times it can only be taken from a particular person at a particular point of time. So manhood is very important. So this is basically like your framework as a student of knowledge. Now, of course, there's many more points for the knowledge seek and then these 10 However, they just tend that I personally had picked that I thought perhaps will be more relevant to us here in Sydney, Australia. The first thing to remember your loss is something that is a given and we all know

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what is the link loss one of the son has defined it as make a law your only audience, your only audience would be Allah. I'm here only for him. Not so this brother next to me Catholic, I'm hectic, and I can debate on Facebook or I can debate on YouTube make a refutation video? No, I'm doing a follow with everyone does it or not, I'm still coming with the miaa College is packed or not. I'm still coming to helaas at pure Cincy intention.

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So make sure you're seeking knowledge with the correct intention and not for attention.

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crisis. I got that from him Mashallah. seek knowledge with the correct intention of attention.

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Well, people do for attention. And that's why even taymiyah said to seek knowledge other than a LASIK is one of the cabanas one of the cupbearer major sins. Major Why? Because he uses the Lille the first three people who will be thrown into the fire Who are they? What the scholar because he's so knowledge wise, for other than law sake to become knowledgeable Who else?

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The Mujahid so it can be called courageous and the moon filled Yeah, the one who gave in South Africa that would be under the island the scholar who learned and the effect the one who gave sadakazu people can call them charitable. So because they are thrown into the fire, that's a sign that it's a major sin. Because how do you know something is a major sin when it's punishment attached to it? Or a loss curse attached to it? These are some of the ways you can identify major sin.

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And the first Hadith have a lot of binary is the Hadith about intention in Albania. And the first hadith of

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so he held Buhari is in a meta meta vignette about intention and the first half of it also in hain is about intention in the meta meta vignette. It's first first first make this a first in your life. And to add to this does Sahil Buhari have an introduction to his book? No, he doesn't. Why?

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Because this hadith in the matter of Albania about intention is his introduction.

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That was his mo Kadima. Allahu Akbar, the mo Kadima to Sahil Buhari, this masterpiece collection is this hadith panel. That's how important it is. And remember, Chef Ray said about this hadith had Hadith to total fool and this is a third of knowledge, have a chunk of knowledge one third is this hadith about intention? That's how important it is. Now, why a third? Because all actions are the deal with actions of the heart or actions of the tongue or actions of the limbs true. Is there any other part of the body that we missed out? No? limbs Tango Ha. So the heart is one of the third. And I remember he had said about the heart about the intention, he said, also oral Islam Allah filati, a

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hadith the fundamental principles of this entire religion is based on three Hadith and one of them is this hadith in the mela mela vignette, that deeds about body intentions. So my dear brothers, why waste time trying to impress a servant when there's a king to impress.

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That's where it should be going.

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And will lie one of the best ways to mate and see is to learn under someone more knowledgeable than you. I learned under someone still, and I'll keep on learning inshallah. Learning never stops or humbles you. I still learn under shirahama razali from overseas. When you learn under someone, it humbles you because then you start learning things that you didn't know you think I'm not as knowledgeable as I thought. And when you come to class, you compare yourself to fellow students or the teacher. Yeah, but when you're studying alone, who do you compare yourself to? yourself? Sure. You compare yourself to ignore the self that you were five minutes ago, Hamilton visited? What a joy

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hell, Bro, I just learned something new. That guy's a loser. Look at me now. So you compare yourself to your ignorant self. So you start to be filled with pride. And the scholar said, Man janeshia

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hokey Dabba whatever after whosoever ever makes the book, they should have more mistakes than which is correct. Now of course that doesn't say all the time once you get to a stage of scholarship, then of course, you do things on your own become which the head but we're just talking about general terms. layman like you and I, that's really only what we are. So the first point to remember intention, number two sacrifice, you need a sacrifice, to go fire knowledge. Look at all the other men of the past and present. And of course in the future, none of them became scholars. By having a life of luxury taking it easy not sacrificing, you need a sacrifice. Because to get that what you

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love, you first got to go through that which you hate. anything valuable. anything valuable takes hard effort. Think of anything valuable Name something that people value, whether you value or not. same subnet Name something as valuable

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plumbing license as valuable there are too many farmers out there is hard to get. There you go. Accreditation anyone who's a teacher at school, or how am I I struggled for that.

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presentation is very hard money hard to get. Right your spouse had to get a righteous husband as well how to get because if the sisters listening into the recordings here, what's going on? anything valuable, a university degree hard to get? So you need a sacrifice and will lie. The one of the best ways to sacrifice you might ask, okay, I want to sacrifice How do I do it? How do I maintain that hype and energy after a year of Sharia because over time, you won't always be pumped, you won't always be motivated. And in the beginning everyone psyched up. Everyone's on demand steroids. But after that, you start to go downhill. One of the best ways to stay, maintain one of the best ways to

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stay motivated is to learn about the sacrifice of the self. Will loader motivate you? For example? I remember when I met Dino humble

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he was a scholar in his own right Rahmatullah alley. When he reached old age, he would still seek knowledge. That's why he said men and Maddy in a laddie from the cradle to the grave. I'm going to seek knowledge. So he was the one who said that first year, not Tupac. Right? Doesn't Tupac say that from the cradle to the grave?

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Good. I don't know.

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Very good, very good answer. Because I was gonna say how do you know bro? Mashallah, he does say yeah, I'm sure we know. I'm sure we know. The first to say it was Mr. Mohammed. There were the genuine my brothers they copy in a Rambo with the red bandana? Yeah. And I don't know. Rambo with a red bandana who did that first. I would. I would the Jana when he put that on philos heads rolling.

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Well, like when he put that on philos it was all over the calf. It was shaking in his boots.

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I know him and even Mohamed. He was continuously seeking knowledge even when he was in his 70s. Now when he was an old man, he was a scholar. Of course. In fact, he became a scholar at a much younger early age in even his 30s if we ever take the Washington Monument. in detail, we'll find some of the stories but admire him. When he was an old man, he would continuously seek knowledge. On top of that, he would go out and travel to the element of technology as well. Allahu Akbar.

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He could have just said, you know, I'm a scholar, I don't need to go out. Right. And if I do need knowledge elsewhere, I'll just get him to write to me. But no, he and then one day he and yeah, even mine,

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who was another scholar of his time they were contemporaries that were made. They were like codes. They decided to go from their hometown in Baghdad.

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All the way to Santa Ana, and Yemen very good.

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To gain knowledge under the guidance of a chef alumna Abdul Razak, Hassan Annie bassani

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as we said the scholars already that need to go and the old in a day could have said you know we're old hollows we've done the hard yards know they're going to travel from Baghdad to and Yemen to Santa. In how many months travel that is back then.

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Two months.

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Two months travel

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is difficult. Okay, try traveling for two weeks. Two weeks travel is hard. In fact, when we did 24 hours one day we went from ear to ear that was tougher. Back then didn't have planes and trains No. in the desert no SUV no four wheel drive in the air conditioning on the way no stopping in the novateur five star combination breakfast in bed. No heavy none of Camelback too much trouble That's tough. Nevertheless, they're gonna do it. So he Alamo Mohamad and yeah even mind pack up their bags on this amazing journey. Halfway there they stopped were in Makka

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halfway back when you traveling you have pitstops here to refuel together third year that was their refueling of a man. Go perform ammirato off a few times.

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That's how they would recharge. So halfway there, they stopped in Mecca and who do they find performing tawaf around the Kaaba

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of the Rosa casona de la Akbar, you can imagine the delight. Yeah, keep in mind jumps up out of the light. Yeah, even mine rushes over to a chef abdulrazaq and he booked an appointment for the next day to listen to the Hadith and of course, gain this knowledge. He comes back to Mr. Mohammed with a big smile on his dial.

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I remember when he wasn't smiling. He says, What did you do? Yeah, mine said, I made an appointment with Abdullah tomorrow. This is what you did that for him rented Why did I do that for his allies of Joel has saved us an entire month journey. In fact, he saved us two month journey because from New to Yemen and back is two months, two months journey in wasting resources and getting tired in our world, etc. Alaska made it easy for us. I remember him I looked at him and he said, Well, Madison, Albania, Tina, what are we going to do about our intentions? I made an intention from Baghdad that I'm going to listen to Abdullah Zach Hassan Ali in Yemen. And I'm not going to listen to him. Only

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in a Yemen.

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I made an intention with Allah. I made a promise with Allah. Not a promise I made with Joe Blow down the street that I can always change. That's what we do. Yeah. Okay, I'll meet you seven o'clock, half an hour later after you change it to a 30. After that, not nine o'clock. I'm running late. Yeah, we just break our promises. Like it's nothing. I made an intention with Allah. What about this intention? What could he have in mind say to that? Because Okay, he goes to Abdullah Zack, we have to cancel the appointment.

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I'll see you in Yemen. You can imagine Abdullah zaxxon anything but you're here. Now first time I asked. But can you just re intend he can. But if he's re intending now, maybe perhaps he's changing his intention based on what? For ease of the dunya to save money to save resources and food. Now it's not purely done for Allah sake. He doesn't want to risk it. He wants to maximum reward.

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Look at that sacrifice, my dear brothers. So they go and when they state they go there, they stay there for three months approximately they come back. So this journey, don't think your two months travel that was it not happy? Even if it was two months? That's difficult. Two months, just traveling is hard. Two months there two months back, that's already three months there. Seven, eight months, you could say at least at least seven months.

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That's the sacrifice of the seller. And we'll know when you learn that. How does it make you feel? You know, I'm gonna sacrifice. Two months there two months back? Well, I can't do 20 minutes to mid 20 minutes back. I can't do 20 minutes worth of traffic. I can't handle the you know the traffic of Sydney or the parking in Liverpool. Right That's how we get sometimes these these things are just worse worst of the shirt on they affect you. But when you learn about the sacrifice will lie motivates you. That will travel for months just to gain a few editor times. And that's why there's an amazing book by Al Hakim al Baghdadi called a relatively tolerable Hadith

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fatahna al Hadith.

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This is by Al Baghdadi.

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Translate this for me. What does it mean?

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Excellent. The journey to sake of the journey in seeking Howdy.

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What is this book about? alpha table Baghdadi basically compiled stories authenticated narrations of the seller of the pious predecessors who literally journeyed out in seeking Hadith. What's amazing is that when he said this word, Hadith, he didn't mean the concept of Hadith. He meant a Hadith, one Hadith. It's stories of Allah, who went out traveling months on end in search of one Hadith. That's that's what this book is about only.

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And it starts off with Abu banaswadi. This companion, one of the Sahaba Rolando. He mentioned the story of Abu Abu al Ansari, who left Almudena to go to Egypt in search of a single narration.

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That is it. What what what you know, what's even more remarkable was that this was an aeration Abu valance already already knew. He already knew it. So why is he going to confirm to authenticate it that what he has is correct. Allahu Akbar, he could have just written a letter is this correct? It is Alhamdulillah Halas right, you could have just written a little note I'm gonna go myself because I can I want to confirm.

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He gets there. He finds out what he had was correct. authentic. What does he say? Man? What a waste of time bro.

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He's happy and hamdulillah what I had was authentic and hamdulillah. What does he do after that sightseeing as we would do go to the Nile River pyramids. Go to frown and curse him a little bit more.

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He goes straight back and I sing for him straight back to emelina

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Do that my brothers. When we went to Egypt we went so I think we went we went to the oil and we saw it right huge don't like this small creek. You jumped over in a single leap. Now it's a really big and wide deep Yani River. So we went through that stuff. But this man, I will you will I'm sorry. You see why they reached the peaks of taqwa and they left legacies because of that sacrifice. And as we also said, and remember, no we 12 halaqaat daily. So next time you're feeling tired next time you feeling weak. Next time you're feeling demotivated, read these things, read your notes, and will lie to motivate you learn about the self and all Sharla provide the energy boost

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that you need. So that's the second thing to bear in mind sacrifice. Why? Because when you gain knowledge, there are so many factors that can deter a student. It's not the knowledge itself, because knowledge is lighter than water. Knowledge is larger than water, it's other factors. It's traffic, it's your car, its money, the fees sometimes it's a feeling hungry, it's you feeling tired, you got work the next day, all these other commitments that can deter you it's not knowledge. And that's why again, he mentioned the story of one of the students of knowledge strong students was trying to master Hadith. He couldn't do it. As he's leaving the lesson that day on the way home you

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think of himself I'm gonna give up hollows this isn't for me as he's walking home What does he say?

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Water is dripping on a stone. What happens to stone and rock after water has been passing over it for a long period of time. It wears away erodes literally from erosion the concept of erosion the wearing away of rock and stone from water he sees a rock stone that had a dent in it from water dripping over a long period of time. He said the law cover my heart and mind is not as hard as a rock and this knowledge the knowledge of Islam is lighter than water. So if water can do that to a rock what can only do to my heart and mind he went back and he mastered masala Hadith so it's not the knowledge that's difficult it's things that surround it and make it tough. So that's what we

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have to sacrifice in it's not the actual knowledge itself.

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Surely love points three to 10 a much more shorter Those were the longest ones. And I wanted to connect them why because you sacrifice when you have only when you have that pure intention like

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what about my intention with a lot? Well you know that it's between you and Allah then that'll that'll motivate you more that's why I wanted to mention those first two and connect them so have a break Shabaab we actually have the solo now.

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So after the break after solo, 20 minutes solo, be 840 in the LA vertical or feeco was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.