The Descriptions of Jannah #10- Being Together With Family, Friends and the Prophet ﷺ In Jannah

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was a happy woman with a hammer bed. So we continue our topic about Jana May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us amongst the people of gender. And last lesson I had done the load off and the houses and the palaces agenda. And the fact that when we enter agenda, we will know exactly where our house is. It's something that is ingrained in us. Today, we're going to continue a little bit about some of these descriptions that we have about the entering of Jenna and also about the visitations of gender. So one of the things that the Quran and the Sunnah tell us is that when we enter Jannah, there will be welcoming committees, there

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will be announcements taking place, there will be a festive mood, and the angels are going to be welcoming the people and greeting them with cell lamps, and then with announcements as well. And those announcements are going to cheer us up and they're going to make us happy. So for example, we learn in the head Ethan Seibel how you sign Muslim by narrative, but we say the hoodie, that when the people of gender enter and the people of gender mentors of right when we entered this is perhaps the first announcement that will take place, that death itself will be brought out in the form of a RAM, and somebody will or an angel will call out that all people have agenda. And so the people of

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gender will come and look down and they will see. And the the angel will say Do you know what this is? And they will recognize it, they say yes, this is death, symbolic fight as a ram. And then it will be said to the people of jahannam as well to look and they will look and the people of gender will also recognize and then the ram will be slaughtered, and there shall be no more death. And then the angel will say, yeah, lol jannetty, who don't follow mode, while you're at the nursery who don't follow mode, or people of gender, it is now eternity there is no such thing as death. No people have jahannam it is eternity, and there is no such thing as death. So can you imagine the excitement and

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happiness of the people of gentlemen, they're entering they're seeing and you know, of course, the notion comes for how long do we have this, and then they are told, don't worry, it is for all of eternity. And then as well, the angels will greet us and the angels will announce to us and remind us of our blessings. In a hadith in Sahih Muslim we learn, you know, the Mona din, that a crier will call out in gender. So an angel will call out in gender in Telecom, and they'll say hello Fernandez, como la vida, you are now going to live healthy, and you're never going to fall sick, and you will now

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move to Nevada, you will live eternally and never die, and what anila Come on the ship bufala tamo Avada, you will now live young and you're never ever going to grow old wonderla klanten amo falletta, su Avada. And now you are going to be in eternal bliss, and you will never be sad or in difficult circumstances. And then the prophets of the law of YT he was sending them said this is what Allah says in the Quran, ya know, do until common agenda to oristano habima Quantum Cameroon sorted out offers 43 and it will be announced this is the agenda that you inherited because of what you used to do. So in this Hadith, we learned that there is a special angel that will be greeting

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the people of gender and we'll be listing for them you know the privileges will be lifting for them. The blessings of gender, you know, when a person like you know, of course this is just an example You know, when a person wins a magnificent prize or whatnot. So you know, the announcer goes it goes oh it has this and it has that and it what's up the appetite it makes a person more excited so that what do you think will happen when a person has one Jenna and the angel is telling the person that you are never going to die? You're always going to be young. There is no

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growing old, you're always going to be happy. There's no being sad you're always going to flourish and you're never going to be sick. Imagine all of those blessings being announced How will be the feeling of the people of genda and they will be told of this as a blessing and a gift from Allah subhanahu wa tada and as they enter their houses all excited and they're wandering through their gardens and they see all that has been blessed upon them. Allah subhana wa tada will send special groups of angels to greet them welcoming committees specifically for you know them so there's going to be welcoming committees for each and every person of gender and Allah subhana wa tada mentions

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this in the Quran, Jannati idea toluna one on Sparta Hemet Abba him was watching with reality him the gardens of Eden they will enter along with those who are righteous amongst their parents and spouses and children one manner aka two year the whole owner IRA him in Cooley BB and the angels are coming into them from every single door Salam O Allah combi Moussa bottom peace be unto you, because you showed patience in this world for near Morocco, but how beautiful is the ultimate abode of peace. So as the people are in the gardens, and in their their personal kingdoms, many kingdoms from every single door the welcoming committee will come have beautiful angels, and the very presence of

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the angels is peaceful, and the angels bring perfume and the angels bring their own light and the angels bring a sense of serenity above over and above what Jenna itself has. And so when they enter Eliza widget will send those committees of angels yet hold on adding him in coolibah from every single door, the angels are going to come in large congregation specifically meant just to welcome you and they will greet you with the greetings of peace. Salam, Aleikum Bhima, so bottom and then when all of this has now done, then one of the greatest blessings and one of the most blessed excitements of genda will take place. So the grid the crier has called for all of the people of

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genda. And then the angels have specifically welcomed you in your house and given you that delegation, then what will happen then after this, a large Elijah who himself will greet you and welcome you to Jenna Subhana Allah, this is one of the most blessing blessings of Jenna. In fact, there's only one blessing that is higher than this, and that is to look at the face of Allah, which we'll come to in a later lecture. But the next best blessing is to hear a lot directly and to hear his speech directly. And this is mentioned many times in the Quran and in the sun as well that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when the people have agenda enter agenda, Allah will

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say to the people agenda, yeah, lol agenda, so they will hear the voice of a loss of Hannah Horta, Allah or people of jinn. And so the people will all say the baker banner was Saturday TCA will hire Roku be a dick and this is how they will greet Allah, the baker banner was Saturday. This means we are answering your call a lot happily and happiness comes from your side aka it has multiple meanings of them is that we do so happily or the meaning also comes that a lot Your happiness is what we desire. And we are happy by servicing you so the baker means we're responding to the call and Saturday ca has many meanings and of them is that we are doing so happily and our happiness

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comes in responding to this call Allah and you are the Restore of happiness love Baker have been our sadhika will Hiroo kulu BIA daikon all good comes from you. So they respond to Allah azza wa jal, then Allah will ask them hell return. Are you satisfied? Can you imagine Allah is asking Everything okay? Are you satisfied? Are you happy? So Allah azza wa jal and he is the host of genda. He is the creator of all of us, and He is the one that is bestowed the blessings of gender. He tells the people and he asks them Is everything alright? Are you satisfied? Are you happy? And so they respond back women and learn all the Arab How can we not be happy Iran was athlete an amalgam tortilla

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hadn't been Halak, you have given us what no other creation has been given us. And in another Hadith, it mentions that did you not forgive our sins? Did you not make our faces bright? Did you not cause us to enter Gen. And so a lot of xojo will say, I will give you something even better than what I have given you already. They will say what can be better and Eliza was you will say From now on, we're headed to La cumbre dhwani further us home to LA combined or whoever the From now on, I shall be eternally pleased with you and never show my anger be shown upon you never will there be any source of irritation or anger from Allah jelajah

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Whoo hoo. So this is the height of Allah's blessings that robiola one home with one will law will be given to the people of Jenna. And the, the Quran itself mentions in the this multiple times and multiple verses that Allah says in Surah Al ahzab verse 44, to hear ye to whom yo my owner who's the greeting when they meet Allah subhanho wa Taala will be Salaam to hear ye to whom Yama odorheiu salam, when we meet Allah subhana wa tada Allah will greet us with the greetings of Salaam to her yet to whom yo yo Kona who said, well I did a home, run a Karima and he has prepared for them a very noble and honorable reward and in Surah Yaseen Allah subhana wa tada says, set up mono cola mirabell

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Rahim salam, it is a word that comes from a merciful Lord. And so all of these announcements will be given to the people of gender. And that is why gender is called TAO to Salam. Because Allah azza wa jal who is a salam, he is a Sanam one of the names of Allah is as Sam, Allah azza wa jal, who is a Salaam will greet the people of Islam. When they enter dow dow to set up he will greet them with the greetings of Salam. And when a Salam bestows Salam upon the people of doutor Salaam, they shall never ever be in pain or suffering, because Salah means peace, and Salah means the absence of evil, and saddam means perpetual bliss. And so when a law says Salam colosse that is it, there cannot be

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any pain or suffering. How can there be pain or suffering? When SLM has greeted the people of Islam with the greetings of Salaam as they enter darussalam, we ask Allah to be amongst those people. So these are some of the announcements that will happen as the people enter agenda. And then there shall be a weekly announcement as well as we will come to inshallah, in a future lecture, a weekly announcement.

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every single Friday, there will be no soda to drama, but instead there will be another gathering. And we're going to come to that in shallow tarla in another lecture, but there will be weekly announcements, there will not be an event to come and pray. Rather, there will be an announcement to come and gaze upon the face of a lot jelajah Loulou and that will be something that will take place on the Fridays of gender, because genda has days of the week, and Friday is going to be a special day, but it's not going to be Joomla because there is no actual sun up in Jen. So this is the announcements agenda. Now the next part of today's lecture is going to be the issue of the kith and

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kin, the family and friends within gender. And one of course, the blessings of gender, one of the blessings of gender is that we will be with our family and friends, we will be with those whom we love, and we associated with and that's something that of course we know because you know, when our relative passes away, you know, we console ourselves in shallow to Allah, you know, in general, you know, we will be with that person, and it's something that is a part of our culture and a part of our tradition. And this is explicit in the Quran, and in the thought of the Sahaba that and the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that loved ones will be together and even friends will be

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together in gender. So as for the Koran, it is mentioned in Sudan, October verse 21. Will Latina Amman What about from Zarya, to homie Imani and how can I be him to return home? Mama Allah home in ambala himanshi khulumani mP Makka Saba Rahim, those who believe and you know they did good deeds and their children followed them in their faith. Okay, so if the here's the key point here, obviously, that the families and the friends of Jen must have earned Jenna by Allah's blessings, right, they must be engender, then you can be with them. If they are not of the people of a man, you know, Noah and his son, the prophet system and you cannot do anything then if they have not accepted

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Islam, and they are not upon the faith of Islam, they have rejected Allah subhana wa Taala what can be done Ibrahim and his father, this is nothing can be done. There is no blood relationship that will help on the day of judgment when there is no emotion and that's why Allah says and their children whatever item the reaction be man in their children follow them in their level of emotion or at least in their mind, and how can I be him to reassure him, we will allow their progeny to be with them, we will allow their progeny to be with them. And we are not going to diminish the rewards of any one of what they have done. Meaning we're not going to diminish the rewards. Nobody gets

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demoted. Nobody gets demoted in gender. Everybody gets an upgrade if they have family and friends that give them that upgrade and even abus remarked that in the law to Allah

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For three years, meaning that a lot will raise the children of a believer to his level and rank, even if they are less than him in deeds, so in deeds, so their deeds are not as good, so that the person in the higher level can be comforted by the companionship of his family, this is authentically reported from even above. And this is something that comes from the middle layer that you cannot just say it, you know, without so we assume that this was the concept was heard from the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam. And

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even Ibis then put it in his own words. Now, there is a weak Hadith that explicitly mentions this, and it is reported in a more general it could be about Ani, which is one of the tertiary books of Hadith. And this is a book that is not in the famous six books and many of its Hadith are actually weak or very weak, and this one is one of them as well. So it's not that this headset is not authentic, per se, but the narration that we've been Ibis is and it does the job. But the headset says that it is alleged that the prophet SAW they said him said that when a man will enter gender, he will ask Allah azza wa jal about his parents and about his spouse, and about his children, who it

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will be said to him, that they did not reach your level and they do not have your deeds. And the the the man will say that, oh my lord, oh my lord, I have done all of my deeds for you. So allow them to be with me. And so Allah subhana wa tada will allow his family to be with him. And then in this Hadith, the verses recited what we just said, What Latina, armano, whatever comes are written by a man and how can I be him the return woman that now may nominate him, men shape, the famous scholar of Deaf seat International, he commented on this verse, and he said, In this verse is good news in this verse is something that should make all of us happy, that whoever has a righteous ancestor, or

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a righteous progeny, or a righteous spouse, that insha Allah, tada, you know, if your father or mother or your son or daughter or your spouse was righteous and pious, that inshallah to Allah, that you will benefit from that Association, in the next life, and in Jannah. And this is, he said, a very, very big glad tidings that we should all be happy for. So the concept of being together with families and being together with loved ones, it is something that it is understood, and authentically reported, as we said, from Ibn Ibis, now just a footnote here, that there is a contrary opinion, some of our earlier than some of them, they interpreted this verse in the Quran

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differently. When Medina Armand or whatever God to be mandated, have them in the region, they said that this verse only applies to young children who pass away before reaching puberty. And they say that every adult will be at the level that they deserve. And they say that it doesn't make sense that you know, people go up or whatnot, because that wouldn't be fair, some have said this, that, you know, it's not fair for those that have done the good deeds, that they're getting that high place, and just because they have an ancestor or son, that one stem that will be, you know, brought there, and there is

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some, there are some taboo around who interpreted this first that what is meant here, it's a constellation to children to the parents who have lost young children, that Allah is saying those young children will be once again with them as children, that's the interpretation, but see, we learn that everybody in gender is 33 years old, everybody in gender. So even if a child passes away, and they are entering gender, they will be 33 years old, and that will be the enjoyment to the pleasure that you will have with your children everybody will be the same age in general and there is this opinion nonetheless. Even ibises statement is explicit number one and number two, the verse

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is his arm it is general that Allah is saying that anyone you know whose progeny and children you know have followed in a man we will allow them and how can I be him? We're gonna match them up we're gonna bring them together. Also the point being that how can gender be Jen if you're not with your family, I mean think about it that there so the point being that some will say there's nothing explicit you know, from the prophet SAW, he said that, you know, spouses will be together for example, in the exact same level.

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But their response to this is Allah subhana wa tada says home was was your home, them and their spouses, okay, are going to be together. And how can gender be gender? If you are cut off from your loved ones? How can it be the case, right? the very people whom you loved and you're associated with and you know, suppose suppose

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Yanni you are at a higher place or the other way around, okay? Your mother Mashallah is in a higher place and you're there you want to be with your mother? How is that going to be? You know, how is that going to be Jenna, when you're not with those whom you love, therefore, the correct position, inshallah to Allah based both on the generality of the texts, and also on the logical realities of what gender is, is that the people will be together with their family and their loved ones Now, as for the claim that how is it fair, that, you know, so the point being that if somebody had a good father, right, and they're going to so let's put it this way, so they understand two friends in this

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world, okay. One of them his father is mediocre. The other one, his father is very righteous and pious. They were friends in this world. They're both similar in the amount of taqwa they enter gender. So the one whose father was higher up, Mashallah, we'll get that upgrade. So obviously, the friends are going to say, Hey, I mean, my father didn't get that, you know. So that's why another group said that, no, everybody's going to be at their same level. The response to this is that daddy can afford the law here at him, and

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there is no injustice here. A lot can prefer some over others, and that is Allah blessings. And we learned this in the Hadith in Sahih. Bahati, which is exactly in the same genre as what we're talking about, that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhana wa Taala, will bless those who believed in the prophets of the Lord, send them with a double reward with extra reward. And the Kitab are going to complain and say, Oh Allah, we did not get what they got. And Allah will say to them, did I not reward you and give you what you were promised? Did you not get what you were promised? Did I was I unjust to you, they will say no, then Allah will say that you can follow the law. This is my father,

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this is my you know, extra. So the an example in this world is the bonus, right? That somebody gets the bonus somebody does and based upon whatever factors there might be, nobody can see anything. That's a bonus, you got what you were promised, you got your salary, and somebody had extra perks or blessings for what they have done. In our case for the Muslim oma, our perk and blessing is our Prophet Sall, Allahu Allah who was sent him because we are connected with him a lot as origin is going to bless us more than other almost nobody's going to complain about we're not complaining about that. So the same goes that if you have a close relative, if you have a close friend, that you

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are associated with, you helped out in this world, and you know, you, you, you, you are part and parcel of his life, that if they are higher than you, that insha Allah Tada, it will benefit you in the next life as well. Another thing that can be said is that this is of the blessings of a good family that you know, this is we see this and sort of tell calf that Allah azza wa jal protected, the progeny of the righteous person resorted to have the three stories here, right? In two of those stories, two of them, they involve good parents, because they will good Allah blesses the children, right, read the story, I don't have time to go over that right now. But listen, I have a tuxedo so

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that calf in print, by the way, as well, and also online. So point being in this world, a lot benefited children from their parents, why can't in the next life as well, the same thing happen as well. And then also, one thing can be said here, and this is just, you know, an assumption and a lot of xojo knows that, you know, raising of the ranks, right? It's why there is always going to be raising as we settle hamdulillah there's no demotions, there's only upgrade, free upgrade, VIP pass, right? Anybody who was close with another person, and associated with another person, that's the point has got to be suitable, not just oh, I met you and says, Sam, no, a genuine, you know,

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comradery or family ties or something that you want to be with that person and you're with them in this dunya if they get to a higher place, they have the right to ask that, oh, I want this person, you know, with me, I want this person to be at the same, you know, with me in my level. Now, it can also be said that this upgrade that is given and handed in that that person got to the level of you know, the blessings, but Allah knows the quality of what they will have, might not be the exact same as the quality of the person that actually was blessed with it. And this is something that even in this dunya you have two people next to one another in the other, and one of them might May Allah

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protect as be punished and the other one, you know, might be giving blessings from Allah and they are next to each other. So it is possible that the one who gets the upgrade or whatnot that yes, they are there, but not to the level in all of the intricacies and minutiae as the one that actually was blessed and again, Allah azza wa jal knows. The bottom line, though, is that families Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, we'll be together and also friends as well. How about friends? Where do we get this notion from? Well, once again, we get it from the generalities of the concept of gender, and also that there are some indications that friends as well will be in genda.

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And not just this, but that also, that friends will be able to meet one another. Now meeting is not the

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Same as a free upgrade, right? meetings are, you know, you want to meet somebody, anybody that you associated with even acquaintances? Anybody you wanted to meet with them? Can you meet with your friends in general? So the Quran does not have anything that is absolutely explicit in this regard. But there are indications that there will be visitations, there are indications that anybody who wants to meet anybody will be given that opportunity in general. And again, this goes back to the notion of how can there be agenda in which you're not visiting your friends, right, even if there are different levels. Now, there is though some indication there is some indication that

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visitation will only be like the people in the higher levels can come down to meet the people of the lower levels. And it's not going to be the other way around. There is a narration in Eben behat hymns to seed that it is reported and this hadith is not authentic and insistent it's now there's a weakness and this is not It is reported that somebody asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam what is our agenda? Will there be visitations of the people of gender and the prophets are allegedly responded This is a weak Hadith is not authentic, but neither is it fabricated the concept is there that yes, that the higher levels the data that earlier will allow will be allowed to come down to

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the lower levels and to greet them and say Salaam to them. However, the lower levels will not be able to go to the lien or the sorry, the the eila levels of Jenna because their deeds will not allow them to go there. So this is a concept that is mentioned in the Hadith. We also have a narration from homemade dibny Hillel, who was a famous Dabiri who met many of the Sahaba narrated a hadith from the Sahaba. And he met NSV nomadic and he narrated he is a student when a cinematic and others have made him the Hillel said that Bella ohana, we heard, we got the news that we had the indication that the people of Jana will be visiting. But the higher one can visit the lower one, and the lower

00:27:09--> 00:27:47

one will not be able to go to the higher one. So the concept is there. Now what this means therefore, and again, these are assumptions we're reading, and these are all technicalities. What it means though, is that if you wanted to meet somebody, eventually, you know that meeting will take place, whether the person is higher than us is going to be coming down, or whether you're going down to him or whatever. But there shall be meetings in general. And there are indications again in the Quran as well, that Allah suited him with a population, that friends are going to be together facing couches, you know, on the banks of the tense of the The river is flowing here. So there are

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indications in the Quran explicitly, actually not indications that conversations will take place amongst friends. Now, it is impossible that every group of friends will always be on the exact same level of agenda because of their deeds. That's impossible, right? I mean, logically, logistically, it's impossible. Yet the Quran explicitly mentions that the people of gender, their friendships will be together in gender having conversations, what does this mean? It clearly indicates therefore, that the people of Jenna will be able to visit one another. And again, this is Jenna. So how and the technicalities, we do not know, maybe there will be visitation hours that everybody knows that these

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are the hours that people are going to be coming maybe you know, there's going to be an indication we know that somebody is coming would be prepared for them all of this beyond the scope of our imagination. But the fact that is undeniable is that the Quran mentions the conversations of friends, and that indicates that friends will be meeting one another. There are, as we said, some indications that you know people who want to can visit anybody at their level and beneath going down to their level. And therefore if a person from another level wants to meet, then they will get the indication and they will come and meet their friend or their acquaintance or their colleague and

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this is mentioned explicitly in the Quran in multiple places of them a lot. So it just says about about all the matter about them yet this alone, they will approach one another and they will be asking questions that one of them will say, Can I leave Corinne I used to have a friend who would mock me and say, Are you of those who believe that when we die and will become destined bones that we're going to be called to account and then either a lot or the person we don't know call it doesn't matter their own or maybe even an angel Do you want to see where he is? And so they will look down and they will see him in jahannam. So a conversation will take place somehow even an

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acquaintance or a colleague that you had that you had a relationship with that there is a conversation taking place between a person in Jannah and a person in jahannam are the ultimate polyone for para for who so he is going to look down and he saw him in the

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Hit of the fire of hell. And the other man will say, well law who you almost ruined me if I followed you were it not for the grace of Allah it would have been amongst those who were destroyed. And Elijah Wood just says that the radical reforms that are the limits Lehigh the failure America moon, this is the ultimate supreme triumph for the likes of this let the workers work. So this here we have a very clear verse in the Quran for alko Bella Bella Hamada baldon yet as alone so people are going to be facing one another up Agata to face one another groups of people, and they're yet to sat alone. It has sat around here means conversations are taking place with questions in them. How are

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you What's going on? You know this and that. And another thing that we learn that the memories of the people of Jenna will be absolutely perfect. And this idea and others indicates this. And of course, that's what Jenna is. You should remember every single day every positive memory obviously in general, there's nothing negative, every positive memory, every interaction, every conversation will be something that you are aware of. And that is why if you meet somebody, you can reminisce about this world. And we learned this from the Koran very clearly got a column in him indicando the accordion one of them said oh, I used to have where's that guy? What happened to him? Oh, he's in

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Johanna. You want to see where he is the angel will say look down and then they have a conversation with that with that person down there. And this indicates memories will be perfect. And anybody that you want to converse with you will be able to do that even that person in general and we have also installed a tool as well. That for awkward about the minor belt and yet they were going to be approaching one another inquiring and they will say Paul in Cooney Cobb roofie Alina mushrikeen they will say before this, we were in fear amongst our families meaning that we were fearful of Allah azza wa jal fearful of the meeting of Allah subhanho wa Taala from Manila who Eileen will will call

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into either but some, but Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed us and he spared us the painful punishment in Kunal kaaboo Elina wish Philippine femen Allahu Allah will corner either someone in the corner Makoto drew in the hall Baba Rahim, we used to make dua to Allah no do Indeed Allah is the butter of the for the one bountiful and good that are him the compassionate. So once again, in sort of the tour as well it mentioned that for awkward about the matter about and they're going to be turning to one another, and they're going to be having a conversation. Therefore, the Quran explicitly mentions that friends are going to be meeting together and friends are going to be interacting together. And

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it is authentically reported.

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In the famous incident that took place, in fact, multiple times this occurred, that idea of the law one interacting with, you know, some of the the political, you know, estrangement that happened between him and while we are the last one and between him and others, that he would quote this verse, one is that an air Murphy saluted him in real in a one and it suited him with a core belief that we will remove from their hearts, any hatred that was there, and we will make them brethren in Jannah, facing one another, okay, a Hawaiian and other pseudonym, which are karbolyn, they're going to be brethren facing one another. And this indicates very clearly that Adi rhodiola, one understood

00:33:35--> 00:34:15

that anybody who wanted he wanted to meet, he could have a conversation with an agenda and he could interact with him and sit down and just you know, I'd assume without literally means, just sitting on reclining on couches, you know, having a conversation. Therefore, in Jannah, you can you will be with your family in the same level your loved ones you will be together and your close associates that you really want to be with you will be together and some have said and this is the the evidences we have just proceeded, but some have said there is a category of shafa of intercession that is given to every single righteous person that they have the option if they want to, they can

00:34:15--> 00:34:29

upgrade their immediate family and also if they want to close friends we do not know you know how the reality is or the technicalities, but the assumption is that if somebody wanted had a very very close associate a very

00:34:30--> 00:34:59

a friend that they genuinely love for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada and associated with because again, there has to be that genuine Association you know, for that to happen. Some odema have said that they will have the option of giving that upgrade if they want Okay, it's in there, Allah will bless them to do that. And as we said, Everybody goes up there is no demotion in gender. Therefore your brothers and sisters, thank Allah if you have righteous parents, thank Allah azza wa jal and if you are single choose a righteous spouse.

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

And raise righteous children, you do not know you do not know who is chifa will benefit you, you do not know which one of them might be much higher than you, but because of your association with them, they will be raised up and also in this world, dear Muslim, in this world associate with the pious, even if you're not pious, help the pious even if you're not pious, do hikmah to the solid hain even if you're not from the sun to him, so that insha Allah who talaga some benefit will come. So love the people of piety, even if you are not of the people of piety, perhaps in that love Allah azza wa jal might just give you a little bit of the status of the people of piety. Now, the question that

00:35:41--> 00:36:20

arises then, is that we've talked about being with loved ones we talked about being with family and friends is very clear. Okay, how about being with the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam himself in gender? Will we get to interact with him? And how about the companions that will work with us to do convertible hottub and earth man and Admiralty law who and whom will we get to interact with all of these people we've been speaking and talking about? How about anybody will want to interact with? And the question the answer to this is that Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, of the blessings of gender of the blessings of Jen is that we get to interact with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

00:36:20--> 00:37:02

sallam, and with the righteous of the Sahaba. And this is based on many, many evidences of the evidences is that in fact, this is a very interesting point, that this notion of not being able to interact with the prophets of Allah, why do you sell them? It, in fact, terrified many of the Sahaba they were worried that they would not be able to interact with him. And so we have multiple narrations of Sahaba coming to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, asking this exact question. It is reported as I Bahati and symbols and motifs are they that even Massoud said, A man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he said, O Messenger of Allah, what will happen to a person

00:37:02--> 00:37:40

who loves a group of people, but he doesn't get to their level, right? Okay, first of all, if you're during a hub back home, and while I'm here, I'll have to be him. What do you say to a man who loved a group of people, but he did not get to their level. So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a little moment that a person will be with those whom they love. So the person will be with those whom they love. And it is reported In Memoriam and COVID of Ronnie that I should have the law one hat. She said, A man came to the prophet SAW the law for it, he was sending them and he said, O Messenger of Allah, I love you more than I love myself and you are more beloved to me, then my

00:37:40--> 00:38:21

family, and I love you more than I love my children. In fact, when I'm in my house, I remember you and I become so impatient that I come out to see you, but then I think of death. And I think of the time that when you enter gender, you will be within a begin and when I enter agenda, I will be at a lower level, so I am worried that I will not see you. So the profits of the love while he was seldom did not say anything to this man. And then Julian came and revealed a verse that indicated the response to that question. It is the famous verse and sort of the Nyssa woman neuter Illa, hawara Sula, who favela commanded in an AMA La La him, meaning they've been what's the Athena? Wish you

00:38:21--> 00:39:07

had, it was solid, he will have sooner like coffee for whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, shall be with those whom Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed he shall be within the bean and the Cydia clean and the Shahada and the soya hain and what a righteous companionship that is what has Suna Allah, aka Rafi aka what a righteous companionship they are. Therefore, this clearly indicates that even if a person is not going to be at the level of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they shall be able to interact and see him and that is of the blessings of gender. And in fact, this is another Hadith in Sahih Muslim which is also very explicit and a symptomatic. So this is another

00:39:07--> 00:39:46

Hadith so this is an incident occurring multiple times on a symptomatic said that a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and said O Messenger of Allah, when is the day of judgment? So the Prophet salallahu it he was sending them responded that what have you prepared for it? Meaning, I don't know when the Day of Judgment is, what have you prepared for it? So the man said law shape, I haven't done much in LA what I Sula who, except that I love Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said unto my man, you shall be with those whom you love, and so nomadic said,

00:39:48--> 00:39:52

Unless of pneumatic said, femoral further hanabi shaking when

00:39:54--> 00:40:00

unnecessarily Malik said nothing made us happier than to hear ourselves.

00:40:00--> 00:40:05

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, You shall be with those whom you love. And then an A said

00:40:07--> 00:40:19

I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I love a book. And I love Burma. And I want to be with them because of my love for them, even if my deeds do not allow me to be at that level.

00:40:20--> 00:41:04

This is unnecessary romantic speaking, dear brothers and sisters, this is unnecessary Malik there. Where do I stand in where do you stand in this regard? This is unnecessarily Malik saying that nothing made me happier than to hear the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam say you shall be with those whom you love. And then unece said, we were so happy. I was so happy, because I know my DS are not to the level of the Prophet system and obachan and oma, but nsmt Malik said, I love the prophets or someone I love obachan and oma. And so I hope that because of that love, I will be with them. So from this we learn dear Muslims Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah from this we learn that everybody who

00:41:04--> 00:41:16

loves the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and all Muslims love him. Everybody who loves the prophets a little long winded, he was seldom will be able to interact with him and be able to see him and be able to speak with him.

00:41:18--> 00:41:27

And the famous companion oak carbon ama was asked, he was asked, tell us one thing that will cause us to desire.

00:41:32--> 00:42:15

gofar responded, in general is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that's all you need to know, in general is the Messenger of Allah. So if you have the companionship of the Prophet, so instead of what more do you want, so dear brothers and sisters, in general, you have the companionship of those whom you love. Make sure you love a lot of xojo and you will love the messengers of Allah while he was sending them if you do so, that even if your deeds and my deeds will fall short, in sha Allah with that sincere love in shallow data, we will be able to interact with those whom we love. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to grant us a love that is pure and a love

00:42:15--> 00:42:36

that is for his sake, we ask Allah xojo to increase our love for the prophets of Allah while he was sending them. We ask Allah to grant us the chifa of the prophets of Allah while he was setting them on the day of judgment and to be in his companionship in Janata for those that Allah and inshallah we will continue next week to zachman lokalen was set on wanting more or he will barakato