Mohamad Baajour – The King, The Boy, & Gaza Isha Khatira

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes three stories of Islam, including the first one involving a man who killed a beast and called the first Shahida, the second one involving a woman killed by a king and called the second Shahida, and the third one involving a woman trying to kill a beast while being called the third Shahida. The speakers emphasize the importance of not letting victory lap and stress the need for people to be mindful of their actions. They also mention the importance of removing rocks and wiping out the enemy.
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Hadith in Sahih Muslim Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that there was a king.

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His right hand man was a magician, fortune teller.

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he consulted with him in all his matters. One day, the magician told the king I'm getting old. I need to train someone young.

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Long story short, they found the young man. And this young man was ordered to come every day to the fortune teller to the magician and learn from him. So the boy, the young man came every single day to learn from the magician. One day on his way back, he met a monk, it was said that this monk was the only one left on Tawheed in that village, he was the one he was the only one with La ilaha illAllah. So the monk started teaching the boy about La Ilaha illa Allah, so the boy every single day, he stops by the monk, and then he goes to the magician, and stayed there for a while.

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One day, as he was leaving the monk, he saw that there was a beast and I'm still quoting the Hadith Rasulillah Salam, he saw a beast blocking the road for the villagers to move.

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So he picked up a rock and said, Yeah, Allah, if the monk

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is Anil, Huck is right, kill the beast, and he hit the rock and the Beast died. He went back and told the monk what happened.

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He said, You have reached the level that you are going to be tested. You've reached the level of realm of knowledge that you are going to be tested. So be careful. Now the whole village is talking about the young boy who killed the beast.

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As after that, he started with the help of Allah curing the sick until a minister who's very close to the king, who was blind heard about him. He came to him and he said, Can you cure me? He said, I do not cure anyone. It is Allah who cures. If you believe in Allah, I will make dua for you, for Allah to cure you. He said, Yes, he made dua, and the man got his vision back. Next day the man went back to the palace, he met the king, and the king was shocked to see him be able to see again. So he said, what happened? He said,

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a young boy asked Allah to kill me and I was cured. He said, you have an ILA. Other than me, you have a god other than me. He said, Yes, my God and your God, Allah, kill him. Bring the boy here, killed the minister brought the boy. After much torture. The boy confessed and spoke about the monk bring the monk here, brought the monk killed the monk. Then he told his soldiers take this boy to the highest mountain, and when you get to the top, push him when they got to the top, the boy made the DUA, which is you should I should say I used to say it all the time at the airport when I used to get the royal treatment Allahumma Aquino Fini him be my shit. Ya Allah, suffice me them with

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whatever you want. When you ask Allah for something, do not tell Allah How do you want the problem to be solved? Leave it to Allah. He said yeah, Allah saved me from them with whatever way you want the mountain Chinook they all died, he went back to the king. He said I'm still alive. He said take him to the middle of the ocean. When you get to the middle of the ocean, push him when he got to the middle of the ocean. He said Allah whom at Fini him Dina shade you. Allah saved me from them in a way that you in any way that you want. The boat, Chinook, they all drowned. He came back to the king.

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And the king was crazy. I'm just cutting it short. The king went crazy. So the boy said,

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Do you want to kill me? He said absolutely. He said, I'm going to tell you how to kill me.

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Gather all the people of the village all of them and time it to the trunk of a tree and get an arrow. And before you shoot you say

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Bismillah Rabelo lamb in the Name of Allah, the Lord of the hula. And this is the only way you can kill me. gathered all the way

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jurors, everybody's watching imagine a huge stadium and this guy is tied to a trunk. Bismillah or Biloela. And he shot the arrow and the boy died. What happened?

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The whole village ilaha illallah we believe in the robe of the hula.

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Dig a ditch, the King is furious. Dig a ditch, all the people, his people dug a ditch brought all the people believe in the king as your Isla know push them into the fire. They all died. And like I said last time, last one was a mother holding her baby and she hesitated and the baby spoke and he said OMA is very thin Nikki, I'll hug all my mother, be patient, you are on the hug, and she jumped, and they all died.

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three stories, this is the first

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according to everybody who was watching the king, one. He is alive. He is still the king and everybody in the village died. Right? Second story.

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Bilal are the Allahu Han

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his master, who may yet have been Caliph

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tortured him lying down on a boiling sand, putting rocks on his body. Leave your dean leave Islam. I had I had I had I had leave Islam. I had I had, he tortured him.

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And Bilal never left his Deen, third story. So Mejia, the mother of our model or the Allahu Ana. She was an old lady. Abuja fell in front of everybody tormented her to leave Islam. She never did. He stabbed her and he killed her. And she was called the first Shahida. In Islam, a woman was the first Shahida in Islam and she was very old. Now. Definition of victory. What is the definition of Victory? Victory is to achieve a goal.

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When I am having an argument with Riyadh, if I get my goal from the argument, I have one

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the goal of the king is to make the villagers and the boy leave their Deen. So he was not victorious, he lost the battle. The goal of Romania no hana is for Bilal, to leave Islam, even though he was tortured, but he did not. He was not defeated, or Mejia was defeated. The goal of Abuja is for Somalia to leave Islam, she did not even though she died.

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So he was not victorious, even though according to the people standing there, whether it's the king or Omiya, or Abuja to them, they will victorious they you won the battle.

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Now we go to Reza, we are all suffering and bleeding about seeing all these children dying. All these families dying. All these young kids wounded, severe wounds.

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That does not

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mean in any way that they lost and they were defeated. Because that was not the goal of the enemy. The goal of the enemy is to get them out from where they are, and to make them leave their deen and to make them leave their country was that achieved? No and it will never be achieved. They are the most resilient people they have taught. They have taught us the difference between a male and a man. They have revived the Eman in our hearts, they have exposed the enemy, they have ruined that economy. They have thrown hotter in their hearts, they have exposed them now many Muslims many non Muslims know the truth. This is victory. Don't be fooled by the of course we get hurt. But when we

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see babies die, absolutely every human being gets hurts but as Muslims. The day achieved their goal as the three stories I gave you, and there are many many stories in our team, they did not. So these people want in the dunya by not giving up and of course in the Ashira by being Shahadat what is the goal? The goal is listen carefully please, because many people or what kind of victory is talking about the people died

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died Wallahi every true Muslim would love to have such a depth.

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The bottom line, it's all about what's in here. It's not about the bodies. It's not about the bodies. Allah does not look at the bodies. It's all about when you died. Where was this? What was this feeling that what matters.

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The first three people in the hellfire, one of them is a shaheed.

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According to the people he's fighting, he's killing but he's in the Hellfire because why? Because here was mad to Allah.

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It was not to Allah, to us. He's a Shaheed

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but a soulless, Hasulam citizen, the Hellfire

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Layyah who run Nikita Lulu Xena Cafaro Phil beloved, mutter unclean some welcome Jahannam webit salami had, don't ever be fooled, don't ever be deceived by the victory of the non believers is just a temporary thing. And the end is the hellfire. My beloved brothers and sisters, the biggest defeat is when you start considering that the victory is only the military one.

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I repeat, the biggest defeat is when you start thinking

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that the military victory is the only victory

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what we have achieved in Russia or what they have achieved, we have not nothing. What they have achieved in the Reza is something that you only hear in the stories of the sahaba.

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continue, and I sent a video a few days ago,

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when the three men in the cave were stuck.

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And they found out that there's no way out of the cave except by begging Allah was the best and most sincere Amel they've ever done. And Allah has

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removed the rock because of the sincerity of the Amel, they mentioned. There's a huge rock that is blocking the victory of this ummah. And imagine every single Muslim, every true believer get up in the middle of the night and asks Allah with the best and most sincere Amyl they've ever done,

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to remove this rock, to give victory to

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Allah He Allah will not let us down. So please, I beg you get up in the middle of the night. And ask Allah there's that animal that no one Not even your wife, not your husband. Nobody knows about you.

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If I did this animal, only for your sake, yeah, Allah, give victory to our people, Messiah. Allah if we all do it because we believe in what our Salah is seldom said the three men were able, all of them combined. Were able to remove the rock, they made the DUA that shakes rocks, that moves rocks, why can't we do it? They will not Sahaba they will not Alia they will just run through people that believe in Allah. And they have and this is the this is the tough part. They have.

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I repeat, they found

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me that they ask Allah by do I have Amman or do you have Amman that only Allah knows about? I can beg him with that I will

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use that Ahmed as he will sila to relieve

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our brothers and sisters. Do I have Armen if you do Allahu Akbar. I beg you to use it tonight. And ask Allah by that time

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to give us victory. Aloma Solis land on Muslimeen alumna Islam on Muslimeen Lemoore finale metal headwater la ya Allah give them victory AR But I mean yeah Allah defeat the enemy are blind. I mean, Ya Allah you are capable of doing anything. Yeah, Allah Nam now you're just gonna caribou Alameen ya Rahman Al Rahim, make our last deeds are this deeds and our last words ilaha illallah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad by Allah Allah He was slightly as mine. See you tomorrow at 645. Zuckerman lock it

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in Ireland Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning MENA team one quantity now not only that he was flawed in pain I was flawed in Poland. He once saw the Rena was Slavia before she you know

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one voice hearing I want to call it the one downside btw now one downside being caught in was on

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Oh all me now was all in

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when you have you Lena photo gentleman one Hatfield lot the ones that get enough along I guess

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what's going on? I don't

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genuine Eileen

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