Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #28 Drinking From The Prophet’s Hands

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The importance of watering the plant during the day of Judgment is emphasized, as it is the last place to be thirsty and the profit slice is the last place to be thirsty. Watering is advised to avoid drinking from the fountain and avoid distraction from the health of the city. The speakers also discuss various narratives and their meaning, including the discovery of a woman who was allergic to alcohol and the importance of not drinking from the water of heaven for one's health.

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no guidance is frequently likened to watering the plant. And you know when you value water most when you're thirstiest. And so you have people out there in this desert of confusion and purposelessness. And when they finally find the water of guidance, that's the most precious thing in the world to them because they know what it's like to be thirsty. Now that guidance is through the fountain of the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, on the Day of Judgment. The end of the race is his actual help his actual fountain. And when you drink from his hands, Allah Allah honey was salam, your thirst is forever quenched.

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Remember, in the narration, where anisul, the Allahu Anhu asked the Prophet slice on where I should look for you. The profit slice, I'm told him three places, look for me at the Amazon, look for me at the slot, and look for me at the help. So the help is the last place that the profit slice I'm told NSL the law on what to look for him. This held is essentially a huge lake. And it has water pouring into it through two channels, both of which are flowing from El kelsa, which is the river in paradise. So the kill cell is this great, tremendous River, which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam will be granted in Jannah. And the help comes from the cosa. So you're not quite in Jana

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yet. But you have these two channels of water that are flowing down into this lake of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he described it to my son and he said that that lake is wider than milk, and it is sweeter than honey. And it has fragrance from the Mosque of paradise. And the two streams having their sources in Jannah. One of them is from gold and the other one is from silver. So you have this beautiful fountain after just crossing I mean, obviously the sloth so you just crossed the most frightening part of the day of judgment over hellfire. And you saw what you saw and experience what you experience. And now there's just water, but it's a different type of water. And

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how big is it the profit slice and um, he said, like this place of mine meaning like Medina, to a man or a lot and sham to Sona in Yemen. So he's describing its Lai Salam as this huge, huge, huge fountain and he said that it is so large, that it would take a month journey just to be able to cross it and the profit slice and I'm sad, man sediba, minha Faryab know

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that whoever drinks from it is never going to be thirsty again. Now, what are some of the things that we have to avoid, to not be barred from the health of the Prophet slicin There's one primary thing, and that is the Hadith where the prophets lie. So I mentioned that some of my companions will come to me at my help. And I will recognize them, I know their names. But then suddenly, a barrier will be erected and they'll be taken away from me. And I'll be saying, as hobbyists hobby, my companions, my companions, and the angels will say to me, later, the masterful guy that you don't know what they innovated after you and in one narration, what they changed after you and so this is

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referring to innovation and obviously, you know, some of their intimate refer to the direct time of the Prophet slice. Some of them were some of the people apostate it after he passed away some Allah who it was salam, but overall, if you want to drink from the fountain of the Prophet, slice alum, then you have to follow his teachings. And so you can't reject his sunnah here, and then not expect to be rejected from his held on the Day of Judgment. Now, after that, you have the order of arrivals to the help. And there is a very similar trends with all of those. And there's a story actually here where I was salam and Habashi Rahim Allah to Allah, He says that Ahmed going to have the disease,

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Rahim Allah and he was the Khalifa. He summoned me. So he said that I quickly went to him on a mule. And when I got to him, I said to him, yeah, I mean, this was a difficult ride. You know, this was a hard, troublesome way for me to get to you and almost all the allotted time and he apologized to him and he said, Yeah, Abba salaam, it's not that I wanted to trouble you, but there's a hadith that you narrated from fo bandel The Alon from the Prophets lie Selim about the help, and I wanted to hear it from you directly. So I will say Lam said Phil ban narrated to me from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, that my help is as large as from Adam to man. It's water is wider than milk and sweeter

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than honey. It's cups are as numerous as the stars. Whoever drinks one sip of it will never be thirsty after that again. And he said the first people to arrive at my help are the poor of the MaHA Janine, who had disheveled hair, dirty clothes and

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They were people who would be turned away by those of high status for marriage, and people would not open their doors for them. But Subhanallah here they are now and they're the first to the health of the profit slice. And almost will the alojado said, but I'm married a woman of prestige, and the doors are open for me, I have married faasteam I've been to the medical the Aloha Anna, and I, you know, I'm living a good life. So he said, I shall certainly not wash my hair until it is disheveled. Nor will I wash my garments, which touches my body until it becomes dirty. And of course, I'm gonna have the disease Rahim Allah is talking about that fear of being excluded from that batch. But this

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isn't about the clothes, it's not about the appearance, it's about the station, the state that a person is actually in and so the first to be honored this way on the day of judgment are the humble amongst the companions of the Prophet slice I'm in amongst this ummah, who are mostly the downtrodden, and the poor. And of course, the prophets. I said, I'm used to say it the only philosopher find me amongst the downtrodden. And he was referring to this world. And so the downtrodden are first class on that day, they get to take the expedited line to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because they were usually excluded. And this life. Now the opposite of

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that are those who used to actually aid the tyrants. So you have those that were turned away from the powerful. And then you have those that would aid the powerful that were doing all sorts of harm. So capital the a lot of time and who he narrates this incident where he says, well, sola sigh, some came out to us and we were nine people. And five of us were Arabs and four of us were non Arabs, meaning we were a diverse group of people. And the Prophet slice them said, listen, have you heard that after me there are going to be these tyrants. And he said, sallAllahu wasallam, whoever enters upon them for sadaqa home because to be him, while I know whom Allah Holmium Felisa Mindy want us to

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Minho. Whoever enters upon them, and condones their lies and supports them in their oppression, then he is not for me, and I am not from him and the Prophet slice, I'm set, and he shall not drink from my hope. This is not a person who's going to deserve to drink from my help, and whoever does not enter upon them, and does not help them in their oppression, and does not condone their lives, then he is from me, and I am from him, and he shall drink with me at the help. So you can't support a tyrant for privilege, and then expect to be blessed with a drink from the hand of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, it doesn't work that way. And there's another narration which is also

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along the same lines. If you're noticing the idea of the humble, versus the tyrants who use power to get ahead, we'll say who they will be a lot of times when we said that there was a man from the unsought who came to the Prophet slice LM and he asked for a position of power, he asked for a position of leadership and the Prophet slicin responded, he said, listen, in a constant telco nobody, Ethel Fluss bureau had to tell Kony, I will help. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that after me, you're going to encounter selfishness and preferential treatment. So be patient until you meet me at the help, meaning don't try to expedite this position of privilege. It'll come and the

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greatest privilege is that time. So the prophets I summon is consoling people who remain steadfast on his sunnah. That's number one. And then he's consoling those who stayed humble, and he's consoling those that longed for that moments, more than any privilege that this world ever had to offer. And to be ahead of the line to drink from the hand of the Prophet slice. I don't know. I mean, what's greater than that? And so at this point, you're with your Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam you're drinking from the water of paradise. You can smell it, and now you're just anticipating that final entrance.

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