Hamza Yusuf – The Rights And Responsibilities Of Marriage – Part 3

Hamza Yusuf
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So then what happens is first Subhan, Allah hanaa tomb Sona joaquina, to be home. So Glory to Allah and Subhana his misery, it is to declare the transcendence of your Lord, over and above anything in creation. So don't reject the idea that the web has anything to do with reality, reject that idea. And then it says, Tina tune soon enough to speak on as you come into the evening. And as you come into the morning, in other words, the two ends of the day, and the secret of that is highroller. Not at one more hour in the best of actions are those that are most continuous, even if they're only small amounts. The point is, is that in Allah Allah Malhotra de Mello, Allah does not weary of

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giving you reward until you weary of doing the right action. The point is, is that if you do good, and remembering allows the greatest of goods, if you do good, do it in that way that you will maintain it. Because if you try to do this all the time, you'll grow weary of it, you won't be able to do it. And this is one of the secrets of the world of the world, just our states change in the world. Sometimes you're happy, if you were happy all the time, you wouldn't appreciate the state, the ability to make use of a shirt like they're upset, but through opposites, things are distinguished. If you were always happy, you wouldn't appreciate if you were always satiated, you

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wouldn't appreciate it. So when you're hungry, and then nothing in the world tastes better than plain bread. In the middle of Sahara Desert. You can't eat it here. Because you want the butter, you want the honey, you want the gym. But when you're in a place where it doesn't exist, and and somebody brings you some, it is incredible. So what what is that what changed, it's the idea of being deprived of something. And then when it's there, the appreciation is so much greater. And that's why Allah will distance you from him. There are times when you will be distant from Allah, you won't be in that state where you're praying the way you should be praying where you, you feel

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that present. There's reasons for that a lot does that for a reason. Because if you were always in that state, you'd forget. And that's part of the nature of this world is forgetting and remembering. And that's why this is the world of opposites. It's only the next world where the opposites are merged. But in this world, its opposites. Its joy and grief, it's and then what I would have done is somehow it worked out what I see and what Hina told her own, and he has praise in the heavens and in the earth. So in other words, what you're doing on the earth is being done in heaven. And this is important because this goes to the alignment. This is what really human beings are meant to do is

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align with the heavens, and the heavens are in a state of praise and awareness. So what what you're doing all of our practices, even the love, according to the tradition, there are angels doing the love around the Earth. So everything that we're doing here is really aligning with another order. That is perfect. And it's the representation of it in the world is the night sky. Right? That is the representation because the order that you see in the night sky, and I'm talking about not looking into the telescopes, but just experiencing it with the human eye, and observing that order. That's what's happening. That's why the sun never changed you if you have a prayer schedule here for the

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entire year, I guarantee you can use it next year.

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And the year after, and the year after is not going to change as long as you're alive. The prayer schedule that you got that has those prayer times, even though they change every day, they change by minutes every single day, they return back to where they started. And that's the nature of the heavenly order. So this alignment of doing in the earth what is done in the heavens. Then you hire men and make it that's what this really this chapter, so much of this is about and this is the emphasis of the Quran. He brings from the living death, he brings death from life. This is what I was doing. He's bringing death from life. Well, you could use your amazement and hate and he brings

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life from death. These opposites are happening constantly in the world. Things are alive and they go into death and decay and death and then things are dead and decayed and they're brought back to life.

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And then will you hear out of the bad mot ha and he brings the earth back to life after it had died will kinetica taharah June and you will also be brought forth like that.

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Other words,

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I want to mute of a karate officium. Haven't they thought about their own selves? Are they separate from the creation? everything's happening around him? Right? Yep. You read who he starts it, and then he recreates it. So these are all again these signs, woman is he and her upcoming Torah. Now here's where we get to this human phenomenon. Women ayat II, and from amongst his signs, woman, iottie, and Hanako, come in Torah, He created you from dust, from soil Torah, and for how to do not Razi, or the law know what he says is, of all the things in the world, the thing that is furthest away from life is dust. So Shia and efia, it's the thing most furthest from bringing to life.

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Because if you look at the world, you have mineral, vegetable, an animal, and the mineral is earth. And that's what we came out of. So we go through these processes. And the point of this is, is that that is a sign of God, women it and Hanako can mentor up, he brought you out of Earth, there's another verse that he, he created you from water. And that is not in contradiction with this verse, because both are true, that He created us from water. Men met in maheen, from this vile fluid,

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and also that He created us from Earth, that our origin all creation was from the earth. And then our, this creation is all water, it's all about water. That's how we were brought to life. And even through vegetation, if you look the process, Earth is brought to life through water. Without water, there is no Earth, there is no life on earth. And from that Earth, we either eat animals or we eat vegetables, and animals and vegetables, our vegetables are almost entirely water. I mean, if you actually look at what they're composed of, they're the majority of the vegetable is water. and animal life is about 70% water. So it's still water, which is bringing us to life. And then he says,

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who may either and Tom Bhatia, and then suddenly, unknown Bashar now the suddenly here is this tissue room, that suddenly you're everywhere. We were created from two human beings, everybody on the earth goes back to the primordial soul and from that primordial soul came the dyadic the two souls and then from those two came all the myriad and diverse peoples walking the earth. So this is the the sign that Ally's saying, women I add to another kind of comment on physical as well.

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And then from amongst his size is that he created for you, I mean, I'm fusi confirm your own selves mates. If you look at the basis, the foundation of human life is this x and y, right, the male and the female component. And from that basic component, Allah has created these two, the females x x and the males x y. So from these chromosomes, Allah has given us mates from our own cells. In other words that we are mixed. He said in the Sasha core region, women are split from men. In other words, they're literally there half of us. So we're matched in a way that

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