Hasan Ali – The Value of Bismillah

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of "naught" in the context of the conversation, citing the example of "naught" being a sign for stopting stealing and a disturbing video of someone stealing a code. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not overthinking what is "naught" and suggests that "naught" is not something that is just a habit.
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we say a lot of times we say Bismillah, say Bismillah Bismillah. You don't understand the value of Bismillah. Why do we say Bismillah? Bismillah means In the name of Allah now what do you mean by In the name of Allah, he actually means I start this thing In the name of Allah. And it doesn't just mean that it means I am starting this thing, In the name of Allah, Who is the one of giving blessings.

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That's what it really means. It boils down to the blessing without Allah, I don't want to start this Why? Because if I start this thing, without Allah, it will be left without any true Baraka.

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And because of that, we say the Bismillah

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somebodies phone's gone off,

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you hear that?

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tinga tinga tinga

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you announced it and they still might have done.

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So now Bismillah What do you say Bismillah Bismillah is a one Baraka one blessing in this

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what happens is when you say Bismillah shaytan cannot enter your matter, you blockchain.

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So, for example, if the window is open,

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if the window is open, and I close it by saying Bismillah, the shaitaan can enter

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straight, straight from various different Hadees. If the door as I enter the door of my house, I say Bismillah shaytaan stays outside.

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I come inside.

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If I come out of my house, and I say Bismillah shaytaan konkol with me.

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If I open the window, and I say Bismillah and open it throughout the whole of the time is open shaytan can come in.

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Why? Because Allah His name is there for protection.

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When you have your own cooked, cooked meal,

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and you say Bismillah and you put the lid on the pot, the lid, you put it on the pot, and you say Bismillah and you put it on the pot, the gin or any shaitan or anyone can touch that meal of use conda when you say take food, and you eat it and you say Bismillah the shaytan can join you in the food conjoin you finish

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once Rasulullah sallallahu Hassan was was sitting with a group of Sahaba villabruna

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they were eating

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incomes as a hobby.

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And he joins everyone and says eating after a while the professor Lawson He smiled and he laughed. He laughed gently. And they said Mr. Bhalla, why is it that you laughed? The professor Lawson said he said that individual who came and sat with us when he sat with us He never said Bismillah and the shaitaan was eating with him.

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And as soon as he remembered to say Bismillah he said it and the shaytan vomited what he had eaten with him and then he went

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on vomiting now you can try this out you know sometimes when you forget Bismillah you can try this out Yeah. When you forget Bismillah and then in the middle of a meal you remember this Elijah say Bismillah Allahu wa Hara and I guarantee you one thing you feel slight movement this way something with the bed somewhere you feel slight movement. If you do, you should know the shutdown has gone.

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Gone. You get no Baraka see the meal you have without Bismillah half you take half he takes that's why you still feel hungry after you've eaten. But if you start with Bismillah, then full Baraka goes to you, nothing goes to shaytan so anything we say we say with Bismillah but don't go to fire because there's some thieves out there who start the night with Bismillah Alhamdulillah Allah

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there's some things that seriously, I saw this. Somebody sent me this YouTube video of a thief he came in. He was basically he was stealing, right? And then he came across the code and he picked it up kiss the code and put it on the side Carolyn's reading. Why in the world you saw the Quran is supposed to be a sign for you to stop stealing, some some thieves they are some people they think Bismillah in everything. And Bismillah even though the wrong thing or not in the wrong thing. Bismillah only in things that you want that Allah has made halaal for you, you say Bismillah so that's Bismillah

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