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Al Hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Indeed, whomever ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada guides, none can misguide. And whoever is misguided only Allah can guide him back to the straight path, a bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and that Muhammad Sallallahu either he was seldom is the final prophet and the most perfect worshipper of Allah, as to what follows Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us in the Quran to be conscious of him when he says yeah you hola Dena Armand otaku

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Allahu Akbar, Ducati, what are temotu Illa one two Muslim moon are you who believe have Taqwa of Allah, the way that it is befitting you have Taqwa of Allah and do not die, except in a state of submission to Him? Do Muslims, one of the most famous Sahaba Todd obey the law one of the 10 promised paradise, one of the earliest converts to Islam. He narrates a hadith and his Hadith are very few. This is one of his a hadith it is in the Sunnah never been Marja. He says that two people from the tribe of belly which is one of the northern tribes, and they were actually a Jewish tribe, they converted to Islam, two brothers or two friends, and they migrated to Medina, and the one of

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them was more eager and more into rituals than the other and he had much more he had in doing worship. And once he signed up for an expedition, and he then died a Shaheed The first of them, his friend or his brother remained another year or so, living in Medina and he died then a natural death. One still has saying, I went to sleep and I saw the both of them in a dream. And they were standing outside the gates of Jannah. And Allah subhana wa Tada or an announcement came from an angel or from Allah. And the name of the second one, the one who died in Medina at home was announced first that now you enter Jannah and he entered Jana. Then the name of the first one who

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died the Shaheed was announced, but has said I woke up amazed. And I told my dream to the other Sahaba who then came to the Prophet sallallahu either he was setting him and told him this dream. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, What are you surprised about min a daddy Qatar Jaya Boone. They said O Messenger of Allah. The first one was known to be worshipping more extra he had and he died a Shaheed and yet he entered Jana, after the second one. The second one enter agenda first. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hadith is an empty module, remember, and it's authentic. The Prophet system said didn't the second one live one year more than the first? They

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said yes. He said, didn't he catch a full Ramadan? And fasted that Ramadan? They said yes. He said didn't he pray an extra full year full of such does have a full year? They said yes, he said, so between the distance of the two of them is the distance between the heavens and the earth.

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One years Ramadan.

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One years Salah gave the second one that boost. In fact, the prophets have said what are you surprised about didn't the second one live a full year more? And so brothers and sisters, as we are celebrating our first post COVID Ramadan

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and every single one of us in this audience, I am sure is here, having lost a relative, a loved one, a family friend and acquaintance can there be anybody in this audience who has not lost somebody that they knew? Allah has chosen me and you to be sitting here for an extra year. Allah has chosen us to give us an extra year of worship, and those who we love, and those who were with

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was last year or the year before are not sitting here today for a wisdom known to Allah and the time will come when we will not be sitting here and our family and friends will but this year Alhamdulillah we are now finishing this month of Ramadan. This is the final Ramadan Juma of Ramadan. Tonight is the final 29th Odd night and our Hughton will be tonight. So we should appreciate and thank the blessings Allah has given us and of the greatest of these blessings is he has given us out Ramadan full of full of Eman and full of worship and full of a bada and full of fasting. This Ramadan Dear brothers and sisters has been especially sweet for all of us because we truly missed

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the spirit of Ramadan due to COVID We missed the Gemma arts we missed this congregation. And now that Allah has blessed us to return to a state of normalcy, the least that we should do is to appreciate and be thankful that in Chicago formula as he then come to appreciate the show sugar, but dear Muslims Shakur is not just shown verbally, Shaka is demonstrated primarily in one's actions and secondarily by the tongue. Shaka or Thankfulness is shown by our actions, as Allah says in the Quran, is a modal order that would the chakra or family of data would show me your family of Shuker, Emmylou Aleta with a chakra or family of Deadwood, meaning that wouldn't serve a man Oh, download

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and Sunday man, show me your Shaka in your actions. So now that we're winding up, one more Ramadan, and Allah knows how many more Ramadan's any one of us has, now that we're rounding up this month of Ramadan, and we're going to enter the rest of the 11 months. The least that we can do is to take the spirit of Ramadan that we have captured to utilize this Eman boost that all of us has gotten, and to try to maintain a better life posts from Oban than we had pre Ramadan. Dear Muslims, Allah warns us in the Quran of a very, very dangerous thing in a beautiful metaphor. It's a very beautiful metaphor. Allah says one or two Kuno, Canetti, nakodar OSLA, Mumbai, the cool Watson and Katha Don't

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be like that lady who's weaving a carpet, and she spends a long time weaving strand by strand you know, in those days to take a carpet would take years to build or many months to build, you have to go wire or literally thread by thread. Allah says, Don't be like that lady who builds an entire carpet, thread by thread. And then with her own hands, she destroys it thread by thread SubhanAllah. What a powerful metaphor. What is the purpose of the metaphor, Allah is telling us after doing such hard work, after gaining such a prize, this carpet let's say, Ramadan, we have built something, don't destroy it with your own hands, don't do something foolish, that's going to cause all of the

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efforts that you have done to go to waste. Let's not be like that person who spent so much effort doing something good, only to finish that good, and then end up destroying it with our own foolishness with our own actions. And so brothers and sisters, as we are now entering the rest of the 11 months of the year, insha Allah with to Allah, the practical advice from myself and all of you practical advice about what we should be doing. And I summarized my points in three simple points, three pieces of advice. First and foremost, in this month, every one of us has increased our rituals. Every one of us has exerted more effort in our salah, in coming to the masjid, which was

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one of the greatest actions of worship in listening to the Quran in doing vicar and making his still follow. Dear brothers, dear sisters, the Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of Chawan. The Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of the rest of the year and the rights that he has do not change they are still the same rights. So even if we cannot embrace the exact same quantity of rebar that let us try to maintain a higher quality of rebar that agreed we cannot worship the quantity of worship we do in Ramadan. Yes, but some of that quality that we gained some of that Eman that we gained, we need to ensure

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for the rest of the month that we maintain that quality and all actions of worship need to be maintained. We began with the Salah, and what will make us realize the importance of the Salah. The Salah is the backbone of iman, it is the pulse of our spirits.

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Will a heart just like the one who has no pulse has no heart. The one who does not pray does not have a spiritual heart. We begin with the scilab and dear Muslim, no matter what state you are in Salah can always be increased. Haven't you ever wondered in the whole Quran? Never once does Allah commanded us simply to pray? Never once does it say Salu not one time. The commandment is what? A key masala perfect the structure of Salah powerful way of bringing across to us. It's not just sunnah. It is the perfection of Salah it is the establishment of Salah and if karma to Salah is that ongoing process we can always solidify we can always fortify those of us who are struggling to pray

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five times at eight now is the catalyst we need with the ending of Ramadan that insha Allah Who Tada This year will be the year I will begin my five debut slaughter Watts those that are doing the five debut slit Awad, but struggling with the Sunnah. This is the catalyst we need inshallah we will do this sooner, those that are doing the saltwater and the sooner they can always add nothing for those that have done nothing, there is no end to the quality and assure So point number one when it comes to the rituals is sign up. And it is truly the embodiment of what it means to be a Muslim do not trivialize the importance of the Salah. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that Allah said Hadith

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Bootsy the servant will not draw closer to me with anything more than what I have been made fuddled upon him. The third salah is the number one thing that will draw us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala and then all the other rituals as well increase a little bit of your car of your two hours of your Quran. So point number one, increase your rituals to what is reasonable for you. Be practical, be pragmatic, be realistic, how much can you add, and every Ramadan keep on adding a little bit more this is the first point. The second point of the spirits of Ramadan of the main benefits of Ramadan actually, is the heightened consciousness of Allah the taqwa there is still far the Toba

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contemplating our purpose in life seeing that we have a higher goal appreciating the sweetness of Eman and so my second takeaway point to you is that as the year now goes on after Ramadan, let us always be mindful of Allah, the spirituality the heightened awareness that we add of who we are of our identity as Muslims let us constantly remind ourselves of our ultimate identity. We are first and foremost Muslims. We are submitters to Allah subhana wa Tada we're worshipers of our Lord. We're believers in the Quran. We are the OMA of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is our fundamental identity. And in Ramadan, it came to the forefront we felt that sense of pride that

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sense of accomplishment. So as Ramadan comes to an end, and we go about our daily lives and we immerse ourselves back into our regular routines. Let us take that spirit of taqwa that spirit of God consciousness, that realisation that we have a higher purpose. Well Allah He brothers and sisters, we live in a land we live in a time when very little reminds us of the era when we are so busy in the dunya when we are so engrossed in what we are doing, and I'm old Bond was a good break and that break reminded us of a higher goal. Now that Ramadan is over, let us not lose track of that higher goal. Let us be aware, let us be conscious let us maintain that Taqwa. The third point

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brothers and sisters and all of this. The third point and my whole series this Ramadan was based on that is that a part of being a Muslim isn't just the rituals isn't just the God consciousness. A fundamental aspect of being a Muslim is how we interact with other people, our o'clock, and this Ramadan, I did a whole 30 part series about some of the key points of o'clock. A Muslim is not just one who submits to Allah subhana wa taala, but also one from whose hands and tongue other people are safe, who does not hurt and harm other people whose Accra are demonstrated by how he does interactions. So one of the takeaways of this month in this month we controlled our temper in sha

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Allah, we controlled our tongue, we controlled our gaze in this month, we were more generous, even if we cannot maintain that quantity. Let's take a little bit of that quality and let us better ourselves. Let us examine what are my weaknesses when it comes to o'clock? Is my temper too short? Do I have a sharp tongue? Am I sarcastic? Am I hurting other people? Am I involved in taking the rights of others? We all have

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Have our strengths and weaknesses. Ramadan is a time of introspection, Ramadan is a time of contemplation in this month we realize especially our weaknesses. So now that the month has come to an end, let us make an active effort to concentrate on those weaknesses to overcome those bad cloud to give more weight to the good o'clock that we have. If some of us have an issue with let's say our tongue with our anger management, then this Ramadan is the time we trained ourselves. Now that Ramadan is coming to an end, we move forward and we make an especial attempt that I will be a better person. How are we treating our families? How are we treating our children? In this time and age

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when families are breaking apart? We need to maintain the sanctity of the family. And especially in this day and age when Allahumma Stan almost majority of marriages are ending up we as Muslims need to demonstrate what it means to be a family in this time and place so is as Ramadan is coming to an end. Concentrate on your clock. Concentrate on your clock with family and friends and realize as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the best of all people are those that are best to other people. These three points are summarized in one Hadith memorize this hadith and you will know the points more either bingeable narrative that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to me

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comprehensive advice he said, Oh my God, it took the law Haytham I couldn't what to say yet it has an attempt to her. We'll call it the NASA be holed up in Hudson, three simple realities or more Earth. Be conscious of Allah, wherever and whenever you are. Always be conscious of Allah. And if you ever fall into a mistake, if you ever commit a sin, make up by doing a good deed. And as you interact with people interact with the best of manners, three simple points that summarizes our whole faith. Be conscious of Allah. We're not going to be perfect if we make a mistake, follow it up with a good deed. If we said something vulgar. We were nasty to somebody give some sadaqa and

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apologize. Ask Allah's forgiveness than ask forgiveness for the work that you have heard. Nobody is perfect, but Allah azza wa jal is not demanding perfection he is wanting to see a struggle to be better we never lose hope of that struggle even as Ramadan comes to an end the doors of Allah are still open our ramen is still a Rahman r Rahim is still Rahim and number three Hadith Inasa behold open Hesson dear Muslims, Ramadan has taught us one fundamental truth. And that truth is, there is nothing that brings greater joy to our hearts than worshipping Allah. There is no feeling of nobility that is more noble than being in such there in the middle of the night. There is nothing

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that increases our Eman like fasting and praying and charity. We feel a sense of life in Ramadan that we don't feel outside of Ramadan. Every one of us now even as we are physically tired, our thoughts throats are dry. Yet still. We know one week from now. We will be missing this month. There's going to be an emptiness in our hearts. Even as our stomachs are full, there'll be an emptiness of the world. Why? Because the Ramadan reintroduces us to the pleasure of worshiping Allah. That is the fundamental blessing of Ramadan, there is nothing greater than worshiping Allah, there is no pleasure, there is no sense of purpose, there is no nobility that is higher than the

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nobility of being an abbot of Allah subhanho wa Taala and in this month, we appreciate and understand that now that this month is coming to an end our booty to Allah our server to to Allah should not come to an end and even if we cannot maintain as we said the quantity of riba that let us take with us the quality of that worship. Let us keep with us some of that sweetness of Eman. Let us maintain that relationship with our Lord with his Shediac with his prophet with his Quran, because well Allah He brothers and sisters and you know this from your own experiences, life is not worth living without Iman. The pains of life, the anxiety, the suffering, all of it you can cope with when

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you have Allah. When you have Allah life becomes meaningful, life becomes noble, when you have Allah when you have a man when you have spirituality, everything around you changes, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, everything feels good. And when your iman is low, even if everything else is full inside you are empty. And Ramadan teaches us this reality. So as the Ramadan is coming to an end, the one thing we should not stop is the feeling of iman

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is the connection with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of Chawan the rituals of Islam do not stop when we finished this month let us all make a vow to Allah let us make a sincere commitment to Allah that this future year I will be a better person than I was the previous year and we make the same commitment every single Ramadan because the point of Ramadan as I said when we began this month, the point of Ramadan is that Ramadan acts as a boost for us every Ramadan we rise up higher and higher and higher and higher until the best Ramadan we will ever have is our last Ramadan and the best time of worship we will ever have as our final days on this earth.

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That is the goal but I don't know when my final days will be and that's why we make sure every Ramadan will be better than the last one from now we make the goal if Allah gives us another Ramadan, then that Ramadan will be better than this one we made that goal from now and if Allah gives us a third and a fourth, just like that Sahabi every single Ramadan What did the Prophet system say the distance is between the heavens and the earth. Don't we want to be that person? Don't we want to be that person for every Ramadan we rise up the distance between the heavens and the earth? So make that our intention make that our goal make that our ultimate ideal and Allah azza wa

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jal will be the one who will help us may Allah azza wa jal bless me and you with him through the Quran. And May He make us of those who is verses they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah is forgiveness you as well ask him for his food and ramen

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Alhamdulillah all praises due to Allah, the One and the unique. It is He alone that we worship and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed and He hears the day of the week. As to what follows Dear brothers and sisters tonight is still the 29th Ramadan is still not over. And even if we have fallen short, tonight is the last golden opportunity the last of the odd nights and tonight is also the Hutton and it is a part of the Sunnah of the Sahaba it is a part of the sunnah of our early ancestors and predecessors that when the Quran was finished, they would gather together and they would make a dua an estimate mnemonic for example, it is authentically narrated every time

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he would finish the Quran in his personal worship, he would invite all of his family and friends his neighbors he would invite everybody and when he finished the Quran, he would make a drop and the same is narrated from a number of the Sahaba and Tabby rune. So tonight we'll be finishing the Quran even if those of you were not able to attend the whole but tonight will be the finishing and there is according to some of the Sahaba they said after every hutzpah there is a DUA and the Koolhaas Merton dua so there will be a special to add tonight try your best to attend and tonight is the 29th night so wherever you are whatever place you are in, do some extra worship it is the last of the odd

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nights also brothers and sisters of the football field of the Wajima of our religion is something called the casual fetal there are two types of Zika that are obligatory there is the general Zika that is a 2.5% and that's we pay anytime of the year even though many choose to pay to normal Vaughn. There is another type of Zika calls the cartoon fatale. The counterfeiter is obligatory on everybody who can afford it. And it consists of giving one slot which is a unit of measurement of food, of barley, of grain of rice of pasta, whatever is a staple food item, our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was selling them said that upon every person, not even the one who's fasting a person,

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even if there's a baby at home, even if there's a nursing lady, even if there's an elderly person, every person must give a saw and assign our days has been translated as $10 we can give cash as well, even though of course, no doubt in the time of the process. From there, we give staple food items, and he told us why will Tahara turn it isn't a Farah, it is going to be a cleansing for the one who has been fasting in case he saw something you should not have seen in case he had said something he should not have said just giving one sock which is 10 or $15. You know, they say $10 And that's fine. If you give more it's even better, but $10 is the minimum right $10 for the whole

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month, that's all and the Profit System said this will act as a Cafaro any mistake we made anything we said our anger, something just $10 will be a cofounder for the whole month. And also there is a second blessing of the purpose of the cattle filter. And that is that the cattle filter because ideally in those days it was given walking to the Salatin aid in our times obviously it's okay to give a few days before so definitely you can give today. But remember in those days poverty was everywhere, right? People did not have food to eat. So as people were going for Sonata eat, everybody would get food. Nobody would be hungry on a day. That's the purpose of the cattle fitter

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that the society

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The whole Muslim community should be celebrating. That's the goal of EA and that's the goal of the Catholic theater. So there's two goals as a counterfeiter number one for me and you that our sins are forgiven any small thing that we have done and number two, that our community celebrate an eighth that nobody should go hungry, no child should not have food on the day of read especially. So look at this beautiful religion that we have that on the special days we are told to do extra worship. So therefore is the God's will filter is an obligation, you know, in our times, they say $10 And if you go outside, you will find the boxes over there. And as we said, $10 per person of the

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household, so everybody in your household, you may give a cigar to fit or you must give the counterfeiter on their behalf. Also do your brothers and sisters do not forget to give the kuthodaw or the fifth year for those who have not been fasting if there has been an elderly person who is not able to fast if there is a pregnant or nursing lady who is not fasting, then it is also something that those who are earning money must give the Kafala or the video on their behalf. And again, you know, the amount differs from person from fifth council to fifth Council. The Council of North America has suggested $15 As the video for those who are not able to pass $15 per day. So if there's

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an elderly person who has not fasted the whole month 30 times 15 Everyday they have not fasted, you give the FARA for that make sure this is done because this is also an obligation and the final point brothers and sisters is that indeed so that's when your eat is one of the main shot one of the main signs of our religion and there is a controversy is it for the annual fortify the opinion I follow which seems to be a love for them but it is in fact for the eye in every Muslim should go to eat every Muslim should go to eat our profit system even said that the women who are not able to pray should go to the Eat masala I mean that's a very very amazing thing they're not even supposed to

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pray in that time of the month still they should go to the masala and the person said they should witness the baraka the care of the Muslims. So read is the one time of the year that the entire community should come together and many scholars say this father iron and other scholars as far as the key fire as a filthy acted up in any case eat whatever it might be, there is no question this is the fundamental one event that the whole community comes together for and especially in this land when we do not appreciate or eat publicly and Muslim lands either as you know on the streets we know it in this land when Islam is a private identity people don't know what Muslims are then do your

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families and eat should be the day you spoil your children and eat should be the day that they remember the memories they should have have eat should be very positive memories, you must take them to the gym and you must give them something extra on this day of read because this is one of the ways they will preserve your family legacy of Islam, the rituals and the Ibadat and the festivals this is not something that is trivial. It is one of the core identities of how people are Muslims and Subhanallah there are some Muslims inshallah notability over here some Muslims the only time they come to Muslim gatherings on the day of read there are some people like this head Okay, so

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that's especially important than that all of us are there we are at our best and it is sunnah on April 5, or in particular, it is sunnah our Prophet system would have a small breakfast before going to the salah to show that he's not fasting. It is sunnah to eat something a little bit even if it's just a date to before you go but something you might eat and of course we dress up in our fine garments but obviously brothers and sisters, make sure you are dressed in a dignified manner. Do not be like the lady who made that full rug and then destroyed it with her own hand as the Quran says No, on the day have read, be respectable and dignified and follow the commandments of Allah but just

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dress up the way that Allah azza wa jal allows us to dress up and yes, on the day of Eid as well. It is the day of Turkey rot and a day of extra liquor, and especially as we are going towards Salatin II, especially when we're going to the eighth sign up our Prophet sallallahu Sallam would raise his voice with the tech buret Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, he would raise his voices in fact in Medina de su would be chanting tech bureaux on the day of read. So we should revive the Sunnah as well. And we should be saying the tech be wrong on the day of read as we are going on that towards the date of read and also it is sunnah to say salam to everybody that we meet on the day of read because again,

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this is one of the shots of Islam, strangers, anybody who just say salaam to them because we should feel that spirit of read and and hamdulillah Insha Allah we pray that this aid will be one of the largest and the best inshallah we pray for good weather as well on that day to be praying right here but whatever it is, we will come in sha Allah and we will thank Allah and Allah mentioned either in the Quran what he took me on a detta What do you to cut butyl la dama Hadouken whether Allah competition Quran so that you may finish the 30 days of fasting, and then you may praise Allah because Allah has guided you what he took me to the data what he took a bit of Allah Hi Dima hudec

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come when I come to Sharon and so that you may show

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With thanks to Allah, my hotbar today was about how we show thanks and Allah says that thanks was gonna begin right after Ramadan with that Salah to the Eid So may Allah subhana wa Tada make us amongst the shakin in May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow this month of Ramadan to come to an end with all of our sins forgiven and all of our good deeds accepted. May Allah subhanaw taala write our names in this month of those whose names have been saved from the punishment of Allah. We ask Allah azza wa jal to accept our pm we ask Allah to accept our Siyam We ask Allah to accept our two hours we ask Allah to make us of those who are successful in this month. Oh Allah we ask you to bless this

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OMA and to grant this OMA is and peace of Allah whoever desires good for this OMA bless them in this effort and that will Allah protect us from the evil of those who desire harm to this ummah, oh Allah guide us and guide our children after so Allah Oh Allah make a man Beloved to us and make Imam beloved to our children. Oh Allah, Oh Allah make the Quran the spring of our hearts in the light of our eyes. Oh Allah, Oh Allah allow the love of the Quran to enter our hearts and lives and to bless us and to enter the hearts and lives of our children after us. So Allah, Allah Allah help us to be of those who established us Allah and Allah make our children and their children after us of those

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who established are Salam, O Allah guide us to the best of manners for none guide other than you and turn us away from the worst of manners for non can turn away other than you Oh Allah, Allah was to live as Muslims and to die as movements and to be resurrected with the righteous and the noble companions. Everybody Allah in Allah to Allah Umbra can be embedded BBFC within the Malacca the photoessay with her let her become a U haul mininum agenda he will ensue for all as an anima in Allahu wa Mercado la luna Allah Nabi you will Adina M and o son Liu Allah He was selling him with a steamer Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik wondering adequate or spherical Mohammed while he was in

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big moraine rivers Allah in Allah to Allah yah mudra will Adly one ehsani Waiter, Korba wion handle fracture it will moon kirribilli

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karoun all the cooloola have the amount of the Quran which Kuru who Yes he did. What are they called? Lajitas Akbar Wa aptamers salah?

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Angeline either

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me Ms. Dahiya doll seni wanna tell

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me what to feed

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Sunday what

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feels cool movie to me.

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Johnny dasa, down

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