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The transcript describes a series of disconnected and unrelated conversations and phrases, covering topics such as the return of the gods, the discovery of the heart, the use of bones, and the potential for death and booster shots. The segment also touches on the concept of the almighty Lord, its revealed existence, and its potential for change. The transcript provides a brief recap of history and upcoming events, including a brief recap of the concept of the beast and its weight, as well as a brief overview of the upcoming events.

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Yeah cullotta Allah altavilla him and he shaytani r Rajim kulu Manali Have

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we ever would you hold on because he was a crumb? Oh that is on it on the face of this earth show will be perished

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and he says

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one magic on the basher in comedy called alpha emitter for whom ohana dawn could have seen the Eco mode. Whenever Luke on the Shangri La refit and Natasha Elaine Zhang

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and we granted not for any human being a permanent life, then if you die, would they live forever? Every soul will taste death and we shall make a trial of them with good and bad and to us and to us is your return.

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And he says

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zamyla Dena cafaro and a new birth Oh batho cool Bella, Bella to bharatanatyam Allah tuna Bhima amin was along la he is here and the disbelievers think they say that they will not be resurrected, say by my Lord, you will be resurrected. And then you will be informed of everything that you did. And that indeed is easy for Allah to Allah. And he says, Allah,

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Allah is

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Leo me now the Yama Yakumo nasally Rob Bella,

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did I not think that you will be resurrected on a great day? On a mighty day? The day that Allah Allah, or the day that mankind will stand before the Lord of the worlds? And he says, wear and

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tear to marry Buffy? Hmm, well, unknown La Jolla bathroom peekaboo and indeed the hour will come about which there is no doubt and surely Allah to Allah will resurrect those who are in the Greaves

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and he says, I want me euro and Allahu Allah de la Kasama wa t well what am Yeah, yeah behalten we call the Allah. Allah nota Bella, in who Allah

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Do you know say the Allah who created the heavens in the earth?

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The heavens in the earth.

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And he did not or he was not wearied by their creation, is able to give a life to the dead

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is able to give a life to the dead. Yes, indeed, he is Able to do all things. And he says, yo, Mama, your daddy naka firewalla. Now, Elisa had ad hoc, called Wu Bella. pina colada.

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takfir on the day when the disbelievers the disbelievers will be exposed to the fire.

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It will be said to them is this not the truth?

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The truth you have been denying all this time. Is this not the truth?

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Can you not say Hellfire Can you say not paradise? The reckoning the accountability? Elisa has Huck call Oh Bella, Bina says yes, by our Lord, call upon

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our own, too late. Paste the torment, paste the punishment, paste the evil damnation and destination because your hands have disbelieved because of that which you used to disbelieve. And he says, Rob banner in Mecca Jamie on CD Yomi now Roy, Buffy, in Allahu Allah, Allah for me I had a day

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you will gather a man crying together, about which there is no doubt and indeed, in Nevada last year fully formed me.

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And indeed, Allah does not break his promise. creatures Brethren,

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Allah Allah does not break his promise.

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This is the day of reality.

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It's a fact.

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Our does not break his promise. In alladhina cafaro lento Vania home I'm aware loom Walla outlet to Milan

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eco home waku Now, those who disbelieve Niva there will, no matter how much you have, nor the offspring, no matter how powerful they are, who value them what so oh against the almighty Lord, and indeed there will be the fuel the fuel of the fire. The soul

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is in Santa

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Ana Bella, called Irina.

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So we're banana does man there is believer. Think, believe that we will not assemble his bones? Yes, indeed. Who assemble will put together perfectly the tips of his fingers.

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every human being

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has fingers not resembling the fingers of anyone else.

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Not one person resembles the fingers of another person does not this lead testified signify to a great fastener maker or powerful mighty superior.

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And he says cough while Cora and in Majeed Bella ijebu. Anja whom on their own minimum por cada una una Jeep.

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Baku natto raba their Lika Raj on by

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cough for the Glorious Quran

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well core an imagi. Amazed they wondered

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from themselves came to them. The disbelievers said

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the disbelievers said, this is something strange. If we die, if we die, and become boons

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shall we be resurrected?

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Shall we be resurrected, there is a far belief

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that is a far belief placed

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out there the brothers and sisters are the deniers of the resurrection. They deny Allah's ability to turn their bones and the desktop their bodies into beings with sensors and feelings.

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And this wall law he this evil concept, this wicked belief this blessing me stems from now other than their ignorance, their ignorance in the power of the Almighty Lord, in the power of all medical doses philomel minimum Wyoming and as evil Japan with a compelling alcoholic,

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Glorified is He

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Who created man, our originator who created us all from what for the first time from this earth.

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Glorified is He Who is the now of all creation, lower 40s he will lie he he will reassemble us fast Revive us thus resurrect us from the graves.

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A man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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a pagan

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and introduce a dirty filthy abama knighted pagan polytheist idol worshiper.

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He came to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam with some bones in his hand but not burns that afresh note the Compose, decomposed, this integrated dust the dust and you say to Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam in a state of mockery in a state of laughter play just that will give a life to these bones after they have become more rotten and destiny is doing this to it.

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And Mohammed the best creature that walked this earth, Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah will give life to these bands and he will cause you to die, then revive you then throw you into hellfire.

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lay him as a criminal law. And it's been mentioned that the almighty Lord revealed

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what dorabella

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matalon wanna see a hulka called me ivam over here amin Coolio de halaby

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well who will be

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a lead Asia de la comida shegerian body narrow for either to Minho Tokido la sala de la Kasama wa t will be called in a la comida La Bella

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Coleen in Morocco, either are all the shape of a colada Hakuna Passover Han Allah de ba de melaku, Polish a la de

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la hatorah Zhang, and he puts forth a parable and he forgets his own creation. How can a man forget his own creation is not creating something for the first time harder than doing for the second time?

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Absolutely. And if he gets his own creation, saying, who will give life to these burns after they have become rotten and thus say all Muhammad, Allah will give life to it. He is created for the first time.

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And he's the knower of all creation. He produces for us all fire from the green trees. And behold, you can go there with

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Indeed, the one who created the heavens in the earth can create the locks on them, if they intend something, our Lord, our master, or he says is B and it is B and it is coolfire. Kuhn said Glory be to Him, because in his hands, that is the meaning of all affairs. And to him is our return. And in our regime collected by a Buddha Buddha award, and if you measure

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a man came to our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and asked jasola law, how does Allah Allah give a life to the death? McCullough? Hell is Allah to Allah given life to the death? And what is the sign of it in his creation? Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, having not passed by your family's barren land, and barren land means what? It's a land that's bare of vegetation, it's dead. It's dry, now life in my life in it whatsoever. And then you said to him, Have you not then again went past his barren river that was once a barren land and found it to be green, lush, full of life. He said, Yes, he goes, likewise, McCullough, you guys, likewise, Allah to

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Allah will give a life to the dead. And this is the sign of it in his creation.

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And this is the sign of it in his creation, we must admit the brothers and sisters, that the end of time is very, very, very new, by virtue of the many minus signs that have appeared, the signs that the almighty Lord has blessed us with confirm with certainty, that way the whole universe is on the verge of a change. The whole universe is indeed on the verge of a chain of a change CERN. And only Allah, Allah knows when is it in 2050 2100. No one can tell you at all the exact date of the last day, allow the other alum but soon the almighty Lord will command his trophy, to blow the trumpet. And now as we speak, he has placed

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his lips his trophy to the trumpet, waiting for the otter order form is load the command from Allah to Allah to blow this trumpet. And as soon as he blows this trumpet, every person that he is it the blow will bend these head towards one way, and then raise it from the other side. And the first person to hear this blow will be a man who is sitting right his system, men for supplying water for the camels, he will faint as soon as he hears the trumpet he will faint and all the people that hear this blow will likewise faint as Allah Allah says, one up half is sued for such a common fee summer where the woman field and the Trumpet will be blown and all that is in the heavens, and all that is

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on the earth will swoon away in other words will fall unconscious, that will faint and he says, Well, my hope is so for the tune athleisure and the day when the Trumpet will be blown. You will come forth to us in crowds

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And he says, When you feel happy, so the Lika Leo moon wide, and the Trumpet will be blown, that will be the day that you have been worn off. And he mentions one of your hobbies for for either whom in Azure that he later on became young, Ceylon, and the Trumpet will be blown. And thus the people will come out of the graves quickly running towards their Lord, the bodies that have been underneath this earth, centuries and centuries and centuries, dust, decomposed, decompose this integrated, nothing to left of them except what the Cox six burn a triangle a burn, which on the bail on the bottom of the spine, the tail, that is the only thing left of the human body, centuries and

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centuries underneath this earth, nothing left of the bodies of men except this little burn. After blowing the first trumpet, Allah Allah will send down rain from the heavens. And with this rain, Allah Allah will revive the bodies in the grave, from this toxic spoon and the rain will be not normal rain will be like the matter of the semen of men.

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Now in a narration collected by Buhari on the authority of Abu huraira that he mentions, between the two below is there'll be 40. Then when the people heard him say this, they said Jabba Herrera 40 days, he said, Allahu Allah 40 years they asked, he refused to answer. Then he said, everything of the body will decay we nothing and all that will be left is the Cox expand and from it, Allah to Allah will reconstruct the body.

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Then after the first blow, when Allah Allah sins, the rain, the Almighty Lord will command is Rafi to blow the trumpet for the second time, and this will be the blow of revival and resurrection. As the almighty Lord says will Newfield have his soul for Sadiq Khan this summer where it will all the other verse will notice of his soul for either whom in Elijah deathy, electron beam, young silicone and the Trumpet will be blown for the second time and behold, that people will quickly come out of the graves to the almighty Lord. And when they came out of the graves, people will be shocked to be stunned that we startled not knowing what is happening

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and the earth itself will be stunned itself by what by internal conversions you can say it will suffer internal conversions so bad that it will be made or will be struck by us v earthquake. And this is most explicitly mentioned in suta Zilla which was tougher in Charlotte alphabetical loafie or recite and task boo in sha Allah translate the main of a photojournalist often

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Bismillah R. Rahman r Rahim

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either as Regina till

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when the earth is shaken violently by conversion, after conversion,

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will fo JT

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and the earth will throw out or cast out its burden from man, Gene and animals. The former and the latter generations will all come back to life. No matter where the person may be underneath this earth. The Almighty Lord will reassemble him, revive him and resurrect him.

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Walk on

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Monica and David Mann comes out of the grave will be shocked. He'll be startled, not knowing what's happening. That's to say, what has befall on this earth? What is the matter with this earth? Shocked? Yo man.

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and on did on that day, the earth itself will relate everything will declare everything that had happened on it. On that day. The earth will be either for you or against you. We're only this brothers and sisters. On that day. A lie. The earth will either be for you or against you, no matter where you walk. What you do it

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it no matter where you go, the Earth is watching you. It's recording what you are doing on it. So on the Day of Resurrection when you are resurrected, and you are spat out from that mother, because you are in the womb of the earth, when it spits you out, will declare to the almighty Lord what you did on it

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be an

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ohana. Indeed the almighty Lord has inspired it has commanded it has ordered it to speak.

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Yo ma EV.

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That's the almighty Lord will cause alterations to the universe. So v alterations when man comes into this grave, he will find himself in a world that he only read or heard in almost scriptures as you are doing today.

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Thank you better brothers and sisters, as you are doing right now.

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Man we're reading reality will find himself in a world

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that he has only heard of, or read off in other scriptures.

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Thus, when he comes out,

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he will see the difference. In the whole universe. The sea is the oceans, the rivers, the playing fields, the mountains, the planets, the stars, the moon, the sun, the heavens, the earth, Yamato but although Hiram was somewhat rasulillah, he was

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upon the day when the earth shall be changed to other than the earth and the heavens and all, all shall be brought before the law, the one the superior. And this is beautifully mentioned most eloquently in sort of duck, we'll put the foot down stairs Mostafa.

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Era Shem sukoon. We're not when the sun is deprived of its light, and is overthrown.

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Why even

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understand so far down, and we know

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that the force today that is holding the stars in their orbits will be loosened on that day. And when it is loosened, what will happen, the stars will scatter about they'll grow dark, and they'll fold.

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What energy berners Lee wrote, and the mountains shall be made to pass, the mountains shall be made to pass the force of gravity, that is currently holding the mountains in deposition will be taken away that will be lost. And when that gravity is taken away, the mountains been weightless, they will be uprooted from their positions. And once they are uprooted from their positions, they will fly like clouds in the atmosphere

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will either nyesha pilot and when the pregnant she camels are left abandoned, neglected, they are forgotten. And why is mentioned the pregnant she camels. Why? Because in those days, they see camels being pregnant was the most

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precious thing to them. So he signifies not in reality to their pregnancy camels but the most valuable assets that a man can have will be left neglected, abandoned, forgotten.

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Well, either you

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or not. And when the world babies Together Together, teamed untamed, wild, domestic, harmful and harmful they'll all be gathered together.

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On that day, who will not be what we're seeing today. With a tango the vowels the D and the D runs away from the tiger. know is that like the child or the person being scared of a snake on that day there'll be no fee, the wild beast will be given altogether harmless, they will not do anything for indeed that day will be too too hard.

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Well, he then we have also JIRA and when the seas are set ablaze a blazing fire, and firstly overflow.

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Well, even fuzu widget and when the souls are reunited with the bodies, good news, the good and bad of the bad

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among those who are good

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or even know that also a lot

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the female infant who is buried alive, is questioned, by a

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patina, for a reason what sin was to kill a barbaric custom in the past, they used to kill the daughters alive, a barbaric custom testament a resurrection, the day when man stands before his Lord, Allah will question Why was she killed? Who was seen why she killed this innocent little infant? Watch done?

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What chicken meat,

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What evil Soho funakoshi Iran. And when the pages the deeds of man are laid open,

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I laid open everything now that is hidden. Everything now that is very good. your deeds are hidden, even from your own self.

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You forget what you have done in the past. But the almighty Lord on that day,

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who made your deed and failed, expose in full view, and everyone will see

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what he does

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Kushi apart and when the heavens are stripped off, taken away from us positions and thus, when the heavens are taken away. paradise will be in full view Hellfire and its evils will be in full view and pass on the day. The wicked to see that which he has been deprived of. And the Muslim will say that which is safe from Allah to Allah make us among those who enter Paradise without either been

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well even though he was not and when Hellfire is set ablaze.

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We're either going to live in paradise but Allah Mecca monsters or enter Paradise is brought to us was

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a beautiful place.

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This is the brothers and sisters, the time when a human being will be released from that prison, which is the life of the interspace when he becomes

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once again alive for the day of accountability. The Day of Judgment, man will rise to the almighty Lord barefooted naked, uncircumcised. As mentioned the beautiful narration collected by Bukhari and Muslim on the authority of our Isha Tobin to be buckling. radi Allahu Allah and

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that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that people will be gathered barefooted naked and uncircumcised, she asked, yeah, that's all Allah, O Messenger of Allah, people will be gathered naked, they'll be looking at each other men and women.

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He said, new situation is too hard, too harsh, it's a burden on that day for them to look at this thing to pay attention to that thing.

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And thus, a lie, it is impossible. It is very, very hard for you to even think of this issue. Once you witness what is happening to this earth, to the universe on that day.

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And then, when the affliction increases, and the stress of the situation becomes unbearable, becomes too hard.

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The Sun comes close to the people's heads, as mentioned in a beautiful narration collected by a Muslim minority as what that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said

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the sun will come so close to the people that will be left nothing but a mile distance from their heads. Brothers and sisters, one more your distance between you and the sun.

00:29:17--> 00:29:59

People who mentioned will be submerged in perspiration, will be submerged in perspiration, according to the deeds, some up to the ankles, others to their knees, others to their waist. Others who have the bridle or perspiration for other words, the bridle of perspiration, others who be drowning in their perspiration. And while he was saying this, he had his hand on his mouth. And he said that there'll be no shade on that day, except the shade of the Almighty Lord. And this is mentioned most explicitly in a narration collected by Muslim on authority of herbicides, Audrey and Abu huraira our audience

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Allahu Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

00:30:06--> 00:30:20

on the day, whether we no shade except the shade of Allah to Allah, Allah will shade seven types of people, seven types of people, when adjust ruler to, you can tell me

00:30:23--> 00:30:24

for the

00:30:25--> 00:30:28

youth who is brought up in the worship of Allah three Ali,

00:30:30--> 00:30:36

a person who gives charity so secretly that his left hand does not know what his right hand is given for.

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00:30:40--> 00:30:42

adjust rollout we mentioned that

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00:30:47--> 00:30:50

someone whose heart is attached to the mask five,

00:30:51--> 00:30:52

he said

00:30:53--> 00:31:08

to the men that love or don't love each other for the sake of Allah, Allah, they met and they depart only for that cause six. Now what else? What else 100.

00:31:12--> 00:31:37

I person is the beautiful one. It's a hard one a very difficult one. A person who refuses who refuses the core of a charming woman of noble birth for evil intercourse, saying what? A female father and mother no sane indeed I feel Allah. Indeed I'm afraid of I love to either.

00:31:41--> 00:31:49

Imagine you are subjected to this evil. Allah save us and Charla we are never subject to this, it is dangerous. Number seven.

00:31:54--> 00:31:55

Absolutely not sorry about that.

00:31:57--> 00:32:01

It's an attribute of a believer but not in that categories, at least.

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A person who's in seclusion and Taskstream is Allah to Allah His Almighty Lord. And thus what happens after that his eyes become flooded with teas. What a beautiful person now.

00:32:24--> 00:32:40

This will be explained, elaborated, most eloquently inshallah to Allah. Next week, every single one of it, were for the owner and hamdu lillahi, Rabbil aalameen. And all leave it now for any questions that would like to be asked for the follow a left

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the earth is gonna be for Ganesha on a day resurrection. The meaning of that is, if you pray, in Wiley park on the grass, that Day will lie the grass that Earth, the place where you prayed, will be saying your job, this person prayed on me. If you pray in a city, in the midst of the Cooper,

00:33:10--> 00:33:13

in the midst of evil and corruption abomination,

00:33:14--> 00:33:23

because you're in the city and the time of prayer came, and if you go home, it's gonna be too late. And you know, you cannot pray your prayer after su time because it's no prayer.

00:33:24--> 00:33:26

So, if you pray there,

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Allah subhana wa Tiana. Once he inspires, he commands the earth that that Plato say he prayed, and it was not embarrassed in front of all those people. However, if you commit evil on that Earth, the place where you committed evil, who testify against you, and that place will be against you, not for you. Yeah, Rob, he committed evil here. He's foe bow. He walked to a brothel. He walked to fifth he walked to drugs, he walked to alcohol on this path, and voila, he would testify.

00:34:07--> 00:34:16

This would testify. So when you walk to evil, know that that Earth that you are walking on will testify against you.

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And if you walk to the mosque, how beautiful is this? As the scores have mentioned, the reason why and

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you walk when you leave the house in one direction, but when you return to your house, what do you do? You got another direction

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to testify for you

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for the government.

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I don't want to be offensive but inshallah next week, we're gonna elaborate on that. Every single one. No offense, bro.

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Take it in a noise Give me the benefit of the doubt

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like next weekend

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we're gonna have every single one of these categories in full elaboration a whole lesson on the seven categories and challenges. So we can understand how we can be among those

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vertical lovick further Jason

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what is

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that and when the wall base together together it means every in animate creature

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gullo Hira colo later on in virgin Costa with Eric had Taco Bell. And he

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you know some scholars said that we are even more hosts which is like insane monstrous

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in English to rendering even though it could not be the exact translation. But when you say a wash, it's like you're saying to this person that you are monstrous. However, it's based in we are based out we based out we animals, we are animals, but we are animals with an intellect. Deeds can mean any act that you do, whether it's oral, or whether it's physical, anything of your body, that your limbs do

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that your limbs do.

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You do not get judged for bad intentions until you perform that bad intention.

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Allah subhanaw taala has raised the pin on those who have bad thoughts until they apply that bad fault as the narration mentions. If someone committed a sin and did not regret it but wants to be forgiven. Would they be forgiven? Absolutely not. How can you repent with no sort of resentment? How can that be amongst the conditions of repentance is that you feel remorse, you feel remorse, you feel hurt or what you have done that you have displaced a lot either by committing a sin. So amongst the pillars or the conditions of a sincere repentance is that you feel remorse. If he dies under a fallen debris, it is one of those who will be considered a Shaheed in the sight of the Almighty

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Lord, if you fall if he dies, due to a falling debris in other words, fragments of an aeroplane fragments of a wall fragments even probably alibi missile or whatever, then that is considered fallen debris, things that fall and kill him.

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He is considered in Islam I Shaheed but not like the Shaheed of those who die, Allahu Akbar, on the battlefield by the almighty Lord Mikasa mundos