Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 28

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the recent attacks on the world, including attacks on victims and people being attacked outside of massages. The importance of following laws and regulations to prevent harm and evil from the world is emphasized. The loss of human attributes led to the loss of surahs and the use of the god's name and description of the Prophet sallavi to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. The message of Islam's last favorite act, the message of the Prophet sallavi, is also discussed, along with the importance of maintaining and preserving one's light for one's well-being. The segment ends with a mention of a charity to provide relief and development for the Syrian children.
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Alright guys,

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so now I'm the last

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First of all, you know, it's been a very difficult morning hearing about all of the attacks around the world obviously on a mass scale. What's happening Allah

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Subhana Allah has it up. Today, Bangladesh yesterday, smaller the day before that and more the day before that. And obviously here at home in the US lots of hate crimes, lots of attacks outside of massages, lots of people being attacked outside the massage.

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So we asked a lot Have mercy on all the victims that have that have been killed all around the world. But here at home

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you know,

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particularly I posted about our brother our salon,

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two gentlemen from Houston and Subhanallah our salon was one of the people that would watch on 30 for 30

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min on I know that he texted me and I know he was keeping up I don't know how regularly he was keeping up but he had texted me about watching put on 3430 so

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you know today he's in ICU because he was shot and stabbed outside of his Missouri and Houston after so often on his way to sell out to the budget. So please make that for him as well. A very beautiful, beautiful brother at home that a lot we're hearing that he's stable

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but he's he's heavily sedated, he's an ICU and he's still not out of the danger zone. So please keep him in your diet and keep all of the people that have been affected

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in these last few days in your diet and also be vigilant in Charlottetown outside of your own masajid in these last few days be vigilant inshallah as you go to your massage, but at the same time don't stop going to the most of you know we cannot buckle to fear. So keep on going to the most of the regular in the Mazda tonight's the 29th night it's a blessed night is the last odd night of Ramadan, so don't stop going to the masjid because of these things. So we asked to have mercy on the people that have left us in the last few days. Guess lost contact secure our brothers in New York who are attacked our brother and Houston our salon who was attacked and the ESCO lost contact to

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protect our communities alarm I mean, so that's why I started to put on 3430 leads to be honest with you I've been kind of engulfed in the news, just following up what's happening with our salon Houston. But inshallah tada we'll go ahead and we'll continue now. So now we are on

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now we're in just 28 So today's the 20th day of Ramadan, we're in just 28 and just 28 contains I think nine Saurus it starts off with certain majority then a few days ago, I posted something about certain which added a certain majority that is a mother nice aura and in fact most of these photos if not all of them are Melanie sorta so just 28 is an interesting just because it has the style of Mexico and but it is maddening. And it's called and that was revealed in Medina. So there are short sutras that were revealed in Medina that deal a lot with the issues that were arising with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and some of the administrative issues in Medina and some of the

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rulings you know in that new in that new state of there's So in any case, certain majority law is is a short tool, it's it's only 22 ions but it is a Madani sorta so it has mentioned like in Medina has law it has mentions of the hypocrites because in Medina that became a really big problem. And it starts off with the with the mention of a majority that the woman who pleads her love in fact about all the love of Tara and her who came complaining to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam about the mistreatment of her husband towards her and and more daddy was the one who argues or the one who pleads but last franchisors what tests the key in a lot that she was complaining to a loss. She was

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making the art to a loss of 100 to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala hurt her and Allah subhana wa tada took up her cause now Subhana Allah, one of the things about the surah which is very, very, very powerful is that this surah is the only surah in the Quran in which the name of Allah is mentioned in every single every single

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I'm certain Raja de la has the name of Allah. Why? Some of the elements of the wisdom of that is that a loss of Hannah Montana is showing how he hears the one who pleads how he hears. And when you do when we'll talk about that, who hears the one who calls when they're in need, we actually fullsuit and removes harm and evil. Ilan Omar, was there any god beside the last parameter. So last time I was hearing each and every single one of her complaints and Allah hears the complaints of and multiple of the one who's being harmed and oppressed. So this surah Subhana, Allah mentions the name of Allah each and each and every single, and that shows you the presence of a loss of habitat and

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the control of a loss of hundreds.

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You know, for those who have a man in their hearts and that call upon him that Allah subhanaw taala will not forget about them. The next one is within hash sores that hash,

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you know, comes after the sutra, which mentions the last kind of attachment and every surah in every area. And it covers

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some very interesting rules. So one of the some of the rules that covers is the distribution of belongings after the believers engaged in combat, how to distribute the spoils amongst the poor, the needy, the weak and so on so forth.

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It establishes a principle and the seventh eye on that attack model sort of a photo Amanda Hackman who Fanta who whatever the Prophet gives you,

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then take it and whatever he tells you to refrain from then abstain from it. So the idea of following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam last parents Allah mentions at the end of the surah though, so the previous surah, which is certainly majority, the Allies name is mentioned in every single ayah in this surah salted hashes at the end of the surah. You have the most beautiful description of a last time so last pantai says, Yeah, you enter the nominal article and Ocala the international lava and so on and fusa home without a government or first it says yet you will have the nominal chapter law and town long enough so knock them up the road, what's up a lot in

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the last a bit on the my terminal so you believe, be mindful of a law some kind of enter and pay attention to that which you have put forth for tomorrow because you don't know when you're going to meet your Creator, what type of law and the law of demand time alone and be aware of your Lord. Verily Allah subhanaw taala is aware is fully acquainted and aware of what you do. While that's a kuno Kela The nurse will love and serve them and foster home. Do not be like those who came before you so last time condemns bunnies slide eat here, or at least the wicked ones from bunny aside Don't be like those who came before you who forgot a loss of Hannah Montana so a lot caused them to forget

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themselves. So certain majority that is a woman that kept her relationship with a loss of Hannah Montana despite all of her difficult circumstances he continued to call upon a lot and she never forgotten him and so a lot did not forget her or cause her to forget herself. Which is why Allah subhanaw taala responds with a sword on which his name is in every single ayah but here a people that forgot a loss a pinata and their times of ease. So things became easy for them they forgot a loss of Hannah Montana so Allah caused them to forget themselves and they are amongst the losers. Last we have another us how will gender us have agenda to human values on the people of Hellfire not

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equal to the people of paradise? The people of Paradise are those who have ultimately succeeded. Lo Angelina Hello God Allah, Germany eater who Harsha and what are some of the admin hatia Tila or Tim Keller I'm thoroughly Mohali nasty dynamics of a current if we were to have revealed the school to an upon a mountain it would have flattened it out of its out of out of its all the loss of Hannah Montana if you remember, Susan Hadid in the last just a last quantizers lm yet Neely Lavina Amano and tough Shara khulumani decorilla Isn't it time for those who believe to humble their hearts to soften their hearts to the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and a lot of mentions that he

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gives life to lifeless earth he gives life to the two dead land after it has produced nothing So likewise as a last franchise sends rain upon upon dead Earth and produces from and vegetation and so on so forth. The revelation is powerful enough that it can resuscitate a dead heart so here a loss of hundreds I says had this quote an been revealed to a mountain you would have seen that mountain humble itself to a loss of Hannah Montana you would have seen that mountain shatter out of its all the loss apparently to Allah. So how can the hearts then not be moved by this reminder by this little eater who harshly and what are some of the I mean Casa de la a direct response to lm yet

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Neela lilla Dena Amma and touched upon all Nicola so here a loss of Hannah

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establishes that then you have the most beautiful discourse of the names and the attributes of Allah in the Quran, who Allah, He is Allah. Who is Allah? Well in the previous surah his name Allah was in each and every single ayah. To let you know that he's in charge, and that he hears you, who Allah, He is Allah, Allah de la ilaha illa, who is the one who has no deity beside him, no God besides Him, who Oceana Hanuman lavey, was Shahada, he knows that what you're seeing and that which is the unseen, so he knows the unseen and he knows that which is witnessed Actually, he started off with knowing that which is unseen and that which is witnessed, because knowing that which is unseen, is

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something that purely belongs to a loss of Hannah Montana animal guide, or Shahada who are watching over him and he is the most

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compassionate and the Most Merciful Hola, hola, de la ilaha illa who and medical produces Salam with Mohammed Aziz?

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Subhana Allah He is usually gone. So the first idea of this sequence establishes a lot of knowledge and his mercy despite that knowledge that a Lost Planet Allah knows everything. And Allah subhana wa tada shows mercy. Despite knowing the unseen and despite knowing the scene, the second idea establishes a lost control and his power and medic al produce a ceramic Walkman and more Haman, Aziz will Jabbar mata keppler so he's the omnipotent king that is sanctified that is above all that is in charge that is

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ever noble ever, you know, always bestowed with honors upon went to Anna jubbaland. Winter Kevin Bush, he is overwhelming in his powers of Hannah Montana and the only one, the only one that could have probably described to him in a positive way some kind of Montana

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and lost kind of assets to kind of law here I'm mostly gone.

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How perfect is Allah? You know, and how, how Glorified is a loss of Hannah Montana to have any partner ascribed to him. subhana wa Tada. Hola, LaHood Harlequin dari musawah la hula asthma listener, and He is Allah subhana wa Tada. He's the Creator. He's the originator. He's the one who molds everything in the way that he sees fits upon of what's out there. And to Him belong the most beautiful of names level a smell. And a loss of Hannah entire tells us another I in the plan. But he learned last night listener for the EU will be hot and to Allah belong the most beautiful of names, so call upon him with those names. And of course, the previous sort of certain majority Allah is a

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woman that called upon Allah subhanho wa Taala with his most beautiful names. And a law responded to her level of smell and personal use of the hula hula for Samoa to everything and the heavens and the earth glorifies him and declares his perfection, while hula Aziz would Hakeem and the last palletizers as ease of hiking now, we just came out of or we're actually with, you know, we just came out of animal sub, we had some of the soldiers that declare the perfection of a loss of habitat that everything glorifies the loss of Hannah Montana. That's part of his being Aziz and Hakeem that Allah subhanaw taala is always bestowed with honor, and does not need the people to acknowledge him

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or to call upon him for him to be as easy but he is as he is, no matter what, and whoever calls upon him, becomes a disease by extension becomes honorable by calling upon the most honorable Subhana Allah to Allah. The next verses swithun Latina

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and I'm attacking her,

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you know, is a short madonie surah

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you know, with with 13 iaat and it mentioned the command of the commandment of verifying the amount of the women that came to the, you know, that Mahendra to Medina. The reason being is that they're obviously in this situation, you had some people in Medina that were spying, and that we're taking news back to the people of Mecca. So you have the story of how a little bit of Ebola who sent a messenger who tried to inform the mushrikeen of Mecca of the plans of the prophets lie some to enter into Mecca. And he did that because he was afraid that if Makkah was conquered, or I'm sorry for the Muslims went out to Mecca and they were defeated, then he would have no one to show him mercy

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because the other Muslims lived in in particular from Mecca, they had blood ties, they had relationships and so he was thinking that in his situation, no one would would show him any mercy. And

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you know, a loss of hand went out of forgave him he made Toba and a loss and I forgave him for his mentioned and, or for his for his deed, and a loss penalty. Allah says at the end of the surah logic, you know, yeah, you Alina Amna. Oh, you who believe do not take allies from people who have lost Poe have earned a lot of love who have earned a loss of anger.

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You know, and

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But it's not going to benefit you whatsoever. So trust the loss of habitat don't take those people as allies that are actively fighting your profit and they're actively trying to kill him and so on so forth. The next sort of sort of stuff. Yeah, yeah. So last pentester said the heady, lonely man for somehow it Odwalla as usual hacking. Yeah, you have the nominal, Lima choco Luna, Nana de Lune, Cabo moccasin and ally enter koulamallah to final loss. pantai says, Oh, you will leave. Why do you say that what you don't do the most repulsive thing in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala is that is that your words and your actions do not match. So last pantalla has a condemnation here of hypocrisy

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and hypocrisy manifests itself in many different ways. So in one situation, it's those people who who opposed Musashi his wife called me Sally Call me when most certainly his Salaam spoke to his people. And he ordered them to go forth. And they disobeyed most alleys and they turned their backs on Masada, his Salaam Allahu ala calm and first subpoena last Pattaya does not guide these wicked people. And then esigning is Salaam, giving the glad tidings of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. To come after him, and his name is Ahmed. So the Prophet say some specify or si some specifying the name and the description of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But Benny is slightly turned away from

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him as well. So

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this sorta sort of gives the good news to the believers. Yeah, you do look at Jonathan tinggi coming in, and he told me not to rely on God, or to john he refused to be reliable and Wiley C'mon forsaken, and so on so forth. That you know, on the second page of sorts of soft last panatela talks about the believers, the love of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam being favored, and, and doing the things that will, that will attain the pleasure of a lost dog that will earn them the pleasure of a lost Hannah Montana, and going forth and, you know, focusing themselves took me Nabila, he was also the he, that they believe in Allah subhanaw taala. They believe in the messenger science? Are they

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enjoying good, they forbid evil, that, you know, they're constantly they're constantly sincerely applying themselves to the message of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So the good news is given here, that this oma is the next almost The Omen that is favored after the oma bending is slightly that's the oma now, that has been tasked with all of these things that the previous owners were tasked with, and they did not bear properly. So the end of the surah is Allah subhanho, tada, you know, mentioning to us as it has Salaam, speaking to his disciples, saying, Man, I'm sorry, Allah, who will be my helpers, you know, or who will be those who help spread the message of a loss of

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Hannah Montana, that will be the onslaught of Allah subhanaw taala the helpers, the helpers of God, those that will go forth with me on and how are you? And if not, I'm sorry to Allah. And the How are you and the disciples that we are the helpers of a loss of Hannah Montana, for Amina, thank you for tuning in. We're careful by Eva Ferdinand levina Allah Allah do we him philosopher who lived in a last panel want to add mentioned the sincerity of the disciples and that Allah subhanaw taala supported the believers of Bani Israel in the last panel into you know, allow the disbelievers of being a slave to earn his wrath. So a lot of condemns hypocrisy and ultimately, you know, the

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message of sorts of software's who enter the outsell or Sula who will who they're within it happily have hirahara de nikoli that the message of the prophets lie Selim has come and that the Prophet slicin has come and that this is the favorite oma, this is the mother Allah subhanho wa Taala has now placed the Salah within place the message within and somehow a lot. It's interesting because we don't get the specifics of the hypocrisy of Venezuela but we are warned of the hypocrisy of Bernie Slade, but in certain Juma

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and certain Juma which is about obviously Friday, Allah Subhana Allah gives us a very specific means of Benny Islam is turning back turning their backs on the message of Allah, which is their disobedience in regards to the Sabbath in regards to the almost stopped. So the way that they try to escape the obligation of observing the Sabbath that there were disbelievers, you know, and there were hypocrites that tried to escape the steps that tried to escape observing the Sabbath. And this was method a homecare method under the care method Mr. Yang, you know as fouta method or Latina homido turati QMF LFC Maria camino as follow. So last point, I mentioned that those who were

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entrusted with the total or like, you know, in this situation, the hypocrites were like donkeys with books stacked on their backs, meaning what they were not internalizing anything and so

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The hypocrites don't internalize they, it's like they have the knowledge. They have those books stacked on their back, but they don't internalize instead they use that knowledge to divert from the path of a loss of Hannah Montana to turn away from the path of a loss of habitat and so on so forth. So, last time I mentioned the the inability of them to internalize the purposeful

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you know, turning away from the message and not not absorbing it the way that a loss penance Allah commanded them to absorb, absorb, previous will not last penance Allah mentioned, isn't it time for the hearts to submit themselves to the message of Allah subhanaw taala and don't be like those who came before you. whose hearts became hard on it human Mr. Acosta kulu boom, their hearts became hard. So they still have the knowledge they still have the Scripture and so on so forth, but their hearts became hard time pass and their hearts became hard so their hearts no longer absorbed the message and here in particular, Los Santos says, it became to a point like the books were stacked on

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their backs, nothing was going inside. Nothing was being internalized. And so Allah subhanaw taala commands us in certain jamara Yeah, evil Athena nominal either nor the other Salafi neoman. Giamatti festival either the karela whether on Bayer oh you who believe when the command of Juma when the call of the Friday prayer is made, rush to the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah and forsake your trade you don't do as a lost parents I have commanded you to do observe that Yeoman Juma observe the call of the Friday prayer the way that you are supposed to do not be like those who did not observe the Sabbath properly before you so sanctify this day treat this day treat this prayer, the way that

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Allah subhanaw taala commanded you to treat this prayer and in it there's a mercy of Allah Subhana Allah because Allah did not command us to observe the entire day of Friday, but rather just that one hour, just the Juma prayer right so that's a mercy upon this oma that all you have to do is observe this one hour without obey the early compiler under command control to the moon for either a ot job for either fully up to salata fantastic or for the metabolome in the last franchise says that once the salon is over, then you can go ahead and you can continue to pursue your livelihood, left cotulla took me home but keep yourself engaged with vicars so that you may succeed because

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that's where true success comes from. If you don't keep yourself engaged with VIP kid, as you leave the rituals, then your hearts will become hard. And you go back to the same problem of having books stacked on your back but failing to internalize,

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failing to internalize the,

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the message. So the next surah is certain when African, the surah of the hypocrites which identifies the hypocrites from the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So enough speaking about the hypocrites that came before and binding this slide, we have our own share of hypocrites now. And so this surah deals with the mafia * and deals with the characteristics of the one that fit one in this particular oma that they are actively plotting against the profit slice and I'm actively trying to destabilize the oma even though they portrayed themselves as being part of part of this oma. So it's a it's a major problem. They appear to be respectable people, but they're not respectable

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people. Instead, they are constantly trying to destabilize.

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You know, the owner of the prophets lie Selim and Allah subhanaw taala warns the believers at the end of the surah not to fall into the traps of hypocrisy to keep themselves free from the traps of hypocrisy. And then finally, you know, you have the last stretch of surahs which is to have one sort of the top one sort of Pollock and sort of the heading. So the rules of divorce and some of the rules governing divorce, how people should should, you know, should

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act and in terms of divorce in terms of alimony in terms of child custody. What are the customs before Islam that are now forbidden? So certain well, Jada was obviously in regards to an impermissible form of divorce, which was known as de haut. So doing away with the heart of doing away with the pre Islamic customs and then setting forth a procedure a process,

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setting forth the procedure of process, a process that will keep the believers mindful of a loss penalty. Interestingly enough, and Soto Pollock

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is 124 and five all command taqwa that a person fears a loss of Hannah Montana, when it comes to the matter of divorce. A prophet slicin um, says it tiempo la Fini, Sadiq Khan fear Allah in the way that you deal with your spouse's fear Allah in the way that you deal with your spouses. Do not be unjust towards your spouses Do not be unjust towards your wives. Of course, that's another manifestation of hypocrisy, that a person is able to portray goodness I

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outside of the home, but when they are inside of the home, they are neglectful and they're hypocritical and that they deal with their families in horrible ways and the profits I'm talking about carbona 11 out of those who are closest to you are most deserving of seeing your good behavior. So do not be like those who bring who bring forth or who produce ugliness inside the house and produce beauty only outside the house. And instead, you need to worry about your family. So I'm so excited to have him. Yeah, you and Edina hamanako and fullcycle alikoum now protect yourselves and protect your families from the hellfire. protect yourselves and protect your families from the

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Hellfire cool and full circle aliko naran according to her NASA well hey Java,

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it's you know the fire of * is its fuel as men and stones Ali hamadani ketema Leonardo da Vinci da and upon it our angels severe angels layer us on a llama our own way if you want to make your own. Those angels do not disobey Allah subhanaw taala with any command and they do exactly as they are told. And Allah subhanaw taala gives us the command of Toba for the believers yet you will Edina hamano tubal Illallah he tobert and muscle ha Oh you believe repent to Allah subhanaw taala with this sincere repentance turned back to a loss of Hannah Montana with a sincere repentance Yamanaka Zilla navio Alina Amman, O'Meara Nora home Yes I've been a deacon will be a millennium. So the day

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that Allah will not disgrace the prophets lie Selim are the believers that are with him. And and Allah Subhana time mentions the light that is coming forth from those believers and circle had in the previous just alum mentioned. The

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last point I mentioned the parting of the hypocrites from the believers were a barrier is placed between the hypocrites and the believers, the believers have light and the hypocrites have no lights. And the hypocrites are calling upon the believers asking them for light. Here in just 28 we're talking about the believers already having light and they're calling upon a lesson that's been learned on Allah, maintain and preserve our light for us. Don't let our light go away or don't let it be extinguished. Watford, Lana And forgive us, and barely you are upon all things capable, and powerful. And finally, some had along the way that this sort of ends, a lot of aloha method and the

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Latina caframo tenore handwarmer a lot. So we have an example, in the wives of lot and the wives of nor had Aiden was Salam.

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That Allah subhanho wa Taala would not save them because they were married to profits. So them being married to profits did not save them. Because the the accountability is upon each person, it's upon each person to show belief, to accept the message and to not turn back away from this message. And at the same time, just as the wives of lot and no, we're not saved, because their husbands were prophets. Asya or the love of Thailand was not doomed because their husbands that Ellen was the worst human being ever created. So Asya Vinton was at him or the law of town and how it is set up is a woman who perfected her amount despite being married to fit down. So if a woman can come out of

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the house of Fidel with perfect eema and a purse and two people can come out of the houses of profits and they could be destroyed, then that shows you that a loss of data will examine your heart individually and each person will be looked at individually. That's the power of love. The most beautiful thing of this by the way, as the eventual exam is also complaining about our husband and the beginning of just 28 you haven't watch it like complaining about her husband as he is complaining about the oppression of her husbands. And Allah subhana wa Tada. Here's her and Allah subhanaw taala shows her a place in gender, and a loss of Hannah Montana replaces what she lost in

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this world with the most beautiful reward in the hereafter which is the companionship of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and a palace in Paradise, so she lost the Palace of this world, and the companionship of her husband for their own was oppressed by him. He lost pants I answered her pleat, and a loss of habitat. I gave her what he gave her just as a lot answered Elmo J Dilla. For something that was done easily and it's matter something that was worldly and it's matter. A last point I answered as he already has salon and a loss of Hannah entire mentions for mounting a magnetic I'm Ron and Mary, the daughter of Mr. Ron Lottie is honored to have an FF nephin and rufina

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will suddenly have to be kidding, Matthew, it'll be good to be here with countless men upon a team, this woman that was an example of righteousness for all men and for all women of all time. So somehow it starts off with a woman just 28 starts off with a woman complaining to Allah and Allah answering her. And then the characteristics of a loss are the attributes of a loss of Hannah Montana, and keeping your heart soft and not being a hypocrite. And being sincere. It ends with a woman complaining to a loss of Hannah Montana and I lost control of entering and we lost contact to make us from the people of Jenna And forgive us a lot. I mean, again, please make your apps

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For our brother, our salon for all our brothers and sisters that have been killed in the last few days, all that have been attacked and asked a lot to protect our communities. The charity that I'll be giving you guys today is actually helping hands for relief and development. I'm actually in Charlottetown, taking a group of young people to you know, are going to be accompanying a group of young people in Jordan, as we expose ourselves to the Syrian refugees and the Palestinian refugees in Jordan inshallah Tada. So, obviously, the more goods that we can take with us inshallah, as we meet these refugees in Jordan, you know, the better inshallah tada so I'm going to post a link in

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sha Allah to helping hands and I hope inshallah tada you'll help us take more goods inshallah Tada, more relief to our brothers and sisters in these camps. vadik long Fie calm, was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Quran 30 for 30 – Day 28 – Mujadillah, Tahrim

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