The Best of The Best

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their goal of "be the best of the best" and their desire to make "medicals and people a leader." They emphasize the importance of "medicals and people being the best" in their goal and acknowledge that "medicals and people are the best" is their direct goal. They also mention making a night in the middle of the night.
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John Lennon mucha Pina Imam, we want to get that piety and righteousness to leave sada Giardia to cause an impact on people. It is not wrong to want to be the best of the best. On the contrary, that is the essence of Eman. We want to be the best of the best. But we ask Allah to be the best of the best. We don't ask people we don't make that the direct goal. It's an indirect goal that era make us so good. Make us so righteous make us so pious that even the pious consider us to be a leader amongst them. This is why we're making into June we're making in the middle of the night. That's the door we're making, which I know in with Tina, your mama