Yasir Qadhi – Characteristics of the Righteous Believers

Yasir Qadhi
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Just some brief reflections on what I recited in the first raka which is the ending of certain Farrakhan and it is one of the places in the Quran where Allah subhanho wa Taala lists the characteristics of the believers there's around five places in the Quran where Allah azza wa jal has a list and this list is about the righteous and the believers and inserted for con the ending of circle for con Allah azza wa jal has another such list. It's a beautiful list, and it is a list that every one of us should think about contemplate and try our best to achieve all of the characteristics on this list. Allah azza wa jal begins this series by saying why Eva da man, this is

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the series of EVA Ryman about the Rockman those who are the servants of Iran, those who have Allah has chosen to worship him, this is their list you want to be amongst about the rock man, then this is the list you need to be having in your mind. So the first characteristic the defining characteristic of a badass man, a lady and I am shooting out of the hole now. They have humility as they are walking on this earth. The defining characteristic is a lack of arrogance. They have humility, they are humble. They are not people that are known for their abrasiveness for their callousness for their harsh manners, not at all. The number one defining characteristic of Rebbe

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Rahman a lady named Shauna Allen out of the home now, this means they're interacting with people, they're not hermits, they haven't cut off from people because of because of they don't like people or they don't like socialization know, everybody, man have to be active, they have to be involved in society. And as they're involved in society, they're allowed to always be the best. Our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah said him said, The believer who interacts with other believers and his patient at the negative interactions is better than the believer who cuts off and remains at home. We don't just stay cut off from society when a bad incident happens when somebody is rude to us, you know, in our

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gatherings? No, we have to be involved. But as we're involved Yeah, I'm sure Alan Alda the owner and what are the hotter Bohemia who Luna called who Salama when some person a foolish characteristic confronts them wants to start an argument. Oh Salama, they don't even get involved in the argument. Subhanallah how difficult that is, when somebody says something negative about you, somebody slanders you, somebody wants to drag you down to the to the dust to do something negative you have to be above that, not just above that, but say Sam smile and move on. This is the lock in the short term. The other person might think he's won in the long term, it is always the people of o'clock

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when a call to Sarah they just move on with dignity. Then Allah subhana wa so by the way, so number one defining characteristic o'clock, that's where it begins. Number two is what

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number two is what who knows, have you only memorize these verses is very important to understand number two.

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They are the ones praying to hagit SubhanAllah. The first characteristic, even more important than Jude is how you interact with people. This is a very profound verse here, that more important than your private Rituals by the way, all of them are important in order to be about the Rockman you have to have all of these but the number one your interaction with others. And so many of us we consider our private rituals our a bar that's more important. And Allah begins the list No, you're allowed because what really people know you and define you about then of course, you must have rituals. So what are the you know, Joby to Nairobi, him sujet and Wakayama number two, they're the ones praying

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tahajjud they're the ones in the middle of the night, nobody else is watching them and they are standing and praying and ROCOR and sujood while the DNA a b 200, IBM Sojourner Wakayama. So the second defining characteristic of about Rahman is private rituals and the queen of all private rituals is tahajjud. There is no ritual that is more beloved in your private life. It really demonstrates the righteousness of the person then salata tahajjud. So number two is yeah, be too narrow beam surgeon Wakayama. They're constantly doing sujood and km in the middle of the night. Number three, what levena Jaco Luna Robin or Stefan either by Johanna in either berkana Rama. By the

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way, there's two hours in the series of verses two hours only. And it begins with a two hour this one and it ends with a two hour so there is this motif that they're constantly making you do as well, even though

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The two are mentioned. But in this list, the second thing mentioned is a DA. And the last thing mentioned is a DA. So there is this, this understanding this intuition that there are about the Rahima are constantly making dua to Allah. And the first door that is mentioned on the list is the dua of saving yourself from jahannam. Now, this drop is not just about the concept of Jahannam it's the concept of being conscious that Allah is watching that you have more hassle that there is an akhira so when you ask Allah to save you from Jahannam what does it illustrate? It illustrates your son, Allah is watching you your concept of Zen, it but the lack of Nakata for Elementor controller

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for no Iraq. So even if Allah so even if you cannot see Allah, Allah is watching you and you know Allah is watching you. So you are constantly monitoring the concept of Maha Sabha I have to answer to Allah, Allah azza wa jal is going to call me to account and so you're cognizant that there is going to be in akhira so you make dua to Allah that is referred to as Abba Johanna in either carnival Rama in the Hassan Musa Quran mukava wala Dena will lead in Allah, Allah Dena ADA unfuckable. So the fourth characteristic is when they give charity, not the ones who constantly give charity, no, this is they are giving charity it is assumed it is how they give that Allah describes

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not the fact that they give it is understood that they're giving this is an interesting play on words. Here's an interesting way of phrasing it. Allah did not say about the ramen are those who constantly give, it's understood. They're constantly giving. So Allah describes the quality Allah describes how they're giving, he doesn't describe the fact that they are giving when they give, then they give such that it is neither too much or too little. So there's a constant amount that they give, and lamb UserInfo What am yaku they're not going to give with a Seraph. They're not going to go bankrupt in South Africa. This is not the way of the believer and neither are they going to be

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stingy. Right? Rather they are in the middle of this. So Allah azza wa jal says they're generous in a healthy manner without being in a foolish manner. This is the characteristic of the Rockman constantly giving in a way that is suitable for what Allah has given them. They don't just go bankrupt and they leave nothing, no, but they give and they give and they give, and they keep for their family as well. So this is another defining characteristic of everybody. Rockman then Allah says, well, ADINA, Elia, Allah Hina, they don't worship false gods and they don't commit to murder, unless you know it is a saucer or something that you have to for the sake of a proper execution. And

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they don't commit Zina. Now, question here. Why is this coming so late on the list? Surely murder and

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murder and shitcan Xena, these are such major sins? Why? Why is it coming in the middle of the list? Why not in the beginning? And the responses that the these characteristics if Allah mentioned in the beginning, it is not befitting of a bad man? Can you imagine a bad man or those who don't murder, but any everybody doesn't murder. But Allah wants to us to know about the recommand do not commit any major sins, and three sins are listed to illustrate all major sins, the biggest major sin is Schilke, then the biggest major sin against the creation is murder, then the biggest major sin in your private life between you and Allah is Xena. So these are the three major sins that characterize

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all of the other major sins, because major sin either it is shipped, which is the worst, or it is hurting other people, the worst is murder, or it is in your private life. And the worst is Xena. So Allah says about the man do not have any major sins, and then whoever has a major sin, yellow Katama that person they cannot be about the right man, they're going to be punished major sins, the threat is punishment. But then what if somebody has committed a sin? Is there all hope lost? Nothing can be done? No, Allah says even those that have done a major sin, you can still become a bad man. How so? What is the mechanism? 11 tabber Armineh Wamena Amazon Salia Han for hola que Badulla say Adam has

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an ad. If you have committed a major sin, then you repent and you renew your Eman and you follow up with good deeds, then Allah will take that major sin and substituted for a good deed so there is chance to become about the rock man no matter what you have done. Even if you have done murder the verses saying if you have truly repented to Allah turned over a new leaf, committed your renewed your Eman and done good deeds after that. Then Allah azza wa jal will allow you to reach the ranks of the right man. This is one of the most optimistic verses in the Quran. You can become about the right man, even if you've done shit, even if you've done these major sins, if you truly repent to

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Allah, not just that, but if true repentance will actually bring about a conversion of the sin into a good deed rather than being punished for drinking alcohol. Let's say rather than being punished if the drunkard truly repents and makes a complete change

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in his life and turns over a new leaf, it is possible that a life of sins will then be rewarded because in fact those sins were used as a catalyst to become a bad man. So Allah azza wa jal allows this opportunity, even if you've done these sins, you still have the opportunity to be able to recommend, then Allah says, well, Nadine Elia Shadowmoon Azura. They are not giving false testimonies, right. So their their tongue is always speaking the truth. They're not giving falsehoods, not giving lies in business contracts in the shahada of the court when they're interacting with other people. They have integrity, they have honesty, what are the international

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Zuora? What are their Maru Billa Hui Maru KERAMA. This is very similar to what has come in the beginning of the verse when the foolish confront them. They say salaam, this is similar, but it's even more higher than this when they pass by gatherings of low water gatherings of low The Scholars say anything that is a waste of time, anything that is undignified, they pass by with dignity. So they don't get involved in that which is not their business, they don't get involved in that which will be of no benefit. They don't get involved in you know, every society and culture The default is they just waste their time people just get together and do something of no value. And about the

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recommend or not like this, and by the Romans are higher than this. So they pass by such gatherings with dignity. At the same time any if nothing Haram is happening there, they're not going to become irritated or angry, but they're not going to waste their time over there. So when they go by law, who they go by with Quran with dignity, then Allah says, what the DNA that Luke Kira will be, it will be him lamea Hebrew it has some omiana When they are reminded of Allah signs of the Quran of something, they're falling short, and they're not arrogant. They accept the advice and they listen to it. So another characteristic of the believer of about the rock man is that they are receptive to

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Naziha. They're receptive to being corrected, they're receptive to listening to the good. There's an indication here as well that they love to attend circles of knowledge. They want to be amongst the righteous, they want to listen to the Quran and Sunnah they want to be taught Islam, so to be associated with henna art of him to be associated with knowledge to be reminded of Allah and His messenger. This is of the science of very bad man. And then the final characteristic that is mentioned is the final dua as well. Well the DNA of coluna BANA habla Minh as wodgina was the reaction of Kurata units, they want righteous family, righteous spouse, and they ask ALLAH SubhanA

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wa Tada to make their family righteous as well. So a characteristic of riba Ramadan is that they're not only interested in themselves, they have to monitor their families as well. They have to take care of their families as well. You cannot be a righteous person and neglect your family. You cannot be about the right man, and your family has nothing to do with the body of a man. You have to be involved in their life, bring the bar up with them constantly make dua for them, want them to be better and good as well and make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada give us of their progeny and of our children, that which will be a comfort of our eyes and souls were Jalna and Makina Imam, the final

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thing that is mentioned and make us an Imam for them, we have talked about this phrase multiple times, the meaning of Imam here is not the prayer leader. The meaning of Imam here is role model. And we all desire to be role models for the believers, we desire to be so pious and so righteous, not for them, but so that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes us role models for the other righteous, then what Cain should look at us and say, Oh, this is a person who has suffered. This is a person who was a man, this is a person who has, this is a person who is generous, but we do so not for our ego, we do so so that we can get the sadhaka Giardia we do so so that we rise the highest ranks. And we ask

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Allah for this, we don't ask the people. Yes, we want to be role models, and we want to be the Imams of the most pain, but not for our ego. We want them how else are we going to get to the highest rank? How else are we going to be the best of the best by becoming the Imams of the moutain which Allah and mattina Imam, we want to get that piety and righteousness to leave sadaqa jariya to cause an impact on people. It is not wrong to want to be the best of the best. On the contrary, that is the essence of Eman. We want to be the best of the best. But we ask Allah to be the best of the best. We don't ask people we don't make that the direct goal. It's an indirect goal that Yara make

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us so good make us so righteous make us so pious that even the pious consider us to be a leader amongst them. This is a do our making into June we're making in the middle of the night. That's the door we're making with Jonathan and with Tina, your mama, these are all of the characteristics. The final one of them, you want to be the best of the best if we reach that, and if we're able to do that hula iica you design a hole for 30 Miles Subaru those are the people they will get the hold of the Orpha is the highest place of Jannah. If you went over this in my lecture series of gentlemen

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The agenda has two broad categories to largely broad categories. The higher category is the horror, and the highest of the horror, the horror of his genital fellows. So the horror is you can say the VIP suites, right? This is the highest level as in sort of to walk out you have the cyber horn and how will you mean right? The Cyber cone that's the horror and those How will you I mean, that's you know, the average you go to the plane section you have the economy class, you have the business class right so the warfare is the the business class the word for is the the front row, that's what we want. So una persona horrify Toby Masaharu those are the people they're going to get the VIP

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suites, the horror, so they're either the right man or the higher level of the believers. These are the if you want to say 11 And if it was a 13 Depending on how you subcategorize them, these are the characteristics I advise myself on all of you to go back to this section read it on your own with your own translation understand this list, put it in your mind and then try your best to implement all of these things even if you can't do it regularly. At least partially began this so that insha Allah Tada we can be of the about the right man and we can be of those who are the people or the Word of God. Allah have said I want you to know that much Allah He wabarakatuh why a

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man in leadin I am showing our only

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what either Hall Tabo homeowner John here no no fawn on Santa's one lady nirb Tuna Neoma be him soon JoJo the

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one lady and I upon on all Diane Austin a fun.

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Ghana on in house at Mustafa Romo calm. One lady in his

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city for lamea Hojo. Waka Anabaena know Donica follw on one leadin Elia Jamuna Allah Hina Han follow on one ah yeah PortoNovo none of seletti How Rama Allahu in Erbil.

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Wanna Jaco to Noonan F St. CENla Jean how Rama has been healthy while he is known what he finds Arnica. Yun Assam yoga if Nahoon eyes Abuja woman

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Tyr funada fi mo Mohana Ilana Jabba ma ma i mean I'm Anna SLon you wanna Aki yo but Dino la Hussaini him Asana wakanow mahu off hold on Mahima one by one I mean I saw Nick Fenton who yeah tubal Ito long Hema

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one leadin Allah, Jonah Zuora when he dama Rubin love WiMo Rukia long, one Latina in hijo Kaito Biya Tierra de him lamea hero and I house on

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one Larina yaku now, Bana haben dynamin as Gina was Audrey Gina Parramatta Yun Rob BANA heaven Anna as well Gina was already Gina for Raja union

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motel Tina EMA una ICA Youjizz una hora Phetchaburi mouseflow battle one unit con fe Hattah he down one Santa Hardeen Fe has units Mustafa

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Alma uma yeah that will be coming up be Lola Dora.

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co Rui Minh Janita?

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