Virtues of the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah #03

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Lia shadow manaphy

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koosman law you see

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wa salatu salam ala

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nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira maga. Welcome brothers and sisters to a new episode from this series where we are discussing the virtues of the candidate of the future. We are also discussing some of the activities and acts and deeds that we can do during these 10 days of elijah. We are discussing some rulings regarding the acts that we can do during these 10 days of

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almost no matter the Allahu taala and one of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if they can they have them the job is stopped, and one of you wants to sacrifice to offer the sacrifice the balcony, then he should not have his hair cut, nor he should cut his nails nor he should take anything from his skin. So he should not cut his hair or have his hair cut or hair cut, nor should trim his nails nor he should take from his skin.

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Now, this hadith is telling us that if we want to do the sacrifice, double burning the opia, which is one of the unique ads that can be done on the during the job or the during the last day of those 10 days, the 10th day of the year, plus the three days after that, it cannot be done and any other time, there is no prayer during Ramadan, there is no opium during the 10 days of

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this act, if we want to do it, and it is highly recommended that it should be done as we will see, then the person should not cut his hair or her hair, he should not cut his nails he should not trim them, nor he should take any of his skin without Of course any. What does that mean? Look at this panel. Even Roger and many other scholars say that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam wants to give us those who are not going to give us an opportunity similar to those who have the opportunity to go for height, this is the wisdom of sharina This is the law of the law. So those who are going for help, they will at a certain point, it is not allowed for them to have their hair cut or to have

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their nails trimmed or to do certain activities. But we if we don't go for help, we are not going to be in a state of health we will not be in that same sacred district the state of Iran, but we can simulate them and a walk the Lord Allah gave us the opportunity to simulate them, this is one thing then Allah Allah Allah is giving us the other great opportunity which is what which is the sacrifice the order here, which is a very highly recommended act. In fact, many scholars considered it what it means obligatory to be done, and as many other heidy which we will go through in Java once we talk about the many scholars say that the overhear to borrow money in order to sacrifice the object is

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more virtuous than giving sadaqa because the overhear what will happen, you will give sadaqa you will give part of it as a soda and a light deliver. Allah likes people sacrificing animals slaughtering animals for his sake. And that's why a warden Oh ALLAH says, Well, I'll say when I was a lawyer mentioned Seurat in a pineapple culture in Napa in Atlanta for Simon Lilia Nico and for some he performed the Salah when one cup means what slaughtered something for the sake of Lafayette, Louisiana. We know the other Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the best of height is what I joined with each hour I do what I do means to allow the

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Your voice doing cambia what they do is what to slaughter an animal for the sake of Allah gem Nevada, so the blood to pour the blood of those animals for the sake of Allah, Allah. So if you want to do the opia, and it is highly recommended to do it, then follow the instructions of the province of the law to send them given in this Huggy. Before the 10 days of the hedger, don't cut your story within those 10 days of the job, don't cut your hair, don't trim your nails, and don't take anything from your skin.

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Now, in order to get ready for this, just before the beginning of the beginning of the first day of the project, you need to have your hair cut your nails cut in order to be ready, because you are you will not be able to have your hair cut and nails cut for that 10 days of the cake. You need to witness that. So if you don't know, when the first day of Elijah is going to start, what are you going to do just put yourself on the safe side, so on 2018 on 29th of delta the month before, you need to prepare yourself for that great opportunity. Now, if it happened, if it happened, that you have your head cap after the beginning of the year, or maybe you trim your nails after the beginning

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of the year, does that stop you from here? No,

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that does not stop you from doing the sacrifice. Because of Lucha Libre, Allah wants to give the opportunity. And if it happened, that you manage to if it happened that you managed to prepare yourself Alhamdulillah if you couldn't, then we say just from the minute you decided to do the opia or from the minute you knew about this Hadith, or from the minute you knew about the beginning of the picture, then stop cutting your nails or cutting your hair. Once we talk about cutting the hair, we are not talking about cutting your the head on your head on leap, but we are also talking about cutting your moustache. And to be on the safe side, don't cut the the other types of hair on your

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body just to be on the safe side. Again, only to be on the safe side don't have the nails of your finger have your fingers cut and also the nails of your toes cut just to put yourself on the safe side and then you will be fulfilling this happy now we know that the opia covered you and the household members as many scholars say. So, now this heading is it applicable upon the person who is doing the sacrifice and members of his household of his household or is it limited to him means if I want to make a sacrifice that I should not have my hair cut my nails cut

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and do I impose this on my children and my wife because my hair is going to cover them or this ruling is limited to me know according to most of the scholars, this ruling is limited to me I am the person who is going who is going to offer the option the providing the sacrifice. So, I should observe this and the members of the family who are not offering this up here they have the flexibility to have their hair cut and their nails cut as well and the ruling does not apply to them. I remember a person asked me and he said that in certain cultures also they demand avoidance to have a sexual relationship with his wife because they say that you do it in touch as well. We are

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not allowed to have sexual relationship with our wives and we say that is not true and there is no supporting the need for that some people as well say can we apply perfume during these 10 days of the lecture and we say yes of course you can apply perfume during these 10 days of the picture and there is no problem on that what so ever you we cannot do okay is here. And remember we are not doing as we are doing exactly the during the head. And the other question that comes here is when do we can when can we start cutting our our head

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or cutting our names, we we start by the memory of the last day of delta, that is the start means the matter because the memory, the memory of the last day of delta that in fact, it is the memory that belongs to the first day of the, I hope that the matter is clear, because then I belongs to the day after that according to Sharia, then I does not belong to the day that it that preceded it. This is the start, when do we end? So, we started by the first day of the picture, from the memory of the night before the first day of the picture, and we continue until when we continue until we sacrifice our object or Oban. When do we sacrifice our poor Bernie, we sacrifice our money on the 10th day of

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the year, we go to selective aid. And once we come back from selectively we started the company, once the band is slotted, then we can start by trimming our nails and cutting our hair before that no, even if Imagine if we delayed the sacrifice double damage to the 11th day or to the 12th day or to the 13th day then we should not cut our hair until we sacrifice the organic and this is exactly what the judge are doing the whole job they should is stone and then after starting they should sacrifice once they sacrifice they are able to cut their hair and they can remove part of their home. So it is kind of simulation for what they do in sha Allah. We will continue some other virtues

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of the future. We will continue talking about some other rulings of the acts that we can do during this during these 10 days of the hijab in the coming episode. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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