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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Anna so you do now Muhammad in Wagga and he was happy he had humanity and we're about to welcome to our Ramadan halacha which is titled The path and we are talking about oh we are having a commentary on the book by event predominantly see the famous book, Dr. Solomon had Cassadine and abridgement of the path of the seekers. And

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we have reached a point and just a reminder that this book is actually an abridgment of the book of YBNL Jozi, which is called manhandle possibly in the path of the seekers, which was actually an attempt to purify and improve and fix the perceived flaws in the book of

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Allah Zaarly, which is here or along with Dean. So we we are in the first part of the book, The first section of the book, it has four main sections. This one is about Babel, a Baghdad,

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which is already about that, which is the section on worship.

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So he started speaking about knowledge. So he started a badass worship act of worship with knowledge. And we said, this means that knowledge is one of the great acts of worship or problem, and it's necessary for other acts of worship because no worship be accepted, or no worship will be correct. Without the proper knowledge. It's a condition for performing acts of worship.

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We reached a point as he was speaking about the types of

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Islamic sciences or Islamic knowledge Allah Allah mashallah, yeah, so he says, The MLR a normal shell here for Kulu Han moda with an casumo Del Sol Dyneema 401. Mocha DeMatting. One more tournament, he says, as to the stomach sciences that pertain to Islam to Sharia, all of them are praiseworthy, and they are divided into primary foundational and, moreover, secondary or branches. So he's speaking about he says, friend also looky Tabouleh, heater, Hannah, also natural Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wedgemount on our ethical Sahaba he's saying the foundations

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include the book of Allah, to Allah and the Sunnah of the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the consensus of the amount of the nation and the narrations from the companions of all the Allahu Anhu meaning these are the sources

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well for man for him, I mean, how do you know Solomon man in

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tonight Badland all had things for him. I mean Lululemon fourth, what are you really had? For him? I mean, I love the animal food, what are you he cannot for him and only he lay up there probably while we're at one Anahola Kobe, Japan. And for all the branches are the secondary and these are derivatives if you'd like I think that's a more accurate way derivatives that are that are derived from an understood from the main sources that were mentioned above. So he's saying these are the points that are understood and drawn from the,

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from the foundational sources, these are meanings that people's intellect people's minds managed to comprehend, and derive from the sources.

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Sometimes they are derived directly from the apparent meaning, the literal meaning sometimes from other than that, just as He gives an example, he says, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam lay up live all the way around the world, one that a judge should not

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discuss or should not deal with a case, if he is in a state of anger, he is emotionally aroused. So, so, he says, and also an understanding from this is that he should not deal with a case when he is hungry. So this is one is taken from or derived and understandings derived from the literal meaning, which is a judge should not make a judgement when he is in a state of anger. But a meaning that is understood from that and derived from that from the meaning not necessarily from the literal word is that he should not also make a judgement when he is in a state of hunger because all of these are not optimal states. They sort of

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affect the mind and the

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clarity, mental clarity, well market demands

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market demand, these are like the principles here, let the digital image on that or the mat again, so that that depends on the context. So let's read his whole statement, then I'll translate it wasn't about the material that it actually imagined that came in. We were lucky enough on my editing they didn't make it tabula. He was a Saudi Salalah when he was the man these are like,

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prerequisites. So he's he means here by the mat. Prerequisites, prerequisites These are tools. These are necessary tools just like knowing Arabic grammar, and linguistics. Because these are the tool that helps us know and understand the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the messenger SallAllahu sallam. Well, not me, Matt is comparing the prerequisites with the like supplementary

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sciences will not only Matka enemy al Qaeda Otto Mahajan, who can only be as many as you and Hadith who either let him or hurt him. Throughout the year. Lucia Yokohama Muda. The supplementary ones are the ones like the Federal Art, the different readings, the points of articulation, the way we pronounce the words for the tweet, for example, and the knowledge of the names of the narrator's of Hadith and their conditions in their states.

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These are again these are supplementary because these are more advanced. And

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they're not necessary for someone to understand the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim. They are not the primary tools, but they are obviously when you become more advanced, they become more important more necessary. So he says, These are a normal shall hear the Religious Sciences and all of them are praiseworthy, and new chapter first lawn first lon fairly minimal.

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Now, a new chapter or a new heading on the knowledge of Elmo Amande dealing with Allah, because he said he referred to if you remember, he said the reality of knowledge that is obligatory upon Muslims or upon humans is that the knowledge of how the servant treats or deals with Allah. And so it's called an Mohammed treatment. So he's speaking about this, he's creating a heading heading on this specifically, anyone in Miami the knowledge of that pertains to treatment or dealing with a loss and how to add the unmet emotional animala we're in what where they'll be so he's saying the knowledge of treatment

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or the science of dealing with Allah is the science that pertains to the states of the heart spiritual states call how v one Raja II whatever was suitably with a philosophy while at dyadic, such as fear and all

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Elijah hope in a lot of rebar, contentment and pleasure with Allah Souter, truthfulness, authenticity, well if loss which is sincerity, and others for how that anymore, whatever IB he came out with, it is this science or this knowledge that raised the big scholars will be used to harlot and coddle them and by

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mastering it and achieving it, their knowledge or their names became widespread and famous, such as Sofia and authority or be Hanifa Malika Shafi.

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So, so he's basically emphasizing the importance of importance of this knowledge and he's saying that this is the secret that made the big scholars big.

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Were in them and help us reach back to the most amenable for equilibrium and typically McCormack literature only him the swirl meme and then Alan FC and Tableau Illa. Hacker he will terminate because and he's saying the reason that the rank of some of those cold for her and eliminate some of those who are given the title of fuqaha scholars or fifth or or scholars, the reason some of them had low status or low ranks from the ranks of the greater ones is because they preoccupied themselves with the apparent manifestations of knowledge like the image of knowledge without truly taking themselves to achieve the realities of this kind of knowledge and without

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understanding its depth. Its hidden gems and and establishing them in themselves. One to digital for key highlights. I can learn more

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Feel Bihari will Lionni was simply one me, we will definitely add a little something to all of you when I tell you either Miss editing minha while I had to kill them off in class, whether you had the luminaria or what I had the Allah He felt do it in the NFE a man he will A will have a look if you think as you see, there are fapy

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Speaking about Vihar it's a form of divorce or separation temporary the separation

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or abandonment of the wife will Lian and obviously this whole issue of accusations, right? If if a husband accuses his wife of committing

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the sin of Xena or vice versa, etc. So there's a whole context about this was separately which is I think here is racing what Rami which is

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archery here, where you will forever tough reality let eternally adversity, how can I tell you in MSLT, Mina, and this person talks about all the details, the possible scenarios, etcetera, where his time years are spent in this. And none of these issues is of any practical value to this person. It doesn't need because they don't actually manifest in his life.

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And he does not speak about sincerity, and he does not.

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He's not cautious when it comes to matters of showing off and react. When when if last year sincerity and, you know, caution against Ria and showing off is an obligation as an individual obligation upon him. Because if he does not really fulfill these conditions, and does not pay attention to these issues of class,

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then it's going to be his destruction, like he's going to fall into what will destroy him. Whereas the details and the branches and the imaginary scenarios he's dealing with and spending his life trying to figure out are actually a collective obligation. Like they're not an obligation upon him as an individual. But they're just something that if they're if they are taken care of by any group of scholars, that's enough.

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That he says will also be there and indebted Turkey limoneira Akasha. TV nefs even if Rossi what, let me a canonical job. And if he were to be asked as to what is the reason that he is so preoccupied with other issues, and he's not

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putting himself to check when it comes to sincerity showing off? He would not have a genuine answer will also in an inlet usually he'd be really handy one rummy that I had offered to Kiva at Sadhak. And if you were to be asked as to why he's preoccupied with these details, again about you know, these FIP he detailed issues and likes,

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rulings that have to do with competition and races and racing, etc.

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Then he would say this is a collective obligation, and he is truthful in this way that can have your ally and then he Saba Fallbrook evaluating Avon Valletta Shalabi. But it's, it seems that he's not even aware of that. Even math is a collective obligation. So why doesn't he preoccupy himself with it, so it is never good reason. We're in Never Too bad, actually, he Neff soon, but it is the self, his own ego, his own neffs deceiving him beautifying the sciences for him

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is very important. The end namak. So there has been a reason it was so much soluble modality nebulizer because the desire of the ego of the nurse to show off and to, you know, become

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known and noticed by others can be achieved by getting into debates with regards to these scenarios, these details this is this this point is that because it was a point where students of knowledge or scholars would debate and they would be known for this, so bring people's attention to them. It would bring some popularity, some attention to them. Whereas math is not a big deal. So it's not going to bring attention. It's not going to bring popularity and fame to this person. And this is very important for our times. So he's speaking here about for a while. He's speaking about scholars, and he's saying the reason these people are there, their attention is drawn to matters of collective

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obligation, meaning they're not top priority for this person specifically, when matters of top priority are being ignored and completely overlooked. Why

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If you were to ask the person that would say, Oh, it's a collective obligation, like as if this is like a big word, but he's saying the reality is that this person is under the deception of his own neffs his own self, and ego. And the reason he's drawn to this is because it brings it achieves the involvement in these matters in the sciences, is going to get him into debates into

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into situations that will draw people's attention, and will give him a name. And he will be recognized and noticed. So he's saying, this is why this person is drawn to this knowledge, but he has not checked himself has not checked himself. And this is some something very important because we in our times are not far from this as well. Oftentimes, we are so attached and by the way, Mr. Wagner, Josie Rahimullah, the author of the original book, he actually, he draws the attention so much to this about people preoccupied, being preoccupied with the outer image of knowledge, and how it looks and the social accolades and recognition that result from it. But they're not really

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sincere in seeking the knowledge for its own sake, where they could truly benefit purify the hearts and come closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. So this issue has been emphasized here again, he says, while I'm in love with God, with the little valve, we're here to reflect today, we have a lot of issues that are important for students of knowledge, and people of knowledge, and that they should really take these matters seriously. So you're saying well, I'm not going to put the little follow on we're Hollyford we're not good at it. And and let me read her Salah for Salah, he's saying and know that some terms, some terminology has been changed has been displaced. And they've been

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transferred to meanings that were not intended. By these words. When the words were used by the early generations. Specifically here he's talking about the companions. And it's been, I mean that he can Alpha One of these is the word el fit.

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For encounter salsa fulfill hibbett dassies they have narrowed down its meaning for her so who the manufacturer will follow anywhere in any. So they have the grown to use it only for knowledge of matters of the branches have the details of the branches. And by the way, this is the case today. And

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the and the reasoning behind them. One of Canada's most effective in Australia a Willimon polygon in the military.

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When I refer to the fat in the force, you will see that in Ironman Whoa What the hell but if you have audited dunya or should that it totally alien and even Asha was the law. And hopefully it will be he's saying but in the early in the first era and the first time which is the time of the Prophet SOS unlimited companions at the time being. The title as was applied, or would refer was meant to refer to knowing the path to the airfield on the path to the last day to the final day, when I defeated the force, the force and knowledge and awareness of the intricacies and the hidden aspects of the flaws of the neffs and the ego and the matters of the nest that corrupt the person's a

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person's deeds and actions

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proper understanding the profound understanding of the law of loneliness of this life with this worldly life and the attachment and eagerness to the blessings of Jana in the NFL, and that the heart is governed and controlled by fear. Short proper fear of Allah's healthy fear of Allah subhanaw taala What do you daddy call it has an honestly Rahim Allah in nemid Filthy Hosea head off in dunya Eduardo Bofill after el Basir will be dealing he al muda we more Allah Allah Allah that you won't be I'll worry I will care for all the Muslim in

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a fee for unwinding him and NASA hula home. This is why it has an imbecile he said him Allah to Allah. They obey the real knowledgeable person is the person who is it does not have an attachment to this dunya and who is attached to the AF era who has wisdom and insight with matters of the deen religion. The person who is consistent in worshipping Allah Subhan Allah to Allah.

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The person who is very cautious when it comes to the rights of other Muslims

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upon himself

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the person who does not look forward to people's money he does not have greed when it comes to what you know people's wealth and money and possessions and NASA hold on who's sincere in wanting good for them. So, the candidate block of him is malefic he eliminated actuality act file. So in the past, they used to use or they use the word fix the title to refer to knowledge about matters of the Pharaoh. For the most part, the end now will let me convert and I will end in fatwah. So the issue the concept of facts did not really include the concept of fatwa and giving fatwa well I can Kanemoto now will like not directly the title Fichte did not directly refer to fatwah

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but fatwa came in by extension he's explained here we're lacking cannot and now will need adequate articles and when we were small, but it included fatwah just because sometimes it was used as a general filler was used as a general term but it was not specifically about matters of what we call today again so the language now has become so well established. For thought I'm inheritances it'll be so bad.

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Can be so bad in Nazjatar Rudy

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Lehmann fatawa Valhalla where they had all the unhealthy minimum amenity will airflow so he's saying because of this narrowing down of the meaning of the concept many people

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put their attention completely and solely on knowledge of the fact well how to get fit what about you know, matters of the branches practical matters etc whereas completely neglecting on overlooking anything that has to do with securing the accuracy

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so that's the first terminology is discussing second terminology you saying this this has been transferred have been displaced these mean the these titles I love the Thani LLM knowledge

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this is the second word is going to talk about candidate block or anything maybe later Hello we'll be at he used to be applied to knowledge about Allah and His signs or his versus a near me he was early if anybody which means knowledge about Allah and knowledge about his blessings

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and about his actions when it comes to the creation

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for her so who was a movie he Phil Valley,

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Elmo now we're monography Mr. ineffectual novela famous and in fact he was in Canada hidden victims and will not let if he himself in Canada and embittered Sierra. So they narrowed down again this when they describe someone as a person of alien person of knowledge. So they have narrowed down this application to the person who only engages in discussions that have to do with branches with methods of branches, which again we've called facts right?

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Even if this person has no knowledge, about tafsir, which is the words of ALLAH, the signs of Allah, the verses of Allah, and Allah Akbar, which are here, these are the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and another the third is the third, the third term that has been displaced at to hate what God cannot allocate shallot and Isla and tell us more about him in a lie to Hannah who yet and telco bottle LT Fattah isn't as valuable was for you tomorrow daddy Katha Wakulla our real ball. So he's saying to hate the word to hate. It was it was used to refer to the fact that you see everything from Allah subhanaw taala you see how everything is coming from Allah subhanaw taala in a way that

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separates you and detaches you from the immediate causes.

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And from the means, which are again these are causes real causes but you see Allah as the ultimate cause. So this brings into your heart or breathes into your heart trust in Allah to what could reliance on Allah and pleasure with Allah worker during an antibiotic and synaptic anatomy fill or soul whether they come in among karate industry, but now speaking about to hate is all about, again,

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philosophical logical discussions it's become like an industry or like a science and discipline on how to word things and how to derive this and that and basically philosophical logical arguments. So and he says this is something that the other generations really

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they spoke against they did not approve of

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and lovable rabbit the fourth term that he's drawing attention to active kill with decal self care with reminder and

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again, revival of the heart etcetera.

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By letter Allah with a caffeine addict rotten, meaning sorted there yet Allah said and remind because the reminder benefits

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The believers were calling the views also lamina and rotten variable Jannetty photo. The Prophet SAW Selim says if you pass by the gardens of Jana, then sit down bask in the beauty for Allah God one variable Jana, they said, Oh, what are the gardens of Paradise on Messenger of Allah? Allah Majelis will Dicker he said the settings or the gatherings where people do this they're not going to dedicate a lot of resources so they transferred this and applied it the term vicar to telling stories when people sit down and tell stories about so and so did this he did that. Again the stories people love stories right until today we have this issue what may after we ally in your

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manager, Magellan prejudicial oil costs him in a shopper who worked on math and whatever, you know, the disapproved things that you will find in these gatherings where the layman gather around a person who is very well spoken, and he starts just telling them stories without real benefit

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Okay, so

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Okay, so yeah, I'm gonna skip some statements here because he just goes into details and there's no need to talk about this a little harmless and hokhmah the fifth term he wants to draw attention to ACHEMA wisdom. He says well hekman to enrollment will be the reality of wisdom is actually learning the science the knowledge and acting upon it, living by it. I love No katiba him Hola Hola, como Raju, Hakeem and hit the edge Emmanuel Macron. I'm an imminent contabo him a lot. He said a man would not be wise until he combines and joins knowledge and action are consolidated the list block off he had as a man and a baby will mourn a gym. So and he said now this term is applied to doctors,

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medical doctors, and until today and until I think until recently, and most of the Arab world a doctor would be called packing medical doctor until now actually it's being used sometimes, but it's not very common. Well, Mona Jim and astronomers Oh as people actually studying astrology Okay.

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And you had in here

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Yeah, I think we can deal with this today, while I'm in the room and first of all, if it were normal to have more chatter or a heading on praiseworthy knowledge and sciences, why not and then aluminum mods and classy muglia Plus mean is saying and praiseworthy knowledge is divided into two first model Allah Azza piety will model in Uppsala Yachty Wakulla, McKenna actor canon cinema one. So this is a knowledge that is praiseworthy because of

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that is ultimately praiseworthy because it directly leads to the best outcomes or the leads to the best purposes it serves the best purposes what cool Americana UK third canon cinema the more you get this knowledge, the better it is. Well, who will Elmo be later Anna obviously 30 here with Addy. We're Hekmati, Vita table Filati and a duniya inha global nudity. So it says this is knowledge of Allah in knowledge about Allah, about his name, about his attributes, about his actions, and about his wisdom in how he lost one hotel connected this dunya to the actual, what is the connection between them, so in a hair that anyone mclubbe Only that here, this is a knowledge that is

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praiseworthy in itself, it has innate

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intrinsic value in itself. It is an end in itself, what the wasabi heedless, either it's an accurate and it's also a means to the happiness and salvation on the Day of Judgment, where who will battle whether you're able to recall what loud rock or horrible and this knowledge, this knowledge through knowledge, we cannot reach the ultimate levels in it because it's it's way way deep. We're in MA home on how we mourn. And so we're here to you, I'd love to hear because we met in your salon, but the reality of those who seek it, they they get a little bit of it, they fly around it or over it around its shores. So as basically they're just on the shores of it. They don't care as much as

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Allah allows. But again, because this is knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala Alka smo Thani, the second type of praiseworthy knowledge and Illuminati layer from Illumina in Lambeth Darwin muscles. These are sciences that there are only praiseworthy to a specific limit, where you let either Khurana ham inferable key Fiat and these are the collective obligations. These are.

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They are they are necessary but

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Not everyone needs to learn them. If some people, a group of people, you know, learn them, then bring the benefit out of them. It's enough. But they, they, because they are useful, but they are not useful. It's not useful that everyone needs them, there's no need for everyone to know them, you only need a handful of people who are able or enough people to, to master them, that would be sufficient.

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For enough equally min have to call on what you saw on was the saw and because in each one of those collective obligations there is if Takara there is a level of need collective need, we need them. Like we need medicine, we need mathematics, right? We need a lot of the sciences today, the world, the sciences, today, they are necessary, but not everyone needs to be a science scientist or a doctor, etc. Work discipline.

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And there is a threshold that when you reach it, that's it you don't need to go deeper into this knowledge.

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For example,

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there are sciences that are beneficial up to a certain point, but then they become more of a luxury with no practical benefit. So he's saying there's a threshold, there's a point there's a limit to their benefit, what's that saw on and he says there is also

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a room for these sciences that sometimes if you want to follow if you want to pursue them, there's no end for them. But again, when this kind of pursuit is beyond the point of benefit, it should not be pursued. He's saying for Roger Laney image wouldn't be enough sick. And this is very important, by the way, for quoting I had during the memorable and BFC court in Manhattan federal and they really care about that followed him and message. He saying Be one of one of those two types of people. Either someone who is busy taking care of yourself again, in teaching yourself educating yourself cultivating yourself. We're in Malmo federal, and they really care about the 30 Minute sick

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or someone who has already benefited yourself, you've benefited benefited yourself. You've learned you've educated yourself and cultivated yourself. And now you are working on helping other people be one of those two people or the first stage of learning for yourself, purifying yourself cultivating yourself or if you have secured this level you move on to start starting to help others. Well, yeah, can they still 11 b minus Jehovah God bless law enough. Second, he says beware of trying to fix others who help others before you fix yourself.

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Which doesn't be a slightly about any coward here him and as defatted Domina can help see what has said the word RIA will urge public slide by Eric and he says and busy yourself keep busy beep stay preoccupied with fixing your inner dimension,

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the inner part of who you are, but fixing it, purifying it from the evil traits such as greed,

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envy, showing off

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self deceit and pride

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before you engage with fixing your outer dimension,

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right, so many people that says oh, what are you talking about? Right? Well, that's what our scholars that's that's how I was. That's how our early generations dealt with Islam. This is how they dealt with themselves. This is how the scholars approached Islam.

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The emphasis is on the inner dimension because that's the foundation for the external dimension for the outward aspects of who we are. But we have grown into a culture where we know nothing we don't even recognize the inner dimension and we just talk about external things pray oh, just perform the act of prayer fast just perform the external you know, part of fasting and just do things say God say you know, say good words that's it, but there's no attention to where this comes from what is the foundation of all of this?

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So and he says was at that he can insha Allah fuel bill Mollica he says we're going to talk about these issues these evil traits like greed, envy show etc.

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We're in the section of the book where we talk about the things that destroy

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the unlimited unlimited to follow them and daddy Kafka touched a little bit a little bit give it saying if you have not secured your inner dimension,

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these obligations, fixing yourself purifying yourself

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and then fixing your external part. If you have not mastered the obligatory individual, the obligation upon yourself with regards to this do not

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Head towards collective obligations Keifa for all the work if I do not collective obligations, don't get into them before you secure What is your individual responsibility for inevitability get here on your own and be there like there are among the creation among people there are others who carry that.

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For him number one he cannot see if you tolerate the salah heavy Sufi Han, he's saying it's a foolish person who ignores himself and leaves himself to destruction in order to try to pursue something in order to fix others or fix the collective

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one method or method or method of mandala tilaka reboot after theory what will you do Budo banner ad saying this is the example of someone who is trying to wave flies away from another person while the scorpions have creeped into his into his own clothes.

00:35:55--> 00:36:26

Interval a lot I mean, FC got up here Rika woman other than IQ for sterility before all the will give the writer Dr. Jaffe like you saying and if you reach a point where you have secured and you have finished and you are done purifying yourself and your ego when he says and how far fetched that is. Then now you can engage with the collective obligations with fidelity via or actor dot RWJF.

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00:36:29--> 00:36:51

take an incremental approach a proper gradual approach today Vicki tabula. I'm going to come back to this and we're just going to make some commentary on this interview. I love them enough. See it Vicki Tabby Leigh isodiol, from abishola to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam to maybe aroma or an immune active seer, women Nassif and woman so home I want to share with you like Alex was saying start with the book of Allah.

00:36:53--> 00:37:04

Then with the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Salam, then with the signs of the Quran, like Tafseer and the abrogated verses and

00:37:05--> 00:37:08

the definitive meanings and the

00:37:10--> 00:37:54

more of the open meanings again, and others look at this kind of gradualism, right incremental approach. Look at Alec Fe sunnah. And the same with the Sunnah for much struggle before or after that you get into the branches, the secondary issues were also a pain and the principles of whack at that appear to elude me Allah Myotis Hola, hola mo inside of Iraq, and so on, so on and so forth, the same methodology with all of the other sciences and as much as your lifespan allow, and as much as your conditions allow, well, that's a standard Ramallah camera on like, even in my head monopolar ballistic saw and did not spend your whole life just studying one

00:37:55--> 00:38:35

field of knowledge trying to master everything in it, for in Mecca theory will unlock also yet because knowledge is abundant. And life is short for how the universe, Allah to Anuradha, we have a Euro ha and these sciences are just means these are tools that are used, utilized for another purpose. So they serve a purpose. Well, Calusa, your Nutella Booderee Falaj Embury and noon, Saffy Hill Motlow and everything you pursue as a tool, you should not forget that it's a tool. And you should not lose yourself in the tool and forget the end. I said, I want to come back to a statement here. He says, When you have finished taking care of yourself, purifying yourself and cultivating

00:38:35--> 00:38:47

yourself, inwardly and outwardly. And he says how far that is, it's a far fetched goal, then you start getting into collective obligations and be incremental.

00:38:50--> 00:39:39

This is a big problem today, you find students of knowledge, getting into matters that requires Congress matters that are not an individual obligation, they are a collective obligation. But these people are so hasty, before even learning the basics about Islam and look, he's not saying learn the basics. He's saying master everything work on yourself, purify your inner dimension, your greed, your envy, your jealousy, your your sense of showing right pride, et cetera, purify that before you start working on the externals. And when you have secured this inner dimension, and then the external, then now you start moving towards collective obligations. You see how messed up a lot of

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

the, you know, I would say attempts and people trying to learn this now I'm trying to replace them you find someone just hardly learned the basics. They're unable even to read Quran and they start talking about what you start talking about. Very huge, big issues. Then they start talking about advanced students of knowledge. Then they start talking about scholars

00:40:00--> 00:40:27

You should take from this not don't take from this person, this person is upon Bedard, this person has this, this person has that. And this is why we are in a chaotic state. It's a mess. It's a mess because the advice of the scholars has not been taken. And you cannot study Islam in a way on a path that is not incongruent. And that's not congruent with the path of the scholars. They've been through these pitfalls and they know what's going on. They've seen people take that path and where that leads.

00:40:28--> 00:40:46

So I hope this I mean, we can we can benefit from this he has more to say about this inshallah we're going to leave this for next time but in the light Anna, I hope you guys are again, having a wonderful Ramadan. And may Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us to Zakum Allah. See you next time Salam Alikum rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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