Does A Medicine Taken Under The Tongue, Sublingual, Break One’s Fast? Ask Shaykh YQ #189

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sr, Sina or Cena from Albania Masha Allah emails, and she says that she stopped for some particular chronic disease or issue and she needs retic regular medication every few hours, she must take medication. Otherwise, there's a severe backlash and rumble bond is coming up. And there is a sublingual tablet, a tablet that you put under the tongue that she can use. She doesn't have to ingest the regular magic medication is ingesting, but there is an alternative that you can put under the tongue. And she says, if she does not take this medication, she will not be able to fast. So what should she do? Should she take this medication under the tongue? Or should she take a photo?

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And will this break the fast or not? One?

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auto send me Kobe, Nika in Reja, learn Jalan No, hey, la him first.

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Now, this goes back to a much longer issue, I have actually given a longer detailed lecture about the fasting. But today's question is specifically about this issue. And the question really is what breaks the fast in terms of ingestion? What breaks the fast? Is it something that goes into the bloodstream? Or is it something that goes, you know, into the throat? Or is it a nourishing substance that goes into the bloodstream or the throat, all of these are various interpretations of the of the folk Aha. And this is a controversy that existed even before and with the advent of modernity. And with the advent of drips, and with you know, syringes and giving medication of

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different ways than obviously, the discussion has been compounded. However, if you look at the actions of this, however, it does seem to be that they understood that something that goes in the mouth, but not into the throat, that that does not break the fast. And it is authentically reported that a number of companions would maybe taste the food. And that's why many books are filled, allow the cook who is under a lot of pressure, you know, to taste the food while fasting, and it's not going to break the fast, or a mother of the Sahaba. And you know, in those days, when there was a two year old or a one year old, you know, how are you going to give food to them, you know, we don't

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do this anymore. But what they will do, they will take a date or something and chew it a little bit, and then become soft, and they give it to that child because they didn't have the baby food, right. So they will chew a little bit and then give it to that child. Now they will do this while they were fasting. And they didn't consider to break the fast. And so from this, so many of our modern scholars have said and this is the first fight we're given by image my physical Islami, which is the global field council following the Muslim World League, which is one of the largest field councils of the globe. Today, I'll measure my filter does not mean they gave a fatwa in a detailed session

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that they had about these issues. And it was published you can find it online. And they said that and I quote from the fatwa medicines that are placed under the tongue do not break the fast so long as one avoid swallowing anything and nothing reaches the throat Okay, so you have to be super careful that you put it under the tongue and until it dissolves, you do not you know, put anything inside of your mouth. Once it dissolves. Then you may wash your mouth with water and then spit it out so that there's no remnants left. But putting medication under the tongue or the technical term. sublingual is something that does not break the fast and it is something that is allowed. So you may

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fast and you may take this medication and a lot subhana wa tada knows best.

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