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cinelerra hunter Hamlet Hamlet laserable alameen wa salatu salam when I say the no one of you know Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi at nine, firstly to all my brothers and sisters out there Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Today we are going to cover the Battle of butter where Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam had a miracle this this battle was a miracle. This was one of the more users and one of the things that allowed us to delegate to the prompts that Allah has. And in fact, what happened is

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about nine years prior to the Battle of of mother, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was still in McCallum, koderma there was a whole thing about the Persian Empire, and the the baizen teen Empire, or the Christians and the sort of fire worshippers, they were the two superpowers of the world at the time. And each each few years, what would happen is that you would get either the, the sort of Christian Byzantines Empire ruling over defeating or defeating the Persian Empire, or you'd find that there's a big there's a big defeat, but the Persian Empire sort of calls to the to the Byzantine Empire. Or what happened is about nine years prior to the Battle of burden

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you know, he revealed some verses, and these verses are quite significant. These verses are found in sort of a room. Now what happened is the Byzantine Empire is part of the Roman large Empire. And that time, while the Muslims were in Makkah, the Persians gave the Byzantines Empire, they sort of had Halloween over them. And the mushrikeen or the policies of Macau were very happy. They were rejoicing. And the rejoicing for the fact that the Persian Empire were fire worship as they they believed in other gods besides Allah, right, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the Muslims were closer to the hallowed kita or the People of the Book hole, you'd say the the Jews and the

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Christians. So when that happened and the mushrikeen were rejoicing over.

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They were reducing over this little battle that happened. It was a way of them getting back at the Muslim saying that you know, you will, you will not succeed. And Allah revealed at that time remember this, okay? A lot of good nine years prior to this day. Allah says,

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Hello prime if you look at the beginning of surah room, Allah is willing to grow at this moment. Yes, the Roman Empire has suffered a defeat fee added up at the lowest point of the of the earth. And this was actually the very place where omalu to a destroyed well whom been by the viola be in 70, buena de mitomycin a. And Allah said after a few years, and this this word in Arabic is is quite significant when Allah says Phoebe Dyson in between three to nine years, that's what he actually means between three to about southridge, about 10 years between that much time the Romans will defeat the Persians on a day when they believe his will also rejoice.

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Yo my evening after noon, and in Australia, the believers who are the who are the Muslims, they will under the very same day, they are going to rejoice for a help of Allah that came to them. Little did Allah Israel say to anybody who, what that is, okay, this was nine years prior to the Baffler. But that are happening. Nine years prior to that Allah was telling the believers that you're going to get a big help, they didn't know he was going to be about my brother. This was on a day when Allah was going to give the believers the Muslims a great triumph over the mushrikeen of Makkah over the politics of Makkah, who would have known that that was the very thing that Allah was alluding to, at

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that time, nine years before it and Satan, Abu Bakar Allah who, at that time when when when these verses were revealed, he said this, he announces the mushrikeen, who made mock reality and at that moment, it was halaal to bet okay betting became haram later on. So say that our workers put a bet down. He said, I bet you this is going to happen between you know, this many years. And it happens, happens just before the 10th year so within the for just after nine years, it happens that this whole this whole battle took place. And Allah gave victory to the to the believers. Now what happened with the whole bulb and why so why is this so significant? It's so significant because not

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only is it a miracle

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But Allah sent angels from the sky to come down to the earth to help the believers. No other battle has got such a significance. And what's most significant is that the believers or the or the Muslims, they were not ready for a battle Allah gave permission for, for them to defend themselves Allah gave permission. When the Sula Salah Harrison he migrated to Madina munawwara. So the ayat was in a Latina pata Luna, Johan de Lune, those people who are being slain, Allah says, Well, I give I give you permission now to defend yourself. So that those are the eyes that came down yet no fighting had occurred. What happened is, you gotta you gotta understand the the whole, the whole

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reason the reasons behind the battle about what the prophet sallallahu wasallam did is he had left McCallum karma. Okay, so when he was 53 years old, with the Sahaba, that were being persecuted in Mecca, Kakuma, he left

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McCallum karma and he had tears rolling down his eyes when he turned around to McCallum karma. And I don't look if it wasn't for your people that I wouldn't I wouldn't have left you know, when Bruce Willis last left MCE, when the Sahaba, they left their properties behind, they left their belongings behind many of them left, whatever they whatever they could carry, they carried on a camel or, you know, on whatever conveyancing was, but a lot of them left behind what they what they, you know, couldn't carry, all that all those things, they left behind the poor, he got together, and they auctioned all these houses, and assets off, right. And then they took the monies together, put the

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monies together, and they sent a caravan. So this was like a whole trail of camels, they send these businessmen off from a mechanic or not to go knows, go to Syria, the greatest sort of Sham, go over there, make trade and buy weapons. And what they wanted is they wanted them to buy a lot of weapons come down all the way back to mechanical armor. And then they wanted to train for one year, this was the whole idea that we're going to get this, you know, we're going to make this trade. And then once we've got the, you know, once you've got the weapons, we're going to train, how to use these weapons in market. These are the policies making this plan. We're going to train how to use these weapons,

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and then after one year of training, we're going to march all the way to Madina munawwara Wow, that was cool yesterday, but the time, we're going to march over there, and we're going to go and we're going to

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we're going to we're going to basically

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just just take over right we're going to

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cut cut all the Muslims have killed demo. This was their plan. Now, what had happened is because there was a trade group going from Makkah, although ignore that past Madina, munawwara and it came all in went all the way up to Syria, and then that come all the way back down past again, Madina munawwara and come all the way back to Makkah. Right. This was the this was the trade route that they had. And this was even mentioned the Quran in surah, operationally electroporation, Isla de Fluttershy that you will cite, they make this journey, you know, in the winter and in the summer. So they this this journey didn't just end in in Markham, Canada, it went further, the hope there was a

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trade route, I went all the way down to Yemen, right. So in the summer period, they would sort of be more towards the south towards Yemen, that's where they would you know, stay. And in the in the winter period, they would come and follow up because more warmer, they would come up to Syria. So this does this trade were going on, but because it passed by Madina, munawwara the Prophet sallallahu got permission that they can they can defend the city of Medina. And Russell also some good news also that they're selling off the Muslims houses and their assets, and they're going to buy weapons, and then they're going to attack the Muslims. So the prompts Watson kept his his a news

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coming in. And the person has heard about what news was going on. And prior to the Battle of other schools in Alaska had sent certain Sahaba to go and check on these these caravans going past and he did say to them, attack those caravans that are going down because basically they are the wealth of the Muslims that were left behind. So he was with this in mind.

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Now what happened in just a few months before about Bella button is Abdullah bin geohash when the alarm went out with a few men and he actually killed a Parisian he killed a member of

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Makayla McCallum and this enraged the kurush Okay, and now things were quite a tense between the Muslims and between the non Muslims of Makkah and karma. And what happens is the biggest caravan they had which which which was with all the weapons Okay, so this is the main sort of, you know the crux of everything and it's got most of what they would need to defeat the Muslims. That was with Abu Sofia, right so this was a trade caravan coming down. I also Fianna was in charge of this it was loaded with weapons with as many you know, sort of bows and arrows and spears and other daggers and swords and so on. It was loaded.

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Now, that's coming down and it's about to pass by Madina, munawwara rasulillah with his news that's coming in, he's he's to send Sahaba out and tell them you know, tell me what's going on and they will go out and they will bring us back to the person a lot and tell them, one of them told told the professionalism that abou John's coming coming down with a massive caravan. So the promise of alarmism he quickly got Sahaba together and now there's difference in duration or how many they were there's one ratio 313 there's one 214 there's one 240 But anyway, the problem with approximately 313 Sahaba Viola 109. He left Madina munawwara he came South about 80 miles Okay, so he did stop on

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route on the route but he came South because he wanted to capture Lucifer now i'm also Fianna would definitely come by the byproduct Why? Because there was wells there right there are some wells there the some natural spring of water that comes up in butter, right and all these travelers what they did is when they went up the trade route don't stop my brother because they had to fill in the utensils because this is this that plain desert anyone who's been to McCann Medina and made the route from Mecca to Medina you know how hot it can get a you know those planes and my god is just playing plane sort of ground with like a desert ground with mountains in the background. So you need

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your water. So the props lesson went to towards butter. Now

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before he gets to butter,

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I will Sofia and burger is a sort of large area. I've also found senses that there's trouble coming along. So he comes across

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a couple of people and he asks them he says, you know Has anyone been here because well there's also some ladies that he first sent a couple of people that will bother to see if the place is safe. Those people came back to tell the process that he can move his whole camp over there and before the profit and loss can move his camp over there abortion got there, he inquired. And they said well, we know there's a couple of people that came here with some comments. So most of you answered Okay, show me the where they were they were so they took them took obviously the exact place and obviously found a very clever very clever individual he took his stick he came down with his camel he went

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straight to the left overs of those camels that were there before from the Muslims I came there the couple of Muslims can lead to to check the result and he hit that camels or dung we hit it with his with a stick and from there he noticed that there's some seeds of dates right in there so he said how people from Medina I have from yesterday I here because de pomme found in yesterday in Medina okay so straightaway he went to his to his caravan is a guys we've got to divert our route

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the Muslims are gonna come here and they're gonna attack us. So what he did is that he thought he was gonna he you know, he changed his route before he changed his route. He sent at the fastest individual he could from the to Rachael Nakayama to warn them that the Muslims are about to attack Abu Sufyan and this person came to, you know, to to mark on karma within a few days, you know, I think about three days and he just went straight as fast as he could to to Madina, munawwara what he asked you to mock and mock karma when it came to maximum karma, he, he went backwards on his conveyance. He ripped his clothing from in front, he ripped it from behind, and he started to yell,

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help, help help. This was this is a way of getting the whole city together because they knew this was an emergency. So he came in and he said Mohammed is about to attack with these men. This whole caravan that we've got, and if you guys don't come up, we're gonna lose everything. The whole plan we've made over this one year is going to go down the drain. If you don't come out and rescue this, this car

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About a little did he know that already Abu Sufyan was safe, because what I've also found is that he took a different pathway. And he went towards the the seaside. And he managed to escape the Muslims by by changing his route. Now Rasulullah sallallahu, some have already come to, but he came to burden with his with his Sahaba. Now, it took him a little bit of time to get there. Once I got there, you know what happened within a few days, Subhana Allah within that whole time, the Quraysh had got together and said, Listen, guys, we are going out and we're going to crush them right now. We're going to take all the weapons of the Muslims, we can take all of that. So we can take all the

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all the weapons out of all the weapons of Abu sufian. And his caravan, we're going to take that and then we're going to wipe out the Muslim This is going to be the one and only big chance that we've got. They say approximately 950 of them came out to about 1000. And from the 13 of the biggest leaders of courage also came out this is where Abuja is also out. And this is where you know, my even Hello, hello. And many of the enemies of the project, lots of merch, by shape and so on, who are the greatest enemies caused a lot of trouble to the profit lesson. And to the Muslims who are still torturing Muslims in mccalman. Karma, they came out and they got to also near brother, by the

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time they go to bother. What happened is who Bobby Mondale who was one of the Sahaba but the

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Sahaba or the Allahu anhu. He said to the Prophet, he said, Mr. Allah, I, you know, where they can count just before the crash got there? He mentioned Allah, are you camping here? Because this is the only place we should be? Or, or can I sort of suggest something, the process and said you can suggest, you know, again, allowed him to suggest and have the wisdom said, Let's go near to the wealth because once we get there, we take the water for ourselves, and then we'll surround those wells so the enemies can come and get water for themselves. So the proposal is accepted that and they will close it the wells now what the rose who was in Alaska had told the Muslims before they

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came out from Medina is as Allah had promised in Surah unfelt in Surah unfound, Allah has just said, he said, when the PA if Athenian Allah, Allah said one of the two things are going to be for you, either it's going to be the duty that you're going to get, you're going to attack Abu sufian and his whole caravan and you're going to get the whole booty of weapons for yourself, oh, Allah said you're going to have the help of Allah come to you in a battle. Now, all the Muslims have never experienced the battle before this. And they they all were more or less certain that is going to be the booty that they're going to get. So it's just going to be a whole set of booty that Allah is gonna give

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them so they were ready and they came out. They came out with about 100 camels and about two horses. They weren't ready for a big battle, they came to raid the caravan of atmosphere. On the other hand, however, when the police came out from McCann karma, they had 700 camels and 100 horses and from mccalman karma, they came to the holiday they were prepared. They came to crush the Muslims. Now on the on Route towards the brother, the coloration met I was suffering I will see them said Hey guys, go back.

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Yes, we'll go back to Makkah, let's stick to the plan my whole card and say, we're going to go to Makkah and we're going to we're going to prepare for the battlefield for one year and then we're gonna come to crush the Muslims and Abuja and then said no, there's no way give us weapons, the weapons and we're going to go straight ahead, and we're going to crush the Muslims. So they took some of the weapons of Abu Sufyan rebels and said look I'm taking these weapons back to my back to Makkah you guys need to stick to the plan. Okay, we're not ready for a big war yet we need to train with these weapons one year and then we're going to come across them steps but they didn't listen.

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These enemies who are about 1000 from Makkah, they came right the way to bother now on this side what happened is a lot of them got news that things have changed. The whole caravan they came for Lucien is gone. There are other suddenly the process gets news that Qureshi is coming has come with a large army, the personal lesson of you know he comes at a certain place and the Sahaba they get hold of one of the kids that went and help the parish by looking after the goods. So they nurse lots and lots most pregnancy salah and the and the Sahaba. They they grabbed this young young individual and said, Hey, Hey, tell us how many of the enemies are there.

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Now these young kids, these are other notes. So let's stop beating him up. And then he said, Okay, I'll tell you the truth. I'll tell you the truth. And when they stop beating offices, they say, look, tell us how many whether is either no cylinders or beating him up again. And this carried on Ursula Salas. mysterion is Salah, and the person has been sending Salah. He said to them, he said, let go of this young child. When he tells you the truth, you start beating him up, when he starts telling you a lie. You You, you let go of it. So no props last call the young boy. And so we're gonna look at that look at the whole process and get his information. He wants to know also how many

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words to the rational awesomeness says he says, young boy, did you see them eat when they when they were eating them? boy said yes. He said how many candles if they sacrifice, and the young boy said between nine to 10. Then the proselytism said he said they are between 900 and 1000. Because the the Arabs had a tradition, they would sacrifice one camel between 100 people on a journey. So that's how you got the information that there's 1000. Now the prompts and lessons, you have to straightaway get ready for this, for this whole battle? What is it going to? That the Sahaba? They're not ready? How's it going to get their mindset ready? So the process is called the Sahaba. And he held a

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meeting and he asked him, he said, How about and he talked about the whole thing about this war, the battle happening and who's there to support the support the proposal as a man stood up and he gave his full support, and process and asked again, who's there and working on the sort of again and again with full support. And the process, asked again, and I will work with them instead of again, I'm going to support an approximate loss him.

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He's asking and metadata alone, he understood that the problem is not asking the people who migrated from Makkah, he's asking the people who are from Medina, so we have to narrow the alarm. And he said almost never allow.

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He said if you're going to, he said, we're not going to be like the demonstra if we're not going to say go and fight with with you and Allah on your love on fighters, people we're going to say to you, unless you have a lot we with you, whether it's from in front of me behind you from the right hand side, left hand side, when you want us to find we're going to be with the Protestants and was very happy with this. And sad or the lobby stood up and said Mr. Avila, you know, we took you from Michael McCullough. And if you ask us now to jump into the ocean with you, we'll do it. So basically, we will do and this made the process, very happy. One of the props that allows them to do

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that night when he can because the British were their company as well. The props and lots of them took by night, a few Sahaba like Alia de la vida de la took them out. And he pointed to the earth and he said Abuja hell's going to die here tomorrow. He said the earth was going to die here tomorrow and so on, so is going to die here shapes adventure and Sansa is going to die here. Perhaps I'll show them the places where they where the enemies are going to drop. And they say not an inch out, did the enemies die from that place, they died exactly the next day they died exactly where the where the puzzles pointed out, and know the process of went to his camp. And he may be seated Allah

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pbch Allah throughout the night, and when the next day came, the proper lesson came out. And he gave the he put the Muslims in their ranks, when you put the Muslims in their ranks the process and gave orders and he said to them, he said to them to first to wait for the enemies to get close, then to you know, shoot their arrows wait for them to get closer and by command, they should they should throw that throw the spears and when they come closer than they should throw the stones on when they come closer then it's going to be a fight. And this is not one Muslim to two people. They are number by three out number by three now. This is almost like the Muslims are going to be defeated. So why

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bother was so great because the Muslims were not prepared and they said look beg for Allah and His messenger and the Prophet lots of money, gave them the hokum and so on. He went back straight to his camp. And he started to beseech Allah and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you know you're waiting on the battle start what happened is three Muslims came forward and three of the enemies came forward from the three Muslims. They were Alia de la mer Hamza, the law Hannah and obey they had it the law and three of them had a one to one battle before the major battle took place. When they had their one to one battle. Then Hamza and I love the alarm kill their enemies and obey the or the alarm got

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injured, and then Hamza Ali came to rescue have already in one state once they kill their enemies, and then they have the courage to obey them the alarm of back to the Muslim camp, and the person Allah has wiped the dust off obey this face. And so how do you know when to obey the law the alarm got buried. Later on he became Shaheed obvious he got buried. It was the honor that Rasulullah sallallahu got down in

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His grave and he this was the only person that he did this for he got down in his grave and placed in in his in his grave Subhan Allah but anyway right here now when the battle is about to start when the three had the one two ones the purpose of the lawsuit took took some dust in his hand and if blue to the enemies and it's the shattered will do is let these phases be covered with this dust. And in the process of told the Muslims to attack as the Muslims went to into attack the process went straight to the tent and in beseech Allah to an extent he lifted both his hands to the sky and his armpits the whiteness of his armpits could be seen. No sooner did the person last we did not do this

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afternoon a little while ago Baccarat the alarm comes running into the camp of the person was when he says measuring Allah He says Enough, enough enough, he says your da has accepted what happened when the Muslims were out there to to go for their enemies. Subhan Allah Allah.

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Allah azzawajal he sent down from the sky, he sent down first 1000 angels, these angels some of the Sahaba swans not everybody's

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certain for example. And from the narration that we've got, they say they came with turbans on their heads they came with on horses, from the skies, they came with swords in their hands, they came all the way down, and they joined the army of the of the Muslims. Then Allah says in the hollow plan, he sent another 2000 angels. So now that's 3000 in total, then Allah Israel said, another 2000 in the eight so this is now 5000 angels imagine this 5000 angels, when the Muslims had seen the army of the of the flesh, Allah says in the Holy Quran, he made them see them half their size. And they saw the Muslims double this is this is the Quran in two places. In surah, Allah Moran and super unfelt there

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is so the Muslims as as as double, so there's almost 600 and something and the Muslim so the enemies as half, which means they saw them like 500. Right, this is another miracle that happened, then what happened is just before the attack happened, Allah both the rains down, what the rains did is that the Muslims were on sand is difficult to run on sand. And the non Muslims were on soil, but because of that rain, the soil turned into mud, and the sun turned into something firm, so the Muslims could run better. And when those 5000 angels came to the aid of luck, we know what happened in a battle, you could probably you know, just go for someone at a certain angle. But you know what those angels

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when they made a slice, it was a clean, straight cut. Wherever they cut, it allows you to sit in the hole and he said,

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when you when you cut the mustard also cut off the ends of the fingers. So that is clear that this was due to Allah's help from the from the heavens, Allah and Allah as, as we have created, on the ground, only 14 Shahada from the Muslims, but 70 died of the non Muslims. And the Muslims took 70 Shahada, they took 70 of the day to 70 captains of war. They the Muslims had 14 Shahada, but they took 70 captains of war from the non believers and this was something unheard of and from the you know what? The greatest of the leaders of the Quraysh were knocked down. Abuja was taken by two young boys more than one hour who darted at him, and who started to hit him from both sides of the

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legs as he was on the horse, threw him over Abuja and managed to cut the arm of one of my mouth, and he was hangings. And I, Accra, who was the son of a gel came to the rescue but then he had to run away from these two young boys who had this, who had the zeal that we go to get the arch enemy of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Subhana Allah has such a phallus such courage had not been seen. And then when when they the whole battle had finished the proxr Lawson took the enemy especially that the greatest of the enemies, he put them into the well of one of the welds of budock and the personal sentence for quantum said for Halloween tomorrow. I'm happy to have you found what Allah

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has promised you. This was a battle that after this all those individuals were known as the better the year they were known as those who had witnessed better This was witnessing the angels witnessing the help of Allah witnessing this miracle. So this was a more desert and a miracle and it was one of the kind it had never been your nothing like this had ever been seen before.

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And that 14 of the enemy leaders of the great leaders will crush down like this. That was unheard of. So anyway, this was a whole backlog, but now it's the remembrance of that is going to be the Sunday the 17th of Ramadan. inshallah, before that those of you who have who have signed up, you're going to find this at the bottom of this video, there's a link there, you will find so how do you find that? Well, we've we've launched this campaign from helping me today to do with this whole thing of trying to help people across the world who are not seeking seeking help, but they need help. And this is one of the things that say that I'm working with the heart is that he will go out

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short run inshallah. Allah says Allah Sina monana Muhammad wa, salam, O Allah will ask you to raise the status of the people but we ask you to make them the best Shahada, that Shahada of the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and our love. We are here making the offer them we ask you to give us the best of what is written for us. And all those people who are who have donated or we're going to donate Allah we asked you to give them the best of this world the best. Next one all of us who have tried and who are part of this dog will ask you to to forgive our sins, to raise our status in this world in the next world, to remove our debts to help us in every single way to give us a tranquility

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