Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-033A Translation Al-Baqarah 243-252

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. The speakers mention various topics including the kingship, the war, and the kingship. They also discuss the use of alcohol and the kingship. A recitation group discusses reciting a song and emphasizes the importance of being careful in the exercise.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rocklea Saudi way a silly Emery wa who looked at Emily Sani of Kahu Kohli Allahumma Nickleby was sadly Sani was ruled supreme ethical be amenable olamine lesson number 33 Surah Al Baqarah verse number 243 to 252 translation. Lm Torah ILA didn't you consider a Lavina those who heard you they went out men from the IT him their homes, while home while they often are 1000s Hazara as precaution and Moti against the death for call Allahumma Allahu so Allah said to them, move to you all die so much, then are here home he

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gave life to them in that indeed Allah Allah bless who surely is one who possesses Feiglin favor Allah upon a NASCI the people will Akina But indeed, a thorough most analyse of the people learn not yesh, karoun they show gratitude, what cardi loo and you all fight fee in severely way Allah He of Allah, wa la mu and you all should know and know that indeed Allah Allah semi or on is ever hearing our Lehman ever knowing man who that is that a levy the one who you caribou he will lend Allah Allah. But Alain alone has Santa good for you Bari for who so he will multiply it LA who for him a barf and cathedra manifold, wala who and Allah Yuk Bilou he withholds way up Soto and he extends

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what la he and to him to her own. You all will be returned. And I'm Tara Isla, didn't you consider al Mela, the elite the assembly men among Bernie children is la isla of Israel eel mimbar the after Musa Musa alayhis salam is when Carlu they said Lina de la home to a prophet sent to them or simply Lena Biggie LA home to their Prophet, Ybarra you appoint Lana for us Moluccan a king Naka till we will fight fee in severely way Allah He of Allah, Allah He said hello I say to him, maybe you all in if katiba is decreed or LA come upon you all l Peterloo the fighting Allah to call Tillu you all will not fight or Lou they said warmer and what Lana is for us a lot that not no Atilla we fight fie

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in severely way Allah He of Allah wakad While indeed or courage now we were forced away men from the Idina our homes were Obinna Ina and from our children Philomathean when katiba It was decreed or lay him upon them I'll Peterloo the fighting that will low they turned away in law except for Leland a few men whom among them were Allahu and Allah are Limon is ever knowing below the mean of those who do wrong what color and he said the home to them now be your home their profit in that indeed Allahu Allah, but indeed Bertha he has appointed lecan For you all for loot for loot Malecon as a king Carlo they said and now How could your cannula who he have a mole coup the kingship or Lena over us

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wanna know while we are helpful or more rightful Bill Mulkey in regard to the kingship men who then him well I'm you and he has not been given certain abundance men of a man the wealth Allah He said in that indeed Allah Allah is Slava who he has chosen him I lay comb over you all was the who and he has increased him best Latin a great extent fee in a literal me the knowledge will just meet and in the body will Allah Who and Allah you t he gives Malika who his kingship man to whom Yasha oh he wills wala who and Allah wa see Arun is one who encompasses our Limon ever knowing what color and he said law home to them now be your home their profit in indeed, yet assign Mulcahy of his kingship.

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And is that yet to come? It will come to you all right.

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dabbled the chest fi in it Sakina tone is tranquility men from or become your rub. Wolbachia tone and a remnant menma from what Tharaka the left Lou family Musa of mozarella his Suriname what aloe and family her own of her own early his salon, dash mela will Mala Iike as the angels are carrying it in that indeed fee in valleca that I attend surely is a sign la calm for you all In Kuntum if you all truly meaning are ones who believe Fela muscle when for Salah Talu to toilet departed Bill Juno's with the troops Carla he said in indeed Allah Allah mobile telecom is one who will put you all to trial be in a hurry with a river famine so whoever Shetty but he drinks men who from it

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fillet Sudan he is not money from me woman and whoever la meal Tom who he does not taste it for inner who then indeed he money is for me in LA except man who is a photographer He scoops or fatten a scoop Big Daddy he with his hand for shady booth and they drank men who from it Illa except kalila and a few min home among them. Fella ma then when Joe was a who he had passed through it, who he will Lavina and those who knew they had believed Mara who with him Kalu they said loud Takata no strength at all. law now we have Aloma today be dilute against dilute What do you know the he and his troops color they said Alladhina those who yellow noona they know a new home that indeed de Mola

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qu will be ones who meet Allah Allah can how many min fie attend a group kalila 10 Small holla but it overcame fi attend a group Cathy Ratan large be evening by permission Allah He of Allah will Allah Who and Allah Mara is with a saw between those who are patient while a man and when Bara zoo they went forth Lee Giroud to dilute What do you know the he and his troops are Lu they said or ogbonna Our Rob a frill you pour out our Lena over us sobre patience with a bit and you make firm A Kodama na our feet, one sunnah and you grant us help or and you grant us victory or Allah against alone the people of caffeine those who disbelieve for hasn't moved home. So they vanquish them be

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Igni by permission Allah He of Allah Wakata Allah would and that would killed Jalota dilute what? Tao who? Allah Who and Allah gave him Al Mulki the kingship will hikma and the wisdom were Allama who and he taught him mimma from what he Usha He wills well hola and if not for the fruit repelling Allah He by Allah, a NASA of the people Barbra home some of them be Barwin by Sun luffa Datil Abu, surely the Earth would have been corrupt well our kin but indeed Allah Allah, though is one who possesses full blin favor, Allah upon Allah al Amin, the world's Tilka those is to our versus Allah He of Allah net Lu how we recite them or Laker to you bill Huck with the truth, or in truth. We're

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in NACA, and indeed you lemon surely are among al mousseline, the messengers Alhamdulillah let's listen to the recitation of these verses. Lm door in a lady in

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UK all

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Dublin Ireland

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Wi Fi savvy.

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Oh, Allah has me on nali team

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they all lie Oh.

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will love

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you Eli. He told me Joe

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and Elan mana Eemian Danny is

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Following the

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call Audrina OB Muga Atlanta Malika

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God ahem nurse a

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good evening

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to you all

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the arena

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in Pali

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Allah Who are the

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body mean will call

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law how body bearers and Uncle term Annika although

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Moodle came in just a

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law has thought

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well law who your team will

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walk on maybe you home in Maliki he

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tofi Sakina

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being from V Sakeena to become more about the

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we're about the

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middle of

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the gala nothing

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to build on

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being a help the nation

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woman ME

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Big shout evil me know

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the call

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Paulina Malala that can

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be polylines in

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the evening

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or Lahoma now saw beauty in Walla

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Walla he knows the law

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a lot better

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Oh with a bit apadana

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theory in the has a movie evening now you are going to

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go and pick

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up we're

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login server above

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that isn't working law.

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I mean, do you get to log in to

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help or in a gala Nina moves early in

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the recitation was so beautiful. Do you think so? How important it is to recite Quran beautifully, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged us to do that. mullum Yet the one Nabil Qurani Felisa Mina that whoever does not beautify their recitation is not from us and beautification doesn't mean that. You know, you have a beautiful voice, but you try to make it beautiful by giving every letter

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Every word it's how and you know slowing down in the recitation because sometimes we rush through recitation right and when someone is rushing in the recitation you cannot enjoy it Subhan Allah

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