Yasir Qadhi – The Book of Du’a From Sahih Al-Bukhari #4

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of memorizing the number of hours spent on a day is emphasized, along with the use of praying with the Prophet system and divine light to evaluate the situation and avoid damaging one's way of thinking. The importance of staying at night and following the Sun waking laws is emphasized, along with the use of the Prophet system and divine light to learn a new position and become aware of one's values. The dialogue appears to be a collection of disconnected sentences, not a conversation between speakers.
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Tip number seven

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He will be, woman whether or not we are continuing in our series of the explanation of the book of the IV moment Buhari. Allahu Allahu taala and let us move immediately to the next Hadith chapter number seven Babu Maya oluwo either annamma the chapter what is to be said when one goes to sleep? What is to be said when one goes to sleep? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us as God and do hours from morning to evening. And these are not to liberatory they are not necessary. They're not something that makes or breaks one's eemaan essentially, however, it is indeed a scar.

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That one demonstrates one's level of piety. One demonstrates how conscious one is of Allah subhanho wa Taala. There is no question that the more Eman And the more taqwa and the more gone consciousness one has, the more one will fill one's day with these car with these rituals with these two hours. And there is no limit obviously to the number of the eyes that can be said. But the righteous Muslim at a bare minimum he attempts to or she attempts to master all of the main two hours of the morning and evening and make sure that one says these two hours before going to sleep after waking up before the Salawat after the Salawat all over the timings that are mentioned for the DA so the day is

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filled with Vicar and withdraw. And there is no doubt that it is these rituals that might not be obligatory that separates the righteous that separates the one who goes to the higher place of gender that separates the one who is God conscious from the one who is mediocre or even less than that. So what is the draw the following chapters will be what is the two hours to be said when one goes to sleep and there are many two hours and if a person can memorize all of them Alhamdulillah if a person cannot then at least do some of them because something is better than nothing. And he begins with the easiest one. This is the smallest one it is the easiest one and this is the moment

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Buhari telling you look if you can't do the other ones that are going to come in the next chapters, at least do this one. What is to be said when you go to sleep call ahead that inequality so to call her death in a sufian and I've done Medicaid and dribbly of niroshan and who they are called cannon the abuse of the law while he was selling them either our elf Hiroshi Paul Peacemaker moved to here with karma coil Alhamdulillah he led the ohana by them Mr. Chen and Wally Hindu shoo, shoo her hello to her. So in a moment will hardly mentioned this Hadith of the fraternity among the famous Companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who says that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would go

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to sleep when he would enter his bed, when he would find his comfort in the bed he would say this makes a move to hear how simple is it? How quick is it? How easy is it? Even if you don't memorize any other long two hours before going to sleep? At least dear Muslim, memorize these three words Peacemaker and Mootoo idea? How much easier do you want? In your name of allah idi, and in your name? I live Peacemaker emotiva here and what is their karma when he woke up the next day he would say or whenever he woke up he would say Alhamdulillah all praises due to Allah Allah The ohana by them and Martina were in a Hindu Sure, the one who gave us life after causing us to die and to Him

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shall be the return. Now the word new sure might be a little bit advanced for the Arabs actually Mr. Buhari himself and very, very, very rarely a moment Buhari has a word or two that he explains the Hadith. Otherwise, it is not his methodology to explain the wordings of the Hadith in his own. If he wants to, he will usually find somebody from the past and then say this word means that word. And as we said his opinions are found in the in the chapter headings. As for here is one of those exceptions where he adds his interpretation then to to her means the hello to her. So the last phrase Wally didn't know sure it means that he shall cause it to come back he shall cause it to come

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back and return. So let us explain this heading over here. What we learned from this Hadeeth is that when you go to sleep and when you wake up, there are there are things that you should say and when you say them, then you find the comfort of Allah subhanho wa Taala you attain the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and it is also something that we learned from so many traditions that two things are generic and can be said at any times. Especially when you begin something

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You should begin it by saying Bismillah when you eat Bismillah when you enter a house Bismillah when you enter the masjid Bismillah when you start a new project Bismillah when you go to sleep, this Mika in your name or a lot of the same thing Bismillah this Mecca in your name of allah subhana wa Tada. And there is a hadith as well, scholars have differed about his authenticity, but the content is clearly authentic, in which it is narrated, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said could arise in the body and allow you to Bismillah he to Allah for every single thing, that is of importance, that you begin it without mentioning the name of Allah, then it is disfigured. Anything

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that is of importance that you begin it without saying Bismillah then you've already harmed the beauty of it, you're doing something that isn't very good to do. So we should always try to say Bismillah before anything of significance that we do, also, the hamdulillah it is how Allah began his book al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and Allah began a number of suitors with the hummed Alhamdulillah felted, his semi Whiteville hamdu lillahi the ends that I love the Gita. So unhemmed is also something we begin things of significance with. Therefore in this hadith we learn when we go to sleep, we go to sleep in the name of Allah, when we wake up in the day, we thank a lot

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hamdulillah and especially when we go to sleep, that of course we're entering a realm of unknown, we're entering something we don't know if we're going to even wake up or not, because how many people go to sleep and never wake up because death occurs in sleep, it's a very common thing. And so we say this Meeker mood to, in your name over law, I am going to die. Now this is interesting here, because death and sleep are considered to be twin halves in our tradition. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, a no move a whole alamode sleeping is half or the brother of death. Sleeping is the twin or the pair or the brother of death and no more a whole a remote. Going to sleep is a type of

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death in our tradition. How and why? Because Allah says in the Quran, Allahu your TOEFL enforcer hain mot her well let the lamp template female Anamika Allah is the one who takes the souls of the people when they die. And he is the one who takes the souls of those who go to sleep even if they don't die. So Allah Himself compares sleeping with death, and that there is a commonality between the two of them and that commonality is that the Spirit leaves the body. The spirit leaves the body in both of these situations and circumstances. And that is why in gender there is no sleep because the body and the soul will be reunited in a perfect fashion never to be separated again. There is no

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sleep in gender, you never get tired and gender you never close your eyes to go to sleep and gender because you're always energetic and vital. You don't feel the need to sleep as when we wake up bright and we are so energetic that is even more so in gender. So in this world we go to sleep and there is a risk because going to sleep is the most common way that people pass away that they simply just don't wake up something happens at night and they just don't wake up whether it's a heart attack whether it's this and that and that's it and that's why when we go to sleep we say this myka and move to a here in your name or LA idi meaning both I'm going to go to sleep and that's the type

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of death and in case I don't come back then let the last thing that I say be your name Ola be speaker Mootoo what I hear and I come back to life because that is exactly what happens when you wake up the next morning. You have literally given been given a new life every day like you have a new life given to you every day is a new opportunity every day you have a second chance to do something you didn't do the previous day. It is literally and metaphorically a new life given to you so in your name Oh will II and in your name Oh a lot I shall live again. And then when you wake up the next morning then that is something to be grateful for. And when you are grateful. What do you

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say Alhamdulillah we thank Allah subhana wa tada for every blessing that He has given us. One day coming near met infomine Allah every nearby you have it is a law that has given it to you every single opportunity every millisecond every day that you wake up, it is worth it that you thank Allah for so the first thing that you say when your eyes get up should be Alhamdulillah Allah de ohana bioderma and Martina What do they know? Sure. All praise is due to Allah who has given me life after he has caused us to die. He's given me another day after he has caused us to die in that sleep because again, sleep is a type of death. And then you remind yourself this life is not eternal.

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We're a Hindu. Sure. I'm going to go back to a

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lachute handle with Tyler, there will come a time when I cannot praise the Lord for giving me this new life A new day because I will be in the bottom and then there will be the ultimate resurrection. And at that stage nor a bother comes in that count. Therefore I thank Allah for giving me a new day. I thank Allah for giving me a new opportunity and hamdulillah after Allah has caused us to die at night Alhamdulillah he caused me to live again today, he has given me some more time and opportunity. And I know and I'm reminding myself that I shall eventually go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So dear Muslims, even if you're not able to memorize the rest of the car and the rest of

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the things I strongly encourage and I asked all of you to memorize these two at least which is this maker mode to hear when you go to sleep. And then the next morning Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah, Allah de ohana by them Mr. Turner who la Hindu sure the one that has given us life after he has caused us to die. And to him We shall return and then a moment Buhari. In next Hadith, he brings the exact same Hadith we already did last class. And it is a hadith that we have already explained it. But he brings it with two different chains back to Alberto urbanism. And this is very common that emammal Buhari repeats the same Hadith. But even when he repeats, he'll bring with a

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different chain so that the advanced students can actually benefit and follow the chain. And that's something we will not do in this level of class. But you should realize that imaginable Holly has around around a ballpark figure of 2400 unique Hadeeth in his head. And with repetition he has around a ballpark figure around 7500. So with repetition emammal bohart, he has over 7500 ahaadeeth without repetition around 2300 or something 2400 ad therefore on average emammal Buhari repeats the same Hadeeth two to three times on average, every single head Ethan Bahati on average will come again and again and again. Sometimes over 10 times the moment Buhari repeats the same idea, and

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sometimes zero only once, meaning he doesn't repeat it to all at once. But the default or the norm, if you do the math is that on average, every Hadith is repeated at least two to three times. And why is it repeated? Because emammal bahagi will extract multiple benefits from the same Hadeeth. And he's going to put different chapter headings that you can benefit different things from the same idea. By the way, this is in contradistinction with Mr. Muslim, so hey, that generally speaking, Mr. Muslim, does not separate the same Hadith in multiple places in his book rather, he's going to mention it typically in only one place. And if he wants to bring other snacks or change the

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narrations, he is going to have them at the same spot. And that is why some people have remarked that Mr. Muslim is more user friendly than a moment Bahati, anyone who hardy is more worthy of benefits, it has more it has more things to extract and derive from for the advanced students. And Mr. Muslim is something that is much more accessible to the beginning student. And to be honest, I am sympathetic to that claim. But still, there is no question that Bahati is indeed the the master of the Hadeeth sciences. So the next head that we will skip over because we have actually done the exact same Hadeeth and the previous lesson. So we now move to the next chapter, chapter number eight

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in my edition, and again, remember, you might have different wordings and different translations, and different numberings because all of these are slightly different in terms of the additions that are used. Babel, Babel water God tattle huddle, you know, deluna the chapter regarding placing the hand under the right cheek. So this is a chapter that in mumble Buhari is going to tell you that of the etiquettes of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was that before he would go to sleep he would put his hand under his right cheek on the pillow is going to go like this. And he quotes the Hadith, or the Hadith and abusively, even it's mariacarla detonator. bawana and Abdullah Milliken, I

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know the Malecon rebury and who they throw the Allahu Allah Kennedy bu solo laquanda he was send them either aha the mop jar hoomin a lady woba hudaydah de soumaya whole Allahumma Peacemaker moved to La Jolla where the state of all Alhamdulillah he led the ohana bardem, Martina la Hindu. Sure. So this is another version of the same hadith of her they are typically among the same narration of a diva but a different chain. And what happens is that when the Sahaba narrates the Hadith, sometimes some of his students preserve 80% others preserve the rest of the for the 30% with that 20% addition, some of them preserve all of it. So this is the narration, the standard issues that we

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know the students have had the youth know that you compile all of the narrations and to give you a simple example, that Imagine if you attended a lecture of mine, and that lecture went on for like 40 minutes, one hour, and then imagine you went and told other people so if there were

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10 people attending this lecture, every one of those 10 if their memories would good, would go and narrate something correct, but maybe something different than the others have said maybe the wording is slightly different, and that's fine. One can narrate a hadith in meaning it's not necessary to narrate a hadith in Word in exact wording of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and sometimes certain people preserve other things that other students do not. So in this case, we have one bit of information that emammal Buhari is going to bring forth and that is when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went to bed at night. He would put his hand under his cheek, and then he would say, a llama

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Peacemaker or more to a higher or Peacemaker lahoma mucho here, or Bismillah r mo to Aria, and when he woke up he would say Alhamdulillah Allah, Dr. Hannah, Padma Martina, la Hindu short now, this issue of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam putting his hand under his cheek and then going to sleep. So Mr. Will Buhari is wanting us to follow it. And that's great, and that's good. And we should all try and strive to follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam at every level, at a more advanced level, the question arises that is this something that is legislated for the oma, is this something that the oma is supposed to follow? And this goes to a very deep issue, that again, you should just

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be aware of it. This is not the time to be a lot of detail, but still you should be aware of it and that is, the actions and the customary habits of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to what extent are they legislative in a way to To what extent are they binding upon the oma? When are the actions that he sallallahu Sallam did? When are they obligatory for us, or even recommended for us to follow? And that is a question that is discussed in the science of Islam called a fool elphic. Or how one derives Islamic laws that is a separate branch of Islam. The laws are one branch that's also that is a separate branch, how to get those laws? How do you look to the Quran and Sunnah and

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extract from them? This is how long this is headed, this is recommended, this is best to be avoided this is this this How does one do that? There's a whole bunch of rules and Maxim's there's a whole bunch of tools, epistemological tools about how one approaches the text. And in that science, one finds discussion of many things. And of the things one finds is this discussion of the actions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now, the average Muslim is going to say, what's the big deal? Let's follow them all. Well, let me ask you, how do you dress? Do you dress in the way the prophets Allah said, I'm dressed if some say somebody says yes, I wear the thought I respond to him.

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Well, the thought that you wear the garment that you wear, is it the material that he used to Lahore send them? Or is it a very fine cotton that comes from a very fancy place? What is the house that you live in? Do you live in a mud hut like he did sallallahu sallam, what is the animal that you sit on? Is it something that what is the cuisine that you eat? Is is something that he said? Well, I said I'm used to eat, I guarantee you nobody in the world remains that is eating the cuisine that was customary and popular. In seventh century Arabia. It is simply gone and lost. We can try to reconstruct, but nobody eats that type of food anymore. But here's the question, is that type of

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food, something that is legislated for the oma to eat? Is that how the way that he lived, his mannerisms, the customs, to what level? Are we obliged to make them a part of Islam? And to what level does it reflect the culture and customs that he himself sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to embody and of course, as you can imagine, there is no one opinion on this issue. One does have a spectrum of position. However, generally speaking, by and large, almost all of the the the giants of this field will sort of feel almost all of them understood that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had personal preferences as a human being and those preferences are not necessarily binding

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on the rest of us. Even the Sahaba clearly understood this when a number of incidents demonstrate they understood the human profit from the divine element that comes from a lot of Hannah with added the divine why that comes from Allah subhana wa Tada. For example, in the famous Hadith in Sahih Bukhari as well. When a bob or a type of iguanas or a desert lizard they call it as a very large lizard desert, a gwanda type of animal was cooked and presented to the prophets of the la vida, Selim, he did not want to eat of it. So Hollywood, he said, Hold on Mon Julio Sula, LA is this held arm or messenger of Allah? He asked him point blank, I want to know you're not wanting to eat. Is

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this something coming from your own personal likes and dislikes? Or is it something that you

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soldier has told you that one should not eat this? So he said, No. It's something that I don't find myself in need of. I have no need. I don't want to eat this. This this animal and hardly the

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As soon as you heard this he dipped in and he began eating because he realized, this is not from a lots of Hannah who want to add, there's no issue in separating the man from the message. As long as we know this. Sometimes he told us to follow exactly what he did. For example, He said, so Luca Mara moneo saldi. Pray as you have seen me pray. So whatever praying that he did, that is something that we learn from how we used to pray, he said that he will do it when a seeker come take your rites of Hajj from me what I'm doing, however, I'm doing, do it as I'm doing it. So whatever is narrated about how he used to do, how Salalah Are you send them that becomes our fix. However, this issue of

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going to sleep with the hand on the cheek, you know, we all have that that posture that we're accustomed to all of us, we have a certain mannerism that we like a certain way that we lie down, it's just the way we grew up, maybe it's in our DNA is maybe it's the way we're cultured and whatnot, some of us sleep this way or that way or whatnot. And all of this is something that is not legislative, hence, the issue of sleeping on the right side, our profit system, asked one of the Sahaba to do that. And since he asked in the bottle, I've been asked to do that we say it is Mr. habit is good to do. It's not why'd you if you don't do that to sleep on the left, no problem when

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you go to sleep. As for what happens after that, when you're asleep, you turn left and right. Obviously, that is no problem whatsoever. And even by the way to go to sleep on the left or something, it is not sinful in the least because by unanimous consensus of scholars, all of the forecasts say that these types of ahaadeeth, they are encouraged, it is not obligatory to say any of these car, it's not wajib We thank Allah, our religion is very easy. What is obligatory is very clear cut. And then all of this is that which is the fine tuning details, so to sleep on the right side, that is something that our professor, the law, who I sent him encouraged to do ask for putting

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the hand under the cheek, this is being narrated as his action, not his command, he didn't command us to do this. It's something that he's doing. And therefore, whoever does it out of love for the profits of the law, why you send them a law shall reward him for that love. And whoever does not do this, knowing that this is not legislative, that person has no sin, and they have followed the Sunnah. And they have followed what needs to be done, because what needs to be done or what should be, I should say, are these are the car that he is asking us to do. And that is the main point of this entire Kitab Dora and especially the sections about, about the car of going to sleep, however

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emammal Buhari is coming from a different school of thought if you like, and this is the Hadith school and the heading school, they were much more eager to follow each and everything coming from the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and that's something that the advanced students know that even within our religion, you have different ways to look at a hadith and faith and how to derive it. The science of fifth and the science of assorted field has always been a spectrum of interpretation and emammal. Bahati is on one type of spectrum. And this color is a filter, generally speaking, they're on a different type of spectrum where you could learn let's move on to the next chapter over here

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chapter number nine bobbin a no more either, till a man going to sleep on the right hand side so remember Buhari is now telling us to go to sleep on the right hand side based on the famous Hadith we've already done this hadith but in to repeat ourselves. Allah had definitely said the other Hadith and Abdul Wahab knizia had detonated Lebanon was a part of her destiny Abby,

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Allah Canada pseudo Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either our either Hiroshi Namah Allah should pay money from McAllen, aloha Muslim tourists fccla or Jay Z who will forward to Embry Lake what to avoid illegal rocker button What about an illegal MLG while a man jam into a lake meant to be credibility and delta will be maybe equality or CELTA? We'll call it Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Haida Hoon, matter. Lady he Mata Ll Futura. Again we have done this editor barah which is the beautiful editor what to say when one goes to sleep, and in it now we have this phrase here, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam telling us but I've been asked him, when you go to your bed and you

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find comfort in your bed, then go to your right hand side our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would always love the right hand side. I should have the love wine he narrates that our prophets Allah La vida send them can we hug booty Armand orientalia Moon feel moody he coldly he fit in early he that the Prophet says and loved preferring the right over the left and all of his matters when he put his shoes on. When he combed his hair. When he put his garment on he would put the right before the left. So in all things that are noble in all things that are good in all things that are praiseworthy, you prefer the right over the left and in that which is not something that is the most

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noble such as a stingy cleansing oneself such as getting rid of the nose, you know, like the modern and this the sharp is the classic issue. You do the mud model

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With the right hand, you take the water with the right hand, and you put it in your mouth and in your nose with the right hand, then you use the left hand to take it out, right. And the same goes for Ninja, pour with the right hand, and then use the left hand for the cleansing. And the point is once again, that our Prophet sallallahu wasallam preferred the right over the left when it came to all the affairs of this world. And that which is noble, so he would told but I've been asked him to lie on your right and then to make this drop under the I've already gone over this, that Oh, well I have submitted my affairs to you. And I have turned my face on to and I have relegated all of my

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issues unto you and I have put my back in support to view out too few and out of love for you and all of these I have explained these phrases before. And then our Prophet system reminded us that whoever does this drop, when he goes to sleep and he dies, then he dies in a pure state. So this is one of the important two hours, we should try to memorize. We now move on to the next door, which is also a drive that is said at night and one one's wakes up at the night.

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Bab adrar it in tetrahymena lane, the drive to see if one wakes up at night. Realize that most people they were and this still happens to us in our times that we wake up in the middle of the night we simply you know something happens we wake up, or our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would wake up especially for so that's at the head you so what is to be said, When somebody wakes up in the middle of the night, we've already covered what one says when one wakes up in the daytime. We're ready which one says one one wakes up the next day Alhamdulillah that the ohana bioderma mattina, the one who gave us life after he has caused us to die. That is said when you wake up for

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your entire day like basically before 5g when you wake up for failure. Remember how a profit system would not sleep after failure he would wake up for tahajud and then go to sleep very short period of time and then he wakes up for failure. And then he would stay awake until afternoon. He would take a short nap It was his sooner. So the last sentence take a short nap before the heat. So suppose noon is at 1230 he might go to sleep at 1140 1130 like a siesta. 3040 minutes siesta pallulah. It's called you know less than an hour pallulah a little bit of time he would take

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a nap at the heat of the day. And then he would continue being awake until he had time. Then he would sleep. after Isha not too long after he would not stay awake much late after Asia. And then he would wake up for 200 that was his sleep routine. So he would wake up for tahajjud what is to be said if you wake up for the head good. Or if you wake up in the middle of the night and then you have to go back to sleep. There is a lot that you can say but a drop in tetrahymena lane if one wakes up at night on a death and it even Abdullah Carla had

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given him a D and an sufian and selama and Caribbean bass and rhodiola and Houma call between them a monitor for common Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam refer to hijikata who for Salah Jehovah day he so my name asuma karma for Toki better for Atlanta shanaka Sumatra Baba will do and VEDA will do a Neelam nuclear war called abloh. For Salah for whom to furthermore pray to Cara here to and you're only going to hear who fought for the World War Two for farmers only for home to Saudi. If you do need a doubt on your own Yemeni Fatah Mutt salatu salam ala shaka laka, Sumatra, Fernanda Hatton, everhot Wakanda dynamin Africa, then it will be done on bisola for soil. Well amiot awaba Wakanda yo

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Phaedra II Allah homage alpha lb neuro vivocity neuro Wolfie semi rural one Yemeni neuro one year Sadie neuro neuro attracting all of a healthy Nora which is the neuro color qure with several fitter boot from fly out to La Jolla, Manuela de la burse for her death any behavin for that car. Also be with me with me What should I do especially with the Caracas Latin, okay, this is a beautiful long Hadith and in it we learn that Caribbean narrator even abasto do love wine Houma both of them even above we said the Allahu anhu ma may Allah be pleased with him the both of them who is the both of them the son of Ibis, and that is Abdullah bin Abbas and his father Ibis and of course have bas is

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the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was senior to him by year and a half or two years have bus is a very close relative and a close confidant and an uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his son Abdullah have been a bus, of course, is the nephew of the cousin, excuse me of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he is called the Hubble oma and the top of your mind of the Quran. He is the scholar of the oma and the interpreter of the Koran. And if an ambassador of the Allah one, not only was he the first cousin of the Prophet,

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Allahu Allah He was sending him, but he was also the nephew of maimunah. And that is because Abbas rhodiola when he married omal father Mintel had his own male father, bintan, Heidi, and the sister of Omen father is maimunah bentyl Hadith. And there may have been tell how it is one of our mothers. So our profit system is married to my mother, and my mother is the harleigh of even abass. And so, even abass had access to the Profit System as his cousin, and he had access to maimunah as his color. And even Abbas was a young lad a young child, when a professor son passed away, he would not have been above the age of 13, and therefore, this Hadeeth might be occurring when he's 789 years

00:30:46 --> 00:31:25

old. We don't know exactly what mocks him, oh, 910 years old, he's still not valid. He's a young child. And you know, as children they go and they spend time with their uncles or aunts. And it's so happened that he is spending the night with maimunah, his harleigh and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. His night was also with Moana that night, and this must have occurred, obviously, with the approval of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his houses. They were not mansions like ours with multiple rooms and multiple compartments and chambers for all of our mothers. It was one simple room with a chamber for their goods and their pantries and

00:31:25 --> 00:32:06

whatnot. One room and that is it. My mother had bought one room where they would sleep and eat and dine. That was one room, they had a one room. That's all their houses were at the time. And so maimunah is an Ibis is coming to the house of maimunah to spend time with his aunt. And it so happens that it is the night of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in one Hadith also in Bahati, it is mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu I cinnamon in my moon has slept horizontally and had been above slept vertically, because obviously, it is not befitting that they sleep in that manner. So he is sleeping on this side, and the two of them are sleeping on that side. Now, notice

00:32:06 --> 00:32:45

here, you know, as children we would go to sleep, a deep sleep, even a bus he's already precocious for his age, he is going to become the greatest scholar of our oma. He is going to become the legend of the younger generation of the Sahaba even Ibis is a young child at the time, he will become famous after the era of the great Sahaba in the era of the younger Sahaba. Even Ibis dies, you know 7800 or so he dies much later on, however, Coronavirus, Mighty rhodiola. One of they died the first 4050 years of age of the major Sahaba they're going at this stage, the next generation of Sahaba had been abuzz is their leader, the younger of the Sahaba, who remained long alive for a longer time.

00:32:45 --> 00:33:28

Even abus becomes their undisputed scholar and the scholar of the oma at that timeframe. And we see from a young age panel, you can tell leaders even when they're young, you can tell movers and shakers even when they're young, at this age, even abus did not go to sleep, he is awake, and he pretends to be asleep. Why? Because he wants to see that 100 of our profits of the law horse and he wants to hear what dollars he's making and look at half. Imagine how much demand and eagerness that this young boy has. What do you think is going to happen to this boy when he becomes an adult. And so he is going to sleep with his heart and my moon and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam woke up and

00:33:28 --> 00:34:09

ferrata how Jetta who it means he relieved himself means of course Gianni, he went to the restroom. Now of course, in those days, there is no chamber that you go to rather there's something called a chamber pot. And this is something that will be used, even in, up until recently in many societies that if you just had to urinate, you would just use a pot to do so. And then somebody would come the next day. And then a get rid of of that. And this is something that was common throughout, throughout all societies up until recently with the advent of of validity. And so for tahajjud who so he used the restroom for Alaska, Hawaii a day he and then he washed his face and his hands

00:34:09 --> 00:34:48

through Menem, then he went back to sleep Thumma calm then he woke up again. Notice throughout all of this event, our bus is wide awake Can you imagine it been our bus is not going to sleep out of his eagerness to see what our Prophet sallallahu wasallam is doing for COVID better four o'clock shanaka he came to the leather pouch of water, you know, so there's a canister and he opened up the pouch of water. So in those days, water would be stored inside the house in a pouch in a leather casket if you like that was made typically out of sheepskin. So they would take the sheep skin and they would then close it up or they would take this to the stomach area and they would just close it

00:34:48 --> 00:34:59

up and then the top of it would be something to put it on top and then they would typically hang it on the wall because they didn't want to put it on the floor or else animals or beasts might come so they would hang it on the

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

wall. So the profitsystem came to that water container. And he opened up the water container from metal. And bainer will do a look, there was a blow, then he did a will do between the two windows, he didn't go too much. But he did a perfect job. What does this mean? This shows us that we'll do an even sign up, there is many levels of it. You can pray very long. You can pray short, you can do a will do with perfect three times every single thing and making sure it is done. And you can do a quick we'll do that is fulfilling all of the can. And it is still a proper will do. And each one has a time and a place to do that. So for example, our missionaries that when our profit system would

00:35:43 --> 00:36:16

stand up for the hedges, the first thing he would do, he would pray to a calf huffy, attained very, very quickly. And it was so quick. She said, I didn't even realize did he read faster and another sooner or not was justified. Because we know from other traditions, you would read a class and caffeine and very quickly who would recap for the class. So I shadowed the Lord and said he would then spend a long time in the next apricot, right, so the first two were very quick, and that's valid. And that's permissible. Same thing over here, he did a will do that is between the two windows meaning

00:36:17 --> 00:36:59

you can have a very perfect long will. And a perfect window is done with three times in every single limb except for the the master over the head that is only done once. Otherwise, you can do three times up and back and forth. And that's the perfect, you can do a quick one and a quick coin. You take a very small amount of water and you rub all over and then over here, and then it's done. And then you can have all the noodle in between the two, neither like this, nor like that was herbalist and he made sure that it all reached the limbs because that is always necessary to do that. Then for sulla then he stood up insula. This is what the young lad is waiting for. This is what Eben Abbas is

00:36:59 --> 00:37:42

wanting to do. So as soon as the Prophet system stood up now, Eben Abbas wanted the blessings to pray with the prophets of the law isn't him. That's why he's in the house. That's why he's wide awake. That's why he's not going to sleep. He wants to pray with the Prophet sallallahu aleyhi, who was selling them for come to Fatima play to karate, and you're only going to pay or at the heat. Then I stood up, and I pretended to yawn. I stood up and I was rubbing the things off of my eyes and pretending to be sleepy. So I pretended as if it just so happened that I got up. Why? Because I didn't want him to know that I was monitoring him. Nobody likes to be monitored, right? Nobody likes

00:37:42 --> 00:38:24

that you are being examined. So even abus is telling his students that to save that indignity to make sure that their profit system did not feel anything against me. I pretended as if I was sleepy and getting up and I just so happened to see him praying, right. And this shows us the intelligence that hey, if you must use and it is what he's doing is all permissible. There is no lie. He didn't say anything wrong. I mean, he is simply showing something that is not exactly done, you know, because he needed it. But neither is it at all. It's nothing wrong to like rubbish sleep out of your eyes when you're not sleeping. It's something that is Yeah, and he's using it for a tactic. And

00:38:24 --> 00:39:05

there's nothing wrong with it, per se. And this shows us as well, the Houston adapter, the good idea that even abus has rhodiola one with the Prophet Sal alaris and that he doesn't want him to feel anything that I've been monitoring you. And so I pretended to be sleepy and I robbed the sleep out of my eyes, I pretended to be what not. And then when I when he saw me Look at him, then I stood up and went to pray with him. That's what he's waiting for. He wants to pray with the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and sorry for the robot demons he also did will do. And then I stood next to him praying but I stood on his left hand side. So even Ibis does not know which side to stand on. And we

00:39:05 --> 00:39:44

do not know at this stage either. Because at this stage, hardly anybody has just prayed only with the Prophet sallallahu I said him, the GMR is being done with hundreds of people. So from this we're gonna learn another feel clear ruling as well. So I stood on his left hand side. So he held on to me with my ear, not in a harsh manner, but in a gentle manner. You know, you and you want to take a child right? So he held on to me with my ear, and he put me from behind, all the way until he made me stand on the right hand side. And from this, we learn something that we all know that when there are two people praying to men praying on there because if it's a female, that if it's your wife,

00:39:44 --> 00:40:00

your daughter, you will be she'll be standing behind you. But if it's two men that are praying, the Imam stands and to the right of the Imam stands the boom, this is what we learn from the Hadith in Abba. So he took me by the ear and he made me stand on

00:40:00 --> 00:40:13

His right hand side and Fatima fertomid salatu salam ala shallot Raka and he finished a perfect 13 or 13 Allah God now

00:40:14 --> 00:40:56

these 13 block God, how did he get to 13 when other narrations mentioned 11 so when our Prophet sallallahu wasallam first stood up to pray, the first thing he would do as Arusha tells us, he would pray to quick Krakow to very just like one can say in our language to get into the spirit of Salah. That's how we would say it in our time. But you know, whatever the reasons for the profits are somewhere that's different for us. It'll just get us into the mode of praying, we pray to quick regard, then he would pray eight very, very long and perfect record. And then he would pray the tree Witter, and so those two records are like an introductory. So it's something that you can say that

00:40:56 --> 00:41:40

the actual 200 or the width of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was typically eight plus three and that is 11 Records, and the other two are the introductory one, and that is 13 recart thermotoga. Then after he finishes all of this, then he went back to sleep. Fernanda had done enough Haha, and he slept until I could hear his heavy breathing is a light snore and efa is a light snoring. So like the lights are you can tell somebody is asleep. We're kinda either normal enough for her. When he went to sleep, he would have that heavy breathing, which is the norm and almost all of mankind when they sleep, you can tell by their breath, that they are sleeping. And by the way, our Prophet

00:41:40 --> 00:42:21

sallallahu I sent him his physical body slept, but his spiritual awareness never slept. He says this himself in a hadith that of the speciality is I have been given, when I go to sleep, my heart does not go to sleep. So there is an awareness that he has, even when he is asleep. That's something that only he sallallahu wasallam has. So he went back to sleep until he was breathing heavily. Then it will be Loudoun. bisola. Then Bilal came to tell him that it was time to pray. So beloved rhodiola, one, he knew which house the provinces would be spending the night in every single night, and in the next morning at fudger, he would come and he would wake the Prophet system up and tell him you know,

00:42:21 --> 00:42:59

sort of law it is time for the Salah, he would do this out of etiquette that should prepare him before he gave the exam. And so he would inform the profitsystem that Okay, it's time to pray. And so that's the etiquette of Billa the the adverb of Bilal that he's personally going to the house or the Prophet, so set up, and then he's going to go to the masjid to give the event. And so the the Prophet system then woke up at the coming of Bilal, for sila while me at all, but he prayed the Tula God to fudger. Because obviously, after the event comes in, you pray those to the God that are extremely important to pray, so much so that some of the men who say that are wajib, and most of the

00:42:59 --> 00:43:24

men have said that they are the most important suddenness of the day and night to pray along with selected witness. So out of all of the non followed prayers, the two that are the most important are the two of fudger and the witted and that's why the Hanafi madhhab. They say that it is wajib. And the rest of the mme, they say that it is very, very strongly encouraged. And this goes back to the differences between some of the Medina and so he would then

00:43:25 --> 00:44:02

pray the tool of God, and then it'd been a bastard well, m yetta, was bought, and he did not do the will do, he did not do what they will do. Now, this leads us to the very detailed discussion, which we will simply gloss over but you should be aware of it over the different muda hipper, the different positions of the scholars about doing will do after going to sleep. know that there are over seven opinions about this issue, believe it or you would think there's only two No, there's actually six or seven opinions about will do and about sleep. And we'll do whether sleep breaks will do or not. And each one of these positions that you find in the earliest callers from the time of

00:44:02 --> 00:44:39

the sub and tap your own, you will find evidences to defend it. And you will find plenty of discussion in any book or film about the reality of will do and sleep and the relationship between the two. And any position that you hold. They have their method and their methodology to deal with all the evidences of the other groups as well. You see, dear brothers and sisters when you really get into it. And when you talk about advanced and advanced other issues, you actually find these positions are well defended, and well rehearsed. And it's not that straightforward. That's why one of the things that I always say and everyone should know this that with knowledge comes maturity and

00:44:39 --> 00:45:00

tolerance. When you only learn one position with one opinion, you think it is my way or the highway, you think everybody else must be totally wrong. That's because you yourself have never seen other people and other methodologies and other understandings and other ways of practicing Islam. That's because you have restricted yourself, the more you study, and the more you learn, the more tolerant

00:45:00 --> 00:45:39

And open minded you become and you realize and understand that, you know, there is a spectrum that is acceptable. And yes, there is a spectrum that's unacceptable as well, nobody's denying that. But that spectrum of acceptability. And I'll tell you from my own experience, it grows and grows and grows as you mature. And as you learn more and more, and one of the signs of a novice or an initiate versus an advanced and a genuine bona fide alum is this issue of tolerance and respect that you find those with little knowledge are the most disrespectful and the most intolerant of any position. And the more one learns and studies, the more one realizes that there is actually a lot of room for

00:45:39 --> 00:46:19

different positions. And even if one disagrees, one disagrees with wisdom, the point being, and this issue of will do and, and sleep, lots of positions are there, and the position that I personally follow and again, all of these can be defended, and and rejected and refuted the position that I personally follow is that a deep sleep asleep in which you lose complete consciousness breaks the will do. And, therefore, any evidence like this one, for example, either the processing was not sleeping that deep or that he was aware with it, he broke will do or not, or he has an exception that he is the rasulillah system, and what applies to him does not apply to us. As for the rest of

00:46:19 --> 00:47:00

us if we go to sleep, and the sleep that I'm talking about is one that we lose complete consciousness as for just too quick, you know, when we're sitting at our desks or attending a lecture or something and you just like doze off, and then you, you get up like this, that is not a deep sleep. And that is not something that so to rephrase it, sleep, per se does not break. However, breaking wind breaks will do. And if you're aware that you have broken wind, then you the Euro is broken, what if you're in a state of sleep, that that is not going to happen, that you're not even aware that that might happen. Therefore, if you fall into deep sleep, you will break the window, and

00:47:00 --> 00:47:12

in this case, our processor is just dozing off after tahajjud and before slotland fudger and that does not break the will do then even ABA says and this is the point that we need to come to over here then if not boss says

00:47:14 --> 00:47:56

he would say in his job, and this is the point of this chapter, when he would wake up in Salah in the middle of the night. This is what he would say. Alarm which it will be neuro law place light in my heart, place light in my eyes placed light in my ears placed light on my right place light on my left place light above me, placed light below me placed light behind me placed light in front of me Give me light everywhere give me light. What light is this? This is the divine light, the light that we want from Allah subhana wa tada the light of guidance, the light in our cupboard, the light on the Day of Judgment. That is the light that signifies Allah's pleasure. It is a metaphysical light.

00:47:56 --> 00:48:33

It is not the light of this world that this is the light bulb But no, this is the light that Allah mentions in the Quran was Zenn la Komura Medina that Allah has revealed to us a light it is a metaphysical light. This is the light that Allah mentions that he guides people your original mineral through Mattila nudie be Isn't he a lot takes people out of the darkness into the light. So there is a metaphor in the Quran and in the sun about divine light. And it is a light that takes us from the darkness of Cofer, the darkness of the darkness is of disobedience to the light of obedience and the light of the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah is the light of the

00:48:33 --> 00:49:11

heavens and earth Allah Who knows what you are. And Allah guides to the light and allies, The Witcher blesses us with light. So Allah is known, and his guidance is known and he calls to know and we want that know, we want that note in this world, because whoever has it in this world shall be getting it in the hereafter. And as Allah says, woman Lamia, janilla hula who knew run from Allah who may know whoever does not have nor whoever Allah does not give light to shall not have light. And notice here the repetition over and over again, Allah give me light in my heart, give me light in my eyes, give me light in my ears give me light on the right and the left and the front of it

00:49:11 --> 00:49:48

behind me and tabouli below me, and will have me in light. Why? Because this is one of the techniques of da we asked the same thing in different wordings so that we re emphasize how much we want. We keep on hammering the point so that we show how much we needed and so that Allah subhanho wa Taala sees our sincerity, you know, if somebody says Oh Allah give me light, that's fine and it's valid, but which one is more elegant? Oh Allah, give me a light in my heart. Give me light in my tongue give me light in my eyes, give me a light in my ears. Give me a light on my right give me a light on and on and on and on. You keep on hammering the point I need light Oh ALLAH and you're the

00:49:48 --> 00:50:00

one who gives light. So this hadith is the one you asked for it in the middle of the darkness when everything is dark. The only reason you're waking up is for the light of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah Cora Cora

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

You said was set your own fit to boot and seven in the boot. And this is something that unless you study Hadith and no, it is so confusing what is what I am saying seven in the tablet. What is that? For the thetotal? Gentlemen, what did I bust for her destiny behind, I met one of the children of Ibis, and he's the one who told me and he added for the camera will also be working with me which it will but surely, while the camera has latane and he said, and my veins and my meat and my flesh and my bones and my hair and my skin. And you mentioned two other things. What is this interesting phrase here? So, color Corey Boone was a balloon fitter, but who is correct? Let's go back to the

00:50:39 --> 00:51:15

actual chain open up the Hadeeth. If you have it in front of you go back to the actual chain a moment while the same color had definitely been Abdullah. And of course this is one of his main teachers he has over 200 Hadith almost 10% of his Hadith is from Ali Abdullah from the city of Medina, called dethroned by the Illuminati is of course, Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah de he died 198 hedgerow, and one of the famous scholars of his generation on soufiane. Of course, this is Marina, who is also the greatest scholar of hadith of that generation of the second and third generation of the students of the bureau when he met some of the taboo and is especially the libertarian, that is

00:51:15 --> 00:51:59

his generation, and Selamat an query bin and this query is Mobile Admin above this query, used to be a servant of a bit above a slave in a bus. And then, throughout his career, he continued to grow in knowledge because he accompanied him in a bus. And then could I became a scholar in his own right. And this is very, very common in Islamic history, that there were people who were servants of famous people. They were slaves of great scholars, but you see the concept of risk or slavery, I'm using the word slavery, listen to my other lectures, and there are other books written as well, about this issue. This is a mistranslation to consider Islamic as being slavery, because it is not the slavery

00:51:59 --> 00:52:39

that we are familiar with. It is more like it is more closer to the Western concept of indentured servant involuntary indentured servants. That's closer to the Islamic concept of work, where a person because of circumstances beyond his control, typically, typically, because they're fighting the Muslim army, they become indentured servants. And then within a generation, they are freed. And they go about their work their way and they are absorbed into society. This is the Islamic notion of the duck. And many, many of these indentured servants or absorbents, they became prominent people, some of them established their own dynasties, like the mameluke dynasty. And Kareem is one of those

00:52:39 --> 00:53:20

great scholars who was a slave as a young man. And then he becomes one of the great aroma of Islam as an older man. Why? Because he was the main or one of the main pupils of Eben Abbas, are they allowed to add on? So caraibe caraibe said when he narrated the Hadith, he said, was several taboos. And there are seven other things that are in the taboo. What is the tablet, the tablet is a box. So Corey was saying there are seven things that I don't remember seven other newer No, no, no, I already mentioned to all of these door, there are seven other neurons, I don't remember them right now, several and fit tabooed. Some have said taboos here means the rib cage or the body. That's a

00:53:20 --> 00:53:59

bit of a stretch that would here means and there are seven that I have in my notes, and I don't remember them right now. And this shows you people were writing a Hadith, even in the time of the Sahaba and tab Iran. Korea has notes it is well known in the books of history that Korea had many scrolls that he had written from a bus so much so that when other students have him in our bus wanted to know what my boss said they would go to court. And they would ask Cory, to write down for him what he had in his own notes. So when he thinks several fatality means and seven in my, in my library, that's what he would say the taboos here. They didn't have libraries like we do. They had a

00:53:59 --> 00:54:35

big box. And in that box, they would have scrolls to protect it from weather and from the elements. So they have the box of scrolls. That's this. So he's saying and there are seven that are in the tablet I'm not I don't remember right now. And notice here. He's not inventing off the top of his head. He tells you what he knows. He tells you what he doesn't know. He tells you the Heidi that he remembers and then he tells you and there are seven I don't remember and that is why notice as well fidelity to Roger and somebody saying I then met another person who is this person go back to the chain and that is selama and cinema here is the narrator from Korea and it is the chef or the

00:54:35 --> 00:55:00

teacher of Sofia urban Reina and Salma when he didn't get the seven from Cora tube. So he wants to know what are those seven. So he said I went to some other people have the children have been a bus I went to the family of Abdullah bin Ibis. And I asked them about this hadith. Notice the eagerness of the scholars of Hadith. Notice they're wanting to know what are those seven, even though this long Hadith is there.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:12

But cinema wanted to know what are the other seven I missed out. So he said I found somebody who knew this narration because Abdullah bin Ibis told it to many people his children knew his grandchildren knew and

00:55:13 --> 00:55:51

Korea as well knew and he went to other sources to find out those seven. And so he found that what are those seven will also be with me with me which it will be surely and two other things were mentioned as well that's the seven here and these are all things to do with the body, my flesh, my blood, my veins, my hair, you know my also all of these things are mentioned so all law you know give me light in my body give me light in my bones give me light in my flesh give me light in my hair give me light on my skin. So these are the other things that are mentioned of the of the seven. And that shows us that the narration of this hadith has been preserved and we have this beautiful

00:55:51 --> 00:56:30

narration about what do I have to make when we when we wake up for solid tahajjud and this leads us to the conclusion of today's lecture in sha Allah to Allah we will continue but in light either next Sunday and as usual your brothers and sisters please do be generous with the East planar Masjid hamdulillah we still are running with, you know, whatever we expenses we have over here. machine is still operational as you're aware. And we do need your help to continue these programs. We do have staff we do have equipment we have a lot of bills to be paid and this is that some of the things that we asked you during this crisis when many of our sources of income have been cut off we do ask

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you to continue to be generous to the masjid and the the mechanism to donate is on your screens the procedure to donate and the Zelo account to send donations to please help out this Masjid and all of your local massage. This is a call not just for East Plano but honestly all over the massage we are all suffering at this time. And the last thing that needs to be done is that the massages of Allah azza wa jal are put into crisis or debt mode. This is not what needs to happen during this timeframe. So please be generous May Allah azzawajal be generous unto all of us. And with that I will see you next time was set up by the Mohammed hula he will catch you

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