Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 16 Khidr Explains Incidents To Musa

Yasir Qadhi


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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi deals with verses 80 to 82 that deal with the following topics:

  • If one needs something to be blessed, one should ensure for it to be associated with Allah.
  • Parents of the boy who was killed were righteous and their love for their child would have negatively impacted their righteousness and relationship with Allah.
  • The rewards of losing a child.
  • Attributing negative to self and positive to Allah SWT.

“And as for the lad, his parents were believers, and we were afraid he would impose on them insolence and disbelief.” “So we did intend that their Lord should change him for them for one better in purity and nearer in affection.”

In this verse, the Qur’an refers to the secret of the second event – the murder of the lad.  

“And as for the lad, his parents were believers, and we were afraid he would impose on them insolence and disbelief.”

If that boy continued to live then he would have been a source of disgrace or creation of one for his faithful parents.

Finally, in order to remove any doubt from Mus AS, Khidr assured Musa AS that he did not perform any of the deeds at his free will, but it was the command of Allah that he followed. And, this was the mystery that Musa AS could not bear patiently.


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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali, he was like the one with a hammer bug. So we're talking about Hadith explaining the three incidents to Musa. And the first incident was the issue of the fisherman of the ship. And we derived from this many points but the main point was the following. If you want to be blessed in any area of life, use that area for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada to get more blessings. You want your children to be blessing, make sure they're loving Islam, they're praying, they're reading the Koran. You want your family life to be blessing. Make sure your family household is practicing the the ethics and the morals of Islam. You

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want to be blessed in your money. Make sure your money is being spent FISA beat Allahu taala. Whatever you do for the sake of Allah, that very instrument of you're doing, it will become something that is pleasing something that will benefit you. So this is of the main lessons of the fisherman and the ship. The second story is the story of the child. What is the story of the child that was killed for absolutely no reason apparently. So now how that explains why a man who Namo Furqan abattoir, whom he named as for that young boy, so both of his parents were more men, and when the Quran uses the term moltmann generally speaking, generally speaking, it is a higher level of

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simply a Muslim, meaning there were good people, they were righteous people, they truly believed in Allah subhana wa Tada. And so for hoshina, Herodotus saying, we feared meaning we knew what would happen and you'd have Kahuna, toyana and workqueue. For all that this young boy, when he grows up, he would overpower them to do sin. And to do Cofer now, scholars have different how this would happen. And the fact of the matter is, we don't know for sure, some have said that. It is said that he would have become a highway robber and his parents would have began to defend him and to hide and cover up his sins out of their love for the child. Some have said other stories as well. The bottom

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line is had this child lived, the love that the parents have for the child would have adversely affected their own status in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala because there's a Hadith of the process of them. When you love something, it causes you to become deaf and dumb, deaf and blind. Excuse me, when you love something, it causes you to become deaf and blind. You stop thinking rationally we say love blinds. It's true that when you become when you fall in love with anything, it makes you blind when you love money to that level, you forget where it comes from you forget you have a right upon the money. So Allah subhana wa tada knew that this young boy, his growing up would

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cause his parents for whatever reason, in their love for the boy would cause his parents to stray from Islam. And Cofer could mean they become caffeine and coffee could mean they become ungrateful, which is a type of sin. Both meanings are possible here, that it could be that they would have left Islam for whatever reason, or it could be that they would have become ungrateful for the blessings of Allah and lost their high status. So by getting rid of the boy by getting rid of the boy what happens the righteous parents remain righteous at that level. Not only that, their righteousness goes higher up household.

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Our Prophet Mohammed Salah they send them told us that when Allah subhana wa tada takes one of our beloved and we are patient at that the reward is nothing less than Jenna itself. In one Hadith, the prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was sending them. A woman came and said Yasuda law, I have lost three of my children, three of my children. And the process hasn't said three of them. And she said, Yes, three of them. And so the Prophet system said, then indeed, you have been protected from the fire of hell with a thick barrier of protection. Your loss has protected you from the fire of health. And in one Hadith, our Prophet system told us that when a child dies, and because the loss of a child will

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lie, it is the most painful, traumatic experience for any parent, there is no, there is no masiva there's no calamity that is more painful for the parents than the loss of their own child, the loss of their own children, the loss of relatives, the loss of friends, even the loss of parents, we expect this as a part of nature, but the loss of children is not something that we expect, and any parent would give up his own life or own life to save the life of the child. So the life of the child, when it goes is a very, very difficult tragedy. What will be the reward of the one who loses the child and anyone who has lost a child may Allah Subhana

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Try to increase your agility and listen to this beautiful Hadith. The Prophet says Adam said that when Allah takes the child of somebody, the angel goes back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah asks the angel Did you take and then the Arabic is very poetic and the English translates as the apple of his eye and the the gist of his heart, basically, did you take that which was the most beloved thing to him in the world? And the angel will say, Yes, I did. Oh Allah, Allah will say what was his response, the angel will say, he said in the law, he was in a garage, your own and he praised you and he thanked you. And so Allah will say that I asked you to bear witness that I have built a

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special palace just for him in general. And I have given this palace a name, and it is called Bay to hemd. Because he praised me, I will build a palace for him with the name beta unhemmed on it. And in another Hadith, our prophet SAW the lock while he was setting them, he gave the good news to every parent who had lost a child, he gave the good news that those children he said, will be waiting for their parents there was the story goes that there was a Sahabi that the profitsystem would see him always he would bring his young boy to play with him in the masjid, he would always have this young boy. And he said to the Prophet system, or messenger, Allah, I love this boy. So I want you to love

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him as well. So he loves this boy so much as this young boy, then for a while the man disappeared. Then he came again. And he was very sad. So the President said, What is the matter? He said, my boy has died, my boy has passed away. So the process and him said, Don't you love it? Or Aren't you excited that that boy of yours will be waiting for you at the doors of Jenna. And he will hold on to your hand so you can enter then through any door that you please Aren't you excited to be meeting them up there. And so this is a good news to anyone who has had this tragedy of having a young child taken away from them, that our that our Lord will give them a bait will handle if they are patient

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that as the Hadith says there is no jazza This is a hadith and Timothy, there is no reward that anyone will get when he loses a beloved and he's patient less than gender, there is no reward that you will get less than gender. And our processing said the boy will be waiting for him in on the gates of gender. And in other ahaadeeth we learned that young young children that pass away, they will be one category of intercessors on the Yeoman kiama that they will beg and plead Allah subhana wa tada that you must forgive our parents because they were patient and our debts. So they are of the schufa there of the intercessors on your milk Yama. So this, these two parents here in the

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story, they were righteous people. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala did not want them to lose their righteousness. He wanted them to be raised in their ranks. So what did he do? He took away their most precious being their most precious soul. Why did he take him away? Because Allah knew had this boy remained with them, it would have been for their own detriment, it would have been for their own evil. So then Allah subhana wa tada took it away. And when he took it away, rather than the rank going down, the rank goes up. Because our Profit System said, When Allah loves somebody, he tests him. When Allah loves somebody, he tests him. And the more that person is tested, the higher his

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ranks rise up in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So these parents were tested in this manner. And then what for Aradhana and new de la humara buma. Higher amin, who's the captain,

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when a lot took this child away, he didn't just leave status quo. Rather, we wanted to substitute you will substitute them for a better child, a pure child's higher a man who's gotten a more pure child will call Rama, Rama and one that was more merciful to them. So Subhana Allah instead of just taking the child away, Allah subhana wa tada rather substituted them with a better child. And this leads us to a very important rule of our Islamic Sharia a simple rule Allah subhana wa tada rules that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that never does a person leave something for the sake of Allah except that Allah gives him better than what he left. That's with regards to the sins

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if you leave something for the sake of Allah, Allah will give you better than what you left and this ayah here in in pseudotsuga have also shows us a corollary a similar rule and that is never does a lot of take away something that you love, and you are patient except that Allah will give you something better and it's that never does a lot take away something that you wanted and your patient at that except that Allah subhana wa tada will give you something better for innama address to use run in democracy use law for every difficulty there will be multiple ease and so next time you face a calamity Be patient in a loss of Hannah without

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And have fully Athene that whatever has been taken away, you will get it back much more than that. And this is of the Rama of Allah subhana wa Tada. As for the city, the wall one Majid out, it belonged to two young orphans in the city. And underneath this was a treasure that their father had buried and their father was a righteous man what kinda abou masala and for our other bukannya blue Why should the Houma so your Lord wanted that these two young men they grow up to be fully strong and independent. And then they discover the gold from themselves as a mercy from Allah subhana wa Tada. So the story, therefore, is that this city was so stingy, they couldn't give us a glass of

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water. What do you think they would have done? If they found this gold? Do you think they would have given it to these defenseless orphans? If that is their state? They're not going to give us some bread? Do you think they would have given the orphans their goals? Of course not. So their father was a righteous man. And Allah protected the financial dependency of the children because of the righteousness of the Father, because their father was good. A law protected the financial well being of the children. How so by causing Heather to come and put the wall back up so that when the young men they grow to be fully young and independent, when they truly need the money and can defend it,

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if they're five or six, what are they going to do with the fortune if they're 2530 that's when you need money for your future investment. So Allah wanted to allow them to grow up they can find the treasure and then defend it and take advantage of it. And notice here that Subhana Allah put yourself in the shoes of their mother, put yourself in the shoes of their mother, where she must be wondering where is the money and how am I going to take care of myself? Who will take care of me? Put understand her frustration, understand, she might be wondering, where is the help of Allah subhana wa Tada. Yet, if Allah had helped her right at that point in time, and they had discovered

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this massive treasure, from in front of her eyes, the treasure would have disappeared. So Allah subhana wa tada for a wisdom known to him delayed the response of her do I delayed the response of verb petitioning and allowed the poverty to remain, it must have been difficult. But why? Because Allah knows when to give the money when it's needed. And what this shows us is so many things of the most important benefits of this story of the story of the two orphans here is that when you are faced with a calamity, and you're wondering, where is the help of Allah? Why is it taking so long? Remind yourself, Allah knows when to respond to your da, Allah knows when to give you what you want.

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Put your trust in Allah subhana wa tada and know that Allah His knowledge is infinite and your knowledge is finite. Well, La Jolla and mo and Tom Lata anemone remember what Allah says in the Quran, it is possible you love something, but it is bad for you. It is possible you hate something, but Allah will put much good in it for you. Allah knows, as long as you have a connection with Allah, whatever happens will be for the best. And if you don't have that connection with Allah, then nothing will be for the best. Also notice here, the last two stories. A law preserved the religion and the finances of the children, because of the religion of the parents listen to this very

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carefully, oh, parents in the audience. We all want our children to be happy and successful. In the first story, that child would have been a bad child would have been an evil child. So Allah wanted to give them a good child. Why did it give them a good child? Because the two parents were meaning when the parents were momineen. Allah gave them children that one woman. So when the parents were good, their children are also good. In the second story, Allah bless the children with wealth. Why? What kind of Houma Sani Ha. So you want your children to be happy, and you want your children to be successful, and you want your children to flourish. Start with yourself. correct yourself. Be good

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in your own life. Be a role model for them and have that who sure and taqwa of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then Allah will shower blessings of this world and the next and Allah mentions this exquisite in the Quran. Allah says in one verse while you're ready

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to reassemble halfway in La Jolla. kulu colon sadita. Allah says, if you're worried about dying and leaving, I'm translating metaphorically, not word for word. If you're worried about dying and early death, and you're leaving young children that nobody will take care of. What is the solution for yet Hola. Hola. Hola. Como se da da sadita have Taqwa of Allah monitor your speech will take care of your kids. Literally. This is what the Quran says. You're worried about dying young and leaving family that nobody can

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Take care of I'll tell you what to do for yet Hola. Hola. Hola Conan sadita have Taqwa of Allah and say good words, monitor your speech, and Allah will take care of the kids. And this story proves this that Allah azza wa jal took the father and the children were young, but he didn't leave the children. He didn't neglect the children. And just because of the righteousness of the Father, in this story, the mother is not even mentioned, she might have been just average, she might not have been something solid they have, she might have been just a believer, but the father was a good man, just because of the Father, Allah subhana wa, tada took care of the kids, brothers and sisters,

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start with yourselves, start with your immediate families, you and your spouse have a good Islamic relationship. If you treat your your wife nicely. Why is if you teach your husbands nicely in an Islamic manner, you will implant in your children the role model of how to grow up, they will subconsciously learn what does it mean to be a Muslim, the love the tenderness, the Rama, this will be a part of their culture. And when you do this, Allah subhana wa Taala will shower his buckets upon you in this world. And the next and we'll finish the story here one fall to one, Emily, Daddy, can we remind him just the idea, he says, I didn't do this for myself, I was not the one who, who

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was doing this thing. And we said, This verse in particular, is the strongest evidence that Hitler is a prophet. Because he says I didn't do this of myself. Allah told me to do this. This is the interpretation of that which you didn't have. You didn't have the patience for another point here. By the way, I forgot to mention beautiful Nuketown interesting point. When he mentioned that he wanted to destroy the ship, that he caused damage to the ship, Peter mentioned in the first person to Eva, I wanted to damage the ship. And when he did mentioned the blessing of the child, and the substitution of the child, and to save the treasure here for our da da da buka your Lord wanted that

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the children get the treasure. So what did he do? He did something that is of the Islamic manners. You ascribe negative to yourself and you ascribe positive to Allah subhana wa Tada. He ascribed Nick Ferrara to an arriba I wanted to damage the ship, even though we know Allah told him to do this, but he didn't want to say this. I wanted to damage the ship. And when he wants to say something good, Allah wanted them to have a child, Allah wanted them to discover the treasure. And this also is in the Dr. Ibrahim, when Abraham says what he then married

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for who is Finn, even though he finalizes origin were either married to when I fall sick, not when a law causes me to fall sick. Rather, when I fall sick, Allah cures me even though the sickness and the cure is both from Allah but you ascribe the evil to yourself. You ascribe the good to Allah subhana wa tada as the Prophet says that, um, said was Chevrolet's de la while hailu biotic no evil is ascribed to you, all good comes from you. And we mentioned this in the story of Adam antibodies. Adam says, I did this in a beliefs accuses a lot you forced me to do the sin, evil you ascribe to yourself and good you ascribe to Allah subhana wa tada the final point, the main theme of all of

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these three stories for us practically speaking, is if you are righteous and you put your trust in Allah, then everything that happens, there is a wisdom, there is a secret, there is other that is for your good in this world and of course, the next will come, but even in this world, any accident, any loss of life, any trial, any sickness, whatever happens, there is a wisdom and there is good for you in this world before the next the main point you must have that relationship with the law that those fishermen had that the righteous parents had that the saw that person had and when you do this, your deen and your dunya this world and the next everything will be taken care of that is the

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main point he who believes in other can never feel depressed. He who believes that Allah is in control of everything can never go into depression and say why is this happening to me? Allah azza wa jal loves you more than your mother does as our Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam said so Allah His plan is better than your plan and allows wisdom is infinitely more than your wisdom. Put your trust in Allah and know that whatever happens happens for your good as long as you truly believe in Allah and put your two what could in him and inshallah we'll resume tomorrow with Santa Monica Muhammad sallahu wa barakato