Swamped In Sins And The Valley Of Despair

Yasir Qadhi


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In this heart wrenching and motivational talk, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi deals with the issues of humans being afflicted and swamped in sins and its after effects.

O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when He calls you to that which gives you life!
[Surat Al-‘Anfal, verse 24]

The gist of the lecture is that if we remain steadfast in the path of Allah SWT, then our physical and spiritual existence will be of significance and merit. But if we deviate from the path of Allah and the teachings of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, then our physical and spiritual existence is doomed and it will culminate in the hardening of our hearts and we will be held accountable for it on the Day of Judgement.

We should find comfort and solace in the belief that every predicament, calamity and distress will only be sent down such that we turn to Allah for guidance and help and He will not resolve it. These trials and tribulations test the true strength of a believer which is marked by his turning to Allah in humility and submissiveness and advocating complete Tawakkul in Him.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi woman one

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of the miracles of creation, when Allah subhana wa tada fashioned our father Adam, from to rob from dust from sand from clean. He then created a rule. And he blew this ROI into Adam. And the law says when a foreigner fee him or ROI, that Allah blew his room, the meaning of his ROI. He created an ROI and he ascribed it to himself like his house, he says, My house and my servant it's not the rule of Allah, meaning Allah. But Allah created a rule he blew it into Adam alayhis salaam. This rule made Adam a living, breathing human, but it didn't just make him living and breathing. It gave him more than just physical life. The rule gave him spiritual life as well. The rule gave him a yearning for

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more, the ruler gave him a purpose for living. The rule gave him something we call the conscience. The rule that was breathed in to add them is not just a physical rule, it is also a rule of spirituality. Now what is this got to do with our talk of valley of despair and despair and sins and all of this, it is directly relevant to our talk for a simple reason.

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When Allah subhana wa tada created us, He created us in the best of all forms, one of the Holocron in Santa Fe us and he took with him. And a part of that perfection is as follows listen to this is very simple. When you do what Allah wants you to do, your physical and spiritual lies will flourish. And when you turn away from what what Allah wants you to do, your physical and your spiritual lives will not flourish. Rather, they will wither away and they will exterminate. And this is exactly what the Quran tells us, that the one who obeys the commandments of a law, that is the person who has genuine life, life of the heart and life of the soul, life of the body and life of the ruler, and

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the one who turns away from the remembrance of Allah, the One who turns away from the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala what happens? That person's ruin. That person's huddled in Arabic the heart, it withers away and it exterminates and the lust of Hannah was either mentioned this explicitly as the hardening of the heart. When the heart and soul is good, the body will be good. And when the heart and soul withers away, the body withers away. Allah subhana wa tada tells us in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Koran, yeah you have Latina M and O you who believe is that g Bula. He was prasun Harkin and obey to the call of Allah and His Messenger, either come Lima you

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come, when they call you to that which will give you your higher your he come. When you listen to Allah and His Messenger, your heart becomes alive. And when you turn away from Allah and His Messenger, what happens? Your heart starts to wither away, not your physical heart, your spiritual heart, not your physical, pulsating heart that the doctor can check your color of the room, your color that Allah subhana wa tada has given you. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah in a field gesture, the motto, verily there is a flesh inside of the body. When that flesh is good, the body is good. And when that flesh is evil, the body is evil. And that flesh he said, is the

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heart and the flesh that is good is the heart and the flesh, that is evil is the heart and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Verily, Allah does not look at your outer bodies, nor does he look at your facial features. In the la junta Allah Allah young guru EDA, Swati Kamala Illa, Assam Econ, pause here before I move on and finish the Hadith.

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Our Prophet system is saying, Allah doesn't care how you will look. Allah doesn't care about your facial features. Allah doesn't care about your outer dress. How much do we care about our outer dress? How much do we spend pruning ourselves? How much money do we spend on our clothes? How much time do we spend in front of the mirror? How much time do we spend shampooing and conditioning and whatnot. And yet our profit system is saying a lot doesn't care about how you look a lot doesn't care about what your facial features are. What does it like care about what I can jambu illa pulumi como una

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are magical. What Allah cares about is your color. And what Allah cares about is your good deeds that you're doing. Allah does not care about how you look about your facial features about the color of your skin. What Allah cares about is your heart and the actions that you do what I can jambu illa kuruva como ella, American, and therefore brothers and sisters, what happens when we don't care about what Allah subhana wa Taala cares about, the heart begins to wither away. And the withering away of the heart. You know what the Arabic is called? It is called us what we'll call it is called the hardening of the heart. It is called the hardening of the heart. And when the heart hardens,

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when the heart becomes putrid, when the heart solidifies, this leads to repercussions. This leads to problems in this world and the next and our Lord mentions the hardening of the heart in many verses in the Quran. Allah says in the Quran thammakaset boo boo coming back daedalic after this meaning something that the Australian had done, your hearts became hard until they were harder than a rock until they were harder than a rock. And unless of Allah Allah mentions another nation in the Quran, that was punished. And Allah says as a part of their punishment, what do we do? What pulu Bahama? arsia as a part of their punishment, Allah said, we made their hearts hard. Think about that, to

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punish them. What did Allah do? He made their hearts hard. Now, the hardening of the heart is a disease, frankly, it is the worst disease. What are the symptoms of that disease? How do we know we have that disease, I'll give you some of the symptoms. And if you find yourself having one or more of these symptoms, then realize that you probably have this disease of the hardening of the heart. And the advice is directed to myself first and foremost, before all of you. The first symptom of a hard heart is to simply not care about what Allah and His Messenger have told you to do. You just don't care.

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It's head on so what Allah told me not to do now whatever, to simply give up caring about what Allah subhana wa tada and His Messenger have told you to do. That is of the worst symptoms of a heart heart. Another symptom of a heart heart is to not enjoy the blessings and not enjoy the pleasure of worshiping Allah subhana wa tada if you're praying, and you're more worried about the latest Twitter updates that you're missing in those five minutes, and your brain is preoccupied with your exam tomorrow, and you're just rushing through the actions, monotonous, boring, dry. If your Salah is simply how you spend three minutes, then we'll law he This is the worst symptoms of a hard heart. If

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you don't enjoy standing in front of a law, if you don't enjoy doing will do if you're not excited for the blessings of will do that your profit system will recognize you because of your will go on the Day of Judgment you will be able to drink from Gotham because of your will do if you're not thinking along those lines and will do becomes just splish splash splash and that's it, then you're not enjoying the ibadah and this means your heart is hard. If you open up the Quran, you listen to the Quran, and it's not moving your heart, you're not pulsating. Allah says literally This is a verse in the Quran, that the believers are those who when the verses of the Quran are recited their

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Eman goes up way they're truly attached to him it was added to imana if you're not enjoying worship, then this is of the worst symptoms of a heart heart of the symptoms of a heart heart

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is to commit sins, without any guilt. Now committing sins is a problem. But frankly, all of us commit sins, but as a heart that is alive when it commits a sin and it does commit sins, even good hearts commit sins, it will feel

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repentance, regrets, remorse, anxiety when a heart commits a sin and it feels no pain. This is of the worst symptoms of a heart heart of the symptoms of a heart heart. And this is especially relevant in our times of the symptoms of a heart heart is to be selfish about yourself and not care about the rest of the oma.

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If you are disconnected from the reality of the oma if you go to sleep at night and you couldn't care less about the massacre that just happened in Syria.

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About the Rohingya Muslims of Burma, who are being torched to that villages after villages. If you're not thanking Allah subhana wa tada for the blessings you have living in these lands, and you're disconnected from the reality of the oma and all you're worried about is, your connection to your iPhone is not good in your particular classroom. You don't have the latest upgrade computer. If your problems are clearly what is now called first world problems, and you have no reality of the status of the oma than will lie. This is a symptom of a hard heart. Whereas the soft heart, it is connected to the oma. As our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, This oma is like a body when

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one limb is hurting if your finger got slashed, if your little pinky got slashed, will lie you couldn't sleep at night, you would be in pain and suffering. And that's exactly what our profits are seldom said either come in who wrote one today either who saw it, we'll just say the beside you when, when one organism distress, the whole body is in pain and making dua to cure this organ. So if you find yourself not even caring, not even keeping up with the news, it's not even a concern to you what the oma is going through, then we'll look at my dear brothers and sisters, let me put it straight to you, your heart has become hard. These are all symptoms, and there are more than these

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symptoms. And the fact of the matter is that the hardness of the heart, our scholars have called it the mother of all disease. It's like the HIV in our times. If you have HIV, it's like all other sins or all other evils, all other sicknesses can come to you, you don't have a defense mechanism. And this is exactly what the hardness of the heart is, you don't have a defense mechanism. Now, what are the factors that make the heart hard? What are some of the things that cause this disease? Again, there are many and time is limited and we need to get to the the the main point or the main thrust of this lecture, but this is an important topic. What are some of the symptoms or the causes excuse

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me of this hardness of the heart, number one, number one, turning away from the remembrance and the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah says in the Quran, from an out all the antiquity for in Allahumma I*a Mancha, whoever turns away from my Vicar from my remembrance, that person shall live a miserable and wretched life. Whoever turns away from my worship, that person will live a miserable life. Number two, not living in accordance with the laws of Islam, ignoring the shediac not caring about your lifestyle and what is in conformity and what is not in conformity. Allah says in the Quran febi monocled in him mitsouko home Lana, Houma, Jana kulu Basia because they broke our

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laws and our covenant Allah is talking about another nation. They didn't listen to a law. So what happened that I know whom we cursed them, what jalna Luba whom horsea and we made their hearts hard, and have the greatest abandonments of our Shetty out of the greatest ways you can show that you don't care about the Shetty is to abandon the five daily prayers.

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Any Muslim who does not pray his Sadat is not a Muslim. This is the bare minimal sign of Islam. And whoever has left the Salah as the top said, this is not me speaking, I'm going to blow hot Bob said whoever leaves the Salah. He has no share of Islam in Israel. He doesn't even have a percentage. He doesn't even have a 1% law half brother who filled Islam, he has no share of Islam. The one who leaves his side of the causes of the heart is to make your sins habitual, and a part of your routine. You see all of us commit sins I commit sins you commit sins. But when a sin becomes a daily habit, when a sin becomes a part of your daily routine, then obviously you will have no regret for

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that sin, you will have no remorse for that sin, it will become a part and parcel of who you are. And our Lord mentions and the process of explained in the Quran. The verse of the Quran, calculable Ron, Allah kuruva him that there is a darkness in their hearts because of what they do. And our Profit System said, this darkness is this effect of the sin. When a person commits a sin, it leaves a blot on his heart. And as he continues to commit sins, his heart becomes darker and darker and darker,

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of the causes of a hardness of the heart. And listen to this, especially our youth of our times, of the causes of the hardness of the heart is to follow every single bodily desire to

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Do whatever your body wants, and to ignore the calling of the spirit and the rule and the soul. You see, our body has rights over us, but so does our spirit, so does our rule. And whenever we become a slave to the body, it will be at the expense of the ROI. When we're slaves to the system to the just said, The rule is going to suffer. And therefore, when we start following every single desire we have whatever we want, that is what becomes head on whatever we don't want. That's what is how,

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then this will cause an effect on the heart and the heart will become hard. And the final point that we'll mention before we move on to the main talk really with it, which is the gist of the despair issue. The final point that will mention about the causing of the hardness of the heart is

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wasting too much time.

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wasting too much time. Excessive entertainment, in our times, Facebook, Twitter, the internet, watching movies, just doing wasting hours and hours, without any purpose. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he can walk back for in Nevada to me to Punahou. I caution you about laughing too much. Now listen to this laughing is Helen, who said nothing is terrible, of course is Helen laughing is Helen. And our Prophet system would smile all the time and laugh as well. And there are many instances in the Sierra where I and others say he laughed until I could see his molar teeth. He laughed at I could see all of his teeth, laughing his thunder smiling as soon but an excessive

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amount of laughing, not smiling. You can never smile too much. Make sure you understand. Smile. It's so not all of you are looking at me. It's still smile. Everybody Smile, smile as soon though, okay. You can never smile too much. But laughing is a different matter. You can laugh too much. Why? Because when you laugh too much, you forget about the seriousness of life as well. laughter is like salt. You added to the food, just the right amount. If you were to pour the salt canister on the food, what's going to happen? You've destroyed the food, the food loses its purpose. laughter is like the salt. You added sprinkled here and there as our Profit System did. But when you are too

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much involved in laughing, and by the way, this is an extension laughing in our times is wasting time just watching TV for no without any purpose in mind spending hours on the internet. This is literally killing time. And when you kill time, your heart is affected. And when your heart is affected, it hardens and it dies. And that's exactly what our Prophet system said. I warn you about wasting too much time. Because, excuse me, I warn you about laughing too much. That's what he said a Yakumo catheter to die. Why the unknown cassata bought a key to me too, because laughing too much causes the hearts to die. It's exactly a causal linkage, laughing too much causes the hearts to die.

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So therefore make sure we tone down those lol make sure we tone down all and who actually laughs out loud when we write lol has become totally meaningless. But the purpose is, when you're wasting time without any goal, when you're just sitting there and hours go by your heart is going to suffer. Now, out of all of these, there are two main factors I mentioned I want to reiterate, there are two main factors that causes the heart to become hard number one is to leave the shediac leave the laws of Islam and number two is to engage in committing sins. And I want to conclude this talk by mentioning some of the problems of committing sins, some of the issues that happen when we engage in sins and

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that is the the focal point of this talk they want to be talking about the effects of sins and the despair that that brings about and apparently this is all dreary stuff because the next session is the positive stuff correct? That's what I understood right? The next session will be the uplifting stuff so they gave me the the negatives which is a part of our religion By the way, our religion is what warn them of the evil consequences and give them glad tidings of the good consequences. And the of the names of our Prophet system are but she had no idea and Bashir means what what is Bashir mean?

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The one who gives good news and what is Nadine,

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the one who warns about an impending doom so this half half split is actually very Islamic, where one section goes and tells you the negative that's what they gave me to warn you about the negatives, but as long as you follow with the positive so whoever is attending now has got to attend the positives as well after after an hour inshallah, right then the next half also has to be attended now, since and the despair that caught that is brought about by sins.

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Some of the effects of committing sins.

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Allah Subhana, which are under mentions in the Koran. What come Lackner, minnow, Karuna mimbar Do you know how many are the generations we have destroyed after an oil worker for the rock because we do know very bad behavior on Basilan. And the law is enough to count and be aware of all of the sins of his servant. Notice how he links between the destruction of the nations and between committing sins, how many are the nations we have destroyed, and Allah is enough to count all of their sins, destruction in this world, and in the next is linked causally to sins, and think about it. For what reason was our father Adam expelled from Jenna? And for what reason? Are we his children toiling on

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this earth, except because of one sin that he committed? Why was the police who was at one point in time the noble leader of the jinns and at one time a chosen creature? Why is he now despised in a cursed except because of one sin that he did? In the eyes of Allah subhana wa tada for and for what reason? Did Allah subhanho wa Taala flood the earth to wipe away the entire civilization except for one group on an ark except for one group on an ark? Because they committed the sin of *ake and look around you? How many are the mighty and powerful civilizations? Many of them their remnants are visited to this day? Where are they now? Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us for Kunal and a husband

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Airbnb, each group we took because of his sins for Kunal and 100. Now be them be each group we dealt with because of his sins. Some of them Allah says, For men and women are suddenly the housekeeper, some of them Allah says, We sent a thunderstorm, others we sent a severe wind, others were swallowed up with this earth, and yet others we drowned them such grand scale destructions of entire nations, Allah azzawajal has linked directly with the committing of sins, and even even that famous stone on Earth, which is the holiest stone for us. And that is the hedges that is what our Lord tells us the prophets of Salaam tells us that the hedges on us what came down from Jenna, and it was as white as

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snow. It is a rock from gender. This is what we believe our process that I'm said that stone was given to Ibrahim alayhis salam from Jenna, and what are our processes of say it used to be as white as snow, but it became corrupted, and it became dark because of the sins of men. That white stone agenda could not stand the sins of this earth. And that too became corrupted because of the sins of men. This is exactly what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said. So what are some of the consequences of committing sins and again, time is of the essence our only list four or five, inshallah tada of the consequences of committing sins, of the consequences of committing sins,

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number one, it removes from our hearts, the majesty and glory, that is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala. For truly if we had that majesty and respect, we would not disobey Allah subhana wa Tada.

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He who commit sins, diminishes the majesty that is due to Allah. And even though I am says, if the only punishment for committing sins was that it removes from the heart, the majesty that is due to a law, that would have been enough of a punishment. If we don't respect the law, would we disobey our parents in front of their face? And if somebody did, how would that son be considered? Would we just obey the police right in front of their eyes? When we see the police what happens? we slow down automatically driving a car, we slow down, we don't want to pass the speed limit. Right? in our schools, in our universities, our professors are our teachers are right there. Would we do something

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to get them angry? We know the consequences. And it is human nature that in front of authority, you bow down in front of authority, you humble yourself, Well, how about the one who is the ultimate authority? How about Allah Jalla Jalla know who the more we recognize who is Allah, the less we will commit sins, and that's exactly what Allah says, warmer, colder, la hotcopper de they did not respect a lot the way that they deserve to respect the way that Allah is deserving of that respect. And this is of the greatest catastrophes of committing a sin of the catastrophes of the evils of committing a sin. Is that sins, diminish our Eman in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Eman goes down. When

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we commit sins, our faith in Allah, our religiosity, it goes down of the problems of committing sins is that sins, pollute the heart and make it hard and this is exactly what we mentioned.

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In the first part of our lecture, that through sins, the heart becomes hard. Allah says in the Quran from Mirza who Azhar holla hakuba, whom, when they went astray, Allah led their hearts astray when they went to stray their hearts were punished because of their sins. And Allah says in the Quran khalilabad Rhonda rondalla Guru Bahama can we accept on their hearts have become dark. Because of what they have done. Their hearts have become polluted and rusted because of what they have done, of the effects of committing sins is that sins remove the blessings that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given to us and shall give us our current blessings and future blessings are lifted because of sins.

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Allah subhana wa tada says, and we all know this verse, Allah does not change the situation of a people until they change what is in themselves. No blessing is taken away from you, except because of a sin that you have done. Allah says so in the Quran, what am I a Saba coming mostly but in Fatima Casa with a deacon any problem that comes to you it's because of your own sins that you have done. Every single grief, every single anxiety, every single distress. No my dear brothers and sisters that next time you feel physical or mental pain or anguish, it is because of what I have done and you have done over the effects of sins is that sins collectively affect the oma and we can

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the oma because what is the oma except me and you? What is the oma except all of us here? What is the oma except a building composed of individuals and we are those individuals? Is this not what our prophet SAW said him said that the oma is like a brick wall. And its strength is one another. You should do Babu Baba and he puts his fingers between his hands to show that the oma is like a wall and we make each other stronger. Well guess what? If the bricks that were used for that wall are not strong. If me and you are not strong, what's going to happen? The wall will collapse the wall will not stand on its own. Wake up and smell the coffee. Look at the status of the oma see what's

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happening. And then don't blame the oma blame me and blame yourselves, because we are that when I am weak and you're weak, collectively, the oma will collapse. And unfortunately, that is the reality that we are seeing. And the last point that we'll mention. And the last point that we'll mention. And of course, there's much more to mention, and I have to leave on a negative note, because we're waiting for the positive inshallah, the next hour, I'm supposed to give you the solution. But they didn't tell me to give you the solution. They told me to mention the problems. So I'm going to mention the problems. But the last point that I mentioned, and this is really the theme of the talk

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itself, one of the worst consequences of sins, is the feeling of despair.

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The feeling of

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lack of purpose, to just no point. There's a disconnect that takes place between us and Allah subhana wa tada when we commit sins. And when we have that disconnection, what happens? We just feel life is not worth living. There's no point. So what you don't enjoy even the sins stopped being pleasurable stopped giving you that joy. And let me be very frank here, brothers and sisters, let me be very honest here. Every single one of us sitting here, myself included, every one of us in this audience, we know this reality without having need to be taught it from the Quran and Sunnah. We know it from the lives that we live, we know it from our own sins. How do we feel after we commit a

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sin? How do we feel after we watch something we're not supposed to watch? We talk to someone we're not supposed to talk to. We do something we're not supposed to do. We smoke something we're not supposed to smoke, we drink something we're not supposed to drink. We get involved in an issue that we know our Lord has told us is harmful for our Deen in our dunya for our religion and our algebra, how do we feel after we commit that deed? Yes, we feel good for a little bit of time. That's why we do it. Yes, we get a little bit of high sometimes an actual highest offer the law. Yes, we do. But what happens after that? What happens after that? instantaneous, fleeting joy?

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You feel so filthy, that all the water in the world can't purify you. You feel so guilty, that you really just don't feel like you have a purpose in life. You will regret. You say why did I do that? What was the point? Now what am I gonna do? And that feeling of despair is perhaps the most palpable consequence of committing a sin. That feeling of purposelessness of not having

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A goal What am I just what you just and you feel as if Allah subhana wa tada and you have lost a connection because you have lost a connection. But you're the one who unplugged it. You're the one who took it out you're the one who cut that wire not Allah subhana wa Tada. You're the one who turned your back to the shediac to the Quran to what our Prophet says Adam said, and you willingly purposely knowingly disobeyed well then now you're going to suffer the consequences. And those consequences is that feeling of regret, that feeling of despair, and that feeling of despair, this is exactly what Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran. Allah says in the Quran, Allah takuna

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Allah Dena natural law for answer home and foster home. Do not be like those who forgot about Allah. Now pause here who forgets about Allah as a Muslim. The meaning of forget about Allah doesn't mean you don't know who is a law. The meaning is you forgot about the commandments of a law. The meaning is you forgot about your purpose of life. Do not be like those who forgot about Allah. What happens when you forget about a law fensa home and fusa whom Allah caused them to forget themselves. This is one of the most profound verses in the Quran. Pay attention to the profundity pay attention to the causality, when you forget about a lot. Allah causes you to forget about yourself. Now what does

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that mean? How can you forget about yourself? After all, was it not yourself and your selfish desires that caused you to forget about a law? In other words, what caused you to disobey Allah, accept your selfishness, accept yourself, and yet Allah is saying, when you forget about a law, you forget yourself. You see, the meaning here is far more profound. The meaning here, when you disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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You have no purpose of living, you forget your real life, you forget your Calvin your ruler, you forget why you are on this earth, you might as well forget about yourself. Whoever turns away from Allah, Allah punishes that person, by causing a despair and helplessness there's no point in living anymore.

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And the opposite is also true. Whoever discovers a law discovers life, whoever discovers a law whoever knows the law, whoever worships a law, whoever remembers a law that is the one who brings about the life of the heart. And I conclude with a beautiful verse, a beautiful point of our religion, that Allah Subhana Allah says in the Koran, that woman araga and victory for inilah humare schatten banca woman out of line victory whoever turns away from my remembrance, that is the one who shall have a miserable a wretched life, my shaitaan bunker means bunk literally means a constricted bonk means you are shoved between two things. And that's how you feel when you're under pressure.

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When you're anxious, your heart feels tense, you could physically feel a pain in your chest. And Allah says when you turn away from a law, you get this feeling of despair and anxiety and helplessness, and of course, the solution and I can't go into the depth of the solution. The solution of course, is the doors of a law are always open. The solution of course is all you have to do is turn around that's all you have to do. No matter how far you've gotten in sin, no matter how far you fall in, in the despair. When you turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah will accept you Allah will pull you out from wherever you are. And that is why Allah says in the Quran, in who la la

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asuma rohilla he in La komolika furon no one can give up despair of Allah's mercy, except the cafard who doesn't know who is Allah? In know who La La Ilaha Illa como El Capitan, no one can ever give up hope of Allah's mercy, except the one who doesn't know who is Allah except for the cafe, brothers and sisters in Islam. shala None of us is a cafe all of us are Muslims. Muslims are always hopeful of Allah's mercy. Muslims are always optimistic that Allah subhana wa Taala will give us what we want in this world and the next therefore don't despair of the mercy of Allah, the verse that was recited before we began our lecture, our brother recited from the Quran. Olivia Abadi, a lady in a

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Seraph, who Allah and fullsteam la takanohana Rahmatullah in Nova yo foto de Nova Jamia se all my servants who have committed sins who have wronged themselves do not give up hope of Allah's mercy. La tokonoma Rahmatullah never despair of Allah's mercy. Verily, Allah Subhana, which Allah forgives all sins, I conclude with the beautiful hadith of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, our Prophet sallallahu

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Are they he was seldom said about al Qaeda is the biggest of all sins. Notice these are not trivial sins, the biggest of all sins achimota al Qaeda, number one to do * with Allah subhana wa Tada. Number two, to give up hope of Allah's mercy. And number three, to despair of Allah's blessings to give up hope of Allah's mercy and to despair of a loss blessings. This is the greatest sin that is put alongside the sin of Schick, the Muslim never despairs but when you turn to Allah subhana wa tada will turn to you may Allah subhana wa Tada, makers of those who constantly turn to Allah who always have a relationship with Him who tasted the sweetness of worship who tasted the sweetness of

00:35:48--> 00:36:04

Riba May Allah subhana wa Allah make us of those who always have a direct connection with Him. May Allah subhana wa Taala and make our hearts soft for his cause. And we seek Allah's refuge from having hard hearts. We'll go to that one and then hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh