Yasir Qadhi – Benefits Of Last Two Verses Of Sura Al-Baqarah

Yasir Qadhi
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he was early he was happy to be here woman What am I very. So our chef just finished reciting Surah Baqarah. And as we know the ending of suta Baccarat is a very blessed portion of the Quran. The Quran, of course, as it is, is the most blessed of all speech hydrodynamic anomala, the most blessing of all speech is the speech of Allah. But within the speech of Allah, certain portions are more blessed than than others. And so for example, the greatest surah in the Quran is Surah tel Fatiha and the greatest verse in the Quran is ayatul kursi, as a class equals one third of the Quran, and so on and so forth. So

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within the Quran, certain phrases or certain ideas are more powerful than other either, though the whole Koran taken as a whole is more powerful and more blessing than any other speech, and therefore of those blessings. And all those extra special verses are the last two verses of Surah Al Baqarah. And there are a number of traditions that are narrated about the blessings of these two verses of them is the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever recites these two verses before he goes to sleep Kapha Tao who they will be enough for him, there will be sufficient for him, what does it mean they will be sufficient for him? scholars have

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different what is it exactly mean, when the Prophet system said it will be sufficient for him. And some scholars said that this person, if he doesn't pray to head Jude inshallah he'll get enough reward to get by, because I've read so Hollywood grade 200. And so the president said if he reads the last two verses have the lack of data is just sufficient. Other scholars said Gotha, who means they will protect him against shape on there's going to be a protection against him and between him and the shale team. Other scholars said it will be enough of a blessing for him to protect him from the fire of *, and the interpretations go on. But the prophet system left it open. whoever reads

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these two verses before he goes to sleep, it will be enough for him and therefore it is the son of the Prophet system. And it is of the Sunnah of those who follow the Sunnah of the promises and that they recite these two verses every single night before they go to sleep. of the blessing narrative about this, or these two verses is also the Hadith reported in Sunni activity in a sari sadhana Nyssa II in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that I have been given from underneath the comes the the treasure, that is present under the throne of Allah, I have been given these two verses, the Hadith says that there is a treasure under the throne of Allah gemeinsamen data. Of

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course Allah has a throne. And Allah has mentioned this thrown in many verses in the Quran, manual and there is an option there is a kursi under this this is of course MLA will never understand what is all of this, but under this there is a treasure and we know that the the outer and the kursi are the highest creation, there is nothing higher than that, the audition the quality or the highest of the creation, gender itself is underneath the gender to the photos, the roof of it is the image of a man. So under the house, there is a treasure, there is a Ken's what is in that case, we have no idea all that we know one thing that we have from there we have it on this earth, and this is what our

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Prophet has said himself, I have been given from underneath the treasure that is present under the throne of man, I have been given the last two verses of Surah Al Baqarah. In a hadith in Wooster, the prophets of Salaam said that when I went up to the journey of Israel, well Mirage, Allah gave me three things. Allah gave me three things. Number one, he commanded me to pray five times a day. Number two, he gave me the last two verses of Surah Al Baqarah. And number three, he promised me that anybody of my own, who didn't do any major sins, he would be forgiven and go to gender. Anybody of my own man who didn't do any major sins will be forgiven and go to jail, the minor sins will be

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forgiven if you avoid the major sins. So these are the three things that the Prophet says was given directly when he went up in the journey about Israel with mirage. And from this, some scholars have said and this is a theory, Allah knows if it's true or not. Some scholars have said that the entire or an was revealed through gibreel to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, except for the last two verses from this, Heidi, that I just mentioned, that when I went up to our Mirage, now, when he went up to his entourage, what happened Sharla when we get to the similar lessons we'll talk about in more detail, but there's one phrase in it where the Prophet system ends up we're going together and

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then gibreel says, I don't have permission to go beyond this you have to proceed on your own. And that is what Allah subhanho wa Taala says that for Cana, Cabo San Diego, Edina that the Prophet system was closer than even tubos length or even closer than that.

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That that the processes are went to a place where even God was not allowed to go he went higher than any creative being and Allah subhana wa tada spoke to him directly from behind the veil as he spoke to Moosa on this earth from behind the veil but our Prophet says and went up and Allah subhana wa tada spoke to him there. Whereas for Musa Allah spoke to him on to the sign up point being, no one was an intermediary between Allah and the Prophet says, and when the prayer was legislated, and in the same Hadith The Prophet said, I was given the last two verses of Bukhara, so from this many of the scholars of Tafseer, and the scholars of the sciences of the Quran, they have said that these

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two verses were given directly, I wasn't an intermediary, and that Allah recited these verses directly, and that the Prophet says you came down with them directly. And this would of course, therefore mean that this has a very special blessing that these were the only two verses that the Prophet says was given directly without the intermediary of God. Now, what is this the seed of these verses very briefly now lahemaa is similar to muffle out. This is of course, a lot of people get confused, they lahemaa Imagine if it is not the beginning of the last two verses. These are the third This is the third of the last three right? And our rasuluh to the end are the actual last two

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verses so don't get confused. Um, and also to the end of Baccarat. These are the last two verses, but Leela Hema is Samadhi is so much connected in meaning that every time when you read them in Salah you actually begin with the Memphis American buffalo. So Allah says lilla himself is somewhat your muffin to Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is on Earth. Now, when Allah says to Allah belong the lucky ownership here implies many things. Firstly, it implies creation, because ultimate ownership necessitates creation. What do I mean by this? You see, none of us are truly owners of anything. We simply transfer ownership so we don't actually own when you go buy your

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car, you didn't make your car, you simply transfer the ownership to yourself, when you go get a house you didn't make even if you made the house, what did you make it with? material that you didn't create? So what Allah says to Allah belongs everything. This means he doesn't owe a favor to anybody else. This means the creation is completely coming from him and his speech and his odor. He doesn't owe anybody anything. So Allah is the ultimate creator. When Allah says to Allah belongs everything. This also means that he has the right to do as he pleases, and no one can interfere. When Allah says to Allah belongs everything. This means that Allah is the king of kings, and that

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whatever he decrees will take place, and nobody can come between him and his decree. When Allah says to Allah belongs everything in the heavens and earth. This means that his knowledge encompasses everything, how can the owner not be aware of his own object that he owns? You know, where your ownership you you have it, you know it when a law owns everything, then his knowledge encompasses everything as Allah says in the Quran, Allah, Allah, doesn't the Holic know Allah Ya Allah, Allah, Allah owns everything, he has to know everything as well. So Allah says everything in the heavens and earth and we know that there are seven heavens sub XML was alone The Chanukah, sebesta watching.

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So Allah has created seven heavens in layers over each other. A lot of people get confused. Several smls are not the jinn not the heavens, meaning in English we call Paradise is different than the semi what the semi what and the genette are different. And the jannette are occupied in the highest heaven. And we live in the lowest heaven semma dunya whatever they say in the summer adonia, the masabi everything around us is the lowest of the seven. All that we see the furthest star is in the lowest of these skies. Beyond this is a world we have no idea and that's the sixth heaven. Beyond that is another world The fifth beyond that is another fourth, mankind's knowledge will never

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encompass even the lowest heaven forget the others. So don't get confused sub smls are not just not these are literally skies, heavens, one after the other and then paradise will come to each other when we talk about in our Syrah that's something else which is in the highest of the heavens. So Allah says that all that is in the Samaritan the outer belong to me, what intubate do Murphy acoustical Oh tofu, you have silicone Bella. And if you declare and make open what is inside of you, or you keep it hidden, Allah will call you to account you have civicrm big law for your 30 minute shot where you ask the woman your shot. And then after that, after he has done the more algebra one

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has the means to call to account what it means to make a check. And that's why an accountant in Arabic is called mahasin. He's an accountant he's taking check. So his job means to know and to be aware of

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Remember this we're going to come to another verb which is different. A sad means to know and to take a counter. Allah is not a raffle, will America Be confident? Allah is not unaware, Allah is aware. So even your thoughts Allah is saying, I know them and I will call more of them, then I will forgive whatever I want, and I will punish whomever I want, will love why the cliche in padeen and Allah is capable of all things. Notice, Allah does not end the verse with Lola who is a fool Rahim because it doesn't make sense here because a lie saying I'm gonna punish and I'm gonna forgive. So what characteristic combines punishment and forgiveness power will lower liquidity in a deal. So

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Allah is saying, I am capable of doing anything if I want to punish, I can punish. If I want to forgive, I can forgive. Now, this verse came down before the last two, and the prophecies and recited it to the Sahaba. When the Sahaba heard this, verse Sahih, Bukhari tells us, they must have had a meeting we're reading it a little bit, they must have talked about this verse. And then they came back to the Prophet system. And they said, Yeah, Rasulullah or messenger of Allah, but could lift nominate an early man and

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now with this verse, Allah has told us to do something we cannot do. A lot of told us to pray. We prayed. A lot told us to fast we fasted. Allah told us to give zakah we gave Sokka Allah told us for jihad, we gave Jihad we went for jihad. And now Allah is saying that even our thoughts are going to be called into account. We cannot do this yet this will allow. We can do this, our thoughts what we think we're going to do mafia Fujimoto for your husband Kobe law. We cannot do this arrow Sula. So the Prophet says that I'm said, Do you wish to say like the people of Moosa said to Mussa that we cannot do this, that we reject the commandment of Allah do not say this. No, this is not the

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attitude of the believer rather say, Sameer, I know what I know from a corrupt banner with a naked massage. You notice the last two verses have not come down yet. The last two verses have not come down and the Prophet system is telling them your attitude is wrong. You've just heard Allah say something and then you're saying I cannot do it. This is wrong. Rather, your attitude should be that semir Now we'll find that we hear and we obey. Veronica robina we asked you about that Allah will find a better way they call mercy unto you return after the prophecies that have said this, then Allah revealed these two verses literally quoting the prophets of sedums statement, and then making

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it a part of the Quran. So initially, this phrase was not a part of the Quran. But this comes from the man of the Prophet says that this is the attitude of the believer and that which came from him actually came from Allah subhana wa tada and so Allah subhana wa tada then reaffirmed that spirit and reaffirm that attitude, and the next two verses were revealed, and these are the two verses are the lesser verses another soon. The Prophet says in himself believes the nosy neighbor have the attitude Look, the profitsystem did not know how to explain this verse. He said, Look, don't have this attitude. He didn't offer know the actual meaning of this note, he said this is not the right

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level of imams. So when he demonstrated what is real Eman. Allah praised him.

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Like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has believed in whatever Allah has revealed. This is the reality of the seminary now what we hear and we obey right under a pseudonym, is it an Emirati, he was made known and the real believers this will also be their attitude that they will have a man

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all of them the Prophet and the believers and I've been learning that they believe in Allah subhana wa tada woman that equity will go to guru city will Yeoman after they believe in these five pillars right kulu Amma Billahi

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min acid

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of course the reason why suited Baccarat is finishing with this is because the whole surah talks about Musa and talks about Isa and talks about Ibrahim it his setup there's many different prophets mentioned. And so at the end, remember when was buckler revealed, talking to the Jews talking to the people of the book? So at the end, Allah is saying learn who Federico bainer had in the rosary, that the attitude of the believer is we don't make difference between the messengers. What is the three of the three means we believe in some and reject others. Notice the verb here is farak and not further because there is further Allah says in the Quran till Kuru pseudo sub bonobo Hamada, Tao,

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there is tough deal between the prophets. There is no difference between the prophets. I repeat, this is a fundamental principle of Sunni Islam. As soon as there is a real problem between the prophets, our Prophet Mohammed Hassan is the best prophet and he has the father and the owner azim Ibrahim and Musa and Isa and the Prophet.

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at a seminar Prophet Mohammed says, These are the old azim they have the highest rank and the other prophets are not to their level. So till Caruso bah bah bah bah bah there is nothing but there is no to freak learn to obey the

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means will accept some reject others. We don't do that now no further all prophets of Allah land, Federico Russo lived that Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that all prophets are the same when it comes to the message that they are teaching, learning for

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me, I know what I know. And this is the attitude that the Prophet system said what car do they say, Samir, now what we hear and we obey. Notice our religion is based upon two pillars, and I mentioned them in the previous code, but I've given what are the two pillars in and I'm an even an avid knowledge and action as for the in semi arena. As for the ML outliner. Let me translate that for those who don't study Arabic phrases. Our religion is based upon two pillars, knowledge and action. And these two pillars are fundamental for the believer, and you cannot have Islam without both of these pillars. You have to know the truth and then act upon it. And so this is what the last two

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verses about gonna say we'll call cemetery now what are we here with? Are they really what we obey with our bodies in our actions, or fron a cabana with a naked mercy for our neck is in Arabic called the master, which is the verbal noun. And how frantic in some ways is more powerful than saying ill fated Linux, because that means your forgiveness or law, and it doesn't mean Forgive me over law, if it means Forgive me, for not means your forgiveness. It is as if we are invoking all along, we want your forgiveness, and therefore trying to make this without going too complex. It's tangible. Your forgiveness is something that is close by your forgiveness is something we want all Veronica Bennett

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and this is more powerful than saying forgive us over law. It is as if you're invoking the forgiveness. It's right there I want to look for on it. It's like right there you wanted to run a carabiner What do they call massud and we will return to you. And as we said the profitsystem said this phrase and Allah confirmed it and affirmed it and it became from a hadith it gets upgraded to the Quran. It from a hadith he became upgraded to the Koran and the profitsystem attitude was then embodied in the Quran itself. And Allah then says, to confirm that what the prophet system said is correct law you can live Allahu nevsun illa Allah will not put more on you than you can bear. Don't

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worry, I know what I said. Now you can live long enough and illa musataha no soul will be burdened with more than it can bear. Now notice here, the first verse says that you have Sybil combi Hilah and notice Mohammed said but what did I say? It means? It means Allah takes account of it was this verse abrogated no alone will still take account of it. A one knows your thoughts alone knows what you think. Then Allah says for yo quiero de Pena Sha, Allah will forgive whomever he wants. And the verse later on clarifies in the head, he clarifies anything that is in your soul of a thought will be forgiven. If you think of something bad, and you don't act upon it, Allah will forgive it for a

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young 30 minute shot. So the verse has not been abrogated the Sahaba misunderstood it. And in their attitude in their attitude, they were saying we cannot do this, the process is that this is not the right attitude. So the bottom line, the verse is as it is, because more has said but doesn't mean punishment, more has several means to take into account. More hacer means Allah knows about it. Just because Allah knows about it doesn't mean you're going to be punished for yo Voodoo demon Yeshua, if it was in your mind. So you pass by something very fancy car or you had an opportunity to steal money and you thought If only I could get that through how long or you saw some evil in the street

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and you saw you You felt something that in your heart, that thoughts will be forgiven, that thought will be forgiven. If you acted upon it, then of course, you will get the sin for yourself. So

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how Makassar bitwala backtester but that Allah Subhana Allah says that ham caster, but for the following personal level saraha every soul will there what it can nothing more than that la ham caster, but for every soul that have for its advantage will be that which it has earned, why they have and against it mcta service will be that which it has earned. So why they have Kesava IQ test server, there is a duality here that they have a means for you or they have means against you. And therefore Allah is saying I am not going to punish you for something that I have done but rather for something you have done. I am not going to put you in circumstances that are of not of your doing.

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You will have done this yourself.

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cursor but while they have back tested for you will be all that you earn cassava means to earn while they have mcheza and against you will be that which you have earned. Now, cassava and accessible are not the same structure cassava and IQ test server are not the same. Anybody who reads the two you see the difference kasturba either wasn't either excessive either wasn't if they're either IQ tests about has an added efforts, because there's an extra letter their IQ test server has an added effort. kasturba has no such effort. Basically what Allah is saying, Let him Kassovitz for you will be the good which is easy to earn Kesava it's easy, but to do sin, you have to struggle to do sin.

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You have to fight to do sin getting sin is more difficult than getting good lahemaa Casa Casa is easy, it is difficult why they have not accessible and therefore what Allah is saying basically the basic nature of human beings is to want to do good and the parts were good are easy and the parts were good are many the hammer castle but why they have Makassar but but against it will be that which it's true to obtain you had to fight to get it tested but there was an extra effort so to do sin is not easy to do good is easy, and there are more paths to good than there are paths to sin that hammer cancer but why they have accessible Rob banner large enough now here once again as we

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said every time there is a Quranic drop, our image should boost up to the skies because Allah is telling us how to make dua Allah is telling us what should you say to me in order to get your your D your, your goal, what is the proper method for filling out the petition for the forms unless telling you and therefore the Quranic doors are the most powerful do as Rob done a lot to him. Here is the verb only to contract with contrast with you has become more and more has two separate things. What are the means punishment? disease immortal disease means the punishment of Allah subhana wa Tada. So here is saying robina law to

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Allah don't punish us. And the first word was, you have Sybil comb, Allah will make his app and this is the contrast. Allah is not going to punish you for your thoughts. Even though a sub will be made of your thoughts inside your means Allah knows them, you're not going to get any punishment for them. So a lot better lead to

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Oh our Lord do not punish us in the sinner. Now, there's two ways of committing a fault. You do it unintentionally. You do it intentionally. unintentionally. nesina we forgot toamasina here, you forgot it was time to pray. You didn't pray. This is Miss Tian, you forgot it. And now you made a mistake. And you knew it was a mistake. So we ask Allah for both intentional and unintentional but I like to ask him in the center of Patna better. Well, I mean, Elena is Soren gamma Hamilton.

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And Oh our Lord, voila, we add a one we asking many things or a loved one. I mean, Elena don't put on us is sort of what is if sort of mean? It sort of means a very strict treaty. A very strict if you like even law is how the scholars interpreted that Allah subhana wa tada says that when our Prophet Muhammad's Islam came, what your home is Surah one lllt cannatonic him that the Prophet system came to remove there is sort of what is it sort of scholars said this is the strict laws that were placed upon the previous generations or the previous nations. And if you compare our shitty out to the shady of the other previous generation, even look at today's Orthodox Jews and how they

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follow their Sharia is such a difficulty. And it's such a complicated show. You cannot even eat milk and meat meat on the same table all of these laws over and over again. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed Elena is Surah don't make our lives difficult with that burden. Come on Hamilton, who led Nima probably enough the previous Shetty has had that and our shediac is the easiest shediac you read a lot of common Yusra? Well I read the commercial notice even when he talked about the different types of fast How did the Christians and Jews used to fast around 22 hours not just 14 hours they would fast from one shot to the next Muslim they only had two hours to eat three hours to

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eat and Allah made it easier for us so what time it is salon can Mohammed the validator macabre Lena robina wala to have Milner Oh our Lord Do not place upon us, man, Katerina be that which we don't have the power to bear and alized the process of says that every time you make this door Allah says advice to I have done so and I will do so I've been at one or two have milnor mala Takata and it was one world fildena Warhammer three

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Specific verbs were for.

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One fill in a word Hamner, we asked a lot more alpha for our sins.

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World fildena we asked a lot Mo Farah, for our shortcomings in our photo deeds. We're having now We ask Allah Rama for whatever is left of this life and in death in the public. So wonderful I know for our sins, we shouldn't have done things We ask Allah zafu one Filipina for falling short in our good duties. We didn't pray as we're supposed to. We didn't fast as we're supposed to. We didn't read the Quran as we're supposed to wolfelt Nana Hamner for all that is left in our lives. Other scholars have said wonderful I'm not what is between us and you overlook our private sins, wonderful enough our sins between us and other people of humanity, what a Hamner for the remainder of our lives. And

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so all of these are correct interpretations and we asked a lot for his zafu and his mouth era and his rahima molana You are our Mola Mola means the one who is closest to us, because the actual meaning of welly is the one who is close to you. And Allah says Allah Who were the you Latina, Amma know that Allah is the one of the true believers. So the molar is the one who is the closest to you. And the meaning of closeness here is love and protection and taking care of unter mowlana. You are our master who loves us. You are our owner who will protect us, this is the molar and that is why the freed slave calls his master molniya because his master protects him. His master owns him, his

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master nourishes his masters in control, his master is going to protect him. So the freed slave calls his master Malaya. And so until odana, you are the ultimate moda Allah and the famous incident in the Battle of that's when abou Sophia and the Prophet Mohammed sossaman. The Sahaba were having a shouting match at the end of the battle of word when the Abu sufian wanted to go away proud. The last thing he said, let us choose whether we have the famous idol of RZA, you have no rezept so the Prophet system said, respond to him, don't let this stretch go idle. Tom said What should we say out of sutala so the Prophet system said, to say to him, Allahu molana, when amo la come, Allah is our

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molar, you have no molar. Allah is our molar you have no molar. So because Allah is our molar, what this means is that Allah will take care of us is that Allah will provide for us is that Allah will protect us because that is what a what he does under mowlana Allah from sadhana either COVID caffine those people who have not taken you as a mobile app, they don't have your relyea we need your help our law against all of those enemies enter mowlana from soldotna either COVID caffine This is a short tafsir of these last verses of Surah Al Baqarah. And that is make it a habit in Sha lozada to recite it regularly and frequently and especially to recite it every single night before going to

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sleep as was the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, welcome to the unwinded hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa cernavoda

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi explicitly acquaints us with the benefits, blessings, sacredness and significance of the last two verses of Surah Baqarah of the Qur’an which is also known as Khawatim Baqarah.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “Recite the Quran, for on the Day of Resurrection it will come as an intercessor for its reciters. Recite the two illuminated chapters, Surat al-Baqarah and Ali Imran, for on the Day of Resurrection they will come as two clouds, or two shades, or two flocks of birds pleading for their companions. Recite Surat al-Baqarah as there is blessing in it, there is sorrow in leaving it, and the sorcerers cannot defeat it.”

Every single facet of Islam is explained in this Surah comprehensively. The last two verses are explained in vivid detail and should be adhered to religiously and should be said when we sleep in the night.


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