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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the Prophet sallahu for negative behavior and forgiveness, as well as the importance of following Prophet's teachings and avoiding false accusations. They also touch on the concept of "verbalization" in Islam, with emphasis on waking up during the day and taking care of one's body during the night to wake up in the morning. The speaker concludes that the experience of a disaster is a "horrow on a scale of one to ten," with one being the worst and ten being the worst.
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inshallah we'll do a short Tafseer of certain verses that are recited in the first raka SUTA and recited verses 53 Onwards and it's a very common selection is very powerful selection as well. So does that an arm is a mid makansutra revealed at the height of the Macan Dawa. And so its entire theme is the Dawa to the Quraysh and before the revelation of Sudan and a delegation had come to a well thought, and they had said to Abu Talib, that if you tell the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to eliminate from his gathering, the people of the lower social class and they mentioned by name Bilal, and they mentioned Elon Musk's route, and they mentioned others they said, these are

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people, we don't want them. If you tell him to eliminate these people, we might be more open to attending and perhaps even accepting. There was a social hierarchy racism. So Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed Switzerland. And the first verse that we're going to mention today begins with this concept. Right before this, I didn't recite this this is a few verses before Allah subhanho wa Taala forbids the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from expelling the righteous from his gathering. Wala Tato read the DNA don't Rob Rob bombilla they will actually do not expel from your gatherings those who are invoking Allah morning and evening. If you expel them from your gatherings for takuna minute

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volume in you shall be amongst the volume in In other words, no compromise. We're not going to change our principle that all believers are equal. There is no racism there is no social hierarchy. Everybody comes in attends with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then the verses go on. And then Allah azza wa jal says, what I just recited in the first struck up what either Jada Latina you may know and Abby Aiyar. Tina Falco Salam, Aleikum. cutterbar, a book of Allah enough, say Rama, when the people who believe in our verses come to you, you should greet them welcome them by saying salam alaikum This is an explicit command that we're supposed to say Salam aleikum, rather than

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expelling them from your gathering. Welcome them. Say to them Allah's peace is upon you say to them You shall be in peace. I wish for you peace and Allah Salam will be upon you. Then give them glad tidings cheer them up. cutterbar Ogbu Comala enough see her Rama informed them that your Lord has decreed for himself that he shall be merciful. cutterbar Rob bukem Allah enough say Rama, your Lord has decreed that he shall be merciful. This verse shows us many things of the things that shows us is that Allah subhana wa Taala has dictated upon himself a code of conduct and laws. Allah subhana wa Tada has a code of conduct, but who made that code? No one above Allah. Allah azza wa jal made it

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for himself. Allah azza wa jal has a code that he made for himself and the Quran and the Sunnah. Tell us some of the statements of this code. For example, in the Hadith that the prophets of salaam said that indorama T Taheebo. Hobby, my Rahima shall always overcome my wrath in the Quran. Well O'Meara Bukoba Allah may Allah be, your LORD shall never do loom. So the Quran and the Sunnah tell a certain maximum certain principles and rules, and this is one of them. Your Lord has decreed for himself that he shall be merciful, He is mercy and from him mercy comes and the default is mercy. Then Allah says, under whom and I made him in come, Sue and beat your holla whoever does any sin,

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while he is ignorant, for metabolome and by the he was law, then he repents, and he changes his ways. Tell him that Allah is Allah food and Rahim tell them that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is going to forgive. So the Prophet system is being told, give glad tidings to the people, cheer them up, give them optimism, tell them no matter what you've done, when you come here you shall be forgiven, but the condition is taba. What a slob. you repent, you feel guilty and you mend your ways you change your lifestyle, then know that Allah is Allah for and Allah is Rahim that Allah says, What can I do? You can do fasudil Yachty what it has to be in a saloon? Majid Amin. This is how we clarify the

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signs so that the Serbian of the Muslims can be made clear. That way the path of the sinners can be made clear. This is an interesting verse, because Allah is saying, I want you to know the path of the sinners. I want you to go to the path of evil or they follow the Allah one said some

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Have the Sahaba would ask the Prophet system about the good. And I would ask him about the evil in order that I recognize it and abstain from it. The Quran teaches us this rule, we don't just learn the good we also learn the evil. What can I they can do fasulo iOttie what it has to be in Seville Majidi mean Allah wants the Seville of the MoodGYM and Allah wants the Sabine in an autonomous team he wants not to be clear as well. So we should know good to follow it and we should know evil to recognize and abstain away from it. Then Allah subhana wa Tada says pull in need to heat one egg with a Latina Tarun M in doing Hola, hola. Hola, como Hado Boyle to either one animal moto Deen say

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to them ya rasool Allah, I do not worship what you are following your desires by worshipping other than Allah. If I were to do so then I would be of those who are misguided. Now this teaches us a very interesting tactic of Dawa. Rather than accuse you guys are going to help you guys are all misguided. Flip the script. I don't do this. If I do it, I would be from those who are last called in the either beginner to mid rugby, I have knowledge from ALLAH, you speak of yourself. I have an earring like Ibrahim when he said to his father, I have a knowledge you don't have follow me you shall be guided. And the believer in the palace of Musa the palace of announced said the same thing.

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And the use of in the prison said the same thing. I don't do this. If I did it, I would be misguided. If I did it, I would be a jaw Hill. If I did it, I would be avoid him. Because when you accuse you say you're avoiding him, you're a fossil, you're this and that. What is the natural result? You're going to become defensive. But when you say I don't do this, if I did it I would be very foolish. How could I worship an idol besides Allah. So here the Prophet system is being told by Allah to speak in the first person say I am not worshiping and Allah has forbidden me to worship. And if I were to do so then I will be from the volume in then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we're in

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the home of our children. laby la Yeah, NEMAHA Illa. Who, to Allah belongs Mufasa to Allah to Allah belongs to the keys of all life. Notice how eloquent Allah didn't say in this verse. He has ill Malachite, he says in other places in the Quran. But in this verse, Allah says to Allah belongs the keys that unlock all of the hype. It's as if labor is so much and of course it is. And Allah has the keys in order to get into the hype, or mfah Jehoiakim ly the MaHA Illa who then to demonstrate what is the knowledge of Allah? Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, yeah, and then mama, Phil berry well baharu Allah knows what is in the oceans and the land. Allah knows everything in the land and

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everything in the ocean. Well, yeah, and then Wilma, Phil burry will have a static picture imagine everything Allah knows it, then Allah goes on. Why am I Tusculum in water, cotton if any change occurs if even a leaf falls, so with a static picture right now everything Allah knows then if any change occurs, the smallest change a leaf falls Walmart Saskatoon water cutting, Illa Allah Maha and then what if the change is hidden? That Allah says with a hot button if you go to battle or even a seed that is hidden inside the depths of the darkness, Allah knows it. So any knowledge hidden or secret, any knowledge we can see or hidden in the ground, and then while our rods been wala yob is

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neither wet nor dry, in other words, not only the object, but the adjectives of the object, the characteristics of the object, how that object is, whether it is wet or dry, whether it is large or small. Walla Rosman, what is in elaphiti Tabby movie in not only does Allah know it, but it is written in the Lord and my food. This is the knowledge of the of Allah subhanho wa Taala being manifested in local food, then Allah azza wa jal goes on. Well, who will the Yetter Wafaa Combi Layli where Allah MUMA Gerardo Mina Howard, he is the one who causes you to die at night. tawa doesn't mean necessarily die could mean here it means to take your souls at night. And we know sleep

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is the brother of death as a prophecy some said a no mu a whole moat. And the Quran tells us explicitly that Allah azza wa jal takes our souls every night. So Allah is saying, not only do I have knowledge of the entire creation, I control the creation your daily cycle will who will lead the Ayatollah Fabcon building every night when you go to sleep? What happens? I take your soul. Well, yeah, and then oh my god, Trump in the house, and I'm aware of the actions you do during the day during the night to sleep.

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During the day you're walking or walking around. Well, yeah, I know my dad had been to hug. Thelma Yeah, but I feel comfy he and he will send your souls back when you wake up. So the cycle of sleep and the cycle of going to bed and waking up, Allah is explicitly saying, I am the one who takes your souls. And so the Zoomer Allah also says the same thing. That Hola Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Here too often unforeseen mot. Ha, well, let's see LEM temat FIM Anamika Allah takes the souls of those who died. And of all those who go to sleep Allah takes their souls and again I've mentioned in other lectures, when Allah takes the soul during sleep, there is a connection still with the body. And

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when Allah takes the soul, a death the connection finishes, otherwise in both cases the soul leaves the body. So Allah says WIAA Allah will murder abdomen Nihari thumb may have either configure you cold or agile Musa Allah will continue to cause you to sleep and wake up sleep and wake up sleep and wake up for how long the jelly Musa until your time has come. And then you've asked somebody imagine was some up from what is it? Imagine with some mathema Was it her fault here should have at least 20 for for the epic? Yeah.

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Well who are the other faculty ladies and gentlemen Dr. Mina Hardy film my battlefield. Junior summer film at Lahey, managerial consumer unit bukhoma Quantum Time balloon, then to Him you shall return and he shall tell you exactly all you have done well who will call hero folk or anybody and he is the QA here, above all of His creation. Ha hit here means the executor, the judge the one in control, he is the hero. Nothing happens in the dominion of the car here, except that the car hit is aware well who will call hero folk or a birdie heap while you receive it from her father. He sends protectors he sends around you angels, and they will protect you while you're sudo Alikum have

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forgotten Hector ADA Luna, when our time comes telephoto, soon our home law you for return. The angels will take his soul. In other words, until your time comes there are angels protecting you. An accident happens a disaster happens a sickness happens you will not go back to Allah until your time comes. The minute your time comes, the angels will leave and the angel of death will come and you will return back to Allah subhanahu wata Allah. Then Allah subhana wa Taala goes on I will start with this verse. I didn't do every single verse But when introduced to a selection, this is a verse that our Prophet system himself recited and commenting on Allah says, All who will call you and

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yerba alikoum Ida Berman filthy calm will mentality or Julie come, oh, you will be so calm Shia say Allah azza wa jal has the power to send upon you a punishment from above, or a punishment from below, or to divide you into different groups so that you are fighting one another. Our profit system once recited this verse, And when he said he is the one who is able to send a punishment from above, he said, our wounds will be worth check. I seek refuge in Allah from this ever happening. Then from below, who will be watching I seek refuge in Allah from this happening, then he can cause you to fight in a civil war, I will prophesy some said this is easier to deal with. This is easier

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than calamities. And this ayah shows us that the natural calamities that take place a disaster an earthquake, you know a hurricane that happens it is of a level that is more difficult than two groups fighting one another and I gave the whole but when the earthquakes happened with Turkey I talked about this as well, when an entire region is destroyed. When a natural disaster happens, the level of panic and chaos is far greater than when two groups of people are fighting one another. So Allah azza wa jal is telling the Quraysh if Allah wanted to, he could do all of this and destroy you. And Allah azza wa jal is allowing you some time. And one final phrase that is in the series.

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One final phrase that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells our prophets are some to say that Palma in the metastatic Giuliana be he I don't have what you're asking me for. I don't have the miracles and I don't have the punishment in electric mo Illa Allah that belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala who lo Cana in the metastatic Judo Nabi healer, OBL am Romania, Romania, if I had the power

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to give you what you want it there would be no more dispute and the matter would be resolved. This is a very deep verse and with this will conclude what does it mean? How our scholars say the Quran

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We're asking the prophets of some, where's the punishment? Send us down the punishment, allow the skies to break up, show us where is this divine wrath? And the Prophet system is saying, I don't have the power to do this. And if I did, I would bring it about, and you would not exist anymore.

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In other words, this verse is saying that if the prophets of salaam had this power to punish the Quraysh, they would have been punished already. Now somebody is going to say, Hold on a sec, does this conflict with thought if there's this conflict for thought, If we say no, but if is a case and the Qureshi has a case, or if it's a one off, or if they rejected and the process of gave them time, as for the Quraysh, they rejected and rejected and rejected and rejected, knowing the truth they rejected. And so Allah is telling the Prophet system to announce, if I had the power, I would have executed the punishment and you would not be here. But he didn't have that power Allah did. and

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Allah knew what the process of did not know. And that's why Allah is saying, we're in the home of hard to hype. Allah has the knowledge of the hype, not you, you're rasool Allah. You don't know what's gonna happen in 1015 years the Quran will accept Islam. And that's why Allah azza wa jal did not give him that power. And this shows us as well. You deal with people differently. The people have thought if deserved chance the people of the Quran, the prophets of some did not think they deserved a chance, but Allah azza wa jal gave them a chance and when Allah gave them a chance, eventually they accepted Islam and returned back to Allah subhanho wa Taala this was just a short

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commentary on some of the verses we recited and inshallah perhaps one day wanted to give a longer commentary the whole Quran if Allah ever gives me the tofield to do that but inshallah some benefit in this selection which is our como la que was set on what to how to live or to catch up in LA musli me now almost Lima de one meaning Mina de carne de now I look on the third thing was logging in I was logged in Ponte wasabi Rena was Slavia a lot the one before she you know she

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wasn't for she know what to call she is the one downside BP now one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen one half year warranty. Was that good enough?

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What's going on? I don't

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what Angela nauseam