Yasir Qadhi – The Reality Of Jinn In The Quran And Sunnah

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi acquaints us with the reality of Jinn in the Qur’an and Sunnah.

What is meant by Jinn? What are the roots of Jinns? The mysteries surrounding these smokeless creations are elucidated upon in explicit detail.

Characteristics of Jinn:

Jinn was created before man.From what is it created? We have proofs in the Qur’an that Jinns are formed from Maarij Naar and Naar As Samooh.they do not have a particular shape or form and hence, take any shape they choose. They can enter our paradigm of living but we cannot do the same.They marry and have children. They also eat and drink. The speed and strength of Jinns is much stronger than man and they possess the capability to transform matter into energy and vice versa. They have much longer lives than and are much more in quantity than man.

The story of Prophet Sulaiman RA and the Queen of Sheba is explained to highlight the aspect of Jinns. All the Jinns were subservient to Prophet Sulaiman RA. It makes for a very interesting listen.

Intellectual characteristics of Jinns:

  • They possess much less wisdom than man.
  • Iblis and his progeny have an inferiority complex towards man.
  • They eavesdrop on the angels.

Forms of Jinn:

  • Some are in the form of snakes and dogs.
  • Some are flying in the air.
  • Some camp and then go away.

What is an Ifreet of a Jinn? It is a type of Jinn that has strength above that of other Jinns. The reality of Ghoul is also a topic that is touched base upon.