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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi acquaints us with the reality of Jinn in the Qur’an and Sunnah.

What is meant by Jinn? What are the roots of Jinns? The mysteries surrounding these smokeless creations are elucidated upon in explicit detail.

Characteristics of Jinn:

Jinn was created before man.From what is it created? We have proofs in the Qur’an that Jinns are formed from Maarij Naar and Naar As Samooh.they do not have a particular shape or form and hence, take any shape they choose. They can enter our paradigm of living but we cannot do the same.They marry and have children. They also eat and drink. The speed and strength of Jinns is much stronger than man and they possess the capability to transform matter into energy and vice versa. They have much longer lives than and are much more in quantity than man.

The story of Prophet Sulaiman RA and the Queen of Sheba is explained to highlight the aspect of Jinns. All the Jinns were subservient to Prophet Sulaiman RA. It makes for a very interesting listen.

Intellectual characteristics of Jinns:

  • They possess much less wisdom than man.
  • Iblis and his progeny have an inferiority complex towards man.
  • They eavesdrop on the angels.

Forms of Jinn:

  • Some are in the form of snakes and dogs.
  • Some are flying in the air.
  • Some camp and then go away.

What is an Ifreet of a Jinn? It is a type of Jinn that has strength above that of other Jinns. The reality of Ghoul is also a topic that is touched base upon.

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Before we began, a number of people asked me about age limits and whatnot, again, parents is up to you. Obviously, this topic is not one of a, you know, explicit nature in the sexual sense, it is one that is a little bit

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possibly scary to those who might so be disinclined or inclined. So that's your decision as parents. It's not something that I can dictate upon you, you know, as you know your child better. So it's up to you. I'm not going to intentionally give any horror stories. It's rather an academic talk about the reality in light of the horrendous winner. So really, it's up to you about the age limit. With that, let us begin Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, who Allah Allah, He will be here, woman what I am about.

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It is something that I find very interesting that each and every culture in the world, each and every civilization has

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these notions, myths, superstitions of entities that exist beyond the human world. This is universal. No civilization, primitive or modern, advanced or in the jungle doesn't matter exists, except that they believe in something beyond this physical world. And they have different names for them. In English, we have the demons and the ghosts and whatnot. And in every culture and civilization, I just came from Norway, and they have, you know, this thing that comes out of the woods, and they will take you and this and that, and now we call them an English trolls or goblins, but the notion is there that there's something that lives in beyond, and they're very scary, and

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they're harmful. And there's something you cannot control, but they control you. And it is interesting, you go to the native Indians, they believe this you go to the aborigines, they believe this, you go to, even in this day and age, we're living in the 21st century America, look at Hollywood, and how many movies are dedicated to the supernatural, the possessions to, you know, the exorcist. And it's, you know, genre, you know, all of this to this day. And this is, you know, we are supposed to be the pinnacle of civilization. But this notion of some entities, or some realities living in worlds that are simultaneous to us, but yet not quite our world, right? This is something

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that is ingrained in all of humanity. From our perspective. Of course, this shows us that the reason why all cultures agree is because it is real, right? From our perspective, we say, the reason why each and every civilization believes in spiritual entities, and they are generally speaking spiritual entities, ghosts, or demons are ghouls or whatnot, they believe in them because they are real, and these societies experienced them, these societies experienced them. And there was a very, there is I think, I don't know if it's still ongoing or not, there's a number of series on the sci fi channels and, and other learning networks and whatnot, in which allegedly, they interview life

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people, you know, about what has happened to them, you know, the haunting of such and such. And, and the reality is, now these are educated people, you listen to them, many of them say, I never believed in this stuff. I was raised as a very, you know, modern, very educated person, I never believed this could happen. But then what are you going to do when, you know, XYZ begins to happen, right. And from our perspective, we look at all of this, we read all of this, and it fits in perfectly with our worldview. And in all honesty, for the believer, for the Mothman. All of these stories of the other nationalities and other groups should actually increase his or her imagine

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that, in reality, this is a sign of our demand of our religion being true. One of the signs of our religion being true, it explains even the supernatural and the paranormal. It explains in complete logic and rationality, when you study the characteristics of the Djinn. And you see what is happening in other societies, and even in our society, everything is explained. So I find this to be very fascinating and interesting. And also, before we begin, we're still in the introduction, realize this is a part one, there will be at some unspecified time in the future a part two, which will be definitely more

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technical, and perhaps I don't want to use that term, perhaps maturity would be more, you know, discretion is definitely going to be implied, applied there and it will talk about part two, we'll talk about black magic and possession and what that's going to be part two. So Part one is really not about that type of stuff. Part one is we're just talking about the reality of the jinn, in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah.

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Now what exactly does the term jinn mean? Where does it come from? The Arabic word jinn comes from a root that implies something that is concealed from the eyes something that is hidden. And so there are so many words in the Arabic language from this root

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All of which imply hiding. For example, a shield in Arabic is called mudgin. Because you're hiding yourself behind the shield, an embryo what is an embryo called an Arabic jenine. The embryo is called the jeanene because it is hidden in the womb of the mother.

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The verb Jenna without the time I would adjust the verb Jean noon with the shirt the gender, the verb gender, without the time it was not the noun gender, but the verb gender means this young woman or the spreading of the night the envelope thing of the night so that you can't see anything. In the Quran. Allah says about Ibrahim Phantom Jin La La coka when the night Jenna he saw the he saw the stars The meaning of Jenna here means the darkness envelope to he couldn't see anything. And that is why also Jenna the noun is a garden that is enclosed with a wall you can't see inside it. So Jenna with a noun the garden that has been enclosed by a wall therefore you cannot see inside it. And

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madness in Arabic is Jinnah with a customer? Um, you're gonna be Hee Jin, do they say our process and it has gin in him. And gin is madness and from Gina we get Majnoon. So a person is mad because his intellect seemingly disappears. Because the meaning of genda always is hidden, so much noon, the one whose intellect or whose rationality does not exist, or at least you don't see it, it's disappeared. And this is all of these terms come from the same root and that is to hide or to be hidden. And that is why the term gin is also applied to this entity because it is an entity that is completely hidden from the eyes of men. We do not see them. They are in a world that is beyond our

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physical world that we inhabit. And Allah azza wa jal mentions jinn in the Quran and our prophecies and talks a little bit about the jinn, we don't have that many ideas about the jinn. And therefore, the fact of the matter is, we have to take what we can from the Quran and Sunnah that is going to take it as a fact. The rest is folklore and legend. And we don't base our religion on folklore and legend, but there's no harm in narrating certain things that we think we know about the jinn. There's no harm in narrating things that we believe we know about the jinn. And I will always differentiate between what is Koran and Sunnah and what is folklore or you know, things that we

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might assume in our time. So we have to be very clear here. If Allah says it, end of story, we take it as fact. However, if it's something we discover upon ourselves or seems to be a reality, then we will say this is a theory this is a possibility. And a lots of Hannah with Allah knows best. So what does a lot tell us about the jinn? What does our processes tell us about the jinn

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of the things we know about the jinn is that they were created before men. The Quran is very explicit. The Quran is very explicit that before we existed, the jinn existed before Allah created Adam, he had created the jinn. Allah says in the Quran, wonderful sentiment Saul Solomon hammer Emma Stone, we created man from a type of hard clay rock that had become rock solid that you could knock on it, it would reverberate while john Hala Kona who mean kaaboo minara Simone and the jam the plural of gin is john and the john we had created before that from now rememorize the Arabic Now a Simone. So now that is some what is someone will come to it. So this is one adjective that Allah

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says, we created gin from a noun from a fire that is some whom also the Quran mentions that Allah azza wa jal created gin from Min madej in minutes from marriage of not so some some and marriage keep these objectives we'll come back to it. So Allah says that we created the Jin Min madej a minute and Allah says we could have Jin from not as Simone these are the two main adjectives given Of course now is in both and sometimes Allah says we created Jin from now sometimes he says from now to Simone sometimes he says when Maddie Jim minute sort of man the Hello gentlemen Maddie Jim now we created gin from marriage of now. So these are really the main descriptions our profit system, exact

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same phrase and a Muslim or process that said holy mela iica to me nor the angels have been created from nor well Julio Patil, john Min madej in Mindanao and the jinn have been created from marriage of fire while holding a party in San or Holyoke, Adam, excuse me mobile, silicon and Adam has been created in a manner that has been clearly described for you. Because the description of the creation of Adam is far more explicit than the description of the creation of the jinn. We don't have how the general created we simply have what they were created from and of course

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of the evidences that the jinn were created from fire is the well known incident of a belief and Adam, what did he say? And a hydro Minho? holla at me not in wahaca hoomin clean, and scholars point out, the first racist was a beliefs.

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The first racist was a beliefs, because a beliefs was the one who thought I am better because of where I come from. I am better because of what I have been used to be created by. Right. So he thought he's better simply because he's created from now. But the point is, we don't want to go into that tangent. The point is, he believes Kaveri clearly says Calico 20 Min, You created me from now while Hakata human clean, and you created him from clean. So what does marriage mean? And what does he mean? These are the two main objectives that occur in the Quran about the creation. As for marriage, marriage means to merge or to combine Mirage well behind el Tachyon. The two oceans are

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interweaving and mixing Maharajah so Mirage means to mix and to weave together to flow out and to weave as you go forward. So madej in minnaar, from a mixture of fires from different types of fires, and even Abbas commented that

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the marriage of the Gnar is the corner of the flames that you have all the different colors, the red, and the green, and the blue and the orange and the yellow. And if you look at the fire or the flame, right, if you have a very large fire, this you cannot see on a match, you can see it on a larger fire, you have a large fire, the periphery of the fire. It has all of these bizarre colors, very interesting colors in a bus that that is what they were created from the marriage the very ending of the fire. As for the word some boom, some boom has been understood in two different ways. One meaning is that so Moon is a smokeless fire. It is the a fire that is raw heat without any

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Doohan without any smoke. And that is valid because the jinn don't have smoke, they are created from a fire that doesn't happen. We don't see the smoke, we don't see the ashes coming down. Right? So the jinn have been created from a smokeless fire. Not as some of this is one interpretation. And another interpretation of an Ibis said Sun Moon is the light of the lightning.

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This is a different type of light, not the light of the match. This is the light of the lightning. And in reality this is the same as the first meaning because the lightning does it have smoke? No, it doesn't have smoke, right? And so the light of lightning is a smokeless light right now. This is now Quran here, I'm going to add my own theory Take it or leave it and this is not a fact that this is my theory, my understanding of my own understanding the Quran and Sunnah and my own interactions with this species. In my humble opinion.

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It is as if the jinn have been created from what we call energy, what physicists called energy, they are on the energy spectrum. And this demonstrates when non Muslim Ghost Hunters if you see the documentaries or TLC channel, whatever right when they go to a house and they want to see are there any haunted spirits, what do they do? And these are people that have never studied the Quran and Sunnah they don't believe in the Quran and Sunnah. But experience has taught them that you can detect on the electromagnetic scale you can detect on these, they have their counters that have energy readings in them, right. And also,

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other things prove this as well.

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And if you look at the characteristics of the Quran, and Sunnah of the jinn, these are the characteristics of energy, going at the speed of light, not having a particular form, right, being able to do going through walls, as we will talk about in a while. This is energy, our our radio waves right now our internet, our phone waves, they're coming through the walls here, there's a type of energy on the spectrum. And therefore if you look at managing men not not as Simone de what exactly is lightning, it's a type of energy. Right? So Allah knows best. This is my interpretation, my understanding, and also not to give you the By the way, I'm not going to give you too many horror

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stories. I don't want to do a few though those of you came for that. I'm sorry. But that's not the this is not the campfire gin night where we smoke marshmallows and we have the campfire gin stories. We'll do that maybe some time for the young men and women so that they can be really scared but not right now, Michelle, but in the course of the lecture, I'll give a few stories here and there.

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So of the modern things that we know of, is that there are unexplained lights that many cameras

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have captured around the world. And this is a well known phenomenon, you find it on YouTube all the time. And you look at these things, and sometimes once in a while it'll even make local news networks, right? That there was a strange light over, you know, this restaurant and the camera captured it, and they put it on the local news station, if there's nothing else to show the minute or two or something like this, and you see this, you know, mean you it's in, in this land and, and other lands. And when you look at these things, by and large, what are they, they're orbs of light, just floating around here and there. And they just pause here, go there, and then they just go away.

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And therefore the camera is capturing a spectrum of energy, which is light, it's capturing something like this, and then we as human beings are aghast What is this but in reality, it's nothing. It's simply, you know, wandering jinn whatever, and it does not realize is being videotaped, or whatnot, and therefore, the camera captures is all of this kind of lit ads, if you like, credence to the fact that the jinn are a type of energy, but if you want to stick to the Quran, as soon as the Quran asuna says, madej a minute and notice a moon, which in reality is also energy, because what is fire? And what is lightning other than a type of energy, but nonetheless, this explains certain things.

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Now. We also know from the Koran indirectly and from the Sahaba directly, that the jinn inhabited the earth before Adam did. They were created before Adam, that's clear. They inhabited the earth before Adam. This is not explicit in the Quran, it is implicit, it's implied.

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Whereas it implied in the story of the creation of Adam, when a law said that I'm going to create a new creation, the melodica said, attach your alpha menoufia. Well, yes, we could deema awana Hello, no, sir. Kanaka luck. Are you going to put in this world, an entity that will cause blood to be shed? and cause great injustices? Why would you do this when we are here, praising you and worshipping you? And even Abbas and others, they make Tafseer of this and they say, the melodica knew the reality of men because of the reality of jinn. How would the Mullah Ico know that men will kill one another, that men will cause facade and fitna in the earth? How would they know that? When

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the man like I've never seen men, because Allah had already created the jinn. And the jinn was the first creation on this earth that shed blood of each other unjustly. And they went to war. Even Abbas has a long story of a civil war between the jinn and when I got to get involved in and basically curb them and stop the Civil War. And so they realized that the jinn have the power to disobey Allah and this is what happens. Now Allah says, I'm creating another creation, that also has the power to disobey me. So the mother echo were like, basically one is enough, why would you want another? Why would you create another creation? And here we are, and Allah said, I have wisdom that

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you do not have. Therefore this means that the Quran is indirect, the Sahaba are explicit that in this world, there were gins before, before Adam alayhis salaam came down.

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The jinns don't seem to have a particular shape or form. Classical scholars debated this. And the shediac is quiet on this point. So the shediac does not say what is the original form of a gin. But in my humble opinion, since the Shetty is silent.

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I give you my opinion. And this opinion is not just new, it is going back in the past, scholars have different what is the real shape of the gym? And the reality is the question is absurd.

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To have a real shape, you have to have a physical body. If you don't have a physical body, you don't have a real shape. So when we ask the question a lot of us ask, what does the gym really look like? The response? The question is only valid when the entity has physical structure, flesh or blood or three dimensional or whatnot. You don't ask What does energy look like energy doesn't look like anything. Right? You don't ask What does energy look like? There is no original structure, our eyes cannot see the reality of energy. Can we see these waves being bombarded? Can we see the microwave Can we see? We don't see it doesn't register. So in my humble opinion, this is the position of many

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classical scholars. There is no original structure of the gin. The gin can't have an original structure. The jinn are simply as they are. They are in a world that doesn't have structure. And that's why for our minds is difficult to to encompass to come across. They don't occupy the three dimensional world that we live in. They have a totally different parallel universe quite literally. You know they are here yet they're not here. There are in

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This world yet they are in a separate world, apart from our eyes, so the jinn don't actually have any, any one shape. And this also explains culturally another phenomenon. What is that? Every single civilization and culture has a different perception of their demons and ghosts. Every single society and culture has a different shape of the evil things that haunt in the world beyond Think about it, right? We have our shapes, the eastern methodologies and religions have there's the ancient No, again, I'm thinking of Scandinavia as well, if you go there, they have totally different structure, the Japanese have their own every single civilization, which shows what's that there is no one

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unified structure that these beings appear on. However, one thing about them is all common. And that is that these entities in all cultures are terrifying to look at. Which means they purposely take on forms that terrify because they don't have original forms. they purposely take on forms that terrify. So knowledge is power, knowledge is power, knowing that they don't have an original structure, and they're simply putting on this because in your cultural memory, this is what should terrify you. Honestly, this should give you power. And that's the whole point of this lecture, by the way, inshallah, is to minimize this fear, the true moment, is no more scared of the jinn than

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he's scared of a snake or a scorpion or something like this, and as your Iman rises, then even that will become less, right, this is a fact take this, inshallah, by the end, we will work on this issue. But knowledge is power, simply knowing that's not how the jinn really looks, there is no real look of the gin, simply knowing that this structure that the gin is looking at, or looking like, it's meant to terrify you based on your own cultural knowledge, right? It's not something that the gin actually looks like. So in our Western culture, we have the two horns coming out or so dark red eyes or whatever this is like this, right? And other cultures will have a tail coming out and other

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cultures will be like a troll another culture. So each one has its own. But the point is that the jinns, they're simply playing with you. They're simply wanting to terrify. And imagine, you know, if you're not as a child as an adult, imagine if another adult is trying to terrify you in front of you who puts on one mask and another which one is going to make you scared? You would honestly think this guy is, you know, what do you think I'm a kid or something. That's exactly how the movement feels. When the jinn tries to terrify. I hope that a lot of soldier saves from ever seeing one right but in theory, in reality, some people the gym does terrify either in the dream, which is more

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common, either in the dream which is more common, or once in a while very rarely in real life. Now

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jinns can, there's a difference of opinion who can see the jinn, one group of scholars says only prophets can see the jinn that doesn't seem to be correct at all.

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For many reasons of them is the Quran and Sunnah. That Clearly, we see that the jinn can be shown to men and have them as human experience that every culture sees the jinn. So the majority opinion that humans all of them can see the gin if and when the gin wants to reveal himself to the human. So the gin has to desire to reveal himself. You cannot enter the world of the gin, but the gin can enter your world. You cannot just snap your fingers and be transported into the world of the jinn. And Allah explicitly says this and the answer out of verse 27. So the outer verse 27, in who your aku aku mean hydro later on, he believes, and his tribes can see you from a place that you cannot see

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He has access to your world, you don't have access to his he can enter your lands or your not lands, but dimension if you like you're going to be philosophical or physics or whatever he can enter your paradigm of living, you cannot go into this in the who yurakucho kabiru man Hey, thula terrano home. So any Jin if he or she wants to, can appear in front of any human. And that is a power that they have, that we do not have. And we'll talk about some of the differences between men and jinn and the differences in power and then intellect. So there is no original shape of the gin, rather. And this goes back to another point. A lot of cultural legends are actually based upon the gin, a lot of

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things that we hear about stories and whatnot, they actually come from the gin. So this notion of the young kids know what I'm talking about shapeshifters

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an entity that can go into any shape at once. This is one two, this is very common in many legends in many civilizations is not just in Western culture. It's not just

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x men and that woman that can shape shift or whatever, right? Not that you should watch that, but anyway, so it's not just in this modern culture, every civilization has this type of notion of a shapeshifter, where does it come from? It is the jinn, the jinns are the real shapeshifters. The jinns can appear in any shape and fashion and form, they can also appear in the form of dead people. And we know this from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he said, if you see me in a dream, then know that you have really seen me because the Chaldean cannot duplicate my form. What does that mean?

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They can duplicate anybody else's form.

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anybody else's form, they can duplicate it, right? So this leads us to a very important point, and that is that we, and youngsters, especially pay attention to this, we don't believe in ghosts. We believe in gins. We don't believe in ghosts, a human ghost. We don't believe in that they will come back and haunt people. No, that doesn't happen. The soul goes to the other world. The soul does not return to this world that we live in the soul of the human goes to the body. The soul of the human does not and cannot return to Adam and dunya.

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It cannot come back to the world of the wakeful man, maybe for the sleeping man. That's another question. We're not going to get into it now. But the wakeful state that we're in right now, the souls of the dead never ever come back to. So how then do we explain people, you know, in seances and you know, they go to the magician or they go to the people of the occult and all of a sudden the shape of the dead man comes up and talks this all the jinn it's all the chine

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never does an actual human soul come back to this world, because it's gone. Now, Allah, Allah says, couldn't have said that. One time, you will taste it that said, you're going to move on. So therefore the jinns can come back and pretend to be human souls pretend to look at the shape of other people. We also learn from this era, that the genes can come and pretend to be human, they can intermingle with human. And humans won't even know that their genes will learn this from the serum, so many incidents from the serum, for example, of the incidence is the night of the assassination of the Prophet sociala.

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When the elite of the Quraysh gathered together, and they decided finally one cent for all, we're going to assassinate the Prophet. So what happens there was a knock on the door, and an old man from, you know, from the areas of nudges from one of the chieftains he looked like the chieftains of one of the upper tribes, northern tribes, right, and he gave the story that they believed him to be one of the elite. And it turns out that this was a police himself, and he was the one who told them the plot of why don't you send one man from every tribe to simultaneously attack so that it's complete chaos and no one person can be blamed you know the story of the Hitler right? Where did it

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come from Italy's How did it get to their minds? He pretended to be an old man from that region, right? We also learn in the Battle of butter that allows a very explicitly says that a police came and pretended to basically was no mosquito no matter what call aloha de Bella Coolio, Marina, you were in New Jerusalem. A believes came in the form of somebody who was to become a Sahabi Soraka Eben Malik. So serata just because he believes comes in your form doesn't mean you're a bad person. So Rafa became a Muslim Soraka became a Sahabi at this point in time. Now if you remember back in two years ago, when we did this in the Sierra and shelled all of you fully remember we have the note

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taker here as well, that why were they scared about Soraka? bin Malik? Who can tell me, Asif Who can tell me

00:28:54--> 00:29:00

who can tell us? Why were they worried about Soraka even Malik and his tribe, when they went to bed that

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there was a feud between the people of Korea and the people of Jewish I'm Jewish Raka bin Malik, right, and they were worried that if they attack the Muslims, the tribal sulaco would come and attack Mecca. So what happened shaytaan pretended to be Soraka is very explicit in the Quran. It's very explicit in the Quran, that shavon came to them and said, Go forth and fight you will be victorious and I am a good friend to you in the jar rula comm I'm not going to harm you guys. I'm going to be your protector, don't worry. And of course he's pretending to be from the other tribe. So da COVID medics tribe so this gave them confidence and they left MCE what is the show and then

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follow matara till a time when Soraka quote unquote beliefs now when quote unquote Soraka saw the theater and saw the other tribe and he saw the angel jabril come down and he saw them Antarctica, he turned around and began to run away.

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And Abuja had stopped him and said, Soraka Where are you going? You promised you're going to help. And he pushed him so hard that Abuja has basically flew in the air, and he goes in the awful lot of blood. I mean, you guys aren't going to win, I'm scared of Allah, and he fled. So Allah mentions the story in the Quran, the point or the showerhead is what that it believes,

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or shaytaan most likely, it is the abuse here. In fact, it is a hadith mentioned it is at least in this incident, whereas in the incident of the assassination, it was one shape on but he believes comes on the day of butter and runs away. So he comes in the form of a man. Also we have the famous Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih, Muslim,

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Abu hurayrah, that famous hadith of or Abu hurayrah, that the Prophet system appointed him to guard the treasure or the Zakat that had come to the Prophet system, there was a large pile of money. And so the process of said to Abu hurayrah, discard this money for tonight, make sure that nobody comes from outside the city or anything to take it away. And lo and behold, Abu hurayrah said, I was almost about to go asleep when I heard somebody, you know, slinking around and moving, and I woke up and I saw a poor beggar, you know, taking some money and going away, I caught him. And I said,

00:31:13--> 00:31:52

I'm gonna take you through the process of how dare you steal our money? How dare you Have you no shame. So the man begged and pleaded and he said, I have a large family. And he continued to keep on speaking until up whatever I said, I felt so sorry for the guy that I let him go. Right. The next morning, the prophet system asked him, How was your visitor last night? So Jubilee informed him? How was your visitor last night? So we already told him the story. So he said, He's gonna come back again. Don't worry. So he's gonna come again. So what is it will law he this time how long I'm going to take him to the process of the next night. He didn't sleep at all, he was awake. Lo and behold,

00:31:52--> 00:32:32

he comes, jumps on him grabs him, and shaytaan sweet tongue works its way on and on begging and pleading throughout the night, until lovable Herrera felt so sorry, he actually let him go again. Because he doesn't know who it is. He still thinks there's a human being. Once again, the process of them says to him, and once again, this is going to come again, the third nights, a Buddha makes a promise that I am for sure now, not going to let him go. Well, he tries he tries he tries and whatever is adamant, I'm not good. This time, you're not going to convince me. Then he says, Okay, what if I give you some advice, it will benefit you basically for as long as you live is going to be

00:32:32--> 00:32:59

very beneficial advice for you. So he said What is this? So he said before you go to sleep, recite it to Chrissy, it will protect you from shavon. So Abu hurayrah took this advice and let the mind go No, this time you have to pay a ransom. This was the hands headed. So the Prophet system. When he heard the Hadith he said saw the haka, well who are Kudu but those who took the smaller class ferrule, kazoo, what is ferule? What does it mean?

00:33:01--> 00:33:47

The one who's continuously doing the action, so the aka who can lube? He has told you one truth, but he is a habitual, perpetual liar. Because who cares about all the time? He knows nothing but cause him? And then he said, didn't you realize who is your guest last night, he called him a guest. Because who was it because that was shaped on. Now this shows us that Firstly, read article see before going to sleep because straight from the devil's mouth, as they say, he himself has told us and we don't care what he has said. More importantly, our Prophet system has said he's spoken the truth. He's spoken the truth, even though he is a habitual liar. So all of these studies show us

00:33:47--> 00:34:32

what that the shell team can appear in front of the jinn sorry, in front of the men, the jinns can appear in front of the men, and that it is also possible that they will take on the form of human beings. And they've been Tamia mentions that he knows for a fact that so many. Now this is especially true in the mystical groups, that they think that their shift has holy powers. Right. And they've been tavia says, I can tell you so many stories of a group, seeing their chef at the same time and multiple times. And he gives a very bizarre story. That one day, I visited a group of students in another city, and they told me that they had called upon me been Tamia. And I came to

00:34:32--> 00:34:59

them to answer their needs and deeds. And I said no, well, law II I have never come to you that was a shape on pretending to be me, in my image and form coming to you, pretending to be me. And of course, he told them that you have to worship Allah alone. You cannot call out others and whatnot. So the point being this is even happening, you know, to even taymiyah himself that an entity or a person that you believe is holy, he's coming to you in your

00:35:00--> 00:35:25

Dreams he's coming to you in your in your wakeful state. And in reality, this is nothing other than the Shelton or the jinn himself. So the point of all of this is what that the jinn can appear to the human when the human sorry when the jinn wants to appear in front of the human, and even our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he mentioned this as well, that once he was praying in sada and

00:35:26--> 00:35:51

three times, he said, Oh, do Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim are all below him in case he was married with him incorrigible mink, and he took a step back. And then he took another step back, and then he took another step back, saying, oh, Billahi min ash shaytani r o Davila, him Inca. And in one version, he's even pushing his hand. Then he took a step forward. And he said, Bismillah Allahu COVID-19 de la.

00:35:52--> 00:36:30

I'm in the name of a lot of curse you with the curse of Allah. And he took another step forward, he took another step forward. So now he went back to where he was, and they could see him with his hand out like this. Then obviously, when the Salah is over, obviously this era Sula, what happened? So he said, one of the fleet of the jinn, we'll talk about this in a while, one of the fleet of the jinn came to me and attempted to, you know, wave, one of the branches of the fire in front of my face to distract me during the Salah. And that's why I said, I will do Billahi min ago to Bella Himiko to Bella him and then I sought refuge in Allah and then I said, Bismillah, Allahu Kabila under the law,

00:36:30--> 00:37:14

and I held on to him by the collar, so much so that I could feel the coolness of his breath or his lab or his, you know, saliva coming, I could feel basically, it's an expression in Arabic, which means I could feel his body or I could feel how close I was to him. And I thought, let me tie him up, so that you can see him the next morning, let me tie him up to one of the pillars. But then I remembered what my brother Suleiman said to Allah, what color are they heavily mukalla jamahiriya had him in body gives me a kingdom that nobody would ever have after me. And so I let the shaytaan or their affiliates go. And we'll talk about this issue of Solomon in a while, maybe even in the

00:37:14--> 00:37:20

next part two of this class, but so the man has, you know, had control over the jinn, Allah gave him control over the jinn. And

00:37:22--> 00:37:34

the Prophet system did not want to compete with that. Because when a man said, Give me something nobody will ever have. So the profitsystem thought to himself, if I tied the gin up, then I would be

00:37:35--> 00:37:47

infringing on the uniqueness of Sulaiman. And this is a very beautiful tangent or Hadeeth, here, that the profitsystem did not want to

00:37:48--> 00:38:22

hurt or irritate or come across something that of his own brother, amongst the Prophet Suleiman. And so out of comradery, prophetic comradery, if you like, right, out of collegial respect, right, the you know, what I'm talking about to you, out of respect to your colleagues, like, Okay, this is what he wanted for them, even though he could have done it. But he didn't do it, because Solomon wanted something unique. We also learn from one other heads that they are that they can come in other forms other than humans.

00:38:23--> 00:38:30

We learn this from another Hadith. And that is the famous Hadith that all of you are familiar with, or some of you should be familiar with. That once

00:38:31--> 00:39:11

a man in a man, the young man of the Sahaba, was newly married, and he was about to go on an expedition. And so he comes to the Prophet solo, send them armed and ready to go. And he asked permission for one last visit to his beloved wife, you know, honeymoon phase, he wants to one time more we, you know, intimate before going in battle. So the process of gives him that now the wife was not expecting him because he's gone for the battle. And he comes back and he sees her in her house close out at the door. And of course, this is very big. immodesty like you're in your house clothes, and you're not wearing the proper clothes, and you're outside. And he gets so enraged and

00:39:11--> 00:39:40

incensed that he's almost about to strike her, like, how dare you. And she says, before you do anything, see what's happening inside. So he goes inside, and there is a massive snake on their bed. There's a massive snake on their bed. And so he takes out his sword, and the two of them began to battle. And the narrator of the head, he says, We don't know who killed the other the first but both of them died. We don't know who killed the other, the first but the both of them died. Then the Prophet says and when he heard the news, he said that

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

there are a group of jinn that have accepted Islam in Medina. So if one of you comes across a snake, then give him and one version three days and another version three warnings before you kill so and then after that you may kill. Now, the point here is that the jinn appeared in the form of

00:40:00--> 00:40:28

A snake and this is a Muslim, the jinn appeared in the form of a snake. Now this doesn't mean every snake is a jinn obviously, what it does mean is that the jinn can appear in the form of certain animals. And when they choose animals for some reason that we do not know, many times they appear in the form of snakes. Now, by the way, the habit of not killing snakes, it doesn't apply to Memphis, Tennessee, don't worry, okay, if you see a snake in your house,

00:40:30--> 00:40:32

you may run outside and call somebody to kill it.

00:40:34--> 00:41:12

The Hadith of the jinn is specific to Medina. Because I promised him said in Medina, there is a group that is accepted Islam. Okay. And the point was that if you were in Medina, at that time, you saw a snake that might be one of your brother, Muslims of the jinn. So you tell the snake, either through one Version says three days, another version says three times you tell the snake, get out of here, or else I will kill you. So if it is a real snake, it won't know what you're saying you will kill it. If it is a jinn, then you have given you have given the warning and if it's agenda it will leave before you kill it. The point being all of these ahaadeeth show what that the jinns can appear

00:41:12--> 00:41:26

in front of the humans in forms that the humans can see whenever they want to do so not when the human wants them to do so. Okay, of their characteristics as well, is that the gins they marry, and they have children.

00:41:28--> 00:42:19

They engage in intercourse outside and inside of marriage. And they have marriage they do get married and they have children. And this is proven in so many evidences of them is the verse in the Quran of his owner who was the realtor who earlier I'm in dooney Will you take a police and his children, his progeny as protectors instead of me. So Allah called or Allah mentioned that it believes has the rear and the rear literally means his progeny after him. Luna who was the Ria to Olia and also have the evidences that the Djinn engage in intimacy is the famous idea and sort of aroma that all of you know Lem Yato, mithuna, insolent haba. Whom wala john, neither men nor Jin

00:42:19--> 00:42:51

have been intimate with these which means that the jinn have the capacity to be intimate. The Djinn have the capacity for this but they these entities in gender or the codomain have not been touched either by the men or the jinn. They also eat and they drink they also eat and they drink and we learned this from so many I had these as well of them is while you guys give me a headache, how do we know the gym eat and drink? Give me anything. There's so many evidences. Excellent, excellent. What did the process of saying?

00:42:55--> 00:42:56

What did he say?

00:43:00--> 00:43:07

Very good. That's a could be Shimano finisher. Tanya could be Shima don't eat with your left hand because shavon eats with his left hand.

00:43:09--> 00:43:11

Okay, it was in the test. Okay.

00:43:14--> 00:43:57

Exactly. So the bone is going to be the food of your brother's surgeon. So they have food they eat with their left hand also the famous editor Buhari, that when you enter the house and you don't say Bismillah cinema and they come, the jinn says, Hello ma come here, there's free food to eat. Right? So your meal becomes Jin meal. Your meal becomes Jin drive thru, they come through and they take your food, if you don't say Bismillah so all of this clearly demonstrates that the jinns need to eat, they need sustenance, just like we need sustenance and in fact we can also say that every creative being in this manner needs some type of sustenance, only Allah is Allah honey. Only Allah

00:43:57--> 00:44:25

is Allah honey, every other created object needs some thing, what that is, will be related to what it is. So the jinn needs something of their entities or whatever we need something coming from the earth, so on and so forth. Also of the characteristics of the jinn is that we learn. And this is a very simple story of Solomon and yet it is so profound that the story of Solomon when he wanted to bring the throne from the Queen of Sheba

00:44:27--> 00:44:59

and we know that Solomon was given power over the jinn, when he wanted to be given the throne from the Queen of Sheba. What did he say that who will bring me her throne before she manages to come to me now so the man is in his temple, his Masjid of Jerusalem, which was considered to be the most magnificent structure ever built by men up until that point in time, but it wasn't built by men. It was built by Jim, but it was considered to be a magnificent structure, tall towering walls. We would call minarets as well. Massive slabs.

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

That humanly were not possible to do. This was a structure that was simply dazzling beyond recognition. And the Queen of Sheba had a throne that she was proud of. And perhaps it was a magnificent throne. But it didn't compete with the Solomon temple. Perhaps it was a magnificent throne, that what a how to shun alvim. Now the fact that the Hood Hood or the hoopy, who has seen the Palace of Sulaiman still considers her throne to be magnificent, clearly shows it was a magnificent throne clear, right. So the Hood Hood has already seen the Palace of Suleiman, you guys understand the story of my? Yes, the Hood Hood says, The hoopy says, after coming back late that I

00:45:43--> 00:46:28

came across a group that was worshipping the sun, they have a medical or a queen, and what I have out of Chanel theme, she has a magnificent throne. The fact that this bird, who is well aware of Solomon's magnificence, can still describe her throne as being magnificent, demonstrates that truly, her throne was an amazing stupendous throne. So so the man wants to show who has a law as the origin protecting him and who has no one. So he says to his entire army of birds and jinn, and men, and animals and tigers, and like all of the animals are there, right? Well, he shouldn't have any amount of judo, misogyny will ensue what body for home use our imagine, well, I this is literally out of

00:46:29--> 00:46:51

any what we would call a movie, but because that's because movies are based on this, right? That he's surveying his entire armies, 10s of 1000s of men, the jinn are over there, the animals and the birds and everything is there. And he says, who will bring me her throne. So the first entity to stand up was all there a free two minute virgin,

00:46:53--> 00:47:01

and a fleet of the gin. And we'll talk about your fleet in a while, but basically one type of gin. Now pause here before we go on

00:47:03--> 00:47:08

the fact that this story is being mentioned in the Quran,

00:47:09--> 00:47:20

and that it's taking place in the time of Solomon, when all of the jinn are under his control. And that this Jin boasts of this feat

00:47:21--> 00:47:27

indicates that this is the world record that is generally possible.

00:47:30--> 00:47:30

The following me

00:47:32--> 00:47:37

this, the world gin record goes to this athlete

00:47:38--> 00:47:57

that this is the pinnacle of what is generally possible, you cannot go beyond this. Because the fact that he's boasting, and it's only one and it is at a time when all of the jinn are subservient to Sulayman This is not your average standard Jin

00:47:59--> 00:48:01

This is like the

00:48:04--> 00:48:04

shotgun shot

00:48:06--> 00:48:07


00:48:09--> 00:48:28

This is the super the gold weight champion. Right? The supergene. Okay, and again, all of this to demonstrate Look, the fact that Allah mentions it as well in the Quran. It clearly demonstrated this is not your average run of the mill gin. This is something that is above and beyond and he's boasting. Now,

00:48:29--> 00:49:11

a number of things to derive from this and this story, really it summarizes pretty much most of the characteristics of the jinn destroy it summarizes most of the characteristics of the jinn. So the Jin is asking Sunni man for permission to be released from servitude to him because Allah had placed the Jin's servitude to him. So the Jin is saying, Let me out of your service set me free. Now pause here the whole mythology of throwing a genie the English word genius from gin, right? You know this, you should know this. The English word genie is from the Arabic origin, the whole notion of throwing a genie in the bottle and locking the genie up. The whole notion of flying carpet, all of this

00:49:11--> 00:49:55

originates from Solomon and the times of Solomon, that the evil jinn were basically chained up or thrown in to something like that's something that originates from this timeframe. So the man would sit on a carpet and the carpet would fly or a large soldier will cause the wind to pick it up and go one month journey back and forth. All of this originates from that so the agenda is saying, release me from servitude from bondage set me free and let me go and bring the throne what NAIA healer, are we You mean, I promise you, I'm strong and trustworthy. So he wants freedom. And he's promising to come back because once he's left that then it's like releasing a wild dog. How do you know he's

00:49:55--> 00:49:59

gonna come back? So he's promising him. I promise you I'll be trustworthy. You see the point here?

00:50:00--> 00:50:13

Right. Another thing we learn is that the speed of travel. So the man is in Jerusalem. The Queen of Sheba is in Yemen. The city is what

00:50:14--> 00:50:29

suburb, the city is suburb to this day it is a famous city, right. And the distance between them is the entire Arabian peninsula. by plane in our time, it will take around two to two and a half hours by plane,

00:50:30--> 00:51:22

even in a jet, it will take you around 45 minutes to set to 70 minutes, even the fastest jet that we know what is the Jin sang. And it could be here Cabela's and Tacoma min. McCormick. Before you can stand up Tacoma McCormick, before you can stand up, I will have the chair in front of you, I'll have the throne in front of you. Which means what he will traverse the entire peninsula and bring the chair back in milliseconds, milliseconds. Now, that is exactly how fast energy and light would travel. Speed of light. Exactly. So speed of light. That's exactly what it is. To be able to come and back and back also. So we learned from this the speed of the gym. We also learned from this the

00:51:22--> 00:51:24

physical strength of the gym.

00:51:25--> 00:52:15

On average, jinns are stronger than humans. The average gym is stronger than the average human. And this Hadeeth kind of sets the max limits. One can imagine or visualize that this throne. Again, we don't know. But we can assume How large is a throne going to be as large as this room may be right as large as massive as as going up as high as this room and will be a massive structure. Perhaps it will take 40 5060 men to pick it up, maybe even more. And the gin is basically saying I will bring it back single handedly. What does that show? The average gin is stronger than the average man. That doesn't mean every gene is stronger than every man. Like we say the average man is stronger than the

00:52:15--> 00:53:00

average woman. There are some women Mashallah Tabata kala, what can we say? Right? And may Allah azza wa jal protect all of you from being married to them. But there are some women they are stronger than men, in every sense of the term. Okay? But the average rule is what's that the average man is stronger than the average woman. Okay? Similarly, the average Jin is physically stronger. Is he all powerful? No, only Allah is all powerful. Can the Jin lift ever know, the fact that this is being given, and this throne is a humanly conceivable weight, perhaps 50 men, 70 men, it's not like the world. It's not like heaven and hell, this is a created object, which is

00:53:01--> 00:53:41

Realistically speaking, large but large to us humans, is not massively large. So one gene is saying I can pick it up. Another thing that we see from this story is that the Jin has the speed to travel has the strength to lift it up. And this is to me the most interesting and bizarre and Einsteinian and that is the gin has the capacity, or the power to transform matter into energy equals mc squared comes into play here to has the power to transform matter into energy, and take that energy at the speed of light. And then

00:53:43--> 00:54:10

re bring it back to the way that it was. This is like Star Trek. Right? transformer Beam me up Scotty. This is this is what that is right? Because obviously, the Jin is going to bring this throne, not in a physical manner pick it up and bombard out of the policies of the queen of Cvent, you will see a big throne flying in the air all the way to Jerusalem and people are wondering, no, it will disappear there and appear over there.

00:54:12--> 00:54:13

Which is from our world What?

00:54:16--> 00:54:59

teleporting exactly? Yes, the seven year old knows this teleporting exactly what it is exactly what it is, from our perspective, it's teleporting that one thing basically transforms and then disappears. But obviously, it is really amazing that we are living at a time when we understand how that is possible, even though it's not humanly possible. You understand this point, right? 50 years ago, 100 years ago, this would have been bizarre, like how what? Now, thanks to Mr. Einstein, it's actually very understandable that it is conceivable that energy is transferred to matter matter is transferred. We don't have the power to do that at will. But clearly some of the jinn do maybe not

00:54:59--> 00:55:00

all of them

00:55:00--> 00:55:33

But some of the jinn do that they can take something. And this also explains another phenomenon that we observe culturally. And that is that the jinn are able to bring physical things into your house or take it out of your house, without you actually seeing something moving in your house, right? Something might just appear out of nowhere, you find the, we'll talk about this, when we do the say, Hello class, you might find somebody in your house and you're like, how did that get there? Nobody came to this room. Right? And it's clearly locked, the doors are here. And yet, all of a sudden, it's under your bed, there's a chart laid out there, or it's, you know, in the depths of your

00:55:33--> 00:56:02

closet, and you know, nobody has been there other than you and your family. And obviously, they're not going to put it there for themselves. So how did it get there? Clearly, the jinn have the capacity to transform something that's physical into something that's immaterial energy, and then re transform it back. And that is something that is very bizarre for us, but for the gym, it is human characteristics. Now, one final thing that we learned from this job before we move on to the other topics, and that is that the Djinn

00:56:03--> 00:56:06

we learned this also from the story of beliefs as well.

00:56:07--> 00:56:29

These are some physical characteristics of the jinn, as for intellectual characteristics, as for intellectual or emotional characteristics, clearly, the jinn are very different than us. And Allah has blessed us with more wisdom, and intelligence and arkell than the jinn.

00:56:30--> 00:56:56

So the jinn have more physical capabilities than us. They're faster, they're stronger, they're invisible to us. And they can transform energy and matter back and forth. All of this is great and fine and dandy, but we have more wisdom than them. And wisdom, Trump's physical power,

00:56:58--> 00:57:27

wisdom, Trump's physical power. And that is why the manual labor amongst us gets paid eight $9 an hour. Whereas the guy on the wall street office gets paid his entire year's wage in a day, or the CEOs in a second, as you know, I'm talking about here, right? brains over bronze. This is the reality of human and we know this, and it's how Allah created us. And that is why even though he believes was created from now,

00:57:29--> 00:57:51

and other was created from to rob, Allah azzawajal, blessed Adam over a police. Intellectually we are at the top. And so we win. Doesn't matter how fast they can go, doesn't matter how quick they can dance, we have the brains over them. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala told police to Prostrate to Adam, not the other way around.

00:57:52--> 00:58:32

And this also shows us another point and that is that, from the very beginning, it believes was jealous of us, it believes was jealous of us, because he knew that Adam had been blessed over him. And his jealousy caused him to become blind with rage and anger. And this led him to always want to know what happens when you're jealous of somebody. And may Allah protect me from jealousy is one of the most petty, and one of the most ridiculous emotions to have for the intelligent person. Yeah, Allah knows what to give you and what to give somebody else. Thank Allah, you have what you have. And Allah has given other people what he has given them. But he believes God jealous what happens

00:58:32--> 00:58:49

when you get jealous, you want to show that you're better. So if somebody has a lot of money or whatnot, when he's in your presence, and your heart is burning with jealousy, you are so petty and childish. And you mentioned Oh, yes, I bought this brand new car the other day on casually mentioned, oh, I invested $50,000 What are you trying to do?

00:58:50--> 00:59:02

Show off, pretend you're better. Why? Because you have an inferiority complex. So it believes and his progeny have an inferiority complex to us

00:59:03--> 00:59:31

to be psychological about it, it believes and his progeny, they always feel they need to prove themselves. And in this proving themselves, in this wanting to be better than the other. This is where they take advantage of some amongst us, and some amongst us take advantage of them. And that is the intersection of magic which we'll talk about later on. That is the intersection of magic that is going to be part two of this class. Now.

00:59:33--> 01:00:00

Getting back to the list of their characters who so they marry, they eat, they drink, they have speed, they, they they still have strength, they can lift heavy things, they can transfer matter into energy. They also eavesdrop on the angels. The evidences through this are again well known to all of you the Quran is very explicit. In sudo Jin Allah says we're in canonical room in hammacher that is summer. We would sit up there in stations of sitting in order to listen and in sort of Tabata and in so many other things,

01:00:00--> 01:00:40

Whereas at least six is in the Quran, or about eavesdropping of the, of the matter of the jinn. And this also shows us that the world of the jinn and the world of the angels is a similar world. It's a different parallel universe to ours, if you like that it is the world of energy is a different world, the gin and the melodica are inhabiting that type of world so they can sense one another. And they can hide themselves one from one another. Like we hide ourselves from one another with the physical barrier, they can hide themselves from one another with their own barriers. So that's what the jinn are doing, they're hiding, in a way we will never understand behind something like I would

01:00:40--> 01:01:08

hide behind you in this wall behind this table. If I was scared, I'd hide over here physical barrier. So the jinn have their barriers and they would hide behind those barriers. So the angels could not see them which means the angels as well are not infinitely knowledge, the angels have their own sense perceptions and the jinn are able to utilize that and listen then what happened Allah says in the Quran, with the coming of the prophets are certain that was closed with the coming of the Prophet system, the semi dunya was locked up

01:01:09--> 01:01:17

with the coming of the process of them, the jinn only could go with great difficulty before the coming of the processor, no restrictions

01:01:18--> 01:02:07

because what does Allah say surgeon that we used to sit there all the time, right and then familiar STEMI and whoever tries to do it now, he has you know, who should have bought rasa is going to find a fiery ball basically sent against him, okay. So, the general also eavesdropped upon the angels and the jinn will die and be resurrected and face reward or punishment. So the jinn are macula the jinn have to worship Allah, the Djinn are obliged to be righteous, and those who are righteous will be rewarded. Those who are not will be punished. So the jinn and us share this reality. One Mahalo to Jinnah, one INSA allele, Abu I have only created gin and men in order to worship me. So Jin will

01:02:07--> 01:02:14

also get genda if the righteous and Jin will be punished in jahannam, if they are not righteous, and

01:02:15--> 01:02:57

there are many evidences for this and I don't need to go into all of the evidence that we need to move on Mashallah, the time has really gone very quickly. And I still have literally more than I haven't even finished half of the material so much to do, but very quickly in Charlotte, then we'll consider this also in a part two, the gin of the characteristics of the gin is that the evil gin love to inhabit evil places. The filthy jinn love to inhabit filthy places. And we learned this from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that the prophets of Salaam said that India had the hashish, Mr. Barra that these bathrooms are, I could miss translate these bathrooms are occupied,

01:02:57--> 01:03:05

because that's one translation of the Hadith, right? But that's not what is intended because when we say the bathroom was occupied, these bathrooms are inhabited.

01:03:06--> 01:03:47

These bathrooms are there are things in those bathrooms. So when you enter the bathroom, make sure that you seek refuge in a law from a hobo see while Kaaba is when you enter the bathroom then seek refuge general law from all over the world haha. So these are some of the characteristics in the Quran and Sunnah of the jinn of the characteristics that is not in the Quran and Sunnah. But we learned from folklore from legends from conversing with the jinn, and we cannot be 100% certain so always make this distinction of the characteristics we learned from them is that the jinns have much much, much longer lives than us, maybe even hundreds of years. Because for them time is not the way

01:03:47--> 01:03:58

it is in our time. And of the things we learn from them, so it's not Quran and Sunnah, that quantity wise, they are much more than us.

01:03:59--> 01:04:03

Quantity wise they are much more than us because they don't occupy physical space. So

01:04:05--> 01:04:48

a gym can have 1000s of children and the quantity of jinn far surpasses the quantity of men. And there is an evidence in the Quran that some have used even though this is not explicit in this regard. Allah says in the Koran Jamar shadow Genie Paddy stuck certain mineral in sea. And one of the ways to translate this verse, which is not the most apparent way, it is not the most obvious way of translation. One of the series of the verse is or groups of jinn, you have far exceeded groups of men, Yama, Shadow, Genie, or this certain mineral in sea. And this is something that we learned from folklore as well and from interacting with these entities, all of the cultures they have these

01:04:48--> 01:04:59

things that these beings live for much longer than that of men. Tell you moving on now. These are all characteristics of the jinn moving on what types of genes do we have how many quality quantities are

01:05:00--> 01:05:01

Or character.

01:05:05--> 01:05:47

The types is the best word really the species are the types. And the fact of the matter is this is much of what has been written here is pure folklore. So I will minimize this very much because honestly, we really don't know the Hadees tell us one thing. The Quran tells us another thing and put together we just get some very basic categories of the simplest categories is of the simplest categories is that there are Muslim Jin and non Muslim jinn. This is very clear. And in fact, there is a very clear verse in the Quran in surah telegin. Allah says in the Quran, the jinn are speaking, we're in the middle Muslim Mona woman, no castithan there are some who are Muslims and there are

01:05:47--> 01:06:14

some who fall short and are evil. And Allah says also suited to Jin, y in them in the solid hoonah women do not Alec Some of us are good and some of us are lower than good. We are slowly and we are not solid. So clearly, there are some Muslim gins and there are non Muslim jinn. And this is also proven and sorted off the last page of sort of off where Allah mentions in the Quran. And this occurred if you remember,

01:06:15--> 01:06:17

when the processing returned from bought if

01:06:19--> 01:06:24

and the night before he entered Mecca, bleeding and bloodied and bruised. He stood up into hedges.

01:06:26--> 01:06:39

And a large soldier blessed him with a miracle that the people of the world might have rejected you, but even the other world will accept you. And Allah mentions in the Quran. That

01:06:41--> 01:06:43

was the beginning with our Sunday licona phenomena Genie, is that it?

01:06:44--> 01:07:26

What is our center where it would start off not exactly in our center, and when we cause the group of gin was sought after the lake enough for a middle gin when we caused the group of gin to be diverted to go through you or to you. And yesterday, Rona or Andy heard you recite the Oran thelema semi Ruffalo answer to when they heard it. They told her everybody be quiet. Let's listen to this. And when they listen to you finish, they turned away having accepted Islam and they went back to their people. And they said to their people, yeah, alumina in Sameer and Nikita have an aneurysm and baddie Musa, we have heard of a book that has come after Moosa, affirming what Melissa said, and all

01:07:26--> 01:07:51

my people accept this new messenger that has come. So clearly we find Muslim gins, converting and preaching to their fellow Jewish gins. Notice. In North America, it was mid Moosa, right. So this also shows us another point we learn from folklore, we learn from legend. And the Quran gently hints at this. The religions of the jinns are the religions of men.

01:07:53--> 01:08:04

You have Christian genes, Buddhist genes, Hindu genes, and Muslim genes. The religions of men are adopted by the

01:08:05--> 01:08:12

jinn. And it's not the other way around. We don't adopt their religions. they adopt ours. What is that show, by the way?

01:08:13--> 01:08:45

intellectually, right. We don't adopt their religious they adopt ours. By the way, we can also say we don't learn their languages, they learn ours to communicate with us. We do not learn they have their languages, we don't learn them. They learn our languages to communicate with us. And you will have genes that speak in human languages. And this is well documented without getting all freaky on you and all that but well documented that you know the famous case of Should I or should I not? The one that was made a movie out of right?

01:08:47--> 01:08:49

No, not that the actresses wasn't a different thing.

01:08:50--> 01:09:06

Emily Rose, the movie that was made of Emily Rose. It is based on an actual story, that from which we have tape recordings to this day, because this back in the 60s and 70s, where a village girl, illiterate and uneducated is speaking fluent Latin.

01:09:07--> 01:09:48

Speaking fluent Latin. And this is a phenomenon that psychiatrists actually no about, where a person just learns a language out of nowhere and began speaking it fluently. Right? Now psychiatrists have their own weird and bizarre ways of explaining it. We don't need that weird and bizarre, it's very clear how a seven year old girl or 11 year old girl can speak fluent Latin. Right and you come across genes that will be speaking in languages that the person that is speaking has never been exposed to. But these are human languages, human languages. And therefore, this shows us is all intellectually the jinn are not as high as us because they have to learn our languages. We don't

01:09:48--> 01:10:00

learn their languages, they have their language we don't. So we said number one, there are Muslim and non Muslim jinn. Number two, they are different ethnicities and tribes like we are so there might be

01:10:00--> 01:10:04

This region and Arab Jen, I don't know man, I hope they have one message you they shall love from the unwashed you know,

01:10:06--> 01:10:06


01:10:07--> 01:10:28

they they have different ethnicities and tribes How do we know this? again very roughly hinted at a very vaguely hinted at and sort of off that Allah says the jinsei falluja comb and they said oh our comb our people, so they have a comb that is separate from the other gins. So clearly they have different

01:10:29--> 01:11:12

ethnicities and different ways of dividing themselves how they are, what those things are, we have absolutely no idea that is something that is beyond it is reasonable hype and we will never know. Also, there are certain types of genes that the Quran and Sunnah mentioned. And I will only mention the two that the Quran and Sunnah mentions otherwise, folklore mentions 1015. And I'll leave all of that. The Quran only mentions one special type of gene and that is a fleet we already mentioned him all if free to mineral gene. And the sun also mentioned their fleet by the way that the Prophet system said, in the hadith of walking three steps back three steps forward. And one version it says,

01:11:14--> 01:12:01

under a fleet of the genie came to me and what is an a fleet of the gin? So what we can gather from the Koran, and soon there are three it is an especially evil, and especially strong gin is a type of gin that has strength above and beyond what the other types of gyms have. And it has an evil nature that is above and beyond the evil of the average shavon, which is pretty low bar anyway. And it's going to go lower than that. Okay, we know this because the fleet challenged the Profit System, imagine how evil you must be to take on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and their fleet is the one that is saying to Sullivan, I can bring the throne. So perhaps some have said that in a

01:12:01--> 01:12:40

fleet is like what the Westerners would call like a demon type of spirit. And the other gyms are the regular evil spirits. So in many cultures, you have this distinction of an especially evil entity, and then you're regularly the evil entities. So we learned this from the Quran and Sunnah, that there's an especially malevolent especially vile, specially despicable breed of gin, when they are the Erie fleet of the gin. And they seem to be rare, not that common, and they're not as common as the other gin. Now there's a hadith and Muslim imams that scholars have different bottles authenticity, but it basically mentions in Arabic is

01:12:41--> 01:12:43

and from this, we get the English

01:12:44--> 01:13:25

goal. The English goal in Arabic is old. And so there is a type of gym that is a hole or a goal. And that is just a gym that is irritating and causing you hardships and whatnot. These are the only two types that are actually explicitly mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. Now folklore and legend, if you go to any book written about gins by anybody, you will have and is this type and is this type of this type. And the fact of the matter is that we don't know. This is simply a limited type. But there is one Hadith that is very fascinating, but we cannot explain it because it is in my life. How can you explain what you don't know? Hadith is very fascinating. And it is an authentic hadith. Our

01:13:25--> 01:13:39

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a gene nuta genes are of three types. Genes are of three types. Number one, he said, some are snakes and dogs.

01:13:40--> 01:13:48

Number two, some are guilty Runa Phil, how are flying around in the air? And number three, some are

01:13:49--> 01:14:25

you alone? They can't or they live and then they go away. Now so he categorized gin into three categories. Scholars have attempted to extrapolate and whatnot. And the fact of the matter is, these are cryptic. But what can we generically say there's a category of gin that typically appears in the form of animals. This is the first category and two animals in particular the djinns love to appear in, but sometimes there are other animals. And the two main animals that the Jin's love to appear in are snakes and dogs.

01:14:26--> 01:15:00

The two most common animals that the genes love to appear in are snakes and dogs, but this does not mean that they never appear in another form. They could have other forms as well. But the two most common and that's why the President said the first category are high yet and Caleb snakes and dogs. The second category is some Arielle Luna Phil Hawa, they are flying around in the skies. And perhaps those types of gins have almost nothing to do with us. Perhaps. Perhaps there are more

01:15:00--> 01:15:30

Many quantities of genes that are completely separate and cut off from us have nothing to do with us, they are your theater. And again, this is in melee, we will never know. But maybe those are the majority of the jinn, the majority of the jinn have nothing to do with our world. They're living their lives and they're going by, and then the third, the third type of jinn is they come and they go, this is the one that seems to

01:15:31--> 01:15:50

want to irritate us want to frighten us want to come into our lives, this third category, so the majority of the gins have nothing to do with us, they're living their lives. And the reason they become animals is to get access to our food,

01:15:51--> 01:15:55

to be able to get to that food, which is a physical food, so they take on the form of a

01:15:57--> 01:16:08

snake or a dog, and then they can eat the food of the snakes and dogs and then that will replenish their jinn. And then they'll become the jinn again. Now other than this, frankly, I didn't want to get into all of the

01:16:10--> 01:16:18

the the folklore of the types of jeans, I want to stick with the hold on assume that in this regard, the final thing that will say inshallah tada and that is

01:16:19--> 01:16:20

a will very briefly

01:16:22--> 01:16:29

are the gins Also, do they have their profits or not? We want to make a comment right now, if it's Muslim or you can become a good speller.

01:16:40--> 01:16:41


01:16:42--> 01:16:49

Mara could be an adjective and not a noun of the Jin, ie especially

01:16:53--> 01:17:08

the obstinate, right and even taymiyah comments on this heady and that's in shallow maybe in part two, we'll get to this Evan Tamia comments on this hadith and he said, many people mistakenly think that all of the Sheldonian or taint chained up in normal bond This is not true.

01:17:09--> 01:17:28

Only the murder of the sheltering and the murder of the Shelton? Are the obstinate or the the the the ones that are especially going to harm you. Are they a separate category? Like the fleets? Or are they simply the shell theme that are

01:17:29--> 01:17:56

more harmful than other Sheldon Allah knows best because the fleet seems to be like a different species of the jinn, or a different clan of the jinn. And Allah knows best. So it could be that the model of the jinn is like the fleet. Or it could be that the model of the gym is simply one of their types of gyms that is especially evil and Allah knows best. So these are all in the problem comes again, all of this is in the military. One final point before we conclude, and that is

01:17:58--> 01:18:15

origins, are there any profits of the gins? Are there any profits that have been sent as the gin and there's a lot of data on this issue? The majority of scholars of our tradition have said that there are no gin, prophets and messengers, prophets and messengers are only human

01:18:17--> 01:18:19

in abass held the position that

01:18:20--> 01:18:29

prophets and messengers are human, but the jinns have another entity that we don't have and that is noodle Nazir.

01:18:30--> 01:18:32

So there's something called the noodle for the jinn.

01:18:33--> 01:19:11

And this is based on suta cough that Allah says follow ada holmium Moon zerene they went back to their people as much as Warner's and the third opinion which has been hasm. He said, No, there are prophets and angels, sorry prophets and messengers, even amongst the jinn. So they've been hasm said, we have profits and the jinn have profits, and we have messengers and the jinn have messengers, but he was resoundingly refuted. And the fact of the matter is that all evidences that are explicit point to the first opinion, as for the second opinion, it doesn't contradict the first opinion.

01:19:12--> 01:19:58

You can say that there are no load. That's fine. As long as there is no prophets and messengers. All prophets and messengers are men. And this also demonstrates the superiority of men, oh virgin, no prophet and messenger has ever gone to the gym. And what is the evidence for this many evidences but time is limited, we'll just mention one or two. So the use of words 109 sudo, servers 1091, my son Daniel comunica, Illa de jaal. And no hayleigh him and Cora. We have only sent before you region, men region like human men, that we have inspired them. And the entire Koran is full of stories of the previous prophets, all of whom were men, not a single whiff of a jinn Prophet, and also our

01:19:58--> 01:20:00

Prophet system, clearly

01:20:00--> 01:20:03

saying, I have been sent to insert and Jin.

01:20:04--> 01:20:43

Clearly he's saying and that's what we say maruthi the Sakhalin he sent to both suffering. And culture tells us the Quran tells us there are Jewish Jews, Christians, you know the Kannada and tell us that but we learn from folklore and culture. We learn from folklore and culture that the jinns have religions that are known to us and nothing beyond our religions. So the fact that all of their religions are our religions demonstrates what that they're following our prophets. And therefore, because of this, we also conclude that the jinn are obliged to believe in the profits and they have the same theology as us they have the same kind of Eman, but we also learn that their fifth is

01:20:43--> 01:21:25

different. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to them on the famous incident called Laila telegin. How many times did the jinn happen? Some say one time other say two times some scholars even say six times there was needed to gin. So it's not necessarily a one off incident. Majority of scholars had happened only once. But there are evidence is to suggest it happened multiple times once in Mecca once in Medina, what is later to gin. It is a night that the process of dedicated to the gym, and even Massoud narrates a number of Hadith. And when you put all of the Hadith together, they couldn't all have taken place on the same night. So that's why some scholars

01:21:25--> 01:21:27

have said there are multiple times this happened

01:21:28--> 01:22:01

that the first time this happened was in the Macan phase, when Eben Massoud said that we search for the process of them, and we couldn't find them anywhere. And we thought that he had been kidnapped or assassinated. We had the worst night of our lives. And then the next morning, he walks into the town, and we embraced him and said, Where had you been Yasuda law. So he said, Attorney rt managin, one of the jinn came and they told me and he told me that I have a group that wants to meet you. And so he took me to their camp. And he took him as root and a group of Sahaba, to the camp of the jinn.

01:22:02--> 01:22:05

And he showed them the remnants of their camp.

01:22:07--> 01:22:20

Now pause here, this shows that the jinn have their own equivalents. They also have to light their fires, how that is Allah knows, but he shows them the equivalent, they also have their animals By the way,

01:22:21--> 01:23:06

there are animals amongst the Jin baja image in this dimension of the ahaadeeth as well. And this is totally interesting for us here that a lot didn't just create the jinn in that world, that world has its equivalents of our world. So there are jignesh animals, if that makes sense. Right? And of course, the animals of that world are like the animals of our Well, they're not more colorful, they're not gonna have gender enough. So the jinn have their own filth as well. I always like to joke that they don't have to do will do to extinguish themselves before they prey. Okay. The Djinn have their own film as well, what is their film, none of our business, the Profit System went with

01:23:06--> 01:23:14

them. And this shows us the superiority of our profit system that Allah told him what the jinns are supposed to do, even to his human.

01:23:15--> 01:23:46

So they have their own rulings, because obviously they have different, you know, rulings, maybe they have different things, but they're actually that is the same. The final point that we conclude with this inshallah with Allah, protection from the jinn. And we'll talk more about this in part two, but I cannot give you part one without this right protection from the gym and realize the whole goal are winding up here. Listen to this carefully, my dear brothers and sisters, the purpose of this lecture was knowledge is power. knowing who the jinn are, knowing their characteristics will lie, the more you know, the less you fear.

01:23:47--> 01:24:35

The jinn have no power over you, unless Allah has willed it. The jinn can only harm you in a manner that is physical, but it is beyond your physical understanding. The jinn are not super powerful. The jinn have limited strength, limited knowledge, the only thing that really messes up the equation, you can't see them. If you could see the jinn, you would fear them like you fear a predator. That's all. They have similar physical powers, not infinite physical powers. They're faster than you a little bit stronger than you but you have the advantage of the brains and you have the most important advantage and that is Islam. So how do you protect yourself from the jinn?

01:24:37--> 01:25:00

Firstly, following the commandments of Islam, to the max following the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim, many examples eating you say Bismillah Jin will not eat with you drinking drink with your right hand, you know, making dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. Secondly, extra is the other. Our rubella especially our rubella is the most powerful

01:25:00--> 01:25:07

Way to protect yourself against the gym when we read the Quran firstaid Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim when we enter the bathroom

01:25:08--> 01:25:09

are all do

01:25:11--> 01:25:47

aluminio do they come in a home with us both male and female genes? When we are angry What did the President say? Say our Oh Bella because the Jin is making you angry? Right? When we have a bad dream, what are the processes from say? turn around and say our Oh Billa Billa Okay, so all of these are is the are the seeking refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala another thing to protect yourself against the jinn is extra liquid. Lots of Vicar Subhana Allah Al Hamdulillah Bismillah our prophets as Sam said at night when every person who goes to sleep shavon ties three knots on him and she Don says may you have a long sleep and don't wake up from

01:25:49--> 01:26:00

sleep until the sun comes up. Right? So if the person the person said wakes up and remembers a law that got a law one not is broken.

01:26:01--> 01:26:04

So as soon as you wake up, you're supposed to say Bismillah

01:26:05--> 01:26:13

Alhamdulillah that's the dawn of waking up what is it are waking up hamdulillah habla de nada de mano Savannah

01:26:15--> 01:26:19

Okay, I thought you know so far no, no, not unless you have food right there and you

01:26:20--> 01:26:20


01:26:21--> 01:26:32

So the drama of waking up you prays a lot you say Bismillah so when you do that a lot what happens one of the one of the knots is broken up. Also in a beautiful Hadith listen to this that

01:26:33--> 01:26:43

a lady was on a camel or on a horse? Or was it a man I forgot another hobby as a hobby I forgot. I think it was a lady but I'm not sure. And the horse or the camel it reared upwards.

01:26:45--> 01:27:03

And this lady or man I forgot, said Teresa shavon basically may shut on be cursed. Why is he irritating my animal? So the profitsystem said, Don't say Teresa shavon. Don't say Mae Mae Mae, Mae, this entity because rather say this.

01:27:05--> 01:27:07

Because when you say dice or shavon

01:27:08--> 01:27:11

you make shavon feel very important.

01:27:13--> 01:27:19

And he becomes bigger than a house. He swells up in pride that you blame me.

01:27:22--> 01:27:22

Excuse me.

01:27:25--> 01:27:27

And when you say Bismillah

01:27:28--> 01:27:33

you make him feel so insignificant, he becomes smaller than an ant.

01:27:35--> 01:27:42

So to say, Oh, this shavon did it. And this is especially Pakistani Indian people here in our culture.

01:27:44--> 01:27:46

shaitan nicaea. Right.

01:27:47--> 01:27:58

We need to calm down. Because when we ascribe things to shape on what happens shavon feels proud. Yeah, that was me. Good. Right.

01:27:59--> 01:28:03

Now, by the way, this is in context here. I mean, obviously, if you do it,

01:28:04--> 01:28:39

I shouldn't have said that. Because now I have to give all of these caveats and whatnot. You're not supposed to ascribe some type of power to shoot on over you or your animal or your house or what? Or something like that. But you may ascribe a past sin or a past issue. Oh shaitaan made me do that. That's something in the back. Nothing right now that you're giving him power. But you may excuse yourself, you know, shaitaan misguided me when I was younger, hamdulillah Allah guided me as long as that you get to stage number two, and you try to excuse yourself, like the brothers of use have said their use of and his brothers What did you say that? Oh, that was shavon not that wasn't you guys,

01:28:39--> 01:29:20

like he's trying to excuse his brothers. Right? So in some contexts, then it's useful, but never in the present for right here. And now that shaytaan you know, cause this No, you say, like the Hadith says, You say Bismillah and shaytaan will feel so insignificant he will become smaller than an ad So, so we had number one, following the commandments. Number two is the either number three, Vicar, number four, or you can say three a defense or four, especially one Vicar when you leave the house. That is especially important that our Prophet says Adam said if somebody says when he leaves the house Bismillah he tawakkol to Allah law. You all know this, what the law

01:29:24--> 01:29:25

was after this.

01:29:26--> 01:29:29

Allow me to do because Allah Allah, Zillow, Zillow Avenue, Mo,

01:29:30--> 01:29:58

LA, this is a long draw. If you don't know it, then look it up in any book of law. So the process of them said Whoever says this dog when he leaves his house, one shade Vaughn says to the other, how can you get at a man who has been guided and taken care of and protected? How can you get to this man he's now basically been forced forced shield around him. So especially this Vicar, another thing that protects against you upon is the other

01:29:59--> 01:30:00

the other

01:30:01--> 01:30:42

So we should give advance in our houses as much as possible, we should love to hear the event. Because shavon is disrespectful to the shape and tries to be sacked religious, when the event is heard. shaitaan makes the most religious noise imaginable, and he's trying to make fun of the event. And this shows us the evil nature of shaitaan that he wants to drown the sound of the event out. So we love to give the event and the final point that we'll mention is or on or on or on. Nothing protects against the jinn, like the Koran, nothing protects against the jinn, like the Koran, that we learned this straight from the mouth of the police himself. He told us to recite it to curtsy and

01:30:42--> 01:31:20

our processing will resize further than us. And our processor never said that shavon can never enter a house where suited abakada is recited. So the dakara is recited, right. So all of this shows us that the Quran is of the most important ways to protect ourselves from the jinn. And therefore my dear brothers and sisters, the jinn is not something to be feared any more than your fear of physical harm. The jinn is not anything that you should be scared of supernaturally, only Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that you are truly scared of. And

01:31:21--> 01:31:32

the more scared you are of the jinn, the more power the Jin has over you. Listen to me carefully, the more terrified you are of the gin,

01:31:33--> 01:32:06

the more you are handing over your power to the gin. And the more that you are brave against the gin. Automatically, you will make the gin weaker automatically. You simply tell the Djinn if la parte de la you are sure that there's an and by the way, I have to point out here, so paddle a 99% of the time, if you hear some scraping noise or you see or you you hear some whatnot, it's your fridge that needs to be fixed or something, you know, like 99% of the time.

01:32:07--> 01:32:47

It's the wind blowing or something and I speak from experience as somebody calls me up does not look, the jinn have something better to do than scratch their nails on your walls. Okay, they have something better to steal your pencil like where did my pencil go? The gene must have taken it No. Maybe it's your kid, maybe you forgot it. I'm telling you will lie. The majority of time it's your imagination is something you have not but once in a very blue moon and May Allah protect me in you something genuinely happens that you can sense or you can feel. And yes, there is a feeling that there is an entity that is evil here that's very rare, very, very rare. And many people live their

01:32:47--> 01:33:02

lives and it never happens. And may Allah make you and me amongst them. But sometimes you feel that or la de la you actually and it is true. I mean, there are people that you see an entity wanting to terrify you this is very, very, very rare. And in my many years of doing this.

01:33:05--> 01:33:47

I don't think anybody has come to me with the story of a wakeful entity coming in sleep. Yes, that's much more common. In sleep, the general terrify you, but a wakeful entity like somebody when you are awake, excuse me, and then some entity coming to terrify you. I have never met somebody like that. I have heard from others and research and whatnot. I have never met anybody that has told me that when I'm awake. This entity has come with Goblin. And that's that's horror movies. That's so rare. It does happen one in a billion, but it's very rare. What is more common dreams? What is more common irritation and other methods? What's worse, with springs and whatnot? This is more common. We'll

01:33:47--> 01:34:35

talk about that. And then the issue of sale. We'll talk about that in part two. But in part one, if you feel that there is some evil entity harming and what not, what do you do? Bismillah ayatul kursi you control your fear and use tell you say for example Bismillah you know, you cannot harm me unless Allah has willed I believe in Allah. I am Abdullah. So when the process was was performing exorcism, we'll talk about that in part two. That he actually said Bismillah he Anna Abdul la hora de la everything is linked to Allah Bismillah r Abdullah, I am the slave of Allah. Get out of your enemy of Allah. So whatever you do link it to Allah. Don't say yourself, or don't say the jinn yourself

01:34:35--> 01:34:37

and the jinn nothing, link it to Allah.

01:34:39--> 01:35:00

Allah will protect me against you. Right? Get out of here in the name of Allah. For example, this is what you would say, if that were to ever happen. Otherwise insha Allah insha Allah, I can assure you, this is so rare that the vast majority of people live their lives and they never see anything like this and that is because

01:35:00--> 01:35:37

The jinns have better things to do than common scare you with like a goblin they have their lives, believe it or not, they have to earn a sustenance as well, they have to feed their families Think about it, right? They have better things to do than go turn your light switch on and off, you know, in the middle of the night, you know, once in a while that might happen to somebody but I mean, usually it's your kid coming in or whatever I'm saying so Alhamdulillah learning the Quran and Sunnah will calm us down will empower us will make us less than less scared. And the perfection is not to be scared of these entities at all. Because they cannot hear your thoughts. They cannot read

01:35:37--> 01:36:19

your minds. They are physical creations of a law that have certain different characteristics than you. That's all it is they are physical creations, they are creations of Allah, they have certain things that you don't have because of this, they might have an advantage over you in some areas, but overall you have the advantage over them in brains and in a man and if you have these two combined then inshallah with data that can never harm you. We have some time for q&a and inshallah we will have a part two sometime soon. Allah knows when and that will be for adults only. And huh. At nighttime in the camp, we would like to fire right.

01:36:22--> 01:36:25

But that will be no kids allowed to that one? Yes, Dr. Bashar Go ahead.

01:36:31--> 01:36:32


01:36:33--> 01:36:58

and how was the profits a lot of a sudden able to tie somebody up to the to the pillar of the masjid or upgrade or wrestle with someone and catch him because they don't have a means they can turn himself into energy and fly away, you can't really tie them up. The other thing is, the encounter with the gentleman said that casual and rare encounter, but they're also the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and

01:37:03--> 01:37:21

every one of you has, what is the origin issue and how do you Okay, so the issue of the physicality of the Jin Astroboy What are wrestling with the jinn. So when the jinn takes the form of a human, it has to downgrade its powers.

01:37:22--> 01:37:24

And it is physical at that point in time.

01:37:25--> 01:38:05

And there are a hadith not a hadith sorry, a thought of there is an author that I did not quote today of a Sahabi wrestling with a jinn and overpowering the jinn in a physical form when the jinn was a human. And the sabi didn't know it was a jinn turns out, it's the jinn. So he wrestles with him and then and then beats him in a physical form. When the gin becomes a human delimitations become human. And Allah knows best maybe they can't just instantaneously become a gin again, maybe it takes some effort, we don't know. So that is why I will what I could physically grapple with him. And if a gin enters into a body, it's not easy for the gym to leave that body. It's not that simple.

01:38:05--> 01:38:21

And this is the issue of possession, which that's going to be the rate at our stuff in the next lecture. Right? Not for now, that if the gin enters the body, it's not easy. It's actually very difficult to get the gin out. So I'm talking about equals mc squared is pretty clear. It's not that easy.

01:38:22--> 01:38:58

And therefore it was talking about the maximum. That's the first thing. The second thing about how the processing was doing it. That's how little hype this animal is, like, how could the process entire Pugin? Obviously not with something physical? He was thinking about another method of maybe through the angels, we don't know and going to be beyond our scope. The other question you asked was the cutting. So when I talked about the interaction I mentioned with the eyes, I should have clarified, Jin's do not just appear in front of us at random day and night, and we all know this, from my own experiences. Every culture knows this, no matter what the culture is in the world,

01:38:59--> 01:39:21

seeing a demon or something is the exception and not the rule. Correct. That's what I'm trying to say. We're not talking about the effects of the shakeout in on us in West swass. That's a whole different topic, which we might get into even in part three, because Part two is about Saharan Africa. Right? The the issue I actually have given a hold about two years ago, three years ago about

01:39:22--> 01:39:48

seeking protection from shavonne here at MIT. So the issue of chiffons was suas and Corinne I didn't talk about today, that is a whole different topic of what is the role of shavon Why did Allah create shade on how do we protect ourselves against particularly shavon? That is a subtopic of what I did today. I didn't shed too much light on that. Maybe we will in the future inshallah. Sisters, any questions? Yes.

01:39:55--> 01:40:00

This what the brother is that you have a padeen this is this is a

01:40:00--> 01:40:02

shape on that one every one of us is born,

01:40:03--> 01:40:06

a shape on is assigned to misguide us.

01:40:07--> 01:40:08

So that is the cutting.

01:40:14--> 01:40:19

No, the Quran does not mention the throne of the police anywhere, is mentioned in Hadeeth literature

01:40:21--> 01:40:27

that it believes is so arrogant that he wanted to compete with a law holder who said of the law.

01:40:28--> 01:40:30

So if Allah has the throne he believes made his own throne.

01:40:32--> 01:40:42

This is a Hadith, it's in the water somewhere, that he has a water he has thrown over some body of water. Do we don't know where and obviously,

01:40:43--> 01:40:49

it doesn't make any sense to try to narrow it down to the Bermuda Triangle or something it is we will let it go inshallah. Yes, go ahead.

01:40:55--> 01:41:13

Night at nighttime, you know, when a dog just starts barking and whatnot, are they able to, you know, sense see the the jinn. And if you know, when a gin enters or you know, is it a dog dog form, for example, a snake form? Is there a way to?

01:41:17--> 01:41:36

So the second question first, is there a way to tell that a particular animal is a gene or an animal at any given time? No, not immediately know that the jinn outwardly will look like that animal at the time. And that is why our Prophet system explicitly said, speak to that entity and tell it to get out of the house. So if it is agendas will understand you.

01:41:37--> 01:41:56

Because it's a gin. And if it's not agenda will not understand you. So there's no easy way of telling. That is the case. However, I don't want to tell any weird stories or not. But if the animal starts acting more than just like an animal, we just leave it like that. Okay? Maybe like the kind of like that type of stuff. Okay.

01:42:00--> 01:42:09

So if the animal has certain powers that clearly animals are not typically having, then you can imagine is not an animal, okay? And your other question was, what?

01:42:12--> 01:42:31

Can the animals see the jinn, it appears that certain animals can see the jinn better than we can? Yes, it appears this way from folklore, it appears that certain animals in particular dogs and cats might be able to perceive the jinns in a manner that we are not able to perceive.

01:42:33--> 01:42:38

Okay, yes, brilliant. Mustafa. And then you must have had his right hand first, most often the No.

01:42:54--> 01:42:56

Exactly. Exactly.

01:42:59--> 01:43:01

Have you seen the sixth sense?

01:43:03--> 01:43:13

Where do they get these from? Think about it. Think about it. What did they tell me? If you understood the joke, I'm saying the How do you translate the shaytaan does not open a closed door.

01:43:14--> 01:43:17

Just shut down does not open a closed door.

01:43:19--> 01:43:57

And if you look at the folklore, the famous movie that came out, they had this one of the rules was the demon is not going to open the ghost is not going to open the closed door. Where do they get this from? These are things that as we they simply, it's real, and humanity kind of figures it out. And our Quran and Sunnah, proves it in different ways. And so it merges together. So the meaning here is that quite literally, when you close the door, and you mentioned the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Shelton will not be able to enter it, it will be a barrier against them quite literally. Right, but the point is, and that is what even when you go to sleep at night, the

01:43:57--> 01:43:58

President said cover up your food.

01:43:59--> 01:44:30

There's the idea of the headline don't just same thing, don't just leave it like the cover up your food and say Bismillah over. So if you have a cup of water at night, you shouldn't just leave it outside. If you're going to drink to the next morning, you just put anything on top and just say Bismillah cover it up, because their barriers are different than our barriers. And our processing has told us once you close the door and you say Bismillah once you put something on the food you say Bismillah in a matter we will never understand it will never they will know and let me give you another of these myths.

01:44:31--> 01:44:41

In the Scandinavian countries they believe in these zombies and Dracula or whatnot. Again, one of the rules is what you have to give permission for it to come into your house.

01:44:42--> 01:44:59

If you don't give permission, it's not going to come into your house and there are horror movies based upon this as well. Okay that is trying to trick you to get into the and again this head if that shavon cannot open the door once it has been shut. means once you have shut it off and you are you're following the sooner then it will not be able to

01:45:00--> 01:45:08

Open an open up, and therefore you are supposed to close your doors at night. And you're supposed to say the name of Allah and over food as well. And shaytaan will not have access to it.

01:45:14--> 01:45:18

Kids are especially vulnerable at one particular time.

01:45:19--> 01:45:54

It does mockery of time, that around Muslim time for around 4050 minutes, we should bring the kids in our authentic ID to the process of that that's when the shouting or let go. And so they like to irritate and tease and and whatnot. Because they are shouting, I mean, this is animalistic, isn't it, you want to teach the young kid, that's what they are, they are shouting. So during this time, we bring them in and lock the door, shut the doors, then, once the muzzle of time has passed for 2030 minutes, if they want to play outside or whatnot, then they are allowed to do that he is pretty good.

01:45:57--> 01:46:34

You know, in this day and time with information technology, and YouTube and TV and Discovery Channel and all of this. I think all of us maybe have seen this and probably asked the question and some have this ancient aliens in ancient astronauts, and you get into the stories of in the Bible and the mean and all of this type of stuff. And the videos and the evidences of craft and UFOs and ETS. What but if you look into it, there seems to be something there. We as Muslims, how are we to maybe view this? Is this possibly a creation of data which we have no knowledge of who we associate this with?

01:46:35--> 01:46:37

Is there anything that we can can can look at?

01:46:39--> 01:47:13

maybe possibly will answer this phenomenon? So the brother asks a very good question. And that is, what is our position about alternative life forms, ie aliens? The Muslims believe in aliens or not. And the fact of the matter is that this isn't a funny question. It's a very serious question. But we don't call them aliens. Has Allah created other beings? Or are we the only creation of Allah? That is the question. And the response is, we will never know for sure in this world, and most likely in the next we won't care.

01:47:16--> 01:47:17


01:47:18--> 01:47:31

some scholars, including Ibn taymiyyah, have opined that Allah azza wa jal has created other life forms.

01:47:32--> 01:47:36

And that this goes back to the perfection of Allah being a holla.

01:47:38--> 01:47:42

Holla is the one who continues to create. So the notion that

01:47:43--> 01:48:03

the only creation is us, and after we're gone, there will be no other creation. It seems to suggest as if the hotel hotel Villa that Allah is not really creating perpetually, continuously, and even taymiyah felt that this diminishes the majesty of Allah,

01:48:04--> 01:48:53

that he felt that Allah subhanho wa Taala has been constantly creating, and will constantly continue to create to no end. And that what we know is only our world that in our world, Allah began in this manner and there's going to be your milk gamma, this is our portion. There are others as well, before us and after us. Are they simultaneous to us, even Tamia didn't talk about that have been tamed is talking about the issue of Allah always creating. But there is no negation of the fact that other worlds could be simultaneous to us, or other creations could be simultaneous so and there are many evidences that might possibly suggest this so please don't misquote me don't tweet yourself all

01:48:53--> 01:49:37

these things. There's aliens, please, careful, keep my reputation and others I'm saying there is some evidence to suggest that Allah subhana wa Taala has created other creations whether they are before us or after us or the same time as us the Quran does not mention anything. But the Koran might possibly suggest is that clear that there are other creations it might possibly not suggest that either what are some of the evidences number one why Allah tala moon He has created things you will never know you don't know about. So you will never know which means this is not something you can see why a holo komagata Moon, he has created things you don't know about. And we continue to

01:49:37--> 01:49:55

discover new species every day. That's not what I was talking about something else. Number two, that Allah says in the Quran, that halaqa sumatera were betha Fie Mammon Dabba. Allah has created all of the heavens and the earth, and he has scattered throughout all of them creatures.

01:49:56--> 01:49:59

Not just on the earth, the semi watts and the semi one

01:50:00--> 01:50:02

As we talked about and sort of use of anecdotes of seed,

01:50:03--> 01:50:43

the summer what is not just our heavens, it is beyond our heavens. And Allah says he has scattered creatures and all of them. And if he wants to, he can gather all of them up at once, or he can gather the two of them together. Well who are either Gemini media shall do. Now you can understand this verse to mean the Day of Judgment, which is the majority interpretation, or you can understand it to mean Allah has created all different creatures and if he wanted to, he could cause them to meet. Both are linguistically possible. There are other evidences as well. I'll just jump straight to the one I think will law who item is the strongest evidence to suggest that there might be other

01:50:43--> 01:51:19

creations of Allah and Allah knows best? So that is raw, where Allah subhana wa tada says, what are the Quran any Adam or wilhemina, who feel better, he will tell you what does a phenomenal job it will help Belinda Humala, Kathy, the Mim and Hala pinata Lila, we have honored the children of Adam. And we have carried them in the land and in the seas, and our times we are in the heirs, and we have given them many things. And we have preferred them humans over many other things that we have created.

01:51:20--> 01:51:26

Which means we have preferred some over them as well.

01:51:28--> 01:51:31

Do you understand? Well felt buttoned up from either caffeine.

01:51:33--> 01:51:39

we occupy a high rank according to this verse, but not

01:51:40--> 01:51:52

the highest, you could interpret this again you could although this is a lot, right? Which means now in the world that we inhabit, who is at the top of the pyramid,

01:51:53--> 01:52:11

I mean in the creation, us who bow down to us, the angels, the jinn. So then we are at the top in this world of the creation, right? Yet Allah says and so it is at all that we have honored the children of Adam over many other things we have created.

01:52:13--> 01:52:14

Not all.

01:52:16--> 01:52:57

So again, this these are all gray areas. So to summarize, and with this, we conclude way over time, the Koran does not explicitly claim that there are other life forms or before or after us. But a number of famous theologians, even taymiyah has an entire section dedicated to it. And one famous non Muslim scholar by the name of john Hoover JHOV er has written an entire paper if you have I think it's even on PDF Google, not just google it is called the perpetuity of creation and the thought of even taymiyah it's in English, it's in fancy schmancy academic English, but it's in English. And you just Google it by john Hoover, the perpetuity of creation and the thought of even

01:52:57--> 01:53:18

taymiyah that entire paper where he combined compiles what Tamia said in his evidence is in Simple English, not Simple English but in English. And basically this is the summary of it that he says it befits the majesty of a law to have created and to continue to create and we are but one of the laws infinite creations.

01:53:19--> 01:53:21

Does that answer your question or confusing even more?

01:53:23--> 01:53:30

confusing one with that inshallah it is desirable. Okay. We will figure out what to do part two, but that's going to be a little bit more advanced. I'm happy that you're here for part one.