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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of time management, including procrastination and efficiency. He offers to help manage time for the customer and suggests a workshop on how to effectively manage time for personal development. The speaker also mentions a website and Facebook for more information.
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Learn from the loss of a Sennheiser less than a malakoff of light Allah cattle. Do you find yourself procrastinating? A lot of people do love youngsters with a lot. There's some people who just love doing that. They just wait until the last moment, you know, to, to study or to take care of some some some tasks on why not, you know, when it's like crunch time, and then you see them, you know, running like a chicken with him and how they have cut off?

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Why do people procrastinate?

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Why do we have to wait until the last moment and then and then do

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cheap jumps versus doing well planning you know, and doing the job perfectly. Like the Prophet Mohammed also says, when some of you You know, when you want to do something, do it with si

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when one of you does, I'm a as a deed in action, let him perfect it. But when you procrastinate, you know you have plenty of time to do something. But then when you leave it enter the end or enter the last moment you know, and then you try to run and whatnot to do it. It's the quality of that work will not be the same

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Would you like me to help you to stop to procrastinate procrastination,

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procrastinate regret? Would you like me to help you do that? Would you like me to help you manage your time efficiently? So that you are in control? Do you understand what are the benefits of time management? Life management? Time is your life. Time is really your life.

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You can be in the higher level in general because you took time to say what extra somehow more than your own brother.

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Why? Because you're all you know, you said one extra.

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Katrina, I live in Indiana, he took that time to say it

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you will have more time you will have more time if you know how to organize your time efficiently, you will have more time for salary you have more time for for sports for for activities with your family, to spend time with your family to be more productive, their ways, their techniques, their directives and have them certified from you know fracking come from the US and I took the Seven Habits I learned so many things I coupled them with a lot of things from Islam, how the Prophet Mohammed our system was about time management, how to efficiently manage your time and when to offer all that inshallah to Allah Allah to two evenings seminar coming up very soon, two hour each, or

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about three hours each shallowing data to teach about the you know, I what I call time rockets and how to conquer your time. How to efficiently manage your time or manage your life to become more productive in everything that you do. For more information, check me out my website, WWE dad rock training.com or on my Facebook Jeff in other words as you're on facebook.com, aka Mr. Mr.

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