The Deen Show – Jake Shields Reacts to Ben Shapiro Going After Candace Owens for her view on Israel-Palestine

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how Candace Owens has been pressuring her into actions that are seen as disgraceful, causing her to become a statement about animals and wanting to wipe out people. The speaker also criticizes Owens' actions, calling her a "monster" and a "fucking cow."
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think she's been absolutely disgraceful. I think that I think that her sophistication on these particular issues has been ridiculous. sophistication is ridiculous. Everybody can see the moves that she's making the things that she's saying. And if I'm calling for peace she's calling disgraceful. seems ridiculous because Candace Owens hasn't even said that much. But they just want to completely control everyone they can see, she's probably starting to lean towards that side. So they're trying to shut her down to some other organization was like denouncing her today. So yeah, that's all she was doing. She was as, as a Christian, and I was wondering, like, you know, how are

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you going to be able to support something like that? And

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now she's actually taking a stand. Suddenly, I mean, just, you know, softly Yeah. Not even hard. And then boom, he's like, attacking her and whatnot, because he's just calling her heart. I mean, you can't just help it like you're These are human beings, but they want to paint everyone like their animals. See, and this is the same thing that was that was done to Jews at that time when Hitler was dealing with Nazis were doing painting them as rats and animals. But then it was like, we're gonna get another standard. They're doing the exact same thing. Yeah. Benjamin Netanyahu calling the Palestinians like human animals, and it's pretty wild. The exact same things they've always talked

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about. They're doing. Yeah. And that's the ironic thing. So she came out. And then now he's, you know, saying what he's saying about her.

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And he just seems like he's been really fueled up he's like,

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really excited about just

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war. You know, he's like, really excited about just how much is enough for him? It doesn't seem like there's there's a limit. Yeah, it seems like they want the complete annihilation of you know, of Gaza and probably the West Bank. It doesn't seem it's really trying to do any settling. They don't really seem like they want a two state solution. Seems like they just want to wipe them out. You know, there's been multiple people like Nikki Haley talking about oh, let's bring them into Europe and America.

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It doesn't seem like you know, he said they obviously have so much control over our politicians and what they want to wipe them out and get them you know, take take what Brett last left to Palestine and take that land.

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