Talk on Al-Isra’ & Al-Miraj at the Dome of the Rock

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Bismillah learn your Walkman you're walking

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through that

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so Honey, let me

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let me borrow Can I hold the hold in real?

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Everyone's probably heard of it's this verse. So first

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off sort of

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originally lot talks about

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a lot of talks about lots of talks about the whole episode.

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these are two terms.

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Many of us we've heard these two terms, these two words and terms are actually different. They don't mean the same thing.

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The translation of the higher dimensions is the translation of the IRA's glorify the Lord Allah to Canon asop.

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And you've seen

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from which the word is, as we've taken glory, for the glorified to your Lord who took his service by the night. So it's around means taking someone by the night with

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seven by the night.

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From magical haram in Makkah, in a nice gentle ox. This is the only person that talks about messenger bots. And as we mentioned him and everyone else that is not just the mercy that we pray in the old sanctuary, sanctuary, the whole group of legal mock this, so

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and then about is

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around which we the area we have blessed, so the whole area was best, I'll tell you how it's best wish the community dimension. Then Allah says Luna de Rio de la so that we show him some of our signs,

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you know, see,

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now, in this ayah Allah talks about the journey taken by the night that Allah Subhana

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Allah Salam shoveled from Mercy to haram. There's two types of interactions. Incineration is mentioned that the seller was in the house for more honey or the Aloha other directions it's mentioned that he was lying in the Hatim you know, if you need

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both you can unite these two generations because he was first in the house of Como honey, then the roof slit angel came in, came to pick him from there, washed his heart is hospitals are washed before when he was younger, this was another time. And then from there, they took the angel took him to Mr. Hara in the Hadith. And then from there the Jimmy was read by night. So it's

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only refers to the first part of the journey. There's two parts the first leg of the journey is from material harm to this case here. That first part well first episode of the journey is known as Seraph, not mirage. Okay, this has been clearly mentioned in the Quran. So if you know like, we have something called battery

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you got

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which means absolute, but we need something categorically established in the Quran, sunnah. Somebody rejects that they instantly leave Islam. So if somebody rejects that Islam made that journey physically from national haram to here then that is governed because that's denying a clear absolute categorical poetry text of the Quran then the second part of the journey from here the lexical officer from vital knock this

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to the heavens that's called me at arch with called me at arch Neeraj

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proper correct term is near the

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Mirage literally in Arabic is an island with stairways staircase, more like a lift that's going to be harder

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to ascend the means of ascension the means of climbing the ladder here that's gonna watch this isn't

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already maybe someone was a

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second time

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so it's a means of ascension. This has been referred to in the Quran

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has been sorry, indicated to

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not clearly refer to it

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indicating the sort of a nature.

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So it's not absolutely categorically uniform but it's clear Hadith and elsewhere.

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That absolute unanimous reads, so if someone rejects that they are severely deviated, but then they don't be considered to be a coffin. So Allah said we took the messages from partnership haram.

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This message that Uppsala says we blessed the surroundings, have you been blessed with surroundings in two ways. And to summarize in this worldly, as well as okra, the next word, this one, the benefit of blessings is that this area is referring to the baraka the blessings of Allah, Allah, Allah has blessed this whole area with prophets, many prophets, they prayed towards this place, prayed here the hearing yesterday. So there's a lot of spiritual benefit. And also worldly benefits because this area was lush with gardens with olives with and still is the only area where and this is why in Surah t when Allah says what do they do? We all know a thing was he was already seen or hadn't

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visited me. What he was referring to

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was, what's his Arabic? Like the imam in three areas, we can actually tell you, like,

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sorry, not that you're not in tomorrow. But he did allude. He was going to tell him that he was guilty of it clearly against the process and the occupiers. So he talked about goods, and even the human the hardware also talked about what's its Arabic name for Jerusalem. So

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the benefits, the Latini was in tune with Dean he was a to is referring to quotes, is not really referring to the olive team. It's fake. They couldn't recall it. But it's actually referring to this area, we're already seen in

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Mount Sinai wasn't very good. I mean, and this plasma just did land, which is that.

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So I was agreeing to what's Jerusalem, and then Mount Sinai, is taking an oath by these three places, and then he's referring to his taking off. So this happened to the messenger Salama syndrome.

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This ascension, this first part of the journey and the second part of the journey. Now this first part of the journey was done on an animal as we know known as Quran.

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The Arabic word

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Lightly you know lightning speed you say, traveling by lightning speed. That's why it's called Baroque. It's interesting animal. Its speed is like a lag time people don't understand now, it's possible to set so this is what why he was called Buraq. The journey from material haram to here was done by

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animal Buraq with some descriptions given in some edits, we don't have time to go into that.

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Bro, the messenger SallAllahu Sallam here, and this animal. This journey was done. This has to be the appeal of all Muslims. This journey was a journey that was done physically. It wasn't a dream. It wasn't just a spiritual in spirit, which is the dream or like vision. Otherwise we all have Mirage everyday. Okay. Everyone's been every vision and everyone This was a physical by body by spirit with

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the physical physically came here. Okay, some people question that time and even to today, they will mockery

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is have refuted this early scholars have been written books on this, that there's so many reasons why this view that it might just be a dream or a vision. First of all, Allah Subhana Allah is referring to this amazing incident glorify the glory to be Allah glorified to your Lord who did this magnificent, something amazing. It was a dream. Nothing nobody did. And then the ugly he he took his servants and other meaning there as well is that Allah talked about his prophet to be a servant. The highest wages of the one of the greatest writers of the messages of the robber is Allah. Allah is referring to him as a servant, which is the greatest arm for human even before prophethood slavery,

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and also to make sure that when people hear this that you went to the heavens, they don't start continuing to be a god. He's still a slave is still a servant. We agree here

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Hello, refers to a physical body, it took him physically, he laid I mean, there's many reasons for that. So we have to believe it was done physically, not by in a dream or in spirit or etc.

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He came here the messenger SallAllahu Sallam came to put

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a lot of weight on this different terms you can use.

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And he

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first entered the box. Okay, now let's see, did he end strength, the message that we're creating right now?

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Not necessarily. So when you enter this particular message in here, not necessarily. So it could be anywhere in the sanctuary. Actually, there's nothing mentioned, what this place looked like at that time.

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Masjid in Arabic means a place to

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make sense, the whole crane. If you make sense, the understand that place is Masjid.

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That's why the messenger Allah and Islam says one Hadith during oral movements, you don't want the whole, the whole, the whole of Earth has been made a face of sudo. To me. So we can pray whatever I heard also includes the pain, we will pay will repeat also includes some things.

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So that's how the

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discussion. So

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Masjid is anywhere where you wish to do. It could have been just sang, it could just be learned. There could be a door there could be just something small, Allah knows best has no details given. He came here SallAllahu Sallam he? Now there's two. There's two opinions about when he led the prophets in prayer.

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Did he need all the prophets of prayer first and then go to the heavens? Or was it on his return? Some scholars of the fear of the Quran, they are of the opinion that he led them first, like a lot of people think and then you went with the majority view, you have a look, as you mentioned this as well. Is that No,

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he first came he offered to Jakarta here.

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This is why it's recommended when we first came here we should have Hold on I'm sure everybody. First time we enter this outside area where we do not this area of ritual, here domestic mess.

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And then after that, in some form in a stairway, some said with the Baroque again, as I said, baroque wasn't used it was the Baroque was tied to a wall somewhere. Yeah, it could be somewhere here. We can't say categorically. We are this is not categorical. I don't want to down call this and you know, we want to teach this as well, in Sharla. It could be 2% 1%. Or even that's enough for us. At least we can breathe air. That's what I say to learn to breathe. Just breathe the air is lots of lessons in the air, maybe all these buildings like this building. As you mentioned, this building was or not the moment this building was made by the noise the layers are one to many. And then his

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son what he believed was a no

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no this go gold don't know this was

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when he conquered conquered. He wasn't actually a conquest as well, because he entered was still hungry peacefully. He made a mess around this area. But then that was it was then

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reconstructed and there was

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earthquakes and then the Crusaders came up, then he built it. So it's in this area in Sharla. Just take the nice breeze, spiritual breeze, but specifically thinking This wall has been touched a lot. You know, we don't really need to do that as well. And really, the whole

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point, the whole purpose for us is to get reward. Why do we come like why do we visit these places reward? How do we get reward to offer some because it's fun not to pray here. There's lots of reward here. Allah will give us a reward if Allah says pray in Japan, because Japan and traders are willing to pay. So it's what Allah says. This is the whole idea behind it. And also learning about maybe this happened here. And she was saying that some things are like 1% 2% 5% This happened here that happened. This happened. This happened. In this case, two countries. You go to Syria you descend the grave of Allah messengers and Allah sent all of the profits was like one 2% But even 2% or even 2%

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Even if the 1% which defaults no problem and is made to go out

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We will die and so we will go out here in England. So, anyway, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was taking from the Quran was tight against the wall and this is quite strong that this wall the Western world, Western one is behind this the other side

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okay, so yeah, they call it a restaurant this is as far as I mentioned, this is quite strong that that was a wall somewhere on that wall it's very big wall tight tight knit, and that he could have been taken from that area we're going to be taken from here are those best Okay, we just leave it

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but he was taken into the heavens and then it's wrong you know, first happened second heaven, a different prophets he met all the Prophets when he met Adam, Arizona. He said more haven't been given your son. When, when the B is solid. Welcome my pious son and my pious prophets and all the other ones. They said not hadn't been in a while it is brother and he met all the different prophets. On the sixth heaven, he met Musa this level of Salaam and then in the final one 720 brahim is the final that now we all know the story when he was given. He saw Jupiter in His original form, and the central element in the actual Siddhartha Maharaja, mazovian pasado, matava.

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And then Allah subhanaw, Taala and also delivery then you went into upper realms, this is something that we don't know if Academy curriculum, do you really see Allah with his eyes or not? Allah knows best.

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Even this habit, a companion or the lion or bus or the Allahu anhu, used to say, yes, Allah's messengers of Allah and he says, Good see his lord with his eyes are a shadow of your love another wife of the messenger, some of our

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know, he categorically did not see because he can't see among these eyes in this world, not

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only in gunman shot on remote servers, so even the Companions disagree along those lines. Okay, we need to rather than be more concerned about the history or not we need to be concerned whether we will be able to see regenda That's That's our responsibility we need to act, so that we can see when he will find out.

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he went to operands Allah subhanaw taala ordained 50 So our prayers and and you know, the story came down and Musa peace be upon him, experiments and of my own, we couldn't even do like,

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decrease a decrease in one to 10 an element of fire we couldn't even do to go back and said, I feel ashamed. I can't go back. Only five, I'll keep the five. But in the rewards for five prayers is equal to 50 that Allah gives the followers of

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the sentiment. And then after that, when he was returning, all the prophets came to see him off. Nobody was coming back. Well, the prophets that he met, because look, this is why I said, you know why this guy said that he did not lead them in prayer. First, because if you had when you wake up and say Welcome, welcome, like a very first time around says, so this is why I say that. No, he didn't reason that we just pray here at the masjid. Then he met all the prophets, and then all of them are coming with him. You know, when you go to see your guest off, so we're all descended, all the prophets and many angels 1000s of angels that will descend it and it's happened to be first time

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according to most committed to the Quran. It happened to me such a long time. And therefore, they all said ecommerce, and Amazon was only follows them. And

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everybody was looking at Jabra told him.

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And then after he told him, you know, all the prophets and many angels, you've left all of them in prayer. And this is erected in this area last how to Allah made the messengers of Allah meet all the prophets in prayer. This is just an absolute summary.

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There were people who denied this the worshipping of NACA, they started making a mockery. When you walked in the middle of the night, what happened? Because this guy is telling us last night, he's been to Palestine. Good, sorry. And he's been to the heavens and he's come back and he's already here, giving him you know, making

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the messenger sallallahu alayhi. Salam actually gave them signs. He actually said in one habit, he said Allah subhanaw taala showed me before me the whole of books, how it looked like and he the picture was in front of me

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They were asking him questions and he was describing, and some of them were being there. There was knowledge that he was actually describing. And he didn't just take a jet or something in those days, you know, you couldn't have gone just like that to quickly check. He described it to them. He also described Mount Sinai to them, some of them who had been there, clear descriptions. I also saw other things you also saw Jana Jana, there's lots of other details which

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one has the,

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in the time of the messenger SallAllahu Sallam when he wrote letters, to you know, the various leaders, the Roman emperors and people who don't want to hook in his head. isn't mentioned this hadith in Bukhari famous Hadith, calling them inviting them to the Islamic Center of the Allahu Anhu.

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So there can be this letter. This is Catherine because this you don't really need this we believe you shall we believe what we believe. We believe in the Messenger of Allah.

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Allah, somebody came and told him that you know, your friend, this is what he's saying. Is Did you really say this? He hasn't heard from him yet. So non Muslim is telling over

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the next day. Have you heard your friend right now? Are you gonna stop following him?

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And say no. Now you now is that's the limit, you definitely don't even know. So why What did he say? This one he said he went to put some he went to the heavens seven heavens and he's come back in just in one night. I show he said, Do you think this guy is gonna say okay.

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He said if he definitely said it, I'm the first one to believe. They said it and I believe this is what it's called to be.

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A diva means the one who affirmed and believed

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the messenger SallAllahu sallam, this her canoes, when he received the letter from the messengers of Allah and he said, I'm inviting him to Islam. He said, can I find some people from Arabia? Who's here like I just want to find ask them some questions about this person who came to the prophet sent me a letter. So people somebody said a group has come traders caravan of traders, who Sophia was supposed to be an enemy of the Muslims but then he became philosophy and early on while I'm having embraced Islam he right. He was there. He was one of the enemies of the residents of Allah Islam him and his people. So Hercules called them like come here, I'm gonna ask you some questions.

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This this person in Makkah is sent me elections came to the Prophet clashes and questions about

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please be truthful. I remember that Arabs that time even the non Muslims that we used to be untruthful, the enemies to lie they know is to be promised. He used to take it as like a different How can I break a promise? Even like a non Muslim wish we could never have a lie, or you will break a promise. So who's the fiance? He's gonna ask me questions. I don't want him to believe in Him. So I'm going to try my best as much as possible. As long as I can. You know, the more I can stretch it, I'm not going to lie. Of course, I can lie because I'll be cold. Even my people will call me a lie, like even against an enemy or

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trying to do something where I'm gonna try to put him off. I said, let me use my watch.

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He asked him Is he trustworthy? Is that he is trustworthy. Has he ever lied? No, he's Saudi because I mean

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his followers are increasingly decreasing, increasing all good things. Have something negative? Right click to annoyed mirages. Oh, yeah, there's one thing is screaming. In the middle of the night. This person is saying you rent the goods. And you went to heaven. Heavens, you met all the prophets came back, let all the profit sites come back after fajr is back in Makkah. And he's saying that one was one mil, pincher masala.

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These are his words.

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So he was thinking to himself, hey, this is what I'm saying. Next to Hercules there was this person called Eva. He was the leading Christian

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priest who used to be the person in charge of this area. They will knock this because Hercules was was in sharp.

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Okay, universal federal law. He said I'm sent the letter to Hercules, who was a Roman Emperor. So you're sitting there he said, Wait, wait, wait a minute. I can remember that. Next. This is documented that I remember one night me and my colleagues every night we have the doors for quite a long day. So there was some kind of building we lock the doors one night and this is because it was a fiance. He mentioned this the approximate

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Be last year or something

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I can remember. One night we closed all the doors for one door, we're just not close. We tried, we tried to not seek some people and what's happened. We call the engineers like we call them, can you see a child, because it's just not closing. Then they said that actually, I don't know what's happened we need to do we can't check in the darkness looks like some things happen something heavy, but these doors are not going to close. Let's go back home. We were told that for tonight, the worker Allah, Allah will come back in the morning, I will try sorting out the

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next morning, they all came and I came

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out we saw the next to the door was the wall that looks like there was some people had been walking here. And there was a massive hole in the wall. And you could see that somebody had tied an animal to it look like a very big animal, a massive animal. Because just you know the time and this was very clearly mentioned some other signs, there are consequences. And this was a leading interest free second period among others. And then he mentioned some scriptures that it is measured in our scriptures as well as the last probably will come will actually need all the prophets and prayers and you will go from not from inputs to the heavens and meet Allah subhanaw taala equals prophets.

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so this is how prophets of Allah that we believe in and we must have first firm you're feeling ready for this. And I doubt this in any way, shape or form. This happened from this area it could possibly be from this rock might not necessarily so it could be possible. If it's from here then Chaga we are talking about it in this area. And you know, what's kind of give us some blessings of of this

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event of ASR

00:26:55--> 00:26:58

and all the other blessings of research