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I remember last time we started with the story of Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam, we're all very familiar with that story. Some of us have memorized it. But what I want to focus on insha Allah is to try and get lessons from that story as much as we can. The first thing I want to say is that Ibrahim alayhis salam is one of those prophets who is mentioned more than 73 times 73 different places in the Quran. When you recite the Quran, it is so we become so peculiar and so used to it that we read so much about Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam. And this shows us how much Allah subhanho wa Taala truly loves him. Allah called Ibrahim Ali Salam, his Helene in English literally Faline

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means a companion or a close friend, the closest friend, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah can call anyone anything in the way that he is related to Allah Subhana Allah, but obviously the Helene, the best friend of Allah is not like saying the best friend of a human to another human. This is more of a title and an honor for Abraham Alayhis Salam, Truly, Allah subhanaw taala is always close to everybody. He is closer than a Helene is closer than a Habib a beloved Ibrahim alayhis salam was Kadena Rockman as Allah subhanaw taala gave him that title and so did the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is the great grandfather great, great great grandfather of the

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. From him came the last messenger, Muhammad Salah Salem and this ummah. SubhanAllah. So Ibrahim alayhis salam is the father of they could also call him the father of the prophets. And the reason why Ibrahim alayhis salam is called the father of the prophets is guess why?

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Because every prophet that came after him was from his progeny from his loins from his offspring. They are all related genetically related to Ibrahim Ali Salah Arabs and non Arabs. All the children of Israel came from a sin descended from Ibrahim Ali salah and the last of them Mohamed Salah Salem and ismail were the only two Arab prophets after Ibrahim Ali salah. They became Arab by marrying into the Arabs and living among the Arabs and speaking their language. They are also called a lot of and Mustafa, the Arabs that became Arabs that weren't originally Arabs. And these are people mostly in the Middle East. There are original Arabs and they are the ones originally from Yemen and few

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other places they will call Bonjour Home. For those of you who learnt who came to my settler classes, we went through the whole history of the Arabs. Anyway, Ibrahim alayhis salam, he is the father of the prophets. That's what they call him. Abu Ambia Alayhi Salatu was Salam

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Ibrahim alayhis salam

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he came from, they say somewhere around Babylonia from Iraq originally. So some scholars debate that he was originally an Arab, but Allahu Allah, most of them say not. So he spoke a different language to Arabic.

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And earlier language, then Hebrew, Allahu Allah, the earliest language you know, of the one before Hebrew that were Hebrew language, was born out of is possibly called Aramaic. And it is believed that the earliest traditions of the Bible of the scriptures sent to Moses Musa alayhis salam and the SRA, salaam Underwood, we're in Aramaic before Hebrew. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Ibrahim alayhis. Salam is a prophet of Allah and a messenger, who is honored and respected by by the three main religions.

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Islam, Christianity and Judaism. And he is also mentioned in other religions as well, very subtly, the Hindus, and by the way, Hinduism, technically is not a religion. It's not the name of a religion for those of you who thought that Hindus are basically Indians, we don't know the origin Allahu Allah Alpha. It dates back, and they're called Hindus, but the original beliefs in the religion of the Indians is we call it the Hindu religion. Basically, it's just the Indians, ancient religion. The reason I'm saying this is because

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in the time of Ibrahim alayhi, salam, they were Hindu beliefs. They were Hindu beliefs, and the Haram that we were in harsh, an ombre. You know, the two tells that we were Hindus also have a lot of that ancient practice. In fact, some of them when they see us wearing that they make comments like this is Hindu tradition. This came from the Hindus and then the Christians that come and tell us you took your religion from us and the Jews that comes they were the originals, everybody is happy, and trying to say that they are the best in the first

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What Islam says is, there is one religion that came from Allah there is only one God of all religions, okay? And there is one God of the religion is one religion from Allah subhanho wa taala. As for people they divided into different groups and sects, and they added to their religion, or they changed it around. So the Hindus origin we believe, is from prophets of a God of Allah that we believe in. And the origins of Christians and origins of Jews and all other religions came from the one religion which Allah Allah Creator, Allah sent to all these prophets. And Islam is not a new religion. Islam is just an extension of the original religion, except that people change that

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around. Right? Allah says more subdeacon Lima been a day

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and another verse was suddenly Colima Vina a deacon and the Quran is a confirmation and a clarification confirmation of what was there from before. Right, just some new lows with him. So Ibrahim alayhis salam is the common prophet that is shared by almost every religion.

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And Mohamed Salah Salem is from his direct offspring from Ibrahim alayhis salam through his second wife has Abraham I still am married to wives in his life Sara and Hazzard as you know, the name Sal remains one who brings happiness and how Azure comes from the meaning of migration and truly she was in Egypt. And she was a slave to one of the tyrant kings of Egypt will come to her story in sha Allah and how she became the wife of Ibrahim Ali Salaam and from her kindness maladies center. There he had a second son and his help is how can a Salam Isaac, as you know, he came from the other mother, Sara Lee has set down. So

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the the Jews and the children of Israel come from this hub site. And it's male and the Muslims, the Arabs came from Ismail Ali Salam site, Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam was born in as we said, close to Babylonia in Iraq, and his father's name was as our as our remains, the one who is close to people. He is very kind is empathetic, he's close to people. He was kind and nurturing. People loved him. And he was an important man, a very important man. Why? Because he did something that people respected so much, and put him in high places, something which was false, actually, based on false beliefs. He used to make statues, he used to design the statues and form

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them in a way that the people made them to aura. I want my god to look like this or like that needs to worship them. Now, keep in mind, brothers and sisters, very importantly, a lot of people don't know that the people of Babylonia actually worshipped one God, really, they believed, sorry, I'll go back. They didn't actually worship the mentor worship only one God, and they believed in only one God, Allah. All of them did. Even the Arabs in a time and Mohamed Salah sang Croatia worship all these 360 Odd statues, they all said there is only one God, the Creator of everything. And when they were asked them, Why do you worship the statues? They used to say, no, no, no, we worship that the

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form of the statues which represents, you know, the closeness to God, you know, so that they can bring us closer to God. We intercede through them. And the law still called it worshiping the idols, this was shipped. And so did the people of Ibrahim Ali Sena, Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, therefore did not come to preach something new to his people, he came to return them back to their original belief, which is the word worship of one God. That's what every prophet did. Every messenger came to return the people back to the original belief back to the real beliefs of their ancestors, which was the true belief. But unfortunately, the people they forgot, and they passed on information, and were

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brainwashed. And they thought that this was the original belief of the ancestors, but actually, in fact, it was not. You know, they just went back a few 100 years and I thought, This is what our religion is, but really, nobody's religion was really what they thought it was. And the last part Allah talks about this in the Quran, every time Allah sent the prophet in the messenger, that people say, we will follow where we left our ancestors upon, and every prophet and messenger will say exactly the same thing. Your ancestors did not know any better. They were ignorant, they were misguided, right? Truly, they were misguided. They were brainwashed, they were told wrong

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information. And they would bring to them the evidence and the proof but the people they used to follow their desire, they used to worship what they used to worship the religion of the ancestors, basically, they worship their pride and their ancestors. And this is what people are today you know, your identities, my blood, my country, my net, my my lineage, my my surname, okay, that's very good. You should be proud of your identity and where you come from, but not at the expense of your religion, not at the expense of your religion, the religion of Allah, the whole world belongs to Allah we belong to Allah, our blood belongs to Allah, if Allah is the Creator of the universe, so he

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has the right only to be worship, not our ancestors who decide which God to be worship. So Allah is to say in the prophecies to tell the people do not worship the created things worship the Creator of the creation, which is very easy

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very normal. And you know what the prophets and messengers never really had to bring, like evidence upon evidence and proof of God's existence. Everyone already believed in God's existence. It was never in history that we know whether you read Muslim books or non Muslim books of history, before the 20th century where people did not believe in a God. Everybody believed in God. Everybody believed in the God but they made partners and associated partners with him. And they chose beings and things to make them sort of spiritually closer to the ultimate god. Even the Hindus today believe in an ultimate one God, but they make partners with him. The SEALs believe in one God, the

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Christians say we believe in one God, the Jews, everyone does, except the atheists, he doesn't believe in a God at all. No daily nothing Okay, Buddhists as well. They say God is we don't know if he exists or not. But they still make something to direct their worship towards. So brothers and sisters, only until the 20th century did atheism really come out before that they believed in God. So what you're going to see in the story of Ibrahim Ali cinema, things that could sound confusing because of what we live in today. To an atheist, it'll sound confusing. But if you take yourself back to the legal understand how Abraham is set and spoke to his people, and why you have to put it

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in context, and how the people understood in what civilization he lived in, keep this in mind. Every prophet and messenger that were sent to his people, Allah subhanaw taala, sent that prophet or messenger, with the miracles that suits their people with the miracles that suited their people. So if the people were loved science, their Prophet brought to them scientific miracles. If people love the

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sorcery and magic they brought to them prophets that fought that like Musa alayhis salam, if the people love the engineering, Allah brought to them a prophet that can show them a greater miracle of engineering.

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These people have Ibrahim alayhis salam, they were primitive minded. They loved it. They talked about sorcery, they used to choose some of the mister choose idols to worship, to direct them to God and others used to look to the heavens, they look at the stars, and each person would grab a star in the heavens or a celestial or a pattern of stars. Like what we have today in this false belief of astrology, they choose a pattern of stars. They made up those patterns and like, what did what do they call the scope?

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The horoscopes put their names in it, Scorpio Scorpion, Scorpio saga. You know, you know what I'm calling Scorpio, I'm going back to Mortal Kombat the game Scorpius. Because that's all I know, constellations. That's right. I just forgot. But that's how much I read about it. hamdulillah nothing. So these things came from ancient Babylonia, right. And the people of Ibrahim alayhis salam they used to take these constellations and make out of them, some kind of being that they worshipped to bring them closer to God. Right. Some looked into the heavens, others looked into idols in front of them. Now Brothers and Sisters in Islam, what is the mission of the prophets and messengers from

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God, to turn the people back away from false gods to the worship of the one true God, their relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada, right? Can you imagine you are born from your father and your mother and they love you and you love them? And then you go and start saying, No, you're not my dad. You're not my mother. So and so is my neighbor is my dad, the neighbor is my mother. Right? It's terrible, right? Your identity is lost. Some people they never know their fathers, right? Or they've never met their mothers and they grow up. When they become adults, they search for their parents, isn't that correct? They search for them. Even though even if Todd They told me your

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parents abandoned you, because innate nature nobody would accept that. So how can we accept it to the creator of our parents in the Lord of everything, one who created everything, right? It's innate, and SubhanAllah. The prophets and messengers did not use a lot of proof to prove God's existence. Why? Because the Prophets and Messengers sunnah you we read throughout the history in the Quran, their stories, you'll find that they don't actually sit there proving God's existence. Why? Because the Allah may have told us that believing in God's existence is a fifth pillar, it's an it's an it's a natural

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instinct that you are born with that directors believe in God. When you start using the mind, people start to debate too much and argue, and you go lost. Most people in the world believe in Allah subhanaw taala, if not all of them. They believe in them because of their instinctive feelings, even atheists when they turned to God, the instinctive feelings make them believe in God. And the last pantalla gives the example of somebody who's lost at sea, and the wave start hitting them the size of mountains, and then they remember God and they say, Oh, God saved me. I had an atheist telling me the same things as what do I feel like that? Because the answer to that is fitrah in nature is

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enough to make you believe in the creation. But people play with your mind and brain and then you become misguided Brothers and Sisters in Islam. So the prophets and messengers used to turn the people away from making idol making Association, associating partners got lost kind of died, and so was Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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So Ibrahim alayhis, Salam dealt with two types of people, those who worship idols, and use them as a means to get to God and those who worship stars and use them or planets

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to get

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closer to the ultimate one true God. Now obviously this the shaytaan putting these ideas into our heads, you got to have some being in front of you to get you closer to God. And so Ibrahim asylums argument comes in brothers and sisters, Allah said in the Quran in Ibrahima Cana mutton, Ibrahim alayhis salam was a whole nation by himself. Why did Allah subhanaw taala tell us that? Well, you'll find out, first of all, Ibrahim alayhi salam, it's indicated sort of see that he was the only worshipper of Allah, alone in the entire world.

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He worshiped Allah, Allah Allah, if not the entire world, at least among his people that he was sent to it.

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Allah says in the Ibrahim Acana on mutton, he was a nation by himself.

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And OMA is usually means a whole group, a large nation that that supports and believes in the same thing.

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Ibrahima Sena was buying himself and Allah called him by himself a nation he was equivalent to a home you only today today Ibrahim Ali Salam is equivalent to one point, you know, through your whatever billion Muslims he is equal to them by himself, and he stood firm by the truth.

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Having said this, we say if you are the only person left on the truth, and no one else, do not be sad.

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So long as you are on the truth, that's what matters doesn't matter how many people are not. And Allah says in the Quran, when total actor among fail or they are too low cancer within there. If you were to follow the choices of the majority of people like what people elect to believe in, if you're going to say, well, the majority of people believe in it, therefore it has to be true, then they will lead you astray because the majority of people don't follow truth. They follow their desires, majority of people. So truth does not. Truth has nothing to do with size and numbers. If you have size, a numbers of 100 in them, Truth has got to do with truth and itself and that's it. Abraham,

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therefore was an old man he was a nation on his own. Secondly, since he was an OMA by himself, his arguments and his persuasive talk. And the way he had to show the truth to his people is different to the way you and I give our Dawa. It's a little bit different. You can't bring I just making this note. You can't take everything Ibrahim I sent him set and did with his people in giving them Dawa and say this is the hook them this is now the law and the rule for me to use in the same today. Because you're our circumstances are different. We have to look at Prophet Muhammad wa Salam is the closest example to Dawa. As for Ibrahim alayhis salam, his circumstances were different number one,

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you are not one on mobile yourself.

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Number two, Ibrahim Ali Salah as people were related to him. Number three, his father made their idols so he was the son of the manufacturer of idols, respected and honored.

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Right. Number four, he knew his people very well he lived among them and they knew him.

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Okay, so his Dawa to them was going to be different he knew their minds. And as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us to speak to people according to their level of understanding and comprehension.

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So each prophet spoke to his people, according to their level of comprehension and understanding, shall I bother his Salam, for example, the Arab Prophet tribe was sent to the people who dealt with usury riba

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modern day they say interest and he spoke to them specifically or mostly about how they trade in business

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a Sally salon did not come to talk to them about how their trading business Musa lesson didn't speak about it because they people weren't this wasn't this wasn't their problem. Is that correct? Ibrahim I Salam spoke to them in their language about the celestial the the constellations and the idol worshipping. And he brought to them his unique argument. So

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at first he was in his youthful days. And the first one he started with was his own father and mother. As Allah says to Muhammad wa Salam wa Andra Shirota kalokhe Rabin start with your Dawa, with the closest people to Ibrahim Hassan did the same thing. He started with his father. And we see Subhan Allah in the verses in the Quran in the way that Abraham was salam speaks to his father is number one, with firmness, but with respect, firmness and respect.

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Some of the language of blame has certain uses in addressing his father may seem to some of us today a little bit offensive, but according to his relationship with his father and the way that his father debated with his son, he had to use this type of language. It's not disrespectful, but it can mean offensive in some cultures. So Ibrahim Ali Salam said, Oh, Father limitado Why do you

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worship something that cannot speak, or listen or benefit you in any way. That sounds offensive when you look at it from the perspective of this is his father. He's got his own beliefs. And he's sitting there questioning his own father, right. But it's not really offensive between Ibrahim and his father. It's more offensive, the fact that his father has been put on the spot on the truth. And the problem was with his father because he can't accept the truth. Some people are brutally honest.

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And that's okay. And some people use diplomacy. Now, Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem addressed these people in a different way to Ibrahim alayhis salam, because as Allah says, In the Quran, for that good enough art is the crop, remind if the way that you're going to remind or the reminding that you're going to remind, is going to benefit. And Allah said, that means when you're about to advise someone about something, think first, is it going to benefit? Or should you keep it and delight for next time? Should you talk about something else at the moment, I'll give you a very quick example of Ibn Taymiyyah Makalali when the Mongols had just converted to Islam that we knew, and when people

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converted to Islam knew, obviously, there's a lot of things that they don't know there's still some habits of the past that still they have to work on. The Mongols were among the most brutal and most treacherous and most barbaric people on Earth.

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And they were still used to shedding blood they needed time to get used to it. So one day he passed by them in the Muslim land and in the Muslim land, you're not allowed to drink alcohol in public, you have to go inside your own home. Right or some were private. So they were drinking alcohol in public and even Taymiyah passes them with the students go into the masjid and he didn't say anything to them. So his students said Yeah, Imam you saw a monkey but you did not change it as the process and I'm says Moran incommunicado for euro euro ever sees a monk or something, you should change it with his hands if he can't then with his mouth if he can't then at least hate it in his heart. And

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even Tamia responded, he said no.

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If I were to change this was going to result in a big amonkar. I know that because they people are still new to the deen and they shed blood very quickly. So allowed them to stay intoxicated for now until later we can address them in a different way they get used to learning not to shed blood, we're taming them, right. So it tells us that when something is going to lead to a bigger harm, they leave it for now. One brother says I went into my friend's house. He's a Christian family friend. He had just converted to Islam. He sees him hanging across in his bedroom, gets up on his bed and rips the cross down the steps on it. He says because I'm saving his life. This is not how you save it.

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This is wrong dollar at the wrong place the wrong time and the wrong method.

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So my brothers sisters Hickman wisdom. So Abraham Ali Salim said to his father, why do you worship debt which you cannot, you know, which is blind and deaf and cannot benefit? And he gave him that the whole argument. It's in sort of Meriam and there is also in sort of an im and other sources like that. 73 different passages, that argument upon debates upon the way Ibrahim Ali salaam I wouldn't say debates, but I would say more of what it was a debate, but it was more of a dialogue. So let me explain to you and there was respect in the way that Ibrahim iclm debated with them. But obviously some things could sound defensive, but this is how his people were because of the nature of the

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debate that they were running. So Ibrahim Ali has said as soon as it starts with his father and his father gets angry at him cutting the story short. It gets to a point where his father tells Abraham if you do not have a Senate if you do not stop what you are doing, I am going to stone you until I die. Every time I am going to keep stoning. I'm going to keep whipping you and stoning. It was stones, because in their belief, stoning was a way of punishing the people who went off the religious path of this, right it was always there. And why shouldn't Emelia otherwise

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get out? You're not allowed in my home anymore.

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And we see that in the end of the story. Ibrahim Ali is sirloin has no other choice, no other option

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except to be forced to leave the home from his father.

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And what we learned from here is in today's time in the modern world, some people are too hasty to leave their family just because they are non Muslims. They had a few debates or a few frowns, my advice my brothers and sisters, whether you've converted to Islam, or you've made repentance, and there's a cultural culture, clash, use wisdom, use respectful approach with your family, however, do not abandon them.

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Do not abandon them.

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It's not right for you to leave them because you think they are too far. And then on Muslim and because they teach me bad things not. This is your family. And the Muslim has to be patient in their Dawa as much as they can. If they're harming you badly, then you can minimize the contact, but you don't abandon them completely. And this is the example of Ibrahim alayhis salam. He waited and waited and waited the point where his father was about to stone him his life was at risk was going to kill him. It was gonna kill him. And in the end, he forced him he basically kicked

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him out of home. And if he had to stay, his life was in danger.

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Even after that Ibrahim Ali's sellin leaves while almost crying for the way that the verses talk about it, you can imagine bring my son actually crying. And he's saying Father, okay, I will do exactly you forcing me to leave. I don't because now my life is in danger. I will leave you so that you don't have to do stuff like that to your own son. But I will continue to make the art for you. I will continue to ask my Lord to guide you because I want the best for you. He talked to him like he really really cares. And after those few verses department Allah says something amazing he says in Ibrahima can aware and Halima Ibrahim Ali Salam was an beautiful expression here aware he wasn't

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aware. Okay, even from the sound, you can tell what it means. A lot of Arabic words, actually

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a formulated to suit the, the action

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or the sound that you make. So a word means he used to say, Ah, he used to,

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he used to say a word of despair. Ah.

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Like, you know, when somebody really cares about someone else, and they can't guide them, like a father or a mother sees their child always going on drugs or doing the wrong things. They say.

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What am I going to do about my son or my daughter? This is the sound aware. Allah says Brahma says to do that a lot. That was one of his traits. It causes people they wouldn't listen, and then he'd just be reduced. And all he could say was

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my people, why don't they listen? What else can I do? And he said that with his father, Helene Helene means he was so patient. In other words, he did not act upon his emotions with bad reactions. So he didn't go out to do things in retaliation, but you're going to see a couple of things that they said and did that looks like it's retaliation or as if he was acting on his emotions, but insha Allah today, we will explain and justify that. So after he had finished with his father, Ibrahim alayhis salam

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had grown up a little bit more than on his way.

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He saw a bunch of people in this land and they were each worshipping

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a bunch of stars.

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Now one interesting scientific fact here

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are some scientific facts. Something the Quran says that would give us a little bit of insight on scientific facts today.

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Allah says phelim JANA I lay he laid in circle an iron Allah says, When Knight came upon Ibrahim Ali Salam, or coca, he saw

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a body around the body. Cup means something that is round and it's a body.

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Not a human body. Cup refers to bodies in in, in the cosmos in space in the heavens.

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So the stars are called cold cup in Arabic, it's also called Nuzum, or Nergal. But a planet in specific cannot be called a nation. In Arabic ista, it's called the code camp. Either way, Kokott means round body, round planet. And the verse used here was he saw a code camp, which is most likely he saw a planet. Now modern day scholars. Now Allahu Allah, I can't confirm this 100% But modern day scholars who have studied Islamic scholars have studied a bit of science. They say that this verse is referring to what looks like a star as it first appears after sunset when the sun's gone. The first star that appears is guess what? What do we know it is?

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Venus, yeah, it says Venus, or maybe maths sometimes, but one of the planets appears before the stars appear. All right, because it's closer than the stars. And, and it's large enough to be seen. It's like to reach us before the stars. So they say and in the Quran, it says Coca Coca. Now I'm not saying it is definitely the planet Venus or Mars. But I just want to point to you that it's possible some modern day scholars said it was Venus or Mars because Cisco comm s phone resume Allah says was a in a summer dunya busy entertaining kawaki we have decorated the sky, the sky with the decoration of the coworker of the round bodies referring to the stars. And another verse, Allah Spandana says

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newsroom when he said for example, a ProMaster and sales for another another attemping newsroom, he looked at the stars. Alright, so the stars are called Nuzum and Goucher, but the real planets are never called newseum or stars. So anyway, this is open to interpretation. You

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looked up into the stars or these planets. And he said

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That star over there is my God. That's my Lord.

00:30:11--> 00:30:42

He didn't say God he said, Lord, Rob be the one who looks after me the one who looks over me, because the word Rob in Arabic means the one who creates me looks after me. Right stays with me, nurtures me gives me okay Illa Allah, Allah, Allah comes from the word Allah means the one worthy of worship, and nobody else is worthy of worship our actions towards him. Rob the one who does everything for us. So he looks at the stances, however, be this is my Lord

00:30:45--> 00:30:46

Fela method

00:30:47--> 00:30:52

when that planet or that star disappeared, the word after that means disappeared.

00:30:55--> 00:30:57

Call he said,

00:30:59--> 00:31:07

I don't like those that disappear. My Lord wouldn't disappear. Once he appears he disappears. If my Lord appears he will not disappear.

00:31:08--> 00:31:13

Therefore it cannot be my Lord. Fella morale Kamara when he saw the moon

00:31:18--> 00:32:03

out lit, and right up in the horizon. So in its absolute biggest form, so the moon was coming out, but he disregarded until it shone really really loud, really big, and overcome overcame the stars. Carla Hanabi Heather Akbar, this is really my Lord, this is my Lord, this is bigger than the star because bigger and took over it has to be the God then it has to be my Lord Columna fella when the moon disappeared, he said, No. I don't know. I don't think my lord would leave me alone. And I like a lord that disappears on me. Fella Mara Shem said as in return when he saw the sun even bigger and shining. He said, he said this is my Lord. This is the biggest one fell in

00:32:04--> 00:32:33

when the sun itself disappeared, sunset. Ibrahim Eisen turns to his people out loud. And he says, no, no, no, my Lord is not any of them. My Lord does not leave me he is not those ones. Now. The argument is, did Ibrahim alayhi salam really think that they were his God? The The answer is absolutely not. It'd be absurd for anybody to say that linguistically won't make sense even with the way the story goes on. And Allah's mother tells us that the prime minister in the beginning was always a Hanif and it means you worship one God.

00:32:37--> 00:33:31

And he says, What Tilka who's Giotto? Jonah? What did Jonah attina Ibrahim? Allah call me? And that was our argument, which we specifically gave to Ibrahim alayhis salam to use against his people. Then there's your answer. Why did you borrow him? I said, I'm sorry, what he said he was using it as an argument, to open to try and teach his people a lesson. Everybody knew that Ibrahim alayhis salam was faking it. They knew that. And everybody knew that Ibrahim alayhis salam meant after it had all disappeared. That really, you guys should not be worshipping created things. You should be worshipping the creator of the creative things, why go through them, and making partners with God?

00:33:31--> 00:33:58

This is not right. Look at these creative things. They travel in order. God is not bound by orders. They come and go. God doesn't is not one who appears someone leaves you another time, if he's going to appear he stays, my lord. And it wasn't an argument to prove the existence of God. It was an argument to show them not to worship the creative things, and to return back to the original teachings which their ancestors taught them. And that is

00:33:59--> 00:34:04

one true God, the early earliest ancestors who got the original profits from nor Hadees.

00:34:06--> 00:34:07

So that mix the two

00:34:08--> 00:34:46

and you are allowed to use that as a form of teaching. Now, another question was Abraham is Salam lying? Was he tricking? No? What is the answer? His people knew what he was doing. But this is what Allah says what till kaphas Jetta puja tuna. It was an argument of teaching that we allowed Ibrahim to do at the Nahum is Allah allowed him to do that. Like he allowed Ibrahim Muslim to do that. And Allah Subhana Allah Cauldre Hoja it was meant to be an argument against them a teaching method, and his people knew what he was doing. So if I come to you and I tell you a story, that's a lie. And you knew it was a lie, but I still tell him, am I lying?

00:34:48--> 00:34:52

I'm not really lying, because he knows that I am. I'm telling this a made up story.

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

If I tell you oh, there was the story that and you know that I'm lying sometimes I have to say it's not true. And of course not true.

00:35:00--> 00:35:29

This guy apparently did this and he did that and and we learned a wisdom from it, you automatically understand that I am just bringing it to you as a moral. The people on the ground said I knew that he was bringing to them an argument which was a moral. And that is, guys. Look at the problem. This is very stupid for you to wish to create things for anyone to come and tell the Anana O'Brien my son really thought that the star was the garden and the moon came out and he was learning that God is one. He's really demeaning. And putting, Ibrahima said I'm really led to be really, really stupid.

00:35:31--> 00:35:44

Right? Like he's that stupid to look at the stars? Yes, my God. And then Allah tells you Well, this is the argument, we gave him what argument it's a contradiction of the verses if you say it that way. Therefore, Francis is just telling you, if you hear this or research it, you know,

00:35:45--> 00:35:48

my brothers and sisters in Islam, this

00:35:50--> 00:35:57

belief of horoscopes came actually from there. And that's why we should not believe in that stuff.

00:35:58--> 00:36:01

But the people did not believe in Him.

00:36:02--> 00:36:19

They thought, no, no, we don't want to follow this. We know what you're trying to do. And so he left them on his way, he went past the temple, the temple which they had built, in which they worship the idols, you know the story, he entered the temple. And

00:36:22--> 00:36:31

after he had spoken to the people, and given them all the arguments and the truth and all of that, and they were persistent in rejecting him openly.

00:36:33--> 00:36:48

He said, Allah says another another term fineness, zoom, he looked one law, he took one look at the stars, for color in the soccer team. And then he said, I am sick. The people understood from him that, hey, maybe he's converted.

00:36:49--> 00:36:54

His looking at the stars. He knew from the way the stars are

00:36:56--> 00:37:09

something that tells them about himself. I am sick, psychologically sick, I don't feel good. Whatever they believed in looking at the stars, he said, I need to stay in the temple because the stars are telling me something.

00:37:10--> 00:37:46

That's why I say to brothers and sisters that don't follow these things that they show you about your month of birth. And then believe that because you're born in this particular month, according to that the moon is a certain position, the stars are in a certain position, which affects your personality and character. Okay, this is where all this stuff came from. So he's saying, my personality, my character is based on the the search the positioning of the stars right now. So I'm sick because of them. Let me go in. Oh, yeah, go go go. Why not, you know, they wish that the brand can convert and whatever. So it goes inside, and then they left. And then he said, under his breath,

00:37:47--> 00:38:13

Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Okay, then I will show you by God, I will show you and show you by doing something that you will never forget. And hopefully what he wants to say is hopefully you will learn from it. Now remember, he is one OMA he is the only one believing in God. So he has to take the most extreme measures to get through to these people not like our time now.

00:38:14--> 00:38:25

The most extreme version he knows his people was to do this act which is about to do that we cannot do today really. And that is to get into their private Temple, which he has no authority over

00:38:26--> 00:38:29

in their land, which he is not the king of

00:38:30--> 00:38:31

not the ruler of

00:38:33--> 00:39:00

and to destroy their own idols that are inside their temples. Now he thought to himself, I'm the son of Azur anyway, so we manufactured these idols anyway to begin with. So if I destroy them, they're not going to make a big deal on the sound as our son, we made them anyway, I'll just get my dad to make another one for him if things get bad. Secondly, I'm the only person I mean, I can't leave my people I really want to guide them. There's nothing else I can do in the entire world. Nobody worships Allah.

00:39:01--> 00:39:17

I've got to get through to them bring a good teaching lesson. Right? No big deal to rebuild this statues. I can't do anything about it. So he goes in. And this was the this was actually what Allah subhanaw taala allowed him to do remember what the area says within Cajetan

00:39:18--> 00:39:51

Abraham This is our argument which we gave it to Ibrahim specifically. Now some scholars say that the breaking of the idols was something that was exclusively given to Ibrahim Allison and by Allah to do that, but other scholars say no, it has nothing to do with it. But Allah Spandana he gave him the wisdom to how to deal with his own people. So in this day and age, you cannot use that as a rule to go into churches or synagogues and private places which we have no authority over or someone's home and break their idols. Not allowed to do that is not your right. And certainly

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

the in the Muslim ummah, the history when they entered into places where polytheism was then they had built their eyes

00:40:00--> 00:40:30

because they're their churches or ministers and they had idols in them. The Muslims did not touch the churches and their synagogues and their temples. They did not destroy them. In fact, Allah Samantha says in the Quran, that if it wasn't a people defend others and Allah replaces tyrants with other people who are peaceful then you would have seen many temples, synagogues, churches, and mosques in which Allah has done his worship being destroyed. So we are forbidden from destroying them. But however, if there was an Islamic rule, and you became the authority, and they were idols,