Benefits Of Giving Dawah In Islam

Kamil Ahmad


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the lack of awareness of Islam in media and the fear of punishment, highlighting the importance of individuals not sharing the message and not bothering anyone who is not fully convinced. They also emphasize the importance of helping others to achieve good deeds, specifically those who want to join Islam. The Prophet S banays anyone who wants to join Islam, and anyone who wants to become a good person will also be rewarded.
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My dear brothers and sisters, all of us each and every single one of us.

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We know someone who is an answer,

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whether he be a neighbor, whether he be a colleague, whether he be a classmate,

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a co worker, coworker, an employee, an employer, an acquaintance, a business partner,

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whatever it be, we do know someone. We cannot say that we don't know anyone.

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All of us we do no

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people around us

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who are Kfar.

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Imagine for a second

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that on the Day of Judgment,

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these people come to us looking for us. Where were you?

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Why did you not convey the message of Islam to me?

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I am now doing to the hellfire.

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And you didn't bother

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to share this message of Islam with me.

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That will save me from the punishment and awaits me.

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The reality is my dear brothers and sisters, that many of us are passive with regards to a dour,

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not bothering

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to care about passing on the message of Islam.

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The reality is that we are passive because either

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we don't value this Islam.

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We don't care about it, it doesn't have any value in our hearts. Because if it did, then you would want to share it. When you value something, you want to share it with others.

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Or it could be

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that we are not fully convinced that Islam is the truth.

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We're not fully convinced, and that's why we don't care about sharing with others. We think they're living a lifestyle.

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And following a religion that is suitable to them and me, I find Islam suitable to me. I don't truly believe that this is the truth.

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Or it could be

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that we are not fully convinced

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about what is to come.

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In the era of reward and punishment.

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We're not fully convinced of the punishment of the Hellfire. We hear the ayat we hear that a hadith describing the punishment of the Hellfire.

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But it doesn't really affect us.

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We don't fully believe in it.

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Because we can't see it.

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Because if we truly believed in it with full Yaqeen and certainty,

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then we will not wish for a single person that we know or even don't know, for them to suffer that painful punishment. My dear brothers and sisters,

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if none of that,

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then it means that we're selfish.

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If we truly value Islam, and we believe in it, and we believe with certainty about the asker. And we still don't bother to pass on this message message of Islam to others, that it means we're selfish.

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All we care about is ourselves. And so it is like

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a fire that erupts in a building that you maintain, or you know this building very well.

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And so you know where the exits are.

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And you know, there's a fire raging through this building, and you run for the exit door and you don't bother to guide others who are lost, looking for the exit, and they don't know how to escape.

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We have Islam and we live it

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and we find comfort in it

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in this life and in the era.

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But we don't bother to pass it on to others. We don't want others to escape the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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this was not

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how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was,

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but rather he had empathy

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and he cared for others. And that is why he would fall into grief

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when they would not accept Islam

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My dear brothers and sisters, who are the heroes

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in a fire

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in any kind of calamity, in any kind of catastrophe, in any kind of disaster.

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The heroes are those who don't just escape and save themselves, but rather, the heroes are those who help others to escape and to be saved.

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And so the heroes on the Day of Judgment will be the prophets and the messengers for this reason, because they saved humanity from the punishment that the awaited to people, those who escaped they escaped as a result of the invitation of the prophets and the messengers, and all those who follow in the footsteps of the prophets and the messengers. And that's why Allah subhanahu wa Tada has promised a great reward for those who call to Islam, for those who invite others to Islam, and so Allah subhanahu wa sallam said, Well, men send colon, men da et Allah He, well, I mean, I saw the hand walk Allah in an immunoassay mean, who is better in speech than those who call to Allah

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subhanahu wa Tada and do righteous good deeds, and they say We are from the believers we are from the Muslims, meaning there is no one better than them. Not just who not not just those who do righteous deeds, but those who first and foremost they call others to that. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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let in the end Allahu Bica, Raju Lenoir hidden Hiral laka when

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he said to ally Radi Allahu Allah, that if one person was to accept Islam through you,

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then it is far better than the most expensive of camos meaning that one person embracing Islam through you, the reward of that with Allah is far greater than all of the luxuries of the dunya

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and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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explaining this, how is it

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that this is such a huge reward?

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For a person to embrace Islam through your hands? How is it that this is such a huge

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thing in the sight of Allah? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, manda Isla, who then

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manda Isla, who then can Allahu Meenal, urgente cannula who mean allegedly Mithila oh god man Tabea, who

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Mithila who would even tell you how who lie on kusudama he come in, he would look at him shake

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the whoever calls to something good.

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Whoever invites others to something good, a good deed.

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Those who do it, he will get their reward.

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He will get their reward without their reward diminishing.

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In the very least, a person who embraces Islam through you, whatever good deeds he now does, whatever Salah he prays, whatever sadaqa he gives, whatever of good deeds he does, the reward is going back to you.

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And so the question is, my dear brothers and sisters, what legacy Are we leaving behind in this dunya that will benefit us after we leave this dunya

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and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in that same Hadith woman di e la golla

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cannula who middle wizardry Mithila realtyna Tabea, who lie on Kusumi Osiris and

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vice versa, whoever calls to an evil deed, a misguidance. Those who follow him in that

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he will share in their sin without without their sins diminishing, in the very least.

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What are we leaving behind in this dunya

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those who leave something good, it will continue with them after they pass on and those who leave an evil legacy.

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And this is the difference here. Not only will they be carrying that sin, but

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once they have gone on. Once they have died, they won't be able to stop

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Those sins from accumulating on them.

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Imagine that

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it's one thing to leave this dunya with sin one's going with you to your grave.

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But it's another thing to, to leave this dunya carrying with you sins and

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those sins, you continue to accumulate after your death until the day of judgment.

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We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us from among those,

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we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us from among those who call to good, we ask ALLAH SubhanA who had to had to make us from among those

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who command the good and forbid the evil. We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to make us from among those who pass on the message of Islam

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to those around us