Mohammed Hijab – Spirituality #01 – Sexual Desire & Anger

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the confusion between physical and spiritual aspects of man, including his compartmentalization of body parts and use of multiple senses. They use a parable about sexual desire being a pulling force and how anger represents the physical and anger of animals, not the human physical and anger. The speaker explains that men act like pig and that sexual desire represents the pig and anger of animals, not humans. He uses examples of animals being "angry" to illustrate how anger can be used against someone and discusses the importance of addressing "angry" in one's life and stopping being angry with oneself.
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So before talking about sexual desire and anger, it's important to note that Allah has Ali has his own compartmentalization of the like, well, or the operations of the Pope of the heart, or he will talk about the spiritual life. And it does anyway, it's very clear the difference between the pomp the physical and the spiritual heart. So for example, he mentioned that there are three things or three processes, if you like, or three classes he refers to as which which kind of in here in the pub number one is, if you like the carnal desires, which includes sexual aggressive urges, which we're going to come to now, but the other two are the propensity for the human being to, to enact

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Quadra to enact with power, whatever it is their will that they want to enact. And the third thing is he refers to as basically the bedrock or the house, the hum. So the five senses. So this is his compartmentalization. Now on the point of sexual desire and urges, Allah has any he doesn't paint the picture unnecessarily that anger and sexual desire are negative forces in of themselves. Fact, they have a function, if you think about and this is how we represent it, as sexual desire is a pulling force. And anger is a pushing force. Because when you when you're sexually aroused by something or somebody you want them whereas when you're angry is destructive. You want to hurt them,

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or you want it away from you, you see. So it's a pushing force versus a pulling force, the appetites or the sexual desire, and, and the anger now, he puts forward a series of interesting analogies I just mentioned to him, therefore time and brevity and conciseness The first is of a city actually, in a city here, where your uncle or your your rationality, your intellect, your unemotional self, all these things are there represents the king and the police, the Chief of Police is anger, emblematic of justice, disciplinarian ism, and all those kinds of things. But the chief of police is his anger. So he says that you need to put anger into good use, basically. But if there's

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corruption, let's call it for the sake of argument with the police and then let the police is trying to to revolt against the leader than the leader needs must to you know, take charge of the situation. Likewise, he puts forth another very interesting parable, He compares sexual desire to a pig.

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A pig is not to be held to account for his sexual proclivities and its behavior, we see how a pig acts as a beastly animal. That's why many people say that may not pick so many women out there say men are pigs because this is the truth and that they can't control their sexual desires. Men have sometimes a heightened intensity in not being able to or weakness you could say, and not being able to control their central desire. And this is why this this kind of criticism, there's some truth in it that men act like pig sometimes, and this is well because it mentions is that sexual desire represents the pig and anger the dog, he mentioned this I will read this. In fact, from his

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translated workers come a PhD thesis. In fact, translation of the first book of the third Quadroon hijab will call he says that the dog is angling for the carnivorous beast, and the savage dog, or not the dog and the beast from the standpoint of their periods or color or shape, but because the spirit and meaning of this beast to quality is savageness, and enmity, and slaughter. Now as in man, there is the savageness and anger of the beast, and the greed and voluptuousness of the pig. Thus, the pig through gluttony invites man to excess and abomination. And the wild beast, by means of anger calls him to oppress and oppression and harmful acts. The demon continues to serve up the

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appetite of the pig, and the wrath of the wild beast, or to incite one by means of the other and, and he makes the inborn dispositions to appear good to them. The sage who represents the intellect, is in duty bound to ward off the plotting and guile of the demon by revealing his dissembling by means of His ie the sages, penetrating insight and evident clear eliminations and to destroy the gluttony of the pig. By setting the dog over him for by means of anger, he breaks down the assault of Appletons advocacy of sexual desire he Ward's off the savageness of the dog, by setting the pig over him and bringing the dog in subjection under his role, if he does this successfully, his

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affairs are set, right? Equity is manifest in the kingdom of the body, and all goes in the straight path. What was Elliot saying is you need to be angry and he mentioned this in another book, actually, it's everyone has a book or the book of self examination, vigilance where I cover he mentioned why are we not angry? We are angry when people you know don't meet our expectation to see but we're not angry when we ourselves don't meet our own expectations makes this point or we don't meet the expectations of God.

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You may feel guilty but are you angry. And this is the point, we need to stop being angry with our own selves our own shortcoming. So anger needs to be redirected. And this is why the section aggressive desires. Freud mentioned these couples come together many psychoanalysts in the 20th century. They mentioned those two together, are inextricably linked in this way. If you are able to somehow get at instrumentalize and weaponize anger against sexual desire, then that is one step closer to achieving mastery. And he says, but if he is unable to overcome them, they overcome him and bring him into servitude. And so he continues to search out crafty tricks, and careful plans to

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satisfy his pig and please his dog. Thus, he is constantly in servitude to a pig or a dog. This is the condition of the majority of mankind, whenever their primary concern is the belly sensual indulgence vying with the enemy. The strange thing is that he disapproves of isolates his worshipping stones, whereas if the veil were removed, and his true state word is closed, and his true condition set before him, as it set before mistakes, Jonnie the the top guys in his eyes, either in his sleep, or whom, by when awake, he would see himself standing before a pig, now prostrating himself before him, and again, kneeling, awaiting his signal and his command. So

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whenever the pig is roused up to seek the satisfying of any of his appetites, the man is sent forth at once to serve them and bring that for which he lust and the same thing you mentioned about the dog. Come and show that now. And this is a very powerful image. Yeah, that is either you that's going to put the dog and the pig to service for yourself, or you are going to, figuratively Of course, prostrate to the dog, and the pig.

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