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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi continues from where he left off in the last video which is the events that transpired after the martyrdom of the three chiefs - Zayd Ibn Harithah RA, Ibn Rawawah RA and Jafar RA.

The next point of discussion is the conclusion of the result of Battle of Mu’tah. Was it a victory or a loss for the Muslims? A variety of opinions are contemplated upon and some are listed as follows:

  • According to the position of Musa ibn Uqtah, Al Bayhaqi and Ibn Kathir, this battle was definitely a victory since the Muslims returned successfully with the least amount of  causality,they got war booty and also because of the word of the Prophet ﷺ himself calling it a victory.
  • Historians such as Al Waqidi, ibn Sa'ad etc declare the Battle of Mu’tah to be a loss because the Muslims lost three major leaders along with their flag, the Muslims had to retrace their steps backwards but nothing of the sort happened with the Romans.
  • The position of Ibn Ishaq, Ibn Abdul Baar, Ibn al Qayyim certified this battle to be neither a defeat or victory because neither side attacked the other at the end of the battle , and neither sides took any prisoners of war.

Many positions of the Sunnah come to light through this battle:

  • In the event of  a death or tragedy, the relatives and friends should come to the forefront and offer assistance in any way possible.
  • Words of encouragement and consolation ought to be given.
  • Visiting the family of the deceased should be advocated but avoid socializing for extended periods of time.


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