Hamza Yusuf – 1000 Miracles Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The Sahaba needed physical miracles to accomplish their job, and the prophets Elijah and Eliza were seen as powerful. The river system in the region was damaged by drought, and the woman in the Divine Presence was found to be a gnostic. The prophets have multiple accomplishments, including a woman who found a woman's pool and lost everything, and a man who lost everything because of a miracle. The spiritual Q3 is the holy month after Jesus Christ's birth, and Islam is a Christian affirmation and confirmation of the holy month. The speaker discusses the history of Islam, including signs of spiritual Q3, a desire to see the future, and the holy eye, and emphasizes the importance of showing signs and letting things happen.
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And aboubaker even an out of the the great Andrews and do listen. jurist and magistrate said, the prophets Allah lysosomes miracles, these physical miracles are greater than 1000.

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All of his life was a miracle.

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And this is why the great Sahaba needed no physical miracles, because they lived in his presence and seen the miracle of his life.

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There was a point in which Amara didn't know the prophets, Eliza was in their present and he said to them, there's nothing that you can ask me in this moment, except that I can tell you

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and when Omar heard this, he pulled himself together and he said, I don't need to be let her have been abused me dienen ob Mohammed and so lies and I'm content without laws, my Lord, with his Islam is my Deen and with the prophets, Elijah was my prophet. In other words, his state was such that he knew the truth from the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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The prophets of the Lyceum took rocks, pebbles from the ground open his poem, and they praised Allah subhanho wa Taala in his poem

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in such a way that the Sahaba themselves heard these praising pebbles,

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Abubakar ordenado asked him to make a prayer for the people for Ray. And he said, Would you like that? And he said, Yes, he prayed for the rain, the rain came. Another time was a time when his precious hand there was no food and his hand began to take food from the basket. And it wasn't exhausted until he had fed multitudes. Another time they were living in a period in which there was drought, it hadn't rained for some time. And the Sahaba because of their all of the messengers, all of them did not ask him for anything. But one of the desert Arabs came in and he said Yasuda Allah and the Prophet is on the mimbar. speaking to them, he said Yasuda LA, are our people are being

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destroyed from this drought and our animals are dying.

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So ask Allah subhana wa Tana, the one relating the Hadees said, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam raised his hands, and there was nothing in the skies, a clear day and we saw before our eyes clouds form, rain began to pour for

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it rained for seven days until the city was flooding with rain.

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And they were too in too much all to ask him

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to stop the rain.

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So the the Bedouin man came back and he said Yarra pseudo LA, the people are destroyed from the rains. Please ask a lot to stop the rains. And so again the prophets Eliasson m s, and the rain stopped, and they saw before their eyes, the rains begin to disperse in the heavens, trees spoke in his presence. The Hadith which is mutawatir have multiple transmissions, undeniable in its authority, in which the prophets Allah Anyway, it was said I'm used to give his discourse next to a palm tree

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that was in his Masjid

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as a pillar

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and one of the people in Medina who was a carpenter,

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they said, Yasser Allah let us make a member for you from wood, so that you have a place to speak from and the people can all hear you. So this Carpenter built this member of wood and move the profits the license plates away from this palm tree, when the province license came again that week to give his discourse. Because of being a few meters away from this tree, the palm tree began to my own in pain and agony, from feeling the separation of the prophets all Elias Adams presence until the prophets Allah light is to them, the entire mosque began to shake. From the mounting of this tree, the province of the ladies in him had to get up, embrace the tree in order for the tree to

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regain its repose and stillness.

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His whole life was a miracle.

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The great Sahaba knew that all of the Sahaba knew that but in particular those who had the the special good fortune of being with him constantly

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Had a knowledge of this.

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Once the province realized that I'm had some milk that was given to drink, and there was some that was saved, and one of those Sahaba came and saw it and drank all of it, the province realized him came out and found that the milk was all gone. And he nothing was said but he made a dua. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, quench their thirst and increase them. And then this man when he heard that, he said, I'm going to go sacrifice the sheep. And he went, and he found the sheep was full of milk. So he milked the sheep, and then took it back to the province, a lady sent him and the Prophet he smiled,

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because he said that

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this man had drinking the milk but had drunk the milk. And so now he brought this bowl back that the prophets Eliza had made this do I, and this is the, the Sahaba knew, and we're certain that if the prophets Eliza may do up to a supplication, then the affair would be completed. They had a knowledge of that.

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One of the Sahaba yet was told to feed some guests and she had no food in the house.

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But because of her he man she was

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a woman who was in the Divine Presence, who was a gnostic of Allah subhana wa tada she went, fulfilled the command and found that her food was enough to feed all of the people that the prophets Eliza Adam sent because she had certainty that the Prophet would not ask her to do something that she couldn't do.

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Another time, and our book could have been an hour of the the great entities and do listen, jurists and magistrate said, the prophets, Allah lysosomes, miracles, these physical miracles are greater than 1000.

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Once a desert Arab came and said to the prophets a lot, he said, and he was carrying a lizard that he had hunted because the desert Arabs ate lizards, he said, Are you the one who claims to be a prophet of God? And the desert Arabs and the prophets? Elijah said, Indeed I am.

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And he said, Will you believe? And the Arab said to him, I won't believe until this lizard believes. And so the prophets Allah it was in him said, What do you say lizard, and the lizard said, eyeshadow, ilaha illAllah, WA shadow under Mohammed, Muhammad Rasulullah.

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All of his movements, all of his still illnesses were miracles, his * were miracles, his presence was a miracle. All of the knowledge is that he was given in the unseen about the unseen world where miracles about things that nobody knew about, about what would happen, about what happened in the past, what would happen in the future and what was happening in the present that was hidden from the people, those knowledge is that he was given.

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But miracles like these lasts for one generation. And then they become narrations that are transmitted orally, or written down, like the miracles of the Jews and the Christians.

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The miracles of their profits, no longer abide amongst them. They only hear about them from either trustworthy or untrustworthy sources. So like this, there are miracles that have occurred that we only believe in because we've been told about them. The miracles mentioned in the Quran of previous prophets. This is the proof. So the profits of the light is that I'm because of this, because of the fact that miracles do not remain, the profits of light ism was given a miracle that would not need to be renewed for every generation, because it would be the same abiding miracle. And that is the miracle of the Quran.

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prophets a lot is said, and then we can see that his life itself is a miracle. His words were miracle. His actions were miracles, even his indications in his words that were understood by only some of his companions because of the depth. For instance, in a Hadith, which is sound American Aqua,

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who was a singer, and he used to recite poetry in a beautiful way. In the prophets, a licensed presence was once saying

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a martial song in order to strengthen the hearts before you had

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Willa Hilda Lola Lama to Dana had it not been from LA we never would have been guided. And he sang this song. And and the prophet SAW him when he finished the province the license, said may Allah have mercy on you. None of the Sahaba understood this, but Omar was in his presence and Omar said, Yasser Allah. If only you would have

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allowed us to enjoy him longer.

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Because he understood that if the prophet SAW him asked forgiveness for somebody that meant that he would die shortly thereafter. And he indeed, died in that battle. So even his words that were so subtle, he used to know what people were talking about in their gatherings, to the point where some of those have, we're actually aware of this. And concerned, one time, beloved of the nano, climbed up on the wall to give the done and somebody mentioned about the Dan, that would that the people would come after could see this, would see this thing and this,

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that that would that they could see giving their down on the car, but after the death of Mecca, and the prophets, Allah Islam, said that that would indeed occur and it did occur.

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So many of these miracles

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that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, another one was the fact that the prophets, Allah, Islam was once speaking and he gave the analogy of a slave, who was given a choice to have to be with the people or to be with his Lord. And he said, and that slave chose to be with his Lord and avacado Delano, he began to weep, because he knew that the prophet SAW Lyceum was speaking about himself. And another time the he said that somebody was going around the Kaaba, and he said that he would kill him. He had sworn this oath, and the prophets license saw him and knew that he'd sworn that oath, and he said, that allow desires Good for you. And at that point, the man came up to him in a

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state of forgiveness. And he put his hand on his breast for doing that. And he said that that would make them love the prophets allies, and I'm so intensely because of that. Those experiences Allah subhana wa tada says, that indeed, we will thrust upon you a weighty word. We know that the prophets Allah, Islam had a strength and an ability that other humans didn't have. He was human, but his strength was beyond the capacity of other human beings. We know that the weight of the Quran, he was able to bear it, unlike other people, because this is a Quran Had it been revealed to the mountains, it would have shattered the mountains. So the strength of the Prophet is greater than the strength

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of mountains. Because he the Quran was revealed to him, we know that the camel couldn't carry him when the revelation was coming down on him. The province alized him said about previous prophets, all of them have been given miracles and their followers are proportionate to the miracles that they were given. And so I have been given my miracle of Revelation. And I hope that my followers will be of the greatest numbers, in other words, that he was given the greatest miracle and therefore given that followers are in accordance with the miracles, his followers would be the greatest numbers. He said, and he said, I'd like to reiterate what I'd said before all of his life was a miracle. The

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prophet SAW a lot and it was sytems life was a miracle His hair was emerges, or

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he said that people would become Muslim merely from seeing him, like Abdullah, even Sam, who came into His presence looked at his face, and said, this is not the face of a liar. In other words, it's a faith of a truthful man. And given that he's telling us he's a prophet, then it's true. And he became Muslim from seeing his face, others from his physical presence, like Solomon at fantasy, who was looking around for the sign of prophecy, the seal between his two shoulder blades, and when he saw it, he embraced Islam.

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Others from his words, when he spoke, his words, convinced them others from his actions, they watched him, and they watch his actions and realized he was truthful, some from knowing him. Prior to that, like Abubakar who didn't hesitate an instant when he told him that I'm a messenger of Allah. He became Muslim immediately because he lived with him his entire life. And he knew who he was. He knew that this was not an ordinary human being. And because of his close contact with him, he knew he was not like other men. And so when he told him this, it was actually a confirmation already of what our Bucher knew about this man. So he embraced Islam immediately. When you look at

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the king of of the Byzantines, who said, when he asked Abu sufian What have you ever known

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To lie, and he spoke the truth because he was an honest man, he said no. In fact, we called him the trustworthy one he never told a lie. The King of Rome, who was a wise man said, it is not to be imagined that a man will leave lying to people, and then lie about God.

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That someone who will not lie in his ordinary transactions, how would he lie about something as great as Allah subhana wa Tada. So he said, we know of many, many marriages that we know the marriages that have the animals who spoke in his presence, we know of the miracle of stones, praising Allah subhana wa tada in his precious poems. We know the fact that his one of his miracles is that he multiplied

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something that had only a little in when he gave people water, he had one cup of water, and he brought forth water in order to quench an army, we know that he fed, like previous some previous poverty fed 1000s of people from a basket of food, we know that he pointed to the moon and they saw the moon rent asunder, we know that the prophet SAW a lot is that um, that his face emanated a light, it radiated from him, in his actual presence, there was a radiant light that could be seen.

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All of these things are from the miracles of the prophets of light is to them. And there are those who have looked at different aspects of his life. Those who looked at his material miracles, like bringing food, multitudes of food, multiplying food for the multitudes, that was a material miracle, something that came into the, but he said, there are others who looked at other miracles. Mm hmm. And that was that he said, What greater miracle than bringing together the hearts of human beings so that they were one people, their hearts were on one belief, what greater miracle than unifying of people who had never in their history been unified under any King, under any ruler, what greater

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miracle than the rectification of the hearts of humanity? What greater miracle than taking people who, the only way that they would obey was to have a sword over their heads, and turn them into a people that obeyed because of something in their conscience, that these are real miracles. Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna comes before us delivering the messages of the Allah says that this prophet comes before you delivering the messages of his Lord, walking amongst you, but no doubt from the greatest of his miracles is the miracle of the Quran. Allah subhana wa tada says, We will show them our signs in themselves and on the horizon until it becomes clear to them that this is the truth.

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Isn't it enough for them that Allah is witnessing all things. So he said that in looking at these signs sunnery him so far, sir in Arabic language indicates the future, we will continue to show them our signs. So the miracles of the Quran never cease.

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He said that there are some miracles that happen during his lifetime, for instance, Soraka, Eben Matic who chased the prophets Li Sam as a bounty hunter, and during the chase when Soraka realized that he couldn't catch up to the Prophet.

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He asked him to stop, he stopped and came to him and he said to him, Soraka if you followed me you would be wearing the bracelets of kisara. And he said, kisara in Persia, and he said, Indeed kisara in Persia, that this was realized in the lifetime of Soraka when Amara Verner hapa was ameerul momineen, and the the bracelets of kisara were brought into His presence from Persia.

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And Soraka was in the gathering. And Omar who knew this said, took these bracelets and put them on Soraka even Malik, here are the results of que sera that the Prophet promised you that if you followed him, you would wear them one day. Now you're wearing them.

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Also all of the tribulations that the prophet SAW, as I mentioned, that would happen, like the whole adage people that did not exist during his lifetime, and yet he told them they would come they manifested during the hood of our Rashidi describing events.

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In their physical appearances, and even to this present day, we still see witnessing signs manifesting how they follow the law and one of the great Sahaba, who the prophets, Eliza used to inform him of all of the things that would occur, used to say, I would see things happen. And remember, when the prophet SAW light isn't mentioned to me, this would happen, such and such would happen, such and such. And he said, he kept seeing it, throughout his life, all of these things happening. See now more of the owner said that the prophets Eliza once got on the member from the morning until the evening and told us everything that was that is and will be until the end of time.

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And he said that he saw things happening, and he would remember, because they weren't able to contain it all. But when it would happen, he would remember it. He said, He even told people where they would be in Paradise,

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their places in Paradise, all of this was told. He said these were not given to previous prophets, because he is the Prophet of the last hour. So this knowledge was not given to previous prophets. But he was given a miracle which is the Quran and it's it continues on in every age, previous prophets were given their miracle, but they didn't last. And he said that he mentioned to you that he saw the Quran and he said Allah has the highest analogy because the Quran is the word of Allah. But he said that he sees the Quran, like a huge towering tree in the midst of a valley that has no other tree in it like that tree. So the tree has a distinction. When you go into the valley, you'll

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notice that tree is distinct from all the other trees. He said that if you look at that tree,

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people will see different things, some will see the wondrous leaves of the tree. Some will see the massive trunk of the tree, some will see the root stems of the tree, some will see the towering height of the tree, some will see the bark of the tree, some will see the beauty of the tree, some will see the majesty of the tree, some will see the shade that the tree gives. For those who sit under the tree. Some will see the fruit that the tree gives. Some will recognize the extraordinary nature of that fruit.

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Each of them will make mention of the things that they saw from that tree that impressed them.

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Some of our alumni have looked at this for an as a legal miracle. They've spent their lives like in court to be examining the legal theories of the Quran, the league not theories, but the legal aspects of the Quran, examining the exalted judgments of the Quran, the highly esteemed rules that Allah Subhana Allah has given us, some of them have looked at the mercy of the Koran. Some have looked at the spiritual aspects of the Quran, some have looked at the wisdoms of the Quran, the idea of expanding the idea of charity, the idea of giving out of helping others, all of these they've looked at, they recognize that it has this unique distinction, amongst other things that would are

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similar in kind things that deal with justice, things that deal with mercy, things that deal with these things. They've seen that some have looked at the fact that this is a poor and that if it's firmly rooted in the heart of a man, suddenly this man is in no need of a policeman. He's in No need of somebody to be over him all the time threatening him with the sort of the law, but somebody who is able to guard his own soul is able to guard and hold his own soul and constraint from doing wrong because of something that's occurred in his conscience. Because of his awareness of his Lord, Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran, that it's enough today that your own soul is its caretaker. That

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your own soul is its reckoner.

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This is the Quran. These are the the exalted qualities of this Quran, the eloquence of the Quran, the profundity of the Quran, the depth that the Quran has reached, and one who reflects on it, who really digs deeply into the soil of its meanings has to come to the conclusion that this is from Allah.

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