Yasir Qadhi – How Does One Determine if a Hadith is Authentic – Ask Shaykh YQ #235

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of knowing if a hadith is authentic or not, as most of the Hadith books are written in a general way and do not focus on specific hadiths. The speaker suggests that even if a hadith is written in a specific way, it is still considered authentic. The speaker also advises against reciting the book's stance and suggests that the book is not a source of depth.
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My brother or ECE emails from actually I don't know where he's from, he doesn't say where. And he asks a very simple and yet a very difficult question. How can we tell if a hadith is authentic or not? 107

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and brother or ECE I wish I could give you an easier answer. But the fact of the matter is that there is no way for a lay person to tell whatsoever. In fact, the only thing a lay person can do is to blindly follow it is like asking a non specialists in medicine, that how can you tell whether you have this virus or that virus in reality, you are completely more valid or dependent upon the specialist in the field. And if two doctors differ, then you have to decide which of the two doctors you trust.

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If two Hadith doctors differ, you have to decide which one you trust as well. So really, there is no easy way to tell because the sciences of hadith is one of the most complicated sciences, about verifying Hadith and whatnot. And generally speaking, if you find the big giants in this field, agree that a hadith is authentic. So one of the biggest names is half of the hijab. And as Kalani died 852 Hijra that even hedger or you have a No worry, you know, or you have great aroma or the Iraqi of the past as their Hubby, you have great aroma of that timeframe that you know, they have commented on many, many, many Hadith. So if one of them says, I believe this hadith is authentic,

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then you know what, as a lay person, just take it and you know, you may go with it. And if you know one of them have said it is not authentic, then, you know, take that advice as well. Now, in case there's difference of opinion, as I said, there's no, there's no easy way and you just have to simply follow the authority that you trust. And also by the way, so generally speaking, if the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari Sahih Muslim, generally speaking, you may take it as authentic, the default is that those are Hadith are authentic. And if it is, in the other four books unnecessary, I would, I would tell me the ugly magic in that order order that these are generally speaking, you know, the

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bulk of them are authentic Nasai, I would ultimately have imagined this is the order of authenticity, even matches the least of the six. And if a hadith is only an even larger than that is sometimes problematic. But still, generally speaking, these six books are more well known and more respected than the other books, and that's why they're called the six books. But in any case, another point that you should be aware of is that even if a hadith is weak, if it deals with generic stuff of reading Quran or something of this nature, you know, stuff that we know is overall permissible, then in sha Allah Huhtala you may act upon a weak Hadith, weak Hadith may be utilized

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in Nuffield in supererogatory rituals in establishing a specific time or place of a ritual that is already established in the Sharia. So if a hadith comes and says recite this surah Okay, well even if it's weak or not, no big deal recite the sort of the Quran and the end of the day you know, so it is permissible to use the if Hadith and this is the position of Imam and body himself by the way any any Muslim and basically every single major scholar of Hadith in Islamic history has allowed the use of bhyve Hadith with a number of conditions. You may not use the if Hadith for halal and haram and for theology, you may not choose life Heidi, but other than this, one can be a little bit more lacks

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in any case. So

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that answers your question, and I hope that inshallah it, it doesn't confuse you more, because in the end of the day, there is an element of blind following that needs to be done. Well, Allahu Taala also, by the way, realistically speaking,

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Rama have track records and certainly odema are far more careful when they quote Hadith than others. So, find out from the specialists and experts like hey, if I listen to this particular chef or diary, you know overall How are his Hadith you know, what, you know, what is his you know, stance or whatnot, does he point them out? Is he you know, or is he very careless so you may also use this as a Judge Mark for yourself in the end of the day. Now you Calif Allahu nevsun Illa Usaha. You are not held accountable for that which is beyond your area of expertise, follow whom you think is knowledgeable and pious. And Allah will not ask you more than that.

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