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Shaykh Yasir now expands our knowledge by delving into the incidents that transpired between Khandaq and Hudaybiyyah. Our Prophet ﷺ sent 14 Sareeahs and participated in two Ghazwas in between Khandak and Hudaybiyyah.

The first incident to be discussed is the minor expedition of Muhammad ibn Maslamah involving 30 sahabah to deal with the tribe of Banu Bakr.

An important story is that of Thumamah ibn Uthal". Thumama was the chieftain of the tribe of the Banu Hanifa whose tribe was as big as that of the Quraysh.

The assassination of Sallam ibn Abu al-Huqayq was an expedition that was undertaken by the Prophet ﷺ and it was a risky proposition to go to Khaybar where Sallam was housed. Five people joined hands with their leader who was Abdullah ibn Ateeq.

The next incident that is shared is the ghazwa of the Banu Lihyan. Do listen intently to unravel the fine details.

The final story is about the sareeah of Zayd ibn Harithah to a place known as Al-Ees and also a mini expedition called Sareeah-tul Kabat.

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