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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi continues on the topic of Battle of Khandaq and discusses the severe food shortage at the time of this battle when the sahabah would consume dried barley with oil and such bare minimums.

Many miracles of the Prophet ﷺ are depicted during the preparation for the battle –

  • The quantity of food prepared by Jabir RA wife and how it increased and was sufficient for more than a 1000 people because of dua made by Prophet ﷺ over it.
  • The stone that broke whilst digging when the Prophet ﷺ made Dua though it was not breaking even after various attempts by the sahabas.

During the crumbling of the stones, the Prophet ﷺ had said about conquering Syria, Persia and Yemen just as if he could see it in the form of various anecdotes – the key, the pillars and the doors respectively.

From the leaders of the opposition – the Quraysh, there were three leaders of importance:

  • Abu Sufyan – his actual name was Sakar ibn Harb ibn Umayyah.The Banu Hashim and the Banu Umayyah were rival clans.His son Muawiyah became the first ‘king’ of Islam and founded the Umayyad dynasty.
  • Uyaynah ibn Hisn – a crude, uncivilised, barbaric bedouin with immoral manners.
  • Tulayha – he was from the Banu Assad who had declared himself falsely to be a prophet.

Around this time, a severe setback to the ongoing preparations came in the form of a complete drift of the Banu Quraydha’s alliance towards the opposition. Banu Nadheer meets the chieftain of of the Banu Quraydha, Ka’b ibn Asad al Quradi.

It instigated a profound fear in the hearts of the sahabas as they now were contemplating the effects this would have on the women and children in the fortress of al Fari and also the fate of the 2500 who were inside the trench.


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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina, Muhammad Ali, he was married. And

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so we were talking about the Battle of hunda, also called the Battle of Isaiah. And in our last week, we had talked about the fact that the Prophet system, it was suggested to him by surmount a fallacy to dig the trench. And the Prophet system immediately assigned people various portions to dig. And according to one report, and had been cited, he actually drew the line the line, he actually went and he demarcated, he showed the people where the trench would be trench would be drawn. And therefore the Profit System basically took in charge of the logistics as we expect him to do. And for some reason, now, I don't I have looked up in the books of Sierra. And it is not

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mentioned why, for some reason, there seems to have been a food shortage from the very beginning of the trench from the very beginning. And Allah knows best. But perhaps the reason is multiple number one, the Battle of the trench took place in winter, took place in winter. And therefore, obviously, the fruits are growing at the time, so they have to rely on their stores. Number two, they hadn't prepared for a siege, they had not prepared for the fact that they wouldn't be getting supplies. Number three, the people are no longer able to engage in commerce and trade. everybody's busy digging the trench. So the supplies dwindled, because we learned from the very first days that

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there's a food shortage right now why this is the case. I haven't found any of the books of Sierra mentioning Why, why is it that the first three four days of digging the trench the Sahaba are don't have food to eat, but we kind of have to guess we have to think about the reasons and Allah knows best. But this took them by such surprise that all their caravans in and out are stopped that they have not prepared themselves. To stock all of these food from beforehand. It we know for a fact that it was winter season, winter season is the most difficult season anyway, in terms of there's no fruit being harvested. Already things are difficult, especially the cold of Medina. And there are so

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many stories narrated about the miracles that took place with regards to food. And during the Battle of the hand up. And a number of reports take place. Bahati mentioned cyber Hardy, he mentioned that the Sahaba would only have dried barley with oil that they would have to mix together. Imagine dried barley and just a little bit of oil to make it just something to eat something edible to eat. And they themselves said this report says that this had a bad odor, we just had to ignore it as we ate it, wherever whatever it was, we just had to eat it. And

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jabber narrates that sometimes they would only find the pits of dates to each so they would just take the pits of dates. And in another Hadith, we learn that once the profitsystem was digging in the trench, and as he put his hand up his shirt came up and jabber said I saw that there was a big rock tied to his stomach, there was a rock tied to the profitsystem stomach. And as I have explained many times, in those days when they were hungry, they would tie a rock to their stomach and make it very tight. And this would psychologically make them feel as if they have something. And because the stomach is also wound tight. So they don't feel the knowing pangs of hunger. And our profitsystem

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did this quietly. Nobody knew only when he was digging and he's doing manual labor with the rest of them. So he lifted his shirt and they saw this job. He said I saw this

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rock that he had, and generics and Java was newly married. He was probably 1718 at the time. Remember, he just got married. A year and a half ago, we talked about the hadith of Java and the camel. Remember, this is the same job even Abdullah. And so this is the Battle of the hunter and that's basically a year and a half after marriage. And so jabil came back to his wife saying that I have seen something love broccoli, I don't have the strength to bear it that I saw the process of them in this state. What do you have at home? So she said, we only have a little bit of bread. And we have a small goat that typically should not be sacrificed is still small there. That's all that

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we have. So he said hello, prepare the bread. I will sacrifice the goat babies like a year or something old. It's not the goat that you would sacrifice just a little bit of meat is going to come out. So he said okay we will just do this so that we can

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so the wife basically needed the dose, she cooked a little bit of the barley, Jabba sacrifice this little goat and then cooked it. And then he came to the Prophet of the law while he was setting them. And he sets sarada, to who I whispered to him, right? That the last rule of law, my wife has just prepared some time. So why don't you and one or two people because it's a kid goat, right? You and one or two people come, and we can eat on this food. And of course, this is when that funny incident took place that the profitsystem stood up. And he said he had a hell of a job and his wife have prepared a meal for us. Right? And for how the hell

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because all of you welcome for

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your love is similar to all of you, right? And jabot went running back to his wife that, what are we going to do? Now? We have, you know, only this much food? And his wife said, Did you tell them or did the provinces and tell them? You know, wives, you know, did you say this? Or did the Prophet says and made the announcement. And so Jabba said, I didn't make the announcement, the processor made it. And so his wife, his charity, man was so strong, she said, basically, in that case, call us he did it is going to take care of it. You told him one or two, he went and announced, so don't worry, that's not going to be an issue. And the profits of the law while he was selling was the one

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who first came to the food and he told them Do not open the pot until I come He told jab at this, do not lift the pot until I get there. And then when he went to the house of Jabba, the porch was still on the stove that the meat was cooking in. And the prophet SAW said him made dua and he spit into it and his spit as you know as Baraka and and he made over the bread. And then he's told 10 people to come into the room because the room could only house 10 people, and every one of them came and they ate and then left and another 10 came and ate and the left. And they kept on doing this until every single one had eaten to his food. One of the narrator's way later on he asked Java, roughly how much

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do you think we would have been? So he said around 1000 people, the whole people of the 100, right, they ate from this one pot and this one bread. And of course this is numerous times in this era. But perhaps in terms of sheer quantity. This incident perhaps is the most in terms of sheer quantity, that food for one and then he said bring one or two with you, right? One or two with you. So two or three people were supposed to come and eat and it ended up being the entire calahonda had come to eat to their full and there are many other miracles narrated This is not the only miracle of food there are similar, at least three or four we don't have to go into the details. But the same thing

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that a small amount of food and our profit system takes this food and he asks a lot to bless it. And of course this is the essence of what Baraka means. Baraka means an increase in good to live, this is what Baraka means, an increase in good and this incident truly demonstrates when we ask Allah Aloma baddeck learner, Nina baddeck Rafi Medina baddeck then I feel walked in a llama baddeck Lennar Fukushima disaster. What does it mean by the cleaner? It means whatever we have, if it's $1, let it stretch out so that it acts like $100 right? If we have one hour, let us do the work of 10 hours in that one hour. This is what Baraka means, that will fail, right? And we ask Allah to give us Baraka

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in all that He has given us, because when Allah gives us Baraka, that dollar doesn't act like $1, it will act like an infinite amount, just like one plate fed 1000 people, this is the essence of Baraka. And so the quantity appears to remain the same, but the quality of it right? That's what is given. And this is why we make dua to Allah and this is over the heads of the process now, that give me Baraka and all that you have given me give it with Baraka and this is the meaning of, by the way, tabarrok as well to Baraka, lady, tabarrok, Allah, this is of the meanings of tabarrok that Baraka comes from Allah subhana wa Tada. So there's at least three or four stories about food increasing

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and the story of Job It is really the most significant of them. Also, of the miracles reported in the Hadith of the hunt, duck and the hadith of digging the trench was that once the Sahaba came across a stone that was in the very line that the process of them had drawn, he has shown them this line. And so the Sahaba one after the other, they entered into the the trench and they kept on hacking away, but the stone would not break. And some of them said let us just go around the stone. But then one said no, until we asked the processor because he's the one who showed us this line. So some handle, look at how meticulously they followed his pseudonym, right? That look, it's just a

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stone go around it. Okay, the trench is not going to be harmed if you go around it and you leave the stone there.

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But they said no, he's the one who told us this line. Let us go tell him then let it let him tell us to go around the store. Right? So when they told him this the process and said, Give me the x, give me the x. So they gave him the x, and he descended into the trench. And he was the one who said Bismillah, Allahu Akbar. And then he hit it once he hit it once, and with one hit, one third of the stone crumbled, one third of the stone crumbled. And when it crumbled, he said, Allahu Akbar, for the duty to malfatti Hashem Allahu Akbar, I have just seen that Allah has given me the keys to Sham Syria, right? Allah has given me the keys to Syria. By Allah, I can see the red castles in Syria, I

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can see them now. And of course, the very first land that was captured after the death of the process of beginning in the reign of Abu Bakar. Abu Bakar, was the first in his head after he was so eager to get to Sham he was so eager to get to Sham in his own head after the very last days of his Khalifa was when the battle was taking place. And then the very first days of the falafel varoma was when Sham and Jerusalem was conquered. And so the very first stone, he said, I have seen Syria Allahu Akbar, then he hits it again. Bismillah, he hits it again. And then he said, Allahu Akbar, I have been given the keys to fight his Persia. And I can see the white pillars of muda. In now, these

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white pillars are the pillars of they're called telefone, ctsi, Ph. I O and tested one, this was the capital of Iran, the capital of the ancient sassanid Empire. And to this day, those pillars are towering high to the skies. That was the, the capital of the sassanid Empire, and the process of saying, and he's never seen it in his life. But he's saying I can see the white pillars of medallion right now I can see them. And indeed, the very second land after forest, right, the very sorry, after Sham, the very second land that was conquered was what was the land of forest right, there was Yun mukund, called the sia. These were the two big battles in the reign of one movement of hip hop.

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And as we said, so many times this was and it still remains a miracle that is inexplicable, you cannot explain it from a human perspective. How could it be that a group of

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you know militarily backward, right, uneducated to the level of those civilizations, Bedouins from the desert come, and they carve out half of the Roman Empire, and they destroy the sassanid Empire overnight, when I see it and will have will lie, it's unbelievable. And to this day, no historian can give a sound explanation. They have their million theories. But the end of the day, this is clearly one of the greatest miracles for us of the truthfulness of Islam, that this However, they were less in number, they didn't have the armor, they didn't have anything. And our profit system is predicting it there. You're going to conquer Sham, then you're going to conquer muda, and you're

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going to conquer fighters. And then in the third strike, and the third strike crumbled the entire stone. He said Allahu Akbar, I have been given the keys to Yemen. I have been given the keys to Yemen, and will law here I can see the doors of sun sun I was a city that had a fortress around it or not a fortress, but you know, the walls around it. And he said, I can see the doors of Sonora from this Malcolm of mine, I can see it. And of course, Yemen as well was conquered during the lifetime the process impartially and then completely in the range of the whole alpha. And so all of these three lands are the lands surrounding Arabia, and our Profit System predicted every one of

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them would be conquered. Another prediction that the Prophet system gave while he was doing the trench or digging the trench was that he saw a mod of vinyasa is doing double the work of everybody else I might have been yesterday, he was doing double the work of everybody else. And Ahmad was that type of enthusiastic and strong young man, especially after what he had seen of his parents in Makkah, and the Shahada of his father and his mother. Ahmad was a very determined young man. And so he saw Mr. covered in dust and covered and tired and hungry and whatnot. And he said that, may Allah have mercy on you. Oh, Mr. Dr. Lucas? attell ballia. The, the what? There's two narrations this one

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and that one. Martin has said that the profitsystem said to Mr. Eben Asad. May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on you. The Fayetteville Bahia will execute you or will kill you. The fatal ballia means the group that has gone outside of the law, right the group that has gone outside of the law, and this hadith of course, it came true in the reign of idea when the two armies fought, and the closer to the truth was

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I never thought of as we believe that Adam never thought he was the one who was closer to the truth. And while we made an he had an Eliza we'll forgive him for the loved one who we only say good of the Sahaba.

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But Amar Eben Yasser was on the side of it. He was on the side of it, many of you thought it and the forces of muawiya shorten arrow and it killed Amar right in the neck. It killed our mug. And they took this as a sign that people have ID they took this as a sign that they are upon the truth because everybody remembered the hadith of Ahmad ibn yes is that the group that has gone outside of the law. Now notice he didn't say istockphoto, the Capital Group, he didn't say the evil group. This is a group that did something technically illegal, they disobeyed the halifa this is illegal, right? And it is incorrect. But he made an he had more aware of the only one and Allah xojo will forgive

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him for that he had he was sincere we believe and the other group was closer to the truth. So the the, the prediction of our might have been yes has been killed by the

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tillbaka. Now this hadith scholars have differed, some have said that it took place during the building of the first Masjid and the fact that matter is both narrations occur. And so some have said that it occurred twice. Because there are certain narrations that suggest that this occurred when they were building the masjid. Then there were other narrations that suggest it occurred in the building of the hand up and then other scholars say the prediction was given twice both in the building of the Prophet systems rescued and in the building of the hunter inside mentions that there were around 4000 people from the village that had taken place Tarik taking part. So therefore this

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is far larger than it is far larger than butter. Everything has been now this is the largest force that Porsche had ever assembled in their history 4000 only from the whorish and and the outlying tribes just operation the outlying tribes, then 300 horses, and 50 camels. And then he mentioned w sulayem, had 700, the blue fissara had 1000 ws gr 400, the boomer 400 and the list goes on the point being there were lots of other tribes and this is why it is called a zap. The reason why this is called a zap, zap means the Confederates has that means the Alliance right could lose his beam be mad at him for one, every group is happy, his his the plural of his his his app. And zap means the

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group's right so the reason why this war is called the war of Azov was that it wasn't just Quraysh it was lots of different groups. 400 here 200 here 1000. Here, the Max was Quraysh 4000 koresh, and therefore the orange had the biggest say, but there was no one unified leader. And this proved to be the disaster. This is what Allah subhanaw taala used to split them up because why am Karuna William Corolla Willa McLaren McLaren a loss plan will be successful. And because there was no unity, they easily fragmented apart, they easily broke apart. There was no one leader that they all agreed to rather there was an alliance, there was a treaty, there was a confederate. And because the

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Confederate collapses, we're going to come to this is why they turned back. The overall plan was that the Muslims would camp such that their backs were to a mountain that is called the mountain of Jebel Silla. And they're facing the trench, and they're under backs or towards Jebel Sita, and Medina is in their direction of the back. And it was during this time, we don't know exactly when, when the Prophet system suggested that the women and children all of them, they go to one of the areas, as we said, where the one of the unsought had a somewhat large fortress, all of the women and children go inside that fortress, which is called alpha, as we said, and the reason for this was the

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profitsystem was worried about the treachery that might come from the burn formula now, we'll talk about the treachery today in shallow a bit, but I found it interesting to mention some of the leaders of the some of the leaders of the Confederates, they have interesting histories. No doubt the primary leader of the orishas, who we all know about Sophia, right. I will Sophia, what's his name?

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What's his name?

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Sophia as his cornea.

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What's his name? We should know this name. This is Abu sufian was the most noble and senior most of the people have porridge after butter. After butter, they're all dead. Abu sufian becomes the de facto leader Sahaja been how to suffer even how to be been omega. His name is

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Sorry been held up even over a year. And who are the winner? Oh my Yeah, the burner Oh my Yeah, are the cousins of

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the bedroom enough. And the bedroom enough of course the battle Hashem comes from when he went off. And so the bundle Hashem and the bundle omiya were rivals cousin clans, right? The bundle Hashem and the bundle omega, of course, they're both oroshi their rival clans and

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Abu sufian sokoban how he was born, by the way, 10 years before the process of them so he's not a generation older, but he's somewhat older than the Prophet so I said him in terms of age 10 years older than him, and I was a fan. Of course, he remained a noble enemy. He was an enemy until the conquest but he never stoop to the dirty tactics. He never went to the crude taunting that Abuja has did that omiya did and I have said many times before those who resorted to vulgarities generally speaking, there are exceptions to every rule, generally speaking, they showed a despicable illness that Allah never guided them, right. Whereas those who remained somewhat noble have the courage and

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they retained their their dignity, a lot of them most of them will eventually guided and the best example is Abu sufian. He fought against the pro he caused budget, right, he was the one who caused his caravan. And then he sent the emissary to fearmonger, the Kurdish right, he led or heard, right, he led conduct we'll see in her davia as well. He was one of the main people as well in her they be a to stop them from coming in. We're not going to let you walk in like this, right? So he's an enemy. But he never went to a low level. He never went below the belt, and he retained dignity. Eventually, Allah guided him. When did you accept Islam?

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Fatima conquest macker. Right. And I mean, just again, these are information you should all know that it is beneficial for us. I will soufiane is that one, perhaps the most amount of booty was given to him at her name.

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Her name when the process of them had the equivalent of 10s of millions of dollars, he had the equivalent literally fortunes and he did not return with a penny to Medina. Was that right? Certain people, they got valleys, they got valleys of sheep, they got hundreds of camels, perhaps top on the list was Abu sufian. Right? Because the fact of the matter and the books of Sierra show this when he initially converted, he didn't convert out of conviction. He converted just okay holla you want, you know, you wanna call us right? But by giving him this money,

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Abu sufian saw something, and that is this man is not interested in power. He's not interested in wealth. He's genuinely believing in what he's doing. And money wins people over it's human nature. And it is narrated in the books of sila that when the process of gave Abu sufian all of this amount of money, was Sophia and said that while Lahiya Mohammed, I swear by Allah Mohammed, that you are the most generous person I've ever seen. May my mother and father be given in ransom for you, that I fought you, and you remain the noble enemy. And now that I have come to peace with you, you remain the most noble friend, like how can you do like this, right? That when I fought you, you remained

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the best of luck now that I have come to peace with you. You have become you know, this generous, I've never seen anybody like you. And therefore also found obviously, Islam did enter his heart after that. And of course, I will Sofia always wanted chiefdom that's in his blood. And so his son is born with that blood. There are those who are born with that, that you know, spoon in their amounts of money, but the power of wanting money, you know, to be in charge, it was in his blood. And while we are the last one eventually he became the first king of Islam and the founder of the omiya dynasty. This is Abu sufian sufferable out of Eben omiya. That's the Omega dynasty. Right on

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the show the woman has continued until the hypothesis This is Abu sufian another interesting character of the eyes of the Confederates, another leader was arena, Eben heslin Arena, Urban hisun and arena. Evan Hilson is one of those.

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He's called of the big laugh. The laugh means of the crude Bedouins is a better one. He's not a people of the city. And he was known for his uncouth manners. And

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it is narrated that once the profitsystem was sitting with Russia, and this was before hijab was revealed and arena came to visit not as a Muslim. He came to visit not as a Muslim just to see if any trade any treaty could be enacted. And this was before hijab was revealed.

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And so, when he saw Isha firstly he entered in without knocking on the process of his door. He just barged in, right. And the process of him said, Orianna, where's your manners? When you say that you have to ask before you go, you know what his response was? He said, I have never once in my life asked permission from a modality to enter his house without and dissolve the two main tribes of the Arabs in arena was from the other, you know, the two main remember back our first lecture of the theater, should I quiz you on high demand and all of that, or you don't want to be embarrassed there. So, Moodle is the other guy, basically, the two may remember the two main out of tribes,

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right? So arena is like pure Badu pure, you know, of that stock, right? So he said, I have never once in my life asked permission of a modality to enter his house, look at his, you know, you know, arrogance, and also manners really like complete lack of manners. And then he says, Who is this familiar? Ah, he called I show him a lot. This young, red one. She was young, and she was, you know, in this complexion? Who is this familiar with you? And the process of this is actually this before hijab was revealed. And then his uncouth mannerisms, unbelievable. He said, Why don't I give you someone more beautiful than her? The holder was in a villa. Right? And Ayesha ner Parsons was the

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most beloved here, and you take get rid of this one, I'll get you one of my own, one of my own wives. And this is jack Haley practice, to cement the ties, a staff for all they would swap wives or something like divorce their wives, and then give them so I'll give you one of my wife's right. And our process and him said, Allah has made this How long? Allah has made this, how long it is not allowed to do this. And then when he left, our prophet SAW, Selim said why she said, Who is this man? And the profitsystem said had Macklemore This is the the What's the good word? The fool that is the obeyed. Right? This is the fool that is obeyed amongst his people. Right? Right. Yeah,

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basically, that that's this is the name of this matar at the time, he was not a Muslim. And it is also mentioned that the professor was polite to him. And then he was harsh when he left that. He said, Why are you harsh when he leaves? And so the prophets of Salaam said, When have you known me to be fat fish with the fish? When have you known me to have this? The worst people of mankind are those who people are nice to only in order to save themselves from their evil.

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You understand this point, there are some people, they're just so evil. But because they're evil, you have to smile and be nice to them to protect yourself from the evil. Right? And this is what our process was saying the worst of mankind are those who people force themselves to be nice, just to save themselves from their evil. This is arena, he was the tribal leader. By the way, there is a story by Mr. Pillai behind me to tell you this the highlights of the you know, PowerShell it's, I mean, not related to this but again, arena just Yanni. Frankly, weird, honestly, it's just a bizarre story narrated by Marina had been heslin. And of course, it's not relevant to the sub, but the books

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of sera mentioned how did he while he was so uncouth and and barbaric and uncivilized. How did he become the tribal leader, even though they're all uncivilized, meaning the bedroom, but still, there's got to be some dignity. And he really was complete, he left complete Yani, you can imagine there are people like this still to this day thug type of mentality, right? The story goes as follows in the books of history, not related to that. But just to tangent here is not in my notes here. So I hope I don't make too big of a mistake. But the story goes as follows that his son, his father, his son, his father, obviously they're all pagan. They're jaggedy they're in this way before

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Islam. He had 10 sons. He had 10 sons. And

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at the end of his life, he suffered a disease I forgot, was it leprosy? Some some really bad there's no not leprosy, something or something that made him very sick and very painful. And so he called his sons one by one, and he tested them. And he said, If I tell you to do something, you know, will you do it on my deathbed? I want you to do something. Will you do it? And so everyone promised Of course, we're going to do it. This is one by one. Not altogether Of course, we will do it. Then he said, Take this knife and stab me so that I get rid of this pain. I you kill me. Right? That is Jackie D. You know, they're all Bedouin and whatnot, this Jedi stuff. So when they're asked this,

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every one of the son says, Have you ever heard of a son killing his own father? And especially in those days anytime This is disgusting, but especially in that tribal Have you ever heard and each one of them refuse to do it? Until

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Marina comes along, or even hisun right, and arena says

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No, he didn't say Bismillah.

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He's not a Muslim at the time. And so Rena comes along and he says, Is this what you want me to do? So his father says, yes. So he says, What do you want? What do I get? Basically, right? So he says, Whoever listens to me, he will be the chieftain after me.

00:30:18--> 00:30:55

Right? If you listen to me then because he was in such pain, such misery, so he just wants to get out of it. This is his way of committing suicide. And so whoever does this, you'll be the chieftain. So arena was the one who he got rid of his own father in this manner. And then he became the chief and that shows you the type of mentality we're talking about, right? This has been his son. And he was of those who was of the leaders of the conflict, some of the, the blue name, sorry, the blue facade, or the blue facade or not the blue psyllium, the blue facade, blue facade, or he was the leader of the blue facade, and he was the one as we said, the person said, and this is the

00:30:55--> 00:31:20

alchemical Moto, this is that one. Now, towards the end of the Sierra arena had to accept Islam along with all of the other bidders, right, all of Arabia accepted Islam. But as soon as one of the false prophets and we'll mention him to the third His name is Talia he was also here, as soon as today had declared himself a prophet, Marina joint Allah

00:31:21--> 00:31:59

he became a member of the other religion. Right? When hotly debated when it came, destroyed. The you know, the the battles of Lydda, he captures, arena, brings him back to Medina, and he's tied up. He's the chieftain is the tribal leader. He's tied up his hands over here, they will tie the hands around the neck for the prisoners of war back then, he's tied up around here. And the people are all rebuke him and prodding him and said, How could you you're a Muslim leader, how could you have accepted pralaya? And it is said that he said, I never accepted Islam in the first place. Like, what's the big deal? I wasn't really ever a Muslim, that you're now getting angry at me that I, I

00:31:59--> 00:32:32

left it right. I never really accepted Islam. And so Abu Bakar was worried that if I kill him, his tribe this and that social worker basically promised him that he wouldn't do anything and he outwardly accepted Islam. And he went back to his tribe, and Allah knows his affairs, but he was of those any we don't say, bad or good about his death. Allah knows what how what state he died in. But he was of those women out of as Allah says, that's the epitome of the Arab mentality. He was one of the leaders of the zap, another leader, which is will come up again, and we just mentioned him

00:32:33--> 00:32:57

today and sad today have from the leader of the new asset, and the new asset were another of the tribes of the Azov, they had around 700 people. So that's a large amount for the tribes at the time. 700 people have said, their leader is to like her. And today he has a very interesting history. And there's a lot of hope for us in his story as well, and a lot of morals and lessons. Just a summary of it. Maybe another day, we'll talk long detail.

00:32:58--> 00:33:06

That right now, he's not a Muslim has never accepted Islam. He's standing outside Medina willing to fight and to get rid of the Muslims. Of course,

00:33:08--> 00:33:53

the Confederates dispersed they all go back to LA, he goes back to his tribe. Eventually, in the ninth year, the army will food all of the people of Southern Arabia have to embrace Islam today, as well sends a delegation and he embraces Islam outwardly, as soon as the process and then dies, to lay her is one of those 10 people who declared themselves to be a prophet. Right. Mozilla was the most famous suggests another today. He is like the third of the 330 film today, how was the third of the three, the famous ones and 10 he declared himself to be a Navy, and he said he has a Koran. And he started Yanni, you know, spewing forth some weird concoctions that he called the Quran, he has

00:33:53--> 00:34:43

his Quran, and how did we know what lead was sent against him, and he demolished his tribe and the tribe repented and came back to Islam to lay her had a horse that he had prepared just for an escape passage just to have an escape with the fastest horse. He jumped on the horse and fled. He escaped. He made his way to Syria, amazingly, in Syria, he genuinely accepted Islam. And he then came back to Medina repentant and asking for forgiveness himself. And Abu Bakar granted him that forgiveness, he forgave him and today How was always guilty of what he had done. And he kept on making dua to Allah to accept him as the Shaheed to make up what he had done, right. And he fought alongside Khalid a

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

bit worried, and he actually died to Shaheed in the Battle of qadisiya. And he he actually had a very big role to play in the Battle of qadisiya. He has a big role. He had actually accomplished a lot in the Battle of Odyssey against the Romans. Right, the Battle of qadisiya, sorry against the Persians, the Battle of God is here.

00:35:00--> 00:35:15

He accomplished a lot. And we'll talk about that when we get there in shallow data. But this is one of the most fascinating stories and the reason I say that a shallow there's actually a good hope and lesson for us that so Pamela is somebody who does the unbelievable of declaring himself to be a nebby

00:35:16--> 00:35:18

and declaring that Allah has given him a Quran,

00:35:20--> 00:36:03

but then he genuinely repents. And sha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala has accepted that repentance now we don't really consider most Wahhabi because he didn't see the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as a Muslim, nonetheless, told I was of those who his repentance inshallah was very public and open and he died a very brave death and he his, his guilt was very open and sincere, and he used to make dua to Allah to accept him as a Shaheed. So inshallah, we hope that he his daughter was accepted. And this really is hope for all of us that shadow none of us has gone to the level of declaring ourselves to be stuffed full of profits. So the sins that are lesser than this inshallah turn to

00:36:03--> 00:36:40

Allah sincerely, and sha Allah, Allah will forgive. In any case, these were just some of the leaders just to give you an idea, and there are others that are not as relevant for our serum. Our seat, of course now, before the exam arrived, the second largest group after the crash was the tribe of lotto fan. This was the second largest group after the crash. And they had been promised a large amount by the hood. They had been promised half of labor, if you remember, the mercenaries, right? They had been promised half of labor. For some reason, they probably were not too eager to fight and kill and whatnot. They sent an emissary to Medina.

00:36:41--> 00:36:53

And they said, these are the stakes, they've given us half of labor to fight you guys. If you give us one third of Medina, we won't fight you guys.

00:36:54--> 00:36:56

These are complete

00:36:57--> 00:37:40

if you want to call them mercenaries, or just money hungry Potter, founder and Bedouin tribe as well, you know, so look, they're giving us half of it, but we're willing to bargain with you go down, okay? Because we're not going to do anything. Okay, one third, we just sit at home, okay, you give us one third of the produce of Medina will sit at home and do nothing, we won't come right. And they probably numbered. We don't know exactly two, three, Some even say 4000. That's probably a lot. But still, the second largest group after the crash was thought of as the second largest group. So they sent an emissary. Now, our processor, always he would make sure. And so he called, sadly been

00:37:40--> 00:38:17

wired inside the bin rabada. And these were the young leaders of the house and the hustlers right side. They've been wired over the ocean side of the house. Remember, their name has already come forth in the incident of iffco the slander of Arusha side, they've been wired inside the bin robot, and he asked them what their position was. He asked them what their position was. And some books of Sierra mention he was willing to pay this amount and he wasn't against it. It's okay if you want to do this, then that's fine. And of course it shows us of course, it's hella young, even though it's a type of ransoming or blackmail but there's nothing wrong being done per se, that you're just giving

00:38:17--> 00:38:50

the money and then you will be protected from their evil. The process was open, what do you suggest? So sad said to him, that both of them they said both of the sad the sad and they said that? Is this something that Allah subhana wa tada has commanded you to do, or something that he had his there? It fits from what hates me right now what Alterna but if it is not from why, then we have never humiliated ourselves in Jamelia. So why should we humiliate ourselves in Islam?

00:38:51--> 00:39:21

We have never bowed down to anybody else in jeopardy. And this was now we see one of the wisdoms of why Allah chose the unsought why Allah chose the author and the hustlers out of all of the people of Arabia. They had never been conquered by another tribe. And they were fiercely independent. And you see this here, that we've never been humiliated in Jamelia? Why should we do this in Islam? And so the process was happy at that response. And he sent the emissary back saying, basically, we have no need of your bargain.

00:39:22--> 00:39:34

How long did it take to build the hand up again, there's many different reports. Inside says six days, others mentioned 15 days. One report even says one month, but then

00:39:35--> 00:40:00

Zero Hedge or somebody who comments this is clearly a mistake. The one month is the siege and not the building of the siege is clearly a mistake. The one month is not how long it took them to dig. The one month is how long the siege lasted. Right. And as we said, most likely really and the most authentic books are six days by the way, but most likely it could not have been more than two weeks it could not have been because the ads are coming. They're not giving that much time.

00:40:00--> 00:40:19

So between six weeks, six days to 14 days, 12 days, this is really how long it took to build the trench. And as we had said, people were assigned sections of the trench. Now one of the problem comes as with all of the battles of the Prophet system, and especially with the hand up, the actual incident must have lasted 30 days

00:40:20--> 00:40:21

of the actual,

00:40:22--> 00:41:01

you know, surrounding the siege plus a week of the building. So we're talking about around 40 days. Now, obviously, when the Sahaba are going to narrate 40 days, they're not going to say day one, day two, day three, day four, they're simply gonna highlight one or two things and mix them all together. And this is of course, the big problem that we have in any incident, especially bread and butter is two hours, three hours, how much more so hunt duck, which is 40 days, every so how do you who narrates about the 100 he mentioned two things, three things. We have no idea what day these things happened on. Right. And this is really the problem that we simply have a number of narrations

00:41:01--> 00:41:15

we just have to put them together and just you know, shallow hope for the best Now, according to inside, inside mentions that the Prophet system left his house on the eighth of doodle card on the eighth of doodle Collider, which year

00:41:17--> 00:41:57

if we talked about this last week, 50 or fourth was not as we talked about last week, but the 50 of the hedgerow now even side was of the opinion took place in the Florida and others show was a show I don't know why there's one two weeks apart basically. So either show while or little cards of the 50 of the hedgerow. The process of leaves his house inside says the eighth of June hedger, he has the position we don't know where it's from the eighth of the ledger. And that is when he began camping in his tent that was close to the actual, the actual trench. And this was when he divided the Muslims into various portions to guard the trench from the beginning to the end, all the Muslims

00:41:57--> 00:42:47

left their houses, they were not sleeping in their houses. And that is why the women were sent to a fire to the, to the protected fortress. And urbanists have mentioned that a group of Sahaba in shifts, their job was to patrol the trench the entire night. And simply shout out Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. So that people would think, if they got to the trench that there's a large group on the other side, and almost seminaries that I witnessed many battles with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, in which there was fighting and fear, and she lists them almora and hiber, and her de Bie and Fatima, and her name, but none of them was more tiring, or more fearful for us than 100.

00:42:48--> 00:43:31

That was the most terrifying for us. And the most fatiguing for us was hand up for the Muslims were in a very precarious situation. And we were worried about our children from the blue Cordoba and Medina, she said, was patrolled all night, 24 hour shifts now of patrol. And she said, we would hear that the cubbies of the Muslims all the way until fudger. So the groups of patrols now are going around the entire trench, right? And they're simply shouting out Allahu Akbar, so that if anybody's there, they feel this is not an empty place, right? Because you're not going to put lights in that hole few miles long. You can do that in that day and age. So there are people that are patrolling,

00:43:31--> 00:44:05

and their whole job the entire night is to patrol the tent tent, the trench, even our Profit System took a job of patrolling an area, and he would go out and he would stand at a particular area of the valley. And our missionaries that once an hour. He says that I also was in the tent, she wanted to be with the Prophet sallallahu I said them so she left her own house. She was not with the other woman. She was in the tent with the prophets Allah sent him and missionaries that one night, we heard the clinking of armor that a man is walking in the middle of the night and the process was outside. So he said Who is that? So the man says sadly, whenever you walk costs, so sadly, we know

00:44:05--> 00:44:48

your costs. And I have come to give you my services meaning to leave your your shift, basically, right. And so the profitsystem said, okay, you stay here, and I will rest. And Isaiah says he came, and he fell asleep in the tent until I could hear his snores, meaning he was so tired, so fatigued, that he literally just comes and he simply falls into his sleeps on the LaGuardia he was sent them. And he says, I never forgot that favor of sad that he volunteered himself to give up his own sleep so that the profitsystem could sleep. Even he himself the process was in the one guarding the tent. Also, we learned for the books of Sierra, that it was the middle of the winter, and that the Sahaba

00:44:48--> 00:45:00

would be so cold and have to go back into the tent until they warm up and then they come out again and so fatigued, tired, hungry and cold on top of that, and it was at

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

At this point in time, when the final blow came, that really shifted the entire scenario, and inflicted an amount of terror that the Sahaba had never had. And that is the shifting of the bundle karela finally becoming public first, it was just fears. First, it was just rumors. But then what happened was the bundle deal. They sent a secret emissary created and above the father of Sofia, he was their chieftain, and he was really the most evil of them. And this really shows us the difference between father and daughter, you can have, you know, the worst of all, and then the best of all, this is something a lot of xojo does not carry good or bad from father and son every single

00:45:40--> 00:46:21

time. You know, Abraham's father was the idol builder. Ryan's father is the idol maker, and Ibrahim is Hadid. Allah Ibrahim is cadoola and no is the Prophet and his son could not believe that Allah would do this right. So it is not necessary. And here we have Sofia, the wife of the processing here we have a he's done what he's done, you know, ad budget, he's made his comment at awkward. He's done what he's done. Now the expulsion has taken place and he's the one gone to Makkah. Now he sneaks his way back to Medina why him because he knows Medina. And this also shows us we need to understand the trench was not watertight. Right? The Trench only protected large groups from entering Medina. You

00:46:21--> 00:47:07

can't stop one person from sneaking in. Right. You can't stop one person and especially if we a who's been born and raised in the city, he knows the city inside out. So he finds his way in makes his way to the bundle Cordova and they needed her a because they needed the leader. They needed the leader of the bundle Nadia, they they're not just any person, the very most respected person in the bonavia he made his way to the bundle coryza and there chieftain was gap even SSL hora de la cabane slo hora de and initially gab said no way I can do this there is a promise we made our promise. He knows three times he has made a promise three times. But he knows his own people. And he knows what

00:47:07--> 00:47:49

can bribe them. And he kept on and kept on and kept on promising him immunity immunity promising him protection, promising him will tell you exactly when we attack you will be protected by the fortress when they leave you shall get this you shall get that he kept on at him until finally cab agreed to shift over. And this was of course the deadly blow. And it was none other than Zubaydah, the one who came to the Prophet system to inform him of this treachery that the Prophet system said I fear something about the burn operator who will volunteer so somebody stood up and said, I will go volunteer so very brave time single handedly to go and find out and this is one hour process from

00:47:49--> 00:48:32

said the very famous phrase liquorland V and Howard he will howdy you Zubaydah vanilla one, right that every single prophet has a disciple Howdy, Jesus Christ has his disciples. every prophet has his Hawaii and my Hawaii is zubaid imminent. I want. And so the way that one went, we don't know the details. I looked up as many books as I could have the classical division. What did he see? We don't know. But he's spying on them. And most likely, he must have seen preparations for war. I mean, that's the only thing that comes to mind. Right? He's seeing what's going on in the camp of the bundle, Cordova. And then he comes back, and he says not although they have destroyed the truth.

00:48:33--> 00:49:15

Now, this is something he's observed. The Prophet system cannot act upon a presumption. So he sent four of the leaders of the unsolved who are close to the bundle coriolan the days of jelly and their names were mentioned in the books of Sierra These are the people that are close to the bundle Cordova and the days of JD he says them of course the Vedas Mahajan, sorbet doesn't have those ties with the Banu Cordova he's seen with his eyes. Now he comes back and he reports he's done a very brave job. But before action is taken, you need to be 100%. Sure. So he literally sends a delegation straight to the bundle karela knocking on the door and laying it out straight. And the four notice

00:49:15--> 00:49:59

evasive answers. They're not committing themselves, they clearly see that the treaty that used to exist is no longer being mentioned or honored. And there's vague responses given right, clearly then treachery is in the air. And they come back and they confirm with the profits of the law while he was selling them that the Bernal karela have flipped. And this was the time that so many reports say that this was the worst night of our lives, that we didn't know what to expect 10,000 people outside the trench. Now all of a sudden we have at least 2000 inside at least 1500 to 2000 inside

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

And it's not just affecting us, our women and children unprotected completely. And this was when Allah azza wa jal himself describes us in the Quran in surah Tila hazard verses 10 to 11 instead with Eliza verses 10 to 11 in the jell o comb infotech home woman as Farah minicom remember when they came to you from folk and folk here means that as a white woman as Phantom income and from within you meaning the bundle chorus of course as family remains below you but over here it's a matter of outside of you and inside of you is a joke woman felt like woman SLM income. What exactly a bizarre and when the eyes themselves become glazed out to fear, well Bulava to Google, Hannah

00:50:42--> 00:50:53

jewel and the hearts were in your throat we have even this expression is in English, right? My heart was in my throat. There's an expression in Arabic as well. Well, badolato horrible. Right? And nobody

00:50:54--> 00:51:37

has been in a very terrifying situation except that you know this what this means right? If you have never been in a life threatening situation, you don't understand this. It is only when literally you are in a life threatening situation. You literally feel your heart is trying to get out. You feel it in your throat. And Allah says well, Bella Hotel kulu al hanergy, whatever known Abdullah Ivana and here is where you as well began to think thoughts of Allah, meaning Allah is not going to help us Allah is not good. This is what it means, right? Who knows the Kaaba to lead me known. This was where the believers were truly tested was Zulu xilin shaida. And they were shook to the core, they

00:51:37--> 00:52:21

were shaken to the core. So even the Sahaba right, some amongst them. Zulu, Zulu, and to be shaken is not a sign of hypocrisy. No doubt, it is not the sign of perfection, perfection, the sign of Abu Bakar and Omar that's way up there. But to be shaken and to begin to think thoughts, how Allah Allah is not going to help us. This is not conferred on the fact. It's simply it shows there's not complete 100% to what could right and put yourselves in their shoes, weeks have gone by food is dwindling. You have 10,000 outside an army inside? Where's the help gonna come from? Think about it from their perspective, right? How is it? What's going to happen here? And so they began thinking

00:52:21--> 00:52:48

bad thoughts. And, of course, this was when the tide began to change. And we have to leave you right at this cliffhanger. cliffhanger. Shallow data until next, next Wednesday in shallow data. So if there are any questions about the treaty, or the what we have covered, before we move on, in short, a lot of data anything about Yes. Was there any fighting

00:52:49--> 00:52:50

that actually took place?

00:52:51--> 00:53:17

There was there any fighting only small groups, no actual war took place. Only extremely small groups, contingents of five or one upon one it happened. And the casualties were less than 10, six or seven of the Sahaba and whatnot. Well, I will talk about the these small escapades if you like, we'll talk about that next week, inshallah tada

00:53:21--> 00:53:22

that a hand back there.

00:53:24--> 00:53:27

This, this is about

00:53:29--> 00:53:30

understanding to

00:53:33--> 00:53:36

the treaty, and the process

00:53:38--> 00:53:51

to go and check on the tree and come back. And if there is good news, to announce it to everybody. And if it's bad news to give them, you know, a hint that they actually went back on their tree. So when they went

00:53:54--> 00:53:59

in, he said, Mohammed, we don't have a treaty. So start, start, start cursing.

00:54:00--> 00:54:00


00:54:02--> 00:54:09

What's between us this beyond and above cursing? Let's go back. And when he went back, they said for the Apostle

00:54:10--> 00:54:13

Paul referring to

00:54:23--> 00:54:57

this is a story that is mentioned. And that is the people that were sent in the details that took place. I mean, I did not mention it in today's lesson. Michelle, if we want to we can talk about this next time. But the point being, it is mentioned that the Prophet system sent the two sides to cab quarterly, and he outright denied he blatantly said there was never any treaty. And according to one report, he had physically torn it up, that he didn't even want to show them there was anything that physically gotten rid of the treaty, and he denied anything of this nature. And when

00:54:58--> 00:55:00

one of the sides Yannick

00:55:00--> 00:55:24

Not so angry he began to curse him. So cab said to him, the matter is more than just cursing now, meaning this is a bigger threat. What's your curse going to do? In a we're going to kill you The matter is more than just cursing now. And no doubt this was a sign of arrogance from gab and he completely denied the existence of the treaty. This is a valid point that some of the books of zero do mention of the past shallow data