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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi continues on the topic of Battle of Khandaq and discusses the severe food shortage at the time of this battle when the sahabah would consume dried barley with oil and such bare minimums.

Many miracles of the Prophet ﷺ are depicted during the preparation for the battle -

  • The quantity of food prepared by Jabir RA wife and how it increased and was sufficient for more than a 1000 people because of dua made by Prophet ﷺ over it.
  • The stone that broke whilst digging when the Prophet ﷺ made Dua though it was not breaking even after various attempts by the sahabas.

During the crumbling of the stones, the Prophet ﷺ had said about conquering Syria, Persia and Yemen just as if he could see it in the form of various anecdotes - the key, the pillars and the doors respectively.

From the leaders of the opposition - the Quraysh, there were three leaders of importance:

  • Abu Sufyan - his actual name was Sakar ibn Harb ibn Umayyah.The Banu Hashim and the Banu Umayyah were rival clans.His son Muawiyah became the first 'king' of Islam and founded the Umayyad dynasty.
  • Uyaynah ibn Hisn - a crude, uncivilised, barbaric bedouin with immoral manners.
  • Tulayha - he was from the Banu Assad who had declared himself falsely to be a prophet.

Around this time, a severe setback to the ongoing preparations came in the form of a complete drift of the Banu Quraydha’s alliance towards the opposition. Banu Nadheer meets the chieftain of of the Banu Quraydha, Ka'b ibn Asad al Quradi.

It instigated a profound fear in the hearts of the sahabas as they now were contemplating the effects this would have on the women and children in the fortress of al Fari and also the fate of the 2500 who were inside the trench.


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