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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi reveals how the first few days were for the Prophet ﷺ after his arrival in Madinah. We also get information regarding the first two Masjids he built and the benefits we can derive  from them. Also, the details regarding the first ever Salatul Jumu'ah that happened in a few days are explicitly explained.

Regarding the preference of Masjids, a sahabi came to the Prophet ﷺ and asked him "which is the masjid referred to by Allah in which He says, "Verily the masjid that was built upon taqwa from the first day, this has more right you pray in it. In this masjid there are men who love to purify themselves.'?" The Prophet ﷺ said "It is mine". So which one? Its both. “The verse applies to both masjids that were built upon taqwa from the first day.

The first Juma'a the Prophet ﷺ prays is in the middle of Mecca and Madinah and the khutbahs were 3-5 minutes long. It laid emphasis on the following: generosity;the certainty of death and that Allah would ask every one of them about what he had been given and how he spent it.

In a span of 5 days ,the Prophet ﷺ built two masjids, and a third indirect masjid was built. The Prophet ﷺ masjid was the central and the largest. The masjid was built first even before the house. It shows us these houses of Allah were the ones that have been praised highly in the Quran. Allah has encouraged and allowed people to worship and glorify Allah in these Houses of Allah - the Masjids.

An issue that needed to be addressed by the Prophet ﷺ was -"how should we call the people to prayer?" Shaykh Yasir Qadhi acquaints us with the origin of the Azaan and how it came into being. Who was involved in this monumental decision and what gave them that stature?

Listen intently and get all your queries answered beautifully.


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