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This video is elaborated by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi dealing with the 3 great calamities that happened post the boycott. Because of these three calamities, this whole year is called the 'Year of Sorrow'.

What do we know of Abu Talib's death? There are many lessons of his life and death. What are they? We are also acquainted with the uncles and aunts of the Prophet ﷺ who accepted Islam.

Indeed these two - Abu Talib and Khadijah RA were very important to the Prophet ﷺ. Abu Talib protected him externally; Khadija RA gave the Prophet ﷺ support and protected him internally inside the house. And the death of these two was so immense a void that this whole year is aptly called - the Year of Sorrow.

When Abu Talib died this proved to be a very difficult time politically for the Prophet ﷺ. Why?

What was the evil plot hatched by Abu Jahl to strip our Prophet ﷺ from the protection of Abu Lahab now that Abu Talib had died and he being the senior most member of the family had a brief change of heart? What made our Prophet ﷺ leave Mecca and move to the city closest to Mecca - Taif?

Listen intently and reveal the answers to these questions.

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