Yasir Qadhi – Seerah – 19 Death of Khadija And Abu Talib

Yasir Qadhi
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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wider Allah He will be here woman whether

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we will resume after our hiatus of taking a break, resume our story of the theatre of the profits of the LaGuardia he was selling them and the lessons and morals that we can derive from them. And our last head up we had talked about the incident of the boycott, the incident of the boycott of the prophets of Allah, Allah who was send them. And the fact that for and again, we don't know for how long a year and a half, two years maybe even three, as some people said, but most likely lesser than that, or maybe a year, year and a half. The new Hashem took on a self imposed exile because of the economic boycott as we had explained, the boycott was economic. The porridge said we will not we

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will not buy and sell to the brainwashing. We will not marry any of our daughters or our sons are not going to propose to the bone Ohashi. And so in anger and self righteous anger Abu Talib said we're just going to leave MCC if you're going to treat us this way we have no need for you. And so they lived in the valleys that was owned by the bundle Hashem, and they allows the witch and allowed them to eke out an existence with great difficulty, until finally we explain how other members of the orange sympathize with the bundle Hashem, and they orchestrated the Atonement of the boycott. And when this occurred, I will follow along with the bundle Hashem returned to Mecca. And this

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occurred in the 10th year of the dharwad, around two and a half to three years before they hit you out of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the 10th year of the Dharma, now, barely had they returned when Allah subhanho wa Taala. willed for three great calamities one after the other, three great calamities one after the other, each one of which was its own difficulty. We cannot say each one was bigger than the one before each one was its own difficulty. And these three calamities all took place in the span of two months. And because of these three calamities this whole year is called the year of sorrow, the year of sorrow armel isn't because of the calamities that the Prophet

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system underwent. The first of these calamities, which took place around six weeks, Some even say five weeks, after the bayou Hashem returned to Makkah, was that Abu father fell sick and the pangs of death began upon him, it was clear that he was about to die, after he had lived a full life after he had done what he could for the Prophet system to support him and protect him. Now the pangs of death came upon him, and that he eventually passed away in the month of show one of the 10th year of the Dow in the month of chawan, in the 10th year of the data, and we have a number of authentic reports about his death. The most authentic one we have a detailed paragraph inside the body itself,

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a detailed paragraph inside a body about the death of Abu Khalid, and it says that when Abu Talib reached the newness of death when the pangs of death began upon him, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam entered in upon him, while Abuja was there, and the Prophet system said to him, oh, my uncle, c'est la ilaha illallah wa, one kalama that I will be able to argue with you in front of Allah subhana wa tada Kelly Martin or juca Bihar in the law, if you just say this kalama I have an excuse. If you don't say it. I don't have an excuse. And he was about to say it. He was about to say it, but there with him was Abuja and Abdullah ibn ab omiya. And they said to him, yeah, about a

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third of one miletti Abdul muttalib. Are you going to leave the religion of Abdulmutallab your father, and they kept on saying this to him every time they thought he was going to say it. They said to him, yeah, I thought if you're going to leave Abdulmutallab his religion and they kept on going back and forth, until the last that he said he is upon the religion of Abdulmutallab. He never actually said La ilaha illa Allah. And so when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw this, he said,

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I shall continue to ask Allah to forgive you the selfie rhondella

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I will continue to ask a lot to forgive you until Allah stops me from doing so. Now pause here for a while. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his role

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was to obey the commandments of Allah. And the general rule all of the prophets they don't just make up their minds about what they want to do they have to wait for a laws commandment. And generally, the prophets obey this commandment. However, the profitsystem in this case felt so emotionally attached. He said, even if Allah hasn't told me to, I will ask Him to forgive you unless he stops me from doing so. So his emotion dictated to him something that Allah had not told him to do. And that is that I'm going to ask Allah to forgive you unless Allah stops me from doing so. And so Allah subhana wa tada revealed in the Quran, maca and in the V will let me know and yes sulfuryl mushy

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kina can only kotoba Min badie Matsui and Ella home and Hamas how booja him? This is Seurat October 3 October that Allah says it is not appropriate makan Allenby and it's a beautiful reprimanding Allah did in serum. You say to him, You made a big mistake. Allah didn't say to him, that How could you have disobeyed me rather Allah said to him in a very gentle manner, ma can and in Navy, it is not right for the profit, or for the believers. That this asked a lot to forgive anyone who's going to help even if their relatives it's not right. I mean, you are the Prophet of Allah, you know that he didn't die upon tauheed it's not appropriate that you then ask Allah to forgive him when you know

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that he didn't die upon tauheed so Allah subhana wa tada revealed this verse and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam desisted from seeking His forgiveness. And Allah subhana wa tada also reveals Sudoku puzzles at this time and insert of puzzles, Allah subhana wa tada says, In Nicoletta demon, abeta joaquina, La Jolla de Manya. Sha, that you you're a pseudo Allah

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will not be able to guide those whom you love. Rather, Allah guides those whom he wishes to guide you, you are a pseudo law will not be able to guide those whom you love. Rather, Allah subhana wa tada will guide those whom He wills. And in another Hadith and a Buddha Woods sunon, we find that it was in fact, Ali Ali, who eventually came to inform him that his father had died. So from this, we actually come together that the profitsystem visited upon him on his deathbed, but he wasn't there when he died. So he tried, he tried, he tried, then he went back home. Then perhaps a little bit later, it came and said to him, that your uncle has passed away. Your uncle has passed, meaning his

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own father. And another version in that Michael ball, your misguided uncle, now this is the Son and the son had, obviously you mean, he felt more of a disappointment in his own father, that he hadn't accepted Islam. So there is more harshness in it, than there is in the Prophet system to overthought it because it feels, you understand. And he feels a double disappointment that this is my father, and he didn't accept Islam. And so when he dies, he goes to the process and he tells him, your uncle, and in those report, your misguided uncle, not even my father, your misguided uncle has died. So the Prophet system said to him, go and bury him. And Ali said, but he died emotionally. Meaning

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How can I bury him is he is not a Muslim. And so the process was said, Go and bury him. And come back, as soon as you have finished burying him, don't do anything on the way, come back as soon as you have finished. So he went and buried him. And then he came back and the dust was still on his body. And the profits are made along to our for him. And he said, that I would not give up all of those dollars for this world and all that is in it, that the process of made do out for him to calm him down and to bring him solace and comfort. So I thought it said that I would never exchange all of this for the world and all that it has contained in another version. And this is a version that

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we have mentioned the story before. But according to some narrations, this occurred right now, and let me pause you for a bit

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and say that, as we have said many times before, these 13 years of muck, we actually have only a handful of incidents. We don't have that much. And to make matters worse, we really don't have a chronology, unlike we know but that occurred this year, or this year, has occurred this year. When it comes to the Macan events. A chronology is very difficult for many reasons, because we hardly have narrations and what do we do? One person is narrating one incident, and there's no context to provide when it occurred. So according to one interpretation, and this does make sense

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famous story where the people visited a booth all day. And they begged him to

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prevent the profitsystem from pitching no matter what. And he said to the process of that, look, my people have surrounded me, what do you want me to do? One version has at the beginning of this year. Another version has it on his deathbed. A Buddha had an Arabian omiya. And what he did when they all came to Abuja, Abu Dhabi, and they said, You are about to die, resolve this conflict now, or else is going to get into civil war. And this also makes sense that they tried one last attempt through a body. And the condition was, as long as he keeps to himself, we'll keep to ourselves. So fair and square Enough, enough is enough. Let him cut off from us. Let him do what he wants, don't interfere

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in our affairs, we won't interfere in his, we're not going to win over him, we're not going to kill him in your lifetime, now that you're about to die, prevent the Civil War by telling him to mind his own business. And we will mind our own business. And this is reasonable as well to understand this story as taking place now. And of course, as we have said, some people said, the beginning of the Sierra, they came, we have multiple instances of them coming to Bali was my point, right? And it does make sense that before he died, they attempted one more time. And according to this narration, in fact, then when the Prophet system came, that was one Abuja, Holly standing there and omega is

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standing there, and Abuja had an attempt one more time through a polyp to prevent the process of them from preaching. Abu Talib says that my people have surrounded me, basically, what do you want me to do? Now? Give them this one condition. Just do what you want, but don't interfere in their affairs? What does it mean don't interfere in their affairs? Don't speak against them. Don't ridicule their idols don't say their idols or are meaningless. You preach your own to your people, mind your own business, they'll mind their own business. So the prophets I send them said, Yeah, I'm, I would give them yeah, I will give them this if they just give me one kalama meaning one

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condition, right? The meaning of Colombia is one phrase, if they were to promise me one kalama I will give them what they want. And I promised them that all of the kingdoms of the Arabs and the item will be theirs. So a Buddha has stood up and said, We will give you not 110 conditions, 10 kilometers, whatever you want. And this is when the Prophet says and I'm said, the kalama I want from you is La ilaha illa Allah, give me this kalama I will be quiet and you will have the Arab and the item under your control. And this is one Abuja has said that we will never give you this kalama and then he tried it with his uncle. I will thought him that Yeah, I'm you say this kalama. And I

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will have an excuse in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. And I thought it was sweet. I thought it was about to say, in another version of it has happened mentioned that when they left, he told the Profit System directly, that I would have said it, were it not for the fact that my people will accuse me that now I'm about to die, and I'm scared of death. I will accept it out of Hugill out of fear. And he has this sense of pride. So all of the good things of positive aside, he clearly has an element of pure racism in him. It's racism is Jamelia, right, all of the good aside, he has this element of I am better than all of these people, because my father is optimal. And I am a

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representative of their mortality. And I have a legacy. And I don't care what I have to keep up this legacy. And this shows us that it's possible for a man to combine so much good and so much evil. Right? The only real crime of bubble thought it was this arrogance of pride, this ancestry and he would not give that up even until death. Even he knows he knows his nephew is truthful. He knows his nephew is truthful. And in his poetry, which is recorded in many books, including urbanists have Syrah in his poetry he says, what occurred to under Deena Mohammedan that I know that the Dean of Mohammed, men hide in a Diani that this is the best of all religions of this world, while lol

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mallamma and worried not for the fact that people would criticize me. ie his ego is more important than the truth that people are going to make fun of him that you have left the religion of your father and embrace the religion of your nephew. Right? You have left your father Abdulmutallab, and you don't do you know what the motive is where you went over this over and over again? Do you understand why the mythology is the legend of the Arabs, the legend, and this is the main sun and the leader and the carrier of the legend. The eldest of the children alive is

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And so for, for people to say he left the religion of his father, and he embraced the religion of his nephew. This was too much for him. And so he refused to accept Islam. Even though in his heart he knew that his nephew is not lying. And he's witnessed with his own eyes. The miracles of so many miracles of them is the miracle of the heating up of the treaty. Right that we already said he challenged the cottage, and he told him that I believe my nephew, my nephew told me that the entire contract has been written up except for Peacemaker alone, right. And he rested his entire prestige on that challenge. And it came out to be true. And yet still, he died without accepting Islam. And

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above the younger brother of herbal body.

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He asked the prophets that a lot while he was setting them that

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you're rasulillah how vinita and I'm Mika, Shay, have you benefited your uncle anything for in katakana you took over yo Baba, he used to protect you and be angry on your behalf? Did you benefit him at all? He used to protect you and be angry on your behalf. And so the profitsystem said, Nam Yes, I was able to benefit him who I feel blah, blah, hidden min. And now he is on the peripheries of the fire of *, while Ola Anna laka. And if it doesn't kill us, and we're it not for me, he would have been in the depths of the fire of *, that because of my shefa because of my shefa, Allah has removed him to the peripheries. And were it not for me,

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he would be in the depths. In a hadith in Sahih Muslim. In fact, we have even more details that the Prophet says and I'm said that the person who is a Kullu nasya azobenzene are the one who is being punished, least in the fire of * out of all of the inhabitants of the fire Ravel, meaning all of the inhabitants will be there forever and ever and ever. Write all of the eternal habitants of the fire of health. This is because we believe that those Muslims we shall enter jahannam and we seek Allah's refuge from ever being amongst them, those Muslims who shall enter jahannam their punishment will never be as similar or as bad as the eternal people who are in gender. Right? They have a

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separate punishment completely. So of those who are being eternally punished a kindness as Robin is going to be his arm his uncle aboot on him and what is that punishment? Some handler what is that punishment? He shall be made to wear sandals of fire because of those sandals. Yes, Li minha demo that his demark is going to be rubella boiling. And this is the lowest punishment of those who are eternally damned to *. nassarawa Salama, well. afia so this is what we know about Bob's death. And there are so many lessons in the life and in the death of a body of those lessons. We have to be careful of simply following what the people are doing. Even if those people are the majority, or

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even if they are our ancestors or even if they are our parents. Nothing is more sacred than what Allah azza wa jal says, and what the Sunnah of the Prophet solo seldom says, and those who follow others will not be excused on the Day of Judgment, even if those others were great people to end up on Saturday in our Cobra NFL de Luna Sevilla, Allah says in the Quran, we follow our leaders and our elders, but they all lead us astray. What was the point of this in Noah jedna about another oma what in the other 30 Mokhtar done we found our forefathers in a way and we're gonna do this no matter what. And Allah says Allah allowed you to come be at the Mima widget tamale here. But what if I'm

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bringing you something that is more correct than what your forefathers were upon? Now, just because we're Muslims, brothers and sisters don't think that we are completely scot free from this many times. It is our understandings of Islam that might be wrong. And it is the understanding that our forefathers have given to us that oh, this is what my grandfather used to do. How can it be wrong? No, it doesn't matter. Your grandfather, my grandfather is not an evidence and it's not. The evidence is what Allah and His Messenger say. Another very powerful message that we get from the story of herbal products is that indeed only Allah subhana wa Taala is the true Rob and the true

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Illa the true Lord and the true being who is in control of everything, for the Prophet system, despite being the most beloved creation to Allah, still, he could not guide the one whom he loved the most.

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world, the one whom he loves the most in this world, he couldn't guide him. In Nicoletta demon.

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You cannot guide those whom you love, or the one whom you love. It's in the singular, you don't have that power? And if this is a power he doesn't have in his life, How about now? How about now to control the heaven and *? How about now to dictate who is going to go to Agenda who's going to go to Agenda somehow that those groups of Muslims that elevate our solar system to basically become a god, these incidents completely contradict that understanding. in his lifetime, Allah is telling him, just because you loved him doesn't mean you had the power to guide him. We're like in the La Jolla de Manya. Sha, Allah will guide those whom he loves. And this shows us that the status of the

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prophets and the Prophet Mohammed says Adam, cannot ever be compared to the macom of Allah azza wa jal, never, ever allow our emotions to get confused in this regard. Because this is unfortunately, what many Muslim groups get involved in that they they begin their praises that are suitable for something and legitimate matter. And then they allow those praises to basically go into levels of confidentiality. Right. And this is where we have to be very clear. No, in Nicoletta demon. Well, I can no lie. Yeah, de Manya sharp. And another benefit here that we get is that Allah affirmed that the Prophet cism had a love for a volpati.

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What is the benefit here? There are some extremist Muslims out there that say that we have to hate all the kuffaar maybe if some of you have heard these types of phrases, we're not allowed to love the kuffaar we have to hate all of them. And this is a complete misunderstanding of certain texts in the Quran and Sunnah. Complete misunderstanding. How can anybody say we have to hate the kofod like this? When Allah himself says you used to love a Buddha

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used to live in Nicoletta demon, Berta, right. Rather, it is possible. Now when Allah says in the Quran that we're supposed to have animosity towards those who have rejected or one is messenger, we have animosity because of their rejection. But we can love them because of other reasons. We don't love somebody because they hate Allah, his messenger with a biller. It's not possible. Anybody who rejects Allah and His Messenger, we cannot have a religious love for them. And Allah says latter's the common human will be law when human activity you are doing them and had the law. What are solo? Well, can you open our one of our shirato you will never find people having wood, which is a strong

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love for anybody who opposes Allah and His Messenger, even if they be their fathers or brothers or sons. Now we have those Muslims who have this message of Islam preaches hatred of non Muslims, this is their message, I disagree. And they use terminologies of aqidah, which I think they have misinterpreted, such as well and boron, other of these terminologies. And this is a broader topic which we don't have time to get into now, but in a nutshell, the To summarize, the love that Allah is talking about in these verses, and the hatred it was talking about is a religious love and religious hatred. We have religious love for the Muslims, no question. And we do not have this

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religious love for anybody who opposes a London's messenger, no question. Even if there are close relatives, we don't have a religious love for them. But we may have a natural love for them.

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Because they are father or mother, because they are for example, Allah says in the Quran for the Muslim man can marry a non Muslim lady, a Christian or Jewish lady, right? And how can a man remain married to a lady that he is required to hate according to the Quran, it's impossible. Right? The love that you have for somebody could be natural, and that natural love is islamically permissible. A father a mother might be a non Muslim, a wife, anybody might be a non Muslim, and you have a natural love. But you are not supposed to have the religious love except for those who follow your religion. So Allah is affirming a love that Rosa Sam had for I will call it even though he died a

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pagan and this is important that it is permissible to feel a natural affinity with people of one's tribe where one's ethnicity or one's even nationality or whatever, there is a natural affinity and that is permissible, but it cannot become a religious one except for those who have the religion. Another benefit that we get from the story of herbal products.

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And I have said this before many months ago, that there is a wisdom that we can derive from the cover of butadiene. That why did he have to be a caffeine and that wisdom is that the only thing that allowed him to remain the chieftain of the kurush was the fact that he truly was a representative of optimal today.

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And so by being a representative of optimal Talib, when he protected the process of they respected that, had he converted to Islam, instantaneously, his own tribe would have taken him out. And they would have said to him, we're not going to keep you as a leader, because there's nothing that would keep a body then as the leader, so by allowing him to remain in Kufa, indirectly, this was in fact protecting the Profit System and to spread a man. And therefore we can derive a clear wisdom. Yet at the same time, if somebody were to say, I understand this wisdom, why couldn't he have converted at death? Okay, fine. Throughout his life, let him be a coffin, then on his deathbed, because he was so

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good, because he was a father figure, why couldn't he convert? This leads us to another benefit of a bulldog of a story. And that is, we will never understand animal hype, will lay we will never understand in my life, our hearts might find something but we don't know why. It's possible. We like something at alumnos as bad as possible. We hate something and Allah knows is good. What is the wisdom? Why couldn't he have converted on his deathbed? What can we say in more in the law, and a part of having a man is a lead in a union a bit of hype? And a part of having a man is, as a law says, law use alarm if I do a home use alone? They have no right to ask a law at what he does. And a

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law will ask them at what they do. And this is a part of showing servitude to Allah. We don't challenge Allah's wisdom. Because challenging Allah's wisdom is satanic, literally satanic. That's what shavon does. Right? What did shavon do? I know better than you, Oh Allah, I know better than you. We don't challenge Allah's wisdom. We accept. We accept the decree of Allah, even if we don't understand the decree of Allah. And this is one of those things that clearly tawheed is understood through this in that what is the wisdom of authority remaining in this matter? In the end, we don't know. In the end, only Allah subhana wa tada knows. Another benefit of this, and it's a very

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important benefit.

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a man

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belief in a law is more than just acknowledging the truth of the Prophet salallahu alaihe was sending him.

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In other words, and this is, again, a deep point of theology, but it's one that needs to be said,

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the perception that some Muslims have, what is the definition of a Muslim? Somebody who says the process of is telling the truth is the definition for some people. But it is not that is not the academic definition. Because Abu Talib believed that the Prophet system was telling the truth.

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He has said so himself. He said it to him directly on his deathbed, that I would have said La ilaha illAllah. But I don't want them to criticize me. I know what you're saying is true. Right? He's affirming that he knows the truth. But he refuses to accept. Therefore, somebody who knows the truth doesn't mean that that person is a Muslim. It's a very deep point here.

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What is a Muslim, then, someone who submits to the truth. Because the meaning of Islam is not knowledge it is submission, as what Islam means right? to merely know the truth doesn't make you a Muslim. A police knows the truth.

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A beliefs x accepts everything in his heart, he knows it conceptually. Think about it. Does it release deny that Allah is the rub?

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No, in fact, at least affirms Allah is my Rob. And he says to Allah be Allah Rob be a believer is saying in the Quran, called our A B. And he believes affirms that the profits or profits, at least does not deny that Adam is a prophet, at least does not deny that Allah sends profits right? He knows this, if leads does not deny that there's a day of judgment or be overturned Eli omoove iPhone, right? Allow me to live until the day of judgment, in fact, it believes, even worships a lot occasionally, because he makes the right to Allah to allow him to live. Right? If he didn't worship Allah, he wouldn't make dua to Allah. Yet is a belief a movement does he believes have a man in a

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law? Obviously not about was stuck, but our economy now? Can caffeine in a lot of calls him a caffeine? How is he a caffeine? If he knows a lot to be true, and knows the prophets to be prophets and knows that Allah gives life and the resurrection? How is he a caffeine? Allah says

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he refused to obey when a law told him to do something was tech abara. He was too arrogant to prostrate, right? And therefore, a caffeine can be somebody who does

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know the truth. A Kaffir can be somebody who doesn't recognize the truth. A Kaffir can can be somebody who rejects the truth. But a Kaffir can also be somebody who knows the truth, but for some reason, whatever that reason might be, refuses to act upon it.

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And this gets to the very controversial issue, I'm just going to mention it, make your mind stimulated, but unfortunately, I don't have time to, to, to whip up a nice academic talk. Now I give that in other places. But what do we say then to the Muslim? Who knows Islam to be economist and he calls himself Muslim, right? Who knows Islam to be true, but he never does anything that he is required to do?

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Think about the question here.

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The Muslim who knows meaning he calls himself Muslim, right? What is the difference between Abu Talib and such a Muslim?

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In that they both recognize Allah is one who did not worship idols, we know this right? Well thought of did not read his poetry is predatory. He knows idolatry is ridiculous. So they recognize the law is one, they recognize the Prophet system is a true prophet. But the both of them are refusing to submit to the laws of Islam. The only difference is that the one says, I'm a Muslim. And the other says I'm not. And in fact, the one who says he's not a Muslim, linguistically, it makes more sense because he understands what a Muslim is. And so he said, I haven't submitted so I'm not a Muslim. Whereas the one who says he is a Muslim is saying I submit, but in action he's not submitting at all

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right? And therefore, this is I know, this is a deep topic. But the fact of the matter is somebody who says he or she is a Muslim, but never ever does anything of this religion. He doesn't pray, he doesn't fast. He doesn't give zakah he doesn't do anything of the shady out of this religion. This theoretical saying I'm a Muslim, is not much different than the Eman quote unquote, of Parliament of the police. It's not much different. Think about it, right? It's not much different. And as for the Hadith, whoever says La ilaha illallah wa energetica. We need to understand this in light of the other ahaadeeth as well, whoever says La ilaha illAllah. Sincerely, whoever says that in our law,

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from the heart, all of these things come into play. There are conditions attached right, not simply verbally saying that, but whoever it says upon it, and acts upon it properly. This is the one who shall enter agenda. Annabelle pile of story proves this that Abu Talib had what we call theoretical Eman.

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But that theoretical amount didn't benefit him. And in fact, one final point with regards to this issue, that is why it is incorrect to translate a man as faith. Because the man is not just faith. You can say a body of had faith. Think about it. You can say it believes has faith. Think about Do you know what faith means? it believes has it because it believes believes things to be true. But that doesn't make a belief a man so a man and faith are not synonymous. Faith is but one part of a man. You need to have faith to have a man but a man is more than faith. Another benefit from mobile polyps story

00:33:32 --> 00:33:55

is the danger of hanging around evil company cause a Bhupati final compatriots were Abuja had an early they've been and that ilk. And he would have accepted Islam, he himself said, but those people and the ego of being around those people was too much for him.

00:33:56 --> 00:34:09

So one needs to look at one circle of friends because one circle of friends will influence him a physical benefit here. A fifth benefit here, that being a non Muslim,

00:34:10 --> 00:34:29

and dying as a non Muslim, doesn't mean that the Muslim relatives have nothing to do with the funeral. No, I really thought that because my father is a non Muslim, I cannot even do anything with the funeral. And so in the process of said, Go and bury your father, the first response of it, he's emotionally

00:34:30 --> 00:34:59

upset. I know he's emotionally go and bury your father. And therefore this shows that when a not a fifth benefit, when a non Muslim relative dies, one may attend the funeral and help with the processions and even financially contribute. But the condition is that you don't do the religious ceremonies. You don't do the religious ceremonies. Now. Of course, it was the one who was put in charge of the body and so there weren't over the ceremonies.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

But if there were to have been religious ceremony, so in our case, if there's a convert, and a relative of theirs who's not who's a non Muslim dies, they may go to the funeral wake the procession, but they don't participate in the church services, because that's not our religion, let them do as they please. But we cannot participate in the religious services. But some people say that you're not supposed to go to the funeral of a non Western relative, this clearly shows us that not only going to the funeral, he took charge of burying, he dug the grave himself, and he put the coffin in the shroud he put it in, and of course, you put the coffin and the shroud on the on the on

00:35:35 --> 00:35:57

the dead person, even if they're not a Muslim. And so I only took charge of this and the process of them corrected this misunderstanding. And this shows us the fifth principle that you may attend the janazah of a non Muslim relative appointed benefit here as well. Is that out of the four uncles, that the Profit System that witnessed the profits of Islam,

00:35:59 --> 00:36:49

you know, he had 10 uncles total or there were 10. There were a total of 11 Brothers, one of them was his father, so he had 10 uncles of those 11 Brothers, ie the sons of Abdulmutallab, of those 11 Brothers, seven of them died before the Prophet system began preaching the message. Seven of them died before the process and began preaching the message. So summit, seven of them never heard the Prophet system preaching to hate four of them, the two of them who converted and two of them rejected. Right. And it is just ironic or it is other of a law or it is a coincidence that the two who rejected they had pagan names, and the two who accepted they had Beautiful Names.

00:36:51 --> 00:37:37

The two who rejected there couldn't Yes, of course, were both Olive and Abu No, not Abuja and Abu lahab. People always get confused. We've said this many times. Abu jihad is from the bernama zoom, he's not from the brainwashing. Abu lahab is from the Banu Hashim Abu lahab is the uncle Abu Jamal is a very distant relative don't get confused. A lot of Muslims get confused right? Abu Jamal is somebody else. Abu lahab is somebody else two different people completely and the Quran mentions Abu lahab Abu lahab is the uncle Abu Jamal is a very distant relative now. Abu Abu tada his name was Abdullah Rosa Scania was sorry, I thought it was name was abdomen if my mistake. Abu lahab name was

00:37:37 --> 00:38:22

Abdullah Russa, Abu lahab his actual name that Abdulmutallab gave him is Abdullah Russa and he was a very handsome man. And so they called him Abu lahab as the fire is coming from his cheeks and face, right? And so Allah mocked this name in the Quran by saying this fire is not just a metaphorical it is a real fire sale slide now on that lab, right, but they called him a hula hoop because he was a handsome man. And he was a single son of the wife that Abdulmutallab many of them have had five wives I've done well, but about five wise, and one of them gave birth only to Abu lahab. So I wouldn't have had no full brothers and sisters. Right? So Ebola, his name was Abdullah Rosa, and he

00:38:22 --> 00:38:52

became one of the worst enemies. I will taught him his name was Abdullah enough. And I thought it was of course the full brother of Abdullah. And for wisdom, Allah knows he did not accept Islam. As we said, the two who converted of course are Hamza and Albus. And both of these names are their original names. And both of them mean the same thing. What do they mean? The lion both of them mean the same thing. Hamza and Ibis are two names for the lion in Arabic, they say that Arabs have 500 days for a lion.

00:38:53 --> 00:39:34

And Allahu Allah means some people have tried to make this 500 list, but they only got 150. But they have a huge number of names of the lions, right? Both Ibis and Hamza are names of the lion. And Hamza also has the connotation of strength. And Ibis has the courage to continue the bravery. But they both signify the lion. And for some reason, the two names that are pure and good, meaning they converted, and the two names that are pagan names, Abdullah is and abdomen F. These are of course names of the idols monofin erza. They did not convert whether this is other whether this is whatever and Allah knows best. But this is a an interesting point here. And by the way, of course, now that

00:39:34 --> 00:39:38

we're talking about the uncles as for the audience, how many answered the process from half?

00:39:39 --> 00:39:45

How many aunts did the process of them have meaning when he was born? How many did he have? How many were the daughters of

00:39:48 --> 00:39:52

134 going once going twice higher? 11

00:39:54 --> 00:39:54


00:39:57 --> 00:39:57

or did you hear this from

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59


00:40:00 --> 00:40:05

You just made it up? Well, I know of six, but maybe there's seven. I know of six.

00:40:06 --> 00:40:55

I know of six that he had six ants. And we only know of one of them converting to Islam. And she is of course, Sophia, right? We know for sure of one converting to Islam. And we know for sure that one of them heard of Islam. Our issue was alive when Islam was, began to be preached. And this is Attica, who saw the dream at the Battle of butter, which we'll talk about inshallah, in a few weeks that was out there. We don't know who else converted. Some rumors have it that more than Sofia converted, and some have it that more than one died before Islam. But the fact of the matter is the rest of the answer the process and remains shrouded in mystery. We don't know who amongst them

00:40:55 --> 00:41:29

converted. And truth be told the fact that we don't know, should seem to indicate that they didn't, because had they converted? We would have known about it, had they converted, it would have been and so the more academically minded scholars of Sierra say that this means that the rest of them did not convert. We don't even know how many of them live to hear about Islam, except for Africa and Sophia, we don't know the rest of them, did they? Or did they not? But even if they did, then it's apparent that they did not accept Islam. A final issue about apartheid is dead before we move on.

00:41:31 --> 00:42:15

Many of you know that some other groups of Islam considered that a body of data Muslim. And I don't mind mentioning there are two such groups in our times. The one of them is the Shia, the Shia, I believe that Abu Talib died a Muslim and if you say otherwise, they are insulted by this. And they say that this is a big insult. Of course they are insulted because from their perspective, they do not think that he mom's father that you know, they have 12 Imams, and all of these imams they go back to of course, Ali Ali is the first Imam. So for them, it is an insult that the Imams father would not be a Muslim. And this is a huge insult for them. Of course in response, we say somebody

00:42:15 --> 00:42:43

but even if you say their emails, we don't believe this, even if you say their mom's somebody better than these imams had a father whom Allah says in the Koran was a pagan, and that is Ibrahim alayhis. Salam. And that did not diminish the level of Ibrahim, that his father as it was an idol worshiper and an idol maker. It did not diminish the level of Ibrahim so we disagree with this completely. And there's no textual evidence that it will be converted the second group in our times his

00:42:44 --> 00:43:23

some extreme Sufi groups and also an hour time some into the box on his window somebody who is as well. People like this guy adisa What's his name? Dido Qadri in them they they they say this. Now their reasoning will lie. I could not. I cannot believe they were serious until I read this myself. I don't know. I mean, what can I say they are my people. So allow me to make some jokes about them. But I mean, I can't believe somebody mentality is this backward. But somebody says one of these people says that because Abu Talib did the nicca of the Prophet system with Khadija he must have been a Muslim or else the nica would have been invalid.

00:43:25 --> 00:43:30

That's his evidence. I don't know how to respond. I mean, I mean, it's it's such an

00:43:32 --> 00:44:08

ignorant argument here. But these are major groups in our homelands of Indian Pakistan. And they have this feeling that the one who does the nikka right for the process and in the Jamelia days before the coming of Islam, how could you have been a copy must have been a Muslim, right. So therefore, Lineker is not valid. And he this is I get, I mean, if somebody is using this as an evidence, but again, if you try to argue with them, they get very flustered and opponent, but these are the two groups that claimed that he did not die a pagan he died a Muslim, but the fact of the matter is that we have multiple evidences even verses in the Quran. three verses in the Quran

00:44:08 --> 00:44:54

revealed that there was death, three verses in the Quran. We have a hadith in Bukhari, and in Muslim, we have incidents in Urbanus, hubzilla. Basically, we have everything we need to clearly show that a Bhupati did not die upon to hate moving on the death of herbal pada was followed by another loss that was no less insignificant and in many ways even more painful than the first one. And that was the death of Khadija or the Allahu taala on her. And even though Josie says this death occurred within 14 days of the death of I will call it and I will call it passed away in the beginning of chawan. Khadija passed away on the 10th of Ramadan, literally a one month and five days

00:44:54 --> 00:45:00

just less than 40 days had gone by when the death of Khadija

00:45:00 --> 00:45:43

occurred. And when Khadija passed away, the Sala had not yet been revealed. So there was no janazah performed over her because there was no solder at the time. But the profitsystem took charge of burying her, he himself entered into the grave, and he himself put her body there and and took charge of the burial. And a number of Sahaba reported that after death of Khadija we did not see the Prophet system smile for months on end. And after that of her deja, it was a very traumatic loss for him. And there's no question that these two people were the closest to him, I will thought it is his father figure and abala protected him externally. Khadija is his wife, his closest friend, his first

00:45:43 --> 00:46:23

supporter, and the one who protected him internally, the one who gave him support inside of the house, I will body given support outside of the house and be both of these two together proved to be a very traumatic time for the process and and is because of the death of these two, that this entire year is called the year of sorrow, meaning that he was overcome by grief so much that the whole year was called the grief of the year of sorrow and the blessings of Khadija has spoken about many, many times. And I've mentioned I've ever gone to a long lecture to the sisters about the whole life and times of Khadija and how much the Prophet system loved her and how jealous Arusha was as a DJ even

00:46:23 --> 00:46:39

though I never saw her DJ. She never saw her DJ, but her heart burned with jealousy because of the love of the profits of a lot while he was selling them. And even when Khadija sister Harlow came to Medina to visit the prophet SAW Selim and

00:46:40 --> 00:47:18

Harlan knocked on the door and asked for permission to enter the Profit System was lying down half asleep, and he jumped up and you could see the fluster on his face because he thought it might be like, you know, in that state, he thought it might be Khadija and our issues saw this and her feeling of jealousy went you know, almost overboard. And when Holly left her, Khadija said, Sorry, Alisha said Jada sutala for how long are you going to keep on remembering, and she used words that are not appropriate, but she was a young woman that was full of jealousy, lateral jealousy, an old hag, basically, over the age whose tooth teeth have fallen out and whose cheeks are she hasn't seen

00:47:18 --> 00:47:57

him but she's assuming that for the age of 65, when she's died, she's Mashallah at this age, you know, 1415 at this age, and she's like, how long are you going to remember this old lady? You know, I mean, Allah has given you someone better than her. The Prophet sort of might have overlooked the first phrase, but this phrase, he became irritated that Allah has given you someone better than her. He this phrase, he became irritated. And he said, law will law. A law has not given me someone better than her. Don't say this, or I shall law is not giving someone better than her. She supported me when no one else supported me. You don't have that blessing Ayesha. And she spent upon me when

00:47:57 --> 00:48:40

everybody boycotted me, you don't have that blessing. And she comforted me when the world gave me grief again, you don't have the blessing Ayesha. And she and Allah gave me children through her when a lot deprived all of my other wives of this blessing. He said after that time, I never opened my mouth about Khadija, right? She learned her lesson that she never opened her mouth about after that about Khadija and the stories of Khadija go on and on and we'll just mention a few a few more things and inshallah begin the incident of by next week inshallah tada and that is that one Abu Talib died this. This proved to be a very politically difficult time for the Prophet sallallahu. It said to

00:48:40 --> 00:49:30

them, Why? Because a Bhupati was his in our times visa or passport to living in Mecca. Right? I will thought it was his protection. Everybody wanted him out. None of the elders of the courage wanted him to be in Makkah. And so with the death of a well thought he was in a very precarious situation, and had been as Hawk says that after the death of the kurush could increase their irritation and their persecution or the process of them like never before. And another tab here he says, that would the desert bubble thought if the orange could finally come out what they were forced to hide in the time of that final the persecution could be completely public, and many things happen here. And

00:49:30 --> 00:49:59

again, some of these we've already heard before, because we don't know when they happen. So some scholars say they happen now. of the most significant things that really if you think about it, this time seems to be more than when we mentioned before, is the infamous incident of six or seven of the elders of the parish conspiring to throw a dead carcass on him in such that we've mentioned the story twice before right but Oh, quite a bit a bit more than Abuja and and Abu lahab was amongst them. We mentioned this

00:50:00 --> 00:50:36

Way before that when he went into such the Roku, but even a bit more, he went out of the city to carry the carcass with his own hand, the trails and the dung and the blood and the gore the and the parts that are not eating. And he brought it all the way back and he threw it on the Prophet, so set them in such that we mentioned this before in early mcca. But the fact of the matter if you really think about it, it makes more sense now, because of Bula Abu Abu Talib is not mentioned as protecting him. And there is no mention of reprimand, right and no one helped him. So what did he have to do when he stood up and the blood is on his body? That was when he said, Oh Allah, I

00:50:36 --> 00:51:09

complained to you, because there's no one else at all. I complained to you, you deal with Roku. But I've been I've been worried you deal with it a bit. But you deal with Abu Jamal, you deal with Abu lahab, every one of them that he mentioned, and there were seven, exactly seven, every one of them died within two, three years by the bottle of butter. So in fact, this incident makes more sense now than it does in early America. Right that this occurred after the death of authority when there's no one to protect him. Now,

00:51:10 --> 00:51:56

before this incident happened. In fact, there's a really interesting story that Abu lahab seems to have a soft spot all of a sudden, what happened was that in one particularly severe incident, one of the other quarters she's not from the bundle, Hashem rebuked the Prophet system severely. And now of course you understand Abu lahab takes charge of the brainwashing right after the death of Abu Talib, the only pagan son and the eldest after a double bottom is Abu lahab. So there's no question there's no power struggle mean he's the only one that can take charge. Both Hamza and Ibis are Muslims. Ibis is very young. So there's no question he cannot be in charge, Hamza is senior authority, sorry, Abu

00:51:56 --> 00:52:26

lahab is even older. So with the death of Abu Paul, Abu Abu lahab takes charge, okay, so when Abu lahab takes charge, and somebody curses the Prophet system from outside of the Banu Hashim, he seems to get a soft spot. And when he hears this, he goes to the profitsystem. And he says, Yeah, Mohammed, go and do as you used to do in the time of Abu polyp, ie, be as you were,

00:52:27 --> 00:53:14

be as you are, what the privileges you had in the time of thought, if you have them now, for as long as I am alive, you shall live in the same manner. So he felt some responsibility to protect the profits of Allahu Allah, who would send them in a manner that his brother used to protect, not out of love for the process of them, but as a chieftain of the Ubuntu Hashem. And as somebody who's taken over from our booth on him, and this is amazing, but simple human psychology, that before you get responsibility, you can say things you can brag and boast. But when you get those responsibilities, you act differently. You act differently, right? And this is very common, very

00:53:14 --> 00:53:54

common. Any the youngsters here before you get married, you will say whatever you want about how you're going to be a man when you get married, right? And Mashallah, when the woman comes, all of a sudden we see where that manhood goes, okay? When you don't, I mean, that's the semi Joker semi joke. But when when you don't have the real responsibility, it's easy to just make perceptions of how you would do things right. Before a Buddha comes to power. He has this attitude that basically if I could kill you right now, once he becomes the chief of the new Hashem, what happens? He kind of needs to settle down, that there is a leadership role. And so he tells the Prophet, can you believe

00:53:54 --> 00:54:35

Abu lahab, but not because he loves the process, but because there is a prestige element, he is the chieftain, he has to guard his own people. And so he tells the process of him, as you were nothing more, nothing less. Right, whatever I thought it gave you, I'm going to simply pass that on, as you were. And so when the people heard this, they came to him and they said that, in fact, when I would have said this was sorry, when Abu lahab said this, the people spread a rumor that he had accepted Islam. So they came to him and they said, I saw better Have you become a Saba only have you become a Muslim? And so I said, No, but I am protecting my flock. I'm not a Muslim, but I'm protecting my

00:54:35 --> 00:54:45

flock. So Abu jihad, and the two worst amongst them, decided to hatch a plot to remove the protection of Abu Abu

00:54:46 --> 00:54:58

Abu lahab from the Prophet system, right. So Abu gehele and ritva came together and they devise the plot and they said to Abu lahab

00:54:59 --> 00:55:00

Why don't

00:55:00 --> 00:55:05

You ask your nephew about the fate of your father, Abdulmutallab.

00:55:07 --> 00:55:18

The one that you're protecting him in the name of right? Because that's the whole point. He's a tribesman, the one that you're protecting him in the name of, why don't you ask him what he thinks of.

00:55:20 --> 00:55:33

And so, a Buddha had one to the process of and said, What is the fate of my father optimal palate? This is a trick question. So the process of answered generically, he is with his people.

00:55:34 --> 00:56:14

He didn't say he is going to Jesus, he is with his people. Right? And this shows the wisdom of the process from that. You don't give incendiary remarks. You don't have to make it worse, but you cannot lie. He is with his people. And so Abu lahab thought that meaning is with his people is a good thing. He went back happened and goes to Abuja, and he said, He's with his people. And so Buddha has said, You fool, where are his people? According to the process of accepting the fire Ravel? You mean that he is meaning that he isn't the fire of *? And of course, it that was the point, right, that was the point. And so I would not have felt such rage that my own father you're

00:56:14 --> 00:56:56

gonna say he's in the firewall and I'm protecting you in his name. Then he said law will law. You are not going to protect it from me any more after this. So after giving him protection within a week, Abuja had managed to get him out of it. Right. Well, Jared and his plot had managed to get Abu lahab out of that protection, and so the profitsystem was left without any protection in Makkah, and this was then what caused him to try his father if you like in the closest city next to Makkah and that is positive. And that is what we will come to a shout Allahu taala in our next week and shall the next Wednesday, we'll be talking about this vanilla Hey, Tyler.

00:56:57 --> 00:57:01

There's a very sad announcement. Do you have more details Do you want to

00:57:06 --> 00:57:07

How old is he?

00:57:08 --> 00:57:09

How old is he?

00:57:10 --> 00:57:13

10 years old. What is the name of the sister again?

00:57:16 --> 00:57:23

Sister mother but the the sister of sister Fatima has Suna

00:57:24 --> 00:57:29

sister fatten sister fatten has sooner passed away today in a car accident.

00:57:31 --> 00:57:36

And, and her son in the in the car 10 year old Dino his name was?

00:57:37 --> 00:58:26

Why yes. Why yet? Why yet. Her son was also in the car. And he is in the ICU, the med the Med Center in critical condition. Now. The janaza is tomorrow at 1230. At Masjid I set out to set up the judge for 1230 hovers to the Salaam. Please try to be there and let this be a lesson for all of us that this sister was in her early 30s. And she was active in the community. Sunday school teacher many of us knew her many of our children studied with her and the Sunday school in the law when they lay her on your own and they lay him out of the lahemaa. To Allah we belong to Him we shall return complete instantaneous, and to something obviously completely unexpected. And at the same time, it is also a

00:58:26 --> 00:58:53

good death when it happens suddenly, because our Profit System said that the sign of a good death is a sudden death. A sudden death is a good death. We don't want to prolong the death we seek Allah's refuge from a prolonged death. And we also hope that inshallah, this type of death is also a Shahada for her because these types of death, the process of them considered some types of deaths to be equivalent to Shahada and of them is if a wound kills you, and so we hope that inshallah

This video is elaborated by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi dealing with the 3 great calamities that happened post the boycott. Because of these three calamities, this whole year is called the ‘Year of Sorrow’.

What do we know of Abu Talib’s death? There are many lessons of his life and death. What are they? We are also acquainted with the uncles and aunts of the Prophet ﷺ who accepted Islam.

Indeed these two – Abu Talib and Khadijah RA were very important to the Prophet ﷺ. Abu Talib protected him externally; Khadija RA gave the Prophet ﷺ support and protected him internally inside the house. And the death of these two was so immense a void that this whole year is aptly called – the Year of Sorrow.

When Abu Talib died this proved to be a very difficult time politically for the Prophet ﷺ. Why?

What was the evil plot hatched by Abu Jahl to strip our Prophet ﷺ from the protection of Abu Lahab now that Abu Talib had died and he being the senior most member of the family had a brief change of heart? What made our Prophet ﷺ leave Mecca and move to the city closest to Mecca – Taif?

Listen intently and reveal the answers to these questions.

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