Seerah – 10 Zayd Ibn Harithah And Beginning of Revelation

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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi imparts ample knowledge about the story of the Ka’bah and the profound symbolisms in the series of events that transpired during its building.

The story of the noble character of our Prophet ﷺ in the wake of the story behind Zayd Ibn Harithah RA is an embodiment of excellent traits that our Prophet ﷺ portrayed. The extreme fondness that the Prophet ﷺ had for Zayd RA and how was the relationship with him in his lifetime.

Aisha RA is the main narrator of the Hadith of how wahi or revelation began and the contents of this very long hadith have been elucidated in immense detail. This chapter marks an instrumental and life changing event in the life of the Prophet ﷺ.  This has to be listened to savour the course of action of this event.

Prior to prophet hood, the Prophet ﷺ sees dreams, hears stones saying salaam etc., for 6 months or so. It is as if the Prophet ﷺ was being spiritually trained for the big revelation.numerous interesting details come to the fore which leave us mesmerized at the sheer Qadr of Allah.

Shaykh Yasir also dissects the happenings during the course of the revelation and how the wife of the Prophet ﷺ stood by him in this monumental event is worth listening to.

Lessons can be learnt, imbibed and inculcated on how to conduct oneself in our day to day lives as well.



AI: Summary © The superstition of the Prophet system is being transformed into a messenger system designed to avoid "breathalyzer" cycles. The importance of good dreams and being prepared for events is emphasized, including the need for people to leave society and not be caught in the "breathalyzer" cycle. The speaker discusses the history and importance of the Prophet system, including its use in worship and the physical mark on its body. The use of "has" in English describes actions and events, and addressing the issue of the Prophet system is crucial.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was salam wa l mursalin. Davina Mohammed in wider Allah He will be here tomorrow in about

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last week we were just finishing up the concept or the story of the rebuilding of the Kaaba. And there are some very profound symbolisms in this that we were not able to finish. And so we do need to start from where we left off. And that is we had just mentioned the his the the tangent about the story of the Blackstone, and that it had become fragmented, and that the Sahaba not decide, excuse me, the bastards had to put it back in molten, molten rock and molten metal. And then the actual Blackstone is actually in pieces. Now it's not the original stone. Now, some of the symbolisms that we learned from the rebuilding of the Kaaba. There is clearly the metaphor being given that the Kava

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has been destroyed before the coming of the prophet SAW Salem, and the Kava is being rebuilt right at his time. And the symbolism is very clear that the religion of Ibrahim had been destroyed. And now our Prophet Mohammed is coming to rebuild it again. There is a clear symbolism that the Kaaba, of course represents the religion of people around him. And the Kaaba represents the first house ever built for the worship of Allah. As we said before, that before the coming of Ibrahim, there were no things called mosques, or churches or synagogues. There was no sacred space. And so Allah says no Quran, our beighton will the ID Nasi lilla de Baca, the first house, meaning the first place

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of worship that was set aside for the worship of Allah is Mecca. And therefore, this house represents the worship of Allah, and the symbolism of it being destroyed five years before the coming of the process, and that is the symbolism of the religion of Ibrahim has not been preserved by humanity, and no one has fulfilled its do. So the fact that is being renewed right now is a sign that just like the cabinet is being rebuilt. Similarly, the religion of Ibrahim is going to be rebuilt again. And the fact of course, is that the Kaaba was rebuilt upon the foundations of Ibrahim. So the foundations remain the same, but the building is renewed. So therefore, the theology

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remains the same La Ilaha remains the same, the religion remains the same, but it's dressing if you like, or the actual bricks of the Kava, they will be renewed. And obviously, the symbolism of the Prophet system being the arbitrator being the one who is chosen, and the one whom everybody is happy and rejoicing, and the one who saved them from bloodshed and civil war. Again, there's clear symbolism here that just like he saved them from civil war, and he saved them from bloodshed, and he exalted the honor of the kurush. Now he is going to come as the prophet and once again, exalt their honor, and the fact that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam united all of the tribes by holding up the

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cloth is a symbol that he will unite all of the tribes under one banner of Islam, that before the coming of the process of the the Arabs were disparate tribes, and after the coming of the process of all of them will be one oma under the banner of Islam. another indication, which is not even symbolism is quite blatant here is that as we said, last time, when the profitsystem entered the GABA, all of the tribe said la Khadija and Ameen Khadija. I mean, all of the tribes were happy. And we said, This is amazing. Because before the coming of the Prophet system, the understanding had been that is going to be the luck of the draw, is going to be just like lottery. And whoever is the

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first person who comes inside whatever tribe he belongs to that tribe will be the one who puts the Blackstone, this was the understanding. That's what they said, whoever the first person will decide, when the Prophet system came in, everybody rejoiced. And this here is clearly it's not just symbolic, it is a reality that the Prophet system was such an immense character. His nobility was so recognized that it didn't matter which sub tribe he belonged to didn't matter. He's from Hashem. Everybody loves him as one of their own. And this is simply humanly impossible. And today we'll talk about another story that clearly illustrates the status of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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There's one or two interesting bits here as well, that when a Buddha has stood up to gather funds for the Kaaba, one of the one of the narrations has it that a Buddha has said to the people, that we are rebuilding the house of Allah. So make sure that the money that you give is from your pool, if this from your pure earnings, make sure that

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There's no cheating and get that money that you give, make sure that there is no interest and make sure that there is no evil from prostitution or any other gambling that you do. Make sure that the money that you give is not from those evil sources. And this is amazing that someone as filthy as Abuja has understood that when we donate for the sake of Allah, it's gotta be pure. When we donate for the sake of a lot has to be untainted. Because we're building the house of Allah, we don't want filthy money. And look, he even knows what is filthy money, interest, gambling, cheating prostitute, he knows this without any shady I tell him because we already said the fifth or the nature that

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Allah gives. It is already we already know the indications of good and evil. Now, in the first time, from the history of the building of the cab, the cab was built, slightly short of the foundations of Abraham, as we said, The unexplained right and we explain that I've done love news, obey rebuilt it back to the normal size, right? And then once again, the roommates came along and made it and put it back to the size of the jelly, jelly Arabs. And then the herbicides came and said, Why don't we expand it? And my mother said, No, I don't want the cabinet to become a toy, a play thing, that every time a ruler comes, you're going to destroy and rebuild it, leave it as it is. And so

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basically, the cabinet has remained except for five, six years and I've looked into various time the cabinet has been remained upon the structure that the jolly Arabs built. And there is at least 40% of the Kava, that was in the time of Ibrahim alayhis salaam that is now open. Now, there is a huge wisdom here. And that is that we know that praying inside the Kava is a very great blessing. And the Prophet system prayed inside the cabinet, inside the actual structure of the cabinet. Now, if the gather had been built, according to the foundations of Ibrahim, then it would be almost impossible for people to pray because from the time of the jolly Arabs, the door has been high. Remember, we

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said they did this right. And from that time onwards, it's been high. And therefore it's not been an open structure only in Abdullah observers time for a few years, it became on the original how the process and wanted it, it was returned to a rectangle. The doors were built on the ground level and it was open, people would come and go. But then when Abdullah Zubair had just killed him, as we said, and that ended that chapter, it was rebuilt the way that the Arabs did it. And from that time, up until ours, you really it's a quarter of a lie, there are some high level delegates or government officials, or once a year when they watch the Kava, they open up the cabinet doors and set 1015

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people who just you know, they just happen literally to be at that time in place, they let them go and pray. Otherwise, it is frankly impossible to print inside the cabinet. However, it's not impossible is very easy. Why? Because that portion of the cabinet is left open. And so the blessings of praying inside the GABA are open to everybody. You don't need to walk inside the doors because that is the original gabbeh of the Prophet Abraham it is set up. And of course, there's great wisdom that a lot of xojo intentionally chose this. And therefore we find that no matter what Allah does, and I already give the story last week of this, this all of this grand material coming from the

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palaces of the Caesar, right, and he wanted to end up somewhere. And of course Allah had a plan a plan, and it ended up financing and building this most sacred spot on earth. And this was something that the Caesar never intended, but Allah zildjian has an intention and everything worked out for the best.

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Moving on from there. There's one more interesting story before the advent of the actual ye revelation.

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And this story, once again clearly shows the mannerisms the character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and that is the story of Zaid Eben Hadith is eight have been had ether, z they've been had etha is from one of the tribes of Yemen. He's from the pifan II branch of the Arabs not dead 90 branch will back all the way to the beginning. We said there's two main branches, the katana and the adnani. The prophecies and the others are from the 90 branch. This is the other the patani branch. So Zaid is from the catani branch. And to make a long story short, they his mother and his father were from two different tribes from the Yemeni tribes, okay. And these two tribes had a love

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hate relationship. Sometimes they're good. Sometimes they're bad. Sometimes they're in a good agreement. And sometimes there's a little bit of a fighting. So, one day zeds mother took Zaid, her name was Sarah. Sure that took they to her own tribe. And it so happened that a small skirmish broke out right at that time between her husband's tribe and her tribe. Okay, so they extended relatives, some distant uncles and whatnot. They got so angry that they did something very cruel. They took this child seven, eight years old. They kidnapped him from his own mother. And even though she's a part of her their own tribe,

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But because India helia and even in Islam, the son belongs to the Father and the Son takes the lineage of the Father. So to get revenge at that tribe, they actually stopped for the love stole one of their own sisters, relatively speaking sisters, children, and that is a and they kidnapped him, obviously, without the knowledge of his mother, and they sold him into slavery, just like the story of Yusuf, they sold him into slavery. And this was to get revenge at the tribe of AIDS father, okay, typical jolly, jolly antics. And so they were sold in the great grand fairs of Oh come on, are called remember where the largest fairs the largest silk, the largest marketplace, which took place

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after the Hajj season. So the AIDS extended relatives took him and they sold him. And they sold him as a young boy for 400 denims. And they sold him to Hakeem in his amp. And Hakeem in his arm is of course the, the nephew of Khadija. And Khadija had given her key money and said, Go find a young slave for me, I need a servant at home. And so Hakeem goes to the marketplace. He sees this young Arab child and he is being sold for a hefty price. And so he purchases this child and brings him back to Khadija home. And so he becomes Khadija servant. This is a they've been had it. Now, when Khadija marries the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Khadija gifted this servant to the Prophet

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Mohammed Sosa. This is now yours. He's your servant, I guess as part of the marriage gifts and whatnot. So Khadija gifted Zaid to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu is an author This is way before Islam obviously, right? This is way before Islam. Now, David's father, his name is Howard, of course, they his father is frantically looking for his son. He's sending cries out literally just like the story of use of he is going mad with with with passion, with grief with anger, and he's spreading the news everywhere that there is a boy from our tribe. These are his features. This is how he looked like when he was a boy. If anybody hears of him, please come and tell me. And it so

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happened that during one of the Hajj seasons, again, this olden days, Jamelia, somebody from that part of the world and Yemen saw Zaid and recognize that his looks are from the tribe of saints father is not a kurachi. And most of the slaves were from Ethiopia or from or from other lands. So this is an Arab slave from Yemen. So his features are different. And by asking him some questions, he realized this is eight. This is the boy that his father is frantically looking for him. And so when they returned from Hajj they told David's Father, we think we found your son, he is in Makkah, the holy city of Mecca, and he is a slave to one of the grandsons of abdominal Punnett. Everybody

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knows all of them about him. He's one of the grandsons of Abdulmutallab. He's a slave to that grandson and his name is Mohammed. So the father is overjoyed. He gathers all of the money he possesses. He gets as much money as possible. And the father and the brother he goes with his brother, they travel to Makkah instantaneously as soon as they get him out, they travel to Mecca, and they come to Mecca and they ask Where is Mohammed the grandson of Abdullah will put him so he is told that they are they are he is in the Cabo he is in the home, he is praying in the home area, are you sitting in the autumn area? And so he goes and he approaches the Prophet system and he said,

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Yeah, Mohammed bin Abdullah, he ascribes him to his grandfather, you are of the most noble lineage and Allah has blessed you and he keeps on praising and praising him, even though he's not even a prophet yet, but still, he wants to praise him for another reason. Right? And you are people of trustworthiness and Allah has given you so much blessings. Yeah, Mohammed, we want to take our son back who was unjustly stole, stolen or kidnapped, and sold into slavery. So basically, the long story short, he says this is the story of what happened. And Osama is our son, not Osama sorry. Osama is the son of Zaid. I'm jumping the gun, Osama bin Zayed hooks, he's gonna come later on and

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say this our son, and we will give you any ransom you want. But please be generous with us because we can only afford so much. Now. These are the days of Jackie Leah, you cannot take them to court. You cannot. There is no there is no law. There's no order, right. And and power belongs to the strongest and they cannot plead their case in front of any judge any magistrate. This is the law of Geneva that their son was unjustly kidnapped. Now they have to deal with it so they're willing to pay the ransom. They're willing to buy theirs their son back. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Is this what you want from me that I I send it back with you? They said yes. And for

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whatever price you want, we will we're prepared to give this price for you. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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it is up to him. I will leave the matter to him and if he chooses you

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Then I will send him back without any ransom, not only Germany. But if he chooses me, then I can never turn away from somebody who has turned to me. If he's chosen me, I cannot turn my back to him and, and tell him he has no place with me. And so of course, the father and uncle were overjoyed because they said, This is what else do we want for free, we're going to get our son back. And so they said, All Mohammed, you have done, marvelous, you have done more than we could have asked for. This isn't much more than we expected. And so the Prophet system calls aid. And we can imagine his aid was probably around 25 years old at the time, roughly. So he's grown up when he was kidnapped,

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he was 78, he was just a child, right? And now he's grown up and adult, he's with the Profit System for at least 10 years, he's been with the process of them, and before the process, and he's been with Khadija. So the Profit System as they do recognize these two men? And they said, Yes, I do. This is my father, and this is my uncle, I recognize them. So the profitsystem said, they have come requesting that you go back with them, and I have left the matter to you. So choose between the two of us. If you want, you may go back with your father and your uncle. And if you want, you may remain with me. Now somehow, not even in this, we find that the prop even though the story is so short, but

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we read in clearly the Prophet system had a fondness and a paternal love, he doesn't want to let go of this child. He does not want to let go of this man. And he's not he cannot say no, because morally they have a point. Forget the law of God, the processor is above the law of jack Lee, morally, they have a point. And that is our son is not a slave. And he wasn't born into a slave. He should not be a slave. So he does the morally correct thing. And that is you know, if that's the case, then he's yours for free. But then you clearly he doesn't want to hand over this person, because he has genuine feelings of fatherlessness feelings of love feelings of a paternal type of

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love for this young man who has been raised in the house of the Prophet system. So he leaves it back to date. And he says, If you want choose them, and if you want choose me, he allows this option to Zaid instantaneously. Zaid says, I can never choose anyone over you

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can never choose anyone over you. And at this point, remember the process of not even rasulillah. He goes I can never choose anyone over you. For you are to me more than a father and an uncle combined. panela you are to me more than a father and an uncle combined. And I want you to think about this will lie. And I'm saying something might sound a bit harsh, but listen to me all fully. Well, law II This is unnatural for a man to say to a person who's not his blood relative, that of course, I'll choose you over my father. I mean, biologically, the love that you have for your father is there. There are cases of people who have never met their fathers until they're 3040 years old. And then

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they discover with their father's work. And instantaneously there's a loved one, isn't that correct? Right? automatically in the fitrah. There is a bond of love. The fact that Zaid has pure memories he's grown up, he's seven, eight years old when he's kidnapped, he knows who his father is. And yet instantaneously he says How can I choose anybody over you will lie I will say this is unnatural, except if this man is a prophet of Allah, because the bonds of a prophet are going to be stronger than the bonds of a father. And the love that such a person will put in the hearts of those around him will lie only somebody who is a prophet or is going to be a prophet, and that if that's the case

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of this man, he's going to be a prophet. He's not a prophet, yet. Only somebody who has that level of spirituality will trump the bonds of fatherhood, because that's what they did. They said, I can't choose anybody over you Yasuda who didn't say Rasulullah. He said he couldn't call him Mohammed because he was the master, right? So he's not calling any name. So he says, I cannot choose anybody over you, because of what I have seen from you or to me more than a father and an uncle combined. zeds father stood up and he says, had it and he says, Jose, Have you gone crazy? Have you gone mad? You will choose to be a slave in a strange land. You're a slave. You're not even a free to us man

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who's not even your blood. And you refuse to come back with your own father to your own tribe. In other words, again, as a slave, you have no rights. Right? as a slave, you have no is no honor. As a slave, you have no protection as a slave, you're a slave. And you choose to be a slave to a stranger, rather than Come back with me Your father to your own nation. Have you gone crazy? And Zaid remarks for him? Yes, I have made my choice. I know what I have said and I have seen from this man, that which I cannot choose any one over him.

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The way that this man has treated me and with a love that Yeah, I cannot choose anybody over him and when they said this

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profitsystem stood up to come by the hand and went to this hedger that we just talked about the, the open part of the Kaaba, and he stood there and he made an announcement. That's where he made the announcements. And he said, Oh people of Mecca, I want you all to testify that from now on Zaid is a free man, and I have adopted him as my son. So he is now my son, and he will inherit from me and I will inherit from him. And so he became known as aid even Mohammed. And he did this in front of the Father, in order to bring some peace to the Father's heart, look, your son is no longer a slave, and I will adopt him and I will take care of him and he will inherit from me and I'm the grandson of

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Adam. And he did it in front of the father and uncle so that they don't go home feeling lost, but but rather they go home feeling a need that okay, at least our son is now a free man and he is adopted by orange and he is now a quarter sheet if not in blood, then at least in the same respect. So the same is there will be given to him, and therefore he adopted zayde even had it and of course after this time, he was called zaytoven. Mohammed and even Omar said and even Omar Omar is a young man in early Makkah, so he does not know as a as a young man he knows of Zaid already when Islam has started, even Omar the son of Abdullah bin Ahmad is the son of Abdullah bin or even Omar said, we

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never knew of Zaid by any other name except dative. And Mohammed. That's what I thought he was. That's how the process have treated him. I never knew that they'd had any name other than Zaid Ibn Muhammad, until Allah revealed sudah has a verse five. And that's way fifth year of Medina way later on 30 years after this incident happened, right? It almost says I had no idea that they was anybody other than zaytoven, Mohammed, because that's how the relationship was, until Allah revealed sort of zap. And in Surah, verse five, what does the law say? Who the rule whom the other him who acts are in the law, called children by their fathers, that is what is not noble in the eyes of Allah. And so

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that was when the Prophet system really changed the name of zeta and he said this is now they even had ether, and not Zaid, even Mohammed, and even she have a zoo he was one of their famous scholars of early Islam.

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According to his opinion, zayde was the first person to accept Islam. Now this first person to accept Islam has been said of Khadija has been said a worker has been said of Zaid has been said of Ali. These are the main people that has been said of these four people that has been set up. And so they there's one of those few people who It has been said we're the first accept Islam. And of course, people have tried to reconcile these narrations by saying that the first quarter actually to accept Islam of the adult males was Abu Bakar. And the first female was Khadija and the first freed slave or Mola was they and the first child was ID. So they tried to reconcile these opinions. But

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still the point being Zaid is basically one of the first converts to Islam, and Zaid was extremely beloved by the prophet system in the days of jaha. Leah Zaid had married on me Amen, amen. Amen. Was the servant of Amina the prophets mother. And when Amina passed away on May A man was inherited by the prophet system, and so on. Amen became the first nurse. She's not a wet nurse. She didn't feed him. She didn't suckle him, but she took care of him. Right. So she became like a foster mother, but she's not Foster, meaning she didn't breastfeed, so only a man is now we don't know how old she she was at the time, but most likely she was a young lady under Amina, and so she was maybe 15 years

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older than the Prophet System or 10 years older, so only a man is at least we would say 20 years older than Zaid, however, this is when both of them were slaves. So they married a man when they're both slaves because as a slave, you can marry another slave. And the two of them had a child. And that child was born literally in the house of the Prophet system. There were no hospitals back then. Right. It was literally born in the in the house of the of the process of them. And this child is of course none other than Osama bin Zayed. This is the Osama bin Zayed, the famous Osama bin Zayed The one whom when the Sahaba wanted something. They would go to sama and say Why don't you ask the

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processor because he loves you so much. He can never say no to you. You're the one that if you go to him You can never you can never be turned down and they will call Osama Hey boo Nabi sallallahu, you send him the maboob basically the Hebrew Navy, the one whom the prophets Islam loves because he loved him and he loved his father, and Osama was like a baby in the house of the process of them raised as a baby, right raised as a child, and so Osama has that special status of literally being born in the household.

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The process of him and being raised in that household and of course, his father's aid was no less. And

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when the when the Prophet system adopted him and freed him, this meant that he would have the same status as the origin. And so the Prophet system encouraged him to marry his own cousin, Xena vintage ash. Right. And this is, of course, shows you that he intended to remove all elements of slavery from Zaid, because as a slave, you could not marry a noble lady. Right. So, Zaid was a slave when he's freed, and he becomes a bin Mohammed to solidify this status. The profitsystem says marry my own cousin, and that is Xena vintage ash and that is his aunt's daughter. Right. So my own cousin is a bit dejected. As you know, the marriage did not work out there were tensions there. And then this

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leads to another story in the fifth year of the hijra, we're alone reveals in the Quran that you will marry Zainab. And this was the only commandment in the Quran where Allah performed Anika there was no nikka because Allah performed it, there was no need for witnesses because it's in the Quran, there was no need for any worry, because it is Allah subhana wa tada revealing. And so as soon as the and this is, of course, after they divorced her from by many months after the divorce, it was a tense issue. And we'll talk about that. And we'll talk about the misinterpretations that occur amongst non Muslims about the story. But this is a it's one of those aids wives, and that is Zane,

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up whom he eventually divorced. And then eventually, he married other quarshie yet, so they married many quarters yet, and this clearly shows that after he was freed, there was no stigma attached to that he was a slave anymore. And by the way, an interesting point about zabe.

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Is that any time the Prophet system sent him somewhere, he was the one in charge. They never was anybody put in charge overnight, and he was sent on at least 10 expeditions. And in every one of them, Zaid was the commander. And this shows the status that the Prophet system gave Zaid, and eventually of course, they'd met his martyrdom, his Shahada in the life of the prophets of the LaGuardia he was sent them.

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Excuse me,

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in the Battle of Malta, and this was the major battle between the early Muslims and the Romans, the process of himself did not participate. But he sent a large contingent, one of the largest armies that the Muslims had ever guard that gathered after the conquest of Makkah, and he put in charge of them, Zaid even had it. And he said, and this commandment is unprecedented. Because he realized going to be a tough battle is a it is in charge of you. And if something happens to him, then my cousin Jaffa, even bupati, the brother of God, and if something happens to him, then I've done live in Rwanda. He put three people in charge, one after the other, and all three of them died in the

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bottle of water. And there was a vacuum for who would be in charge. And that was when Khalid bin Walid, who was a brand new convert literally a month before motor, right, so he's coming as an infantry man. The other people in the army say, yeah, Khalid, you are the general well known, you will take charge. And this was when Khalid became who he became, and he returned and the processor said you aren't safe will lose the battle of water. They died, his own cousin Joshua died and Abdullah Nero, another beloved companion died, it was one of the most painful episodes in Islamic history for the Prophet system. When the news of all of these came, it was a very painful episode

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for Ron was revealed for them, which is no longer recited to this day. It's not recited it was revealed at the time. And it was, of course, the martyrdom of Zaid, Osama then was given charge. And Osama even though he was a young lad, probably 16 years old, the prophet system appointed him to go and fight the next battle against the Romans. And this is when he saw lesson of himself passed away, right? And Osama's army was just leaving Medina. And this was when the crisis happened between obachan and Oman, that Abu Bakar Omar said you can send to sama He's just a kid. How can you send to summer? And the Prophet system said or sorry, aboubaker said, How can I possibly take somebody whom

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the Prophet system appointed and put him out and appoint somebody else? So have you gone mad? How could I change whom the profitsystem appointed? Right? And of course, that's another issue of Osama bin Laden his own life and story after that, and Subhanallah It is enough of a blessing for Zaid, even Hadith that he is the only companion ever, whom Allah mentions by name in the Koran. The only name that we have in the whole Koran, not even aboubaker is mentioned by name, but he's mentioned by inference fan, yes, many of whom are for the heart. And this is a worker has clearly indicated right, but there is a blessing that even Abu Bakar did not get and some of the Sahaba said that had

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

Zaid been alive when the Prophet says

00:30:00--> 00:30:41

passed away. Zaid would have been the halifa. Because he was that beloved to the prophets, the Lord said of them. And of course Allah mentions the Koran. Furthermore, they do mean what are the only Sahabi, whose name will be recited until the day of judgment. The only companion is this companion, they even had it up, do not have the same one who said I knew I never knew that they even Mohammed was anybody other than say they've been Mohammed until Allah reveals that verse five, and then his name was changed this same Abdullah Omar, once he went to complain to his father, the Hadith at the time, or Medina hotdog, and he said that, my dear father, how can you give the salary of Osama bin

00:30:41--> 00:31:22

Zayed more than my salary? We're both working for the Islamic State, we both have a stipend, how come his salary is more than mine? I mean, you're my father. He's a diva? How come his salary is more than mine. And so I would have known what Bob said, because he was more beloved to the pseudo rasulillah system than you. And because his father was more beloved to the pseudo law than your father. This is the halifa and his own son, because of giving him more money than you, because he was more beloved to the solar system than you ever were. And his father was more beloved to those sources than your own father meaning himself. Look at the honesty of this man. Right? Because the

00:31:22--> 00:32:02

honesty that I know that the process and loves dad more than he loved me, how can I give his son a salary less than or less than what I give you? And this one incident, that they choosing the Prophet system above his own father and his own uncle? In real life? It is just mind boggling. If you think about it, right? It is simply it's difficult to just understand, and this is before he was rasulillah. I mean, at least after his Rasul Allah, you understand there's a religious motivation right after his original, you understand psychologically, this is before his rasulillah. Before it was right, he comes down, still, Zaid says, I can never choose anybody above you, you are more than

00:32:02--> 00:32:30

a father and uncle could ever be. Well, it's just amazing how that relationship would have been, how the lack of the profits or some would have been, it is something that, as I said, it just silences us we just ponder and contemplate, and this one incident will lie. He tells us more about the manners and mannerisms or the process of them. Then if we had many particular stories of what he did, just this one incident of the choosing the processing of above his own biological father, it speaks volumes about who this man was.

00:32:32--> 00:33:10

Those stories that we just mentioned, are pretty much the only incidents that we know before the coming of the revelation. And as we've already said, therefore, that before the coming of the relation It is as if the stage has been set. It is as if the character of the Prophet system has now been established. There are many signs the rebuilding of the Kaaba, the unification of the Quran, under the Prophet system, the fact that the Kava is saved in the time of Abraham, and the time of Abdulmutallab there. Also, a shout out there also hints that there is a profit coming, I gave you some stories of the hoonah fat who had already been told segmental fallacy we already mentioned

00:33:10--> 00:33:50

historian a little bit of detail, and we'll come back to later on, there are clear indications that something is about to change. And from here, we now begin, therefore the actual story of why, and this story, the beginning of what he has been told to us in a lot of detail by our Chateau de la Juana herself, and Alisha and our scenario or this hadith is narrated in the study of human body. Now, interesting point here. Our issue is the main narrator of this hadith. And this is very long as two pages long. And it's all about how the why he began, it's actually the fifth Hadith the body opened it up, turn the pages, it's the very beginning of the chapter. And by the way, the first

00:33:50--> 00:34:20

chapter of Bahati is the very first chapter is the beginning of the revelation. This is the first chapter of Sahih Bukhari and therefore you open it up, you come to this Hadith, and that is our issue saying that the beginning of the revelation was and then she goes on, and in this there's a beautiful look, or father or a little bit of a benefit here. Isha could never have witnessed this herself. She wasn't even born when the revelation came down the beginning of the relation, and yet she's narrating in vivid detail.

00:34:21--> 00:34:59

And what this shows is that the profitsystem, just like any loving husband, is having lots of conversations with her about his early life. And so later on, she knows exactly what the prophet systems happened to him in his early life, and therefore she is narrating to it as if she's an eyewitness. Even though she is not an eyewitness. She was not even born when this incident happened. So he narrates that the prophets of the law where instead of before the revolution began, before the revolution began, he began to seclude himself in the heart of his era in the heart of Iran in the case of Iraq now

00:35:00--> 00:35:29

The key word here or perhaps some of you have been there. It's a very interesting cave. It's on the top of the mountain, which is now called Jebel renewal. It was not called Jebel nude in the days of jelenia. It is called given a new word because the new word came down to it, the Quran came down upon it. So the name of the mountain now is Java, a new and this cave is an amazing cave in many, in many ways. Firstly, the cave is actually not as much of a cave as it is a crevice.

00:35:30--> 00:36:09

As it is a type of hole if you like it's not an actual cave. As much as it is a type of working in the rock that there's an opening in front and opening and back and you have to crawl inside and you have to work your way in. And then amazingly, and I've been there and I've seen this myself, when you sit in that cave, there's only space for one person. And when you sit in that cave, you are forced to face the direction of the Kava, there's no other way for you to face there's only a space enough to face the Kava, and amazingly and to this day, you can clearly see the Kava visually from that cave. It's a beautiful location, you can literally see the Kava, you're facing the Kava,

00:36:10--> 00:36:39

there's a beautiful breeze blowing as well at that time when you go over there because the mountain talk is as if Allah created it really just for this. And it is said that it is said in his health and others that I had discovered the cave Abu Talib had discovered the cave, and that he will also sit there to contemplate and just to meditate, and it was a beautiful place to sit privately. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would go there and contemplate, and

00:36:41--> 00:37:07

he would take some food and water and spend a number of nights just sitting there. And when he ran out of food and water, he would come back down to her deja, and gets stay there for a few days, take care of the family affairs, and then go back up again, Around this time, so he's doing this in his 40th year. Around this time, other things also started to happen that he himself told us about many years later, in the editing. So he Muslim he said

00:37:09--> 00:37:12

that before the revelation came to me,

00:37:13--> 00:37:56

before the revelation came to me, I began to hear the rocks and stones greet me in my path. This is he himself telling the Sahaba that before the revolution began, I would hear the rocks and stones saying Salaam to me and I would look around and not find anybody until I realized it's a rock and stone and then he said this is a Muslim that and there was a particular rock that always gave Salaam to me. And I recognize it to this day and I know exactly which rock that was. That would say salam to me. Also Around this time, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam began having every single night he began having a dream about what would happen the next day.

00:37:57--> 00:38:17

What would happen the next day, he's seeing it the night before, as the narration Arusha had these goals that he would get a row. Yeah, that would be as true as the dawn rising. In other words, as you know, the sun is gonna rise tomorrow. So he began to know that what he is seeing is going to happen tomorrow. And

00:38:18--> 00:38:57

he'd mentioned this to Khadija that oh Khadija I'm seeing dreams and every time I see a dream, it comes true The next day, and Khadija consoled him and said that this is a good sign from Allah. And again, this shows us the wisdom of Khadija, the maturity of a DJ, that Khadija knows that something good is happening to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it is mentioned in Bahati as well, that this period of dreams it lasted six full months. So let's pause here. The revelation of the Quran began in Ramadan, we know this for a fact because that's when the revelation began in the hands of the ladies and it began on layer two, right? So six months before Ramadan will be which

00:38:57--> 00:38:57


00:39:02--> 00:39:17

over six months before Ramadan is over, so from Robbie, over to Ramadan, every single night the Prophet system has seen what's going to happen the next day. So this is six months correct? How many years did the prophethood last

00:39:18--> 00:39:59

23 what is the fraction of six months over 2341 over 46 had eaten Timothy, the prophecies that have said nothing is left of good dreams. Sorry, nothing is left of prophethood except good dreams and good dreams are one over 46 of prophethood exact fraction. This is a very exact fraction the Arabic right and good dreams are one over 46 of profit. Right and so down to the dot Allah subhana wa tada for six months is showing him good dreams. And then for 23 years actual way is coming down now. The car

00:40:00--> 00:40:24

concept of dreams I have spoken a lot about in my tests user use of Sharla. No need to repeat now, but just very briefly because some of you are new. That there are three types of dreams number one from Allah number two from shaytaan. Number three from your own imagination in psychology, right? And reads from Allah are positive and good, they come true dreams from Allah bring about a good feeling, they do not terrify dreams from Allah could be

00:40:25--> 00:41:04

could be visions of what's going to happen. So you see what's going to happen tomorrow or next year or 10 years down the line, like the Prophet system saw that he's going to do a walk around the Kaaba and alum mentions that you saw in the dream you're going toe to toe, often you're going to shave your hair, right, let it hold an image of Latina, mocha city, or in these six months, or it could be symbolic dreams. So you see symbols, but you don't understand what they are. And these need to be interpreted. So these are from Allah subhanho wa Taala dreams from a law never terrify dreams from a law bring about news of the future. And generally good news of the future. Dreams from shavon

00:41:04--> 00:41:38

terrify. And these are nightmares. And they are never true. And we're not supposed to act upon them. And it is chiffons tactic to make us scared. And we're supposed to turn away from shaytaan and turn away from these dreams and not tell anybody. And then our own dreams, as we said, are the dreams every night we have them. If we're thinking about a fancy car, we'll dream we're driving that car. This is our own imagination. And the sign of this dream is that it disappears from memory. Every morning we wake up, and we remember so vividly, we were having a dream. Everything is clear. within five minutes, we completely forget, right? This is neither from Allah nor from shared on this for

00:41:38--> 00:42:22

our own imagination. Okay, these are the three types of dream point being the profitsystem would see six months you would see every single day, what's going to happen the next day. Now why is this happening? The stone saying Salaam he's seeing these dreams, two reasons. Number one, to indicate to him that something momentous is about to happen. This is not normal, and you are undergoing a transformation. So you need to be prepared for a momentous event that's going to happen. And number two, some scholars have added here that the institution of prophecy, being a prophet requires some spiritual psychological training to get there that Allah will have to make you go through. And so

00:42:22--> 00:43:03

the Prophet system is being upgraded. He's being transformed into a pseudo law. And we're never going to know the details of how this happens. But this is an indication that things are happening differently, that for six months, he's seeing dreams every single night that he hears stones saying Salaam to him. And he doesn't understand why but he knows that there's these creatures and these beings are talking to him. So it is as if the Prophet system is being psychologically mentally spiritually trained to become ready for the big revelation. Now, as we said, This lasted for a period of six months. And in this time, basically what the prophet system began to do was to cut

00:43:03--> 00:43:49

himself off from society, and to worship a lot more and more. And there's no question that our religion encourages moments of solitude, our religion encourages that we break away from the world around us and concentrate on a breathalyzer or gel on worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada. However, it is no longer a sin, to cut yourself off from society and go out of society. This was something the Prophet system did before the revelation came down. Once the revelation came down, he never returned to head off even once. And there are some groups that say that this shows us that we need halwa. And we need to go into caves. And we need to go into hidden rooms. And there are literally, you know,

00:43:49--> 00:44:26

there's a group out there, I don't want to mention which particular group have the mystical versions of Islam, there are literally manifestations are these groups that say, just like the Prophet system went to cut himself off from society, you two need to enter a cave, and you take with yourself some dates and some water and you sit there for one month, two months, six months, and you do nothing but meditate, and you contemplate, now, it's very easy to correct this misunderstanding. The Prophet system did this when he didn't have revelation. As soon as revelation came, there was no need for him to do that. So he never returned to head out to worship there anymore. He never returned to that

00:44:26--> 00:44:58

type of solitude. And if a person truly wants solitude, then the Prophet system told us the way to do that will suddenly be lady when NASA neon, pray at night when everybody is sleeping. And Allah says in the Koran, that at night when when the when the hedgehog comes out, when the stars come out, then you will find them when the stars are out and everybody is asleep, you will find our true servants worshipping. So for those who truly want that type of solitude, the a part of tahajjud is open for them. And that is the solitude of our religion

00:44:59--> 00:44:59

in some

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

narration is not mentioned in the Sahih hain. In some narrations, it is mentioned that on one of the Sundays of Ramadan on one of the Sundays of sorry, on one of the Saturdays of Ramadan, the prophet system saw a light and heard a sound. And he looked around and he didn't find anything. And then on Sunday, the same thing happened, that he saw a bright light and he heard a sound. And he looked around and he couldn't find anything. And then on Monday was when jabril came to him, because we know for a fact it was Monday, when Jubilee came to him. How do you think a Muslim says that? When somebody asked him, Why do you fast on Mondays, yada sutala. So the profitsystem said, on a Monday I

00:45:42--> 00:45:45

was born, and on a Monday, the revelation began.

00:45:46--> 00:46:27

So the revelation began in the last 10 days of Ramadan, on a Monday, this is what we know for sure. And that day marks for us later to the night before the data to the right. So the revelation began on one of the last 10 days of Ramadan on a Monday and as I said, there are somebody wired that the Saturday and Sunday he heard something he saw something but he could not physically see any being there he just something is happening. And the fact that he remains in head off while this is happening shows his bravery solo very seldom that there's a light there's a sound, but he still remains there. Then on Monday occurs the famous incident that all of us know we tell it to our

00:46:27--> 00:46:36

children, that when he was sitting and Vata Hara issues narrative story body, the medic, the angel came to him and told him

00:46:39--> 00:46:40

so the profitsystem said, Man, it will

00:46:41--> 00:46:42

not be correct.

00:46:43--> 00:47:09

And so jabril took him and squeezed him so tight. The profitsystem said had the better a minute judge Yanni I lost all energy. Can you imagine how tight that must have been that you lose energy, you just you cannot read anymore? And the process of things that he might blackout or just not be conscious anymore? Then he left me let me go again. And then he said to me again, Cora. So I said again.

00:47:10--> 00:47:33

So for the second time he squeezed me so tight, that I thought that I wouldn't last until he let go of me and for the third time and then for the third time. And then the third time, he said if Bismillah Nicola de Haddock calaca insanity. Nanak. Cora Buccola. Calm Allah. Allah. Allah, Allah in Santa Madame. Yeah.

00:47:34--> 00:47:47

Now a number of points here before we move on. Firstly, why is Julian squeezing him? Why is Julian squeezing him so tightly that he thinks that he's not going to last that it's so tight, he can't even breathe?

00:47:49--> 00:48:12

There's really no authoritative answer, but we can venture a guess we can hazard a guess. And some scholars say to indicate that he is not dreaming, this is a real thing. Because when you think you're dreaming, what do you do? pinch yourself right. So this is indicate this is a real when you feel physical pain, you are not dreaming. So to indicate this as real, others, others say that

00:48:13--> 00:48:55

gibreel is indicating that you are about to be inspired with this heavy message in Sunoco, Attica, colon tequila, we're going to inspire you with a heavy message, it's not going to be easy. And it was physically painful for the profitsystem. To receive why and we'll talk about that in a while it was physically painful. It was a an energy draining experience to be inspired by gibreel was not an easy task. And Allah says, we're going to give you a heavy revelation. So to indicate that there will be heaviness, and some scholars derive and again, Allah knows best, there's no way to to verify self, some scholars derive that this was an indication that you're going to face three significant

00:48:55--> 00:49:33

trials that you think will be the end for you. But every time Allah will give you a way out, and these three trials were the boycott, where the Muslims for two and a half years, literally had almost no food to eat, and the assassination attempt and then the hedgerow in which once again, the prophet system was literally and Allah saved him with a number of miracles, as you know, or else any other person would not have made it through. And then, of course, the most difficult time for the process. And that's the Battle of boyhood, when he was surrounded by the kurush. They were just one step away from finding him. He was already bleeding from three places from his head to La La Jolla

00:49:33--> 00:50:00

send them and it was a very difficult time the Sahaba did not know where he was, he was only with two or three Sahaba and he didn't and they didn't know where the process of them was. So these three times it is as if he's being indicated you will have three traumatic experiences, but every time Allah subhana wa tada will open the way out for you. Once again, Allah knows Gianni what, what is the significance of why these three squeezes occurred. Now as for the rubber

00:50:00--> 00:50:12

itself. Of course, it has two meanings to it. It has two meanings to it in the Arabic language. The first meaning of Cora is to read from a paper.

00:50:14--> 00:50:17

And the second meaning of Cora is to recite from memory

00:50:18--> 00:51:02

that Cora can meet to read, and come in to recite. And to this day we use the same if you tell a boy or an he will ask you, from my memory or from the must have because the verb encompasses both meanings. So, when God told him if caught up, the prophets are sort of understood to read from a paper. So he responded back, man a bit guarded. I don't know how to read. I am unlettered, I haven't been taught how to read. I don't know how to how can I read? And so but God didn't mean a crop from the papers you read meant a crop, you know, not from a paper, if crop and where he's going to move on, he's going to say, how should you recite? And so again, he tells him recite, and so the

00:51:02--> 00:51:32

processor only understands reading, so because I don't know how to read. So for the third time when he says this, now gibreel tells him I'm not asking you to read from a paper No, if corrupt this mirrabooka Lady hudec your recitation will come directly from Allah, not from a paper, your recitation will be in the name of Allah and with the blessings of Allah and communicating with Allah subhana wa tada is Cora, this smear of

00:51:33--> 00:52:19

the Kira will be this mirror, the cue the bat, can mean that when you recite you say Bismillah, right, and this is beautiful that the first verse revealed is not Bismillah it is if this mirotic right, which is very profound here that he is being told that you need to recite in the name of your Lord. When you recite recite this Moravec It could also mean it cannot be some Arabic the bar here is you will recite By Allah, your recitation will be by Allah any better suburbia as we call an RV, the recitation will come from a lot directly. You don't need to recite from yourself. And then there are other meanings of that and of them is that Allah will help you in this recitation, but Allah

00:52:19--> 00:52:37

will help you that when you recite you don't need to know Allah is going to tell you what to recite. The bottom line Juba deal is telling him I'm not asking you to read from a parchment, you will recite directly from Allah subhana wa Tada. Who is this? The Lord who created what did He create everything, this vulnerability.

00:52:39--> 00:53:18

It's not finished the verses not finished, because a lot it's not mentioned what Allah created. And there's no need to finish the verse because there's no conditional clause here. Allah created everything. Allah doesn't need to finish the sentence created what because Allah created everything. So the Prophet says is being told you are going to get a revelation directly from the one who created everything around you. And then to emphasize Who is this being honohan insane. He created everything. And then He created man, and now he's communicating with man, and he's chosen you to communicate with man holla con in Santa min Allah, the being who's communicating with you, He

00:53:18--> 00:54:00

created man from that which clings and adequate explained is that which is suspended, right? So is that what you're suspended and most scholars say this is a reference to the human embryo of the fetus, that is clinging, or the embryo that is clinging in the womb of the mother. And so Allah is saying, the one who created man in all of these stages, who took man out of the womb of this mother, this being is now going to inspire to that a little Hello Can someone Allah, Allah wa Buccola Crum, go ahead and recite. So as mentioned twice at the beginning, and then in the third verse, right? And the reason for this duality, the reason for saying twice, there's many things we can say. Firstly,

00:54:00--> 00:54:08

your job is to recite and keep on reciting. So the dual core is for repetition, if correct, and then continue

00:54:09--> 00:54:49

and continue to acquire and this is of course, proven in the Koran. Your job is to spread the message, your job is to give the bow your job hold in Nima Ludo can be ye say I am warning you by the revelation was that good bill or Annie warn them through the Quran. So that means you need to spread the Quran to them over and over again. And some scholars have said that the dual repetition of color here is that the first chakra is for religious knowledge and the second chakra is for the knowledge of this world. Why because the first color says Bismillah because the Haleakala can examine Allah, so recite from Allah directly and then the second is if Coronavirus bukal Accra

00:54:49--> 00:54:53

mulethi Allah below column read

00:54:54--> 00:54:59

and your Lord is the Most Generous, the one who taught by the pen taught manual

00:55:00--> 00:55:40

He doesn't know. And so it is as if knowledge is being knowledge is being encouraged religious and knowledge of this dunya and Allah is telling us Muslims that learn the knowledge of this religion that will come from a law and then learn the knowledge of men that comes from depends but realize that even that knowledge I gave it to men why because a lady I lemme bill column, I'm the one who taught you how to write with the pen I lemon in Santa Monica, Mia Adam. Allah is the one who taught man what he did not know if Allah did not teach man man would never know any of these things. And of course, this is beautiful here and we already mentioned in a heartbeat many months ago that I gave

00:55:40--> 00:55:40


00:55:42--> 00:56:23

even in this verse panel is such profundity and power that Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that Allah is telling men to go ahead and read what others have written. Allah is encouraging knowledge, read what others have written. And this command does not apply to the Prophet system because he is not literate, he is unlettered, this is a command to the Muslim Ummah, that go ahead and read what the others have written, increase your knowledge. And this verse came down to one unlettered nation, a backward civilization, a group of people who didn't know how to read and write all of MK there were probably five people that could read and write a civilization that did not even have a script

00:56:23--> 00:57:05

to write down its language, that didn't even have a developed script. If you try to read Arabic of that era, I guarantee you nobody in this room can understand that script, because it is an A type of script that is no, no dots, no tisski, no knockout, no nothing. It's a type of script that's closer to hydrographics than it is to what we understand as Arabic. in that era, Allah is telling them go read what people have written, go read and increase your horizons of knowledge. And it is not a coincidence that 100 years later, the Muslims are already becoming the greatest superpower on Earth. 200 years later, 300 400 500 they become the bastion of human civilization. They reached the

00:57:05--> 00:57:42

pinnacle of their period, there are people coming to study medicine, science, chemistry, engineering, law, in Islamic lands, and then going back to their own lives. And I've already said there are documented cases we know the names, and the the the contributions of people who had come from modern day England, modern day Italy, modern day France, they would come to underdose, they would come to North Africa, and they would study medicine, and then they would go back and teach it to their people, just like in our times, Muslims come to America, and they study medicine, but they don't go back to the people they stay here. But that's a different point. And they study medicine

00:57:42--> 00:58:19

and engineering. Once upon a time the exact opposite happened, right? And why did this happen? Because Allah encouraged knowledge from the first revelation. Go ahead and study. Go ahead and learn. Go ahead and broaden your horizons. But as you do this, remember, all of this knowledge comes from me if I hadn't given it to you, you wouldn't have it. And even the knowledge Allah mentions one of the knowledge is we take for granted but will lie It is such a such an amazing feat and that is writing Allah mentions writing in this verse, Allah The I lemma bill Adam I live in in Santa Monica, me, Adam, the whole concept of writing, it is really a miracle that the sounds that come out of my

00:58:19--> 00:59:02

mouth. You can record them by paper and ink by scribblings and you can then write down what I have said, and then pass it down to anybody who was not here. And this if Allah had not taught it to us, we would never know it. And our profits are seldom said the first person to ever write with the pen was Idris, a Waterman hospitable kalami Idris, a lot taught the Prophet Idris how to write and if Allah had not taught Idris how to write, we would never have learned how to write all knowledge of this world goes back to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah taught Adam what Allah teach Adam, how to speak. If a law did not teach them how to speak, we would be like the animals grunting and groaning, who

00:59:02--> 00:59:42

would never have learned speech, a lot taught them how to speak a lot, or at least how to write a lot or know how to build a ship a lot today would how to build the armor or to make the armor, malleable, right? A lot taught so many prophets, so many different things. And from these knowledges, all other human knowledge comes forth. And this is why whatever discovery we come across, it's nothing to do with us. Allah gave us that the qudra Allah gave us the intelligence Allah gave us everything that we needed to do this. So Allah is saying, go ahead and study and read. But as you study, remember, I'm the one who gave all of this to you. Now, the significance of why

00:59:42--> 01:00:00

does Allah begin with Arabic lady Hello, because what is about to happen is that from now on, man will have a direct communication or direct book that is coming from Allah. So the first revelation is recite this book

01:00:00--> 01:00:40

That is coming directly from Allah is this miracle lady Hello, this is an of course what is this book called, are on Korra or on because from this word we get Quran, and the Quran is the recitation. And also there's a connotation here that if correct means both the recitation and the reading both what is written and what is recited. And the Quran has been preserved in the hearts of men's memory, and has been preserved in the writings of men. And this is the only book that is preserved in both that the Quran is memorized completely the first meaning of Accra, and the Quran has been written down, like no other holy book has been written down. And this is the second meaning

01:00:40--> 01:01:20

of Korra. And all of this talks about the some of the wisdoms of the meanings of a lot of Muslims, they never contemplate, what is the significance of the first five verses of the Quran? Why would Allah begin the Quran with this? And inshallah, if you listen to some of these points, you understand, why did a love begin the revelation of the Quran with these verses, and the primary point is, this is a communication directly from a law to all of mankind. Now getting back to the story, getting back to the story, our issue is narrating the Hadith. And so I Bahati the profitsystem returned back to her deja he ran back to her deja his heart was palpitating, right, Who

01:01:20--> 01:01:31

who are you who his heart is palpitating, don't you for algebra, and he entered in upon Khadija and he says to her zombie, Louisa Milani, cover me up, cover me up.

01:01:33--> 01:02:18

This, of course, clearly shows how unexpected this was for the Prophet system. He's not expecting something of this nature, to see the finger of God. That is, of course, God was shown in his massive form. And there is nobody that could have climbed up the mountain, you know, so quietly, this is a finger that is not human, and squeezed him so tightly, so he is terrified, His heart is palpitating. And when you are that nervous, and that anxious, you get cold, and he's feeling cold, so he runs back to his wife, Khadija, and this will law he shows the humanity of our solar system. And it shows that his message was not premeditated. He didn't think one day, let me see how I can trick mankind.

01:02:18--> 01:02:55

And let me see what I can do to talk to him about a false revelation. If you look at some of the other people who have claimed to be prophets, right? I don't want to mention names here. But there are people even in America 200 years ago, they claim to be profits. You look at their stories of prophethood. And it's pretty clear that they were premeditated, right? That they have a magnificent story, which sounds so grandiose, our Prophet goes running home to his wife, Khadija, and it shows the HumanIK he's terrified. And when you're terrified, you go back to your house, and you're scared, you're palpitating, and he says, cover me up, cover me observe me, Louisa Maloney. And of course,

01:02:55--> 01:03:34

Khadija covers them up because you're trembling, you're scared, so he covers him up, until finally he calmed down. So you can imagine until finally he calmed down, he's literally palpitating is literally so sensitive, he's terrified. And this shows us the humanity and the preparedness or the or the fact that it wasn't premeditated, and then he told her the job all that had happened. And we'll let him This shows how close the Profit System was to Khadija Vitali was still alive. The Profit System cousins are all there. But the closeness that a man feels with his wife the closest that a man feels with the woman whom Eliza has chosen for the Profit System. This is simply

01:03:34--> 01:04:12

obviously the man needs the comfort of the woman, the man needs the love and attention of a woman. So he goes back to a DJ, and a DJ calms him down. And when she calms him down. Now, he tells her the story that the that such and such happened to me and I am worried for myself. This is the phrase and body. I am scared for myself. This phrase has led to a lot of controversy. What did he mean by I'm scared for myself? The whole cliche to identify, there's over 12 opinions. What did he mean, when he said, I am scared? And there are some really strange opinions that I don't want to mention here. But I think the bottom line, which is pretty clear, one of two or three things seems to be clear.

01:04:13--> 01:04:50

Either he was scared of dying when when God was hugging him when God was squeezing him. So it was I got worried for myself, or he is scared that he is seeing visions that normal people don't see sane people don't see. In other words, he's scared of losing his sanity, that I'm seeing things that other people are not seeing. And both of these are, I think permissible to say and both of them don't really have any sacrilegious connotation and he's worried what's happening to me. I'm worried what is happening to me. So the DJ responded to him colorable law he metaphysical law, whoever that the famous statement of Khadija, that no by a law there's no reason for you to be scared no by

01:04:50--> 01:04:59

Allah. Allah will never humiliate you. Allah will never do anything to cause you harm. In Nicoletta sudo Rahim. You are good to your

01:05:00--> 01:05:41

You are good to your kin, you're good to your family, whatever you can, and you take on the burdens of other people were taxable at home, and you give money to those who have not nothing What took real life and you are hospitable to the guest what to do other than what will help and you do all types of good. Khadija summarizes the character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she gives us from her fitrah without knowing any Koran without knowing any Heidi, she gives straight from her pure heart, the beautiful rule that when you do good, Allah will do good to you simple rule. You don't need to memorize the whole Quran to know this basic rule. If you do good, Allah will

01:05:41--> 01:06:23

show you good and if you are righteous, that Allah will bless you. And Khadija is certain color Allah He she's swearing By Allah, it's not possible that you should be worried. There's nothing for you to be worried about, because you are such a righteous man, that our Lord will never cause you to suffer or be humiliated. And this really shows us why Allah chose Khadija for the Prophet so send him that she is the one consoling she is the one calming him down. She is the one telling him No, no, nothing can be wrong. Everything's got to be right. And according to a one book, Khadija immediately went, this is not the famous one that you're aware of that she immediately went to

01:06:23--> 01:06:28

Adidas, and Adidas was a Christian slave of one of the uncles of the Prophet.

01:06:30--> 01:07:10

And he was the one who eventually accepted Islam at the incident of thought if, when the one who gave the grapes remember the one who gave the grapes, that is at dusk, okay. And he was the only Christian in Makkah living in Makkah, who was a pure Christian, meaning not a convert, and he was a Roman, or at least he had been lived in Rome, and he had now ended up as a slave in Makkah, according to one version, Khadija first went to him, and asked him if he was familiar with what is going on, because this is not something they are used to. And when he was told of this, he said, what the angel of God or the angel of Allah in this hidden place of idols of Mecca? How is this

01:07:10--> 01:07:27

possible? Because he understood this as an angel. So when Khadija got the sense that this is something that is related to Judaism and Christianity, then according to the word report in Bahati, she goes to what I had been NOFA. Right. So what I've been nofal is, of course, Heidegger's older cousin,

01:07:29--> 01:07:44

his prodigious older cousin. And what we know for was one of the 405. We talked about them many weeks ago, when we said that four people in the days of Jamelia rejected idolatry, and

01:07:46--> 01:08:31

one of them was one of the Ivanova then there was a Debian, admittedly to fail. And then there was honorable Hadith and others. And so what was the last was the sorry, was the eldest of the four is a they have an AMA had died before Islam. So what was the oldest of the four, and he had traveled through the lands and adopted some type of religion. Now, the version and Bahati says, and this shows us that his religion is not pure Judaism or pure Christianity, the Virgin and behati says that he learned to write the books in Hebrew, and he became a Christian. Now, the Christians of the time were writing in Syriac or in Greek, right? So the fact that this virgin is saying he learned the

01:08:31--> 01:08:52

scripture of the Hebrews, and Rania, and he became a dentist, Sally became a Christian. It is my humble interpretation. And Arthur knows best that what I've embraced a type of Judeo Christianity. He is not a pure Christian or a pure Jew. He's simply somebody who understands that these were all prophets of Allah.

01:08:54--> 01:09:32

And he accepts them. And he knows their scripture, because he did not establish Christianity as a religion in Makkah, he did not believe in a trinity. So his, he is somebody who believes in the profits of the Jews and the Christians, but he's not worshipping openly like a Jew or a Christian. And he knows the scriptures of the Jews and the Christians. So he is basically a handy is his own character, if you like, and he is knowledgeable and he's at this time blind, he's on the verge of death. And so as you all know, her deja takes him to what they've been nofal and he asked, she asks, what what do you think after the process from describes the story, what becomes enthusiastic, he

01:09:32--> 01:09:59

becomes agitated, he becomes eager. And he says, that will lie here this is the same keeper of secrets. And he calls him anomalous, which is the keeper of secrets. This is the holiest of Holy, this is the the major angel that came down to Musab he didn't say Jesus. Why? Most likely because he understood that the Prophet Mohammed sysm would be resembling Moosa more than Jesus and this is true

01:10:00--> 01:10:44

Because if you look at it, both Mussa and our profit system, they had political battles as well, whereas Isa didn't get involved in public. They're given to Caesar what is Caesar's given to God what is God's, he had a very pacifist life. Whereas Moosa and our Prophet system, they were both rulers and profits, they were both some, if you like, I don't like use the word keys, but they were basically political figures right, along with being a religious figure. So he says, This is the same one that has come to Moosa How I wish I were a young man rather than an old man, so that I couldn't help you when your nation ridicules you, and your nation persecute you, and your nation expels, you

01:10:45--> 01:11:26

know, ridicule persecution, bad enough for the process and didn't say anything. When he said, and your nation expels you, the process of couldn't keep quiet. And he says, My nation will expel me, because ridiculous bad. persecution is difficult, but then to be expelled from your homeland. I mean, this is, you know, the place you've been born and raised, you have an automatic affiliation, the house of Allah Mecca. So he said, My people will kick me out, I will move home. And what he says yes, because never has any profit been sent, except that his people ridiculed him, and persecuted him and expelled him, and you're not going to be any different. Never has any profit been sent,

01:11:26--> 01:12:05

except that these have happened, and how I wish I were a young man to help you instead of an old man. And our issue says that he only lived a short time until he passed away. This is of course, what after a nofal, and later on some of the relatives of what are called asked the Prophet system, what is the fate of watarrka? And the Prophet says, and he said that he saw what after wearing white robes and having been blessed with gardens in Jeddah, and therefore, what clearly is also one of the earliest converts in Islam, even though he didn't live to really hear other revelations, and perhaps even died within a few weeks. And perhaps he only heard this story, but he believed in the prophet

01:12:05--> 01:12:13

or the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he then passed away. And the final thing that will mention and then shall we open the floor for question is that

01:12:15--> 01:12:54

the profitsystem went on in telling his story, because he's the one narrating. And then he says that, the way he sees the way he stopped to come, I didn't see God for a while, how long, some scholars say up to six months. So after a crop for another six months, nothing was revealed. And we don't know an exact date, some say three months, some say six months, and even some scholars even up to a year, but that seems to be a bit a bit buried or a bit, not very reliable. But a few months, God did not come. And so the processor is resumed a little bit back to normal. And then the processor is narrating this. It is also in body that when I was just walking about my way I saw or I

01:12:54--> 01:13:04

heard a sound similar to solten. And I looked up in the heavens, and I saw the same angel that had come to me in Hara,

01:13:05--> 01:13:50

sitting on a throne or sitting on a guru see, that was in the heavens and the earth. And once again, I trembled and I began to palpitate. And I rushed back to her deja again, saying zombie Louisa Maloney. And that was when jabril came and reveal the second revelation. Yeah, you would desert according to one report, he said that's the Rooney the three Rooney, which means that Milan is a Maloney. And so jabril came and said, Yeah, you have medicinal, or you who is wrapped up in garments, or you who's covered up in a cloak, comb for under stand up and worn. Of course, the symbolism here is clear. Or you who thinks he's living a comfortable life, get rid of the cloak,

01:13:50--> 01:14:31

stand up and be active, go away from this cave, you have created of the cloak here, right? Stand up and be active, and what is your activity and there so with ikara They say he became a Navy with confounder They say he became a Sunni, that now you need to go and spread the message over and then and when you warn the people what should you do? Rebecca kabil make sure you glorify your Lord. Throughout this warning, you need to pray to Him, have strength from him, worship him with the fabric of supply here. And as you go and tell others to be pure, make sure you yourself are pure, and make sure that your clothes are clean. Of course, physically clean is important. You don't have

01:14:31--> 01:14:57

nudges, but there's a symbolism here that make sure you are not polluted with sins as you tell the other peoples not to be polluted with sins with the outbreak of a boy who were religious, and abandoned all false idols while our time known the stick theory and don't be greedy for what is in the hands of men. Don't be greedy for what they have, that they do favors for, you know, do things for the sake of Allah and expect your reward from Allah. So these verses are again clearly

01:14:58--> 01:15:00

Manasa or clear

01:15:00--> 01:15:38

If you like they fit in perfectly with once again what the Profit System is supposed to do, and that is to warn the people and in shallow data next Wednesday we will continue talking about the types of why and how why occurred. And that is an interesting discussion. We have tidbits that how did the Y occur? How did this communication between man and Allah subhana wa tada occur? Because the only prophet that we know anything about in detail is the Prophet Mohammed sauce. So we have a little bit of details about the types of why and how it has been preserved. And what did the Prophet system do with this early revelation shall although that will be next Wednesday be indented a tada? We have a

01:15:38--> 01:15:41

few minutes for questions for today inshallah.

01:15:42--> 01:15:46

Is there a sign on the Prophet bag that was seen by one of the

01:15:48--> 01:16:00

when he was traveling and doing trading for his wife and his uncle? That's a sign that he's a prophet? And the second question when the Prophet was to go to

01:16:03--> 01:16:05

what kind of pray? And

01:16:08--> 01:16:13

so the question, first question is about the seal of prophethood on the back of the Prophet system.

01:16:14--> 01:17:01

We know from many narrations that the Prophet system had a physical mark on his body. And this Mark was predicted by the previous prophets of the Jewish and Christian nations. And it was the mark by which Sandman and fantasy recognized him to be a prophet. And others also recognized him to be a prophet. And it was a according to one report, it was a type of birthmark that a physical protrusion that had hair growing on it of a different color than the rest of the body, right, and some one report and Timothy says that it was the size of a pigeons egg. So a pigeon check is about that big. The size of a pigeons egg between his shoulder blades perfectly situated is not a blemish, it is

01:17:01--> 01:17:36

actually a beauty sign right between his shoulder blades, there's the size of a pigeons egg, and it had a beautiful color of hair growing on it. So it was a physical sign that the previous prophets had told that the final prophet will come and he will have a heart to manure or he will have the physical seal on his back. As for the monk seeing this, firstly, the story of the month, two weeks ago, and I mentioned within three weeks ago, I said that there's a lot of controversy, and personally I don't, I don't see that the story actually occurred.

01:17:37--> 01:18:15

Even if it did occur. The versions that are found in Timothy and Eben is half don't mention that the monk saw this on his back. These versions do not mention though the monk saw this on his back. So I would avoid narrating this in the first place. And if you listen to those lectures, and they're online, I think by now, you will see why I disagree with this whole story that perhaps it is not an authentic story. The second question that you heard about how the Profit System worshiped, we do not have I have looked foreign, why do we have we do not have a single report of what he used to do? Nothing in detail. And perhaps one of the reasons being that nobody saw him and he is narrating

01:18:15--> 01:18:27

himself to Asia many years later, than simply saying I used to worship. And so I should narrate to us that he used to worship what would have been worship at that time, it would have been liquido law.

01:18:28--> 01:19:02

Because the Arabs and the jetty Arabs would praise Allah subhana wa, they had simple phrases of Allahu Akbar and, and they had the phrases of La Ilaha, Illallah and others they had these phrases, the bake along with a bake they had these phrases preserved, it would have also had been contemplation and thinking. And this is what most of the scholars who interpret How did they say that it is contemplation and thinking about what is the right religion, about the religion of Abraham It is about the falseness of idolatry. So the worship would not have been the Salah that we know because obviously the Select came down later on, it would have been thinking and praising Allah

01:19:02--> 01:19:06

subhana wa This is where we can surmise and Allah knows best description of

01:19:09--> 01:19:52

some reports mentioned that jabril alayhis salaam had 600 wings, that was said to me at Aegina. And that, of course, the opponent Bahati says others said that he blocked the entire horizon. So this shows us that Jubilee was bigger than everything around him. And that is the profitsystem saw Jubilee in his original form, original form. And this only happened twice, twice, according to some people, and according to some ones recording some people three times, but most likely, it's twice in this in this event, and then at least our Mirage, he saw it in the original form of how Allah created Julian. Otherwise, whenever God came to the process of him, he would not see him in the

01:19:52--> 01:19:59

original form and he would see him in another form. That's all we know about God that He is massive and that he had 600 wings.

01:20:00--> 01:20:03

All we know, from the sisters, anyone from the sisters,

01:20:04--> 01:20:07

back to the brothers. Yes, yes. On the statement that you said about

01:20:09--> 01:20:12

the raising of funds that the funds should be paid without

01:20:14--> 01:20:15

a review assume that

01:20:17--> 01:20:17

you said about

01:20:19--> 01:20:51

last week, but they also believe in Allah except that they also believe in the intermediate Bibles and things like that. So the question is, did the jolly Arabs believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala? The response is, yes, of course they believed in Allah. And Allah mentions this in the Koran that they had a man. What do you mean a thorough humbler level machico was one of the six. Most of them have he man but they can make a law called a man.

01:20:52--> 01:21:30

Woman you mean thirumalai 11 which from the double negative cancels each other out, basically, most of them have a man but they commit * along with that man. And Allah says in the Quran, what is ultimate holla Cosima was rather a Quran Allah if you're gonna ask them who created the heavens and earth? They would say, Allah and Allah says in the Quran, what is the ultimate honeycomb? lunula if you were to ask who created you, they would say Allah and Allah says, Paul murghab bousema to say what should I say oh Luna de la say who is the rub of the heavens and earth they will say Allah subhanho wa Taala they know Allah subhana wa tada created them and they know Allah is the ultimate

01:21:30--> 01:22:11

rub. But they felt that they're too sinful. They're too unholy that they need to go through intermediaries to get to Allah subhana wa Tada. And so Allah says in the Quran, their excuses for worshipping these false gods. And this is exactly the same excuses we find among some of the misguided Muslims, when they go to their peers and their own leaders and their shifts the exact same mentality that we're too sinful. And we need to go through these beings to get to a lot sooner Azuma, verse three, man, Buddha whom Illa de una de la his alpha, we're only worshipping these gods so that they will bring us closer to a lot. The ultimate goal is Allah, not these gods. And so

01:22:11--> 01:22:52

Eunice verse 18, where are we doing them into the Himalayan family room, we are on a heart issue for our owner in the law. They say these intermediaries will make shafa between us and Allah, Shiva, the same word is used to this day, right? These beings, these holy men, Shiva, they're going to intercede for us. And so the Arabs believed a lot is the ultimate love and that is why they didn't have an idol for Allah. They did not have an idol for Allah, they could not make an idol for Allah. They had an idol for all of their other idols, they would carve something for Allah, they refuse to make an idol because they knew that He is the Lord of all of these other gods, and all of the other

01:22:52--> 01:23:32

gods were subservient. Just like if you know, Greek paganism and and, and Roman paganism, there is the one ultimate God, right, Zeus and Jupiter. And even in Hinduism, there's one ultimate God, that's division or the Brahma or the Shiva or the Krishna, depending on which sector of Hinduism, there's always one God in every person's heart, because the fifth row says so. So even the Arabs had one ultimate God, but then they said, We cannot reach that God directly, we need to go indirectly. And the message of Islam was, if you truly believe in one creator, that How could you worship anybody? Other than that doesn't make any sense. That if Allah is the all powerful, why are you

01:23:32--> 01:23:41

going through beings to reach Allah, majority of Muslims of contemporary Muslims a very dangerous thing, because we don't. So many people say that they're Muslim, I don't even

01:23:42--> 01:23:58

I agree with you that there are so many Muslims who are saying the exact same thing as they go to graves. And as they go to other beings, and they say the exact same excuse I agree with you, our job is to teach them. And I thought this is a beautiful listen to this a little bit of what Bob said.

01:23:59--> 01:24:11

I am worried about the later generations of Islam. When people are raised up, ie us basically, who have never seen Jah helia

01:24:13--> 01:24:25

never seen Jerry Lee. That's the time I'm worried about. So beautiful state. They've never seen Jerry Lee. So what's going to happen then? When it smacks them in the face? They won't recognize it.

01:24:27--> 01:24:45

Right? They've never seen Jerry Lee. And so they're not going to recognize that when it happens to them. With a national effort, it's not the military for God. Right? That's what I'm worried about that when the time will come when people don't know Jay Lee, and it is really melodramatic to say this, but it is so true that

01:24:46--> 01:24:59

those people who worship these saints and these are Leah and these beers and what not? Well, lucky it is exactly the same mentality and the same excuses and the same philosophy of the Jedi herbs.

01:25:00--> 01:25:33

Exact same. We know Allah created us a loved one, but we are sinful people. And these beings are holy and mighty. And Allah loves the Prophet Allah loves the father that Allah loves, you know for that and Fulani so we go through them, we make shefa to them, we make tawassul through them to get to Allah subhanaw taala isn't that the same? You know? Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Exactly. We thank Allah that he's guided us to La ilaha illa Allah and we worship Allah subhana wa tada alone final question inshallah that we need to break for Salah.

01:25:43--> 01:25:50

The question is was Jubilee in his original format his quiz the Prophet system. This is not mentioned in the Bahati Hadith.

01:25:52--> 01:26:10

So when the Prophet system initially saw him he was in the original form. Allahu Ireland by the time he went into the cave or not this these details are not mentioned. So we do not know that is a question of animals I will never going to know know whether this is the case. inshallah with this, we will conclude