A Pure Heart (Qalb Saleem)

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many Mina most need me? lol hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He also

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Allah azza wa jal mentions the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam in the Quran. And Allah says that Ibrahim made a dua to Allah.

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Allah Ibrahim said that lateral Zina Yomi overthrown yo Mala Pharaoh Maroun wala been on Ilum at Allahabad, Calvin Salim Allah do not humiliate me or embarrass me on that day, that neither wealth nor children will benefit anyone, except if they come to their Lord with a pure heart. So Ibrahim alayhis salam understands that he has to have a pure heart on the Day of Judgment. Whoever comes with colbyn Selim.

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In another verse in the Quran, Allah praises Ibrahim at a later stage of his life. And Allah says, remind to them the story of Ibrahim is Jah robber who because he's been Saleem he came to his Lord with a pure heart.

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These are the only two places in the Quran that Allah mentions ULb Salim the only two places. The first of them. Ibrahim is a young boy, he has been kicked out of his father's house and he makes the odd to Allah that oh Allah do not humiliate me on the day of judgment on that day that no one will be able to benefit themselves except if they come in front of you with the Calvin's and him. So as a young teenager, maybe 1415 years old, Ibrahim Ali Salim has in his in his mind, I need to have a calm Saleem, a pure heart. Then as an older man, Allah says Ibrahim came to us with a hub Salim what does this show us? It shows us that when you really want something, inshallah you will attain it.

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When you have that goal, when you have that desire. You will get it. If you don't even have the desire, how's it going to happen? You have to aim and aim high. And Ibrahim knew that he wanted one thing called serene. And Allah Himself said Ibrahim came to us with club Salim. Now what is absurd him? So this is one major benefit by the way, that if you want something, everything begins with what in them and Mr. Lubin. Nia What do you want Jana? Don't tell me just Yes. Do you really want to Jana? Is it in your heart? Are you thinking about Jana? Is it something you daydream about? Is it something you make dua about if you don't even have it in your desires in your Nia How is it gonna

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happen? And by the way, what type of agenda Do you want? You want just the mediocre or you want for those because of Profit System said when you ask Allah asked for what? For those you aim for the highest? You want to have a pure heart and inshallah you will get it now what does the pope send him? Well, from the story of Ibrahim Ali Hasina, we can see what is called Salim. From the story of Ibrahim, two main things stick out that is what is the pure heart. Number one, that in your heart you have no love of any mahalo other than Allah subhana wa Tada. This is number one.

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Whether that mahalo is false idols, we know the story of Ibrahim and the idols. We know the story of the Nimrod telling him, I'm going to kill you, I'm going to torture you, I'm going to murder you and he goes, has to be robbed. I need only my Lord. So there was no love of any idol. And even when the love of his son, Allah challenged that love and said Which one do you really love more? We know the story of Ibrahim Ali salaam, Phantom Aslam, our Tesla, Hulu JB and when are they now on your Ebrahim? Huzzah doctor? Yeah. So number one of pub Saleem is that the love of Allah azza wa jal is paramount. And anything that conflicts with that love needs to be gotten rid of, than anything that

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you can love and love Allah with through that love, no problem. Love your family, love your children love your wealth, but as long as it's within the Shediac of Allah subhanho wa Taala but any love of a false God not going to happen. We cannot love there is no God besides Allah. So that's number one love of Allah. What else number two, that Ibrahim story demonstrates.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam was full of love of the creation,

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love of the hulk of Allah. He loved compassion and mercy for everybody. When his own father said to him, If you don't stop I'm going to

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Don't you to death? The LM tentar he the German nuk What did Ibrahim alayhis salam say?

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Hola Salaam and Alec safiullah Karabi his heart was full of love, even though his father wanted to kill him. When the angels came and said to Ibrahim Ali Salam, Allah has sent sent us. Oh me Lutz and Allah has sent us to get rid of Comey, Lutz and Ibrahim began stood up and Allah says uj did enough he called me route he began arguing with us, you Jordan against saving COVID would like Have mercy give them chance right? Then Allah says in the Ibrahim Allah wa Hoon Haleem Ibrahim is compassionate full always coming back. Yeah, Ibrahim, who added on had Abraham don't go there. I have already decreed. You're begging and pleading is not going to change the decree. But look his heart against

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the people who did what they're doing that cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and what is Abraham's hearts arguing? Give them another chance let them live. That cult is called Saleem your heart is overflowing with love, no animosity, no hatred, no jealousy, nothing but pure compassion and love and mercy for everybody. This is absurd him so when you have calm serene, then you will come on the Day of Judgment with calm serene, so inshallah Tada brothers and sisters are this quick thing. Three basic things. Number one, you better want something in order to get it i we should all want ULb Salim calypsonian Pure Heart number two club Salim it has characteristics of them, that the love of

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Allah is paramount. Nothing should challenge that. And number three, the calypsonian means your heart is full of compassion for everybody else, and you don't have animosity. You don't have hatred. Even those that hate you like the father of Ibrahim, you don't respond in hatred and sinners and people that are misguided you don't think yourself better than them. You don't think yourself oh, I'm going to be saved they're going to Jana. No, you still make dua for them. May Allah guide them May Allah forgive them. If your heart is upon this then inshallah Tada. You will have helped set him We ask Allah azza wa jal to grant all of us upset him. zoeken will look at us and I'm gonna have to

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