Elevate Your Salaah From The Examples Of Salaf

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Being inspired by the seller in their prayers, there's a lot of amazing stories of the early Muslim generation setup s a l a f means the early Muslim generation, specifically the first three, the generation of the Sahaba, as well as the generation of the tab as the ones who follow this hop as well as the debit debit, which is the third generation of the Muslims, but just learning about their state with regards to the salon, and inshallah we're going to spend a good amount of time on this. So I don't want to, I don't want to address this now. But a book called The Lord who would cry to the point where he couldn't be understood in the Salah. I'm going to draw the line who is stabbed

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while he's in Salah, and he would eventually die from those wounds. But when he regained consciousness after being stabbed while Golan who the first thing that he asked even before asking who killed me, is a solidness did the people pray? That's the first question that he had. And then, after he was told, yes, the people prayed, he got help himself and he prayed this idea of prayer that he hadn't prayed up until that point, right? Just this intense, incredible concern about the Salah.

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side, the minimal Earth, the great companion of the Prophet sallallaahu Salam and the leader or one of the leaders of the onslaught, who the Throne of Allah shook when he died. He said that when he was in Salah, he could not think about anything else. That was his experience in Silla. So, learning about the setup, being inspired by their stories is undoubtedly one of the ways that a person can experience mindfulness in the prayer. Number nine, is praying next to people who are mindful, just like if you prayed next to somebody who's distracted, you get distracted. When you hear somebody yawn, or when you are next to somebody who's always yawning, it becomes contagious. Similarly, when

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a person prays next to somebody who is just

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experiencing flow in the Salah, you see there or you can you can get a sense of they're, they're sure you can get a sense of their mindfulness, whether it's

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you, you you hear the drives that they're making, or you might even hear them crying, shahada Zapple Bader

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is a scholar in Medina. He's the son of another famous scholar named shahada, Sinhala, but, and he says that when he was 14 years old, so a year older than YouTube, he prayed taraweeh or he prayed to hedges in a masjid that was

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a masjid that was known for really, really, really heavy to hedge it. So he said, like, normally there, you go to that message it to hedge it is the like early morning prayer before or the end of the night prayer. So Kilauea happens usually after Isha in Ramadan. And then like around 3am or 4am, depending on when sunrises there'll be like an even heavier form of worship. And by heavier I just mean longer. So he said that that Masjid that he would go to would be, they would recite around for Jews of the Quran in the tahajjud. Normally, it's that they'll recite one just around 20 pages of almost half that the 100 place would recite around for a night. So that's 80 pages.

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And he said, he's 14 years old. He said, I never forgot this. He said, I went and I was praying behind, you know, the man who was in front of me. He said he was an Indonesian man. He could tell by good, I guess his outfit, his clothes. And he said he was on one leg. And he's on crutches. And so he said, I'm thinking to myself as I'm standing behind this man, like, how is this man going to stand for this long prayer that we're about to pray on one leg on crutches. on crutches he was just and he's just sitting there looking at this man. So he said,

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The man said Allahu Akbar

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and he put the crushes to the ground.

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And that just blew his mind.

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And he said this man was like a he was like a statue. He did not move. He was standing on one leg. They prayed the prayer and this man did not move so that praying next to people who show incredible attention incredible mindfulness incredible love for the salon incredible passion for this about that and self rearranges your sense of possibility it inspires you It also teaches you but also teaches you that mindfulness is something that can be learned yes

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um, there was a moment when when I was younger in Egypt during total we at the very last rock on the

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the Imam started you know doing a lot but he's he was going on for the for the dot for probably an hour a good hour. And you know,

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People are like starting, you know, their lifestyle. And I heard they're starting to sit down. Some people were even leaving, you know, like this guy is taking too long. And then like, we're like, what are we? What are you supposed to do in that situation? Like, I was like, really young as a kid. So I kind of just sat down and like, didn't know what to do. But what should a person do in that situation? Well, he shouldn't have gone that long.

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You know? And so, I mean, if you can, if you can hash it out, hash it out, but in the Sunnah prayers, person gets tired, all of that type of stuff. Yeah, you can sit down, you can sit down in some numbers. So he, he, you know, even the non obligatory prayer for person it goes like, it's an obligatory prayer wouldn't go that long. But if a person can't stand and they can sit,

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so people sit down, and I've experienced that myself. There's a famous imam who his witted prayer on the 27th night would be around an hour. And my friend was so excited to take me to that masjid, for that Ramadan. We were like teenagers at the time. And he's like, we have to go to chef so and so's hokhmah for the Quran, like his 27th night for a citation. He was like his, which is an hour long. And that's actually the story that inspired me to do

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like a translation of the winter drought, because my friend wasn't, he didn't speak Arabic. But he was so excited about and he goes every year. And so we went, and that Imam and my friend is like, so proud of the fact that it's an hour. He's so proud of it. So he told me he's like, right before we started the wizard, he's like, okay, here we go. And then he looked at his his watch. It's like, look, it's 1157 or something like that. And then he, the guy started, the show started. And he went on and on and on. And it's like a masterful drop, and people are sitting down and standing up and sitting down and standing up again. And then when we were done,

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my friend looks and he's like, oh, man, it was only 57 minutes. It wasn't an hour. But that's what inspired me to like, okay, you know, that that experience, I was like, I need to, I need to translate what some of these phrases are so that people can understand the beauty. It wasn't a it was a beautiful experience. But

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yeah, praying next to people who have a short in and of itself inspires. And so a self inspires.

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Number 10, making the call after the prayer,

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making the Ascot after the prayer, specifically the province, the lawyers and I'm told them either many deputy said, My I love you. My the new Devil is a amazing Companion of the Prophet. He's from the unsought. He was the one who knew the most about the halal and haram from this ummah, and the prophets, Allah litas, and that made him a judge for Yemen. So he's in his 20s and the province of the lighthouse and have sent him to be a judge in Yemen. And

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there's a lot of beautiful Hadith with regards to the media, but like he just he was exceptional in his knowledge from the from the jump right from the beginning. And so he used to

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he used to lead his community in Slovakia and Isha, even though he would go and catch it with the province, I said them in the midst of the Naboo. And then he would go back to like his suburbs or his neighborhood, and he would lead his like, clan are his community there. But my wife would lead for a very long time.

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Like, how we just said that, that chef, you do that in the voluntary prayers, you don't do that in the obligatory prayers. My God, however, he did it in the obligatory prayer. So in Seoul, so in Asia, my job is leading was sort of Bukhara, and he's just going on and on and on and on. And eventually one of the people broke away from the prayer. And he prayed his own Isha. And then he left because my mother was taking so long and so then when I got on the line, who after the Salah, they said so and so broke away from the prayer, and my little Dylon who said he's gonna

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He's a hypocrite

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and so that companion became very very very upset obviously getting told to he's a hypocrite and all that so then he went and he complained total sort of loss of aliveness and, and he said O Messenger of Allah. Like we farm all day, like I'm out here working and then I want to just create Isha and go to sleep. And why this leading with all of these long chapters of the Quran, know how you so the prophets, Allah, Allah de cela summoned

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and he said, Yeah, more I sit down and take him on. I have a Dan fitna. Are you someone who causes fitna Yama, you're someone who causes trouble. Yeah, my son's a lot harsher in Arabic than when I'm translating it as but I fit down into it.

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And then he told him that when you lead people you should lead people

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with light prayers.

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And then the man said, O Messenger of Allah. I don't have the ability to I don't have like, your den dinner or then then Atmore Earth

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Then then is like, I don't have like your like yackety yak like I don't have your like ability to talk. Like I don't I don't have all of the but I asked Allah subhanaw taala for agenda and I asked him to be protected from the hellfire. I don't have your eloquence or my eloquence, but I asked Allah for our agenda and I asked to be protected from the hellfire and the province of like Sam said, how do you handle that did he said, We're all just basically saying for the same thing, that's

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what we're asking for is literally the exact same thing that you're asking for, we might have you might not have all the beautiful imagery and all of the words and all that the gymnastics. But even though the prophesizing them doesn't have that the province in them had giant academia beautiful, concise speech, but the province says that we're all hovering around the same topic.

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And that man, he said to my wife, he said,

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there was another battle that came up in the province and the man said, I am going to show my eye. You know, he's calling me a hypocrite, I'm not sure.

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And so the man ended up being the companion ended up being martyred in that battle. And so the province of Elijah said them he said to my who, but he said, Jamar, Martha either hast me or ha smoker. Oh my god, what happened to the person who was arguing against me and you, like the guy who had a problem with me and with you?

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And then my little delight, said, O Messenger of Allah. He was truthful, and he made me out to be a liar. He was truthful, he made me out to be a liar.

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But the point is, I just want to show you how intimate the relationship was with the provinces send them in mind that my the profit can be harsh against my Why can he be harsh against my, because he's close to him. He's so close to him. You can always be harsher with people who are closer to you. And so he says to him, I've done Are you a person of fitna at the same time? The province I send them in this hadith? What does he tell me? He says Young Life in the book. Oh my god, I love you.

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So don't forget to say after every Salah Allahumma inni. Allah Darica will show Cricket was nearby thick. So don't forget to say after every Salam, O Allah assist me in remembering you and praising you assist me in remembering you and thanking you and worshiping you beautifully. Aloma and Jada Nikica, we're sure critica was never the tick. This is a dua that you can make after salah, or not just that you can make the province level by this and I'm said don't finish a prayer without saying this when you are done. Don't forget to say after every solar. What does this how does this help with regards to mindfulness? Well, you're asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to be able to worship Him

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beautifully. And this is one of the most beautiful and important aspects of worshiping Allah beautifully, is the Salah, which is the backbone of your Islam and my Islam. And for us to be able to be mindful is for us to be able to beautify our Salah right this backbone of our worship. And so, asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada before getting up from your prayer place to say, Oh Allah assist me in remembering you and thanking you and worshiping you beautifully