Yasir Qadhi – Seeking The Mercy of Allah in The Last Ten Nights

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The loss of family members during a tragic Battle in China leads to sadness and hope for the next year. The importance of the Prophet's message and the need for everyone to be aware of his presence is emphasized. A woman named Rob refuses to give up her desire to enter her Rama, and she discusses her struggles with a disease and the importance of not giving up hope of Islam's mercy and helping people to save lives. The speaker emphasizes the importance of remembering the Prophet's words and offers a pledge to do so.
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Luckily, in either mettam and obasan who fell in love up bill I usually in China, he alone Moodle kamisha had you to her due

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to asthma No.

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To be on

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saramonic Muhammad sallahu wa barakato

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for having blessed us to be alive during this blessed month and to be able to catch the last 10 nights and to be able to pray pm Antara we're so powerful it was only last year that we did not have this blessing. And we all missed the gathering We all miss the ambience we missed the tilawat of the Quran. So we thank Allah that we see a light at the end of the tunnel. We thank Allah the things are changing and insha Allah to Allah, we're optimistic that next year that we MTN will be completely back to normal. And I'd also like to point out at hamdulillah it's very, very refreshing and heartwarming to see half of the

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masjid is actually youth Alhamdulillah Thurman hamdulillah This is an amazing, amazing reality. I am so happy My heart is jumping for joy to see that the first two so forth are all younger hamdulillah self to self was young at heart but inshallah other than this, the entire rows Mashallah are full of our youngsters, they're here, they're eager, and they want to be in suffering, oh well, insha Allah, huzzah Allah, this is how the baton is going to be passed down, and the light and torture of Islam is going to remain firm and steady. The brief reminder I have for us today.

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After the Battle of her name, which was one of the most devastating battles It was a very tragic battle, many Sahaba died, and also many prisoners of war were taken was a very difficult battle. After the conquest of Makkah, the Battle of her name took place and the Prophet system and the Sahaba were sitting and right after the literally in the hour after the war finished, the prisoners of war are going Helter Skelter and the Sahaba and the profitsystem saw a lady running amongst the prisoners of war, screaming and yelling, and looking at the bodies and looking at the people there. And finally, she found what she was looking for. It was a toddler, it was a little boy. And when she

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saw this little boy, she picked it up and she screamed with a voice that the Sahaba and the process and could hear a scream of happiness, a scream of joy, that she found her child. And right then in there out of a love of a mother, she bent down to cover her out up and she lifted her shirt and she gave her milk to feed this child, an amazing sight in front of the eyes of the process of them and the Sahaba this is happening. Our Prophet system was so moved he said, Do you think that this lady will ever throw her child into a fire?

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One of them said O Messenger of Allah. There is no way she would do this as long as she has life as long as she's able to. Then our Prophet sallallahu I they he was sending them said Lola who are hameau variedad de

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la la the lamb here. It is an emphasis. It's meant to drive the point home. Like when we send a text message you do all caps. It's meant to emphasize I am telling you a fact that you should all be aware of Allahu Allah is more merciful to his worshipers than this lady is to her child.

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This is the Lord that we are dealing with the man de Rahim the our hammer rahimian, just like this lady would never throw her child into the fire. So to Allah subhana wa tada his Rama is even more and he would never throw those who choose him and worship him into the fire of *. dogma of Allah, this is the month of Rama and we are standing here one thing that Rama and so every one of us, our hearts have to be full of optimism of yaqeen We are not here in despair. We are not here having given up hope of Allah's mercy. We are here because we are certain that Allah's mercy has surrounded us. You know, Allah has hundreds of names in the Koran of them. 99 are the most magnificent. And

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Allah azza wa jal tells us of his name is a jumbo and a summer and alcovy he has so many names of majesty, there is only one attribute that he says this attribute it encompasses the entire creation, that attribute is surrounding ever

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think there's only one and what is that? In hemmati? What's the arch color shade? My Mercy encompasses everything. My Rama is surrounding everything. This is the hammer of Allah Subhana Allah, it's everywhere. All you need is to wanted all that is required is to desire it. The one who desires that amount of Allah is the one who will get it. The one who wants it raises his hands and says, Yeah, man, I know you have Rama, man give it to me. And that is why all of the prophets they asked the rock man for his Rama starting from our father Adam alayhis salam. He did what he did. And he turns to Allah and he says Robin of alumna and fusina were in them tarafindan What are Hamner

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then a coolant amino acid in Europe. I did something wrong. It's my fault. He took responsibility. Europe, I committed a mistake. And yeah, Rob it is your mother Pharaoh and your mother I want and if you don't give it that I'm lost. The Prophet Musa alayhis salam, the Prophet Musa alayhis salam, he makes the honor to Allah. Rob bill Finley what he he was killed, now Fira Matic, Europe Forgive me Forgive my brother and cause us both to enter your Rama. This is Moosa saying, I want to enter your Rama, Oh Allah, the prophet or you've alayhis salam, the one whom Allah tested like he tested no other servants, the one whom Allah tested by taking his children and his wealth, and by afflicting

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him with a disease of the skin for many, many, many years. He was living in a very uncomfortable situation. What do I did you make

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all the rugby in Macedonia a Buru under our hammer raw him in Europe, difficulty has touched me, Massa. He wants to be polite as he's speaking to Allah. The difficulties that touched a you didn't just touch him, they surrounded and immersed him he was drowning in difficulty, but out of other to Allah He says the Arab difficulty has just touched me and then what he just said here Rob, you are the our hammer right he mean you are the one who has the most mercy out of any who has mercy. What is Allah do as soon as he made that do up faster job in Allah who we responded to him right then and there fucka chef nama be human born we healed his problem right then in there. Well, I'd say now

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Who? Allah who we gave him all of his children back Allah bless him with a whole bunch of other children. When Miss la Houma who and we double the amount of children. Wow, why where did it come from? Look at the Quran. read the Quran, Allah hammertime minion, Deena. This is where that mercy came from. This was Rama from us. Rama tambien en Dena. And then what does Allah say, was the crawl in Aberdeen? And so that all worshipers can pay heed and understand, so that all worshippers We are the worshipers of Allah. We are the worshipers of Allah. And every one of us here, without exception has issues and problems that are troubling me and you. Somebody is sick. Somebody his loved one is

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battling something, somebody is in debt, somebody's searching for a job. All of us are sinners. Every one of us is a sinner. We are all in need of the hammer of Allah. And that's why we are here. We are all in need of the Rama of Allah and that is why we are here. So tonight and for the next odd nights and even the other nights insha Allah Allah, we are going to raise our hands to Allah and we're going to ask and beg and plead because only Allah is the man and there is no Rama except that it comes from him. And only Allah is the Rahim and all the Rama comes from him and only Allah is the hammer rahimian and the hydro raw. Amen. So we're going to ask Allah for his Rama and in our hearts,

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we're going to be positive and certain and optimistic. Why are we going to be optimistic? Because Ibrahim alayhis salam said, woman, Jaco Nakamura Matura be in little como por Lune who is possibly going to give up hope of Allah Rama, except somebody who's really misguided in a straight who can possibly give up hope of Allah Rama, who can possibly think that Allah Rama is not going to reach him, he must be totally misguided and inshallah none of us are misguided. The Prophet yaku after all that he had to deal with, he says to his children, go one more time after his last use of and then he's lost the eldest and then he's lost Binyamin. All three of his kids are not with him. What does

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he tell his children go one more time. give it one more try is Hubble Fattah hacer Suman Yusuf wala Tae assume

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wrote a law do not give up hope of Allah's mercy and help do not give up hope of Allah's mercy and help for in the hula yasumi rohilla hidden Coleman cathinones only the calf can give up hope of Allah's mercy. Only the one who doesn't know Allah can give up hope of Allah's mercy. All Muslims, we are the servants of Iran. And Allah calls us by that name. We're about to rock man, we are the abode of a rock man or we aspire to be the abode of a rock man, Allah reminds us You are my servants and worshipers and who is he? Or Rahman therefore we're going to come today and we're gonna ask Allah subhana wa Taala for that Rama because if we don't get Allah zarahemla we're not going to get

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Rama from anywhere else. It is a laws that that will save us in this world and it is a laws that will save us in the next world. Tonight is the night of Rama. All of these nights are the nights of Rama tonight is the night and every one of these nights is one of the nights that Allah subhanho wa Taala will save people from the fire of health. How do we get there? What do we do? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah Subhana Allah Allah says you have an Adam, oh, son of Adam, in the kamada out any water Joe, Tony, as long as you call out to me, and you're hopeful in me a photo to Lackawanna Valley, I'm going to forgive everything and I don't care how much you have.

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These are the conditions as long as you beseech me and as long as you're optimistic and me in the kamada out any water Joe Tunney that is all that is required. We make dua to Allah in our hearts are full of optimism. As long as we have that, what is the response was a photo to Lackawanna Valley, you have an Adam Oh, son of Adam, if you come to me with sins all the way to the clouds from a Stanford attorney, and then you say, oh, Allah forgive me as a photo to Lackawanna body, I will forgive all of it, and I won't care how many are the sins that you have, oh, son of Adam, if you come to me with an earth full of sins, but you worship Me alone, and you don't worship the false

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gods, I shall come to you with an earth full of forgiveness. This is our Lord. This is the rock man. This is the Rahim How can we possibly give up hope of Allah Rama? So tonight we're going to beg we're going to plead we're going to ask Allah subhana wa Tada. And we're going to have the positive attitude that this is the change, this is the night we're going to change. But there is one simple condition to your brothers and sisters. And that condition is the attempt to be better. We don't say Allah is Forgiving, and then do all the sins in the book. No, we say Allah is Forgiving, he'll forgive my past sins, and I'm gonna try to be better in the future. If we have that attitude, even

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if we failed in actually being better, but we try and we try and we try. As long as we consistently try, Allah has guaranteed that he shall forgive us. And I conclude with that beautiful Hadith that we should all remind ourselves of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there was in the past somebody who was a mass murderer, he killed 99 people. And then he asked an ignorant person who was a worshiper will ever forgive me. And the ignorant person said, who do Billa you kill 99 people, there is no hope for the mercy of Allah for you. He got so angry, he killed that person to make it 100 then he repented again. Then he asked Who is the most knowledgeable person on earth? So they

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appointed a scholar first, he didn't go to a scholar, he went to a worshiper, and sometimes when you don't have knowledge, no, usually when you don't have knowledge and you speak, you will end up causing more harm and damage than good. So he asked a scholar, you know what the scholar said, Our Prophet says and quoted the scholar, you know what the scholar said, Subhan Allah, and who can come between Allah and the mercy of Allah who can come, who is there who's going to block the mercy of Allah, of course, Allah can forgive you. But he told the man, go to a righteous place and worship Allah there and you will be forgiven. And as we know the story, he attempted to go there and he died

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on the way and the angels of mercy and the angel the punishment came, and they discovered that his body was closer to the righteous city, his effort was there. And so he was forgiven simply for putting the effort in and shallow to other none of us is a mass murderer here in sha Allah, either. None of us has killed 99 no 100 people Shaolin. None of us has killed anybody in sha Allah. If Allah can forgive a mass murderer simply for turning to him and wanting to live a new life.

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Who am I and you? He will forgive us insha Allah He is the fourth he is the Rahim so tonight is the night we will make a pledge within ourselves in front of our Creator Europe You are the rock man you're up You are the Rahim you're up. You're the hammer Rahim in Europe, your Rama is what I need. That's all I need your I need your Ramayana and you're going to give it because no one gives him other than you.

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You are the hammer right me and your rope I pledge to you I promise I come to you with an earth full of sins. I acknowledge those sins, you're up I know I'm sinful. You're up. You gave me every opportunity to be a saint and I come to you as a sinner. You're up you gave me every blessing and every year, and yet here, I come to you with sins as high as the skies. But I know you're Rob, that none can forgive other than you. You are the afford and you are the man and you're the Rahim, we're gonna have that attitude, and we're going to beg and we're going to plead. But we're also going to make a commitment that insha Allah, Who to Allah, we're going to be better people. We're going to

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try to be that's what we want. That's what Allah once we're going to try to turn over a new leaf and insha Allah if we do that, then rumble bond, and Laila to other has served his purpose and we have been successful. May Allah subhana wa Allah make us of those who prey on later to coddle and whose daughters are accepted to suck moussaka.

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