Mufti Menk – Children’s Series – Washing and Praying

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker advises against lazy practices and encourages people to pray every day to protect themselves from harm. They stress the importance of praying for the future and not to avoid prayer. The speaker also provides advice on how to pray and reminds viewers to set limits and pray on their own Subhan Allah.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My beloved children, there are two things we should never be lazy to do.

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Number one is to wash yourself and keep yourself clean. And make sure that you're always smart and clean. And number two is to pray. So we pray five times a day. Now, I know some of you might be really young. But as you grow older, you're going to have to pray. And in order to pray, you need to be clean. That cleanliness, there is something called Voodoo, or we translated in English as ablution. Sometimes it's a special way of washing your hands, and then gargling and then putting a little bit of water into your nostrils, and then washing your face, and then washing your hands up to the elbows, and then wiping your head with a wet, wet fingers, and then putting fingers into your

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ears, and then washing your feet. When you do that, you are so clean in the eyes of Allah, Allah protects you from harm, he protects you from bad things from shavon, and so on. So don't ever be lazy to make will do. Don't ever be lazy to wash yourself in that way. Even if it's cold sometimes and the water is cold, sometimes it's odd hours, it's okay, I will wash because I want to be clean and neat. And I want the protection of Allah from all bad things from all harm, nothing will harm you, you make your will do and then you pray. So we normally face a certain direction. And then we will start our prayer. And we pray five times a day, Mashallah. So if you're young, and you're only

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praying two times a day, or three times a day, as you grow older, and you become Seven, eight, then you need to start praying all of your prayers. And when you get to 10, make sure you're not missing a single prayer in sha Allah. So sometimes we feel lazy, we don't want to do this. Remember, when there's something that's good for you don't feel lazy, you have to push yourself, you can't sleep forever. You can't be playing games forever. You can't be on your phone forever. You cannot watch TV forever. You have to set a limit. And you have to tell yourself, listen, I have school tomorrow, I will be bed, I will be in bed by eight o'clock. And so eight o'clock comes and nine o'clock. Some

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people you must be disciplined, you must have rules that you follow, because that's when you will become a better person. Some people don't like to follow rules when their mums or their dads or someone in the house tells them you need to go to bed now. They start saying no. And they start crying and they start making tantrums. No, that's not how it should be. Don't make tantrums they know. You can say Okay, give me one minute. And then a minute or two later, you're closed. You can read your prayers, you can say good, lovely prayer, you can you know prepare to go to bed and there's your mom or your dad or whoever you're living with would actually then come and perhaps

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maybe tuck you into bed sometimes. And if you're growing a little bit older, they may not tuck you into bed, no problem. You're You're a big child now you can actually do that on your own. Mashallah. So I thought this was some good advice. And the reason I say it is, you know, why do we pray, we pray because Allah gave us our lives. He made us come onto this earth we were born by the power of Allah. So when we came into the world, and as we are growing older, Allah has given us these days. And for every day he gives us for every part of the day, we must pray to Him, we thank him, Oh Allah, I thank you for giving me my life and all that I have my parents or maybe if you're living

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with only one parent, that my mom, my dad, or maybe your brother or sister if you have any. And we thank Allah for all the good that he's given us, the food the drink, it's very important. So inshallah, I hope that you can have benefited from what I just said it's a short message, but it's a very important message, no more laziness and inshallah we will make Kudu and inshallah we will pray. And when your parents pray, you can tell them when you're praying called me and then you can join them on the side. And sometimes you can pray on your own Subhan Allah. So May Allah bless all of you and I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow with a similar message in Sharla.

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Maybe you can leave a comment beneath if you're watching from my official YouTube channel. And you can tell me whether you feel lazy or not. And how many times a day do you pray my as a child Mashallah Baraka Luffy comme salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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