Tahir Wyatt – Destroyers of Brotherhood – Episode 05 – Oppression and Belittling Others

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The importance of brotherhood in Islam is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to act as the brotherhood. The speaker emphasizes the need for privacy and avoiding false accusations, as well as avoiding negative comments on social media. The American way of killing non Muslims is also discussed, along with avoiding bias in the media and rejecting the idea of being a Muslim.
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Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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We're continuing with the important Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam, which highlights for us the importance of brotherhood in Islam, and the rights and responsibilities that come along with that brotherhood. And it is not until we actualize this brotherhood until we push off anything that would taint this brotherhood, that we're truly going to be helped and aided by loss of Hannah who would to Allah, as long as we continue to be various factions, as long as we divide ourselves based on race, color, ethnicity, lineage and so forth. That is not the way to establish the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we should not expect to get his help. If in fact,

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we are turning our backs on other Muslims, not because of anything that they've done in the beam, but simply because of how loss of panelboards Allah created them. And so the Prophet is allies with Sudan and the Hadees that we're covering has laid out many things that we need to avoid, and other comprehensive statements that we need to contemplate in order to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we started the place with the prophets of Allah they were sent themselves with Kunal a, by the law he is

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a Muslim or Muslim law Yaga Lima who will do who will lie to you. And that's the part we're going to cover today with delay Thailand, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said do servants of Allah brothers, this is a command from the prophet SAW you sell them to be as brothers are.

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And then the prophets, I send them follows up that command by informing us that a Muslim is the brother of a Muslim and Muslim, a full Muslim. So because that is your brother, then you have to treat him as a brother, this is part of your servitude. This is part of your a band of Allah subhana wa tada is that you treat a Muslim as your brother now and then the practical exam is going to detail some of the things that we cannot do if in fact, we're brothers, it doesn't it's not conceivable that a brother would do this to his brother. But first, let's stop at that point. And that is that a Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. The Brotherhood that Islam affords us is like

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nothing else. It is stronger than the ties of kinship. In fact, it's stronger the Brotherhood. In fact, just to put this in perspective, moussaka, no man

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by the alongside, during the Battle of better his brother, who was a bush Ray was one of the prisoners of war.

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When he was captured, and he was when he was when he was captured. He turned to Muslims and said, Listen, I'm your brother. He said, No, my brother's the one that's taking you away.

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Because he's Muslim. And the, and the ties of Islam are stronger than the ties of brotherhood, the actual Blood Brothers, if in fact, there is no correlation in religion. And so the prophet Isaiah is selected, Sadam is informing us analyze what Joe says in the Quran. In the minimum, we know that the believers are nothing but brothers, he restricted the relationship to us to a relationship of brotherhood, this is the relationship that Muslims should have.

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And so we can't turn away we can't act like this is not our brother because simply, he's from a different he was born in a different country, he carries a different passport. That's not his choice. That's how large of a job created him. But his choice to embrace Islam, to submit to a loss of hematology. This is what makes him great. This is what makes him your brother. And so we have to think about that. And we have to recognize that we are not in this thing alone. That our worship of Allah subhana wa tada is something that in general is done even in Jamaica, when we look at our prayers that are done in Jamaica, we look at the E the stunning Jamaat, by the way, as a side note,

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because we're brothers is no reason why we should be having 60 aids in Philadelphia,

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there has to be a way for the leaders of the communities, the members of the communities to come together because it doesn't make sense to show the true strength of them. In the 1990s we used to have an ease in this city with 10,000 people.

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And now after the Muslims have more than doubled since that time, now we have he was successful. We have 1100 people 1200 Oh, look how many people came out for the why because we got 60 of them all over the place. But the Brotherhood of Islam is that what should bring us together? It shouldn't be that we have a Pakistani eat over here. A Bengali eat over there. A Philistine eat over here, a black black Muslims over here. How does that work?

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Where's the Brotherhood of Islam?

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Muslim, Muslim. So Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. So if we're all one, what is it that is preventing us from showing the true brotherhood of Islam. We in this city, we can shut down Ben Franklin Parkway on E if we came together to do so. And everybody in the city would look and say those Muslims are true. Brothers and sisters in Islam, look at what they do.

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But we have to behave as brothers. If we don't come to his

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home, every party is just happy with whatever they had.

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We don't want to get together with other people on the eve because maybe they take some of the selection that we normally get on an E or whatever. That is not going to it's not going to work. Because we've allowed the selfishness

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of not being real brothers and sisters in his name, we've allowed that to pollute our vision. And our idea of what brotherhood truly looks like in this deep. So the practice of lighting with Southern says that the Muslim is the brother of another Muslim, we are brothers and sisters in Islam. As such, the province of lie suddenly begins to detail some of the things that we have to avoid an airport by understanding some of the things that we need to do in order to actual lives. That brother, so the province I sort of mentioned three things in this particular Hadeeth. And then we'll talk about some more in a later for quite shallow time. So the first thing is that the

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problems I sort of mentioned here lat yo Lima who well is Zulu la piel he does not wrong him from London. He does not abandon or forsake him or leave him out to dry land. And he does not hold him in contempt. He does not look down on him he does not lay people.

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The first thing that the prophets of light was set up says In practice, because it's the most comprehensive

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is that the Muslim does not wrong. Another Muslim lay of limbo. Allah subhanho wa Taala has made both and this is the word again approximately Some say there's no boom between the Muslim

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Torah. And a lot of parents out I said in the one two viola, Allah nuptse. I have made them

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haram for myself a lot.

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Yeah, what the scholars say is theoretically, theoretically,

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it's fine. But last minute, I wanted to doing justice to someone he could he's there creating to do what he wants. But Eliza Joe made that cut on upon himself. So it's not a possibility in the heroine to

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see, which is to beta mohalla. And I have made it haram forbidden amongst yourselves. Don't miss Nat, okay, for that. So do not wrong. one another. A lot of times it says now, that wronging May as various manifestations, various manifestations, and all you have to think about is when you felt like somebody has done wrong.

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Whether that is because they borrow some money from you, and they didn't pay you back. Even though you see them buying $200 shoes and stuff like that, you know, he has the money, he doesn't pay you back.

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Is that right or wrong? That's wrong. That's

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for somebody not to repay. So don't do it to somebody else. Don't do that to another Muslim. You know, you borrow some money from somebody, pay them back. See, because loan has various manifestations. It's not just with your wealth. It's not just that somebody physically has done something to you, which we know is how long he tells a Muslim who sued the province or something to fight another Muslim is Fiske.

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This is this obedience to Allah stands out and it's a major sin

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or to encroach upon your brothers honor,

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to encroach upon your brother's honor to speak evil about him, when he's not in your presence to assault him when he is in your presence, because a lot of Muslims unfortunately, be backed by other Muslims. They say things about them behind their back. They say no, it's not backbiting because I say it in front of his face. It's still bad.

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Even if you were to say that in front of his face, then that's just insulting him. But if you say it behind his back, even if you're so courageous that you would say it in front of his face.

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It's still backed by. It doesn't change the ruling to say something about your brother that he doesn't like.

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In fact, many of the scholars count it as from the major sense in Islam. So the point that you don't even have to say anything.

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Your silence if you intend by your silence to cast a negative

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When someone is also considered to be

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even making hand signs is good, and you should not be alone child and her mother and the wife of the Prophet is to lie to us today, she made a mistake one time around the Prophet. So the lie there was something she was talking about Sophia or the child. And then another way for the probability some, and she said, you know, Sophie is Kim and Kim is saying,

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tiny, we have a sila she made she made a motion with a hand saying that she was short. And the prophets like some said, you just said something even though she didn't say you just said a word that if it was mixed in with the ocean, it would polluted.

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So as Muslims, we are prevented from harming other Muslims, we don't wronged another Muslim, we don't speak about another Muslim. And in just men and other exceptions there who obviously if someone comes to you, they want to do business with another Muslim and you know that Muslim is not trustworthy, then you can say what is necessary only you can say, what is necessary to make him beware of doing business with that with that other Muslim. If someone comes to you

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seeking a Muslim woman's hand in marriage, and you know that this person is not worthy of being married to her, then it is your obligation at that point to clarify, why not, but you don't have to go into a whole bunch of things that don't have anything to do with the marriage aspect. And so, they again, there are other situations or the scenarios where it is okay for you to say something, but in general, that is the button LIBOR is low. In fact, in fact, so much so that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam referred to it directly when talking about what you should go seek forgiveness from your brother for if you wronged him mechanics, into who must remember to the IP, forget to *

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in yo coupler, and lacuna dyno.

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Whoever has wronged his brother making the real deal

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by damaging his reputation or otherwise,

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by doing what damaging his reputation or otherwise, then let him seek forgiveness from him today, before the day comes when it will not be the now whom when I deal with him, it's not going to be dollars and cents.

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The currency on YOLO piano is not money, the currency which you deal with on your piano, yeah, in other words, you owe somebody something or you're here, it's not gonna be money anymore.

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It's going to be good deeds, and bad deeds. That's it easy. You're giving them some of your good deeds, or you're taking some of their bad deeds if you're running a deficit.

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And so the privacy Some said, do that today. Go to your brother and seek His forgiveness today. Before the day comes where it's not about the day not in the dear him is not going to be dollars and cents or pounds and pence or any, any other currency.

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The prophet SAW you saw them said, if that day comes in that person, they haven't squared things away, then he's going to take from his house and act and if he doesn't, if he runs out of good deeds, then he is going to take on the other person's bad deeds.

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And the Prophet sallahu wa sallam said to his companions, who is the bank from Bank bankrupt from amongst we all know bankrupt, go to the bank, and you have nothing in the bank.

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You broke

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beyond broke, you owe some people some money because that's usually when we declare bankruptcy. Not only are you broke, but you owe somebody.

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So they said to the process I saw he's the one who doesn't have any de nada, no data to process it. Sam said no, he's the one who comes up

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with has an atom saddled gee bad, his good deeds up there, like mountains,

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except that he hit this one he stole from that one did this to that one. And so he's gonna give that one his house. And I think that one is asinine, and that one is passionate, until he runs out. And if he runs out, he'll take from the baddies and he will be thrown into the fact.

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So the goal has to be avoided at all cost. You don't want to be in a situation where you are wronging another Muslim.

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And that doesn't mean that you put yourself also on the back end and you allow yourself to be taken advantage of their rules and regulations for all of that doesn't mean that you become a gullible sucker and you just let anybody walk over you know, but at the same time, you have to make sure that you are not harming others.

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Muslims because that destroys the brother. That is something that comes in that does not is not fathomable that one Muslim would do to another Muslim, not if they really believe in Allah Subhana Allah and the Last Day and then standing in front of a law that they're going to be held accountable for everything they did, whether it's small or large. Or maybe I'm in what's called a double chin in high regard, oh, yeah, man, we call it

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whoever does even Adams we have good he's gonna see it, and whoever does it ends with an evil is gonna see it, and so therefore will love. I don't know what Muslim they shouldn't be scared

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about having perhaps said something that they should have said about another Muslim or did something that they shouldn't have done about another to another Muslim offended another Muslim. And so if you know for a fact that you that your brother that you owe your brother something, even if it's related to his reputation, you need to go to him and seek His forgiveness today. And don't let your monkey ama come. And you haven't done so. And you don't know when that's gonna come. So today.

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Now, as a as a side note, the scholars have

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dealt with in some detail, how do you restore the relationship, after you have perhaps talking, said something evil about another one, you're not going to go to him and say, you know, he bought a year ago,

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I said, A, B, C and D about,

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and I even mentioned how ugly you are, or whatever else you want to say.

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Matter of fact, you know, I mean, it just he started detailing to him the evil and, you know, that's not the way that's supposed to, the way that works is you go to somebody, if you don't believe that this is going to cause a greater harm. If you if you think that you go to him, you kind of know the way the person is temporary. And you might say something like this, and I said something that I should have said about you or whatever. And then he's gonna want details, and who'd you say it in front of? Well, you need to go to them and you need to, if this is gonna turn into one of those types of things, that you just simply ask the last count Allah to forgive that person as much as you

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can, as much as you remember. And then in the same circles, when you mentioned him in a negative light, you should try to mention him in a in a positive way.

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But if you know that going to him is not going to be a big deal.

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Then all you have to do is go to him and say I said some things that I shouldn't have said about you, I don't want to be the last pantalla with any of you forgive him. And that brother should forgive that person, not ask him for a whole lot of details.

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Just say is no problem. He may last month, Allah forgive you, and forgive all of us. And that's it. And we've done all right, then the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam said,

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well, a guru who will add your Doodle, and he does not forsake Him.

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A Muslim does not leave another Muslim out to dry.

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A Muslim, there's not a abandon another Muslim, when he needs his help. And this is why some of the scholars that have written about and cabac are major sins in Islam, they mentioned can lead a Muslim tip that a Muslim leaves another Muslim out to dry, you know that somebody is trying to harm them, your brother in his name, and you can do something about him saying I'm a little busy right now. And I'm not gonna do anything about No, you know that this Muslim is in need of your financial support, you know, that this institution is in need of your financial support, and you you have the ability to do something about it. Now, you really apathetic, you just don't care. This is not a Muslim. This

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is not the way of the Muslim League.

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And so if you can help another Muslim, physically, or financially,

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if you can help, then it becomes your duty to do so. It's not an option. It becomes your duty to help the other Muslims, again, within confines within the guidelines, it doesn't mean that you help them

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at the expense of your own family, even though that is how some of the Muslims were. We know that when the mahadji de when they left Mexico, and they got some Medina that unsolved, we're putting them in their own homes, they were feeding them they were providing for them at the expense of their own families.

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And that's not an obligation. But that's a very high level of humanity.

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But if you can, and it's not going to hurt you. Why would you turn your back? Why would you leave your Muslim brother out to the out out to dry? Why would you leave him hanging?

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This is just not the way of the Muslims and many of us, many of us, we know about what's happening to Muslims in other countries.

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Whether it's Muslims in Palestine, or in Kashmir that have been forgotten, or Muslims in Burma that have been forgotten or Muslims and

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Syria that we hear about from time to time.

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Okay, I can't physically do anything about that. Maybe I don't even know how to financially help them.

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But I can't raise my hands and make that

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I can't make do it for the Muslims who are oppressed. And

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I can't just make it a point episode, even just on the weekends, I can't do it during the week because of my worship, but on the weekends to wake up and give a portion of the last third of the night to make you do it for the rest of the Muslims. Yeah. And we don't have our hearts have become so hard. And we're so selfish as a people and it's the American way.

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It is, we've been raised not to think about anybody else, to think about ourselves and my comfort and what makes me happy, even if it means that everybody else has to suffer, as long as I'm okay.

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The American way. In fact, it's such the American way. I don't want to digress too much. But it's so was so selfish. That and I don't want to refer to anything directly. But you can look at there are certain videos online where they asked non Muslims, if your dog was drowning, and your neighbor was drowning? Who would you say? Well, let's look at it like this, who lives in the house with the dog? And dog is man's best friend. So guess what they say? Save my dog. Of course. Well, a lot of this stems from the fact that

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once you believe in evolution, everybody's just an animal anyway. So there's no difference between saving my dog, and saving my neighbor. Because we all come from apes at the end of the day, whatever it is they believe. And so I'm gonna save my dog because I'm selfish, because that's my dog lives in my house, and we have a great relationship. That's for the neighbor, no more power to him. So the reality is, is that we have to get over our selfishness, to become selfless. This is what a slam requires us that we don't leave the Muslims out to dry. Once we come together, like they realize nothing's gonna stop us.

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But we have to stop leaving each other out there. If you see something happening to a Muslim, you know, a Muslim is going to be hard, even if it's just their honor. You can't sit around and allow a Muslim to talk about another Muslim or non Muslim to talk about another Muslim. You just sit up there. You don't say anything.

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Because you can't say something. And now becomes an obligation for you to make and carve the moon cup with your tongue to speak out against what you hear this evil, otherwise you left your Muslim brother out to dry. And the Prophet it is Salatu was to them said there is not a person who does his land, for sakes, a Muslim

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when his rights are being transgressed upon, or his honor is being violated, except that a love would forsake him at a time when his rights are being violated and his honor is being destroyed.

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And there's not a Muslim who helps another Muslim

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at a time when his honor is being violated or his rights are being transgressed upon except that Allah subhana wa tada will aid him at a time when he needs to last he

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is so we should remember this because our Prophet somebody was some is instructing us not to forsake other Muslim Zulu holy It was tough for the lion he will come for

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me was shadow

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shadow Mohammed and

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me along with

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Mohammed. He was like

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my back and the last part of the honey devil cover today. The prophet Isaiah is Salatu was Salam says while a little while Ah, yeah, people that are Muslim, does not belittle another Muslim. Muslim does not look down on another Muslim.

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And we've covered in some some months ago, we covered

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from the diseases of the heart

00:24:29 --> 00:24:33

that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam emphasized must be avoided is the disease of

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arrogance. The only thing that causes you to look down on somebody else is when you think that you are up. That's why you look down. So you think more of yourself than his actual reality, and you see others to be inferior.

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And that is called Kevin and his name and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that agenda.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:03

McAfee Academy heme is calling them letting me kill

00:25:04 --> 00:25:15

the one who has even an atom's weight of pride. arrogance, hardiness in his heart will not enter gentlemen.

00:25:16 --> 00:25:16


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that's B. If you really ponder over them, you think about some of the people who will entertain them. And you think about the fact that the prophecy someone told us a woman, and he who was a prostitute, simply because she saw a dog who needed some water and she gave the dog some water. She entered Jen, you think about the people who will enter Paradise and then you you say, this person who has this little bit of Kevin in his heart won't enter agenda, and you know the vastness of a lost pet without his Rama, then you understand the severity of the sin.

00:25:50 --> 00:25:53

So we can't be arrogant.

00:25:54 --> 00:26:11

It was said in that same context to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam one of us loves to wear nice clothes and nice shoes. The prophesy Some said that's not kidding. That's not arrogance. You can look nice. can dress nicely, that's fine. That's not arrogance, and kibou.

00:26:12 --> 00:26:41

Long to NES for possible Haskell kibou bottle happy Welcome to next tip is to reject the truth and to belittle people to look down on people. So the Prophet I decide to sit and after telling us to be brothers, he is warning us from belittling another Muslim. In fact, in fact, the probably some have laid this out very clearly. And another Hadith he said of Ashoka above, mud full on bill

00:26:42 --> 00:27:03

low up samata la la Baba. Perhaps the as a man is how do you say Muslim? The province a subset perhaps a man is disheveled His hair is all messed up clothes a dusty mud forum bill EverWeb Yani nobody likes him in the door. When they see my clothes they like they don't let him in. If they can't see him, they look through the people. If they do open the door and see what it is they close the door in his face, but

00:27:04 --> 00:27:47

they don't let him make up sama Allah Allah Allah, Allah who if he was to swear by Allah subhanho wa Taala, to do something along with making happen, because that's his relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam here when he's telling the believers that you are nothing but brothers, and Muslim was a Muslim. There were believers at that time, who were black, they were believers who were white, they were believers who were Arabs, they were believers from all over from Persian elsewhere. All of you are brothers, just like you are today. And you need to love one another. For what qualities you had that are beloved by loves him, which is not because of

00:27:47 --> 00:27:50

anything else. But because of your is slammed.

00:27:51 --> 00:28:11

That person who you may be looking down on, who may not have as much wealth of you as you, you know what they're doing every night. They're getting up and they're praying to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Zap, to give them from his wealth to provide from them from places they don't expect, while you're cozy and your bed.

00:28:12 --> 00:28:32

Not getting up setting your alarm, alarm clock for work, not for fun. But setting your alarm clock for work, which one of them is better, the one that has more money last month that gives us money to whom he will he gives he allies who will test us with wealth. And so wealth is given to those who believe in Him and to those who disbelieve in them.

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That's not a measure of success.

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fact some of the richest people in this world today are not Muslim. Take that people who are pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. And that does not mean that they are successful, just because they had wealth. And so the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is giving us here that measure that we don't look down on other Muslims because Eliza Joe does not look at our shapes in our fingers. He doesn't look at the exterior.

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Well, that's a young book illa pulumi Kumar, American but he looks to your hearts and he looks to your actions. And this is why the process is followed up this part of the haggis right away by saying a tough one. Have hoonah

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piety and tough what is right here because this is what the Muslim is to be judged by

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