Yasir Qadhi – Science of Fiqh 2

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi touches base on the science of Fiqh.

The concept of Aam and Khas related to Qur’an and Sunnah is explained explicitly citing numerous examples. The point is that there is no contradiction between the two.

Mutlaq and Muqayyad – This bears close resemblance to the concepts of Aam and Khas. Listen to the various examples to obtain a clear understanding.

Mantuq and Mafhoom – Mafhoom is the opposite of Mantuq. Examples are given aplenty. Mafhoom is only taken when it does not contradict the Fiqh.

Haqiqi and Majazi –  when a word is used in a primary sense, it is called haqiqi and when it is used in metaphorical sense, it is called majazi. Allah’s attributes and names are all haqiqi.

The goal of the Shariah:

  • To protect the religion of Islam, essentials of life, sanity, property and one’s honour which includes children.
  • Those things that are important and make it easy to live but not absolutely essential.
  • Perfection of religion of Islam.