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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi touches base on the science of Fiqh.

The concept of Aam and Khas related to Qur’an and Sunnah is explained explicitly citing numerous examples. The point is that there is no contradiction between the two.

Mutlaq and Muqayyad – This bears close resemblance to the concepts of Aam and Khas. Listen to the various examples to obtain a clear understanding.

Mantuq and Mafhoom – Mafhoom is the opposite of Mantuq. Examples are given aplenty. Mafhoom is only taken when it does not contradict the Fiqh.

Haqiqi and Majazi –  when a word is used in a primary sense, it is called haqiqi and when it is used in metaphorical sense, it is called majazi. Allah’s attributes and names are all haqiqi.

The goal of the Shariah:

  • To protect the religion of Islam, essentials of life, sanity, property and one’s honour which includes children.
  • Those things that are important and make it easy to live but not absolutely essential.
  • Perfection of religion of Islam.


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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Muhammad who wants to know who wants to tell Pharaoh when I would have been lurking in Cerulean fusina woman say, Dr. Medina, Mayor de la bufala mobile data one on Euclid, de la,

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la, la la vida, hula Shadi kala,

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Mohammed and I will do a solo play, we discussed about the various sources of silk right? And we missed a lot of chapters, we're not going to jump to something else that is necessary to know and that is how the ruling is given in the Quran and Sunnah. What form or what fashion does it take, there are different ways that the ruling can come. Okay, so we finished the sources of now we're getting into how the ruling can come from the Quran and the Sunnah. Okay. So there are we're talking about basically word pairs. Now, we're not necessarily word pairs, but sentence pairs. It's either like this or like this, or like this or like that, and we're going to talk about it from a number of

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different perspectives. Okay. The first thing that we're the first and the most important one is

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number one, and the first word pair definition and ask, okay, general and specific.

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And hos meaning General, and specific. Okay.

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I mean,

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I just mean,

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occurs when a certain word or phrase, right, come in a, basically, it has a large set of things that it applies to. So for example, Allah says in the Koran, every soul shall taste that coolness in that person mode. This verse is considered. Okay, this verse is considered on because is general that applies to a large amount of people, okay? Ours is the opposite, that it's specific is something that is specific, something applies to a specific amount, a known amount of people, okay has a characteristic that makes it a specific group of people. Okay, so for example, a list of hundreds of Hana data sets that

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were offered in the Santa Fe hosted 11 Latina Ahmed one so the idea was to also will help you to also be solid in the slfp. Jose is this arm across

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Indian inside of the ecosystem?

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All the people are in loss. What makes it hard the next verse, except those that believe. So the general ruling is that all of mankind is in loss, the specific ruling comes except those that believe and do good deeds and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to piety. So what is the point of an hos? The point of Alan Haas is that there's no contradiction between the two, you can take both of them together, and the atom has its ruling and half has its ruling. Okay, so if I were to say everyone in this class is going to fail, is that

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I say except those that memorize categorical hate in its entirety word for word in Arabic.

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This phrase now makes it hard to understand

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not only prosecutors not only just said

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okay, that means for example, everyone is going to sell this car now makes you come up with an exception or a certain group or a certain subset that will be excluded from that general rule. Now where is this used arm and cross obviously is used when there are two rulings in the harness and Okay, one of them comes in an arm form one of them comes in and costs form so the point is there's no contradiction between the two you have to understand what is and what is caused and you take both of them together so obviously when I give you a very explicit examples that all of mankind is enlarged except those that are immediately goes on and says except those that believe in some verses

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Allah doesn't you know, mentioned immediately afterwards, many times the prophets will come with would mentioned what makes your costs so for example, the Koran says that the mill thief and the female thief, what should you do?

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Cut the heads off, this is in the Quran. Okay, this is arm, every single tip, if a person sold this cup of water is a thief, okay? So every single thief, his hand is going to be cut off according to the foreign. But now when you go to the sooner you find that the processor made this disarm, he made a cos he said only a thief who steals above a certain value. Okay? So there's got to be a certain minimum value of two seals below that to seal a penny or two, that's not you're not going to get credit for that. There's a certain monetary value to the process engaged below that your hand is not cut off. Okay? Also, we know from you know, other things that if a person is still out of hunger is

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and is not cut off, okay? The person is still out of hungry, he's hungry, he needs food to survive. He's still some food, his hand is not cut off. Okay, so this is an arm verse and things have made it costs they have made it specific specific. Okay, so this is important because if someone were to just read the Quran, right, and he doesn't grow the Quran, you just say okay, and he doesn't go to the sooner he will

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Take the arm and he'll forget the costings that apply to it. So you understand the importance of costs without costs and you will fall into error all the time without taking both of these rulings. Okay. Is there any contradiction? That's the point is there any confusion on the cost? No. It is taken together. Okay. Let me see if I can find some better examples for you for hammer costs. Okay.

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A very strong proof against the corner around you. Yes. Is this thing of arm and hos okay.

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If he steals a cup, you take his hand off. It depends. But the point is that it is a general word. For example, Allah, Allah says in the Quran, when he learned he had a nasty jewel base, that upon mankind is obligatory upon mankind to perform pilgrimage to the house of Allah subhana wa Tada. Then Allah says, that whoever is capable of doing so, okay, so the general rule is what is the ruling

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of mankind must do. Then Allah says in our except those that are many surprises, the reader, those that are qualified or those those that are capable of doing it, okay? In other words, Allah subhanaw taala first makes the verse and that all the mankind must do Hajj. Can you explain Iman caused again

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by you will explain Iman hos again, but ensure the brothers and sisters that were present when we started with understand this because it was very simple. I have a feeling that the person walked in late. This is why we show up on time. And costs is a general is a word that has that applies to a general set of things as opposed to an unspecified quantity of things like as a little Quran, Allah says every social tastes that this is no exceptions. Okay, this is an arm verse. Heart means a specified set, it's a small set is a specified set of things. It's not like item which is general, it's a specified set the word applies to a specific thing. Okay, what is the point of studying on

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and off is that there's no contradiction between the two of us apart that might mention one ruling as in the arm and one ruling as in the past, okay? And there is no contradiction between the two of them. Okay. The point is that alarm I say for example, like a later example, I gave every single fifth cut his hand off, this is an arm verse, every thief that you find, cut his hand off, what makes it Hoss, you go to the center, the processor, and obviously the horse is found in the corner, the sooner and you know, even like in common sense and human nature, this is also you find things that are caused, for example, you don't cut off the hand of the thief that steals because he is

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hungry, he's starving to death. Okay, this is not part of the problem as soon, but it's common sense. It's common sense if a person steals to save his own life. I mean, he's literally starving, literally, he's starving, okay, and he's still some food to eat, then obviously, even if it is above the monetary value, then his hand is not going to be corrupt. Okay, so the heart, there are a number of things that have occurred. And we don't have to get to that point is that when you find a verse in the Fernando center, you have to be careful that there is nothing that makes this verse hos you have to understand that there are certain exceptions also to this rule. Okay, I once found that it

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says, for example, that all of all of that kindness to hedge and then he says, those that can afford it. So if only you were to read the first verse and stop all of mankind was to hedge them is the Muslims and the characters and the poor, and the rich and the healthy and the sick, they all have to do. But then Allah says in another verse, money supply a Sevilla, those that are capable of going for Hajj, so Hajj is obligatory upon whom then

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only those that are capable meaning financially and physically and also that the path that they're going for Hajj is a safe path. So the point is, you have to be careful every time you find a ruling in the corner or in the center. This might be an odd ruling. Is there another ruling? Is there a cost ruling that specifies this arm? Okay. So that you have you have to be careful not to be hasty. When you find a ruling in the corner, go to an either guru student and always understand that ruling. Is there something that makes this running costs or is it still okay? If it's going to apply to everyone? Because often there's going to be a special set of people that it applies to. Is that

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clear? This is the basic bare backbone definition of human costs obviously there's a whole chapter in and of itself. Okay, the next word here that we get to

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the next word here that we get to is mocha and mocha yet okay, mocha, and

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mocha loco

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meme box mean Barnum of Motorola and mocha yet his name of god Okay, meme cough Muslim and mocha. Yes. What do you mean by Muslim and mocha yet?

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What is like um, in one sense and it differs from out in another sense. It is like um, in that it is unconditional literally love means unconditional unqualified.

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You say for example, a non Muslim unconditional no adjective

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add on to it. A man. A house. A slave. Okay, a woman a car. This is what? unconditional

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Okay, mocha is the opposite you add some conditions on to it a green car. Okay, a tall man.

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Okay, a Muslim slave you've added on some conditions now mocha yet okay. Now sometimes the verse in the ruling occurs and sometimes it occurs mocha yet. So you have to take both of them into account and then put the ruling out for example. Do you understand what it is worth looking into? Who can tell me this difference? I haven't told her she would know the difference between an AMA practice like a house right. But the difference between woodblock and arm is that applies to everything in its set at the same time. For example, Allah says all souls showcased that this applies to every single soul. Muslim on the other hand only applies to one so for example, Allah says in the Quran if

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you do this in this free a slave is this Muslim or

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Muslim why

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only applies to one but it's unspecified any slave you find freedom, male, female, child, adult, whatever is Muslim unconditional. Okay, so what are similar and that they have a large set of things that apply to but the difference is that it applies to everything in its set in its meaning simultaneously, whereas Good luck

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applies to only one member of that set. So for example, Allah says the hold on

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those that commit the heart with their wives, the heart was a pagan custom of Jamelia, then they must free one slave before they return to their wives as a penalty for this custom. Okay, as a penalty they must free one slave before they touch their wives meaning sexually Okay, is this Mortlock or is it

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who says his arm?

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Why do you say Tom

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Okay, it's a general statement. Okay, that's good. Do you have to free all the slaves in the world are one slave

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one so it's not it's not

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so it's out for every man that did it but for the slave to be freed it's the condition of the slaves okay. However on the other hand, a lot that if you kill a believer unintentionally manslaughter, then you must free a believing slave

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believing slave.

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mocha, mocha, yes. You must read a believing slave. Now there is a

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condition attached to it. Okay, so mukluk means unconditional three a slave makaya means

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doesn't mean believe them, but it means conditions to attach to it. Okay. Now, the question arises, this is where the whole why we're studying this.

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Do we have to take the molcajete into account when it comes to the Muslim ruling?

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Okay, for example, in the example that we gave the penalty for the heart was what in the Quran is no,

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no one, one slave. The penalty for manslaughter is

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one believing slave. Okay, so for the designation, you have to be believing for manslaughter. He mentioned yesterday, believe me? So do we take both of these ions into account? And we say that the mocha Yes. Since it clarified the clock, we then carry them over. Yes. Upon the Muslims. And we say that even for the heart, you need to you need to free a

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good evening. Do we do this or not?

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The majority said yes. And the head if he said no. Okay, but this is a problem. We don't care about this, we just want you to understand the concept just like the beard backwards. Okay, we just want you to understand the concept of what love is and what mocha does not mean an unconditional generality on specified generality that applies to only one member of etc. Whereas am is an unspecified generality that applies to all of the members of its set simultaneously. Okay. So the point is that mocha and mocha are our

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peers that use again to derive laws. Okay, now we get to another word pair. Again, we're going very quickly, very briefly over this issue that you understand when you read and by the way, you will read this in the books that fit when you go to the bookstore. There was mentioned this, this hadith is Muslim. And this hadith is mocha. Yes, this hadith is out. This verse is hot. So now you understand what they're talking about. We just want you to understand what they're talking about. Okay, then, we only have 20 minutes left or 40 minutes of video sort of filled. We just want you to understand what these terms are. give some examples and then move on. Okay, the other thing that we

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talked about another thing we were talking about is mumble and my from month to month talk and my phone and I'm talking me I'm known for wild cough, man talk and mushroom mean for her. Wow. I mean, not who

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Now my grandma's home mom cook basically means it is apparent or explicitly mentioned in the text. Okay? It's exclusively mentioned in the text. So for example, Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran,

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whoever you know, returns from Hajj, then in less than

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seven days if he did not give the penalty that he was supposed to for hedge for basic or special class of people, whoever returns like his past seven days. So the fifth is that you have he has the past seven days and what did you use to derive that fifth, the motto of the verse, the clear, apparent meaning of the verse, as expressly mentioned, you don't need to think about the versus clear. Okay. The opposite of that is mushroom. It's an understanding of the verse. It's not clear in the verse, but it's an opposite understanding of the verse is implied if you like, it's an opposite implication of divorce. Let me give you an example. So you understand

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a lesson Python, it says,

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give women their dollars,

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freely, give them their dollars as the you know, the value that you give for your marriage, okay? And if they wish to return some of it to you, if they would wish to return some of it to you freely without forcing them, then eat what they returned to you. You understand what the verse is saying? give women the dowry when you marry them, give them their mother, okay? If they want to give that back to you, all of it or some of it freely without being forced out of their own free will, then you're allowed to take it back from them. You understand the verse? Everyone understands the verse simple, right? Okay, what is the main focus of the verse Who can tell me?

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The menfolk the clear ethnicity?

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You have to give them a dowry. And if they give it back to you, you can take it back. What is them a home?

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No reform is the opposite is the opposite of reverse them of humor, okay, understand this. Now the home of diverse is, if the women don't give you the diaries, you can't take it.

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Look at the verse again. The verse says, give women their salaries, okay? If they want to give it back to you freely of their own freewill, then take it back and eat it. This was the verses, suppose the woman don't want to give it back to you or they're forced to give it back? Should you eat it then? No, it is the first day so explicitly. No, but it's implied is the opposite understanding of divorce, you understand what mfu means now? Okay. For example, let me give you another example.

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Don't say off to your parents. Everyone knows the verse Don't even say off the lowest form of anything that you can do. Don't say off to them. someone reads this verse, He goes, I can beat my parents, because they told me

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don't say you didn't take

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not to beat them. What do we respond to him? This is the home of diverse. If you're prohibited from even saying off to them, obviously, you're prevented from being rude to them from a team of nurses and physically harming them. Okay, this is my home, you understand it is like the opposite or the implied meaning use if you understand my book is the clear text is written in red ink or blue ink or whatever, my friend is something that is common sense. You understand it from the text. Okay. Now, the point here is that my phone is only taken when it doesn't contradict them on full company, verse farhadi. The metaphor of a verse, or a deed is only taken into account is only taken a step when it

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doesn't contradict another verse or Hadith. So, therefore, Mattoon is more than one obviously, in in waves. The strongest thing is the clear text beneath it is the understanding. The understanding is not resorted to when it contradicts anyone from any verse. And anybody, only when there is no contradiction. Do you take the month to perform? Okay.

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So you understand my group and my phone.

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Now we obviously go to the books that will show you find all of these conditions and we're not going to get first started that you're gonna go above your head right now, we just want you to understand these simple words, Montauk and my phone. Okay? If I say if I tell if I tell someone, they sit down. The motto is system, the mockumentary standing up at that time? That's why I told him to sit down. I don't say he's standing up but then the form the understanding of it is that he is standing up at that time. Okay, it also wouldn't have told him to sit down. Okay, if not, don't disturb other people. What does that mean?

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everyone understood that was

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just a joke.

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So you understand what took him a full man talk is the clear explicit text. My form is the interpretation of the opposite understanding of that text once again, you take both moto and my phone to

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in order to get any ruling from the shediac. Okay, but you have a quick point also, before we go another thing

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How can you stay and modjadji Okay, write this down under another pair or category. How can you see and my jersey

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Cough Cough yeah how crazy and then my jazzy meme job that that guy

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means mean name gene as if the guy and

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yeah my jazzy happy and modjadji

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So, what is how can you say what is my jazzy? When a word is used in its primary sense it is happy and when it is used in a metaphorical sense it is majority okay. When a word is used in its primary sense, it is happy and when it is used in its

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in its metaphorical sense it is majority Okay, let me say a word lion, what was the first thing that came to your mind everyone? The animal? Now let me say another thing. Zaid was a lion during jihad.

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courageous big How come in the first time other work into mice in the second time you understood it meant brave, courageous, fighting like a you know brave person because of the context. Okay. So again, you have to understand how easy everything in the Arabic language is obviously, unless there is proof that it is majority. Everything in the Arabic language you take it upon its happiness a sense, unless there is proof that it is majority. Okay. Now, there's any status of like, when is it updated? What is it majority, for example, of the factors that break Whoo hoo, touching a woman is applicable if you touch a woman, does that break a rule?

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There's a difference in what did we say? No. Okay, let me short period of time a whole lot. He said he did. He said it does break. You look at a woman. You just touch a woman, whether she's your wife, or your mother or your sister, or it's hard for you to touch in the first place, it breaks the rule. What was his evidence? Allah says no, for if you have come from the restroom, or have touched women, literally, llamas from touch lamps means to touch, or you have touched women, and you don't find one other than due to him.

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Okay, now the question is touch in this purse, is it happy? Or is it majority happy? What would it mean? It will affect what will be the meaning of the rest?

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Okay, if it's majority in one majority, what is the image as the meaning of the verse?

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sexual intercourse? Exactly. So a lot in the Quran, he's not saying he's not using a word. And this is by the way, the sooner we'll learn the Quran is that he doesn't use the word you know, sex. In the Arabic language, he always uses some type of other phrase of it. This is in general, I mean, somewhere in some country, but in general, and this also, this also shows us that unless there's a reason we should try to use something else, you know, a better word that gives the message but don't have to be so explicit about it. Okay, that allows for that it says, our office or you know, to,

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you know, to come over your wife or to have a shot another word that the caller uses means to, to cover her up, like okay to cover up letters and things to have, you know, intercourses to cover where you cover her up.

00:23:09--> 00:23:13

Okay, so the point is in this verse, is it healthy? Or is it more jazzy?

00:23:16--> 00:23:18

That's where there's a difference, mom's happy What does he say?

00:23:21--> 00:23:28

And the majority is a fake magic I understand now, how the difference that occurs if somebody were to ask you why does he match after he say that?

00:23:30--> 00:23:54

Allah says that touching on breakthrough you will say a lot so in the Quran, then he said how can you rotate so because you say one of the first in this case is modjadji and what is the proof for this? Because the processor would kiss his wife, and he would then go to the masjid. Now, what is the prophets kissing his was the type of action right? Okay, so the Prophet actually would category with this fall under now, what would you discuss? The Prophet can know, we just got the action of the person remember?

00:23:59--> 00:24:31

This is an explanation of the Quran. This is administered in the Quran, that is doesn't break your will do. He is explaining the Quran in this manner. Okay, it doesn't break your will if you touch your wife, if you kiss, you're not just that she actually kissed Ayesha and then went to the machine. So it doesn't break you will do this thing. Okay. So we say that because of this, has he even thought about the shaft or he will come to you? And he will say, ah, but all of the language is happy unless proven otherwise. Okay, so once you tell him the evidence that I was in the corner, if you touch when, when your windows broken is going to come to you? Well, you're saying it's majority

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but the opposite of the general rule is that everything is happy. Okay, so what's your evidence that it's not it's not happening as much as you would you say then there's it shows you that then Allah is using this phrase, not to mean physical touch, but he's using it to mean actual intercourse, which is obviously much more than just a physical touch. Okay, so allows using a type of majaz neuron. Now a very important note everyone write this down, there is no modjadji majaz. When it comes to a lot of names and attributes, a lot of

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names and attributes are all happy. Okay? A lot of names and attributes are all happy. Why do I say this because

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the other groups have to the Sufi the new Hamza Yusuf. And these guys, they claim that Allah names and attributes are majority. So it was not really he doesn't really get angry at anyone. No, it's my jazzy. He doesn't really love the Muslims. Allah doesn't love the believers. According to these groups, he doesn't love the believers. It's modjadji Okay, and we say no doubt be that others in the Jamaat is that there can never exist majaz with regards to the names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala Okay, so you understand now how CCN modjadji is used is that happiness is the primary sense of the word. Okay, and majority is a metaphorical sense of the word okay.

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For you

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let us move on now to another topic. That was some word pairs Oh, no, actually, there's another thing we should we should talk about before we move there and that is that they already mentioned that a command automatically implies obligation and prohibition Amina prevention automatically implies provision is the opposite don't do this or Allah says don't do that or stay away from that it automatically implies Okay, I mentioned that's very important because this is of the most important rulings of film is this Okay, that I will sort of excuse me is that whenever one is mentioned are commanded to do something that automatically implies

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obligation and whenever I might as messengers tell, you don't do it automatically implies it unless there is some reason otherwise, unless there is some reason otherwise to tell you that that is the case. Okay. So you

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want to one last point, and after that, I don't think we really talk too much and without going to too much great detail. Okay. So it's just better to leave it up for questions about anything that you know about pseudocode if anything needs to be talked about play of the last another section, totally different section.

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This section is entitled The goals of the shehryar the goals of the show Dr.

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Shetty is really whatever you want. He there is no English proper spelling.

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The goals of the Sharia Okay, now the goals of the Sharia, the Sherry, I came to

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protect and elaborate upon three things. The first one is valeriya Essentials.

00:27:32--> 00:27:44

Surely I came to protect and elaborate upon three things. Those are the essentials of our life, we can't live without them. Okay? And these are five so is one ABCDE.

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Okay, now we're gonna get to two and three, there's three things. The first one is divided into five categories. Okay. The most important thing that the surely I came to protect is the religion of Islam. The Sharia the Sharia is meant to protect the religion of Islam the deen Okay, so he flooded the calcium hedge and all of the other aspects of our religion that surely I came to protect these aspects. The first thing that actually I came to protect are the essentials notorious in Arabic, they're called

00:28:15--> 00:28:24

Yes. boluda. Yes. Essentially, the first one is what's the religion? Okay, the second one is life.

00:28:26--> 00:28:26


00:28:28--> 00:29:00

Life, your life, every person's life. Now, why are we going in one two to the fourth? Whenever there's a conflict of conflict of interest, we look at whichever one is higher in number one, there is a conflict between religion and life we give our life to the religion. Okay. Likewise, what is the conflict with the lower category the high one we sacrifice the Lord for the higher one you understand what we were talking about this? The goal of the Sharia. These are the goals of the title chapter for right now are the goals of the Sharia. What are the goals of the Sharia? The goals of the Sharia are to protect five essential things. The first one is a religion. The second one is

00:29:00--> 00:29:03

life. The third one is sanity.

00:29:04--> 00:29:26

Okay, sanity, sanity, being sane, it came to protect your sanity as of this year, that's why these if you look at any, any legislation in a religion of Islam, you find that it is better for the shediac it is better for human life, it is better for sanity and it is better for the other two things gonna talk about now. Okay, the fourth thing is money property.

00:29:28--> 00:29:28


00:29:30--> 00:29:32

The surely I came to protect every person's property,

00:29:37--> 00:29:42

the religion, the law, the law, the law, the law, and the last thing is one's honor.

00:29:44--> 00:29:44


00:29:45--> 00:29:59

And included in honor is like progeny, you know, your children, you know, in the sense that, you know, your wife's honor and your children's honor like that, okay, can to protect all of these things. Okay. So the point is, whenever there's a conflict between

00:30:00--> 00:30:06

These files in general, not every case, but in general, we sacrifice the lower one for the higher ones. Okay?

00:30:07--> 00:30:17

That's actually I came to protect these five things religion, life, sanity or your aka your mind. Okay? your property and, Your Honor. Okay?

00:30:19--> 00:30:20

This is one, number two.

00:30:23--> 00:30:27

Number two is the hedge hedge yet which means

00:30:29--> 00:30:48

those things which are important but not necessary to live those things which are important, but not necessary to live. Okay, these are the hajiya. In other words, those things that almost every person needs to live, but it's not something that you need for life and death is those, these are the things that make it easier to live

00:30:52--> 00:31:12

examples that are given of hygiene is that when a person buys more than what he needs of his clothes, and he buys more than what he needs, he's you know, utensils and cars, it's allowed from the hygiene, okay? And the second thing is, or the third thing, excuse me is the bassinet or the perfect things are those that

00:31:14--> 00:31:18

those that are the protection of the other two we talked about. So for example,

00:31:19--> 00:31:26

the protection of good manners. Okay. Number three, yeah, attack the net, which is like the protections of,

00:31:27--> 00:31:28

of all of these three things.

00:31:29--> 00:31:37

Okay. Likewise, for example, you're not allowed to kill women and children in jihad, okay, of the protection of our religion of Islam.

00:31:38--> 00:32:08

So these are the three things right now just write them down, memorize them, you inshallah, when you read the books, I don't I don't think you really understand why we're saying this issue. But I understand why you don't understand because we don't have time to get into it. But just understand these three levels and understand these five things. When you read the books that you will inshallah appreciate more, what is what is this classification system? Number two is the Hijaz which are essentials, but you don't need them for life and death. The first part that we talked about, number one, are what you need to live, these are the five things you need for life and death. Number two,

00:32:08--> 00:32:14

are the essentials or what are what every every person needs, but not as a matter of life and death. Okay?

00:32:16--> 00:32:35

Now, just give some examples, you know, success, okay. And number three are the perfection things, which basically, obviously add on to all of that. So the point is, actually I came to protect these things, these three things, and the most important of them are the essentials, and they are five in order. And if they are in that order, the been the life, the intelligence, or your sanity?

00:32:37--> 00:32:52

What was the fourth one money and honor? Okay, personal honor. So anytime there's a conflict of interest between these five things, you have to sacrifice a little one for the higher one, that's a general rule, it doesn't apply in every single case. Okay. In English, what are the what some brothers asked you? What would I recommend them to read?

00:32:53--> 00:33:01

Obviously, we covered this sort of stuff in less than an hour or two hours, basically, I just wanted to basically, you know, give you what a little bit of what sort of stuff is

00:33:02--> 00:33:17

the most simple book out and one of the first books a person should read is a book by a woman named Philips which is called evolution of, okay, evolution and feel it does touch upon the suit a little bit, okay. Evolution of silk by a woman in data center.

00:33:19--> 00:33:22

They have in data center once you get a much other good business from this guy.

00:33:23--> 00:33:53

They usually give them a discount, you know? No, they Okay, 100 invest Christensen. So it's available in that economy. I encourage everyone to read that and inshallah he will understand better and she will understand better what I'm talking about right now, with this type of thing. The second book is a much more advanced book, much more advanced, actually. So make sure you read a womanist book and understand every single point before you move on to this book. There is no middle book Unfortunately, this is the problem. This book is a college textbook in some places. It is called principles of

00:33:56--> 00:34:03

Islamic jurisprudence, thick book principles of Islamic jurisprudence, by Mohammed Hashim, Kamali,

00:34:05--> 00:34:11

Mohammed Hashim, Kamali, and it is published by the Islamic tech Society of Leicester, England,

00:34:12--> 00:34:16

the Chester Lister I don't know they have some weird names opening

00:34:19--> 00:34:23

principles of Islamic jurisprudence by Mohammed Hashim, Kamali okay.

00:34:25--> 00:34:38

These are the only two books out in the English language as of yet so there's not much else out there you know, I don't know of any other book out in English language regarding or sort of, I'm sure they are but I mean, I haven't come across them. Okay, and also I read both of these books and I think that they are

00:34:40--> 00:34:41

fine inshallah.

00:34:42--> 00:34:44

I have no idea of this.

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

Can you expand on the third goal of Sharia testiness, perfect thing, these are the things that are not required to live, every person doesn't need them immediately. But these are the things that protect the Sharia of Allah subhana wa Tada. They are the weakest

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

Welcome minute or the perfection of the Sharia is not the first one or the essential the dodoria these are the essential components no person can live without. The second one are greatly needed things. I mean, you can live physically without them, but they are necessary and that they're important but you can't live without them. Okay, the first one is you cannot live without this the the third or the professions, things that the society needs to be a perfect society such as the production of good manners, okay? the profession of good manners, this society doesn't need it immediately. Right? It doesn't need it to live, but it needs it to be a perfect society. Okay, it's

00:35:34--> 00:35:57

just like I said right now just understand these three levels that they exist, know that they exist, and inshallah, when you read more and more about fifth one, you will appreciate more this differentiation and this. I mean, I understand right now, it must be very confusing, but the point is, just understand that that's in the sense that one, two and three, the total, especially that Korea, the five things that the Sharia Islam came to protect these five things. That's the most important thing to understand. Right now.