Quranic Connection #24 – Carrying Your Prescription & Protection

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Allah subhanaw taala says one unit Zillow, Mina, la pura aneema Who are Shri

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Nene, we sent down of the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy for the believers. One time some companions were traveling and they ran into a situation where someone was bitten by a snake or scorpion, one of them recited Surah Al Fatiha the opening chapter and the and basically healed the man with the Quranic recitation by Allah's will. And this is a reminder for us when you read the Quran regularly and you memorize as much of it as you can recognize that it is a shifa a healing as a law promised. It is a healing for your soul, your heart, even your body and your mind and we use it as one prescription one type of Shiva, amongst many others in terms of medications in terms of

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physical healing, but take advantage of it. And this is something we learned from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah grant us the Shiva of the Quran for our hearts and everything externally as well. Allahumma Amin

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