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The Day of Resurrection is a Day of Resurrection during which the city will be built, and the signing of the Day of Resurrection will be a Day of Resurrection. The importance of individuals being strong and firm in achieving goals is emphasized, including the loss of authority and the potential for unity among cultures. The history of Islam is discussed, including the rise of Muslims and their victory over enemy enemies, and the use of signs and symbols to guide people to achieve their goals, including the removal of certain signs from buildings and practicing Islam. The potential loss of honor without the grace of Islam is also discussed, and the use of signs and symbols to indicate a time for peace and achieve personal and cultural reasons.

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Today is a panel with Tyler will talk more about the signs of the Day of Resurrection minus signs of the Day of Resurrection. This one has something to do with the chosen land.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala

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as in Rahim, Allah alayhi salatu wa sallam to build his first house. That house was built

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in the city of Makkah, in the old world debating worldly ins and the Lady bacchetta Mubarak. So the city of Baca or Mk was the first place that any house of the house of the law was established. From from that time,

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until today, the land which is known the Arabian Peninsula,

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was mainly a desert land.

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And the mission your overlord told us something that is very unique about the land and the nature of that land and how it will change in the future. He said about the change that would happen will take place, not the homosassa the sound will not be stablished habitat or the Jazeera today up until the Arabian Peninsula goes back to what he used to be full of trees and gushing rivers. Now some hanon law This is one of the signs of human qiyamah.

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We both know that the Arabian Peninsula still does it mainly, but it is coming to the point is slowly why the video Gemini another narration he settled the alone. The Messenger of Allah said

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tomorrow the Savannah with Anna we will be going through the wells of the book, Siri

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in Saudi Arabia right now because Siri have to book.

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He said we will be going we'll be approaching the wells of the city of the book by salata Guha, around 910 o'clock in the morning, he said, however,

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when you go there,

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none of you should touch the wealth of the city of Turlock. So madrina Geminis said, we all march towards the wells of the city of Dubuque, and we got there. And there were two men who reached there ahead of us and before us. So the Messenger of Allah asked him question,

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did you touch anything from the water of tobacco? They said, Yes.

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He became very displeased with them, scold them, and then they come down there, he said, Bring some water from the wells of the book. So they brought water from the wells.

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This is a law wash his hands and his face in a container. And he said take this one and go back and put it back in the wells. And see what happens now the wells were very dry, hardly can get anything from that wells. When they pulled back the water that was used by the missing you have a lot to the well, the wells Sutton gushing water and the whole army of the messenger overlord were able to get water for the animals for themselves for the food, wash their clothes read and so on. Then he said to me, Omar,

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if you live long enough, you will see this zerah tiara, you will see this area pencil you will see a book full of trees on running water and some Hannah law for those of you ever want to city of taboo you will notice

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a change if you go and see the pictures of 50 years ago and the pictures of cigarettes are broken nowadays is a wall apart, completely different city, a wall apart completely different city. Imagine this development, progress and continues at hamdulillah in the future as he's practicing right now. Definitely we'll come back as the messenger over loss of the law Harada he was selling them described it in the Hadith al Bukhari and in the hadith of vino Jabba the next one

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Next sign from minus signs of the Day of Resurrection, as a man who will come and lead people.

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The Messenger of Allah said, latter homosassa,

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Tania suka, NASA, NASA, who will not come until a man from the tribe known upon comes this realm from the one who will need people, Moon people or mother in law said that Heidi says, Yes, super NASA VR saw that he will rule people with power, strength,

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firmness. And this man is a righteous man. Now

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sometimes as a righteous person, if you're in the stage of authority and leadership, being Stern, and firm is needed.

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So this money will come to a nation who doing fabrication, innovations, disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala, committing so many sins open. And then this man with his authority, he will bring people back to the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala, to the truth to the, to the way of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu it he was suddenly

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alive. And I'm Robin OS, who used to say next to my neck because he wants to stay next to my honey for that time with more money. No, he used to stay with him because his father was staying with Maui.

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And the messenger of a lot of the live and I'm with him in the US to obey his phone who is honorable house. So while they were sitting alive, you know, I'm going to set tomorrow, there will be a time on while we're a man from a cotton from the tribe of cotton would come and he will rule this oma and he will need them. And then now he gets a little bit irritated, upset.

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And he said if the authority is removed, or anyone who challenges the voice in terms of authority, he will be destroyed by Allah subhanho wa Taala ever the people of grace, add her to the teaching of Islam.

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Now that is so true. So true. If Quraysh kept their closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala they would be the ruling family and tell today. But with time aside being away from the teaching of Islam, and every generation becomes weaker and weaker until the authority level Islamia was taken away from grace and give it to us. And inquiries come back to that, then the authority will come back. It needs somehow know without origin. Everybody comes back to the Dean of a law. That would be the obvious step for the horseshoe assume the leadership of now. This is

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one single person who will bring people back does that mean one person can do this? Yes. Allah Subhana Allah said about evil. I'm in Ibrahim Makana oma Ibrahim by himself. He was a nation, Mohammed Salah lorawan, he was by himself, preach the Islam, a Sharia introducing Islam to the people, and by himself change every Tamia by himself. And then later with his students, he change and we knew the Sharia, as it was revealed to the Messenger of Allah, mostly,

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he renewed the shediac to the level, the Sahaba were familiar with the tablet and were familiar with and inshallah after this short messages, we will continue with the signs minus signs of the Day of Resurrection. So do not go anywhere, stay cold.

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And welcome back

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to mind the science of the Day of Resurrection.

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Going to set tomorrow where there will be a time on Maui, and then from a katan from the tribe of Tom would come and he will rule this oma and he will need them. And then now we get a little bit irritated, upset.

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And he said if the authority is removed, or anyone who challenges the race in terms of authority

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He will be destroyed by a loss of honor without ever the people of grace or the hurt to the teaching of Islam.

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Now that is so true, so true. If Quraysh kept their closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala, they will be the ruling family until today. And it always comes back to that, then the authority will come back. And the next point is something that it was surprised to be in the sub panel wattana because

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it contradicts all or disproves what is commonly known nowadays.

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And this is

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when the Romans become the majority of people.

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What I mean by this nowadays, we have all the Europeans that are getting smaller in number, they losing the numbers,

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some Hana law, in 20 years, the Europeans lost so many people because they don't have many children as other people. But things would change around

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and there will be a point they will become the majority of the people. Also,

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they will no longer be united with the yahood. As a matter of fact,

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everything would change, their belief would change.

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their way of life would change.

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Their lives would change.

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And they will become my Gertie at one point.

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And the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they will come fighting you

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on an ad different banners at different

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groups. Each group 12,000 soldier, this is over a million

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million people.

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All of them they would be attacking Muslims, but why?

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So this is very unique on some Hannah law, it also relies on the law it was send them told us exactly when it's gonna happen, where is gonna happen, with whom we gonna be fighting, it would be in the mission in the Middle East. And this would take between Christians and the Muslims. He sets a low on he Wilson,

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the Christian and the Muslims will unite first. Listen to this, now. You see them struggling with one another, they wouldn't be a third power, third enemy that will force these two to unite and form one front, Muslims would not be as as big as they are nowadays. Rather, they would be strong united, close to one another to the point that the Christian that time they will see them as valuable power. So the Christian would come and say listen, why don't we unite against our third enemy.

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So the Muslims in the Christian will unite together. And when they unite together, they will win, they will be victorious over the enemies. And when they come back from that victory, or from that expedition, from that fight from that journey from that caravan. While they were resting.

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One of the Christians would stand up.

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And he was say, we were victorious because of the cross and a Muslim get upset and say no, we were victorious because Allah aided us, he received the aid from our Creator from Allah. So we are victorious because of that. And then the Christian will respond and the Muslim will respond. And these two would fight and the Muslim would kill the Christian.

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And then the rest of the Christian would get around that small number of Muslims and they will kill them. The messenger overlords said they are the best shuhada of their time. Now, here,

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the deal

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that was between the Muslim or Christian is broke, because there's a fight now they kill the Muslim, the Muslim kill them. It's done.

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They wouldn't be a war. And the Christian would come under a different group. Each group would have 12,000 of them, and then they will fight. And then people who are fighting would be three different categories

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from the Muslims, who then when they see this number, they will run away. And the news of the law Ronnie was some of them said

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Number one, never forgive those

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who will be killed was the second rule. And the messenger over law says they are one of the best that ever exists of their time.

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And the third rule would be victorious, they will win over their enemy, they will never go through a trial. And then the Muslims would go again

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to Santorini, which is known Istanbul today. See Muslims will conquer that land without a fight. First time we did was with fight, we fought them, we won over them. So but this time without a fight, phone, same thing goes wrong on we will not fight over the mean will do Chuck D. And then they will be victorious and Allah will give them the victory over the enemy. It's very, very beautiful Hadith and a hadith concerning the subject. I encourage the brothers and sisters to go back and research and read about this. One of the signs, we will see that never happened yet. That's one of the rivers, forests.

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Rivers of Iraq would expose mountain go,

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that river will divert. And the people will discover mountain of gold. Mountains go

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under people will fight over it.

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See, gritting is sometimes very dangerous. They discover this yet, they will fight over

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an every 1999 of them won't die. And they know that neither one of us have the law either.

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They know the Hadith, but each one will say

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no. Or maybe that percent because one person was survived. One out of 1001 was survive. I want to be that one, and maybe down.

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So they will die.

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Except one, every 1999 of them will die and some Hana law. See what dounia and love of dunya makes us do the other side. What if we learn from the sign from the minus sign that we haven't seen it yet, as there will be a time no one will make

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the nowadays of Hannah law just to make the wall during the days of high is actually struggle.

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And she had just to make a law. It's extremely difficult. But there will be a time that not a single person

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will go to Hajj. Also, one of the signs of the Day of Resurrection minus signs is

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people will have no shame. And a man will sleep with the women in public places,

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public places and then resell the law. It was something well, what do you do? What do you think when the time comes, a man would grab this woman and in the middle of the road, he would have intercourse with her in the middle of the road. And the most righteous of people at that time is the man who will come to this man. And he said to him, why don't you go behind that wall?

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He will not say don't do this harm. You're not animals, you're not donkeys.

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But he was saying to them, why don't you go hide behind the wall. Nowadays in, in a western world, we say to them, get a hotel, get a room.

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But at that time wouldn't be worse. And when you see them, and the person will say the most righteous one was say, why don't you go behind that wall. This is how bad the condition of the people would be.

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And then there would be another sign that the people will say the old people will say we hurt our forefathers and our fathers, our parents saying that in the law. So we say that we don't know the meaning. We say 99

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and there will be no Salah. nausicaa no fasting. No.

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No and now you're on in mooncup none of that. The only remember from an snam from the whole Islam

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law in the law, and they keep repeating. And they will say, we don't know what we saying this. My father, my mother used to say that in a in law. And I will say that in

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brothers and sisters in Islam we have not reached that level yet 100

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we still have some of Islam

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are also one of the signs that you will see from the days that a viewer will PM, which will be far, far deep and davion will

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adopt on will be removed from the hearts of men on from the page of the Muslim

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and the people who will get up and wants to pry salons and frigid but nobody remember selected fighter.

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And he was trying to read another sort of a nobody remembers anything from the Koran. So the Koran will be removed from the heart and from the page and the people will go back not knowing anything from the before that comes.

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That is normalize, recite, implement, practice what the book of Allah has for us and let us perform hide before it's too late. And neurosphere online concerning money before that river, expose the goal and let us ask our sisters to put the proper hijab. Before that comes they were asked to curse them. And let us go back. And while we still have time. Let us feel a loss of Hanover to Allah and practice our Deen based on the Koran, the son, the teaching of the Sahaba a teaching of the image especially the first three generation and we should not deviate from the path or sort of voice of the Lord Ronnie he was telling left us apart because he's the one who said 32 feet from Shay and I

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left we do two things you will never go straight. If you hold on to them. The Book of a law and my teaching son of Muhammad Sallallahu Rani, he will send them the Allah subhana wa tada mixes among those people who uphold, adhere to the book of the law unto the teaching of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is what I have to say. First of all on you look, first of all, was Saira Malik Kumara Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh