Muhammad Alshareef – Whoever Cheats Us Isn’t One of Us #shorts

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a video game where players are supposed to figure out who is at fault. They mention a character named Skyren and his supposedly evil behavior. The speaker also talks about a recent video game where a character named Skyren is revealed to be a murderer.
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The prophets have a lot in said I'm once went into the marketplace saw some nice dates. And then he put his hand under the you know the top layer of nice dates and he found it to be just like we're talking. So this behavior of putting the nice stuff out front and then hiding the kind of like the spoiled underneath and trying to sell the spoiled one, even at the time the profits are alive. And if somebody did that in the marketplace, the profits that Eliasson touched it, and then he said, he said to this companion, memorize Shanna Fil A seminar. It's such a serious idea. It is so serious. The Prophet sallallaahu Salam says whoever cheats us is not one of us. Like imagine how how, how

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ethically powerful that is. That whoever cheats us is not one of us.

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