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tears at the London Muslim mosque. As you may know, Chef aardige holds a Bachelor's of Islamic sciences in tech and also from El Medina University Malaysia. And he will be speaking today on the topic of pseudo use of a real miracle continuing from last time and this will be his part three of the lecture series. We I will now turn it over to the chef

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reliable manner him

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Excuse me from under him Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah for Allah early he was heavy he went up prohibition recently recently, Emery Bata looked at the misogyny of Coco coli

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but I did have a duniya hacer la Hazara working at Santa Monica for the labor God who, sorry I have the hiccups and a sore throat so

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not a good combination here. I will keep hiccuping I can't drink water right now to prevent them so

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I put up with that child

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Story of Us Vanessa lamb is a beautiful, miraculous story. We talked earlier about the amazing structure of the story how it's so interested in the way it appears in the symmetrical ring format. We spoke about how Allah's paddock keeps showing us like the the highs and lows the high of you know joy and the low of pain, you know, simultaneously or back to backs usually come right coming in the Surah we spoke about the imagery of of the sewer, the imagery of the shirt of usable Islam, you spoke also about

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a deep dive into how you sweat Islam gave Dawa. And how he was so amazing at it. And how you know that is you know, there's so much for us to learn from how he invited people to Islam. Today we will talk about in our final episode here of Surah, Yusuf alayhi salam, the study of Surah Yusuf is we will talk about

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a use of Ali salaam as he comes out of prison, or as he is coming out of prison. And they'll pick it up on from either number 50. Number 50 is when the king says we're all Maluku, Tony be the king said Bring him to me, meaning.

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Instead, bring us realism to me, take him out of prison, and I need him by my side. Why did the king say that the King had a interesting dream, he saw in Jenna's dream that there are seven cows fat cows are being eaten by seven lean cows. And then there is greens of corn, right seven green

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ears of corn and seven dry, seven dry green, sorry, seven dry grains of corn. Right, let me rephrase that. It's our dream in which seven fat cows are being eaten by seven lean cows very strange because cows don't eat other cows. And lean cow is eating the fat cow that that's you know, just bizarre. And then seven greens that are fresh, green, that could be ripened and seven dried out grains of corn, if

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that's the dream, the King song and the use of Islam interpreted that dream to be a prediction of the future. Meaning that in the future, what's going to happen is you will have seven good years represented by the seven fat cows, okay, or the seven green grains of corn. And then you will have seven years of drought where you will not have any, any growth any, nothing will grow. And those seven years will consume what you harvested in the previous seven years. And that's the lean cows eating the fat cows and that's the reference also to the green being dry. And that's what he said

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that you should do this next seven years of good harvest, stop the overconsumption, start storing only consume what you need, and then those seven tough years you can make it through them with this manner. So this is actually a beautiful advice of how to manage your resources and he is giving this as a policy advice. Now the king is super impressed by this king. It was not expected

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Think something this intricate. So when he hears this, he's like, wow, this is amazing. Don't we bring him

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now when usable is Salam, Fela Majah who Rasul Allah, Allah Arabic. Now when he is asked to come out of prison, he says, No, go back to the King Go back to your master here your master being the king, and ask him about the women who cut their hands. But Allahumma balloon is fertility Aparna idea, hon, my lord knows well what they planned, okay, now he says, I don't I will not come out of prison until and unless my name is cleared. And this is an amazing show of character for Musa al salaam, he could have just said you know what I have languished in prison for so many years unjust the I did not deserve to be here. And now the king himself by a royal order is ordering that I be released.

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Let me take this opportunity, who knows whether it will come again or not. But usually Sam is not interested in that he wants that the wrong that was done to him by by by by accusing him of something that he didn't do, or by framing him for a crime that he was innocent of. He wants that to be cleared. And that is what he earning Salam

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Duran demands. And this is incredible if you are talking about like in a in a manner from and today we're gonna focus a bit about like how we can take lessons from the story of use of and apply them to like a business setting, or a relationship management setting. Right? More generally, here he is a prisoner, you would imagine he has no leverage. But when he's negotiating, he's negotiating with with conviction, and the conviction that he's negotiating with gives him leverage, the king could just say, Okay, I don't have any need for you go right. But no, he's proved his value by showing he can interpret dreams, he can provide something that others in the Kings court cannot provide any

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good, right? Clarity, you see, which others don't have. And then when he is now he sees the thing that he has, that's valuable, and he's using that to attain the thing that he wants, which is that his name is to be clear, this is an amazing lesson that we can learn from each other, it's not a hard thing to do, where is that when you have something valuable to offer, if you are saying, you know going for employment, and you are interviewing for some some employment opportunity, or any other opportunity, where you are bringing value, you should understand your worth, this is what earlier the alarm would reference the payment of money, my your sinwar the value of a person is what

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they're good at. And once you understand your value, you can

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present yourself or speak in accordance with it. And if you don't understand your own value, then others will devalue you right or the things at least that you want it as much as you want, it may not be available or may not be given to you this is a beautiful you know, aspect of negotiating of

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making sure that a person can attain their objectives, while also not compromising situation that there might be an issue of some walks this fine line in a very, very perfect manner. But this comes from is a very, you know, how do you arrive at this what what causes the person to be like this, perhaps you are in the situation when you have a lot of you know, like security, you are very much at peace with yourself and your situation a person who is you know, in a in a

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precarious situation, they may not be able to negotiate with such clarity but person who was you know, in the clearer they have, you know, they're comfortable in their skin, they can ask for exactly what they want, and can value themselves exactly as who they are. And this is a extremely valuable skill to have, whether it is within employment or just in life in general. Because life often is just a negotiation, whether it's a marriage, whether it's a family, whether it's a any type of endeavor in the community, whatever it may be, and what we learn from each other's time here is a very beautiful way of how to

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attain what you're after. And specifically here he was like, No, I'm not going to be I'm not coming out until my name has been clarity

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And then the next few Is that his name is cleared, particularly by the wife for disease. She says that I don't want to say, right like

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she he admits and our our to one of see I tried to seduce him for and he is the truthful, the honest person I am not, he is not the one who did anything, he is completely innocent. And it was my mistake and this is an amazing part of the story where here you don't have a battle of good and evil unlike other suitors of Quran you know, this was the Quran there's quite often a battle of good and evil Musa and Farah around the solar system and Quraysh right, by here, it's not necessarily the people who wronged us Islam were entirely representing evil, they were actually people who had good at them and bad in them. And here you see an example of that with the wife of ours is actually

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admitting that you know what, it was my fault and I'm not going to absolve myself I'm gonna go to university, I am not trying to absolve myself of of my mistakes. And in the knee. He says she actually did another beautiful to Rahim, you know, like I'm asking,

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you know, my LORD is forgiving and merciful. She's trying to repent here. So there is a real lysyl

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realizable wrinkle there, which tells you that, you know, a lot of the story is very relevant, even from that angle where we have people who we deal with who do terrible things, but they're not a terrible person. And they, as long as they have the honesty to admit the mistakes that they have made, you know, that is the redeeming quality, right? That's the redeeming quality and we pray that we all have this in us now, usually salaam

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now that his name is cleared now,

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excuse me, everything is you know, all all wrongs have been righted. Now he is in the court of the king. And the king says to him in Nakayama Dana MacKinnon I mean I have 54 From now on, you will be with us honored and trusted after the spin after the king speaks to him but I'm not gonna lemma who right the King had a conversation with him and the King is King is impressed by use of a desert and he said now you're here you are going to be an honored member a trustworthy member now usefulness

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says something very interesting I 55 ology I Liana was in ill health in the Hatfield Amin placed me in charge, the please be in charge of the store houses of the land, for I am a good and knowledgeable custodian. And this is a very interesting

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demand. Usually could just have been like, yeah, you know, Hamdulillah, I'm in the Kings court, I can just chill now. Or present, my name has been cleared. The King has honored me I can just live a, you know, chill life. But he is a man of excellence. If you remember, when we studied last week, in Undurraga, middle myrcene in the two guys in the prison said we see that you're, you're someone who does things in the most excellent manner. Tell us about this dream that we've had. So here we he is not just settling and saying I'm good, you know, I'm just gonna, you know, hang out here in the Kings court and be good. He's like, No, I can actually make a bigger difference, I can do something

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even greater. Keep in mind this is not like a king is not a Muslim King. By the way. This is not a Muslim king. But usually Salam is trying to bring bring good wherever he may be. And this is the people that he now lives with. This is his community. So he is going to try to benefit this community as best as he can, as a native of their community or as like he was a native of that community. So he says College and the other day in the field, and he put me in charge of managing the managing the, the the agriculture of the land, and I am qualified to do that. This is, you know, an excellent,

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you know, way to contribute. Here's what Islam is putting his name forward. And he is assigned that task, again, goes back to the idea of, you know, negotiating in business, or any other types of negotiations. You know, you have to sometimes seek out what you feel you can do really well. But if you can do something really well.

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People may not read your mind. People may not, you know, arrive at that conclusion. You may have to say it, it's a risky proposition. Maybe you might, you know, fall flat on your face because they'll say like, No, you're not qualified for this. Or maybe at the end of the day, you seek it out and you have demonstrated your excellence by

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The way you speak, by the way, the work that you do, but the characteristics you exhibit, and now hamdulillah not only is it beneficial for you, but it's beneficial for everybody around you. This is really the idea of a son, or it's gone in Arabic, the Protestant dollars. In Aloha, I have been either I'm either I had to kumara Milan, a new trainer who Allah has PATA loves it there when any of us does anything, that we do it in the best possible way. This is a this is the way of the believer the believers shouldn't be just someone who, you know, clocks in clocks out is mediocre, you know, whatever they're doing, just sliding by life. That's not, you know, like, that's not the persona for

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believer, right? I mean, you can be that way. That's your prerogative, that's fine. But what the dean is not trying to reduce you into that being the the Dean wants you to be something bigger. It wants you to be someone who can do more, someone who can contribute someone who can bring benefit to people at large, whether it is benefit of like this variety or any other benefit that you know, like your company can benefit from you. And in turn you benefit from it as well. Right. So this is something that the Dean encourages us, whatever we do, we do it in the best possible way. One of the poet's said

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we cannot be said that

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that have not seen a

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few TV. I've never seen a flaw as bad as the naxal Audrina, Allah Tamiami. Right, the worst flaw that I've seen is the one who could do something really well, choosing not to do it. Well. That's the worst flaw. And I think this is a great extracted point from the story of usefulness a great lesson that he did not settle. He knew he could do this job. He was cordial. He was able. He said I am qualified. And he put his name forward. And he did it. And he did for the benefit of the people all around. Everybody benefited from that. So this is a beautiful lesson for us to deduce from the story. To try to do the best we can, in whatever situation we are we are and do it for our personal

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gains our personal benefit, but also for the benefit of our community, our company, whatever situation we might be in. Now let's have a look at that ECOMOG can be used to fill out and as we cause Joseph to be established in a position of authority in the land, he could dwell there in with wherever he pleased, we bestow our mercy on whoever we please, you see, will be rotting on the show while

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singing. And we do not allow the reward of the righteous to go to waste. And this is Allah's pontos way, you know, Allah subhanaw taala will take us sometimes through a roller coaster, there is like low moments, there's dark times. But you know what Allah subhanaw taala will bring us back up as long as you believe as long as we do good, as long as you try our best. And this is that Allah will not allow our work to go to waste. You have to believe that you have to believe in this, Allah no de agilon Mursaleen this will never happen. If you are going through a tough time, all the difficulty that you are going through, is not going to go to waste that's not time wasted. That's not wasted

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effort. That's not, you know, gone unnoticed by Allah subhanaw taala he is noticing it, and he will never allow it to go to waste. This is his promise and the story of his voice and demonstrate that he went from being a slave to being a minister. It took some a took him took him if he had to go to prison Holbert adversity, but at the end, you see he ended up in a position that he if he just if those that adversity didn't happen to him, the kidnapping, the being sold into slavery, the imprisonment, etc, etc. The betrayal. If that didn't happen to him, he probably was not going to end up where he ended up. That trajectory of his life would have been different. Without the adversity.

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The adversity is what actually put him on an upward trajectory. Isn't that amazing? I personally can relate very strongly with that, that adversity comes and you feel that it's knocked you down. But you know what, before you know it Allah subhanaw taala has a plan for you and he takes you on a higher trajectory. And then you look around you like what's panela This is Allah's grace and his mercy that I'm here to see will be rough Medina Manisha This is Allah's mercy, we ask that he shows us his mercy, we ask Allah

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He gives us the best in this life and the best in next life. Now at this point usable SLM is not going to be this is the beauty of beauty of his story. He is not going to let power corrupts him. This is a hard thing to do. You have to say absolute power corrupts absolutely. Right. And here he is Ali Salam, not letting that happen. And that is, you know, like Subhanallah the layers of of this amazingness of YouTube and Islam really blows your mind. Okay. Here he has a chance now to be like a tyrant to be someone who seeks vengeance to be petty. Okay, but then he is not petty why his brothers arrive to use the hardware they are out of home. Well, whom Lohmann goon Allahu Akbar they

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arrived and they presented themselves before him he recognize them that like yep, these are my brothers but they did not know that that's our brother use of the one that we threw in the world what a moment what a moment how everything comes full circle Subhanallah and then instead of being vengeful, instead of being

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you know he got to just keep these guys out of out of my court right now. No questions asked. I was gonna ask him why Oh, Minister, nothing dismissed. Right. You're gonna have them arrested arrest these men right now? No questions asked.

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He could have had them like, hung upside down and torture them or something. And they didn't remember what I would use it to me nothing. That's not what he said. That's not what a great man does. That is not what a Nabi of allah does. That is not what the Sunnah teaches us

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this is sunnah teaches us that you know, like if Salman was our luck

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be good to the one who is reaching out to you. Because this is specific to family but also generally to everybody. Right? But don't cut off the one who cuts you off?

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No one do that. Right in the viability here as in the Quran teaches us that when you someone does something evil to you don't respond with evil. Well, others, David Hasselhoff will say yeah, because evil and good are not equal.

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You need to be better. That's what the Dean teaches you is the viability acid. And if you can do this, for a number of

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a period of time for either lady by Nicola Vina, who are their work, and normally you'd have him before you know it. That person who was doing evil to you is now your biggest supporter, is now your staunchest supporter, Allahu Akbar.

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This was the life of the robber Saddam, his biggest enemies ended up becoming his biggest supporters, he won them over. This is the life of universal love his adversaries here, his brothers, not necessarily his enemies, his adversaries. He could have, you know, been rough with them.

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But he didn't, he was gentle, not as gentle, he was kind, and he was above and beyond gracious to them. So then when they found out who he was, immediately, they became completely substitute completely, you know, regretful of what they have done, and,

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you know, just happy to be in His presence.

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That's the prophetic character. And when we talk about what is Islam teaches what is like what is the one teaching of Islam?

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Of course, Tawheed is our foundation Iman is our foundation, but as a Muslim, the demonstration of all those values comes in this in this characteristic, can you forgive the one who wronged you? Can you speak especially when you have power and the ability to extract revenge, not take revenge, and inspire the one who did something wrong to be better, Allahu Akbar.

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That is true prophetic character.

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So he is demonstrates that what he gives them more later on in the Oval gala and even when they when he gives them as best, you know, the full measure and even more and he is the best of hosts. He of course, wants his brother there, right? He wants his brother his brother from the same mother because yet, half brothers, right

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The 10 or half brothers, and mini Amin was his full brother. So he wants to see his full brother first. And perhaps that's his strategy to reunite the family. In his mind, the strategy is he first gets his brother keeps his brother with him, and uses that as leverage to bring his father and once the father is here, then the whole family is reunited. So he's got a plan. He's working through it, and he executes the plan in a very beautiful way. But as he's executing it, right, and the details are in the Surah. They're quite, you know, you know, extensive, the details are very, very extensive here.

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But what the main lesson here is he adding Salatu Salam is not vengeful, at any moment, in this in his plan, and he at the whole time, he is treating his brothers with kindness, respect, and generosity and grace. So he is that that's a lesson of leadership as a lesson in management. If you are a true leader, a person that others will look up to, that's the characteristics. These are the values that you have to demonstrate. And we learned that from usually some even to the point when they said something to him like Halloween yesterday, some sort of a hula hoop in public, if he's a thief, a brother of his had also committed theft. They still were bad mouthing him use of Instagram

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all these years later, in his own court. He they're in his court, they don't know. And yet, they have the audacity to badmouth the younger brother, who they, you know, despise from all these years. Despite that hatred us being in a position of extracting for revenge, and you know, bringing upon them his full wrath doesn't do so. He doesn't do so. So serious give me

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sorry about that. He's in the position to do to do this, but he doesn't. And this is again, the quality of leaders, we ask Allah to make us all these people.

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As we wrap up the story, we look at use of Elisa Lam's final statement in this in this

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in this in this beautiful, magnificent, miraculous story. I number 88.

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chose to be either number

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99 For lemma Dehiwala use of now finally the family is being reunited. The brothers have asked forgiveness the brothers have said we're sorry. And usually the sound says that the three barleycorn William, you are forgiven. This is water under the bridge. I'm not going to mention this again. I'm not going to bring this up again. That's true forgiveness. Forgiveness is not that you remind the person of their mistakes again and again and again. You say no is done is done. I will not bring this up ever again. That is Pamela how he showed us to forgive. To forgive Excuse me. Now they're reunited. They're reunited. hamdulillah the father Coblenz Salaam is here. The mother is here. The

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brothers are here. All the family is together he says called Hello Mr. Insha Allah who are many enter Welcome to Egypt in safety. If Allah wills come, be You are safe here are Rafa here and he helped his parents on to the throne. Okay, well, for all levels with Judah, they fell on their knees before and this is such that it's not such that

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says to the Radisson Hotel when it's not such the of worship is as such though to show honor, in our Sharia, this is not allowed in the Sharia before us it was allowed. But in our Sharia even this is not allowed the surgery to Tavi is done to Allah, Allah and only Allah we don't do it anybody any human either. But the point here is he is now this is a show of his you know, like, like the other story is coming full circle. But he is you know, at this point remembering his dream Allah but he had that we do rock row aim in Cabo my father, this is the interpretation of my dream. He is the one who interprets dreams. Alright, the two prisoners, that King and now he sees his dream, interpreted

00:29:26--> 00:29:34

right in front of his eyes. He couldn't interpret his dream before, but now he sees the interpretation as his father, the son, his

00:29:35--> 00:29:59

mother, the moon, and the 11 stars his brothers are in front of him. Okay. Pajama Hara, aka my Lord has made it come true. Look at us and be he was kind to me. Allahu Akbar. He was kind to me when he led me out of prison. He didn't say I shouldn't have been in prison in the first place. No, he says Allah was the most kind

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To me that he took me out of prison. Look at this attitude of gratitude, and brought you from the desert after this after Satan had brought about discord between me and my brethren. He's not like, Oh my My brothers, these guys who threw me in the well, now hamdulillah everything is hunky dory and we're back together. No, he's not throwing them under the bus. He's not embarrassing them. He says no, this is what Chapin did. He brought about this, this this discord between me and my brothers. But now hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala has reunited our heart our hearts, how beautiful and how amazing this is true leadership. This is true leadership. This is the kind of leader if you're in

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their leadership, you are going to want to be around them you are going to want to do what they're asking you to do. You are going to want to be there you know like they're their subordinate, because the demonstration of excellence is so incredible in number be lovely for the manager My Lord is the best planner in achieving what he will and He is truly all knowing and all wise and will conclude with the beautiful dark of useless pieces of data and he will balk and I want you to this is ID number 101 So 12 I want her and what is the dua you should make for yourself, okay, this is a dua you should all make for yourselves Inshallah, but because Arteta Nieminen My Lord, You have given me

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power well I love the name into real ahaadeeth have taught me the interpretation of dreams fall tell us somehow it will. This

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interpretation of dreams here is expressing Oh Allah this is the good you've given me in life. The good we are given a life we mentioned that Mama be near Madeira beggar for Hadith. This you see he's mentioning the good that was given to him. Dude, we do this in our drives, we need to do this in our doors. You mentioned all like you've given me this good. You have given me this house. Give me this family. You gave me this career. Oh Allah thank you for all of this. You are the one who gave this to me fall did a somewhat you will earn the creatures of the heavens and the earth. And there will be even dunya and akhira You are my patron in this world and the Hereafter, you are the one who's

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gonna take care of me in this world. And in the next life.

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You are the one who are who's protecting me.

00:32:26--> 00:32:30

Though a funny, musty one, what's my request all? What do I want?

00:32:31--> 00:32:34

Make me die as a muslim.

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Meaning let me live my life as a Muslim, all the way until I pass away, and let me die in a state of submission to you? Well, I'll leave you solid in and join me in the company of the righteous, write me down as one of the good ones. Allah Who? What a profound or what an what are the pinnacle of humility and humbleness and the

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layers of eloquence, mentioning the good, Allah, you've given me power, you've given me interpretation of dreams, you are the most, you are the one who brought this whole thing into existence, the whole world. You are not just the one who brought the whole world into existence, you are the ones who protect me personally. Allahu Akbar.

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And oh, Allah, all I want is to live as a Muslim in your worship and to die as a muslim. And then when I have died, I want you to write me as one of the righteous write me down as one of the good ones. That's all I want. So Panem how amazing what an incredible Prophet alayhi salam, how many amazing lessons there are in his life that we learn from lessons in that hour, and from lessons in protecting your chastity which we didn't cover because we didn't have time for one more session if you would have done that. But this particular one, leadership, lessons in leadership, how to be truly a leader to use leverage. Number one, when you have it, understanding your value and using

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that leverage, but using it for good not just for yourself, but for everyone around you may think I don't belong to this community. I'll just do what I have to do at Hadassah know, wherever you live, you belong there. The place you live is your home. So do good for everybody around you. This is the way of the you know this is what usually Sam is teaching us then demonstrating grace and, and forgiveness. That's what a leader does, demonstrates. You know this kind heart isn't heartedness in order to say you know, having a big heart, right, like not letting little squabbles just consume you. Right And number four, not embarrassing the people who have done

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The things that are wrong to you or seeking revenge or vengeance against them. These are the four beautiful lessons you can learn in leadership from useful so I hope this was beneficial to you all in sha Allah and we make dua to Allah sponsors and he accepts almost all along with off Muslimeen or a hacker the solid handle on what was the mean, but oftentimes the mean what numbers on here but I mean Allah allow us to live and die as Muslims and include us on the righteous, miserable I mean, Joseph Manoharan was along Amina Muhammad Allah and he was doing

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soccerloco Claire she hardage for the important lecture today and throughout the month of Ramadan.

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On behalf of the masjid and everyone listening, I wanted to appreciate you joining us weekly

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in your busy schedule and we hope to see you soon inshallah in the next few months after Ramadan

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for everyone listening, today will be the last lecture for this Ramadan. So inshallah there will be no lecture series tomorrow.