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Contemplating the Creation

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Saad Tasleem

Channel: Saad Tasleem

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh strengthening our Eman and working on our Eman. Today we're going to be talking about contemplating the creation of a law. There are signs all around us that lead us back to a last panel to Allah. Am Rahim Allahu taala. He said every creation points to the Creator. A law says we're fee and force equal to zero that is within yourselves meaning there are signs do not see. So once again, the signs are there. It's just a matter of us taking out the time to contemplate and ponder the signs of loss penalty. Everything around us is assigned. And there are events happening all the time, that if we just paid attention, it would strengthen our amount and

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lead us to the belief in the last. So for today what I would like Angelo to for us to do is just take out a couple moments, maybe tonight after a shot before going to bed and contemplate. Contemplate your blessings. contemplate the people in your life contemplate the events happening. Contemplate your day. Contemplate everything that is around you. Doesn't have to be a long time. As I said just a couple moments maybe just before going to bed. Just take a few moments to contemplate everything that is happening around you. Until next time in childhood, said I'm right yquem what I had to lie what I gotta do