Riad Ouarzazi – Spiritual Leadership In Islam By Part 2 Of 3

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The conversation between Missus Benidim and Allah is discussed, including the man who claims to have created her and the woman questioning his actions as a threat. The importance of one for one in one's path and protecting one's appearance is emphasized, along with the need for pride in actions and finding one's identity through socializing among peers. The conversation also touches on the cultural differences between Muslims and their neighbors, including the confusion surrounding names of individuals and lack of pride among Muslims. The importance of peace negotiations and peace negotiations is also emphasized.
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What did the cake decided to do?

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He decided to kick them off. And furthermore, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions this incident in salt.

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Woman, a woman who

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was their crime, the crime is that they chose to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. In innocent people, our blood has become so cheap that the Muslims have been slaughtered right, left and center just like camels.

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Why? What's their crime? What did they do? Because they said in Alabama, that's

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another leader,

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use of IRA his setup.

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Such a very handsome boy.

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When the wife of the Minister of Egypt, she tried to go and seduce him, and then he ran away. What did he say? He says good luck in the acedemic.

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Now now is my Lord. He's my lords. Although use of supanova use of thrown in j in the in the well came out from the well is done as a slave, the sun and carrying it will carry it will carry it will carry the son of the carrying his father who is his father. Yeah, who the father, the son of the son of carrying, carrying, he will carry carry the son of the apple, the son of his hat, the

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throne as a slave.

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He could have become her husband, if you wanted to

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check into him, you can become her husband, and literally become the next minister of Egypt.

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But he says law has to be a law, no matter the law in the

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way he ran away

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with a vision with a mission a leader, he said a

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few questions I'd like to ask you.

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Question number one.

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Why did Allah create you?

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Okay, well think

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In other words, what is the purpose of your beam? How can Allah has created me to worship Him? What is the meaning of worship man a bad

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a bad that is manjaro or liquid who bla bla bla bla bla bla

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bla and he says his definition of of a better a better is a comprehensive term which comprises of everything that Allah subhanho wa Taala likes and approves of from the apparent and hidden saves and deeds

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does not necessarily mean that you have to come with dementia to be a bad now

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but also a smile in the face of your brother's

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given charges a bad fit in your spouse is a bad fit in your children is a bad thing. So Pamela is a bad idea.

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Volunteering something nice something good for the sake of Allah in a hospital helping out Muslims and non Muslims alike is also a bad

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What did I say?

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A smile in the face. Your brother is a bad

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i know i know. But I want them to do a better

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I want them to get some soda. Because these people that cheat they don't have money to give sadaqa so I want them to give sadaqa

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to smile.

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Thank you.

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Okay, when did I say that? I don't like you, man.

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A smile in the face of your hokey sakala charity. You have no money to give charity Thank you This man is

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a man.

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Why did Allah create us what is the purpose of overbey Allah subhanho wa Taala says by the membership of a non genomic encyclopedia, I upgraded the use of the gene solely to worship me. Amazing not to worship me. But also Allah Subhana Allah says in

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one Oh, Suki.

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Give me your opinion on me.

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He say that my my sacrifice my life, my debt, everything belongs to Allah. Yeah I am a slave of Allah.

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He says

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he says be one for one on one.

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What does that mean? Could

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be one for one on one be one be yourself. Be genuine. Be one

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for one for Allah

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luck. Are you really?

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Maybe people they know.

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But I really have the luck but I have the money. Or I have your car or your boss or your wife or your husband.

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Who's that? Are you

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be one for one.

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On one on one on one on one path.

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One path

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not one direction.

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Nah, I don't know what I'm talking about. Good. This other direction.

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You know this is mostly about one direction. I don't know what they

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don't think about those. I'm thinking about Layla halala that's the right direction.

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Be one for one on one.

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Be yourself be genuine. How many of your faces do you have? I see with one face you go out you have another face

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1000 faces?

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Can you be genuine? Do you know that the hypocrites would be in the lowest ever in hi fi would

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you laugh at me you smile at me come and give me a hug. And behind me you stab me. messaging

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me one on one for one

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in Masada

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everything belongs to Allah.

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I woke up in the morning The first thing I say Alhamdulillah

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I opened my eyes before I close my eyes. What do I say with semicolon?

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I go to the worship idol. I say I came up I mentioned Allah.

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I mentioned Allah.

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The Prophet says Turn off the light and mention Allah Samia.

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Cover your glass and suddenly lie.

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When you drink, cover you and some Mila and say and say and say the name of Allah Bismillah

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Close the door.

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Before you close the door say Bismillah I live with Allah. I understand of Allah. So ladies and gentlemen, if Allah is your Lord, can anybody harm you?

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Can you really read? If Allah is your protector? Can anybody harm you?

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If Allah is your guardian, can anybody fool you

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put your trust in him somehow.

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So ask yourself this question really there now? What is the purpose of my beam? Why am I doing here? You live in the UK Masha. Allah I live in Canada I moved from the US to Canada and I live just like you in the Western world what's my purpose so what why did I lie making the move there just to go and make money and work and and have kids and and and then and then again provide for them and but what is really the purpose behind all the habits

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ask yourself this question. You prayed the song Colossians It's enough I did myself and then I'm gonna go back home to masala come back for the next hour. How about

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how about

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work for some reason you used to be here in Ramadan

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weren't you? But after Ramadan you disappeared? Why

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are you Ramadan?

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I love you man.

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Do you know that every step you make towards the magic in in if you want your insurance of the day, insurance of the day, how can you be insured for the day subotica

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Whoever Chris follow he is under the protection of Allah the guardianship of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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As a leader, as a leader, you start your day.

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Full time, that's how I start my day. This is in fact what the bark and the suns in the suns in the morning and the people are sleeping.

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In these posts here these pillars can talk they will cry, and they will cry blood.

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But they don't talk. They will say the message used to be passing on the mother.

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And afterward mama daddy left me

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You give Johannes and you give for the Asia masala but how about further in JAMA in the masjid?

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What is the purpose of your beam? People out there dying without knowing that it'll let you know that you are responsible.

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When I was in San Francisco,

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because I lived there for 15 years

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came to me a man to us in our mission, a guy Caucasian blue eyed guy who says I wouldn't hold you guys responsible one day just like that would hold you guys responsible my father passed away. None of you and we're neighbors, none of you came to us to tell us about your religion. He became a Muslim, this kid. And then he says I hold you all responsible before God, that you did not come to deliver the message of your religion to my father.

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At the time, I felt if I had a grave, I would go and dig my grave and go in and bury myself a life.

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And he says we Americans is what he said. He says we Americans are very great business people is what he said. He says you go to any country in all over the world.

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Afghanistan, Pakistan, Muslim peg, whatever you're from Tanzania and then Morocco, you go any country in the world, you're in a village up in the mountains, you will find Coke and Pepsi.

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Coke and Pepsi a great business marketers we go everywhere. But you people have Islam and you're sleeping on it.

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He says you have a stem and you're sleeping on it. None of you bother to come and tell us about is that now my father has died without saying that. You people are responsible.

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How many people do you know your neighbors and what not? coworkers? Have you ever told them about that? ilaha illa? nicely, kindly, gently.

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this is what I mean by what is the purpose of your beam? Not just you know why I'd like you to join services to worship. Yeah, that's not I want you to dig deeper. Dig deeper, deep, profoundly here. What's the meaning of this question here? Question number two.

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quick one.

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We say in RV Colima to sign up in the comments. Tell me who you hang out with I tell you who you are,

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who you hang out with, I tell you who you are, which means Who are your friends, the people that you hang out all day

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to day

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the Prophet Mohammed is awesome says in this Hadith, authentic, you know,

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as soon as

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he says that the Prophet Mohammed says

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a man will follow the footsteps of his close friends that each one of you meticulously choose their friends. Choose your friends. So what are the friends that you hang out with? Who are they? Are they good people who remind you of

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the good people who remind you when you do wrong, or they just want to abuse you whenever they need you. They come to you whenever they need you. They call you whenever they need you.

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They come to you whenever they need something from you that they when they don't need you they disappear. Are those your friends?

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Think about this, this is really important.

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If you were to die now, and your friends are surrounding you, would they help you say that in a halo law or would they run away and leave you alone?

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Think about this.

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Another question? Are you proud of your religion?

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Don't just say yes. Are you proud of your identity?

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Are you proud of your names as Muslim names

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or you're not proud?

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And this is mostly for the youth here we

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sometimes they act as if they are not who they are

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dressed up as if they are not who they are.

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The way they dress the way they walk,

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or human.

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Are you proud of your Islam of your identity? Are you proud of the Muslim?

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Like, are you proud that you're a Muslim? Are your product Your name is Mohammed?

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that your name is Ahmed, that your name is? Fatima. And Khadija that your name is Khalid.

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So why did you change it from Cali to Kevin? Or from Mohammed Omar and Mike re reading Why?

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If you're proud that you're more or if you're proud that your identity and that you're Muslim that while you're going changing your names and you're not who you are.

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Oh, no, because it's too long. It's it's hard for them to pronounce Mohammed. So mo is easy for them.

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Mo is easy. Mike is easy. Mohammed is not.

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And this guy whose name is has one kilometer long Chinese or Sikh guy whose name is I don't know when my monk he makes them say it. But you Muslims that we should cut.

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When I was in the US, they said What's your name? I said we are the center or right away? What are we gonna call your Ranger? So I'm not Ranger man. My name is Leon. St. Leon. Just like I meant that men say who went to sleep

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he got tired.

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was just talking about this man. I made him say my name is i'm pronouncing this I just like looked at you and then your story.

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Okay, but if you stand up, stand up. Stand up, stand up, stand up.

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Stand up.

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Stand up, stand up. Stand up, stand up.

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Pick the person next to each other. Give him a very nice had a very nice time. Very nice.

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Nice, nice.

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The last time you

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forgive you.

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May Allah forgive me.

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Thank you, sister, she can sit down.

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Thank you.

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What was I saying?

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Before the hug

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I want to mention the story of sad Novi will pass when he sent a banana. When he set up a course I want you to I want to show you the not these leaders were made when they made of, you know, leaders with so much pride that they're Muslims.

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Now, there's so much happening against the Muslims nowadays, a lot of people underestimate themselves, especially the youth. they underestimate themselves and the fact that they're Muslims.

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Look at this Muslim here, who went to meet with Lawson, who stone the leader of the Persian army and the Muslims. The Persians were about 280,000 and the Muslims will about 20,000 Are you following me? Yes, sir. Yes.

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So 280,000 versus about 10 or 20,000 the Muslims

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and then came over.

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Very young man, young man about 30 years old.

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Who goes in and then and then roustan wanted to provoke him. Look what he said he wanted to provoke him.

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He says

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he's talking about Assad.

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name is mina aluna. Any other woman

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He says what's with you alaves. You have the lowest civilization compared to the Roman civilization compared to the Indian series.

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Asian compared to the Greek civilization, you're a bunch of shepherds in the desert. What brought you in your clubs?

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What brought you in? What is that you want? He says, You're right. We're just shepherds. We are shepherds. But if that's the law, then nobody should have a bed.

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Woman surely.

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Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala has brought us out with this mission to bring people out from worshipping people to worship Allah, to bring people out from this type of dystonia to divert this toxic people out from the atrocities of other religions to the justice of Islam.

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He did not go to Harvard University. He did not go to Oxford University. He did not go to Stanford University.

00:20:54 --> 00:20:57

He went to Mohammed Sala isms University.

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And he had so much pride.

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And he says, I give you three days to make up your mind.

00:21:05 --> 00:21:11

Three days 280,000 versus 20,000. Like this, you guys would kill you.

00:21:13 --> 00:21:14

I'll give you three this make up your mind.

00:21:16 --> 00:21:18

The next day they sent another person.

00:21:19 --> 00:21:34

I also have he came to negotiate some terms of peace with Nordstrom. He told him exactly what the other guy said the previous day. And then at the end, he says, I give you two days to make up your bite. He was a one day yesterday. Now you have only two days to make up your mind.

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ERISA, the dignity, the dignity that the Muslims are passed today. This is a this is why they went over the worst of all this, the Sahaba the stuff that has

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been been conveyed because they understood the mission.

00:21:57 --> 00:22:03

They traveled they went everywhere. I went to Malaysia I just came back from Malaysia a few weeks ago. I

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don't know if this connection is a habit Sahabi went to Malaysia that you know of any. Mousavi went to the Prophet, who by the way, is

00:22:15 --> 00:22:24

the largest country of Indonesia and in Malaysia, the two Muslim largest countries in the world, Indonesia and Malaysia. But how did they become Muslims?

00:22:26 --> 00:22:29

I don't know that animals are happy when there was

00:22:31 --> 00:22:33

but there was business people who traveled.

00:22:34 --> 00:22:35


00:22:37 --> 00:22:44

God fearing righteous business people who went in and that's how they embrace Islam in Malaysia and Indonesia, others.

00:22:46 --> 00:22:49

There is the of the deen. There is.

00:22:50 --> 00:23:07

You know what the prophet Mohammed Hashem says, He says it is befriended for Allah to see the Kaaba been demolished one brick at a time, one time, Allah can handle that he can take that, but he will not accept the dignity of the Muslim to be touched.

00:23:09 --> 00:23:11

The honor of the Muslims to be touched.

00:23:13 --> 00:23:19

It is befitting for him to to see that God had been demolished one at a time, but not for the honor of the Muslims.

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00:23:25 --> 00:23:26

Are you proud?

00:23:29 --> 00:23:33

If you're not, then you need to revisit neurotics

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