Yasir Qadhi – Ramadan 2015 – Day 8

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The historical context and meaning behind various verses and commandments of Islam is discussed, including Jesus' legal statement to Moore, the historical context of the legal statement to Moore, and the historical context of the legal statement to Jesus. The importance of parents in health and mental well-being is emphasized, along with the use of "irritational" language to express feelings of frustration. The use of "irritational" language in Latin and the United States is also discussed, with advice on parenting and making one's lives comfortable. The importance of sex in shaping a man's life and negative consequences of sex is emphasized, along with advice against speaking harshly to family members and not saying off words.
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Salam hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He will be he will know whether

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we are doing a solo today and pseudo Israel also concerning Israel. He is a suitor that was revealed early on in Mecca. And it has in it one of the most famous verses that we all hear about and we all here in hospice and drusen inshallah, it is something that is very important to comment on. And that is the first one called La Boca Allah taboo. Illa.

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De de near Santa, your Lord has decreed that you shall worship none other than Him, and that to your parents, you will show your son now, this verse was revealed in early mcca, which means even before Allah had legislated fasting, and prayer, and Zakat, and Hajj before any of the rituals had been revealed, Allah subhanho wa Taala already gave a certain rulings. And the most important ruling was you worship Him and you don't worship the idols were called out of bukata in the year, and then the second most important ruling will be whitey Dany Sana, and in the entire Koran, no other commandment has been added on with an end Wow. After the command to worship a law other than the command to show

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respect to your parents. Let me repeat that no other person, no other entity, no other being has been tacked on to a command to worship Allah, and then something else worship Allah and another person other than the parents. And that is where we get this expression, which is a very Islamic and a valid expression, that the macom of the parents, the status of the parents, is second only to the status of a law. And this is a Quranic Maxim, we have derived it from the Quran, that the Quranic paradigm is very clear that after the rites due to Allah, it is due to Allah to parents, we have to show your son will be widely Dany, Sunnah, and your son is a very comprehensive term and a raga. But

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as for honey, one of the famous lexicographers of the Arabic language is that he defined your son to mean that you give more than what is expected. And you don't expect as much as is owed unto you. You go above and beyond what you're required to do. And in return, you don't expect what is do unto you, you're willing to let that go. So you go above and beyond for the other. And in return, you don't care about anything. This is the state of a son and Eliza Virgil commands as well worthy they need a Santa in Diablo one in the calchamber Emma if it so happens, that one of them or the both of them reach an elderly age with you. Because not all of us have that luxury or that blessing of having the

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parents in old age. This is a blessing from Allah. So Allah says in math, if it so happens, because some people their parents die young. Some people are born orphans. Some people they never meet their parents. So Allah says in yellow on the keyboard, if it so happens, that they reach old age with you. One of them or both of them notice the emphasis here. I do Huma Okita Houma. So if you have the luxury of both, or if you have the luxury of only one, either one or both, and Allah azza wa jal mentions keyboard old age. And of course we all know that the creation of man is a very interesting creation, in that Allah created us in a very big and a very hurried manner. Allah says that he is

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the one who document life in so much.

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Eva yo Masha, Allah has created you in a cycle, you begin week, then you become strong, then after you're strong, you become weak and frail at the end of life. This is the cycle you begin weak Hanako midlife children babies, then you become who you have strength and this 3040 then 50 and then what happens and then Allah says after overcomes, bluffin with shaybah you come weak and once again you become like you began and Allah says in the Quran, woman nor Amir who noona kiss to fill color, the one whom we give a long life to we take him back to where he began. It's a really interesting phrase, woman no Amir, who, the one who we give a long life, notice fulfill holla we take him back

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to the beginning. So the very, very old, the very, very elderly people Subhanallah some of them they lose their senses. Some of them they need to be taken care of just like a child is taken care of so much. So some people they cannot even clean themselves and they have to be cleaned. Like Allah says woman No, I'm middle who notice fulfill the one we give a long life to we will take him back to

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Where he began so Allah azza wa jal mentions, if one or the both of them if you have the honor and luxury or that they reach keyboard, a huduma, Oklahoma, Fela choco lahoma ofin wallet and her Huma do not even say to them, and off in the Arabic language, is the slightest method of expression expressing irritation off is the smallest and the slightest irritation, there's nothing that is less trivial than off. And in English, I have given the analogy It is like a snort or a tissue like, you know, that you just, you just that side, it doesn't need it's not a verb off is not a verb off is a sound off is just a sound that the arrows would say, like in English we have, we just use the

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tongue, something like that. That is what is, there's nothing less trivial than even above that if there was something less trivial than a low would have used it here. And originally off meant the dust or the nails that are cut the most trivial of the contemptible things, just something trivial. So Oh is used to express the least form of irritation. So Allah says, once your parents reach that age, don't even show them that you are the slightest bit irritated for that hula hula ofin wallet and her humor 10 her humor is to rebuke with anger. One masala fella 10 her that's the aroma turn her is to rebuke with anger or to like sat in the beggar that comes for Latin. Hmm, don't be rooting

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don't push him back. Don't say Who are you? Why are you asking me this is done out. So fanatical, lahoma ofin what and how Roma. Allah mentions the smallest and the biggest mechanism of irritating with the tongue. The smallest is to just utter of the biggest is to rebuke and to scream at that Stan. Hello. So Allah mentions the two so that everything in the middle has automatically been forbidden. And this shows us My dear brothers and sisters, that what is required in this video is to control your tongue in the presence of your parents. And it is helpful to feel angry and irritated. But it is not allowed to express the anger and irritation. And we thank Allah that He made it he

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allowed to feel the emotions because otherwise we would not be able to control anyone who has been blessed with elderly parents realizes it is also a frustration. This is a fact that is undeniable. Anyone who has been blessed with taking care of elderly parents, it is also very difficult because your parents are going to have their way they're going to rebuke you they're going to and you are now an adult. So you're always going to have this tension. But Allah says your job now is to close your tongue. You can feel the irritation, do not express it. Find out sakala Huma ofin wallet and her Huma What must you do? wakulla Huma Polin Karima continue to say Karim sweet words loving words

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generous words khadim you're extra generous with them no matter what they do what called the hula, hula and Karima so if you're not allowed to show irritation, even with a verbal sound, it's not even a verb, even with an irritation, then how about more than this? So Allah azza wa jal says, keep on saying good words. The Oklahoma Polin Karima wokefield lahoma. Jana has really meaner Rama and lower unto them the wings of mercy, meaning not just speech, but actions, comfort them, give them what they require, and there's clearly a connotation of taking care of them. And it's beautiful here because the metaphor of lowering the wings is used for the parent to the child. You know, the bird

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the bird when it takes care of its offspring, it lowers the wing it protects them and Allah is using it for the child to the parent here to remind the child You know what, once upon a time, it was you upon whom the wing was being lowered once upon a time you were the one now allows the wizard has given you that opportunity. So rock Fifth Level manager now has the liminal Rama, lower unto them the wings of humility and mercy collected from compassion and mercy. So this means take care of their needs. Make sure you're able to do whatever you can to facilitate their lives make their lives comfortable for them walk with lahoma Jenna has Lululemon aroma and above and beyond your words and

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your actions, raise your hands up to Allah will call up Dr. Ham Houma, camara. biani sadirah and make dua to Allah subhana wa tada Bharat Burnham Houma. Oh my lord have mercy on them. They have reached an old age now they are suffering from ailments and calamities. They have whatever they have or Allah have mercy on them in this world, have mercy on them in the next world. We'll call Rob better hemangioma come out of dinosaur era, even as they used to take care of me and they would nourish me as I was a young child as I was a young boy, once again, a lot of hands on with that.

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reminds us that you can never really repay your parents they have done much more than you can ever do unto them and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, of course the Hadith goes on and on. This is the month of Ramadan. This is the time for all good deeds. So this is also the time to be good to our parents, our prophets, Allah said them reminded us that and why do you do Oh, so to avoid the agenda that the Father is deep, and the mother wanted here means father and mother, the parent is the middle or the largest door to gender. And while you do our subtle agenda, this means the easiest way to enter agenda is to

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give his mother to the parents The easiest way to enter gender is to help one's parents and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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riddle wrote the riddle was SOHCAHTOA rob the Socrates, that the pleasure of Allah is found in the pleasure of the parents, and the displeasure of Allah is found in the displeasure of the parents. So whoever wants a loss of Hannah without to be pleased with him, should please his parents. Whoever wants Allah subhana wa tada to be pleased with him should be pleasing to his parents. And whoever is worried about the punishment of Allah should be worried about the anger of his parents in that famous Hadith and Mr. Demand Muhammad and also in the Sunni Nova, who were a Sahabi came from Yemen. And he said the other pseudo logic to come in Yemen, or messenger of Allah, I have come to you from

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Yemen, so that I can give you I can become a Sahabi I can do jihad behind you and I have left my parents were home Yep. Qian and they're crying because they want me I left up my parents and I came to you and a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If you want the pleasure of Allah foto de la Hema. Go back to them without a coma and go make them laugh as you have made them cry, go make them laugh as you have made them cry. This is what our Prophet says that him said you think you want gender? You've come to me and you left your parents crying? How can you get gender in this manner? He came to be so happy. He came to do jihad behind the Messenger of Allah, but he loved his parents

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crying. And the Prophet says that I'm said do you think you will enter agenda in this manner arrogant lie but go back to them.

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Go back to them and

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make them

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go back to them and make them laugh as you make them cry. This is the way to end to gender is to please their parents go back to them and make them laugh as you have made them cry. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the one who told us that the easiest way to get to gender was by pleasing the parents, the son of Abdullah Abdullah the son of Abu Zubaydah, the famous Sahabi

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when his father passed away, he said I am not crying because my father has died. Or just because my father has died. I'm crying because my easiest door to agenda has been shut from me. This is why Abdullah bin is Zuberi son was crying when his father had died. I'm not crying just because he's died. I'm crying because my easiest door to genda has now been shut from me.

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We do not know how long we have with our parents. For those of you whose parents are alive, do whatever you can to please them and make them happy. For those whose parents have moved on, there is much that can still be done. A man came to the process and said O Messenger of Allah My mother has died. What can I do to help my mother now that she is dead? Is there anything I can do? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, yes, there's much that you can do. Make dua for her secrets. Don't fall for her gives up on her behalf make old, go for Hajj and Umrah visit her relatives and friends that you would not otherwise visit. So these are things that can be done once your parents have

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moved on from this world. And this is the month of fasting the month of Ramadan, the month of good deeds, this is the month that we should try our best to do whatever we can if our parents are with us, then please them and make them happy. If they have moved on, then there is still much that can be done. sada Zakah, hedge ombre, being in touch with their family and friends, which is something that most of us don't think about. They're our friends and relatives you don't think about but they would contact them. They would go to their houses, if they've moved on. It's your job now to be in touch with those families to go and establish relations with them just for the sake of your parents.

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And one final point of advice my younger brothers and sisters, those of you who are still Mashallah Tabata cola young and healthy teenagers and in college. Realize that as you grow older, your greatest regret will always be will always be the bad memories that you have left with your mother and father, you will never be able to take back a harsh word. You will never be able to take back a bad memory. Anytime you cause your mother or father distress it will. It will cause you much grief as long as you live it

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is easy to get angry as a young man or woman, but the regrets and the memories that remain will be painful for you. So my dear brothers and sisters, remember what Allah has told you in the Quran. Don't say off to them. Don't speak harshly to them and keep on being kind and generous. wakulla Houma holan Kadima, you want to earn the pleasure of Allah you have in front of you two doors, your mother and your father, please them and you will enter gender in sha Allah who tada was set up Malik Muhammad sallahu wa barakato

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi analyses verses 23 and 24 of Surat Al-Isra that illuminate us about the status of parents in Islam.

The status of the parents is second only to the status of Allah SWT. The easiest way to enter Jannah is through obedience to the parents. The widest of Jannah gates are for those who are obedient and good to parents.

“And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and to parents, good treatment. Whether one or both of them reach old age (while) with you, say not to them (so much as), “uff,” and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word. And lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy and say, “My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up (when I was) small.” 

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “One who pleases his parents has verily pleased Allah, and one who has angered his parents has verily angered Allah.”

We are also acquainted with the numerous ways we can benefit the parents even after they have passed away.

Listen intently to this emotional lecture and imbibe the message that comes across.

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